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All right welcome back in our number two nice Carolina Panthers wrap up their course will get back into them price before what April's draft and yeah about that point in time we'll have a whole lot more idea of where we're going more free agency and things of that nature so. It's just the beginning but glad that people like Brian can get some rest here because you know we felt it become an element to the football season and guess what the NFL's even longer than what. We did our rights real quickly yet. Was there any surprise. Once word got out there that Jon Gruden was taken the Los Angeles not via Los Angeles raiders the Oakland Raiders job soon to be the Las Vegas raiders non. Do you think. Either eighty the Oakland Raiders are being the NFL here in this instance about the Rooney rule now you know with this is part listeners. Let me explain real quick. The years ago the NFL and their what. In their dealings. With the NFL players association and others may instigated. The Rooney rule which is one visited instituted. The Rooney rule which is one minority needs to be. Invest you you interviewed investigated interviewed in any coaching search in the NFL. Now Oakland's trying to say hey we met with southern cal offensive coordinator T Morton only thing that may save them is the fact Oakland was really crazy when they hired Lane Kiffin back in the day. Adam what a position coach or something so they may have and that may make some sets but end their own tight ends coach Bobby Johnson and resume minority. But yet now that it's coming out that he's he agreed did. John grin to take this job on. Christmas Eve yet now they're after him. And I you know it was a it was after the -- press conference at this group came after the by them near the raiders for violation of the Rooney rule my question is they showed yet but this NFL ultimately care because they got somebody back in the game that they wanted to for a long long. Number one yes they care and number one yes they're gonna do something about it because Marc Davis the owner of the raiders. Emitted today. And he or the other day he admitted that big a deal was agreed to in principle on Christmas seat. They deny interview Bobby Johnson their tight ends coach in the NT Barton from southern cal until like what the week after right around new years. Technically they Ari had to deal in place so yes cement there is a violation of the Rooney rule the only other executive her team to. Had been violated or to have violated and been punished for it is Matt Millen with the Detroit Lions. When he knew he wanted to hire Steve Mariucci. And I don't remember who the interview was supposedly with but he told the candidate was simply a formality to get around the Rooney rule because he was hired Steve Mariucci. Boy yes taints your question yes the NFL here or why but 'cause it's they ruled that it was instituted. Partially by them. That if they wanna have any content did look make the rule had any teeth whatsoever. Unlike a lot of the rules they have they got to enforce it and they got enforce it at least some. I'll tell you right now the only thing that gets people's attention. You know in this case of pride be at least a million dollar fine with such chump change that's that's cost the living fur Jon Gruden. But the big thing that upon the NFL which I ultimately think they will do I think you take the first round draft. Yeah. And I think that's going to happen if they don't take I policies with the Eagles. 00 okay it's a roll it's minutes there's rule in place and the reason. So I mean that's circumventing the rules is fine for a lot of people I'm just merely saying that you're gonna instituted. Why even have a good and if you're not gonna horses don't. Have that anymore what I asked that we need to get past that we've had multiple. Minority coaches in the NFL now. I'm sorry we view as a business owner identify. Who you want to go higher in de identified Jon Gruden and he went out there and they got him. And guess what they weren't gonna opera team Martan a job. Because they weren't gonna give him ten years a hundred me and with part ownership in the franchise when T Martin couldn't even get hired. At his old alma mater back in the day so I give it but I'm on the raiders side here. They identified who they wanted to as a head coach and they went out and got him. When a lot of people said they were never gonna do it. Yes this may be a rule but I also think he can be somewhat insulting it when you know Lou. You know what you wanna do business wise go out and do it and don't apologize for getting it done which is what Matt Millen did. Any still got tagged to penalize ourselves open code itself screw themselves in this we need to get a little bit out of this situation. Why this week about a lot of greens were against you preached against you know it is sticking to your guns and being consistent. Analyzing the raiders would be consistent finally for the NFL offers to speak like that for the first time. Guys are