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Welcome back and it is a Monday edition of straight up was stirred hope all you all have enjoyed the day out there with a total of clips this much I know from following Twitter while I sit here doing the show traffic is a mess out there just saw tweet that says multiple group Texas highway 25 and bunker and street. So just listen you'll be careful out there will try to keep you entertained. Don't get mad just look at this is practice for the first football week into the season you get stuck there will be traffic next week anyway muscle pull over and another by deep throw some more money into our local economy. Happy hour happy yeah anyone anyone think they let us out of here. Times have we are smuggled or reported seven who is happy hour right now as seemed to give find some for us the playback and will go will go catch up at smoke on the water again we've been talking about the release of the AP top 25. And a couple of news and notes when it came to it. One of the biggest surprises to me only one SEC team in the top ten now why you do have Auburn at twelve LSU thirteen Georgia fifteen. Florida at seventeen so there are a lot of other SEC teams in the mix but. Uninteresting to see that's the way did that broad they don't. One team in the top ten for the SEC. Listen when it comes to Alabama they were picked to win the league but guess what just because Alabama was number one diesel doesn't mean it's gonna turn out that way. The last four times. It's easy like I said it's easy to assume that. Mean the number one in the early season is going to be the case has its Nixie Saban it's only the fourth time in the pre season number one ranking under. Nick Saban and Alabama. In this is no guarantee I actually got to make the rest of the college football world feel a lot better the previous three times Alabama's been ranked. At the top under Nick Saban. In 2016. They finished fourteen and one won the SEC loss to Clemson in the national title game in 2013. They finished eleven into did not win the Southeastern Conference than back in 2000 intent. They finished ten and three in did not win the SEC so we will see how before tying the Alabama heads into the year ranked number one. Turns out for them and will it make any difference we shall seek. Again. Some might told told me a little birdie just one SEC team in the top ten and that's Alabama number one next it's Auburn at number twelve. Yeah you look across the top ten the Big Ten has the most with three Ohio State at number two Penn State at number six Wisconsin at number nine. The ACC has to Florida State at number three Clemson five the big twelve to. With the Oklahoma and Oklahoma State it's seven in ten the pac twelve had two teams in the top ten southern cal number four Washington nub at number eight. But SEC only has one and that's Alabama well. There's always a buy diesel. You expand those numbers out to the top 25. In its cleared the SEC is still one of the best teams are out there won the best leagues in college football. Because simply six teams are in the top 25. From the Southeastern Conference more than any other school again the ACC in the big twelve. Tied with five now mentioned when it comes to being overrated I mentioned Michigan. Earlier. You know who are skis B southern cal earlier and again you got the sophomore right deal it's got to work with their quarterback. The other team that I felt was overrated. Is in Michigan at number eleven. It I'll tell you why one defense of starter returning for the wolverines you're talking about a primary and it's getting caught up on recruiting now. Because they had a little was they had some misfires. Before. They had to bring kept in the hardball and the save the program. But I still like one senior wrote toddler returning starter our one defense of starter returning from a team that only won ten games. No elevenths ever rated that's hard that's that's the hard ball magic mayor. When it comes to that the other team that I feel like is underrated when it comes to this top twenty. Top 25 at AP pry the global cardinals now I remember we'd blast solve them. Going on the road get hammered at the university she sting coming home losing to Kentucky. Ending going down to Orlando in losing. LSU in the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl. The one thing I do remembers the fact they have one of the most dominant players. In college football. Coming back this year so. It just happens to be you're returning Heisman Trophy winner. Lamar Jackson so. I don't know. The number sixteen is disrespect it but yeah it'll still may have the best player in college football with Lamar Jackson I would have thought may be numbered 101112. Somewhere in the army and get it we're just getting into arguing about a few spots but that isn't that what we're supposed to do. When it comes to the top 25 common now McCain is. This is all we have to argue about for five more days really ten days until Thursday August 31 gets here. So again my overrated teams are probably are ours our southern cal. Absolutely because they're just one that I got to see Ian weighed on in the in Michigan at number eleven much underrated teams. I'll go low bullet number sixteen so young and we'll see how it how it plays out. Clemson I probably think they're about where they nor number five I get the fact this is the lowest ranking the defending national champion has had