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Inner calm matter come upstate ESPN upstate presents the fourth annual night before. That night before the Super Bowl. Guess what. You'll go see the date back these Meehan on Saturday February 3 at the excel energy center all you have to do is text the following word into seven to. 81. Or you can in our on line in her column contest dot com. But the night before. Again in Minneapolis the night before the Super Bowl here's what's included roundtrip airfare for you and one other the Minneapolis three nights it's they'll stay. Do tickets to see the Dave Matthews bay and in the end. Get a team to qualify. You can win while location experiences or game day tickets to the Super Bowls or beaten agree with that date back these bands that. Six net to 7288. One's nose. If we get beats no here in the next 24 hours it's gambling and on this contest. Really everything else it'll taste a winner. Everything else this week his football related likes Monday was built Tuesday was kicker. Today snow well I guess with Minneapolis there's a pretty good tickets that happened in the night before the super as well perfectly coordinated yet your part well done well done all right. Diesel you that I had got together last night and tired charted out a few things we wanted to get done here over the next few months in some other things in. Yet who we like you know you being in the judge in heaven to decide who's smarter you know may or Kentucky that. Can take over what we got in mind here's a session hello it's. All right it when. That's your cues just know now d.s and not for us. Tell us that it's. You go to maybe it's it's Sturges smoldering sexuality that's what set off the alarm over there I'm sure it's yes. He spoken. To say that every. Ask us. Thought you guys are gonna have to leave the building let me know when I can I can send jobs to break and come back. Yeah Golan anyway is this how this state just right here speier went back are okay well you know it's. And we we know the price you've been away from us quite a bit over the past. Six months to a year you're always you're constantly flying here flying in there. To go and any common tape curling. As they gave it to the south really hasn't taken a whole lot of roots. And some surgeon I was that are talking about it. And surgical and shut his Mike off now you're gonna pray you have a chance to get in on this after the fact price we decided unequivocally. It's weighted tourists. Curling is not a sport and should not be involved in the Winter Olympics and all. Insurgent I've come over the top ten list of reasons why curling its is not a sport are you ready for this. So you're right miles solved yes you can tell and I admire OK all right it'll likely to sense that BS meter literally haircut. I I don't the fire always please. Are easily you forget it started with your first reason that early is not a little more we'll trade off back and forth and reason number ten. The game was invented by men wearing skirts. Our rights. It's the number one great player in the world still lives in his Bob's place it's not a real. Reason number aides have been drilling is not a sport you're better at it drone in when your sober so. Speaking of that when when a sports by sponsors or McCarty ice and American online so it's not a real sport but it's a letter they sponsors but since. I'd like to leave the brilliance of this stuff real reason number six before you play you have to hit a cleaning supply island violence. It's never fight with the U report sweater dresses Mario and it makes you look like mr. Rogers it's strategists that federal support. We feel reason number four than curling is not a sport saying nice stones we punched out in most bars. Never took him there won't work with the top prizes 25 dollar gift card Applebee's. It's not a rules for success at. Reason number two big curly is not a sport Sturges sixteen year old daughter qualified for the US national team after playing the game throwing three weeks. It never won when norm Peterson clips Clayton it would still sees there's it's he has to make an Olympic team. Is not a real sport. It are to Oreo came up this stuff I just what you're Q3 alt is Tyler towards 2000. Eric Idle segment of the show and have a let him do my dirty work today that we're sit there last night it started off way it's. What sport what we exclude from the Winter Olympics or world we live we will watch submitted all this team beyond the currently is. Yeah let's that you're sitting here let's set this let's set this up right here. He's got a maple leaf on his baseball cap. It says dynasty crosses so I guess he means the Canadians have had a long long children at that she's curling company base that went all right. Did he get to USA guys that are prettier sister regulars like circle over and I said. We're not even that doesn't mean that members of the namely we don't like security and other. They hate you know pick away. If I had it dime as people came up to me at the national TP