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Yet 2070. College football season is Omer but did you realized price you can go late early money down on the 2018 season. And I would say right now anybody that's gone in late in the game own. It's ahead money. Your crazy to you figure out who all's going who all staying and who Austrians bird. You know what I mean from college football hard it's hard to college football it's seen its usual cast of suspects by this warrant. The favorite for next year's bayonet through and I have to warn. Clips and second it's six to one Georgia and Ohio State follow it ate there one. I'm not by Michigan in the ones are just not doing. Today it's Penn State twelve to one Oklahoma eighteen to one. Auburn Miami Michigan State Texas and Wisconsin all 25 to one LSU Washington at thirty to one. Now listen to some of the names on the 421 line. Florida State Notre Dame Stanford southern cal Virginia Tech also West Virginia. Where the gamecocks they're a group with Iowa Iowa State local Minnesota. Nebraska northwestern. Or do you south Carolina Central Florida in Washington State. 2021. I'll. It or stay at stake this case you're wondering now 19991. 9009. And yet there's actually are bad. It's. What's better than what could be. If there we know that that group five team basically non playoff yeah in the years that line with the body UNLV. But I love the way easily handled it. The other day when he's that he's telling me there's two it sounds like me and if you can drop a lonely Christmas reference here on this show. That that that's big time in my book says so price use it to get yourself. Little bit entertained in giggling about pac twelve basketball last night. I did because in in chalk it up in one of those you know pay the you know in that game you know teens and ship so to speak it is pity now won a lot of coaches get involved with that he college basketball. So couple weeks ago or actually over the weekend when Colorado. The Arizona. Tad Boyle the Colorado head basketball coach and it took a shot basically saying it. He took a higher level of satisfaction in beating Arizona who is you know caught up in the FBI investigation probe. Regarding the corruption and pay the players in the sport and he would say make no bones about it was pretty public about it. Which set Boyle has been is is a pretty is a straight shooter and you know it's one of those guys it is considered to do with the right way. And also at that press conference after the win over Arizona heat took a subtle dig at it. It made light of southern cal and their recruiting under Indian field last night. Indian field a tad Boyle that you battle as southern cal in Colorado met up and in a game that was won by the trojans by double digits. AD until obviously hit her in records comments by tad Boyle taking it in direct shot at them. So what does he do Indian built up big at the end of the game I think fourteen points calls timeout with 21 seconds left to rub their nose in it. Any guilt in fields said after the game quote I just had some things to my team to say to my team that was his explanation but. Tad Boyle said. Basically quote I will say this that was appears strategic time out from Indian film I'm not going to forget about it. And neither will our players that I don't play until February the 21. But right there because of the the waves at the FBI probe is creating college basketball there are a lot of coaches it. Obviously believe that they do with the right way tad Boyle is one album thing tad Boyle also pared its its criticize the NCAA has yet to play here. Deemed ineligible back at the beginning of the season a tip they had done everything the right weight basically for he was penalized for going to class. It was deemed ineligible for the entire first semester this year. Eight I had today a tad Boyle specially Nazis were right called up the NCAA says he's going to get totally what you guys preach in terms of being a student student athlete. Take it with a kid who ended up in its state. You know and I mean that was ridiculous sometimes the yet it's eight tries to black there and I put it exactly so that brings up. A fascinating point but once the kid from low that was caught up in. Could not enrolled there. He enrolled at the University of South Carolina yesterday yeah now. Great move right Morton needs some help right now it Tuesday and jailed but. What do you think honestly that it's it boat it's that but when ever sees the glory colonial life arena history does wonders for. Well obviously South Carolina feels that there is a chance that he will play him otherwise you do not. Subject yourself to that kind of scrutiny by bringing in men OK that's number one so they obviously. Believe that there is a possible chance. But in the category that believes that the it will never played a minute of college basketball there's a lot of reasons why number one I don't think the NCAA. In and there are some parallels to the cam Newton's situation. But there are differences as well that I don't think the NCAA rules allow themselves