since Auburn in 2011. Who did Auburn lose after that year. Cam Newton could collapse and lose after this past season to shop wants. Look similar there. With what they got it could be answered but I understand why people maybe don't wanna toward Clemson and number two or three right now but he got there question got a big question market quarterback. That's the one place Ohio State may be does have an answer grandes JT Bayard now don't think he's all that great. In then also. Yeah Florida State beyond very France while maybe the the best returning quarterback we'll see how that works out also Alabama number one has a returning quarterback would Jalen hearts and in fact it was slight dig it that teams that are thought to be good to have starting broker returning quarterbacks were already hired him clumps and but closest Dornan a little bit differently last year you remember going into the season it was all about the off Mets and to Shawn Watson and Wayne Garmin and all of his wide receivers lessened. There's some running backs are some wide receivers and there's an offensive line. But Clemson is thought to be led by defense this year. In a Teddy who went off this weekend. Was was defense of coordinator Brent venables and he would not hold back he did not he sharpened his criticism Saturday. Following Clinton's third scrimmage of the fall. Every he said the office dominated all dated matter if it was first team back ups third stringers walk on said they import in this is what clubs in can dig they can bombarded defense playing so fast and that's exactly. What he said that you're talking about starting quarterback Kelly Bryant who will line up in the opener vs kit at your starting quarterback. To a 28 yard pass to freshman T Higgins as well as a forty yard pass to DJ chased. The backup quarterbacks are starting to look good Zaher Cooper hotter Johnson chased Bryce all combined for four touchdown passes. AB and Easter gained a 105. Yards rushing eighty of those happened on a single run. So does the plays that are right now encouraging Clemson head coach stab a Sweeney but guess what that's doing. It's infuriating clumps in defense of coordinator Brent venables. When asked if he saw anything positive from the scrimmage. Aziz who was no. The simple warm ward that's not sugarcoat anything used just know he only said quote I don't think we were we came ready to perform. I did hold a few guys out but I just didn't think the guy sees opportunity. I didn't feel like we got ourselves any better today linebacker Shaq Smith cornerback Marcus Edmonton course missed the scrimmage with a couple of slight injuries. But yeah well say listen a lot of this is also sending a message to your football team through the media. Because that's what you kind of got left with dive twelve days. Now combatant AMC you can build them back. But. Again you know YE. Dornin scandals there or note Eminem's. There was nothing along those lines for Brent venables to sweeten up what he felt like he solved here in the valley on Saturday. So. Would some people. If they believe that these are when they go within constant ever ranked at number five why. Closest us to be more but defense a ball team this year than offense I think the office won't end up getting better but I listened. I still maintain a lot of time GC coaches use the media. To send a message to their team. Because they're seen it from somebody else vs hearing it from somebody. It's been in their ears all August long you know I mean. Because and you got friends and family calling up the kids say hey look at this your coach says you're not that good. And they say oh yeah fool us once watch that stadium what's the what's the rednecks famous last words will be here. Then watch this and me much BS watch ES yeah so I can say that I write is I am a red Natalie nice spell watching yes. WA ECH a IAG is. Hunter obviously CH apostrophe ISS IT watching us watch he has spent again Clemson they're getting ready for that opener next weekend at an inverse is kid. Intercourse South Carolina heading up I 85 to open up the year. With North Carolina Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte so what was intended it's here you ice that we can sit and watch some real college football this weekend. South side. If people really need to do and I'm actually looking forward organ state Colorado State you are and why is Sturgis different or Colorado State has built a brand new football stadium and he is not watched a single British Canadian football all summer long so he has hurt. And I think I've got about three or four. Prewar slave life easier users rebel over his lines in Bosnia. Why still literally buried downsizing got a lot faster a what's a little bit of arena football going you know what would you be more scared out. The walls. The players. Because a lot of the linemen don't look like they can change she gale but you know what that wall's not always forgiving known. Not always so again I listen here's the thing we are so happy college football is right around the corner. You know opening weekend I mean that's is opening two weeks are going to be very good six of the top twelve teams. Are scheduled to play each other. A course where does that state come in that we count at 49. Or 41 somewhere around that I knew the end of their 41 you know what that's pretty good frat state start off. Yeah gimme justice I don't have that number forty bit that's the way the