chip gains yeah I had. Chris Chalmers from series sex and he he's sitting there wearing a pullover. It was I don't know which one was back curling on these sites. It's an early hole over. Are you kidding me again I'm a curly diehard I started a club in Nashville Tennessee. Like in years ago were outlet now on flights to we have having this in depth picky and hurling commerce say oh my god he scores after the balking him in New Orleans the guy. It's next to us all the studies like what's early on the NBC sports. The gets the joke this really does discussion about curling. Doesn't mean we have some fun with that look at I want to have it out like that you all have fun with me and I app on with my sport. But let me also tell norm Peterson quickly and in woody that's. That's what I thought the first time I went out there and tried to post another instance cross sides and almost cozy London I was filibuster by the Netherlands battle my elbows and everything else two. And as such. There's still looks like Steve to sit still slice tees that we. So he's back there. To hit it well. This will give me the chance I had this much at least we have our friend Mike Jewelers that GM and that are here two or excessive winds are coming out of the seat right. Now he's his slick he's got a note this is just how much smoke on the water means that it shows they deliver sound effects. For the judge diesel segment that we just did which was fantastic and now a law also close. That is most on the water but the prominent curling club they have the reopening house is coming up that worry twentieth that worried the 27. Marks six. Tuesday night's if you want to get out there certainly is the Olympics going. That is your chance because it will be like a lot of people they watch don't want to try to yet that's exactly what the open house signs it is so you can check out what's new what is the one at Olympic sport it. Yet we started off with these like triathlon what awaits the times you know. It's not mine it's a must cross country skis and our runners from my life. With these it was a rifle over my shoulder. Wait for my blood pressure from heart rate the lower before I think it's an obscure start she you do it please whatever hits it says. But the one Olympic sport that I watched it. Ever pay it's you the rest of the four years. It's what the ninety meter ski jump is usually the Norwegians in the thin and some people like that. This guy's nuts but hours out there a lot of its. If Theres once for honestly in this Olympics coming up some theories one. There so I really could do without this year in his sights are. That's sacrilegious to say to a probably a lot of folks grew up in the midwest and it might be Canadians listening right now. Just prepare yourself because it is going to be a shame him this year in the Olympics and some killed a lot of our listeners so watch it with. With expected that but some are brought to the table to simply because of the guy sock. The fact that the NHL war lesser players play and I just want to be here to tell you now. It's going to be awful. USC. US team which has like 45 college players on it I just set the stage. They didn't even play one. Pre Olympic. Qualifier -- they're going to basically be getting together for the first time two days before the Olympic opening ceremonies that will be like really their first time together. Canada has at least played five preterm qualifier herb Brooks really roll and over a minute sellers are not allowed to place votes that you're gonna have a lot of these guys that play in the secondary Russian leads him. In Canada. It's going to be a shambles what you're used to seeing when it comes to Olympic hockey. It is going to be bad in the US team here is taken he wanted to story lines of how dismal the US is in his sights are the. I again were true you will try to get in debt that little bit here. Spoke without notes we out there. We're point it anchors like we're. Or we won't leave while the additional let me say we're going to be planted an anchor let's go guys that right let's go ahead and get it together own wind got that right anyway with the force it is a listener and it's straight up with sturtze is. Oh got you got to be got rocks on uniting 11 the betterment of music in these agree bars my daughter's godfather Matt would seize. That about 230 cities across the world this last year included his first European tour. He's going to be entails starts at 8 o'clock on Wednesday January 20 sports have guessed what we're having mandatory. Mandatory Beattie of on air talent as well as listeners got rocks and have supplies. On Wednesday January 24 then that. The only team beat up your wins the iTunes slaves but that the people insanity nicely Spotify and says let's get him let's get started. Earlier in the week are open Wednesday's report TSB ESP n.'s NFL playoffs coming up. One week. All right welcome back here we're light years smuggle in the water. Me I guess today kind of fills a little bit more like January and looks like January bit you