talking about NFL football we're not talking about college where recruiting is on the line where it matters you have a coach in place by certain date it doesn't matter if you've got to wait another two weeks three weeks six weeks whatever it might be. To actually name your coach sure you sort of have an idea in the back your mind we want Jon Gruden and you know you're gonna hire Jon Gruden no matter what I mean that's the guy you want. But. You still have to go through the process by rule you have to go through the process so. Why why does it matter that you make them wait six weeks to announce the guy that they're gonna hire anyway I mean it's not like the coaches in any kind of financial detriment because he's not on payroll. For those additional six weeks just sit and wait you can't because you're sending out a message is the exact same thing Central Florida did with their TP chip paraded Disney and all that stop they bought publicity with that right now the LA raiders. Earned the Las Vegas raiders he Oakland Raiders they're out of sight out of mind they got a huge publicity drive now every single free agent that it males is coming up. Can he be thinking about joining little Chucky. Out there in Oakland I think the raiders right eight million dollar check. Bass is they can get is they got what they want it in congratulations. The other reason you gotta do it diesel. You don't know who you fight begins to get Jon Gruden when it comes to be in your next head coach. Wait that urgency to do it there is no more urgency number one because free agency doesn't begin until after the Super Bowl last I checked the price up another four weeks left so. To get John Bird like immediately whether they got him now. Or in ten days from now really that matter right. Because you're still gonna get that PR Republican John burdens coming back he's still going to be at the raiders. This is no different and they could they actually could have taken a page out of the filled up Eagles book. And little bit more smarter about it and I think Mark Davis for should simply stupidly that's the keys so I was getting to file this glut because he was stupid about it he's they're gonna pay the price and I think you take the draft pick away because. That's when you get people's attention but they could have taken a page out of the Eagles playbook. Eagles knew they wanted to hire Chip Kelly and they knew it all along. But they went through an exhaustive search where they interview don't believe at least six I went back and read this for six to eight candidates. While they knew they were higher Chip Kelly they still got their man I'd still done the way though the raiders did because you are bad guys that you regular traffic was at work that you were by all I'm asking you are tying. When you were out of sight out of mind when it's the NFL playoffs I mean this is when everybody tunes and guess what. You talked about on every pregame show what and a half I just this week it's no different and it would be next week conference championship week I've still weak all between you know the Super Bowl go get him did. You've still kind of got them bigger mess you're totally missing the point by now and it's okay but. The PR value you're gonna get the ball went the year did it this week or whether you do it two weeks it really doesn't matter it's nothing different. Okay now if you waited till after the Super Bowl went free agency begins. Now you're actually on this. Again that's why everybody has different opinions. I think it's a I think it's a shame I'm sorry you look across my friends list I think it's a shame that you have the aid that the NFL has done this because you know what. Pay you we have had Dennis Green we have had so. So many minority coaches again it's harder but you shouldn't be penalized for. Going out and do and something that other 31 teams are not maybe the other 31 but maybe fifteen of the other teams in the league which they can it done is go get John Gray now. I still maintain how great coaches John. And it NFL level I mean easy war ten million bucks I say no no I may but there's only one organization Jon Gruden was going back to when he said that himself the only team I want to go. In BO do this with was the Oakland Raiders I mean. They were not fear the Oakland Raiders and I don't if you get some I didn't edit I'd bet you could. Is it the only. Organization he was called Clinton to go coach was you Oakland Raiders. I mean if who's. The mayors don't think he was golden bears can run off swooped in and offered him twelve and got in. Think it was about money. It wasn't about money I think he also he's not afraid of Mark Davis is the owner of that team why because Mark Davis is just doing things it yet he at least is bad now. Before you see now had planned when he went about doing things sometimes it feels like mark davis' polling strains of posse gets a wall and see what's gonna stick. Yeah I mean but it's the raiders were he's got a history with that he's Mino and you listen to him always wanted to go back to