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Welcome in upstate is it is. Eight Thursday chilly rainy addition of straight up with stirred smarts or just right seconds that we're live at smoke on the water. Diesels back in the ESP in upstate studios. We're gonna run yet till 7 o'clock. And then at seven ESPN radio takes over for a little bit and 830 we will hit in two clubs in pregame action from Raleigh. With. With Don months and temporary on the all the gains of fourteen and one Clemson Tigers three you know an ACC play. They have 8:9 o'clock tipoff in Riley gets NC state really. One of the more bipolar teams right now price in the fact it's State's eleven and five on the year. We saw last week there wanted to do an ACC play get run at Notre Dame. Income and then have a double digit eleven point win over duke says. Bay Area but dale but this looks the other that the clintons handled wants but it's always a lot tougher to go win on the road. Now neatly games out of Q were you go whether it's Boston College it's duke it's. It's just hard whether it's college football college basketball it's theory theory difficult to win on the road especially college basketball. In your leak in this is one of those teams tonight were there it's it's stayed under new coach Kevin Keats. They eat not quite the bipolar team from a year ago but they're still trying to define themselves and it but did that same time. This gave the clubs needs to go open win I think clubs and relieve validated in a lot of ways what they had done to this point but beating a team. That they should be last week in new global. I go finally played team on the road that's actually you know pretty good it's not a Boston College team it's states okay. That I can make into a tournament that's not what I'm saying it but they are a team that where Raleigh in the fans get behind it especially for your coach. It can be tough to play at their records musical they're able. The business tonight. Yep I'm with you on that speak in a road wins last night the Furman Paladins go to what is been historically difficult place it Chattanooga. And don't look now firmly comes and thirteen to four on the year. Perfect Bordeaux in the Southern Conference after a big 7355. When it Chattanooga and listened coaches. Get this team playing mayor he very well in also Wofford it's a home went 6362. Over harbor to improve now eleven and five. It what does that set up now 8:7 PM contest up at the new EG Richardson indoor arena. Which. Will be there. And check in that out my first game in there of course we've gotten gotten in there. But looking for that match up which is tough yep Pletcher Mickey who's been this other conference player of the month the last two months ago fuhrman's. One of the best mid major teams right now you grant Southern Conference but. You know I haven't really miss to be course when you got DeVon Sibley who were raining so come player of the year. Makes that transition. From buy Nikko Medved about Ritchie a little bit easier. Actually to see on Saturday night when I really can't wait to see is what you McKee because he's taken his game to another level as the best player in the summit copper chains down to me this year. The guy can score anywhere in the gym. What's your that he is is carried Wofford they lost a lot Cambridge Jackson has given them a lot inside he's in the top five in the the league in blocks McCain rejects an animal and a little bit away a one man band inside that. Do you Pletcher gave these top five in the NCAA and scoring he can score from anywhere he's he really has taken his game. Where he was really a shooter before he is to take in that game to another level worry you get to the basket. You know the mid range game is good but look the guy's got a limited range when he gets the half court green light away. A. A way what was it to dissect cross half court Ayman Maria yet that's pretty much to turn it. When it comes to Fletcher McKee also one other upstate team and action it is the upstate spartans. Five and thirteen this year they're down at Florida Gulf Coast University tonight. There on the air. Ladies on Florida. To to negative from players that since who upstate. On the court tonight as well outside that some things were gonna get into today include NFL playoff story lines to gains on Saturday two games on Sunday. The college basketball weakened ahead in college football more announcements are coming out who's coming who's go who's staying and and finally at 5 o'clock we're gonna be judged diesel. Lol you know thing we like you're diesel takes over for a little bit but we've got three interviews coming your way. Including new performance tight ends coach Connor Shaw. You can of course give him a follow on Twitter see them show off fourteen. That here in the next segment. Also 545 Brad Crawford college football writer for 24/7 as well as CBS sports is gonna join us in price at 645. If people forget we're what three weeks away 48 days 28 days away from the Winter