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While command of stated is. A Friday any way Friday afternoon in addition of straight up with star tours live in the studio today price Atkinson mark Sturgis. Of course diesel have Polly Olerud please be safe out here. It was one of those days price on the way in edges you unanimous which she can hit the reset button because I had nothing to do with me it was just things that I saw. On roper mountain extension there was a there was an accident years in my come and on the hill maybe. What paying attention rear ended somebody. In their own group from elm road SE five cars pulled off to the side of what's the first thing you assume when you see something like that know the Iraq. No it what now wanna give these people I saw a snow flurry and I've had died debt. If if any of these five cars are listening Ivan sit here for a couple of hours at a Swansea thinking. It wasn't Iraq it was a big black lab that was hit. And they were all out there around him I guess a year trying to get in managers brought the humanity out and it's well. Appreciate those guys in the ladies stop and in helping out that black lab cameos rein in out there commitment. A whole lot of fun all right a lot of different things we're gonna get into today NFL playoffs coaching search theaters tired do you offensive coordinator. And take a look at some of Tom Brady's playoff numbers also in college basketball what's ahead this weekend may be low bracket ecology because. One of our guest at 545 today Shelby mast from bracket wag dot com also Brian Strickland at 445. In that college football will. Maybe take a little bit what we learned this season. In maybe one more spoke on the coaching carousel in and finally thank you Greg Popovich you blasted the right person while also give you a chance to win a price back from sticky fingers at the beginning of the 6 o'clock hour. In at the end of the beginning of the 5 o'clock hour will give you any words that you can text in the seven to 81 and be registered for three night stay in Minneapolis during the Super Bowl. To attend the night before that's Dave Matthews Band that. Concert in they're you'll be eligible to give entered to win. Tickets to the Super Bowl as well so pretty busy Friday I'll just take it easy and will. We'll get to it we'll get you home safely how about that the price we got to look back at last night. At the the I think the in the discussion on the clemson's purple uniforms last night and we knew it was all handled there in the show before us. I didn't necessarily be I don't like the tiger Paul you know should add Clemson vs Justin tiger public hey I'm fun while they were sweet. I'm fighting my wife study just not in on Latin big. On like that third color a lot of times you know especially in football like purple helmets and all that but. You know a lot of schools have that third off color or third off uniform in basketball the last night flick actually pretty chart I thought it would different. He of the tiger paw I thought it made look different it was not you know your traditional you know vote the white and orange. Count me as a big fan shockingly because the purple stuff I've never been beat him so. You know it was just the tiger probably fit at Clemson again what's I have no sense of style may be is television I was watching accommodating load purple to me. In a very blue U. And Oz I thought the that tiger stripe downside was horrendous are people not likens the enormity of the Clemson fans there and plot about a dogs away at all like them they were blue would tiger striped on the side. Well. Anyway they lose to the tiger 7877. At NC state they're now fourteen and two on the season three and one and ACC play NC state improves to twelve and five. Two and two in league play you gotta give Keats and credit man they're put together a little bit of a resume bit. You know consummate exit boy they you know a little better ally excuse me well bit. You're I'm not in sees there's Osmond sat still finished that the term debt and to say but they are put in some pieces together when it comes resonate time at twelve and five and Lee in even in league play. In my god if you keep getting 29 out of that seven foot one guy that can't miss a three pointer. For NC state that presents a matchup problem hitting four clubs and entities to tie the game but the key cells of a good time mountain which he for his gay Devoe. But you can't turn the ball over on the road in league play the way Clemson did last night expect to get out with a win and that's the reality of it because right now. Only seven teams are our only seven and a thirty league games only seven times as the road team won. That's how difficult it is to win an ACC play on the road right now. Well. First of all. For starters continent played as artists NC state did now they start playing hard when they were downed. But NC state had dictated tempo so much with their defense some was turning Clemson over repeatedly. And it when Ewing turned the ball over four times in you have I think it was what seventeen lists fifteen salmon they were plus eleven. On the assist turnover ratio was NC state. But when it comes to straight turnovers they were plus thirteen meaning they only had four turnovers in the