know I got tired of that cold weather. That I did you know it started on us damning New Orleans and something about the on the New Orleans writes whether I mean is it less moisture in the air that makes it feel a little bit colder. I don't know what it is a bit. This he's gotten just eat steak ho get warm but this bipolar this is not gonna do anybody any good but. You know we got it up though playoff games this weekend price I mean we whenever a little bit yesterday look listen to these numbers of the four games back in the in the New Orleans at Minnesota game Drew Brees. Mean my god he's had like what. Though. Thirty something starts in the playoffs something along those lines going up against Minnesota's quarterback case you know he's making his season Davey. Are right doing it's Saturday night New England vs Tennessee 34 playoff games as Tom Brady started. That is these markets Marietta won and it was this past week saying thing and at Pittsburgh on Sunday. Ben Roethlisberger when he starts in the playoffs the boy portals one. Again that was last week and in Buenos Matt Ryan in nine starts in the playoffs the Philadelphia's next. Vols won. Yet gotten. Of all those that there really feel like though that the big one mismatch is the polls and in in. Right match up to me because falls it's just been means nothing good I mean and now it's are obviously a very difficult position. Carson what's going now. But what a seventeen on third down at your last two games. It winds was masterful third down the season. I just feel like to me at all the quarterback match that to me is the biggest myth mismatch of the weekend while he won't say that it would be the proud. Morals and down Roethlisberger Roethlisberger but to me up I see is that foals right match. But they get some time thing backward and vols start one playoff game but I feel like this is gonna end up being. In all NFC out NFC south. Championship game next week. With the right overlapping New Orleans is gonna go on the road win at Minnesota. I think Atlanta's gonna go on the road and win at Philadelphia think about this this is the first time in NFL history. The top seed and a division. It's a underdog than the six C. It's never happened before right again it's that this is never Atlanta is a three point favorite over Philadelphia never in NFL history. As the number one seed at home and home dog. This exceed analysts' ask yourself why yet is that most of the times that number one team that's starting quarterback in that. A lot more talent that's why they ended up number one that's exactly recommend largely for three months of the season the Philadelphia Eagles were by and large the best team in the National Football League. He removed at quarterback who was the one pretty much responsible sure they got were the best defense is. In the NFL but you remove Carson wins. It's over I mean what do you expect filled me anxious do you think Philadelphia's want to win the game on sat on this weekend. Now. I had solved nothing offensively the last couple weeks also think Atlantis on a roll and look at what we've seen historically Europe the last decade we've seen the last demon. Get on a roll and find themselves in the Super Bowl possibly winning it which it with Green Bay before. And yeah right near home. I'm going with that win over Philadelphia because. Just. I delicately that you put seventeen to twenty points on the board against the rugged Philadelphia defense. But I can sit there and look at the Philadelphia offense against I don't think you put more three or six on the board against Atlanta. All right here monks say FC games which of the road teams do you think has the best chance to win. Tennessee rejects and Jacksonville. Yet the question is can can. Blake portals get it done because he led the jaguars to their first whom when in the playoffs since 1999. That stop and think about that price but that was a year that both the theaters in the jaguars. Made it knew what. AFC and NFC GP two games. What you're number three of their franchises heavily Mark Brunell was the lefthander. With Jacksonville playing quarterback so it was historical but here's the problem. Blake portals lead Jacksonville and rushing last week as well as passing 87 yards rushing Thursday's 88 yards rushing. Twelve of 23 passes for just 87 yards that's not gonna get that's not getting it done in Pittsburgh. No it's not it's it's not gonna get it done and all but. You know it's. It's a defense and a running game with four net it it will keep you in the game it may be incredibly ugly but. You know big question is does Antonio Brown come back to me he's been posting pictures on new social media showing progress from you know torn calf that. That really is a I mean that's game changer right there literal thing changer for the Steelers because he's not the best receiver in the National Football League speech clearly one of the three best if not the best. But it will help what how much Antonio Brown you going to hit that is it that's a big question mark but. You