Olympics were actually gonna have Tyler George on. Up from Minnesota he'll be representing our country over in South Korea next month. If he also wants tells some Minnesota Vikings football and a few other things as well. Every time I see him at trials at nationals he's always liked it when he could get me on outward towards curling and I know that goal in the Olympics like. I worked out some vikings to talk to me NBA I wanna talk out of all the things you. His work at a quarter and next you know thirty minutes will be gone by and a coach we'll have to pull him away because. He now bill offered just yes sort the eighties there that'd be the guy is really good he knows his stuff especially sports. And especially the Minnesota Vikings have that massive game coming up against the say tidings and he won the weekend. Yet what I Abby and he these matchups are fascinating this weekend it's all or nothing if it comes. To the quarterback since we were pointing out yesterday but you know what Tyler. My Beatrice did that it. 5 o'clock somewhere in there were getting giveaway keyword that you can text in this 7881. You get registered to win and yeah that night before package in Minneapolis which includes. Yeah going to date that these being concert you'll be. Which you get up there registered two tickets to the beamer meet and greet with Dave Matthews are few other things. It's well three nights hotel room in the whole nine yards a let's statement these in Minneapolis tonight for the Super Bowl sold out concert with exactly be a bad place to be down I had a full court press put on me about from different Ivins COLT keeps saying you guys need to Minneapolis you need to get to Minneapolis pursuit already euros or what else you can. Gonna be talking now. The Super Bowl yeah. Flight rather. Mysteries of people yet fearless leader about. Things that make and maybe another year not this year is number one. When I go back to the Super Bowl it's not going to be a place where I wanted to stay inside the entire time off the airplane because. Like us that I I was. Short sighted as well short right sort of shared the story line up on a job interview. Minneapolis I think in January. And I made the decision it off the airplane that will foot and a half disconnect between the gaining weight. In the air airplane up oh called let's. I don't care if they offer this other boy job I think they've been up here from now yeah that. Yeah it's a great place there in the summer of fortunately it's coal during the early it's a beautiful play well cities were just shoppers on couple weeks ago. It was cold but it what frigid but it that is a beautiful beautiful place however Super Bowl whether. And Jane yeah it's a course and competitive and it happened ice storm swells that's the Macon at this rumors. What somebody's to kind of push. It's time to replace Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte build them up there. You help about this Carolina Panthers franchise right now. The indoor practice facility. On I would be a store I think it's going to happen I think it needs to happen but I don't think the taxpayers of Charlotte, North Carolina. Should be on the hook to build eight other arena when you've got one right there that is just fine but. If you wanna get a super ball you wanna get the final four if you want to get some of those big things like a Minneapolis. Like Houston. You need to have that big boy and Norton who don't like that. That Todd small that the falcons snapped at Mercedes that statement. I guess and now is the I have it right he'd be somewhere south of uptown like on Wilkinson boulevard because that area needs and upgrade it messes with the barbecue key. Which we've been to couple times Teresa and I it's been featured on diners drive ins and dives. I'm gonna have a serious issue with this I I don't know where they would put it that you you're more perks that that that I am not just knows it but it actually. They you're going to eat it that is the route they wanna go at us from the new ownership group to decide that is not my only sticking point my biggest thing is. The taxpayers should not beyond them for that thing because she got a beautiful facility that right there that was recently renovated. Akin to me at twenty year old stadium it's not it's equated but in the days so. Keeping up with the joneses especially when he looked down there are only 85 what they got ATO brother. Can keep up. Well speak and keeping up congratulations to Marcus Lattimore the former South Carolina game cock after one year's head coach he was high. Or he would Paula episcopal school. Is headed back to join will Muster staff is director of player development listen. I think that was from looking on Twitter earlier for people like air Mac Klain an apology tigers they were in clumps of wishing him congratulations. You know Marcus Lattimore is kind of one of those tree and send it individuals everybody realized the classy as. Everybody realize that potential professional career