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All right welcome back can't Wear light here smoke on the water Richmond Weaver mark Sturges diesel they're connecting with the voice of the Clemson Tigers done months and don't forget its Crown Royal Friday here on the show who will do that over Anderson this weekend. But we have done Munson. Our friend you can follow him at that yet Donald months and on Twitter and I don't he's the voices that the ring you know Clemson Tigers in football or the voice of the three you know clips and tigers in the ball last night every UCLA. Either way Colin that's winning games non. But it could be a constant tiger right now aren't what luck that the user or just vote in winner after winner to win but a lot of fun. But listen this week got hurt yes yes art argue all and welcome order went there. Yes you're always welcome well by the content Ottawa scripted export it could put a hi art are currently under or her community. You come here Joey Richmond Richmond today manager. From bill Foster stabbed out in the day total of our club palaces that skis me. I. I gotta tell you where the UT trip where it last night but died we got a little bit clips of what law here. It's some other things is well wickets cut Sweeny it's been hammering it this week he's done it with the national media again today. The next stacking up Boston College this is the most important game. On this Clemson football schedule this this year because it's the next one is constant pain and skin. Bask in the glory of that awesome win this past weekend but it's obvious that Sweeney's not let that happen with the team. Not a public and the media already looking beyond their week in her own party poker and I'll read it for the black bird out. While only some of our mandate already all right this is just going to be. Let's chalk this one opera or move along Bert. Get them that amused. You can knock you dead in the world looked of college football act at Stanford he don't say Diego state. Critics are you know what it you know like big in that regard fingerprint on like regular around. Around the country some recombinant and knock off this is also a decision gay street got a chance not to go only sport nobody gets its due to know now. In the Atlantic Division and just stay right here in the driver's seat of a corporate thing so. You cannot it looked caught looking ahead I know that people to. I don't know that the greens don't like it. The main years ago week to week to week to week in Atlanta grind. And that's why it is what were already all forty feet. What 33% wicker defeated after Saturday's effort about fat it's as well. Prepared goal to get or don't you get beat by a note to your order. That's right your app state mass so much better than my Alabama mapped to the greatness for the mountaineers today between diesel Steve Sumner who played two years at state. In Don months and it's a voice at the mountaineers I mean we well ought to be where black and gold that date Don it. Let me as the weird Al 25%. Of the way through this season you're re on this football team. As much an. It's by two city by the outside the staff you know the actual coaches in all. What's that one's surprise the the first quarter of the season. The U maybe bailed out are starting to figure out that you maybe didn't expect headed in the year. Card you know I don't know that it really surprised by anything you're our panel. Not like what can I get Arquette talkative he's not everybody what we're talking him down I think even when I was not what you probably thought I ought to protect or they'll be wasn't yet. This seems gonna be a factor. Kelly Bryant. Simple recorder are being you know that the there was a significant gap between you and the rest the guys you know their orders kind of you're kind of why I think people are looking at me like that maybe the bigger surprise have been. I era has its basis says Robert been ET and at running back to now everybody court what they admit it at running back. In other yeah I think people but it did yours too. This rotation of running back at at Clemson because there's no way it's going to be. Commanders telling you for the foreseeable future. It's the way it's going to be now maybe maybe Viacom we get later into October a problem axles are separated themselves. The rest the fact that the fine being. It's going to be four different guys that are gonna rotated at running back and get their opportunity and the beautiful thing about it is that each horrible. Each one of them brings something different the tape and it's your it's got a department secretly coordinator it's it's just part of the heading. And dot its Richmond Weaver here in suspected at the time that you spent with the team last year and this year. One of the things that the it looks like from an optics standpoint as a fan is that this team looks. This much looser. Not his height as the beginning of the season last year's team have you sensed that it. All. What are I think what last year's team were you know they. Their expectations were high. The band based expectations were high immediate expectations. For high now you trip now this joke or not the this year. You know bad bases like Aaron. You know it's what we go eleven and one tenant if you know what look at that Edward. Certainly that that the national media that it even probably the local media if they work you know. That in Q eleven and one you know tendency to panic eleven and one that would be that would be something special but I can take you inside of football operations