top 25 breakdown listen when nothing is fair and equitable way it is a group of five vs power five. In when it comes to the power 524. Of your top 25 in the eight people. Come out the power by conference or votes in the AP poll that's good for 39 overall. It's a bad start for a 41 your coach's poll. All right so 39 and 41 for the yet state mountaineers the day it was some well know what will be a whole hell of a lot smarter when it comes to college football. About the first week in October so what we're gonna do when we come back diesel. Let's take a look at a cut some of the game's opening weekends of the season it may end up in fully seeing these polls is we get toward the real time. October 1 is when I think the first polls should come out we ought to have some data points now granted I get the fact he can't argue it on Twitter. Much less Sports Radio at all options. But you know that's the way it is Georgia fans are feeling kind of frisky diesel. Georgia's been ranked in the pre season poll each of the last sixteen years say last missed it dude we do in my app state mass with the North Carolina degree on a back in 2001. In twelve of those sixteen years Georgia's been range between eight fined 23 inning nine a yet those years they were rate between eleventh and nineteenth. In Georgia starts this year at number fifteen maybe a little bit below there went all is said and done. So we'll take a look at the opening weeks of the season but you know one team that I did not see in this topped 45 diesel who's starting quarterback has made some new waste. The last couple weeks was Josh Rosen the UCLA quarterback when you can't do school. Info altogether only asses every other college football player in America. Yes I will likely yes maybe favorite media. Hey man when we come back. Josh Rosen UCLA quarterback hey man watch dais this is straight starts ache for Ford GS PE SPN. Welcome again 521. On this Monday edition. Diesel and I in the ESP in upstate studios at your own risky can solid d.s on Twitter diss on radio is. It's still matter cat the does that he's on radio at the cap on patent deal is this the outing nickname thing I'm you can change nickname and everyone's. Okay you can change your Twitter and whenever you want to thank you follow me at Sturgis sports you can follow the station ESPN upstate. Not to mention our FaceBook page lot of cool stuff on the Ayers has had a great idea to hack here Twitter account and change your nickname. To our number one and that you'd better recently cool like he's number warn you right Virgin's sir yeah. Own man I'd listen did you see first of all know what when you. You can't make blanket statements Josh Rosen is one in my. TC UCLA quarterback Peabody and run in his mouth a couple of weeks ago. But you can't do football and school together. You know what. Some people had managed to do it for a long long time and had done it at the game's highest levels guess what eight remaining graduated from the University of Tennessee. In three years nobody's gonna question and a guy can barely string three words to go yet he can't speak nobody's gonna question it he did his own work or not it's insane and so that goes on to for people at Clemson, South Carolina farm and you're schooled whatever Josh Rosen and so my it was my school Smart everybody else or go somewhere else we'll come right but my point being you can't make blanket statement scene when you do when you're wrong you're gonna get shown up on the show. Arkansas State. Has a football player by the name ablaze Taylor in I don't mean beat LE ZE blaze I mean beat LA ISE. So I AM thinking that opinion weaning all right. He's the fastest Meehan in the football bowl subdivision. In fact team he's the fastest ever. It has nothing greater name right but it hasn't nothing to do nothing to do with his speed in the forty year the hundred dad meter or anything at all along those lines. They had been trying to vet this out for the last day but it looks like according to the record people are keepers who've been searching around and haven't been able to find anyone faster. But Arkansas State's defense of stand out did standout defensive back blazed Taylor. Graduated. And got his MBA masters of business administration in three and a half years. Our aggressive that is impressive he earned his bachelor's degree in two and a half years. It and turned around and got his masters of business administration giving him not one but two degrees before the start of his fourth year on campus but no you can't do college she'd played football at the same time Josh rose one who. Who posed. Josh made together we had on the show last week as of may from Clemson. Who's got the power washing business a lot Brandon Brandon excuse me if I'm better. And what does he sets and said manage your time if you manager time properly if your. In the study hall Xavier in the library if you're in classic here doing this student do the things are supposed to be doing. There's no reason whatsoever you should not be able to graduate quickly but it's the guys who sit around. They play video games to go out drinking on the weekends Gotti Gotti Gotti got a those of the guys that are gonna have a hard time in collar. And guess what brain didn't Saul. Yeah eighteen minute to tying it into the Tommy Bowden tenure were things weren't as good as they've been under Davos winning it he saw the recruiting improved he had a little bit beneath prop so