cut the count. I'd just terrible knee injury that second tight listened congratulations. Because week. Listen you got him is in the Ayers director of player development pre classy young man. I like that Will Muschamp in the game cuts I'll be honest with you I'm not trying to taking shots like that higher better than Alec McClintock the office of coordinators position. Love it that he should have got three wise before let me qualify. They stick on our side of its current staff and LTY. He needs somebody. Yeah I mean he's played offensive coordinator relay ever since he was at Florida. Where'd you go from here but I'm. So my address that way NC sadistic but at least gone bodies on his way out the door to another position. Beat his you know what looks like he favored a clip. And to see this item in the one time with Jake basically quarterback. Probably would've gone outside but that's me me only yeah I'd I'd I'd really like to hire Clinton because you know he's been world for Georgia with a B and state yeah outback. Was able to name based in terms spot. Judge he's a relentless recruiter I think he's one of the reasons why us after allotted is a big reason why they've got a great talent coming in he's good on the recruiting trail and you are the keys ball is position coach you know use that tight in coach in team that was that running back coach it. A Clinton it's gonna do a good job I I think that South Carolina it will much especially. He hits. He has reinvented himself but I think he's lower from a lot of mistakes in the past offensively. And I think that's why we'll must ship obviously it's is a lot better coach now that he was a sure thing yet now like this I'm not saying it won't work undersea there could be some potential friction there. In you know listen. College football coaches even assistance much like guys on the radio if you got a little bit of an eco guess what you probably don't need to be out there doing their job my gut was that Bentley was getting yet that it that was based on no Intel whatsoever I just thought Bobby Bentley with his offensive minded in a workable quarterbacks I thought that we was. I can be given the keys to the garbage yet I did not follow that close. So you know to those deprive Clinton now think it was a bad. Yeah all right so will we come back speaking quarterbacks how about former gamecocks quarterback Connor Shaw he's W titans coach firm. It's vs coaching job in the collegiate rate she member Connors dad was a long time. Long time high school coach Tim McVeigh is successful high school coach in this state and Georgia will tell what Connor Shaw when we come back straight with start to live in dale tale grateful. At smoke on the water. All right welcome back in that diesels right there trying to get connected with Connors Albany tight ends coach. Berman Filipinos here and just second but speaking. Permit but while price. Course they in the this year on a roll lost. In the playoffs to whopper but you managed to win a game to get out there of course started when three finish way eaten. Players 847. And four in the same waiting game in the playoffs but. Five months ago apartment football Hattie mean dollar donation anonymous donation. Guess what. Yesterday happen again our friends. Athletic director Mike buddy in males. Another one mean dollar yet from an anonymous donor in this is gonna establish the John Bagwell offensive coordinator endowment. Of course the contribution is made in honor of the late Bagwell. Stand mentality and running back he died in a car accident back in 2003. You keep bigger and better as the permanent football program keep those kind of there's cutting yes because again that that's twice about Bob month synonymous. One million dollars. Yet John backlight that's back when I was in my dad we went to every. We didn't is firming game. And boy John back wells went the half as as obese when it came running backs have never played in purple and white he played from 84 where today 88 to vote. Really got some of those glory teams that played couple national team that came up short two southern 854442. Of course obviously want it 88 but mean John back what was one. As Opie would gain. To them back this. Speaking of toughness of these I remember this guy when you seek quarterback for the South Carolina Gamecocks it's Connors all neat I didn't go to Furman. Connor I welcome that upstate you and your family. I appreciate it this is we're happy because place home. Well listen there's a lot other former gamecocks here in the area will get into these two wit but. You. Furman days you know great program clay and dirt comes in his first year really turns things around ago one and one of the playoffs. Get more you know another million dollar donation again yes there are great things going on not only in the Furman athletic department football program. But all across that athletic department welcomed detail. Thank you yet the great undue power and and you mentioned pretender some job is done that in