sell. There was no conflict to the point is there was no competition for junger. I am a silently ask you this EE EE talk about PR bumper what does that what does. Increased PR right now do for you. I mean. Agents behind the scenes are working deals. Whether or not the fans in Philadelphia or Jacksonville or Texas or forever. Can give a flip about what's happening out in Oakland. Doesn't really matter and lesser trying to sell Jon Gruden brand advisors and you're here you're upset did you gonna miss out on ten days where the cell advisors. When his name stitched into it it doesn't matter I agree a 100% of the price. Get raider nation's one of the biggest out there it's all cross cut everybody's talking about Jon Gruden going back to the Oakland Raiders again it's a PR myth and let me ask Al's opinion if you actually is a negative. Again this is 2018. I know where I live I think it's almost a negative. At this point now that we've seen is many minorities that this rule is in place because. You ought to be interviewed on your merits not because of what color your skin is in I'm sorry that is he really really tough team to claim but it. We've seen some great minority coaches. It's Armisen players say hey we're in an interview you just so we're comply with this rule with the NFL I'm not sure this one is the bigger cancel well I'd be in in there's validity in that I've not discounting that but. The point is you have the rule in place this and it's got to be enforced and if you knock and enforce it you know what in Asheville you're just going right on like you've done. With everything else you've been a part of forty do you have had any teeth. Anything you've done. To your point about the PR diesel I am now a 100% agreement. If the raiders really wanted the biggest PR bang in this whole thing. You wait to do it in the gap between the Super Bowl backs when you're really suck some air out of an avid Super Bowl so big with everything going on where you all that stuff and it starts again the is SARS Milos in the stories of the parties on side not personally know dozens you do that first week whenever windy every vice it's OK here we go here's the weight. When you turn the corner and get to the weekend before the what the pro in the the Pro Bowl comes Sunday right before. That's when you do it that week right after the division or after the conference championship games when everything entity total standstill I'd tell anyway if found under the franchise I want it done a as a we got a million dollars of publicity out of this but he has been interesting because the that's one organization that had a long time fight with the NFL office and we'll see how it all comes out speaking of other programs are how it's gonna say in the dark ironic part about is the raiders. Ironically had had a long. History is being wind when it comes to the equal opportunity stuff. They don't want the best there you know with the nearly guys that they that they hired to that have been part of the organization so. It's kind of it's kind of ironic that it's the raiders who were talking about with the Rooney rule in anything is. See you here they did Mark Davis is gonna take this ball with a move to Las Vegas and maybe unload the team because they just don't have the fame when money. Then a lot of the NFL owners do. But again you know it is the Davis family in this may have been a little bit of pay ma'am watt says sticking your middle finger up at the league offices well to see what they'll do all right speaking of other coaching openings in the NFL we'll give you an update the Chicago Bears Samari made their choice. I'd welcome back in price we have some. Not surprising bit breaking pain at third sneezes Thomas may Ian Rapoport. With a rap sheet is Gatorade eat to post an article that Thomas Davis is said this will be the 2018. Upcoming season will be his final season says. That was coming out here for too long he will be in studio on the NFL network this weekend as wells and protect him out. Over the year. One of the best not surprised yep and anyway boy you Mena CA do like that that that has been that good for that long when it comes to. Luke weekly and Thomas Davis again I mean yeah that that's hard that's old school going back in the day. When it comes to that kind of toughness and come into our right when it comes to the NFL coaching carousel. The Oakland raiders of course they've hired John gory in the Chicago Bears made an interest in higher. Is they hired Matt Nagy away from the Kansas City Chiefs lose Matt Nate he's an offensive coordinator who. He's a young offensive mind that's sort of my problem with the enough falcons as we go through this. Just see it there's really anything that makes you excited. Outside of maybe. So my trying to footnotes Nick Saban going to the New York Giants but he here's the deal if you're gonna make a questionable higher price. Go in the complete and total opposite direction of which you failed in the last two years and that's John Fox Meehan a defense in minded coach. Matt Nagy is the