why was he able to transferred to Mississippi State her senior year he graduated or is he graduated from college so. But check this one out. In less than four years. We're not talking we're talking a bachelor's degree any masters in business administration this is what placed Taylor had to say quote. I had to make some sacrifices along the way because I did not have much free time with them and demands of football and school. But I was once told my coach so you can come to college and have fun for four years are set yourself up to have fun for the next forty years. He said the most challenging aspect was just simply avoiding distractions along the way. Look for most college students is the first time in their life where you have minimal structure in a lot of free time. To spin how you want. Course yet a lot of his came from is up payers he has a father is mother's doctor Evelyn Taylor she earned a Ph.D. in psychology. His father is Arkansas State red red wolves cornerback trooper Taylor. So he can't he credits is is pretty heavily in his academic coordinators as well as his coaching. His coaches to get him there in no offense I want to tell more stories like that I don't want Josh Rosen out there speaking for the rest of the college football world. You can't do school and football yes you can't we see it every day number two. How damn good about cornerback are you Josh Rosen and tie it UCLA's not even in the top 25. I see people talking about this guy be in a top ten draft pick no way. Would I spend that kind of money on Josh Reza I think he's got between the years. I don't Dickey what's the work that hard in number two. I'll manifest is staying in diesel his team's not rate in the top 25 so how much easy out they're doing to try to make his team better anyway. I think what he said was a direct in total insult not sees some other coaches and members of the media already got to give him credit for saying what citric. No that's the truth. You can actually go to college in pitcher in BA in three and a half years now granted his place Taylor did I have a whole lot of fun amid the classroom Bob. Point is is it can be done. Don't let some surfer deed from out L laid it does have type management telling you what can now what can and cannot be done in the game of college football. That's why UCLA sick now the top 25 right now because they're being led by a more on. In his name is Josh Rosen in it I'm won his teammates and I'm looking at him in the huddle. I'm not sure if I believe and that cat. Yeah and I you know talk about a way to bring negative spotlight on your team right before live right before the poll comes out rub right before the season. This guy who's essentially insulted every single college football athlete who's got a degree. Before they before they're ten years up it's insulting them. It's to their faces and I could not agree with you anymore. Eyes that was very well said again I'm around the clip I know those guys work or can't do it maybe it's hard for him. I don't know I don't know this guy does he consider himself the coaches like to say oh he's a really bright guys don't know I can go may yet what was his comment I'll go look it up during the bright yeah I should go major insult and it's not gonna matter but I wanna major business and then go get the NBA afterwards. I will bet you money. About 25 bucks right now these we will never see Josh Rosen walk across a staging UCLA or any other university for that matter. And kit in NBA that is a master's in business administration that means you Witten did school after you did school. I don't think he's got the passion that I think I'm sure don't think he has a leadership abilities which is guess what you're supposed to be one of the highest draft picks and upcoming NFL draft. In UCLA can't find themselves in the top 25. How good are you what kind of leader argue because guess what sometimes you can make up for a little bit less and talent by being a heck of a leader. In just don't think that's the case with him he may show us wrong before all said and done back I would say blaze Taylor has a heck of a lot to say about you can't do school. In college people all together and as a total insult to anybody that's been out they're listening that's played to gain and everything else two. So anyway guys blaze Taylor congratulations somebody police. If he's on Twitter somebody go to Sports Illustrated grab this article in sending the UUCLA. It CC Josh Rosen on it because guess what AT and be done in when you do it guess what you should. You should give these guys a ton of credit forget that down. How about that Allah that. All right again we number one just about to get started that obviously weak zero get started on Saturday that's in five days we do have five gains which includes what Oregon State Colorado State South Florida San Jose state. What rice in. Somebody down in Australia. So we are just five days away from the beginning of the season but there were old college football season begins next week. Ten days away the next Thursday night. Twelve days away. To win South Carolina in clinching get inaction so the opening weekend is September 2. Or how about this the 31 and the second here are some of the gains since you're gonna see we just mentioned. In college the main event if you want to. The highest rate opener of all time will take place dammit the new Mercedes-Benz dome in Atlanta between Al. Alabama and Florida