the people that you bought into the building and they've created a culture here that. Headed in the right direction. Will Connors price jackets and it's great to have you on the show here it is let's get into it meet your decision obviously step away from for pro football you relocate here to Greenville several years ago left congratulated South Carolina you're living here it. Training at Furman. In your relationship to Brian Bratton from an assistant coach that was kind of a integral part on on how you became politically incorrect is that it's gonna talk about the the relationship and you know the decision to you know join the coaching staff. He yes time has a pre existing relationship with Brian and yeah you're right passes this is how it kind of initiated. I've known him for a long time and techies sit trained here in rehab here when I got hurt Chicago's past season and just being I had the opportunity to do it. Talking from the team at their chapel service industry relationships continue to develop and then you there's no intentions of this happening in just. You know develop as time went on and could be more excited to be here. It was a night turned the page you're on players' coach how difficult is that it is and it where you'd read you know you. You look I'm not looking back with that your Bret some religious simply looking forward to this new chapter. It only got as it is providing me but. He mentally it is it different now kind of easy transition you start learning recruiting rules got to pass of the NCAA recruiting test they'll hit the Europe. Yeah how oh what is it like kind of look in the script. That it is much different there's going to be a learning curve. And like I told everyone else says that makes it benefits need to join is that typical a lot of experience helped me along the way and not think. Playing the quarterback position for so long and then such a high level. It's going to help. The transition from a player to a coach easier. There's a lot of things that you have to look. That being the quarterback there are coaches who win this for situation football in the knowing what are want to on the bill so. There's going to be some disappointed because things to translate but. Would be incredible opportunity for me here. As we continue with you Berman I didn't coach Connor Shaw makes you give him a follow on Twitter CM shop fourteen says. Yes being a real coaches is second nature to you Connor you grew up in the household agree. Very productive very good high school coach him in the state at George's so. What is your dad I mean what did you learn from your dad that that allows you. It feels so comfortable maybe heading in the position meetings as early as next week. Yeah well he's just a guy that has so much knowledge of the game could you been in it for so long in front whether the coach foreign now and just the insight stay in the fight that he can offer acknowledged to the on call pops. Well my brother coach Spurrier. All the coaches that I've had. So there's there's a lot of resources on that are available and that there certainly you'll help me. Eyes are right so let me follow up on that now you play quarterback South Carolina tight end you know it's just another position where the on the field. At the yet to sit in on its study ate from a different perspective where you learn to look at it through the winds of at tight end and not necessarily a quarterback. Sure I mean there's definitely going to be times where. It's going to be a lot different here are the firm grasp of the tide in position from the quarterback perspective. And now at the teacher as a tight end in oh so. I think it helped again being a quarterback developer. I'm very aware of what. The responsibility of the time in. Art and you know it's a unique position where you're going to be asked to block the attack on running catch like wide receiver and down. There are no. Has to be productive unit. Maybe successful football in some excited and it's a position that's involved in all phases so it's going to be and their grip which means our coaching. Yeah Connors you've played for coach Steve Spurrier down Columbia for the gamecocks were obviously we all know that. And it's incredibly successful career especially playing under coach Spurrier in his system would you bring what you take away now the movement to coaching from you know playing for coach Spurrier it. It be taught to coach Spurrier did you talk to him about making the movie had you heard from him since you know joint on the firms that. Yeah I talk to cook's career he's it is as excited but I am the lessons are alone and we'll carry over. For being a player to a coach in the life in general and just at the level of discipline. He has and now he's the perfectionist. Demand a lot of those players. And then but I think. For anyone to be successful and has sustained success that the kind of approach. In mentality that ship has so there's a lot to be learned Chris Bernard. All right Connors two you know you