east. EC total opposite he is a young offensive mind. In that they quit they're do what they're hoping. Is that his work in who he hires as quarterbacks coach is gonna make a big difference with Mitch Robiskie here in the next couple years Aniston. No surprise you go defense saying go often and certainly you want some ID can tutor. Mitchell trump risky. And the only bigger surprise that they didn't go down the you know Bill Belichick coaching tree of of disasters because. Now look what all these NFL teams and up hiring a assistant. That's close to bill ballots yet. And they go higher Romeo Crennel Josh McDaniels a man who than many other guys that Charlie Weis is a the world. And none of these Belichick disciples have worked out not one. I'm with a yard dead Ayers and cardinals. Their position is open right now as well do you want to hear a fun fact when it comes to the 2018. Roster for the Ayers and the cardinals yes. They don't have a single quarterback on the roster right now how bout that how about no boy that was a great. A twin notes guys who who do we watch on this week in baseball every week grownup. How about that that's exactly gun now well I remember that from this week it was no this is saying do I came murmurs name up top Leslie Nielsen you know Canada. Ice getting back to there is new OJ Simpson. Yes the best idea was he was it you better Capra corn one or any of the yell out and Mel Allen yeah. So of I don't know if you remember I think that was his first patented cac Capra corn warned that and getting back to it this the cardinals have no quarterback signed they have new. Obviously head coach Bruce area and has now given an up. And here is who they have apparently in mind. Courts the hottest name in the NFL level right now is the defense of coordinator for the New England Patriots. Matt Patricia a lot of people have him going in taking that New York Giants job. Also on the list or Steve Wilks the defense of coordinator from Carolina. Brian Flores a New England linebackers coach Jim Schwartz a Philadelphia defense of coordinator. John. Jane's Boettcher in the Arizona defense of coordinator Mike Munchak the Pittsburgh offensive line coach. Keith Armstrong. The who from the Atlanta staff or. Pat sharper the offensive coordinator from Minnesota so obviously heirs and is gonna ago. You know NFL hierarchy route if you will. I'll tell you right now who I see who I expect BC and Philip in Ayers and as the next head coach. And that's pat Shermer the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings and I'll tell you why. Has at least one if not two of these quarterback's going to be flew around here in the offseason and they're all on the vikings staff right now Sam Bradford case key number Teddy Bridgewater. One of those could very well end up as the next starting. Cornerback for the Ayers and cardinals one I would not hires the patriot defense of coordinator. Patricia boy that's a one day the his name is being bandied about all over the yellow sports it is because he coaches for New England any coach is next the Nobel attack. But again give Miette show me an example of win a Belichick disciple is actually worked out I'm with you are right Detroit Lions. Matt Patricia. New England defense of coordinator Josh McDaniels New England offensive coordinator pat Shermer Minnesota offensive coordinator. Or Mike Brey Vrabel she used in defense incorporated. That I got it yes that's the one that maybe added that list excites me because guess what he's also in line for the Indianapolis Colts position Matt role. Turned that down last night since they apparently are now looking at Josh McDaniels the New England offensive coordinator Dave Talbott. Kasey best T Kansas City its strength and conditioning. Special teams specialty sorry about that or Mike Vrabel the Houston defense of cordoning. We're able to get than the DA New York Giants. Matt Patricia Josh we say medals patch Shermer Saban. I know a lot of people alike since Saban takes that job and I'm cool with you gotta say even left a mark and I am kidding he's the and trust me I know that. He leaves tomorrow I'm not upset you know why he's turned humans work but. Does this not feel like a lot of recycled many or maybe a million recycled names but just nothing that gets me millions mind needle is now. A below average NFL fan because that's what I AM after this this past year. I'm not even it. Average NFL Miami below average and are we I'm shot we didn't see Parcells and Gibbs named Joseph oddly I mean there's no. I'd like to see some creativity maybe some thinking outside of the box but I guess when you've got that much money invested in the year. Your franchise you're gonna go the safer now because if nothing else you don't wanna has solved the coaching commitment community. Out there in the NFL itself Kimberley Reid and your baby Kemp's name come up. I would be more excited about maybe kids than a couple of those names that we heard on the list. I mean it I guess you can't have a personality anymore than FL level because is there