know portals has got to this point in behind the defense like that running game looked may not be pretty. But the bottom line is it's in Pittsburgh and all the Smart money is thought Pittsburgh well I I'm Michael. It's ST tonight and there but here's the deal if it Jacksonville can but this game but think about it it was week number five but they had success against Pittsburgh. They've got about thirty denying he was portals numbers for that game. Eight of fourteen for less than 200 yards and sell for me exactly what he did last week at home win in the playoffs but so. I think at that point if you remember after the game that's a bit rough was yours are questioning if he still had written you know that makes that they. Experts are completely different team now and they weren't we number five. All the totally it's a totally different team. We are the collision course and I don't think anybody thinks otherwise this is simply a foregone. This is a basically blip on the radar this is a speed ball. To a Steelers patriots it's fine and that we know that's what's coming that's what we all want that's what we all expect that's world. Yeah I'm with you are that when you're my big question is right now you know team this is a answered every question I put out there against a price that's the New Orleans Saints. You know how can they be 183 times in a row a lot of the Carolina Panthers yet they managed to do it if there's gonna regret that but that. Problem with you were once as is they're not playing in the comforts of the superdome this weekend but. They will at least they'll be inside and it dove in Minneapolis will have some features that they're used to it. He it's just New Orleans has been a completely different team. At home vs on the road. Yet they haven't won away from the dome since week thin they've lost their last three straight. Games that are on the road amid. They are a different team. Compared to when they play in the Big Easy when they play outside it you know the US bank stadium it's consider when he allowed us to believe that seats are theory close to the field. That I think is that not a 114 dust doubles if it's allowed us point this year. It'll biggest Columbia. At least that loud if not more on. This week in your full of yourself look as he builds walls ideal a lot of those vikings playoff crowds in years past. That he got this new building in the way they constructed at large part was to be wild. Specially put those seats up on the field. To me that's one of the things that's going to make the big difference Alla also got a taste even who's had a fantastic year. You know day in May move it in for injured seem Bradford what's can be really think his movement for the vikings. Not to get too far ahead of things but what Reagan did with team and in theory. Teddy Bridgewater. Next year but anyway. That you would look at it right now possibly a little bit like what sort did or back the New England Patriots back in the day. How many times have we been given the code speak you won't lose your job injury and was the person that replaced she just goes mad. With how well they're playing Tom Brady never relinquish that job back. Do you Drew Bledsoe back in the day a New England also. You know we saw it take from this year Georgia never gave that job back Jacob decent. I'd stay were asking him why it's important starts. With the Minnesota Vikings this year he's 113. He's completed nearly 68%. Of his passes. 22 touchdowns vs seven interceptions. In you know what that that deserves right they are cheese stick it to keep that job even if Teddy Bridgewater comes back Kia completely totally. Zero there's zero question about it the case he should not. Nor do I expect him to lose a starting job to Teddy Bridgewater Bridgewater me ever beat us right back he was before he ripped up and he looked at taken a shot at. It's just the fact but. You know as far as the team goes this is look. Carol it was called what is your last second theory sucks it's visible change brat theory. Was trying to pick his confidence off the field in the last 45 weeks this season. He continually. Picked on. In a lot of ways he regressed this year defensive back Alley that the key was maybe is good especially. I know he what is good the last expert for weeks of the season he would it was his entire rookie year. That but the vikings secondaries better the Carolinas and there's not mean he that are worse this Kirk couldn. It brat barrier for serviceable cult and agreed last year. But the vikings secondary is going to be matter calm the big question is you know that night by the vikings defensive front. But they're these incidents finished with thirteen sacks good for that in the NFL and they keep the pressure on Brees. Is able given up a quarterback throw for 300 yards on the whites. Reached with for 376 last spring breeze to Cotto put that much. I expect the running back scene remain Camara that much bigger dates make it last week it. Why largely because Carolina's run defense is I think a lot better than