look at it next year's schedule they did get big time favorite at the start topic clubs in there on September 1 but. Take every person about your ultra successful against the tigers as a South Carolina cornerback bit. At you envision what it would be like it maybe look around the stands in the field and realize wow this is the next chapter here my life. Yeah quote. Whether or be Clinton or anyone else who is the first game. So it'll be the first time he's stepping on to a were coached so it's going to be different going to be exciting obviously. Clemson stadium is very familiar to me and before on different places a fun place spot. Yeah it's certainly a placed in the school you're at it meant success. Chances player for note never lost to. The Ole origin that's not bad spot than a lot of South Carolina fans certainly yourself you know take with these human that your coaching career I'm curious Connor too because. You've got to start in the NFL and it what you want to have a lot more started during NFL career that was you know kennel littered with injuries just not block ten you know. Couldn't stay healthy but you know you were incredibly greedy players. Is this opulent game cut. It just just a message on determination because you mean you're a draft to create command South Carolina. In the year you find yourself as the story is a starting quarterback in NFL another had to be kind of a dream come true goal. You know work and just to go back on the transition from player to a coach it's tough to walk away as a player there's this special is competitive and I am. And you know I have a lot of goals and a lot of visions. The planning an awful long time in my case. Current cup the short end of the stick as far as injuries that. I understand what you went out as a part of the game and just to get that level obviously it was a dream of mine. There's no regrets you know memory without church for a lifetime. So. And I think you know to get to that level. At the determination agree that I think a lot of that is just haven't battalion that. The belief in yourself asking people to hear a lot of voices. As you go a lot of different cultures. You know you're going to be tricky. All your life especially in this game especially at quarterback position and I think if it you can weather the storm and persevere through adversity and to keep the mentality that. No and not put a limit. On myself I turned out to propel the next level. Then that's fantastic ballistic Connor that it may be catch up with yet apartment basketball game but his between the lacrosse team in the football team. It's mates and Saturdays and Timmons arena a lot of fun look port do catching up with him persons and. North blew it I'm sure we have and food and this year. All right we'll listen that's the lot they keep Connor and you know Alan's. Group apartment. Thanks coach job coach job in they the that 83 cracked that we've the grand burst his mom. Where's dad. Price dad been you know I. Notes here what Rayburn county in Georgia and his brother. Career but under the Connor was there was an opportunity possibly the could join the faintly staff down there in Georgia's high school coach until just an incredible. I just a a fantastic place to begin and it Furman but really something they do they heat mentioned. During the announcement is just to join a staff of character played candor that's as much as anybody. Absolutely. You deal with the one of the serve service academies for that. For that long you know how to handle it with class are right what we come back we'll have opened but it might take 44 TSB ESPN. Give him that because we're gonna judge diesel coming up at the 5 o'clock atop the 5 o'clock hour. No more interviews till 545 wood Brad Crawford. College football writer for 24/7 NC BS sports joins us. Some Argo and summer's day in and some still have 48 hours roughly to make their decision prices. College football underclassmen. Or at least juniors in joked in the NFL. Boy there's been a lot of them come out now you know we've solved the reality of players today not adamant to Calvin Ridley. But both Scarborough and a couple of others and LC are coming now. But I think maybe the biggest needs at this point. How quiet it is on three people you wait to hear from dimming corpse in which includes. Christian Wilkens include prayer. Yep barrels of one that really the most since it to see what he does because it's a redshirt sophomores clearly eligible but. What this season he had was off. So that your as Mike was off the charts in not today this. When you're right now in a lot of mock drafts in those are much strategy and you'd get the greats back a week off display. Pretty much everything I've seen has him going top twenty at its size speed you know. He had outstanding championship game a year ago and he had a great season this year. That's really the one I'm curious about the C is quickly went feral since he come back for one more year because that really would help certainly anchor one of