to set up a president. Basically a kid that was reportedly. Or in this case was caught who had been shot. And it is obviously going to local. Shop around. But you basically say that he knew nothing about it had no idea about it that it was going on. It in two alternately say okay because she said quote you do nothing you didn't know anything was going on we're going to allow you to play now. I don't think that's Preston the NCAA is going to allow to be set and I think he ever played them house passed on now let me say this. There is no it's there has been no NCAA investigation opened up Brian Boland mistresses strictly a case by defense cranked and clearly brought down. Rick Pitino and eight global sent steam and ineligible now. South Carolina will have to apply for reinstatement to the NC double life. That will trigger. An open investigation by the NCAA. In to him academically but most important. Hit it to his amateurism. So he has not been investigated by the NCAA yet that is coming and it you was Hewlett notables argue. Those things don't just take two and three months they typically can take a couple years. I would also say when they see when is number one in the NCAA handle anything in a timely and efficient means. That they get around with things when they still like get around to number two. Yet this whole this whole Ava terrorism thing I just I mean here we are on January 11 you know two months from now will be your conference tournament play. It's a short term when did get this thing turned around get him and get him on the practice court and get a but he to play you know. We can't play this year but he did play this year that question a kite so it's about getting ineligible to Britain late night which he was claiming to be one and done. Sort of the whole time to begin where flamed out let me take her listeners back just a little bit on on Bryant though recruitment because. It was basically thought to be at Arizona Michigan State in apple act implement the third school. It was basically a three horse race will always know where it should. At all in his recruitment. Whatsoever his recruitment wit it that's lays it could possibly go. All of a sudden he takes a visit indexing you know he is committing to little more out of Opel kite. Number two it. There he's been no denial. By the family about this basically pay for play okay. Now they did an interview with outside the lines which if it if it were me and I was counseling him on a PR side of things that Debra what they've done this because. A rep he saw he does interview with his dad. Goes on to talk I knew nothing about it I was unaware of any of this. Says how is dad him it grow even closer than this whole ordeal we got closer. When asked wolf if you that your dad did he shop you. No I I haven't asked him an adult care I don't care to know. You guys have gotten closer. You reportedly your faintly got 200000. Dollars reportedly. Free you'd go to local. You don't hear to know the answer whet your dad did or did it. He sat there and basically it it was really did not do a good job of trying to play this often it was that he is guilty he could see through them. This whole orchestration and it was not well orchestrated. I have it basically impossible time believing that it is it okay you got closer to your father. You wanna know that what you don't know if you're barely got to order K for you to go to Q well but. The guys that nice restaurants lately I guess you're pretty much it was missed it staters an act or the other school but this. There were a lot of Shia and the figures but the point of South Carolina is they think he's gonna play. Frank Martin has always considered himself more of an educator and coach he views this as a time to help here. In a lot of ways yes there is going to be public scrutiny brought against Frank Martin. It LaMont Evans who was on his staff it's yet BI his ass for computers that if certain evidently did not find. I'm not tried to put guilt on Frank Martin because that they have looked at there's been nothing found LaMont Evans who was upright our staff. Was implicated well while being on staff at Oklahoma State. The scrutiny will be brought here's my point. There are positives for frank mark in this besides his but beyond the scrutiny. He obviously brings Bryant voted he's in immediately eligible to practice with his team which used to. This is not only going to make his other players better going up against a future whether he's a first for an NBA draft pick whether he plays. In a cult fastball we don't know what you will be picked it very likely played mediate some level. You bring any guy of his talent that's a good thing. He can also look and say. Look. Actually get 45 star witness takes a five star player Bryant though it. He can show that two other players and say why don't you come here this kid obviously believes in South Carolina right part for some reason. So he's going there that is something that right market views on his resonated say hey look to get the best players here to. Yet when I act here this situation