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Hardy welcome back in on this final. Hour of the week. And we're gonna cut priceless here. After this segment McCain is his son Scott a basketball game tonight in you don't miss that when your super dad is smooth especially as much as you're going to be traveling here. Over the next six weeks price that some RR I went in tonight. Are we losing is they're gonna be that guy in the crowd that gets everybody upset you a lot Lavar ball well is that woman the last time I was there it was an exhibition in she was you. She was yelling. Incessantly. Det basin in this was a scrimmage. She was yelled and formed a dive she did not shut up I've still got the video mark bones I don't watch it. Once a week just to remind myself don't act like that that's would she watch. Right before you in the car to go over the years ago don't be that guy or in the case that woman says it's our right to against who will cut you loose after this segment because again there is a lot about traffic out there it's wet so. Just be careful way and if you're in the car. You better have what is it Alexa hooked up so you can say called because of fun miser shut down right now correct. Alexis and your home all right what are better hands pretty easily and yes hands free in the car but we're gonna give you an opportunity. With this question to win a fifty dollar gift gift certificate to sticky fingers remember they had two locations one on the downtown on main street the writer here. On Woodruff road and you ribs wings Barbeque and not to mention all they're sauces and of course. They have partnered with longtime sticky fingers fanned and hall of fame quarterback Steve young and will do this do the Super Bowls who will give you chance every week except. Mateen Joseph a couple of things here with the trivia question are you ready for this yes. Do you was the first time they played a Super Bowl was it actually called the Super Bowl. First time they played the champion of the national football conference purses the American football conference or in this case. It was the AFL verses that NFL was the first match up that decided the TP and actually called the Super Bowl no that's not the question diesel not yet. I'm asking you guys this. Now nose called the first world championship AFL verses NFL. In it was held January 15 1967. In Los Angeles really rolls off the tongue moments yep. They NFL team in Green Bay Packers faced off forgets which team from the AFL. Again to Green Bay Packers in the first Super Bowl we're gonna going give it that tag and they faced off targets which team from the AFL first person that calls 844. GS PE SP and that's 8444773776. Gets set fifty dollar sticky fingers gift card in of course you're gonna need to give diesel your name your phone in your emails that we can have a. We can have it waiting for you downstairs so again that question for a fifty dollar gift card. The first world championship game which we of course we call it the Super Bowl now. Who faced off against the Green Bay Packers in that first game and minds are open diesels gonna get to you here in just to say go get my hands in the phones surge because I don't know the answer well I'm giving you an answer. I'm giving it to you in text right now and chats ago ahead affect. You jolly. Hold on mute everybody's Mike real quickly. All right. So here they go their he's going to lie number one crap I forgot that he's actually Iraq general guy heart. I am not taking him. To trivia sports night at the local bar you know and I mean kids. If it's not app state then he's probably not get that right center for your diesel every time I've done trivia with. He took Qaeda are secrets don't hide our seekers there. But again it you know it's interesting Italy enough that would mean called the Super Bowl top believe the third game. In this series and now we of course are gonna have about what fifty something after this year so. Interesting no doubt about it and I'll give you guys hit because I think we Ari have a winner diesels by their tell another one says sorry about it. If it this game actually brought out one of the greatest photos in NFL history. Since we have an Internet. No that was pretty good. But this one had a particular. Kids we have a winner and king diesels hidden information this particular photograph was say of a quarterback in the locker room at halftime. Smoking a cigarette drinking a glass bottle of fresco. And know the name attracted it to land he was on HBO is Lisa Austin Len Dawson you're absolutely correct who was the go ahead and get the bad name out there who was he quarterback in in that first Super Bowl it's. No. When Dawson. Kansas City Chiefs on strike. The jets became popular when Jim Nolan and I'm mr. right now the jets became popular. When mr. Broadway Joseph led them to the biggest upset in the NFL at the time when the jets in the AFL. Not off the Baltimore colts. There in the Super Bowl but no the