those other audience spots. Yet can you do get Richard Gere give back and of course she got the young studs coven and and you know you Macy's yeah Kelly for Wichita is never really got on the field yet so who I mean I don't. Nobody knows for sure but I would think that. Boy there have a tough time coming to a decision because most of these guys that made the decision months and it was soon as we can and outs and that's exactly what they what we did so. I'm in agreement with some of the people ought to further this thing drags out sort Saturday means support conflicted they are it go and apparently he now. Ichiro my information about understand Christian Wilkens was upset where he got it strapped great back from the NFL and it was rail to do in. That's not what he wants that god he gets motivated to come back for senior year with that you know that cavity. Keep them motivated. What he comes back it. You know what you've got up the middle in big Texan in Wilkens alone. Even if you don't get apparel back on the edge you like humid Jean guy you're in it'll be back for another year that you come off the neck injury in the car acts yet this past summer. But it Xavier Thomas and can he come it is it's refreshment lockdown starting spot I don't know about that we all hype of freshman and it's certainly there's like a while Clinton. Liked about Xavier Thomas but he didn't. You know you Lori true freshman but the biggest thing he's got as he will be at spring practice but at the barrel as the one that I watched that on the got the most curiosity on. See what he does does he come back as he got. Does what happened in the playoffs how much motivation because that's what it's like a lot from its diet and I didn't have a whole lot left route that would caught me totally off guard. From what I understand they can't take it with a grain of salt the one concern with them is is he in the weight on them at left tackle he's got to be honored at eight to 85 it's got to be bigger in that take on the news guys opt in. At the NFL level set. A big a lot of what you do which is seen mayor's hoping is the act. You know body caught slows him a little bit as you get a little bit older he can keep on some of that weight because he'll try to packet on that once August practices aren't maybe write write him at 285. How the easy question on his footwork and adapting to that nature's just simply sides yet the one thing. Yes we've seen some early declaration snow by surprise it Josh residency and Darnell and those guys came out but then that. The kid from Wyoming quarterback guy as well but. I got them more intrigued by the number quarter Rex said in. Chicago back through my senior year. In those include your stead of from Auburn is remembered he started off at Baylor back in the day. Also drew a lot from Missouri remember that was a team that was a white hot coming down the stretch until they lost to Texas. In their bowl game also will career the quarterback from west Virginia's set. It's kind of ironic he puritan Wiener if you will if you were one of the yeah. Left those let's go what are you guys seems like more saying you know what maybe a year under center in college with some more experience. Maybe that's not a bad route to go after all. I you'll you wanna more polished quarterback I don't heavy problems with that whatsoever I. You guys still I would think long and hard after watching what seemed Arnold did you know. Being a sure fire top three that now I I down not so sure be. What did you see out of saint Arnold this year that had you say that guy's a definite top three top five I saw nothing. There's tools they're there to whom woods. In the right person has to work with them but I don't see anything. Hadn't seen anything in that bowl game. Other than turnovers in less than. Yeah Cleveland at their sit there and number one and so on either Josh roads and mercy and Arnold the built around right now is that the it is the biggest thing I hear on Josh Rosen is people question his commitment his love of the game. I mean if there's war. Out of those guys are like dark Amin Al like wrote in the best I I think roads and got the roads intelligence smarts and it is a really really Smart elegy did. Boy I. I still just it I got that Texas they then come back etched in my brain what he did that game should. That showed me alive artistic sealock that big moments from April this year. I stood out bill Rosen one. Josh Allen has got the tools that you know six bodies need to be strong commitment. Mean DC Carson Winston yet I don't. Yet going to be fascinating to see which way that his. I just thought it yet. The for every great throw saved Arnold made in the cotton ball me boy and it was equally as head scratching as a problem with our rivers. My point we have them that your media are ready in the weird day and age where. Yes your unexpected try to come in and produce at that point not just to see going on it. That is John Kaiser rail number two last year ECB via their quarterback