anybody out there seems slightly a more people wanna. Imitate the Bill Belichick the knicks a good way things are not really saying anything. Yet we don't see a whole lot of personality out there when it comes to the NFL coaches and that's why the Oakland Raiders struck gold whether he can win or lose. He can at least win the PR battle and that's a little Chucky. Well one of the things about that is is you know holes wall side deed that. Unlike college where the coaches are the stars. The stars of the players stars of the guys who played the millions in the billions in the locker room. Not the coaches I mean look at a look at Ron Rivera would give the Bill Belichick and nick. There aren't that many of those you know charismatic guy see you know what writers and or by just turns on we got here today is press conference. Don't just Maher it's just it's did it's it's a totally different world and especially because coaches in in this regard. I mean they're hired to be fired especially in the pros more so than ever been big college so. You know personality at low. They're just simply there to coach a wins against Texas that's it got out there to win press conferences. Went over alumni boosters you know like this Siemens the worst Iran's at Davos when I'm just. I'm just naming names seems like that's actually where they go for now so they don't have to deal with the media but that's why you got people making up stories from time to time which I won't. I firmly believe that may be wrong and I've been wrong before specially the curry Smart hiring a Georgia say it ain't so say it Aso man. It can't just say he can't shake a stick it you know and I mean look my point being came around on curbing. It's a decent year number two Larry can you argue facts he makes it to the championship game yes I was wrong on that but. At this point in time I'm thinking if I'm a good college position coach I'm not real interested in testing my feet into the NFL waters. I don't know I think evil I think enough coaches have alarmed. You know it's not that's not to say it's not going to happen again as it is gonna happen again. And they what's saarc. What's turkeys and right he made the jump. You're gonna have coaches that jump from head coach and coordinator in college they're gonna head often become coordinator in in head coaches in NFL again. It's just right now is now. Now's not the time. Especially. Yup more job security in terms of salary yours Gooding college you've gotten into the amenities you need as much as the NFL ever had. Speaking of the NFL buddy mind just sent me simply something and this is the latest info on Christian Wilkens Cleveland Terrell. In Austin Bryant said the team finished their first meeting. This afternoon those three were not in attendance they weren't there because they were. They made a decision to go pro and they weren't there because they were still deciding on beard decision. And it it is what we thought yesterday's because they got lower draft grades back from the NFL. Than they originally thought that they would so. Again don't read into to it that they weren't at the team meeting it they're still making the decision but. A Teddy had the longer that goes on I mean some harder it is to pull the trigger. On leaving your teammates and that bodes well for the tigers are it will come back 844 GS PE SPN. What are the big gains on tap this week ending college basketball will let you know why because we got Shelby mats from bracket wag dot com coming up at 545. Hi welcome back again what's going on running college basketball this weekend well the best matchups one albums right now on the road here. In clumps in South Carolina and it's going to be tired legs vs fresh legs price because. Constance got a lesson 48 hour turnaround after that 7877. Loss in Raleigh. Mine he's been off since this past Sunday skiing so Miami will come in with fresh legs no doubt about it also going on this week in musket. Our basketball experts opinion on this a very good big twelve match up. Number two West Virginia at number eight Texas Tech that's at 2 PM tip off on Saturday. I tell you we were talking earlier. Aid to me it's a race between ACC in the big twelve per who has the deepest conference in the country so far in college basketball. Yeah I mean ACC is is the best the deepest. But I say the big twelve and give credit to the SEC the SEC is not as good as he ACC no question it's not even close not even close is good is the big twelve. But the SEC has got some depth right now on the you're talking 718. Which right now in the conversation for an NCAA bid which is just. Mean that is that number right there just tells you cassettes double what the SEC's ringgit into the term the last few years. Right now it's still no doubt about the ACC. Also at 1 PM tomorrow on ESP NU number sixteen TCU at number nine Oklahoma so we can improve right there one quarter of your top sixteen in the rankings. Our big twelve and listened sir anything other than talk about and train young right now I mean goodness gracious is he not