game only full war that's ridiculously good. Clemson turned it over seventeen times. That equates to about thirteen basically free possessions. And clearly one of those was a difference in the game it Clemson should never have had a shot. To tie the game at the end and it should never had gotten to that point NC state should a far closed it out sooner than that. While say is I think an NC State's two best players are better includes his two best players your seven is a guy do. Last year was not properly utilized basically had is thoughts and designs on beat basically one and done. Going to play professionally didn't work out specially because they didn't utilized in the right way. Now they've got to blame for the Euro the face of Damon and Kevin Keats has got him right where he needs to be. Except your seven doesn't know how to play horror all the time in that sentence and I asked me about on on Twitter. Is like cool. You know what. What's the deal with him what he called the part time player because you don't play hard enough all the time if he plays like he did last night hit the shots and flying around at look. That guy's best player between the two teens and is not even close but. Mickelson last night you've got to bring the fight they did not do it NC state set the tempo or early in console playing catch up nicely the rest of boys yet. Absolutely they almost caught up 7877. And again that's your second loss. On the season is they dropped the temple earlier this year but listen now I hate you can't sit there assault about a one point loss because you have a ranked Miami team. Coming in for 3 PM tip off in Little John tomorrow and you'll be able to hear that gained. As wells the pregame beginning 230 right here on ESP in upstate Miami. He 01 point price ranking in the what top seven they've dropped down to about number nineteen minutes a team that. Hey listen you better you better be ready to go tomorrow night is Jim Larranaga one thing you can count on tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock that Miami squad's gonna play hard. Yet know they are and like you said of and they fall on some hard times here lately and the Miami still really good a really good team the problem with Miami is. You know they've had some injuries. You know they had to deal some injuries in. You know guys that are banged up in. You know Jim Larranaga again though a lot like Tony Bennett to a couple things you can guarantee you're gonna have a pretty solid outing and it's up Al when you play one of those two teams in this case Jim Larranaga. I love Bruce Bruce brown junior I mean he's really kind of a guy that is the key cog in everything that they do penis to gain. Anybody's 117 in 41 and a half steals regain these are doing all kind of guy and Bruce brown is the de facto leader of this working Steen. You know it's really kind of wait a lot of walker in the fourth of McDonald's all American to really kind of explode and he really has not exploded yet. If he does that's when I think Miami can take things to another level because they got guys can score the ball all right. Other basketball action tomorrow the gamecocks. They get a league win the other night they're first one on the season ever Vanderbilt. In the head over to Athens Torre 1 PM tip off in listen Mark Fox has got the Georgia Bulldogs playing pretty well correct me if I'm wrong they're twelve and three. After win and earlier this week says that's a good border war game. In Athens tomorrow 1 o'clock also was tomorrow night at 7 PM will be there. Wofford is hosting firm and that's the first time in that rivalry game. That Furman has made their way obviously to the new UG Richardson indoor arena will be our first game I've seen that. Up there I'm looking forward to it and listen you're talking about it white hot firm and team right now in league play of nice impressive eighteen point win. On the road against Chattanooga on Wednesday and Corso Wofford held home court with a one point win over Tommy amateurs Harvard Crimson. On Wednesday so that's a big match up listen there are some tickets available about two last night for my daughter won her friends school with these on my. And twelve box good seats up in the second level because. It's not that high enough up in dad so again twelve dollars you can go to the Wofford web site. And buy those tickets if you want to endorse Obama 530 Ellis told somebody last night that it could be a sellout when those doors open maybe. It is not a sellout by it and if you're not there about 6 o'clock you might not be able to get into the building Marat says yes go ahead and go on line right there on the Wofford run website you can for. Buy your tickets twelve bucks apiece as well as an amount you'll have to go through any of that day and also. I USC upstate there on the road dale and then de land Florida to mark Stetson University but had to get this one in price lying step in the course right here in our broadcast coverage area. The states. They are postponed till Monday night at 715 at Belmont Abby you know why. In -- give it to me Belmont abbey has had the flu ripped through their team they don't have enough players ready to place that lad just that's when you don't often hear about is gains being rescheduled and postponed