building. And behind that door. You know very you know all package that you nobody in that building they can I we're gonna go to it and you're welcome and want work or twelve and I'll. Anywhere get right back ACC championship game win that thing. Yeah that final four give me an opportunity either in the either in New Orleans or out of Pasadena for a chance to march right back through Atlanta and do it all over it. I didn't have a lot of belief in themselves that's part of the culture. And this team is deeper. Then why you're seeing dramatic experience or they understand that understated it right between between acute but they're deeper. Been in last year's team and you know we'll find out this is a better team or not what would also it does get are so. Got to go out earn. A truck the end on what about that aspect of it is their mentality of this team wants to prove that it was not just aid to Shawn Watson team. Last year. Now our effort none of that I mean up bird I've heard zero about that. You know I guess it's gonna go out. And Beatty being your confidence. Played an eclipse and standard and it's it's the opposing teams hit plated standard. But that's not our fault. Then you know where that again that old steel at a QB coach when he continued to use we you know don't like Clemson beat Clemson. And so far this guys have been able to have been able to do that they're gonna find some adversity adversity is gonna raise its ugly head. At some point in time period we'll see how this how this team responds to it but from what I love about it is that. Three games through they've already seen a little bit of adversity certainly when we tally went down in the first African golfer ever but he kind of altered their collective breath. He dismisses the couple plays come right back in Procter and in the field for the going to score at halftime and then comes back out. They take off the second half and Roger right back down the pubic yet and it's fourteen steaks and you can play a little more conservative. Because of the way that deepest richest annihilating all. So you know they're part basic ones. They base a little bit it local you're mr. Steele goal it's 778. Get the ball back from the local identity as they but it dried for what look forward. Not that kids do you come back down to the field goal a game mobile get the ball back. They got an opportunity go practical need it's not yet you're and then next thing you know what 79 yard pass to ray ray. And all of a sudden now it's nineteen fours it's it's seventeen to seven. And you'll and you're underway actually sixteen so give it extra point blocked yet but. You're you're you're sensibly under way. Yet no doubt is weak did he with dot months in the voice to the Clemson Tigers died. At this it states that clips and Google are bred him beret and I don't want ever try to show you up because you know more clumps of football. Then I did but this is the numbers that I took away from this past Saturday night. Heavy do you figure out what these are 72 minus 41 equals one. 72. Minus forty wore mine near. Yeah. Eat schools so I guess that would sack yardage that was that would Kelly Bryant. Rushing anything. No 41. At the 72 new players of that travel why roster global Saturday night where either freshman or soccer wars so guess what. This program it's not going anywhere EB tight suit as well. You know they've hit the accolades for the national media that's up to that they would have to continue to deal went. Actually he acts of war no I what Alabama we have to do it on a calculator but that's more than 50% that your travel roster. We're first or second year players. Well and and they know that that there again the beautiful putting her about it that they travel that they get total five C yours. So you know you you do the math premiere that means that 67 of them were underclassmen. Only aren't you you're actually made a trip. You're spirit to local and now you know I'll argue to the telephone poll that really the last few years. In the head to head matchup of Alabama the ones who was actually the deeper team in both matchups. Against Alabama now Odyssey. Alabama came out on top in Glendale and went to get the better of him. It in Tampa but I'll I'll argue with you all day long on the was exactly that the deeper team in both of those games. And that they could Judas being physical on the fruits of other way to good recruiting year the last the last several years I mean look at the depth at linebacker looked at that depth that he could secondary. We get a mute goes out they have symptoms can do during the debate because you just don't think that. It looked that we before it was transmit output that would an injury keep our wallet comes that they played lights out we you're we just we kind of seen that now. For the last several years often Bryant in in semi final games and national championship game seven accounted for. For injured people and you're still trying to just play. That's that's kind of what the culture of this football programs Alba. Are right Saturday at 330 the tigers vs Boston College didn't listen this is one name to pay attention to you for the Eagles coach when he mentioned it yesterday we had the opportunity to interview him at Charlotte eighty CC football kick up. Just don't be surprised if you're clips of me they don't go to the Internet taking it out on any particular player. If you hear the name Harold lane street called often on Saturday this defense at bid for the Eagles can flat out play. And you know I think it's a big test for both the