Minnesota. Minnesota's second theories that. Yeah it's going to be interest being when it comes to those two sides of the ball but. I just keep coming back think about if we would have been saying case he them lead in the minutes that lady EDT. In the NFL playoffs just six months ago. We were nuts you know with if everything works out for a reason to keep him finds himself on the field and in the room. They're Minnesota and Eric are publicity. He improved about leaps and bales from his rookie season the year number tees I guess that was a situation where you can look at day ago. It all worked out for everybody involved. And the jobs they deserves a lot of credit this year. For what he did such a young coach in the NFL he kitty that Billy Graham's team back in the playoffs completely agree. Absolutely completely all right when we come back we'll take a look at the other games here at this week it is listen we next weekend they'll be playing for spots in the super role. That you got two weeks off. In the final football game of the season yet I can see that Korean. Breaking across parts of space right now 84 port TSB ES BA get him with this give us your thoughts on the NFL match ups. It's we'll talk about that in a whole lot more Jon Gruden. Now officially the head coach of the Oakland Raiders. NFL divisional round is this week in two games on Saturday starts it. Born 35 Saturday afternoon on NBC it's the number six seed Atlanta Falcons eleven and six. At number one Philadelphia thirteen and three like we said. The falcons are 83 point favorite that is never happened. In the history of the NFL in number six seed favor over the number once the also. 815 it's on CBS on Saturday night the Tennessee Titans and seven at New England. Thirteen in three in the patriots are thirteen and half point favorite so we'll talk about that. You do first off for people that don't get it back is I got to deal with that at least once a week so Mike come into the yes in upstate FaceBook page secure where ESPN. And taking out all their hate for the four letter network on us like we have something to do with that. I the ESPN is guilty it's been mates and a few times of creating some no voice. Yeah it's drama cells. In this state NH. Paint by in all this drama there in New England between ballots checked him Brady and Robert Kraft the owner and at that we often had a couple had to come up with so that we can you know what. I think it I think the reason that the patriots have been as successful as they have been for so long is since three guys are all on the same page to begin west right. And he it's typical. I you know this dad hates say it has technique needs is what I felt. When it comes that number two if that is the case and at duke yet not every mayor agents and happiness you know sometimes you. You know levity to other more from a distance that you do Ian together. But signing up for that kind of eighteen year relationship with its commanded a bad way. Then there's the manufacture. You know. Story line of say better Belichick did the giants I think a lot of that was hypothetical but I thought I think some people thought that maybe shred of truth to it especially Belichick. What did this stuff speeds she end up out of thin air that there's some unhappy airy open up at New England. Why for so long. Why would Bill Belichick. In his in the it's cognizant Sapient brain. While would you possibly. Leave that New England Patriots in the greatest quarterback who has ever played in the National Football League. To take over a team to buy a win it's got washed up quarterback Elop meaning are what this reason I would love to hear him give one. If he worked through it right do that because I think that's obviously senile if he were to do it nor do I ever expected to happen nor does it not him. Billion years catcher Eli it's back with the New York Giants next year what are you gonna the genius that this might start million us once again I always genome yet that's at cocoa genome and that. Now let's set this I think it was manufactured. Yours is still feel as washed up beat him in years they are going to be there after the shots that staters are not I was discussing I feel sorry for the Tennessee Titans Q&A wide. Politics this that he so taken out of some by this will be giving guests who sit there have been in the pots were. But markets period in the titans but. They're coming in with a lot of confidence price has. They were they don't make one of the biggest comebacks and NFL playoff history this past weekend at Kansas City says. Anyway it would Marcus Bay Area evident though. Tennessee will go in there and give it everything they guy made it thirteen and half. I don't think New England covers thirteen and after knowing that wins the game. That it's yet I had it in my cover but I I think. Tennessee it's got to they've got to hold the ball and they got to sustain some drives because they tee you they can't. Turn the ball over they can't have a lot of read out to give radiant but that. That often it's not on