due to one team to speed and rat out by the illness in a bug going to they've literally said they didn't have enough players to put on the court more so they're gonna try to get that went on Monday in the urban just when that's all that release you know I get the stuff from lines and a really scratch my head for a minute and outside weather and high school ball odd I don't remember. A gain BM postponed due to illness or something along those lines now I'm in I've seen it the flu recapping what teams I know earlier this year I think Kentucky at like four guys sickened one game where they can only play about ten minutes a game but. Nothing to the point where you cancel a game just simply because of sickness I mean. Again this is you know limestone mrs. smaller college ball you'll exactly have a whole lot of depth when it comes to the sub's crew. If that's the case they must have over half their teams it's bound as Belmont abbey that sick fortunately Gaffney and Belmont are like 55 miles apart via the boss says they can get that one in on Monday one other knees and listen. Keep this guy in your prayers brick is he's the first Clemson tiger I really remember from growing up price. His name is beneath his name is Billy Cunningham he was a tie in from Seneca of course played at Clemson and went on had a nice career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He announced earlier today that he is been diagnosed with cancer and he's battling for his slice of Clemson Carolina fans palmetto state fans. Just to just keep mini Cunningham in your thoughts and prayers it's a it's rough finding that out it's even rougher when you know the diagnosis is tough so to of thoughts and prayers are with former Clemson former Pittsburgh Steelers tight end. And he Cunningham all right when we come back a couple of other news and notes from college football including. A new contractor at least a contract extension for Will Muschamp couple other things down there. As well in Colombia in some knees remember in Athens as well. It's someone makes it official also phone lines are open 844 GS PE SPN you can get him with does it's I lied and studio rainy day so go and give us to call it makes she keep both hands on the wheel. Welcome MacKey and don't forget it for 45 we're gonna talk with Brian Strickland from painters dot com McKay is the Carolina Panthers have a new offensive coordinator and they went old school with a no doubt about it will talk we're Bryant Strickland. A quarter of five about the data males that some other off the field knees when it comes to the Carolina Panthers and of course we'll talk college basketball was Shelby mast. At 545. And give each he has to win that fifty dollar gift card as sticky fingers at the top of the hour 6 o'clock price couple other news and notes when it comes a football down in Columbia today. Ray tanner in the gamecocks hold a press conference to a nail outside number one Marcus Lattimore and person is the new player director of player development. Also column Krantz who was on the staff already has been promoted his seat tent on the field coach but probably the biggest music came out of it. Will Muschamp gets a contract extension through 2023. We'll begin next year four point 2000006 years later he's still at the Helm of the gamecocks. He will make a cool five point two million dollars deceased. God and with you what you know what I have never forget when I was about twelve years old. I payers said you're not going to be a coach when you grow. Boy he did they screw that thought process up you know what I mean you can fired me for eight point two million. You can Macon college coaching especially the top level my goodness finally hey yeah oh yeah. I can be good like not like I say the league middle moments in college bassinet and basketball assistant coach humid to fifteen out jump on now to do when I'm told me I get the fact that they are haves and have nots I mean I saw this boom when we were down in New Orleans I believe. And then it was confirmed when he was hired the new offensive coordinator Dave Murray and there the offensive coordinator ID marine de LA she. 2.5. Million dollars he's making as a coordinator this year. You add up the coaching salaries at Louisiana Monroe Louisiana Lafayette which sets Billy Napier and he got 750000. And one more of those schools down and four Louisiana it doesn't touch the 2.5 Meehan. It do Avery and his getting paid guess what the the new head coaches Louisiana. You well Marten. You Ellen you Ellman route 390000. Seems like chump change compared to these other salaries that we seek. And you could sign me up for that every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Why do you want the young guys wanna be head coaches but that's. That's a reason why Galley Brent venables and you know Galley Dave Iran ended don't necessarily need a room. Run out to try to be head coach because the kind of money you're making this assisted them and head coach at Mississippi State sewing make it a million more per year. And he's so you got to deal with all the headaches he got to deal with everything that comes from being a head coach and I'm not saying in the give those guys don't want to eventually be that one day. You've got a pretty good if you're making two