first Super Bowl. Was actually called the first world championship AFL vs NFL they realize that that wasn't going to be good in them. In the marketing of it in the Green Bay Packers knocked off the Kansas City Chiefs. Quarterback Bart Starr completed sixteen added 23 passes for 250 yards in two touchdowns with one interception. He led the Packers team the NFL team green chipped in 6162. In 65. Prior to this Super Bowl. In he also won two Super Bowl so he was a five time. Champion as well so again takes trawler collars forget them with us and listening and and again we'll do this every Friday between now whether the Super Bowl days back there on the front lines with them explaining how he can get here. And pick it up so again in price when it comes down to it because all of these stings are going to be Super Bowl related all of these questions here. Over the next month. Diesel broke quickly can you tell I don't. Ina who do you back there working your brains off guard Kevin from easily Kevin one nice cars graduation I guess a measly six years ago Kevin we close our doors at 5 PM here in or come downstairs come on average gift card this is sticky fingers literally right across the street yeah he knows aren't aren't you don't know everything that's why you're the most decent sport's top producer there Peta news that you will. That's right this is gonna keep me fed like that smoking is bad for about three days why discourages that guy. Right means you're always that guy. That sect who bought I hear is actually you wore IDB credit. It the trip to New Orleans he kept it in your pain and she did you get all the JJ get all hot and bothered advocate when number one we did several cars for the TSA it's you me very very good and I think L New Orleans the Amsterdam of the southeast America hold on real quickly here what do you mean we didn't have rental cars. Well we had a rental car but we didn't have to give it the destination and that usually we're eager to be exactly. If you wanna hermit like that and that's where things went from it's amazing how paying can make you. Not quite cognizant are on top of the game like yesterday after getting out of physical player he. Some days you're getting your jobs some days are bad it's your job and I remember looking that you smoke on the water yes stay pricing going I just wasn't very good today ahead. But it we did turn up I mean. Who bought dinner on New Year's Eve. You did thank you are addicted delicious spot and yet we went to cope once I'm telling you what and that was one of the best Feliz I've ever had yet they talk about that steakhouse that was denounced Ayers and our Condo was one of the three or I'm sure it would restaurant but. 43 bucks for filet eating game is much is mashed potatoes with. Where we got I could not have had a better folate Copeland. And I got to side dishes with that for nine bucks last I'm not sure you could do any better than a jumble I had had was there was unbeatable on that your wife's crawfish ravioli was yet. I could've had pat room for two entrees at night out totally would've got what she knew it was. They can't break it asked the right price we're gonna let you go here at the end this segment that broke quickly since we're doing the Super Bowl questions and each one problem is she's going to be progressively harder is we go on. What's your best Super Bowl for whatever reason whether it was the best food out there on the table. The best party you were at the best game that you never witnessed I don't care what it is but is there any particular Super Bowl. It just stands out memory do you whether. You gain related. Is what I'm hoping for but which few could be. Beer cheese dip and pretzels from our spot up in Lexington that was shipped in the very first bud bowl. Pack because it was so cold air and bigots are stupid Nokia then they got rid of it. Well the bubble right now getting a little bit more see you yes I'm just telling you my favorite Super Bowl. In I still come onto it now I mean we've seen others here recently but it was a first time it came to Atlanta. In the St. Louis Rams beat the Tennessee Titans. In the did it by a yard and half on the last play when that that final play could've won the suitable for Tennessee. I've read that it. That was the epitome of oh so close yet so far we've been fortunate the Super Bowl sign up for a long long time we've been fortunate have some great gains in the last fifteen years. On you mentioned that one because that one probably when I'll look key gains that may he'd be my favorite and it not be because of everything that happened on the field sure was good. Bill is also the same day as the Christmas party yes it was a little bit late over restaurant up in Lexington it does she swear. A best friend now Mike far worse too now lives down here but if they close off the restaurant and a bar side on that Sunday. Super Bowl Sunday let me just tell you the revelry that occurred in that place from a 5 PM until