tackles here this week. Because that's it's an area eclipse is getting better in batters the depth industry that output supply. But I can already tell you if you don't you're the name Harold lane great. That means that one may try it it's just that done what they China has done the last several years. That just take care of business and I know that that he's kind of he's got a stoked up about what the possible matchup that I would almost guarantee you. Note that Steve about yo that on Google angry over to the opposite side and let him go against the grain firmer pot where they're at that right back. Opposition kind of threw me into the ops it's not because. I don't think of the Landry I hit matchup went really well last year for for Boston College that often that blowout win bike once that there are that. A bit was it Burt denied Friday night maybe it was but I that the tells me that the matchup if you watch early a lot of it is Hyatt and it is Landry. Average recurrence and 75 win that matchup. No doubt all right 330 tick up yet yet you guides that. Hit that delivered again this year with your new year with JM IA IQ regardless there's an idea if they have. Haven't been able to check yell out is taking dale led the 933 the planet atlas in the clips of football right province. What you guys are bringing to the table this year in the first year of the new deal. While you're everybody there's support total but it transition he goes through you you make a couple of weeks during your beer bird. You know still tailgate show what we'll get the Airways you know at 1230. On that this that this this coming Saturday. Pre game we've got run through but my reporter breaking meriwether who love and Reggie yeah see it's not like that the you're gonna Brinker. I totally different perspective but let me just added you can chop and at that fit the different ball with a network the united credit back to our last couple here. Got to figure out a way to get him involved Michael Ballmer is quite they eat. At their first little one this this past year and so. Michael does not even has been partner at Holman that the wrong with that he went out with a national championship rings so I you'd you'd you don't you can't worry about that but. We just we try to give it to your best we can't we understand with it we are the Clemson Tigers network. There we're gonna focus on Clemson they get about that from that side and leaders try to do the best job we can't possibly you know each each and every week here to bring you the awaited pick on the way we see it in topical flea right now boxer. Ari joint at least they certainly should because it's been. Open had been a lot of well the last couple years. No doubt about it all right Dodd next Wednesday we got to see right here bring your lovely wife whatever in. Hey I happened and as somebody whose initials are RW over to my right. It might open up in that pay the checked this. Here we go Dodd he's sorry we radio the more it. Apparently he's always looking for somebody yelled stayed there you know exactly he's like an alligator you know so it is like commercials. No no doubt the right the other thing I think that Crown Royal what you're but I think that put at a national championship. Bob Orr spoke like that beauty gala look up that as well search. That's eighty what they keeper there's just another reason for check in now that that lesson you know a lot of Steve you were always welcome here. At smoke on the water on Wednesday you'll be I got it these Texans say. I'm all my weight you know we'd get it covered earlier it. I'm not put my calendar apartment. I don't see that on Saturday will happily brisket weight on you can't program and our Brothers are right they're stunned but cynical that the clubs and tiger's always appreciate. They've taken that night to get him with this it did you talk about some might work in the selloff right now. Yet Devin sweetie ship yet what's in soccer. Everything else that goes on over there in a course. Even if he's not a guest on the show he makes it appears here every day. Ideas being in upstate with that clubs and tiger meant is that does. All right so it always root always illicit be a pleasure to have them here I'm not sure acted Hedo sausage heads up after some percentage that. You imagine haven't three upstate guys lied on the air at the same time might go the full it is you know it that narrative line right all right how about this. They have what it really element that it wanna spoil the surprise there at least the Lee. Bert new it does coats of women's basketball in a lot of other things we got a public college basketball next week come back. It may make clubs and they ulcers at the it's well as Clemson fans at Kentucky dot com just puts out an article in the capping. The race for sucking on Williamson they have got a team did. A two horse race if you will he got admitted that when you're talking about Utah news. That's right on the team I'm stunned at the two horses that are mentioned here in this article now again they'll have taken this to the maker code on it. That the cutesy. I know I would shop without read through this it will what you about that is why. If dot ever goes back to Cameron indoor basketball arena. He maybe gets have to worry about being scared for his life this straight it was starts opened sedate or four GS PE SP. September 20. It just got the email ended day per SEC media days over in. Nashville. Pro basketball. So Wednesday that totally precludes us from being able to go over there. Because I promise you that was a Monday