and a half million year is yeah is a coordinator. In all you have to do and there yes you got to recruit Abdullah's help but you don't have to do the CEO all the date you know of the you know the stuff you got to do with the alumni you know the fund raising everything like that you're gonna do some of that that said coach. A fact you only have to go out and coach football to make that kind of Cohen. Shoot at there worst things you could be doing in life. I'm right there with you on that went so you know we didn't today NFL action this weekend two games on Saturday two games on Sunday they begin at 415 on Saturday. The price someone to take a look at Saturday night's game. You we went back and forth through us some of these games yesterday and of course you're 34 playoff starts by Tom Brady. After eighteen years as 34 play at Thomas two per year over the course of your career at this point. Eleven championship gains which of course that's next weekend. So there isn't much to knock about what you talk about some of the things to watch for this weekend when it comes to the New England Patriots besides the fact. A lot of people that I they're trying to float that there is you know this dissension going on between the trying out for if you will of Bob Kraft the owner. Bill Belichick the head coach and Tom Brady the quarterback will let me tell you right now that's Bob Kraft steam and I'd I think it's a lot of it remained out but do you realize that he can do this is that what this is the weekend to watch out for Tom Brady. Leading his team to a nice big win. Because historically he's been much better in this round and in next week's championship round. In thirteen games Brady is still and 26 touchdowns to eleven interceptions in this round per career passer rating of 92 point one. You get in today SE chief green chipped games next weekend. He started for fifteen touchdown passes against twelve interceptions. For just a passer rating of 81. So I sort of look at this and us all the filled that that Tennessee's gonna have to deal with on. Saturday night tomorrow night and I'm telling you right now sometimes just did that's when I went up. Reiterated CI a New England while. The dog on Tennessee tomorrow night. Yet Tennessee ever makes that there. Because right now they're flights have been delayed by at least three hours with him trying to do it to New England due to icy conditions in Nashville also. You know we last checked they had even left the ground yet so. But to your point. Well. It's going to. It's going to I'm just trying to find their way it's gonna take a monumental effort for the titans to pull this thing off to knock New England office home and it's just. I'm with you though I think that the patriots come out fighting angry because of all this crap that's been manufactured during the off week. You know the media trying to find something to stir the pot. And whether there's any truth to it whatsoever. We don't know but I got to think that there's very little if any you know they tried to stir with this you know the friction between bella checking craft in the or suspend this whole Brady grapple and stop then there's. You know being a manufactured you know. Might Belichick go to the giants amid a lot of this stuff is just ginned up because there's nothing edit for anybody else to talk about especially. We got a fairly boring guy Bill Belichick anyway he's not gonna give you a lot of juicy nuggets to go on any late you're trying to look for things. So iron to see if you can initiate something in that regard given to come out and say something vs just look like the evil emperor from Star Wars with this study on looking they'll match she says. I I just you know and again. When you look at Brady's career ooh this one's real tough to figure out via his his interception percentage is gone up from. Those the regular season to the playoffs why did you face better teams turn the playoffs but. I majesty the ease in the groove we shall see it gronkowski and everybody else and that's the one that kind of walk away from the show yesterday going. I need to take a little bit of a closer look at this match up because. Yeah Marcus area that it did humans work and delivering them from a 21 to three deficit in that come back when he gets two Kansas City T split. This is where this round of the playoffs is where Tom Brady has been the best in his career so watch out tomorrow night Tennessee Titans. All right let me ask you may Lumia fuel trivia question here. Marcus Mary Odom and deer can revoke Heisman winners in that same backfield with the last time two Heisman winners were in the same offensive back field. Men. Mr. history here again show us that NFL history that's not right up my right up my Alley on time. I'm just trying to run through you recently laws instinct is TJ and I were talking about the other side back to Atlanta. It has to be genus Winston with somebody in that backfield with Tampa Bay. Think back to a guy named Jim clocked at Marcus Allen went out Oakland Raiders yet when they get it and Tampa and the big somehow aero engines absolutely rocked the Washington Redskins that night. In the Super Bowl still inching to think about got a gun deer can remarry noted that like has told you yesterday. Read this is a game