only. Mean he's in the player of the year conversation and everything else player I mean it's pretty much he is the mid season player of the year freshman of the year. No averaging a double double averaging 29 and then talking assist deceased. He always amazed at six he's not a point grammys a lead guard be 62 he's not very big he can shoot it he's crafty. I mean look what he's doing right now meet in the heat in the cool thing about it is he's an warming kid and he grew up just baseless across the street from the university. You know was pretty much a Kentucky Oklahoma. Race for his services Kansas was there in the mix but. In Kentucky took a commitment from quade green out of Philadelphia and that pretty much ended in sim tray young directly to Oklahoma. And boy Lon Kruger right now the job he's doing thanks to train young. One of the reasons he isn't the coach of the year mix right now the mid season point is because that guy in the true freshman right there from Norman mastering young. You know you they get a lot of not to because you know that they're just a tree young led team that's true he's certainly the guys are some drinks. But they got some guys super can protect the rim like Kadima Latin. And they got some size and side they are not a bunch of chumps defensively that they can protect the rim and they can make life tough on you on the inside. All right two other games no one I'm UB interest and in 2 PM tomorrow on fox number 22 Creighton at number ten Xavier. And then also it knew Nomar you got Michigan at number four Michigan State so. Some of the premier games the when we come back we'll talk more college basketball with our friend Shelby mass from bracket wag dot com. All right welcome again we're going back into the gas line it's our buddy Shelby match she can follow him on Twitter bracket wag EC official brackets colleges for USA today dot com and Tibetan college insider dot com and silly and you got to be excited because his we are getting to the point of the year where you can sort update your bracket apology about every 24 hours. About five days every year starting January 1 the daily update the boy this year it has meet. Yeah ha ha. Well speaking on one let's give Clemson fans that I did they get at one point losses in C state last night. 78 to 77 but you still have them as the number four seed in the west but. I tell you what Constance got some tough games coming up that they need to. And they need to be attention to detail. Yeah it did have some mop up games coming up beat us that's built field air force the number I'm pretty comfortable with that right now. Actually six week there's probably going to be completely different. But what's gonna help them out of their net gain target's solid piece. They're story that makes our during the next five or on the road. So they lose a road game to a good team that's not gonna hurt. North Carolina State they they can't help themselves recently beating dude leading social class. So that law on paper doesn't look too bad that it would had a couple weeks. I still think they're going to be critics say it again. Do in addition to watch the game next to you you know. You know it's stayed on clumps in Shelby this is priced me great to have you back on you know created team that knocked him off last night NC state. You know they kind of set Jacqueline hide a little bit not so much like there were under mark got three big Kevin keeps him is don't take some time he's in year one. They do have two wins over apparent number two ranked teams in Arizona whether they be in the Bahamas in the day in the win over duke most recently. But I still still think of the wolfpack sniffed the NCA term it in that virtually. Honestly because I think the ACC's is going to be tomorrow. Yeah I agree I I don't even really have them list right now they develop that few weeks ago. They can move back on they keep you know gives a big win like this. But I still go back to go home loss UNC Greensboro that was a bad one. Well overall the strength of schedule is barely inside the top 300. That could be number that committee will perhaps. All right so this weekend it tomorrow it may literally go twelve hours wall walls from really really good games the best game of the weekend to meet. Is what's gonna be a dog fights load fast and low low number two West Virginia number eight Texas Tech West Virginia have lost since the season opener. And what Chris beard is doing with five senior starters down in Lubbock with the red raiders. I don't know this game is gonna be played outside of the thirties when the final score you know is posted but. How about this job at Texas Tech beat Chris beard has got the red raiders playing and you've got and is a three seed a long way to go fourteen into. Playing in the big twelve an awfully impressive bunch. Yeah they really are I didn't have an actual bracket so are these I just didn't bank. That he had been there long enough to really get the guy he wanted had put his signature of the peat so to speak with a man he has done so in a