State here are some of the other games that your gonna get. In next week's weak number one matchups August 31 through September 2. Ohio State Indiana on a Thursday night now open up the season we mentioned Colorado State Colorado next Friday. Michigan's playing Florida in Arlington Texas next weekend. In C state and South Carolina are tipping off in Charlotte at 3 PM or kicking off in Charlotte at 3 PM next Saturday. Yeah Brigham young he's actually get you started this weekend they get a prep game to get ready for L as she that games being played in Houston. You've got Maryland plane at the University of Texas that weekend come on Texas Stadium go out the UCLA on Sunday. It just what on Josh Rosen in UCLA. Also on Sunday on land over Maryland you get West Virginia vs Virginia Tech that Sunday September 3. And and that's followed up on set a Monday September 4. By Tennessee at Georgia Tech in a neutral site game yet. Again and be more Tennessee fancier. I'm gonna go ahead and tell you Georgia Bulldogs you guys are on upset a lower in its not because my producer is an app state grad. But Georgia net state the diesel will be covering for ESPN upstate in Sanford stadium in Athens Georgia I think that's what a 5 PM kickoff. It's later than six Adam seven its prime time. You talk about apps 1821. In five the past two seasons member last year took Tennessee to overtime in the opener. In here talking about an experience roster with that state. Who have already been picked to be the Sunbelt pay the favorites they will be no pushover for the Georgia Bulldogs enact a in. Athens in here's why. Number one you'll prove he can do it year after year diesel don't tell me. The Georgia even though app states they're in Sanford stadium to open the year's not looking a little ahead to a trip to Notre Dame and week number two and I'm sure they are. And I say this heat from a nap stay perspective. The regular season. Schedule is not good I think we have V 128. Out of 130. Thirtieth ranked. Strength of schedule and it's just a wave the scheduling felt. This year we missed Troy we missed. Arkansas State in the so like bullies Taylor rice a two of them to the the other two best programs in the league. We miss and it's just because that's the way scheduling worked out. That's gonna change starting next year when the schedules all gauge how long Q because it's going to 25 team division so my point is though. That. I hope and I think a lot of coaches are looking at a like this is a big deal game that is V. Big deal gained you should you win that game where you show out well in that game. That sets you up much better throughout the rest of the season he gets smoked. In Athens and the chances of of sniffing a ranking are gone because it just isn't the strength of schedule behind you. Even if you even if you win the rest of the games is just not enough strength of schedule behind you to get to back up there. All right so will continue this talk what are some other games that weaken as well as well as a September 9 week in a no other big winless and it's right around the corner but when we come back diesel I wanna ask your question in regards to app state football out of what you think about it during the break you say you guys play Georgia tough in the eye opener you go on and win. The Sun Belt Conference yet again you play in a bowl game on December 16 or whatever it is the opening day of bowl season. Will Scott Satterfield be back in Boone next year will get diesels opinion we'll also talk about the rest of the game's opening weekend not to mention the second weekend wide. We start college football this weekend gimmick sure thought city for four GS PE SPN. IDs and you gotta go on FaceBook again for people that did not know a couple of hours ago we had a total eclipse of the sun. We have a friend that used to work here now Moorestown emerald beach by the name of stand Fisher. Got this FaceBook page below. Six hours ago I don't know you want to look at that really is already started here Mara because my results. It is it way overweight. Wearing a Speedo bathing stamp on the beach but did you notice how they do is applying his suntan lotion. Looks like without. A paint roller. Love it. It is literally a paint roller as genius. Honestly that's brilliant she got to be pretty big because nobody paint roller to put on these painless. That's phones. Nobody really wants to rub that it apparently now I've never been Europe's I wouldn't know but I've been told. That Europeans plenty of funny if you don't Wear Speedo gasoline if you're wearing board shorts they say whose as we are you guys must be American won't gas like. They will continue to call me weird I got worse Speedo back in the day when I swim for the swim team and that is it is a matter of fact we got so cool as teenagers. Who are coaching you know believe it or not diesel this is something you probably don't know about they're you've been living in for 45 years I think it's still the case it may not be. The back in the day we have something here in the upstate here agree mechanical this solely. Swim association invitational. I grew up swimming for the body would swim team and that was what school so all you black neighborhoods when teams turn the summer yup did appears lobbed it. We had like morning practice at 9 o'clock afternoon practice three. That we come and worn out the rest today. No I'm only knows from us kids we were tired. So while. So anyway