were. Derrick Henry had a fantastic a 156 yards with DeMarco Murray out last week. They're gonna have to hold the ball they're gonna have to sustain drives they're gonna have to keep the New England offense off the field and really just trying keep attacking. The that you own front seven of New England because new England's rush defense is. It's not great it's not awful is twentieth out of what 32 teams you know given up I think it's a 116. Point something yards a game. Tennessee's got to run the football number one to keep new England and Brady off the field. In number two to set the play action which is where Mary donation that's when he's at his best. All right by the way. You knew we were both dumbfounded we were both confused I can see the look on diesel space benighted fact that you and I have a feeling he was back in the ESP in upstate studio yesterday just kind of shake in his head. He member or we saw all the tweet that what John Tyler the tenth president the United States who was born in 179 he has to living grandchildren. It turns out that's true. I just wanna know how I wanna know how Mac is some I went and researched it he had a he fathered a child at 63 years old. All right so that's. Eighteen feet dias but whether the guy that T graying kids of lived into their ninety's. So yes that one called the Internet by storm yesterday in it turned out to be factually accurate while yeah so. Amy and John Tyler you know he just went up in my book when it comes to the greatest American presidents there ever walk the lie you know take a look at. Ron white's one of the few things up follow on Twitter that's not sports related. I guess is popped into my head because I did look at that last night he just waited. It's a myth that George Washington grew resume weed the truth is he group have been this week I was in Franklin and sorry it's Friday you know an area as well pride. Back to the game 11 other thing doesn't tell you is you know you look at experience and a team Tennessee has not been to the playoffs very often. You know Tennessee has got to in terms of going up against the most experienced team what's the New England Patriots are 41 players that have played in the post season. New England's almost got is almost as many guys that it played. Ten plus playoff games in their career is Tennessee has had even get a taste of the playoffs. Before this season Tennessee's got eighteen guys who have appeared playoff game for the season. The patriots have fourteen players who played in at least ten play often now at this game were at Tennessee. You know may be a puncher she adds I don't give Tennessee punter chains and how will take any and all. Criticism. If Tennessee. Holes one of the upsets of all timer leaves of the year. On Saturday night in Foxboro I'm sorry I just see I don't either not think you're dead on with the fact that this would be each year marriage upset when it comes to just be one of the biggest in recent memory if not. One of the biggest ever meet your talking what are they a fourteen point thirteen and a half point favorite that's ridiculous yeah absolutely all right will come back will continue with a little bit NFL talked just don't forget we got Brian Strickland from the Carolina Panthers he's gonna join us at quarter of fight. To roll out this first hour but when we come back couple other news and notes. Are the Oakland Raiders actually in a little trouble price or. The NFL gonna turn their head because they're happy somebody's back in the league will get an of that 844 GS PE SPN. Just a couple quick minutes out to be back out because we got Brian strict Brian Strickland senior writer for the Panthers up at 445 however a lot of uses ringgit around today that possibly may be said coach can. Newly about the low low was the leading contender to fill the position at the university Ayers and after Rich Rodriguez who was fired last week. Price according to ESPN's Adam Rothenberg that's not necessarily true that he is finalizing an agreement because they are still running candidate interviews. At Arizona but take what that would be interesting to see coach K and head out there he's got a relationship with the former Arizona coach back in the day Dick thome so while. You think there's any tree do you think there's any legs to some of these rumors out there yes because. Of some I talked to earlier said it could he mop a low low was not around the football facility today. That. That being the case I would probably expected there's truth in that he. Interviewed or is interviewing at Arizona but is at a river from ESPN. Reported said. The job has not been offered anybody and they are not finalizing a contract with any specific candidate that we did note that. You know it's usual we all know. Things can move quickly let me ask you because you we've talked with him so many times in each year so he's probably hit neck in toward in this day and age how long you stay at one particular places coach. Would mute the naval academies not the same as anywhere else but do you think at this point maybe he walks one shot with more. Yeah inside the power five with some more. A facilities. And actually navy's facilities are good but maybe the ability to go they are recruited different type athlete just to satisfy that