the field because. You know DeMarco Murray while he was out here can reduce outstanding class with what 23 carries went 56 in the touchdown they're gonna have to have another big schematic your camera cuts on the sidelines. On Monday night look great but. They got to be able to run the football they've got to build a whole football game that will help set up the play action pass which is what markets Mary Oda. That is what his best that's that's when he's at his best so. Running the football beat heat beat the football await for radian at all it's his hair out if the titans are gonna have. Eighty shot and I can see in the cold out there Henry gets loose this one guy get tired of paying and work with this the game goes on all right when we come back. Our buddy Brad Crawford from 24 sevenths sports CBS sports. Dot com and dad course you can column at the Crawford before seven. We'll break ups and college football and a whole lot of other things with our good friend Brad Crawford when we return to smoke on the water. I welcome back collide do you smoke on the water and dale entail great little back of the guests like we go for the second time today it's our friend Brad Crawford. You give him a follow on Twitter be Crawford before seventies college football writer and analyst for 24 sevenths sports and CBS sports and so I bet you were really glad yet that you rocket the beer the last week and all this cold weather Brad. Oh very much so man I'm I'm Marty had a beer withdrawal around. Around January 4 I think I was her mom bearded. I messed up the left side and had to cut at all so. I'm I'm pretty evident in 48 feet is not a good year. I ate it says I was gonna ask you to get home in maybe get some rest and everything in. Realize oh crap what a bus for us to do this weekend now that the college football season is officially over. Yeah a man really. About the taken over the Alabama FaceBook page for us and I mean the the amount of new readers we're getting on the Alabama side. We did to attack below is silly it's it's just crazy right now I mean you even go ahead and insulin Alabama as. As a front runner for next year probably get caught the ball playoff lock with with to a George. Our breast price here's this big and Alabama will stay right there how much would you as much as I would like to see see. Eight UCF. Pay Emma showdown for the title. Reno mode most odd makers. At that opening line is about a 41 point game meant. On topic is the same you know odd I respect you yet I think they've been underrated all season. Are mopping they were twelve the last playoff hole before they beat Auburn finished sixth in the eight people but. On after after watching them against Albany you know how how hard that team was. Com I came to what we really surprised man that did this strain they had belonged to deal line. Take over a net gain begin that they would get dominated prior. On you know dominate UCF but. I'm you know maybe maybe a game against Alabama which would be a decent game I didn't think Alabama through strong up front but you know Auburn did beat him so who knows. As we continue to brag brag copper from 24 sevenths sports so where do we go at this point because you know we we went. Yet the last night we team we saw two SEC teams play for a national title they gave us the college football playoff. Are we gonna see any ramifications. For this movie Ford because. You know what the but in my opinion the most legitimate argument for adding anything to do this fourteen playoff was this year she's CF story. Nothing your pride and and you see it viral marketing campaign. After beating Auburn. As they're like all the attention of the selection committee you know I'm I'm not all McNamee but it. I think we are gonna expand the future meet me personally. I liked it that way it is right now with the final or you know there's there's no guaranteed spot for any power by conference chance you know you don't. This really have to win your conference to to get involved or they win it all of them has proved that it. The last three years man was when this final four we've gotten three very good. The championship games in and really no one can argue that that two bit into the country and had played her at all the last three seasons so. While I understand you yes right. You know you you've got to place somebody is it you get Alabama game against. You know it thin EU and east Carolina and on teams like that I mean they're gonna roll too so. And until you see it up somehow in note schedule may be two or three power five team that those four nonconference games every year. I'll bet they're not gonna have to stop the play often efficient unbeaten this season proved that. All right we can do that Brad Crawford cultural or Ryder analysts were 24 sevenths sports fallen on Twitter at the Crawford to court seven. So what story you wrote about it surfaced the last few days Bryant able to office or coordinator Alabama. Could he be headed back to the National Football League this that this upcoming offseason what