I go back and it is my favorite thirty or thirty right yes via an EXSL. With no Lou Holtz who say coach in Arkansas at times that they had a commitment then right don't signing day. The gut the guy at sites with the S immunity goes. Lou Holtz hopes of August. You do need to take a recruiting visit this year. At the players' response was. Let's stick it somewhere that would make you happy know who they knew exactly what happened mom and that guy hit with a nice wife as she crossed fingers and that's why. He added impetus that you are not Arkansas and that's what this story. Pills like a little bit you know and it means yeah I mean it's different it's a lot like the. Cam Newton thing except it was note that there was no indictments and any of that stuff on it it was. Elated there was and that was the back man that reportedly only army data shared it comes on our show notes in the back name was and never reveal that name because. His attorneys. You opt out so it not to. But there was a without me. Cecil was reported to have taken X amount of cash where he was all but set the goodness state advocate verbally committed to this state. It obviously Saito blew up on or off. Theory. Suspicious on the timing in you know coming out of the blues there are a lot of similar but again. This is a situation where the NCAA has not open the case what they will on plying Korean statement. I just don't think the precedent is there that it secretly wants to set and yours too much they are specially changeable evidence now that he was shot. I think Amer terrorism they are not going pat if he ever does play. If he is steamed ever eligible. There will be penalties and he will miss games if he is deemed eligible which is a matter how much it's going to be interesting all right. A couple more segments. Will leave the phone lines open and at 640 price. We're gonna go up to them into the thousand lakes is that Minnesota actually gonna go to Toronto. That's even better is Osborne right outside thrive on those subtle diesel how much heat that they eat tells Tyler shorts he was born in which he did it without even telling. The I've been proud you got my maple leaf on your hat and so and so Asian American or tonight I am an American and I use dual citizen until I was eighteen years old and then. Is my mayor you know it just happened to be borne out there when my dad was transferred. Early in his career we spent like a couple years and but dad's always been touted I guess LaMont was in labor for quite some time he gets crap we could driven across the line and important buffalo to Yugoslavia she was in labor. A voice totals sect could be present the United States he has since I was born. Yeah in the continental. If the if you will. And killed a motivation in life that. Says get me in the world's nastiest at sports properties are all missing ship that's the way we do all right 844 TSB ESPN. Will be right back spoke on the water NFL college basketball a whole lot more. So price to be checked eBay yet to see if that Alabama playbook is listed it in an open the amount of money. But I without Bayless is that coaches on Monday at the Marriott marquis in Atlanta put his backpack him in a place that he thought would be okay. Turned out it was no case computer is playbook for that night's game and everything else was gone when he came back. That's just kind of wondered if that might find its way on eBay at some point oh anybody won though the process looks like it and of the national championship game but. As his lap that because it reminded me of what you were about favorite sitcoms back of the day. Was that edited. What the Robert you were at the plate in the cactus bowl for the national TP chip. And Robert loses its playbook you know like in a while one house overnight it's up on the television set the next morning Golan. Yeah with the TV reporters and Hayden. He's so say he had stopper in the open together an entire new game plan and ever night that they start to wonder well what's this breakout job no. Turns out somebody somebody's got that thing whom probably treated like Bible even more on the coach three run the app on the BR diesel. Have watched an episode of so long time it. I use lives in the playbook as a matter of fact the correct me if I'm wrong guy loves the show but I hadn't seen it. He started years he started doing the place like on the back at the you. The papers that serves as the menu as well as the the other diplomats do that's where the game plan. Got started but it's prices when it comes to college basketball tonight looks like. There's a couple of DC games of course clubs and it's each state will talk about that. Maybe that premier game tonight merely a matter of Ohio State because yeah we go watch it I'd state that's what record since road wins right now. Now sit at thirteen enforce who everything about state does something good eclipse it's gonna get a little benefit from back. Yet how about that they actually smack. Mission statement mile by eighteen points the other night and that was. It just now somebody it's coming but