taste. Ford's career yes that that test yourself against the best news is obviously we all know that if you agree with five beat you don't have a shot when the Nash championship coming your shot out so. If you want to try it in he'll play for and compete for a national title you've got to end up in a power five and I do think eventually that Kenny is definitely going to try and it tests that seat he can pull that off because what coach. Does not want to try and win a national championship. I think he is just going to be awfully selective on terms which place he does that mean. While those reports in Oregon State you know they use involved dad and now that was a that would have been a terrible your part being in your in state right right that Arizona job I mean it is a tough place to win it is a basketball school but they do have the resources. Rich Rod was able to do it. I think Kenny is a lot better of a coach while the misconceptions you know with a little Tate you know talking about didn't come here to run the option. What they would do what need coached team apple would do would do exactly what can coach Jasper in the office and staff did. A couple times this year and they did it specifically to throw air force off. In the game how is that Bakken and hapless upn back in October. Is would they basically ran the zone option out of the gun the whole time and so that's you would see that spread zone option. You know without the obviously more passing because you've got the athletes to run it may be you don't have that the kind of athletes to run that but. You would have that in the Arizona certainly in Cali cool Tate I. He could just. Kill it yet kind of office. All right one last seen also according to Adam remembered Georgia Tech has now hired Wofford defense of coordinator shield would as its safeties coach so congratulations to coach would ease and a coach on both sides of the ball but he will now be the safeties right guy was a recruiting coordinator Wofford to for a while we interviewed him over the air last year during a basketball season. About a week or two after signing day in February before the infamous was at 65 overtime game over there that night. Just a great guy really really happy whether he's going to join Paul counts or Samoa and somebody else that matter a great move for agree guy. All right when we come back speak in a moose will talk with bright and Strickland the senior writer for painters dot com about some news that organizations made this week. Welcome back here and to the gas side we go for the first time today it's our friend Brian Strickland he is a senior writer for the official website in the Carolina Panthers Panthers dot com and Brian OP had a happy holidays and and you've been busy with some of the other news coming out of Carolina with the firing of offensive coordinator Mike Shuler guess what. We now have a new offensive coordinator it's Norv Turner. Yeah kinda I guess some people would say though it is but of course it only became official today that. Military data as. Yeah good background with the router there is now has according to tanner ruled roles reversed before on with a red cabbage you know. He was deeply as a coordinator with the chargers while Norv Turner was the head catch and now they're reunited the other way around and you know I think obviously that's going to be a story line of thought throughout policies in the united house nor turn. Candidate that I didn't seem to become analogue eight in some ways we really hall have an answer. About how this is gonna work until you have some time early in the season. Bryan Price jackets and you're great to have you on and in how much is this was just simply about just getting out. You know just some a different approach you know to the offense and you know how much was it about cam Newton's development because you had norm Ter Norv Turner obviously had a lot of success everywhere he's been head coach is specially as a coordinator. Really puts a premium on decision making and some I know that Cam Newton has struggled with last specially the last two seasons. Yeah I mean I think it is I mean yeah I picture bears words the other day I mean it's kind of about trying to get it. A new perspective refresh that have out there I mean sometimes. Sometimes he gets to the point in sport especially were sometimes guys just made it. It appeared to verbal excesses you know I hear people maybe even if they're saying the same thing saying the same thing a different way. You know norm turner. I think you look at his track record is giving interest and he doesn't really have experience with a quarterback quite like KM but there are many quarterbacks like to see. You can't hold that against him but he Canada the mix. Saying that ruptured disc you've you know I can't its first offensive coordinator Mike Shula. Did and the tension over the the best about it or they won't see. You know be able to. No doubt I'll run the ball when they wont see you know run the ball in the traditional sense when they want to recognizing you obviously cams. I'm running abilities as well but they are. Reg united cam is the is negated that deep ball pastor and those opportunities that you know really were not there everybody that your ball and you know tourney