the cutesy sided colon number one. Have a tree damage does get some other Pittsburgh has. How's what's draft day the other night. Yahoo! with yeah Kevin Costner. It sucks when your franchise's best draft it's fictional movie. You know it's the best dressed in Cleveland is decades old crap those about it that's right says. I don't. It is unbelievable in this team mates. When everything experts to be even it's stacked toward the bad teams when it comes to the draft he could possibly I would sixteen. I gotta tell yet Mason Rudolph promote state might be that guy that I would be looking at to go before those other two gates and other people that liked it might note that their people that don't like it might still be look at it will Mark Jackson and what he can do quarterback I would not. I would consider both those guys had a rose and borrow from what I've seen I've seen sporadic. That it anything that Donald Rosen and done. I'm right there with you are 8844 GS PE SPN. When we come back we'll start taking a little bit of a look at the NFL weakened ahead has. It's all experience vs no experience with those match ups also a few other notes in it 505 at Stanford to its diesel. I welcome back it Wear light smoke on the water mark starts and give me of follow on Twitter at Sturgis sports. Sports thoughts missed the celebrities are wreckage BS via an upstate studios followed these Ortiz on radio and of course at a price Atkinson and price. As I Cilic. It's just there's always brisket chilly so as always a little bit of spikes on there that drags a little doubt they've got to drag it. If it pops yet so likes Chile spice ally keep brother and I to. Happier there where we'll get that NFL IA here in a little bit pricey were they on in the press box. In Atlanta the Georgia Monday night as the college football season comes to it and it. Yeah we had a talk yesterday we let people sound off on what was their greatest or worst experience when it came to you being adding light ball game and we're not talking about. You ukrainians were talking about it the putter riske came up you know clumps of Florida State back in the day years and things of that nature. What was the feeling in the press box because everybody. Let's I realize it took some serious cut bonus. To pull your starting quarterback at halftime that I it's a totally during the break. Also we'll keep you ago when what other boot that he had debate when you were down thirteen enough that halftime with three and outs and you're watching your defense get frustrated with your office. What was desperation here and what else was it because you had 41 downs and Jalen hurtful to six passing for when he when we are pleased. I mean it was abysmal in that was. Obviously due to torture in Georgian Georgia like Alabama set up to stop the run and that's one things that they do. What what did you have in your arsenal. Not named Taylor hurt sick sling the ball around so you know what we've got to completely changed things out we got the the flip the script we got it do something completely different so they warts that. Something that's different that what Taylor hurt give chip in what is at this to a talk about lower hold the ball all over the art that's exactly what happened. It was desperation and you know it's funny that you on Twitter at night Gonzales replacement and a mega cast company. Alabama fans were crashing Sheila hurt Rashtchy you know. And now the love fest as you know full blown for us all to see Ellis Taylor hurts us all roses with to a ton of miles away and its like. Trash him. 48 hours ago has to get what you get it done is just it's like all right let's let's pump the brake but again it's all about what you've done for me lately yes yeah you're right once ago that's the greatest need to be very well although it's the most recent GPT it was a good one it was it was a good one it was. I definitely won't call the best and I think it's up there I think that the thing that makes you eat it's the only train inspired Al lot of the things that played out. You know especially on the Alabama side. With such young players and you'll hear me. Yet throw 53 passes coming into the game not one album at a damn thing he had not he had not played one. Solid theory meaningful snap for Alabama all season long backed me up on mr. Alabama over there so the to insert it and it was a true freshman. Who had not been in anything close to resembling that moment you put it in your down thirteen points since they go what is the national championship. Those things just don't happen and I was on the field talking with me Padilla was it in the paper. After the game and he kept televisa coach Saban preaches to things to always confident poised confident. And what you see out at that time while Lola that's exactly what you salt was always in confidence in the system the pillars at that statement. A program. In foundation that's built on that's exactly what children. What was the agree kids you won the reasons we got to the best and