this is a couple surprises in college basketball this year one of witches. Crystal in the the former partner web head coach you know formerly a Butler now Ohio State in his first year clearly with the whole time that ought to timing. But his retirement back in June. He's got an undefeated or no Ohio State team if they took place just beat the number one team in the country in Michigan State it unit beat him QB Matt. That is what the biggest surprise especially. It's. Jeter key debates Diop who right now is averaging like twenty points almost at double double she Shia. It rebounds a game at 32 with a win over Michigan State. Dude that was something that everybody including me had it's like one of the price three worst teams in the entire peaked in. Here they are tied atop one defeat. Before we got to the bottom line to Billie watts talk NFL let me ask you about Virginia but his don't look now their fifteen and one morneau and ACC play. Insists that Virginia team that. It's it can be the same story different year really good regular season then come up short dated lack of offense in the first or second round of the NC tournament. Well. Yes some of that today answered that question yes because of Mikhail guy he's he's your go to guy okay. I I think Isaiah Wilkens is right the biggest key on that team average in six and seven. Virginia can if they knew they can lock you down defensively look Tony Bennett's teams. Here he's doing it again at least he's putting together a coach of the year campaign right now having only lost one game. He is what the best coaches walking a plane in they plate defense that everybody actually that pact might be that they ate the plate it. It will win you a lot of takes the steam boat this year. Does not have that guy sixty kind of take it to another level offensively and I'm not taken a shot at Virginia. They might win the regular season ACC championship I still think it's it's better but I just don't. I don't think they have the horses offensively. They can make a run maybe not even to the sweet sixteen. Maybe not even an ACC regular season teams that but they're gonna be right there why because the one thing because we like great defense. All right let's go to the by my two billion Taylor wants negated with the NFL. Billy where's your rating interests lie this weekend now the cowboys. They're seasons of. Welcome will not get annual walking did not know Murray more than. Two opted to speak of won't be or likes what sort of like what happened in the Alabama Georgia game. But anyway it looks and just. And these match up side you know. People all talk you know. Don't want that don't underdog to be you know we've been quickly changed the land that I thought. Public only and that they're going to person sits on the night early Monday morning and look at one and I'm not applauses he. You know a lot of guts out and never let him get that up and now they're monitoring I just I don't think that poll is due to oil against the path for us. In Atlanta genetic Enron and at home golf template to battle but I didn't think it would lead at that startled that he used to win the first team this year in the poll often. I definitely don't think we'll look polls now they're gonna win and so I think this could be probably Illinois corn and we gained in the final went public about touchdown. Other Tennessee game I really like Minnesota payments going to the Super Bowl and talk to go to the defense. There offered to me and you know. This can for plotting to be home I didn't think that and I remember the quarterbacks named knows who you have. I repeat the deputy editor human and obviously he's been able to load the manage them and. Would that be can't understand that point home they are so it so hard to beat at home to definitely even when they wouldn't do it I just I don't think greens nuclear Williams let me announce. I think they could come ugly and then the two AFC games. It's kind of Vermont we a little bit while apple could have happened in the Clinton Alabama game and then also on the Georgia and Alabama game we're. I don't know that you can go Woodley bold run now like but you know he's not played well I don't think he's he's not he's not going to be clean Buffalo's deepest well wolf slave at this have been buffalo defense. But he's still going to be doing it and it's going to be called and I just don't see how you can go against Pittsburgh in this situation. And in the last demon in New England I think it's going to be ugly artist who. And they don't like that plays cores is two they run the ball I entered the pants in the successful doing that don't talk about Tennessee. Other than that due to the market Maria McKee that's success. But up and I just don't see that these points are so big Republican cultural. I can't disagree with that analysis the are they militants committed to these playoffs rate to destroy somebody is are. Decades for whatever reason some people run with this. This I think it's a fake story about they animosity between these people in the New England. Organization. I'd sit through