are you hearing now about the possibility Brad. They know that that's a legitimate rumored to follow Obama I think right now is there's five or six OC job open. Army including one in Charlotte who Libya Carolina Panthers I don't think he would go there but. Armed knowing knowing his name has surfaced to meet shows that may be armed and there's been writing on the wall there on. I don't know I don't him and Nick Saban at Sony didn't BI guy all on everything this season I'm obviously. Monday night kind of prove that you know not be fair and reruns off all the through press from players to look on you know they didn't dating get it kind of playing on this these and and Tom upping Bryant able to gotten kind of believe in in the veteran players and electorate turning started and that sort of thing so. Com if he does lead however on doubt that'll be big topic in coordinators in and they've been what eight years in Tuscaloosa so. Bumper for Alabama to keep winning national titles with thumb really knows stability play calling. It's pretty surprising but. Armed and elevated it and Bryant able to have an Alabama that's going to be a job that that every big name offensive guru in the college football it is. Look at their job to apply for. Aren't brat staying on offensive coordinators especially in the SEC got you guys covered South Carolina for a long time. Are really like the the higher Bryan McClendon an offensive coordinator for the gamecocks on those tonight's those that new bubble but champ what's your read what's your opinion on that. Yeah upping it to release date hire com not a daily home run that went with Brian being one of the best recruiters all staff. Really will couldn't afford to lose him by. I'm not giving him a job you know I. I didn't like that whole you know depending on Qaeda in the bowl game it is a yes or no you don't nobody knows. After one game it got a big big play call or not know Lotta Lotta folks postal immediate fit the second half proved that. Blatant when McClendon open the playbook no game caucus could play well but he yet remember to Michigan had bouts are over in that game. I think the game got three out of five scoring drives started. I incitement to get 45 yard line and so did the jury's still out on Bryan McClendon but calm children moved below much and that. I think he's confident in and really fit the bigger move to me was being able to acquire I damn war from Alabama. At an opposite analysts. Popping round Clinton again be able to that you got getting in the room with him and both those gap we got to work on up tempo offense that. Really South Carolina have never had so I'm certainly reason to be excited that. He what they can do that got the ball and exceeded. As we continue to brag property twenty or seven not admits that CBS sports give a follow on Twitter be Crawford. Newport sevenths so it's a pity if you look at the west gate super bow court but not a yeah it's a mutual has to care workers at the top of the way too early look at at the 2008. But the one that I'm fascinated with the ten to one it's Michigan because I wanna know number one. Why the why they've given that much respect headed in the next year number two do why would they be even thinking about offering Jim Harbaugh a lifetime contract. Happy you're right that their lifetime contract up for me if I'm a Michigan booster and I I'd be really leery of that considering. He had to be nervous mark yet he lost two out of three years duke. Mark Antonio. Despite having better players palm honestly make and got a lot coming back makes these memory serves. The a race on Gary probably the best defensive lineman. Come in the big cannot name nick both. And I'll stay and they really McCain have a schedule where you'd you'd look at is yet to be really Greek team next season and then they'll be in the playoffs but. I think a lot of that respect and is because of shape Paterson acquisition. On the you know the box oral this transfer com. Obviously he's gonna be really good no one no one knows it if he's gonna be immediately eligible yet irk or what they're they're they're still working through that but it. That's that's been the biggest issue permission the last couple years. On they just haven't found a quarterback to to run the offense that Jim Harbaugh want to run and that it can't win big games so. I'm my my early futures money certainly wouldn't go on Michigan at ad in the want. All right Brad search and now we're talking before early in the show about quarterbacks in NFL draft picks and you know Irina coming up with the draft this spring and you know clearly. Josh Rosen seemed Arnold getting a lot of bit. You know the hype is possibly the first two quarterbacks off the board. I'm of the belief that Mason Rudolph if the end of the day could be as good if not better than navy both those two are you look at him and Lamar Jackson and guys who is obviously a transformational type quarterback with what he can do. What's your take on Arnold and Rosen. Yeah you know I'm a bit out is quite a