yeah that's the last time I've worn a Speedo that's last time I wanna see. The Mel wants with the Speedo on there's just some things are not going to be the first trial last time we received. I hope not because I've told my wife and child I've been to Europe multiple times I'd better be some pretty special before I get on an airplane. Inco back over there but diesel we've been talking about five days away this weekend five college football games to start the year. Ten days away is our first thirty Thursday night match ups there's like 25 that night. Then the rest of it takes place on Saturday and into games on Sunday September 3 in their courts closing up Labor Day night. With. With Georgia Tech in Tennessee they're in the new Mercedes been stadium but one other game to pay attention to. That may end up affecting you this year. Is Troy at Boise State. It's one of those teams is gonna be really good this year but guess what they're gonna be tagged with the loss and that's who you're competing with when it comes to the group of five so I'm guessing. They either between Troy at Boise State Houston that you TC and Antonio who's supposed to be better this year. Those two losses I mean I did go to Alabama realize that's math class to gain sets two losses. Those two losses that could affect Europe state mountaineers when it comes to later on in the group of five polling so while those are two other games that opening weekend and of course she. Know what I tell you what I'm actually a really envious of Troy landing that Boise State game because of course Boise State is the example of group of five football and it's really broken into the power conversation. In the last decade yet. But the one team to Houston who has probably been your best group of five team the last two years has to deal with this the fact that Major Applewhite is now your head coach and I'm sorry I think it's gonna be a little bit of the same way Oklahoma. With the Lincoln Riley I get the fact he's been their first few years but you when you're in your first years head coach there's just a few things that you have to. To deal with an acting that's going to be the case but when you look at September 9 week number two. Is we're gonna Collin speaking in about Lincoln Riley. The main event on September 2 simply this. Oklahoma State at Ohio State. Biggest question many who got sick I remember how his state won that game last year Norman 45 to 24. Baker may still comes back for the Oklahoma Sooners this is not the year under senator. They are Norman. But that's a pretty good profile they are for week number two some other good games that weekend includes right Deion ID five in clumps and remember the twelfth ranked Auburn Tigers. They're coming up to take on the number five ranked Clemson Tigers some other games that weekend of September 9 of importance. Lol on North Carolina. Get together up in Chapel Hill any early ACC match up he got the battle of Pennsylvania. Pitt. Act and state. Yep TCU at Arkansas remember those two old southwest conference rivals got together last year. Out in fort Fort Worth, Texas he got Nebraska headed out org and he got George's we mention headed up the number Notre Dame and week number two. He had a great pac twelve matchups hampered at southern cal. In also you talk. At BYU now that's a great day of football but the majority of it you're gonna have to decide what you wanna watch because it's not gains. You're talking about Auburn Clemson a 7 PM kickoff Georgia Notre Dame and Oklahoma Ohio State or 730 kickoff Stamford southern cal is an 830 kickoff so. That's going to. It's gonna be a lot of good gains at night on September night now. The one and it doesn't matter does but we're gonna say it because it is a cross state in state rivalry game and our number one in the building is Iowa Hawkeye grad so remember in week number two Iowa is at Iowa State. With the member of the Hawkeyes won 42 to three last year but that is our 123. Times a year that we bring up the Iowa Hawkeyes. As we know it makes our number one here in the building. Pretty big male. When it comes to group of five we talked about that opener for Troy eat at Boise State diesel. But guess what your group of five match up is in week number two the U need to pay attention to. It's Boise State at Washington State. Now Washington State heads in right now under Mike Leach but you can bet your bottom dollar. Boise State gets a win you're gonna see the Broncos start heading up the polls they year. In of course you know one group of five team will make it into you the New Year's sixty bowl games. You will see how that goes remember last year Boise State beat. Washington State 31 to 28 so that is a big game when it comes to the New Year's six bowl hopes. All right when we come back we'll continue looking will get into the NFL in the final hour. Plus it's at a clip stay here on ESP in upstate straight it was stars tell us your story. Was it boring did it live up to the hype boy you watch twitters they're mixed emotions all over the place. I'd welcome back get it is a Monday Ed clips addition. I'm straight up with starts these oral quit before we go to Dublin on the phone lines IA he got name message and was thinking about something. I'd ask you about Scott Satterfield because one of the highest ranked non group provide teams outside a South Florida is your upstate mountaineers and so let's say you guys played Georgia extremely tough