play action some obviously you know adore her purse history you really don't know what he's gonna do they can't be bad. It is history just bit. Established there an exit feature play action that they would take shots down field and yet they seem to sit well the personnel but it. As we continue to Brian strictly give them far follow on Twitter panthers' Bryan so let me ask you do we expect to see is can get a little bit more old gets a little bit older I mean date on deal with that coming up on fifty years old. That we may see Hemmer streak did a little bit more in the offensive I get out there with his legs because. The more you do that the more you put yourself in here. Yeah having that target Sagan Norv Turner hasn't really had a running quarterback out he does very much it is past like structure like you know. Like his quarterback to stay in the pocket and today you know stay with some routes to take a little of the time he developed. But again no mind that age you have to that you cherish Philip Rivers is that that's not a guy that's going to be. Those same things so again I think he will keep in mind camps strange and you know about an engineer for ham. You know as a runner. Because there was a lot of talk. Pre season that he was not in Iran as much. But he ended up with a in a career bar as far as rushing larger concern but. There's this thing to me like he clearly matured as a runner to the point that your bank is that makes sense we obviously you're in harm's way out the so quarterback. The media and incorporates slotting into his running game yet better about getting it down going out back now. And I have an update could no date yet he took one that was kind of flaky against the saints obviously in the playoff game. But for the most part of the smarter runner and more efficient runner and you know he said many times that. 2 I am Ali planned to have that as part of my game and it's an edge for him and eventually the pain at. All right continuous senior writer for papers dot com Brian Strickland again follow on Twitter papers Brian with the Y. Today at least another question Brian because Norv Turner thirty win seasons head coach offensive coordinator. 21 of those 31 seasons had a has had a thousand yard rusher. Turning to Jonathan Stewart one year left on the deal. A believe of LaDainian Tomlinson was thirty 29. When he was released. Stewart 31 years old again one year left on his deal McCaffery Mora met Sproles you know Reggie Bush. Even the non feature back mood. What's the situation at running back for Carolina specifically Jonathan Stewart for another hearing in Charlotte. Yeah I mean when you're not in the contract and it's he's under contract and it's really hard to predict I mean. That this team clearly value village as Stiller can days I mean you can look at you know small you know but individual games this action river early in the season. Stewart had fumble issues like he's never had before and the team literally. Contrary literally went back to him right after the fumble achieved within a game. And that was the stretch like this season. Where you know he was kind of a bell cow again and with the Panthers were. Wrapping up a playoff spot. You have that body that the though that the business decision saying I mean you know obviously you know he's like and get about money as a veteran like he is. You take its saying money if he would've been away from him remain interesting decision that. The presidential you know this is not the first year people have sent Nazis in the Pacific Jonathan Stewart and the Panthers and value bloodied about that you valid. Our Brian let me ask you McKay is you know here we are getting late in the playoffs but you really close to this team you watch it and is there are certain need did you feel like. Yeah and if his Marty Kearney or whoever the time they NFL draft comes around and April. The you feel like the Panthers need to take a serious look at position wise because. I see a few things here in the air and of course maybe this running back situation as well. Yeah I mean the running back you know I have again and let China look at the draft yet as you might imagine that I know of the running back position as. They're going to beat Portland and you know I would generally speaking running back he's been a bargain in the draft so to speak. Elation you're tentative best early taken. Christian McCaffery obviously they do it the same to happen tomorrow and they took camp. They should be a deep running back draft about the possibility. But I don't know because of that thing that's about you know how deep it is and that's a place she get there early yet. Way out so like truly speculate that I think about. You know the wide receiver situation and whether you do that that talked about the way the Norv Turner luster out of that opposite. You know you're all obviously your vertical threat that you wall. You know one and it would be receiver of possible. You know the mayor bird did a good job offers saying oh they get a job they got hurt you know where is that they have. Didn't think about that you think about the playoff game and you look at. You know litigate gather that you did in the rough is against Iran and the Drew Brees had an awesome game against the secondary. And you