midnight. I it was half criminal I'm just gonna say that I got out their whole lives it was incredible fund. It's reburied won't let loose but that was one heck of a party. Get casino when I was growing up and I'm a little bit older than you all we would have these just got off a Super Bowl so. You know like the time. You know the news the raiders just absolutely rolled Washington heard a couple of times after Jerry Jones bought the the the cowboys they absolutely destroyed the bills I was a little bit older but. You know we've been pretty fortunate in the last fifteen years I mean go back and look at last year. Atlanta Falcons so like they were gonna walk away with that thing in the and all the sudden here comes New England meg demons in overtime or. You know the year the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots in the news that big get Tyree catch so. It's amazing we've gone from about a fifteen year stretcher hemming garbage Super Bowls to a fifteen year stretch of having some absolutely and. Astor once one of the I think by the early Super Bowl are remembering was the bad bears patriots to Super Bowl shuffle is that it was 85. Believe I was when I 85 I think it was 85 us end yet. And I remember that wouldn't I remember that when vividly remember that went well and I have no idea why probably because today menos de. Super Bowl shuffle and pray for jewelry a similar causing connections so in the upstate did you know and obviously key woods was good to know. Plus on the scene sack that's my earliest memories they Super Bowl in but of course that game with him know something to forget. And it was I mean I guess what kind of caught me was a local guy who may miss universe who unfortunately now is battling some issues former clumps of wide receiver Dwight Clark when he caught that touchdown pass in the NFC championship game where San Francisco was sort of new review on the right way to be bad for so long. Of course Dallas was called America's team at the time and I think nine tenths of American got up and stood up and clapped and cheered. When Joseph Montana hit joint Clark with that touch stale like is we have to see the cowboys back in another Super Bowl whom guess what that's when the part of 49ers go off and went for and about 89 years something like that. In how old maintain at that point in time they with Joseph Montana quarterback. They stole that moniker America's team away from the Dallas Cowboys thank goodness well when they got it back because you know everybody. Is a cowboys or Steelers fan it's my age why because as were two book. As were pretty much the teams you were gonna get every weekend on the television all right price. Vince got a basketball game coming up so we're gonna cut you loose you can get out of here who. And don't be that guy but will be back in it's smoke on the water on Tuesday. He and it's so give us an idea what are some of the best basketball things going on this weekend that your gonna check out. What do you mean as far as games and Sampson talked about a mile West Virginia Texas Tech. Me Clemson Miami is going to be good Oklahoma TCU. He got a really good well I think that game Alabama and LSU 8:30 PM certainly we know Wofford Furman. College there's. North Carolina go into. To South Bend Matt Carroll still out but yet Notre Dame 31 with Al Bonzi Colson in Matt Carroll in the ACC. What can they do can they defend the home court they're. Virginia Tech going below Wall Street should be a pretty good one nom around yes Kentucky's got that that game against the that was in the memorial mystique in Nashville leads vainly you know always tough place to play with the benches there in the end it's a really good games obviously from start to finish all day long that Creighton game. Ms. Creighton saviors that should be enough to. Well let me ask you 1 PM Daon and Athens to marred Georgia to eyes Shelby actually has in his seat number ten seed in the east region and eleven and four. Pretty physical club basketball team their south Carolina's go whenever fer 1 PM tip off the mark. If South Carolina dig get off did this visits to the goose egg with the eighty. Over Vanderbilt earlier this week what are south Carolina's chances against mark fox and the Mark Fox coach George. Bulldogs to me and again as they commitment they certainly have a chance. Near the battle inside I think between young teammate and ending Chris Silva is going to be a good one but you know rule a lot like South Carolina one thing the Georgia struggled a little bit not not anywhere on par with South Carolina. It was in the backcourt the ratio on hammonds is an Emmy he's just a stunt of a talent that true freshman. Average in seven and five in in almost two assists to gain. JaJuan Parker's a guy that doesn't play a whole heck of a lot but he stopped and yelled at Clarkston from here great woes averages now about five points four rebounds a game. Doesn't play very much but that's pretty productive for then