big way in the Atlantic team that the European route down a little bit this year. But still winning today can't man that impressive yeah and you look at there there was a lot closer at Oklahoma is a top last season. And on a neutral court to seek call them the top story that's not bad. Shelley let me ask you about this when number one seed out west in your current bracket college he knew would be Virginia fifteen and one and I love what coach Bennett does year in year out and put the team together but my fear is for them once again this year. When we get into the NCAA tournament that. That old tense shrink up a little bit. In Virginia has problems put the ball in the bucket is that a good team that could fall early once again we've got the post season. Yeah accepted belief that way also. They've they've done some good things it. Is your opinion of property I can be basketball don't watch because they do that be did so good. Did make other teams looked so bad. This used to mean not that much fun to watch that netted the perspective he does a fantastic job. Early and mid season and then later that season I don't look to god you are to what it is. But. If they can maintain that I think that you didn't that you foresee that you talk to stay on the one line. But that could be an early upset about it. I would talk with the our resident bracket colleges and official bracket colleges for. USA today that will be she'll be mass follow him on Twitter at bracket wagged WAG chicken out bracket wag dot com. On line and she'll be Wichita State to meet this is Gregg marshall's best team he's had since he's been at Wichita. They'd take a step up in the American athletic could really between them in Cincinnati. I mean they're gonna benefit obviously from a much tougher better regular season schedule they make it gained a couple more times than they have in the past. But how well equipped as this Wichita State to make a deep run because you talk about guard play rebounding toughness Gregg marshall's team right now. They have got it all. Whether they're kind of a whole package I think it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out because. Previous years in the Missouri valley if they took it being it's probably knock them down we foresee lots. Now that they could being it may not do anything good that you think Cincinnati at this meeting. She's in temple you see you've got a pretty loaded cocked well those senior urban teams. But they're there's all these teams met those routines that. Are gonna give them trouble or not they're not used to having trouble it's gonna definitely talk to them up but I think that could go a long way to the maker of actual. As we continue with Shelby mass from bracket wag dot com official bracket colleges for USA today in a whole bunch others listen I get the fact this would be monumental historic but I saw you have about Furman hey you've chosen Furman right now to be your so con champion and have them on the fourteenth seed mind. At thirteen and four but don't look East Tennessee State also a top 100 RPI team. What is as well as Carmen. If those two teams went on a roll this year. In both had it 6071. Regular seasons. And could GC to soak card teams in the airs at just a pipe dream for me. I think it's probably a pipe dream I would love that we dictate. But you look there are proper play gathered are gonna have an opportunity to speak to your seeing. We play each other goes they'll would be not whimpering retain. But not proper is over and they didn't get in the win that give the boot the tier one and here to what being looked at now. That's what I think the hurt in the wall. All right Shelby you know SEC is certainly come a very long way you know the coaching hires it's taken is taken a year to two can really be you know Rick Barnes what he's doing Ben Howland has to be state. You know a nonconference schedules going through the conference office CC a lot of a lot better scheduling among the SEC teams. You've got nine in the tournament right now begin this is just at the beginning of January mid January point but. You know a team and Alabama you've got his attend C nine in six days they won the most Emmy perplexing vexing teams to mean college basketball cannot figure them now. Many wanna trying to out score everybody they'll play play a lick of defense they got a big game tomorrow night against LSU. A team who had beaten anybody and all of any semblance. Yet is 15 a six and with tree not waters. Look out LSU it's slowly playing themselves into the conversation talk about the SEC Alabama and LSU in particular. You have my I've sold on the SEC this year than what they've done over the years to bolster their basketball. Oral whatever you want a solid days they've done a fantastic job. Give you good coaches good trojans are gonna get your roots. That that cut and that toughened up their schedules I do you have nine mark Friday night is going through the bracket. My bracket if you what I'd do it up on during the week. And ai I've got a gut feel a little Ella she might