know. Especially the safety position you know you got some. Veteran guys to has concluded that nicely. The united to choose those guys paired together do you want injects you into that area early madrassa. You know how did that mean they don't have 11 round draft pick that you can't read you cannot give elite players. You eagle predominant in the rot after that is did you can't take every when you want to the first round that's what I have massive. Our Brian now Mac legal in the offseason signs you know certainly there are bigger than normal a free agent contract in the paint there's had been had been used to giving out but. Yeah you you you've been assigned him on the offensive line how it's how does his performance this year did that create further need urgency. He'll for the paint there's moving forward or did he answer a lot of questions for them on the offensive line with the way he played this year. Yeah ranting on the halt their offensive line you know it was partly the definite step forward from the previous season and you know conducted saw relatively I think he. Yet he had a good job isn't penalty issues. The pad seem to have more issues and his brother Ryan was not in there for whatever reason they seem to work. Well altogether. Out there and do it on the other side I mean Darryl Williams the big question market right tackle and he was. In the second team opera yet in our cities and guarding the guards situation drove solid that's obviously. A big key soil I'd watch you Osce and injured nor well. You know come up Paul proceeded to create what he did what he did there obviously you know. You want to keep them but there's not so much money to go around the charges are attached insert. But it will obviously Mac O they'll. Didn't like him you know signed a five year deal. Up and down first season. But you know you look for a look around the league has yet to look at relatively speaking. And you know he is an adequate left tackle to do in the papers. Want to get done that I. All right final question for you Bryan before we like to go. Is this in the make or break year for defense event and they. Defense and then Burnham Butler he was you know late first round draft pick a couple of years ago he's dealt with various issues but you know it's put up or shut up time when it comes to the NFL. Yeah I mean I get a hug him briefly. The bat cleanup day for the players on Monday the day after the loss and I think he certainly realizes that and I can be. You know that can be doubled did they don't have assist look to lag because he's a free agent coming up and you know again. There's love to have this happen but would there be enough money. Just burning star and to bring it to ignore well back in those it's been a star does not resign then. Never to vote to be inserted into the starting lineup Linda. Obviously take it sure he's you know an all pro caliber player. I mean it definitely it is a big year for him he's gone it's. Rookie deal would have a year after that it was as well and fifth year option but if you're the first trip late first round draft pick. You know there is still but obviously stars not here anymore. Like the provocations to import the reality is they would want him out that abortion so you just have to see others and. All right Brian last when real quick change Brad very sticky your defense aback struggle mightily the last couple games was repeatedly picked on. Seemed like his confidence was was really waning. Concern among the coaching staff fall on the play of James Brad very down the stretch this year. And yeah I mean the secondary on the hull. You know did not have a did not think it is you have a lot to do agree there for 379 yards in the playoffs and it would say to to have that. That number in Atlantic avenue around this season it at. A game that bill like you know certainly starting to out recorder about that she. Go into that exceed and yet they united maybe a little yeah he had really high expectations this year actually did as a rookie maybe in one of the better than expectations. But I still think yeah the bright future no the other side I quarterback. Was a little a little more up in the air with Darryl Worley was strapped right there with him and he was splitting reps would keep on the more he was. Out sick for the playoff games so Worley got all the snaps. It is this year is even more up and down. And to the yeah I think he starlet Brad variable starting corner. And then you figure out what regular except on the other side whether whether that he'd or let me look look for somewhere in the draft free agency. Willis and Brian will love to catch up with you before that said NFL draft but didn't yelled enjoys some day and time may be a little bit of the playoffs here the next few weeks it will be in touch. Yeah opening in the report that three day weekend this and a yeah I would much rather be governor Atlanta's playoff game this weekend that the united but it still we kinda like the playoffs this week. All right well our best he thinks. I all right when we come back. Our Oakland Raiders and any trouble with the NFL when it comes to the Rooney rule and does it even matter will get into that plus it's open phones still are next interview Shelby mass from bracket wag dot com. At 540 fight.