them I think it's going to be on the hook there in the bubble bubble equipment. Conflict in you one thing I'll hopefully all the gains that were considered the underdog you know would be Jacksonville. Is that there com forward to awfully good restaurant or poke ball. If they get after being you know they are important income security turned Oliver luck for our company needed to happen to beat Annika get real ugly game the jets know convenient and comfortable with the work. Julia are presented a population of economic. I'd heard Billy I mean 88. It's hard not to go all throughout the year but you know what that means something's gonna blow up our bases that the I I look at these gains them like which is leak the least likely to go the way we the active in the tickets at Jacksonville Pittsburgh game as well but you don't do something else. You know it's just the way life so I put it on the vikings to the Super Bowl I you know. I speak it. I honestly the New Orleans can stress Minnesota. I think they can stress some ice year yeah I think it's going to be. Arctic sea Minnesota what is it about seven to ten. But I think it's going to be a close game but that it looked at places she's so heart that there's a reason they were 71 hole this year. It's a difficult place to placate Keenan has been outstanding don't the world it is. It they're Jacqueline hi we have home and away I just don't see this this Drew Brees team I don't think. I don't think defensively they're gonna built a whole the vikings now. Right before we go to break and I got to leave it there are crew every year it's for a NG your not image and put three sets audience. Reeves little brother and of course I solve them all out the South Carolina football all of painting a couple of weeks ago. The butch was asking me about how my neck was doing and Pasadena this you know thinks putts I think he won the day. Which puts me in guy guys you know they say getting older it's not for wasn't. I was like yep that they got good it's still that was it vanity give you credit on the year for that would all right. Will forsake an open phones will close out with Tyler George she's gonna be eight. Winner Olympian here the next month. That's it for the shows it did it with this now ready for four GSP yeah SPU. Are right few minutes we'll head to head back out which is close it up with an interview we're gonna have one of our winner olympians. Next month Kavanagh with this bit. Price easily re happier buying Bowen for a quick second and please act it would seek out your going to blow it. This amazing John Tyler. He was America's president. He was born in 79. He has to do living grandchildren. Korean children and great seat and put in front of he has to do now is that grandchildren. Yes Korean children. And he got a lot of fake news website which one that this is actually think star buddy Denver. It's gonna happen but I outset here during the break try to do the math in my head that not figured out signal light. So how how is that possible. At least explain. We got five minutes report Tyler component to it if it please excellent series I look at it and how that is problematic could do the math that mean I guess you had gotten the lower they get the laureates are supplements. Yet or you had a two out really late my you know when I'm still active. I kid with that statement that they all live to be 140. I'd like to be part of that that lineage the equity of the living because it lead to go live alone tonight. All right you. We argued for mr. college football the Tony Barnhart. He did what a lot of us well I can it did mine on Twitter. He said he wrote a letter to the pac twelve it just literally when actor Tony Barnhart ditch bargain Barnhart our camps are set or part Nazi. Submit to Barnhart who has Kentucky's. At let it director yes. Over the mideast Belichick said because that was the weakest call that I saw the entire bowl season GP two team. All of you one official who win a lot of the media afterwards. Affected the outcome of the game. He wrote quote we. Few great disappointment that was supposed to be all people experience for our young people in our university was marked by these incidents. But it wasn't just one though he talked about late hit on the sideline. On the quarterback should have been a late hit but it steady personal fouls called against marks in this it. I'm not like just jump on this that's just my school. The it was. As you are rejection on any snell was the worst call I've yet seen forty so it it was so agreed to sell off also. Ridiculously. Jokingly that you could dot com what what they wrote I guess you could it was such a ridiculous call it even goes under right. Video clearly shows he was novel or this was in terms of the late hit on Steven Johnson. Video clearly shows he was Natalie hits after releasing the ball was taken down in written into the ground out of balance by the defender. Yet no penalty was called him quote I think he can I hate to say it. That official wind light and everybody about what it took place in the usable space like weird