lot there we will give a lot more that you QB yeah come behind and as we get closer but I'm having having watched the you know. Because getting cut top flight quarterback. Are still being banned Arnold is the guy that I'm I would draft number one it on the Cleveland Browns had to pick upping the browns are gonna have the person for pretty armed. In my opinion they can pick Patrick the Alabama State beat you the best player in the draft what you're draft they can't prevent one so. Ahmad go on go dog at one billion those things greeting him they'll replace its utilities and we're. Come real third long yet again I covered and it kind of threw it down the sideline knowing that you got to make play or get past bear golf. That's the throw a lot of quarterback we don't have the guts to make because they're famous that. I'm anos standoff through a lot of pigs that you know so did James went and found in his junior season and and he went once so. I'm standout the best players in the prop probably rose into an that you got to you'll happily got youth you've got to mr. Mason Rudolph Lamar Jack and baker mayfield. Come on I'm really nice here Alomar doesn't apparently yes well I'm obviously being compared to Michael Vick has been a the other dual break got. You know make tomato league I'm I think it's it has gone on in the second round I probably wouldn't take imperfect practice it is not really big blue. Com standoff all of the the only can't miss player I'm not deposition to me. All right. Bread boy let's go to be one of the more interesting to brings to watch coming up a couple of months it's going to be an happens you know what Jake brought. Really to get better over this year but 31 seniors are the party. Maybe that's when the bigger say it's it's a college football at 2008 team is Kirby Smart prove me wrong. He can get the team that floor but now how much is it gonna take you get back there with some massive attrition come enough. Did you know laughing sort of gonna at least give back to little Hannah based on the schedule and and knowing how. Week yet he's he is you know they have to play alternate he's in but they do miss Alabama. I think the other way he may play might be Mississippi State or someone like that where com. You know Jeff Greenfield covenant pop star quarterback who. The point four sevenths force have number two I think behind federal bars for a quarterback play in and he's got a lot of a lot of the recruiting experts think his own challenge from this spring to just start I mean it's hard believe that. You know take from me the job over dignity and fortunately in this transfer. And I yet another pop star break it down his neck so. Armed sort of going to be loaded on offense you know I'll I don't think again missed a beat despite losing nick job including the shell. Beyond race with some very good player another another highly recruited guy and he Kirby Smart and has loaded up on the Tony eighteen got through gonna play early so. Armed the biggest question for me was Georgia is. You know how they're gonna withstand some of these strap the partners of front. Com I don't think Fred Thompson have announced yet but he's a guy who really need to come back if it's short ovals that anchor the line of scrimmage. Our well we were top Brad broke quickly has been given this opportunity what are you working on because you know just because the official into the season was Monday night. You know what are you looking ahead opening weekend at 2018. Yeah amended weeks we'll look way too early polls and and Anheuser. Map sort of thing that they'll all be it from a deadly start until after the birth when they are a bit Lorena national signing day and I get a few weeks off or. Spring practice begins so it it's it's still a note to the grindstone for me and I college football season though for good that they're recruiting ostrich does sticking out. All right well listen we appreciate you in that makes for a carton house in time we Le port to catch you know with a suit and got. All right there's brag Crawford again just give require a follow on Twitter be proper. The report seven's so price here's who we're gonna be we're gonna open up my mind when we get back. Because we will close out with that CU RE target d.s on nine through a public spat with an Olympian on Twitter. You are that guy are you normally think oh yeah oh yeah a yet you'll finish I saw that usually just me tests. That. You know because of that tweet that Tyler to what you're good at come on here that in the week it's start meeting that's being honest. Well. We'll see you I've got to pay back that Philadelphia's it to lose 76%. That I ordered for you and other Alia police source I don't know dole how could you. Radical wanted that I'm sure. Don't forget coming up at 830 will gated clubs and sports network action it is the clubs in tiger's fourteen and one on the year. It's the state it's State's eleven at five what do you ACC play. Tipoff set for an idea. You can catch all that action right here on he has you know they.