twelve no fourteen minutes a game he gets. I like Georgia it's home you know it's tough to win on the road and in again when you don't have experienced guards which is what South Carolina doesn't have. Majesty they're gonna struggle on the road against Georgia likable. All right will listen go catcher suns basketball game. You better bring Osama dub your urine trouble all right all go bulls go bulls all right when we come back. It's open phones for the rest of the show and 84 Ford GS PE SPN. Diesel I want you to defend yourself when we come back because I know which you were watching last night. From 8 to 10 o'clock and I can tell you I and sue disappointment. IDs on gonna allow you to offend some people around here first evolved is ice skating a sport. Yes they were given ever sporting curling n.'s that's for sure he where he got a little close the door the car up parking lot. You can actually sweating get injured. And ice skating here injure yourself are currently in less shoes slip after too many Beers. It's true we're just face to face place yourself in the semis split. I was so disappointed when I get on your Twitter feed last night to find out that you were applies in harm's I was you know lives watching an interview on ABC with Tonya Harding. Not well it's in my defense it was the replacement Tonya Harding. I played by Margo Roby in this movie tonight and watch hurled out and I all day yet so I. More holes are weak. He ordered its human beings do to their story do we have no output. It's a great story it's a story like some redneck girl whose way who came up out of nowhere who's willing to pay somebody. To go club wanted to top skaters in the world and the need. Tig due to the Olympics. Loved it. You know that's not what the original plan apparently was that she doesn't didn't know about they originally they were just gonna club earned the knee and try to Costa of the Olympics apparently there was a thought processes that were gonna murder. Macy Oregon in maker just disappear. Do you wanna take the girl out of Florida but you can't take the Florida out of your how much this if you remember I don't remember where she grew up but she did dollar training and that ice skating the road rink in the middle the shopping mall I would say that you can't take you can take because of the shocking moments K tape a ball by the girl. Why do I give I guess it's because Olympics are much the way they start on February 8 that's where we were we're being fed this story again. Big kids. I this much I figured out I have no interest I have no care. But if you want to raise an absolutely. Luke and her daughter is. She was back in the day was Cheney Harding. Did you gotta stop and look at her mom her mom was he brewery in Dayton there was some mile wide use some clips in this interview of her. BO reacting to some of the things tidy one having this woman is meaner than. Any drill sergeant and that includes. You know dumber Powell back in the day sergeant Carter this woman was mean. She doesn't care about anything else she's probably about eighty years old hazard press is on they asked her opinion in this. She has I think less about that and I'd do the dirt on the ground. It's like this one Vietnam wonder if you grew up with somebody like that that you're as crazy as ever but. What in the world happened to Tonya Harding. Mean you're probably more likely to give me this scene it's her d.s Nancy Kerrigan still it's nice looking woman. In any exactly how many videos and penthouse did Tonya Harding appear in because it looked like she spent the better part of two decades in that. Business of shears or intimate to make a living and you know. You become a caricature of yourself when you do that she turned as she she was a villain. And everybody used her as such. But the world is a sick place. People up near the Internet wanna see the villain get drilled. He's Jack Nicholson. From the maybe. You won't be on that wall you need me on that wall you know means you need a storyline in something like that because I guess ice skating. As such is set such a button dale sport may be the most fun ever was watching. Yeah one side of the tracks vs the other side of the tracks play out right there'll never be a better skater and has Michael Michaels. Hi Louis and that's mine by bottling that you made that come boggling no bottling you Merrill would he know he said it in the movie that's mine bodily as did she mean by about boggling it's no. Lake and all your thoughts are bottled up in your head. There but Chazz Michael Michael I mean you know where he got his ever got a skating start inching. Now in the sewer systems of Detroit you know speed skating down in their boy you've got to get back in once and awhile and I'm so I'm I'm shocked you watch it as much as you do. Scott some great stuff and I mean when did your godfathers and indeed when you can break off a fifth of Jack Daniels against the wall what is sun opened it did start drinking it right