I hate to say that well I think he's covered isn't you know what vs. Do what was right that's exactly what used to me that. It did this just in particular happen happen to remind you of the Kentucky where I went to school and bad calls happen like I said if that calls in the national team we should game. I'm not saying it made difference in the game or not but I can tell you this what is this what we're right so that I will call that would now. It was that you've tried to get up off the ground official staining there. They the players basically choose your way in the LG graced the guy he says you make contact your kicked up McCain. They went lied about it like he aggressively make it exactly mean that little ones aren't with the official lied about it apps that despise you was exactly that that's it he quit he looked at somebody at light to a because everybody was aghast afterwards you know day he'd been so much better off to school. But have a TV at the other night the only way I talked about it when they posted for you the other day that. And that's not in the same category like that call but that's just an issue with our idiots just doesn't all the time it's about him that referees are not supposed to be the show. The show is the players the coaches. What is going on between the two teams he injects himself like when he gotten bit crowded space Cincinnati but he was last season. For no reason at all to hit it in utility called what he does so that's funny at you that. But you show up like you're like he did but hurting is that they're supposed to help the Tutsi even not just helpful return to say that you can do that she can't do that. You can at least like give an explanation instead ended joke with the Florida State students and TV now Yang in that Edwards is back on somebody like San Jose Barea has already gotten help. But my point being we've seen Teddy Valentine pull this crap for well over a decade. And I'm tired of it because not a single person. This is in. Any arena pace the casino official that they CC will either step but in the admonish him or do it they did with Karl as back in the day as you overstepped her ground tonight colonies seeking to level he has since said that he. Might retirees receive so much back class social media over and I hope he takes our best with that are really you should showed nobody or derail it in the over the theatrics of crossing his arms and all this stuff but he got his theatrics do that all the time and space that was got the one he when he calls a travel and he says all right we're going out. He's all about himself while he called TV Teddy slightly Jetsons self. It makes himself the star when rapper reached are supposed to be beat by. College basketball would be better off now have to put up with that stuff I bit I think and Emma third Colligan like price. To create a robot that can take emotions out of you call football and basketball games and lead the human element I think Carl this TV Teddy. And Ron Cherie she just off of the pro I think I don't mind right to hairy his attitude ice data burden. This season nice Catholic Church when cup's official hi I'm sorry you got to get a thing I sat nearby are still out there he's still my favorite call all a pulse the heart of the everybody else. All right when we come back prices get. Have some but it's Tyler Georgia's what do our olympians next month in South Korea we'll talk about the process plus we'll find out at the vikings have achieved this weekend. All right what American final segment it is Thursday edition will be back in studio Itamar putt. We're going to let the guys slide final nine days Tyler George easy 2008 the US Olympic curling team member in that. Tyler I had no idea is diesel and I put together a little bit for price today that we were actually gonna have one of our US Olympic curling at the members on says. My apologies for -- this that you've got roped into a company on early and others no apologies needed Tyler because I brought you in reinforcements. In actually channeling my inner Jett died knowing you're alone it. Stunt please share with Tyler. Well let's first at all Tyler welcome and from mile London Ontario side note about the Albany. Thought breakthrough had me does no guitar but trying to do this for awhile so that got I'm that we are developing between Egypt and. Yeah and it's all right now police. Share this top ten lists with Tyler easier Sunni area you're lifting up the sport you're gonna take a shot in please don't go for these failures were funny here. Mine are funny I came up with a all of them the only team of one surged. Now that your earlier tot top ten reasons I'm very curious to hear to hear this smoke and I didn't not want output would show a little late to get back out so there are. So are we ready I'm ready go here's some of the highlights. Number ten. The number one player ranked player in the world still lives in his mom. Knew the C that this Florida. Before the sport's main sponsors are McCarty ice and America Online. See the top prize well winds its way five dollar gift