or Friday that. Wednesday he. Added that a Friday or Monday at a rearrange things so now to get price that your. The price there I would have to Kentucky basketball of course yet to do it the middle week nationals not exactly an easy trip. Overnight. But speaking of basketball. Kentucky dot com it's just put out an article here in the last few hours. Handicapping the recruitment. But Spartanburg stateside on weekends are right they got men with all their writers and everything. Is. They Ito Kentucky dot com inside out waves and they've also met plenty of time talking. So they started handicapping. If they didn't. Let's say they testified national recruiting analysts rivals dot com score yet and scout dot com's Evan Daniels ESP eons. Jeff ward zealot in Jerry Meyer an injury Slater a 24 sevenths sports the way you know Williamson's recruitment. They say ET analysts was asked to rate the star players but it's like three most likely landing spots in order. Those answers were tallied up the phone to form a consensus rankings. Of the papers in Williamson's recruitment. Here's what the vehicle came up way. Number five. South Carolina innate say picking cotton mustered the game cuts mustered little support from our analysts but it was still enough the only in the in the number five spot on this list. They'll loop finalist North Carolina UCLA got zero mention. Williamson was in Columbia last weekend for the South Carolina Kentucky football game spending some quality time with coach Wright marking department soaking up. The love from the home state crowd. Williamson has said all of the right things about his interest in the gamecocks but they Yee appeared to have little to idiots here. If he stays home to play his college ball in other programs seems to be the most likely lane the spot. They have on the list number four. Keep saying guys that hit would be bit. Williamson could be like oh LeBron and employee for in this in the Olympics in 2012. And they said that of course that might percent increase Huskies the only votes that is in that spot that delivered the kind of answered. But there is a they they go on to say there's been a perception that the Blue Devils have prioritized. Here which is a another Ilie. Sought after player 867 shooting guard. Over Williamson they already have a commitment from pipes are small for immigrant reddish. Some analysts still see you as a leader premiered it while all. A three of those players could probably though it says on the court it seems unlikely they'll all play together. So they're talking about RT Baier who's you know to the Kentucky players and Michigan in org. Number three on the list data Kentucky dot com and it's Kansas. They go on to say great Everett this was a bit of surprise this summer wrapped up waves its recruitment was being shaped is that likely means it's Kentucky battle. That only that the tea hot stuff finished in the top two among our sports they were pretty much closer as number four spot in the number two spot in back. Three national analysts left in this off their list altogether. So does that leave in the number he spot according to Kentucky dot com when it comes to. Who's dedicated site on Williamson from Spartanburg papers you set for how long. One year one year. Kentucky dot com lists the clubs and tigers. This is what they have to say this was probably the biggest surprise on the list. The aforementioned Kansas vs Kentucky bear its reopening Williamson to recruitment in recent months is sometimes incorporate the that rarely did the in state schools garner much. Much attention. Clip city Kentucky were the only schools to be mentioned on all of by analysts list this week in one national experts put the tigers in the number one spot. Weems and physically absent for the home football game against Auburn a couple of weeks ago and that returned. To the school. Bird unofficial visit this fall his step father Lee Anderson it's also a former clubs in basketball player. Bradford L has done a terrific job in Williamson's recruitment so far in the tigers appeared. To be serious threat the only one of the best players in high school basketball obviously Kentucky. Is number one on the list. Even that publicity right there it's going out national all lesbians it's good for Bradford now in the clips that tiger basketball program when it comes inside a waves and that's go. Seiko make a bet with an illegal bookie off the this recorder if that either clubs that are Kentucky that's not what they're saint. They were just kind of gathering picking the brains of national recruiting analysts. Only a little bit surprised here Richard Weaver. I don't know politics surprise that Clemson in the top five surprised maybe get they're listening. That it could be a two horse race between Kentucky Clemson well yeah I don't say yes this is sick and that they're saying it's likely Kentucky called some bad. I thought it was Kentucky in this all along well I still think it's probably Kentucky Kansas because. Kansas also Lou. Is right in line with that DeVon dots and good friends of Zion Williamson and they're probably going to sign him and in Kentucky. Is you know they've got to commit or. Very close to commit with Emanuel quickly who has another good friend design Williams and so does he wanna go play with a friend. Or does he wanna state in state in propel clubs until level that they haven't the end from a tax standpoint even if it's one year and cannot tell you. Bradford L is doing a great job and it will be interesting to see. Could this be the feather in their cap. With