there in the Ayers Chazz Michael Michaels does what he's drunken the to weasel bots performance or whatever. I've never. Had enough so anyway I just analysts and enjoy it because I wanna say I wanna know how many in our Christie are apparently there some maybe. It's coming down on television right you said you know use them you recognize the person that's planes on harding's role correct right. It you don't watch I. Margo Roby she's she's hot ash and now mean that finishes physically beautiful yeah I know she heard careers on a massive rise right now but I tell you what she there will be a lot of people out there I just. I don't just remember how big of a deal that McCain back in the day and I just really Larry it's figure ski. You know and I mean the only thing you see Alli know two things about well three things about figure skating I know of that scandal. Vaguely I know I've never Kristi Yamaguchi and just remember her name when she was at nations competing at about the same time. And then I remember that guy and I can tell you is named Purdue back flips. All right guys that went Scotty. Whole sky. You can be sure guys yes. I write this one I remember when it comes to figure skating. I am old enough that. Like the 76 Olympics I was eight years old they were some American figure skater by the name is Dorothy Hamill that one. Six weeks later every girl in my fourth grade class had a Dorothy Hamill haircut. And he became ace doll. Q do you go to the you just give me the dark the Hamels style so once Scott Brooks but that's not who who was says Scott yet. Yeah that that's gonna drive me nuts but yeah I don't remember a whole life you what's the difference these I want you to be a week or do some Olympic features coming up here. In the next month and all. One of yours you don't know that you're going to be Stuckey is with is explained the difference between ice skating and ice dancing. These are two completely different sports and clearly won his way sexier than the other sexier I love the way you say that. But I wondered that why do you have I'd spacing and ice. Skating I don't but again there's Olympics start on February 8 and he had this much I realized that. I'm actually looking for to pay the winner this Summer Olympics act. I don't know they'll likely go on forever now don't have that the winner Olympics I'll light diesel which is I'll watch bobsledding for a week. I won't watch it again for four more years that I got to watch that week that the the winner Lambert at sixteen days a winner Olympic. Well I I love. The X games lava. Then the need personalities they have involved with the X games what they do it the way it's the way it's done. Is incredible love snowboarding a lot of big air our love super tight you know. Skiing it's incredible. Put it in the Olympics can careless it's just had its. You know as don't get it right what could mud tires on a Ferrari yeah I'd like to take my brother in law a bill Tsotsi just texted me Scott Hamilton. Thank you. Now I have to push now some little piece of information just what Qaeda and Scott Hamilton's taken its place CE. I gotta quit operating the way I've operated for like six years smoke on the water because I'm gonna end up mean. Brought up in this meet to investigation. I hate to say it like this but I really won't learn any of the new wait staff's. Names until they made it thirteen to three months because you know it's a very high turn ever business and some of the high end restaurants in green gold come on and just try to steal away smoke on the water stat because you got to pass that these testing in all these things said. I won't learn your name till you've been there at least a couple of months and you've survived everything because coming up on 50 years old I am at the point. Rob personal you know every time learning new name up as an old name out the windows. So I say. Hey honey taste sweet no I can't do that anymore. You know I've got to learn how to man do bro you're way through life yeah you know these guys are considered a compliment way and hey you know hey sweetie. You can't say that stuff anymore guess what you're gonna be brought up on some type of stupid charges going on as wells. And I don't mean it is the guys saying I'm sorry if you pay sweetie. That's not sexual harassment you're looking to take things the wrong way on talent you'll learn how to man dude brought your way through like it's a man even broke yelled at noon everybody's out there and everybody's my buddy hey bud what's going on anybody how you do instead all right when we come back what are some days it's open funds will let diesel pick out something but. What are few of the things we learned through this college football season as it's now over and we're just a few seven and a half months away. From kicking off 2018. So diesel EL one thing that we keen. One absolute that we know from the NBA number one LeBron James is actually the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers we saw it again last night Aaron Lou may have the actual title is head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. But if you saw LeBron James given it to his teammates in the huddle. But guess back before halftime last night now. He is the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers and he did well because they were kind of going through the motions they you know win in my 33 points last night but it. He isn't cut he's Isa first player coach I've seen in a long long time and professional sport. But and it's whetted let's put the guys that I love in the NBA and look and let me say this thing that is great about sport you want to care about what anybody's political beliefs are. To care about what they do is ahead coach 'cause I couldn't disagree were Popovich is political beliefs anymore then our committee by else's but. He did this dinky Lamar ball all right. You have screw you jerk kid you're urged to youngest sons lives up when it comes to their basketball careers. Fortunately some of the people like LeBron James and others see the hierarchy the veterans in the NBA. Phil sorry for your oldest son wants a say they've kind of taken their armor around him and said mean things will get better and I think bonds a might be start and understand there it might be a better for me to have some separation. From my dad that Lavar ball's been out there because Alonso was the first round draft pick. Of the LA lakers he's been trash and Luke Walton. Number one you better be careful Lavar. But his I don't care if he's got toothache knees are not Bill Walton decides to come after you got red heads probably gonna win the fight. Is I promise you be an hippy the way he is he got to fight fear. Do you think he's very he's really. Focusing his eyes intentions right now on one mellow and only Angelo because he sees that. Lawns I was sort of slip away. I think that may be the case are you get wanted to 21 years old you'll always love your dad rich he don't always have to love your dad's actions and I think you'll recognize that now the two youngest are screwed because nobody wants to deal with their dad. All right but Lamar ball's been out they're. Put now. Talking about they LA lakers he told ESPN that he believes Luke Walton is too young to be a coach and the lakers quote don't want to play foreign. So Popovich yeah every other NBA coach Wright mails going after ESPN. You know firms given him the microphone and Lavar ball and keeping him in the story out there Popovich said. I'm not doing that it's a matter of fact he had heard. A lot of the NBA coaches are like if ESPN's gonna continue to give this story line to all of our ball we're not gonna do our halftime interviews and in between. In mortgage due to get pay. The only way to kind of circle together and realize that near the NBA should be the bigger stories to quit doing that stuff. But Popovich win after ball yesterday. In this is what Popovich had to say quote whenever anyone says. Anything about another individual or about the quality of another individual or what they're doing I think the first thing to look at is the substance in the gravitas. Of the source that speaks first of all name another NBA coach sadness or grab a Cox's. About two they don't are right. He goes on to say just stopping at that point would tell you that you don't need to listen or go any further is just another fan in the peanut gallery with an opinion. Which is meaningless. So overall Gregg Popovich just told Lamar ball via the media you're just another Mahan he goes on to say quote. Luke has been schooled in the game from the tiny was a little kid in he doesn't even know woody woody knows probably just by osmosis. Whether it was a living at home or in school as a player he's had tremendous experience is a player he wasn't the best athlete in the world. But those are the guys sometimes understand the game better become because it becomes a little tougher to. They understand what wins and losses are. What they have to do to get an advantage and really understand the game which he does. He inherently understands the game and not everybody does in the in the icing on the cake. He gets to spend a few years with Steve Kirk Golding is the Golden State with a great organization. In a great group so he's way more than ready to handle this situation. But it's a situation it's gonna take tying it's a process and it certainly doesn't need any outside chatter from people who don't have a clue and having gotten over themselves. Ouch can we give a standing ovation for Greg Papa Pitt here on. Don't go away mad boulevard just go away you know what that's your new nickname should I hear on the show when we go in we would we report on the bar ball because it's never it's always going to be. Something dumb that he's done. We just referred to mr. peanut gallery from this point mid. Ford we'll see that's the thing yeah yeah as long as people will still report on him. Yet to make a conscious