card Applebee's. The CI hear that. And the fact is Sturgis sixteen year old daughter qualified for the national team after playing the game for three weeks. Yet. We were that is element. It exactly. I I could tell you violate priced at a takeover. We went out there in the early club my daughters of member now that now better curling club. I went out there on the ice to a yet they're still needs to make an Olympics how well applies to when there's a snowball states and Al and you know let me. Hit. Like you know I bring her on sixteen years old actually it's plans start I was not that you know they had real quick in the age couldn't. Sticker on it 4042 at the outside chance but the point 46 drop with being part. That's that's a really good age to get him on the ice you saw at eight you know much is. You're a direct hit a little bit don't you get out there you never know if so what does have a court order remembered a conversation with us. Yes all right before we talk before we get into the NFL playoffs in your big viking fan one talks Minnesota New Orleans. But this is a perfect date had you on because I'm up this dirt indecent about this. Tyler Georgian team she's too they go out in beat the number one team in the world again from Sweden. Nicklaus it beaming companies so they put it this all worked out in much a perfectly congratulates it on. A big win this morning Tyler. Yes they for whatever reason that we just seem to have book is number acknowledge they get street are we eating them and to. See he just seemed like kind of ball flat coming out against this in the Booth you know we we looked pretty it was given Larry candidates equipped. Just itself but with the style of play I don't know what it is that I was not too many insects they're they're they're happy to see the board in the world drops on. That we don't have is fear those guys are now you know general Colin into the Olympics is. Good chip on the shoulder through them and it's it gives us a lot of confidence going against duke. So as we continue with Tyler Georgie can follow him on Twitter T George thirteen 23. If you have price keeps telling me you're one of the great aspects of the game early news you can settle it in the bar after you're done. With young here and let's destroy it Duluth Minnesota. Got a five dollar for every time I have to bring to boost the guys on the road now off it is it just got denied but. Yeah I hit it usually pretty gentlemanly about whom. By the drinks afterward you know we kick returns but when your liquor store I think they can expect you go well beyond this is that you get messed up the street so they should do. So. I think get properly it's been more than my share. They won the last times I get the hang out these guys they were by and the drinks actually it was his. This tip of his team John Shuster about after qualifying that night Selig at the Olympics is. It Tyler you came up just a little short rural card that you're in are you think you've got one at a time Arabic writing quick. I'm glad I got two out of Shuster that night he said come on in belly up boy and I'm like you know what I'll do just that. I hope we took the picture of that that predator is there no op. I'll order tall boys said that the starter beer just to forget about it but let's hit NFL playoffs and specifically vikings and saints here for Lou on that note be quiet nerdy and brought it upon an article. Why why be nervous you're playing at home you've got one of the best home crowds tell me that that you guys are gonna blow the doors off the saints does it beat up and there's last weekend. Opsound I see this is a 710 point win by the lights. All right well on paper on paper. You know that you watched last game against Carolina the saints. Because there on the ball that there ought to rush offense you know the the couldn't move the ball on the ground at all. The bikes rush defense is better the saints are rush defense obviously so they had to go to the air Brees who look like old school priest. But. The secondary to Carolina's near what Minnesota's. So. You you think. As you know the sports and the like should have a big advantage you can put out I used to so when so many arc breaks over the years this team. Ever put in Minnesota's collectively trying to figure out the way that we well we don't know whether it be like even looking at the play out matchup going him. Which which which he would be the most heartbreaking to boost as well as they're playing. That's always worm might go first we just can't help but it's it's a deep seated. Like acid flashback that we get from all NFC title he wants to watch. That Tyler let me ask you this every the range of emotions it by keeping into it through you know Teddy Bridgewater more or less been done for two seasons since Sam Bradford in an oh my god they -- them. That's off from Delhi Rey has just managed to go what eleven and three in his fourteen starts this season. Yeah that fully came out of left field or what year I northern side Jason Dobson and that was like a circus is backed up. So hopefully we won't