lose in this week that might put to end and he's seeking in about a mob war. I had EU say they didn't beat anybody really but they've got the win over Michigan. And now to Perot Arkansas and pay them on the road those huge weapons. And if you look at even what doctor locked out looking at their schedule earlier their remaining games. The worse our PR aren't teammate playing at Mississippi State 64. All their games left are you optics you properties. Sold. Opportunity is there for every crappy coverage team maybe not banded. But everybody else to get the win a what I think could after the get a beating each other up. Your top seed will be about foresee may be and then you have a whole bunch of things in there from about but. All right now I want to stay in the SEC real quick because of me you know on the Kentucky got a Kentucky to me is one of the most I think there are one of the most perplexing teams Saudi they could end up as high in May be is at three seed I think they can obviously. Via ten seed you know is bad you know is as low as attend you just don't know which way they're gonna go. If Natal I don't think they're gonna be the top seeded SEC team when it comes when it comes bracket time and selection Sunday is not Kentucky who do you think will be the top seed. At least in terms of the highest seed outright SEC. Well the Obama bracket right now all I didn't have much faith in them really aren't proper schedule was overall pretty bleak. But they have really turned it ought to watch several other games lately that the breeder good cheap. Bruce Pearl and if they could they had trouble the rest of the this season which. There's no guarantee on that. I think Auburn could be the topic. I was that you would know what that Arkansas maybe that after it was handled them the way they did. I don't think so it could be a deal worth these guys just beat each other. Talk about it the proxy. All right Shelby before we close up here this when this U I look teacher east regency switch in sup in Boston and trust me who got a long way to go between now march but you've got on the number one line Villanova number two seed deep number three seed Michigan State number four seed Kansas. In five is North Carolina if any is there for fight made it the Boston would that be the toughest ticket ever in a sweet sixteen and elite eight match up. It probably would it look obvious what I do this bracket. I don't do it do what the committee does for a right McCain's and I played some in the region and then by iPod and it still well the rest of it. And I go back and looked at feet. Possible grew Serb front match up or whatever and I noticed that morning but that each region are stacked top poppy work. I just can't imagine that it would end up happened like that but it followed the brackets look what committee's supposed to do. It could end up like that. Failure that would blow the spot. I might sign up we go volunteer to go cover that sweet sixteen and only dated that was that deep all right my final question for you. A couple of teams that whites are making a move that might be one of those last few in. Well I think too that got here that are really played themselves in over the past week. Ohio State in Marquette. Oh how I the way they have at Michigan State they just completely dominated them. And then laughed out of the Maryland just wiped them off the court and Marquette it played some really good ball right now they're not near the bottom necessarily. But. Two weeks ago or last week united Lehman had either one of them really that close to be here. And they've really come on and got some good wins that look like they're playing really good Shelley. It may be a little early commit to do that but with Big Ten especially for a I'll say it stretches down properly. Able to properly if there was approximately teams in Bangkok. We'll listen Shelby again our listeners need to do find you find bracket wag dot com because it's not just your brackets college yeah I mean you've got dings from worn Nolan RPI good conference standings tourney schedules rankings and everything else on that site but they shop so go find you on Twitter just simply yet bracket wagon. Look forward to catching up with you cross the next 67 weeks because. I've now switch and Pope Paul the basketball so I feel more he all the talk about it. Yeah I'm I'm all in basketball that I'll try to kick the ball oil belt. Yeah I can actually get how laps later. To have a mend and that all right we'll listen guys I show out there thanks a lot bud yeah. And Kelly listen again bracket wag dot com there's a little bit of everything from the bracket matrix two. Yet RPI ice to the conference there means it can actually serve a little bit as your one stop shop for all your NCAA tournament information are right speaking of somebody's gonna win that tournament come April. But we're gonna give you a chance when we come back. To win a fifty dollar gift card this sticky fingers once we give the question it will be the first person that gets in with the writing answer.