the enhancement to Littlejohn Coliseum and the practice facility because they brutal why put me into that. And this could be the big payoff if they give him color. Me. Extra meat this I get when the fab five all decided they want to get a Michigan played together that that became the deciding factor. When everybody's wanted done. This that it's that decision nears make it's it was back in the day because. One years just not that much in colleges oppression and hang a lifetime of memories on the yours. It's not one of what four years in college should be if you're only going to be there one year you're not get all the politics rearing its friends or not. In that single year I agree with you. However there are still disaster. It. They're seeing unit in the NBA. Yet with the guys leaving to go to war in the super team so this is just their chance to warm this super team platelets that it in the air with win a national championship. And and we can go our separate ways into the NBA and so. It as much as it might not be as. Being as it was with the fab five there is still a component of that both there'll regulating what they see in the NBA. It's going to be interesting note now all right one other quick needs it and on college basketball maybe a compliment to be able week come back. Also. He segments that opened and Richmond I just did she seem. Who need to go to Jack otter. Eight people that were shot vehement by points in Columbia on Saturday night right Saturday reported Friday night it was ticket in the morning after the borrowers it shot. There's a couple that were deal for the Kentucky South Carolina game that while combat is their car. They are what they thought were bottle rockets went off. In the in this husbands that the next Ito's wife while on the ground in bad eight people had to be shot outside this sapphire supper club in Columbia. It's just shameful first among that tell you this much to the supplies the anybody out realistic. If the thought process to care yet handgun now for a night. On the Aon. Is he departed the thought process you don't eat because they're theory. 99 because it's not about you it's about every by Yeltsin that remiss about common decency it's about being respectful as an adult human being. Guns in bars don't go together so that thought process better strap on. Don't got to stay yourself the fate. With now according to the BI STD in Columbia you know why eight people were shot it and in the morning outside a five points. It is a hip hop beat her stolen wrap later it's. It appears that here motive for shooting outside a nightclub in the this early Saturday morning may have been a dispute over means I'm nice to get these guys name. Out because I don't want in any publicity port. You were innocent until proven guilty at a court of law well. If this is true the plea about world war just don't play about world anymore so art. Wrapped layers are not worked it in a public firefight. In 8210 in the morning and at that. Your thought process eliminate she's been able to paint now with me in Richmond in the ideal city I don't want nothing did they'll give me this is but. That extra you don't have the comet sit still live in the world. That the rest no we know nothing good happens after Tuesday let that's one thing in I've been out after 2 AM I maintained it you have the thought process. Not sit out take my gun out with pleaded not forget about put your pocket even put it out on New York artsy. Don't go out because guess what. That's how troubles could and a tiny I'm sorry I'm 49 package even that though that is part of my thought process it if you didn't. In this kind of stuff right there and people were injured and hurt. God forbid you come to my Korda law because I don't play is that yeah I'm sorry it that is one of the reasons why. I find myself. Staying at home yet more often been going out to you just don't know those fights are safe spot she trusting code there in don't go anywhere else or it means it is even if you had too much too streaky yours each spot. That you watch out after US it's actually so that I preached. To the college athletes and people that need about you know. Speaking via their public you know strip mine a couple of safe spots in guess what they'll take here you know look else where you'll have to worry about Johnny come lately. Trying to get a top thousand dollar check off you know exactly what I'm talking about our right two more segments of open violence. Including. Some more basketball these when we come back to basketball will never be the statement we're not talking about possibly Belize and side on Williams in the Kentucky your clubs. So these are real quickly that is not deep basketball that will change broadcasting forever. Matter how many times you've heard people comment about broadcasting from the cruise this stuff about via literally attached to the top of paper in indoor stadium with due to safety net Beers they are taking fields and no more colleague a basketball games from the crow's nest. At the universe the done months and everybody else it's called negate its stood up and cheered and it Dickie V deadly area procedure. I've seen any games that players waiting to. It out at that I you heard me bitch you wiggle circle back for second right. You heard me bitch about my utility bill last night started off by look at the video of the guys that the it the bachelor party all dressed up as Tom cell activity yet win it to it is it's like this ten minute deal. Biggest fights in college football history. And it just popped up on your guy