have to use them and then you know rappers. These are made out of paper machine apparently so he goes out there he's stumbling around like. Like far in the last couple years are you here. And then you've got to come in and week we try to through our hands up and that that the music you know but this was kind of before we realize that. Just this year was the antichrist. And Susan Lewis. And nobody on that he'd give you anything offensively. So you know case comes series you look fantastic you know and that part of its BI that like when you watch him play. It doesn't look like you gotta look at this looks like the guy that those whether there's a he even looks the part he knows when to get out of pocket. He senses pressure got to the written up Barbie Q Qualcomm field. I'd be shocked if they didn't re sign in my notes propaganda being administered to Billy you're shall work better but. I've played the week because in the end you want to do (%expletive) this is not who I actually had a match middle bring back I don't know what that means the jedi but. I think it did not knock that back. It is I looked up and messier the Super Bowl commercial on the Golf Channel. It's gotten what what it ain't no matter well you know I'm gonna say it because here's volunteers got this is what these things don't happen often. The host of the Super Bowl coming up is obviously the Twin Cities the lights are still limit. ABBA I believe this can be a vikings falcons showdown for the NFC title -- I'm with one of our callers early I think the vikings want suitable. How nuts with the Twin Cities become. If the vikings not only make the Super Bowl but it's right they are played in Europe old stadium. I can't even imagine. We're wrote very loyal fan base in this town and you know it's it's not a fair weathered that is you know people followed this team that he'd been seen as a the other pro sports teams do. What just with all the hardships they've been through I mean it it would be just too hard toward. Like you fit that particular but Minnesota pork into the hole we don't know approach sport you play. It championships series let alone win one since 91 when the twins one. I mean we just wait for something like that forever and not that's not even willing to get into the so if the bike to played in the Super Bowl in our stadium here in Minnesota it can be Marty you're on every night for two weeks straight it's going to be enough. All right yeah yeah and we can tell way to go to get elected mayor for the bar among the worst part. He's gonna miss that this is a bit South Korea it if our beloved yeah. Since Japan under the bid to penetrating the kids during that I. I'd give it actual hours it'll be when the teams on their input will be watched. Yeah. All right Tyler you that your eye real quickly a couple of minutes before we got to be adding here. You know you can't try you never quit it it manifested itself with this year stripped the the winner Olympics just talk about. Yet the dedication in this is the will that. To keep going when you have this very closely a couple of times. Yeah I mean there's a lot of it is when you try to figure out you know is really worth it you know you get that close fall short. You know all the time ticked away from work ambling have been non chase that dream match. It's it's a long road a lot of sacrifice and nor till you actually get. So you actually win just don't know where that but I in a 100% say now that you know we've made it. That it is worth it but I can't say my my family and offered support me. Through all the losses and you know the tough times to get to where we're at now. But really I mean it's it's the early news or what keeps you don't mean course you didn't. Around this group of people you know for a short while now when I accused of battered community and walk away he also. Even vice stopped playing by this writer who didn't want a little bit more and more players I'd those people so much I'd come back anyways. I think that's the next couple back the most. Just being around that group of people and and that atmosphere it's just it's such a tight knit group but. He had finally get as you know thirty tribunal and I like it turn into a younger man he now that the which. Didn't see that ten years Helio pretty I was kind of prime that your players were in the old man out what. Yeah it's good it's still real still think in him and I'm sure we yeah. We get off the plane it over create you know what you're walking boot the opening ceremony took it hit like a ton of bricks but for now she's a lot of crap. A lot of travel. And a lot of artwork. Well listen they keep her represented our country thank you for catching up with this tonight and listen now we have to have you back on the talk about your trip to South Korea but I doubt it late. We gotta get out of here tonight Tyler. Right and I get little shotgun US according to one by the way do all that you root them out but 421 vote at bat the comment. I meant I. You got a brother price will be its studio the par 4 PM have a blessed night will do it again.