decision that no matter what the story you yet no matter how juicy that is. No matter how good it is no matter how humiliating it is no matter how right it is you just don't talk about it. Yep Mitt right now I think you have two for one year because. I feel bad for the two youngest. They that they're screwed. Nobody they can't play college basketball they're dead sorry pissed off all the college coaches and youngest ones should be playing in this is senior in high school right now. He's upset too high school coaches got one I'm I'm fired up like the other one so he takes his son at a high school. Naimi had general manager that watts to put up with this with two less than talent he neither one of them have the talent that is older brother passed. There's not a job thank you Lavar ball for writing the book. In the long run you've gotten your fifteen minutes of fame. But in the long run you were going to be the person that maybe doesn't physically write the book but the book will be written on. How to not be a pair of professional. A feature professional athletes is children. You know what he needs to apologize to his two youngest at some point that I was looking for so much for me that I street Jean. And that's why these two kids are plain and Lithuania but don't tell me there's not a name behind it. Diesel did you see how many they went online and watch set gain in Lithuania the other night with the balls and it. One point two million. So my question is. Do we get into the case you member growing up you heard this consistently told T any knees his kidneys. Is that what it is with this any news is good knees because hey Islam is that names out there. One point two million watching some junior amateur basketball game. Over Lithuania. Did that some pull. I I just but the I'm hoping that next common sense person and lets not everybody is dot com. I've got some friends that are book Smart is all get out street Smart nothing whatsoever. Maybe a few others will look at this and go no that's not the way to act when it comes to screw in your kids when it comes to their professional aspirations all right when we come back. Who's gonna replace a little Chucky on Monday Night Football d.'s I'd like to know who you woods to like you see on the year. Does that take you ought to all be checked that might be good I tell you who may be the replacement. In the end a few other things on our final segment this week. Lot of news out there and upstate right now diesel you know what if you're good enough they will find you and of course especially the NFL level. Go out coaching change coming up. For the lines stem saints is their head coach Mike Furrey steps down he will become the wide receivers coach for the Chicago mayor's. You talk about culture shock not that we don't look as gas Johnny yeah. Talk about the culture shock. From Gaffney South Carolina to the windy city. I think. And I am sure fury spent a bunch of places in there won't be you know you go but can you imagine just being in a life. Wow that would be different because you you might go up they're going to Wear shelves. Where's the Pete Chee that's a landmark for everything did it when we're more I got a boat angles they're it will we're flying in a a week ago guess what I used as a landmark out they're looking forward looking for the Pete is I knew you were about five minutes from landing. When that was the case so. So anyway. Congratulations to Mike Furrey it was a short time stop there and Cathy began when you can move on from. Lines to into the Chicago Bears he had an NFL background no doubt that diesel. Other needs you you also new look up tell me to turn around and look at the big screen TV here in the US studio and there was ion Williamson being interviewed by who. Michael Smith and you tell her. And I mean here's a senior in high school now he's going to be announcing where he's gonna go to college he says a week from tomorrow. Lot of the speculate I don't want to Clemson fans hopes up too high he says the recruitment is still open. And I hope that's the case because a lot of the or neo I hope that you Stella Richards a lot of people are speculating Clemson or Kentucky and it might be Clemson but here's what I want for the kid. Go figure out ways you wanna beef for one year. Indian state again where you wanna be for three years in case things don't quite work out that you're one and done. Ink they'll be happy. Go be happy and yet here I think they're analyzing the what their analyzed Clemson is best chance to get him is that he could stay locally it's my home is they asked him I guess to mill hill must have some kind of she must go on a Michigan State or something because they asked about East Lansing and he you know it is these cells response. And where. Who so miss state boom there one of the top programs all time in college basketball history but. I guess they're not on the lists in there where East Lansing was so again that will come down. A week from tomorrow