over there right side arguments I click on that. Course one of them was clips in South Carolina back in the day as well as South Carolina Miami. It is interestingly enough clubs and state it is that the Gator Bowl. Wish that was the case tried to punch or did pilots tell early moments as they were well represented. What Dudley is that's always southern cal Saturday for might not eat sixty ninths at this thing's been going on. For a long long time well once we got in the football course yet to watch the best college basketball fights partner yet. The other this year there was some great ones in there. Is well suited up being. Don't ask me how dale didn't do it. Greatest fan fights an NFL say hey who fights more NFL stadiums that anybody else. Women. At least caught on at least caught on camera by instilling with half a dozen guys in Philadelphia. No tape that one Oakland won game I'm not going to. San Francisco Oakland. They'll fight anybody if anything women men. Mascots you name it they'll fight. An hour later hit it laps that my life that I will never get back gone right at. If you had a how to stop on the Internet either Juan Miguel. Is that but the I had this war some talent but put into it now so disappointed. With eating about Lou let's also like a war for bachelor party. I literally will not get that hour of my life back in I'm not exactly sure how I ended up here for year. But it certainly happy it did it was solved violence yet but it was it entertaining. Yes it was like. Don't care how bad habit they have hat I'm still smarter than you. Know what they'd. It's like four runs stalemated NFL game like he was coming at you like heaves that midnight express come about but aren't buckled. That somehow. Two out terrorism the fewer interests and what she clicked on the rise let it. Is it it's capable of more or not to grant you mean he's rightly UT team guy to get on these fixes well yeah that happens on gutless. It's it's like it that is when sturtze and music purses were or whatever. Yeah once I click on the NFL's most violent fight over it and it is that they're now watching it like it. There is a brawl. You to that stadium a couple of years ago. Between the L gators. This is absolutely this. Is unbelievable that it's. I think what started it there was an altercation in one of the lots Kentucky yeah there at South Carolina this week yet. And they got it all wrong to begin with is similar likely Kentucky vs South Carolina fans but that was to suck on variants with each other there. It was. It's not the port hardy lot one right by news just in youngsters too much alcohol nothing more nothing less than ever typically what happens if he wants that kind of went in and it just progress that never got. That hour of my life back but I'm telling you. I haven't it to an NFL game outside opinion there's games and they don't really year they are for that level. At least right now or haven't bid in the past. That's what you witnessed week in week out at California pro games have talked in Oakland San Francisco and LA the seating chart nailed the LA rams Eddie huge fight. The first week a couple of weeks ago it not interest does not interest in the one belly Graham's. Any average right next to the portal in the years it's. I'm guessing it was older man with this Koreans on their they're together the old army and started screaming like. He had been attacked eat scrapped its own agreements and start drag you away from this fight broke out right next to that. That's set it Meehan what does that say. With yours is either father is signed here I am guessing maybe green you know my grandfather grandson. It they have the yelling go running from a fight he. Yeah 90% of the time it involved too much alcohol let's be honest about right what if that is that the first time. I won't I had somebody hit me up yesterday. Asking the what's the Tate. Thomas wants to take is. Is corporate six year old there first college football game be as what do you think would be the better option. Clips in South Carolina the papers. Stated what entity. I sit well versed almost six years old you're looking for a board immediately currently atmosphere you have left though Watford in apartment off the Mitt. That's where I'd start with the six year old just the find out. YE. If she's going to be it was due to a whole lot more tickets to get attic airliner clubs that Horry Panthers game they'll. Again because my dollar. It's not it's she had to take her eight hour driving class this week in the ego hang out with some difference in clubs and get to know why she skated she hates while noises that net. She cannot wait to go to bright the stadium on October 4 for the Alabama Arkansas game. Do interest in ever going to Oakland's game because of all the the cadence and all that it's got a little residual effect inner Ayers a sixteen years though not an interest in the war. Dad signed me up for that driving class not all eight hours on Saturday. But excited to get a bright did on not a report. Yes it's just a matter of in matter what's important that it's all about priorities without a doubt in is Beatrice is the just like from Mercedes in dame stadium plan. I haven't heard about any fights from now in games but they were not immune to. Alum Alabama Florida State at one by county let's here's a great thing. Here's eight main base in the south that can point a finger at each other main base in the south against your more read that. It's we're. All in this together dale here. You can have your rivals and everything else everything you say about that