worst sports moment as my buddy Ned the Georgia period. Make it's we wit it is it was explained in the range of emotions that he went through and about a fifteen seconds here. From getting the sack seventeen yards on the line of scrimmage on first male ego we got this. It may have a Kitna in the line of scrimmage quicker with the quicker than let there. He has had to stop he was and that torture because had to stop for half a second corrected that really just -- exact. Clean up that's what it when I told you what the other day and when what day it is I couldn. You know we're statement I'm literally at the goal line play went to the far side. But the celebration which came back around when you know they were you know don't piling it on to Smith there. It was really a tactic where after the sack in makes it what set him what for ever if the 41 yard line you're like all right. This is means lets you see you get upped its deposit your T give active field goal range. But in the snap of fingertip 41 you know yard touchdown pass a rope to the Arctic that game is over. It took a second or two really liked. We literally all looked each other news and so people want to stop frosted at turned and saw him this thing blow them now Nebraska coach Roy. Did that. You acting so bright I guess what got me it was it was really that split second moment of like that at a moderate Brooke treachery you know your on. Pins and needles it's right there it's closer and closer. It just the way it happened it was like wow that. Did that really happened and he had taken that step back and they can internalize. Well if you know this much I figured out number one Sturgis takes are not always perfect I was wrong when it comes to Kirby Smart and being that successful it with that Georgia program. This is it. Actually to try to. To make up for avid Kirby Smart it's my number one choice for the Bear Bryant award yesterday. But. You know. Here's the thing it was just the the number of freshmen that performed on the field project from. It was Teddy Riley Ridley little little brother outperforming Big Brother counter. In the game to all of sudden the the play's been made it in by true freshman since well college football that that's what makes sense to us just. Just when you think you start the figured out something else comes along the changer in I'll say this in it I'm not saying this is you know period this change the game but. The officiating in the game it. Not help the Georgia Bulldogs have won you know they were already but in. Far more calls than Alabama once amid the the blocked punt that was pulled back. You know Alabama gets you know there a false start that it was allowed to happen. On the face mask at the pillars of pent up personal file that should be called on Alabama weeks like in Jake from viewers 45 plays that. That Alabama got breaks. Big breaks and did it can save it. If they all if someone go different does it change it that's not what I'm trying to say. Isaak Georgia had some more hurdles they had decline in the game. You know when you're out maybe get a lot of those calls and they got a lot against Georgia but they I don't think there was eighteen break off so. This guy with the one thing I've figured out I wouldn't be trapped in Rosen I would be trapped in Darnell I'd be figured out how to get permission to get recline. Smith the linebacker from Georgia Tech guy he sideline to sideline like. Nothing I've seen since AM sorry has to come back the Bela but since Keith McCants backing college that he's making it. He Amanda did nothing in the NFL. But boy that guy with 65 to 45 or river running down a running back at Auburn the first time we played ever on the planes over there. Eighties Smith Smith is just absolutely free agent. He was in on I felt like he was on in on almost every single play. You know that said where was Lorenzo Carter tolerance or Carter was almost no shopping finished with tegra missed four or five tackles but. Broke wants Smith was just eat human what he did you know it's you midget defensive players that he credit. You know if the Avery was outstanding especially in the first half of belief yet to pass breakups I think two out of golf never once sat two tackles for a Lonnie was. He was everywhere the secondary for the crimson up first half. Well this were today do what you were just saying about you at the linebackers that Georgia the key economics make the case at running back as well because Michelle puts that ninety yards and charges that night the thing go him. Yeah that hurt Georgia's team since the board all right when we come back on the other side Percy we're gonna do it. Studio work that you can text in this 72881. You go in a pool and have a chance do you. Head at the Minneapolis for the Super Bowl for the date Matt these concert that night before so with a yell about that then it's time for diesel takeover. Pours segment is straight up was starts were light smoke on the water and of course. We're always like bunny SP in upstate.