according to us Zayed Al Williamson it's amazing. They dared there's more people showing up for Spartanburg a basketball game which I am weigh ins Williamson and some of the Southern Conference Arenas around here. Of course probably a good fourth of battery MBA scalp spent. The eighty he's become a traveling road show here this year I may have played since December. With with an injury but last night he went off again and you're all right where's Griffin academy emling none did that's not. It's Spartanburg day Griffin's and that's they're you know that way Griffin was a mythological way half lion half bird half bird creatures such. Mean just deed the we Spartanburg date couldn't write a check for who we're we've been talking about you see death and the national championship parade into it fame and go for claim it. How much merchandise do you think you Spartanburg day cells. Because of desire and words a minute there's there's fans out there are watching and paying attention and if he's if he's out wearing you know Spartanburg de Gere. You think they get up above and their online sales type. It has to pass to you because you know there's a gym that I. I played in multiple times grow enough. Would Christ church enough. So I can tell you this much from looking at their gym. That same one we played him back in 1982 I can tell you that much right there are right diesel you're right you excited about tomorrow night. I really am I'm kind of curious to see this new arena I only went to the old Wofford basketball arena once and it was it was a glorified high school gym. So it has seen citizen of palace that you guys keep gushing over him and excited because it. Yep we are we're gonna go out check out Furman at Wofford of course our firm and thirteen and four on the year and you know boom Shelby messer has them in his bracket college he is a number fourteen seeds of that sinking very highly. Of the Furman Paladins at this point of course they have DeVon civilly. The man that's a match up I'm looking for to you got the returning so con player of the year and DeVon Sibley a senior from Knoxville Tennessee. In the reigning two tying. So con player of the month Fletcher McGhee who were like we said yesterday synergy across midcourt he's in range with a jump shot. I can't wait to see his there's two guys go at it because. It's gonna be a lot of fun and of course if you still want tickets. You can go to wofford's athletics website go to their basketball page they're just twelve bucks a piece I've got a couple some taken my daughter one of her friends as well with this diesel says. That's going to be a thumb when a Maher also right here on ESPN upstate. Will go under pregame. Pregame coverage of clips and hosting my Amy this is a top twenty match up. Last time and I wonder when's the last time but Clemson in their opponent have been ranked new Littlejohn Coliseum but that will be the case tomorrow against Jim Larranaga in the Miami Hurricanes that's at 3 PM tipoff. In you can hear that game right here. On ESPN upstate like we said the South Carolina Gamecocks they're across the over there across the border 1 PM in Athens for game with the Georgia Bulldogs who were eleven and four on the season. Right now south Carolina's ten and five or eleven and five so. Again that's some good basketball here in the upstate tomorrow and then next week you know I tell you Wear off on Monday Richmond we heard Patrick. Patrick Brown will be in here doing the show for us for the holiday on Monday diesel but Tuesday. One of the things I know we're gonna talk about. Is some of the strangest streaks in sports because cleansing gets eighteen it's Tuesday night in Chapel Hill to break one of the longest string his strangest streaks. In all sports history which means both for you know what I mean so that's what's up next for the Clemson Tigers on Tuesday so we'll talk some of the strangest streaks in college athletics as well as Adrian branch is going to be with us next week and the other war really shifting gears were to basketball locally but he got too big NFL games tomorrow remember. It's Atlanta at Philadelphia. That's a 415 kick off our fourth thirty kick off a fifteen tomorrow night. It's the Tennessee Titans. At the New England Patriots and of course you come back on Sunday he got the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Pittsburgh Steelers. As well as the New Orleans Saints in the Minnesota Vikings so still a busy weekend ahead but. You know here's the deal it's Friday night it's wet out there keep both hands ears on the will end everybody get home safely. Enjoy the holiday on Monday and then. Will be back here I would actually be it smoke on the water Tuesday for more straight up was started so diesel great job this week things for everything you do. Price make sure da bulls win tonight over there and easily with your son. And will do it again at 4 PM on Tuesday for me Richmond on Monday at 4 PM. For straight up with Starr urged.