other school. They're both the book to upload to read that guard Bubba. Urals city about European bases well it's sort of the ones ever step in the classroom you know I know guys that it all right welcome back. We'll close up shop before Richmond. It is it any more trouble. You have any issues with what you just art college the last 844. TSV he has yet. All right don't forget NFL action begins to bombard night. You've got one Thursday night game. Go out on the Bart night. It here's how bright stale it is the Alley Reyes at the San Francisco 49ers talking about was what we just were it to me. And knives in the West Coast NFL game it will but at sea blockades that I was telling after the break what they like incorporate into their parking lot fights out there. Our will bottles of beer upside the head. Does not saw happen multiple times on nine ET last night sue that's Thursday's contest Sunday. Has a 9:30 AM kick off river the Jacksonville Jack courts are in their other a London England this weekend it's in Baltimore. One year amidst the majority of the games including this stuff that matters in the NFC south Richmond. Debate who's won you know on the year at there at Minnesota is 11. Atlanta at Detroit that's going to be one of the best gains that the NFL week in both of them are too though there of course New Orleans states. At the Carolina enters listen right mail with Carol analysts got to keep matching wins with that landed in April may I don't hear that nine at three. Or 333. Now at WW. I'd much rather be entertained in CB 33 to three but I'll take it that. Also you're too late afternoon games on Sunday. Kansas City to go with daily tortures Cincinnati 02 Green Bay. Sunday night's Oakland. At Washington that it's 830. Oakland's two and a Washington's 11 Monday Night Football Dallas Cowboys will lose at the Arizona Cardinals both teams are one anymore. That's the seat markets start might hear smuggler Saturday yet I thought all right over here are right. It's hard we make that comment package he is somebody out in the listening eyes which starts you're so full of its that would says or read that in my school. You know some might hurt that our says yes. What sells only do that at this school was a lesson if you can laugh at yourself. Let anybody else you can point the finger tips so we'll be solved that with in the opening game of the Mercedes opens the warriors the Florida the Alabama father and son but it got arrested. We're an altercation. Sol couple years ago mr. Google with the Alabama bomb goes after the Oklahoma kids. A petty not. Most of players I've ever been in my life it's student at the time at the university Alabama and to this day having attended. Woods might Jeter here in college that's for in news clips and his girlfriend tried dale to the Alabama vs other in this state you know my apartment. Adds nearly ninety years he the year I'd never sit the student section as we get the Greek section I grew at a once you gotta watch out for the little as the freshman sophomores. Do have there are others yep preparing. I have ruling on in their prices rat in the they're for birdie and not that they're university at their wealthy. Three for birdies it is it that day at the Alabama southern miss game. I've never been so it payers that like the lookup CO 150. 180 guys all dressed in blue blazers in khakis ticketed now on the other quarters the incidents. I've never seen so many yet once they took out the day -- boats popcorn. Others that you would pay. Let's listen Nancy's saying I've ever seen ever thought at all held out of other corner of the state that's the reason I would. Because the football game go hang out have Beers that Ernie counts anytime. So my point B Alabama hasn't publicly about your school has to. The question is. Figure out what it takes not to be that guy in the world will be a better place portrait. Agree 100%. And I. I still. Don't understand. You're going. To die a lot will Belichick but York I just don't understand the main bases. With a fight each other. And fight Steve men and our employees actually ripped shirts off. Is it eight Peabody bad answer the diesel not give the other guy some leverage either way 90% of the fight you watch on two. Some idiots abilities. Urge for aerodynamics. That aren't that good yet they its report but yet that's at that. I can probably see ya up put on here if Bob ever forced to get a bite out that eight unity they golf all right that. So how this Novell did this today I don't that would almost inaudible that you. You guys go and you hit it on the rabbit hole would you do well right. These apart rabbit hole and you David tua will huddle bud earlier today that is absolutely sidetracked. Or know what puddle but it was the other. Mean let this get what it diesel so you re eating about on Twitter all right here's the deal will be back here to mark. Price tag can sit in me. We've got a whole lot of thirsty guy acts in the kitchen ready for got a couple great guests lined up for you Temares well Monday rich it will be back in studio. You still lead our victim contest. When he intent that 22 and eight. Year that's quite footsteps alert. To step in me. And stuff this week. Yet these sort of bipolar equipment like body went last week that before six or the orient them. So anyway. Right guys that fun here today great guessing it's done mullets and he better right avenue right now. We got a spot here for you next Wednesday on this is in the meantime. We hope all of you have a blessed eating let's do it it for media reports straight up with stars.