in the opener. Like he did study yet and I think he should've beaten Tennessee last Europe they are not steal from it then they go on and have a good year you guys have been picked to win the Sunbelt conference yet again. Is that going to be enough for somebody to go to you know what Scott Satterfield you're going to be our next head coach X university. I guarantee you every year he's fighting off offers or you don't have them the run he's had and and not get offers. So wouldn't surprise me if he did have another run. Another couple of teams take a run at him he stayed a multiple times so that he'd. Wants to stay in there and until his kids graduate high school until son graduate high school he's a junior. Right now so. You know somebody comes along and offers are right amount of money is hard to turn down I get that. I promise you this much delicate my son ago I'm sorry but guess what you don't get 50000 dollar check starts your life out why because I just quadrupled my salary on the job so I think he could smooth that over but. I do think there's a lot of truth in what you say. It's going to be it's gonna have to be he's not leaving at stake for just a job right have to be the bright job. Had he not has had he not lived in boon for the last 25 years of his life. I think to be a heck of a lot easier to leave at this point you know I think it's going to be and he's gonna stick true as we learned he's gonna stay. Until his son graduates highs in innings he's got two more seasons including missile. In Dan if he does guess what. Amanda eighty S to mortgage years. Now I'm after and big time wide because he's a man of his word as well let's go to the photo my double wants talk about some football as well also eclipsed did you enjoy the day our friend. There and you know most potent corporate conduct prevent open and it doesn't match. As Republicans and it has argued just let us a while. Apple can shuttle backup solution clothes are ruler directly there's no question and a little blue. I mean I am telling you you have I saw a lot of Tivo this is going to be new big dip that's it that's it. As a college kids started and August are not a moment to see mother nature work like that. RB department our own world people who own stated a Lenovo presumably to relieve an issue Bernadette present. Forrest well caught Obama. In Pro Bowl party litmus it was uploaded those. What trust and know that can't pick it started to certain this console what is starting Saturday. But investors are popping up on the Chattanooga and just in this state don't what was candidacy at the end of the game that. Oh the go South Florida forest Scott well. Big east and Iraq coast Pastrana do you have a different capacity. You know what they may be a lot of truth in that because I've Butch Jones he's got a wing games this year and I don't know if you saw his one of his starting wide receivers is gonna miss the beginning of the year with a broken collarbone they had another offensive linemen be lost for the year the other day. So in what is a big year for Butch Jones there Ari dale a couple players going into that opener. And I tell you why he gets that job I wish him the best of luck and thank him for his service because he hasn't try to screw over the university at all he's been a class act the entire time he's been there. You'd that you thanked him for what he's done and say good luck coach go get him. You know bullet he knew nobody accuses it I think all of it completely beaten some form located late aren't going to beat it. Maybe it's because it is prior to open a group seeks to hold it. Just bungled the militant group departed took part our other title poem is so workings. All right W breaking up they are a little bit and I got I got the main part of your question about Charlie Strong in South Florida lesson if the organ coach was backed mayor Willie Taggart this year I'd say go ahead mark South Florida day on in the add New Year's Day six told gamespot. Blight. How good of a coach Charlie Strong Amy went to Texas and he couldn't win. With a school that was as check your un. Freaking net write good got a blank check to do anything you want at Texas we're not talking Notre Dame playing their gains on NBC network were taught in the free can Longhorn Network and you couldn't win there. Now I still think there's an adjustment period with a new coach coming in and you know you gotta look at who's gonna buy yen. Who you're gonna have to weed out in a lot of those kids are gonna look at Charlie Strong bingo you know what I signed to play with Willie Taggart. That's what a coach's job is to do when he comes in. Find out who wants to be there and who who Dutton. You brought off the ones that don't wanna be there and guess what that's what Charlie starlets gonna have to deal with here in the next few weeks but. I mean you are sitting there looking at South Florida number nineteen they are by far the highest rank group of five team. Again I mean I don't. I still say don't pencil South Florida and is anything that great right now just based off we got to see how they're gonna react to have and a new head coach and a lot of other things as well. Here's a chance for South Florida be very good I think they got like 1819 starters returning diesel have to go in the office and get my book out a look at the right number. But again he can always have that question going into the opener will they buy into the new coaching staff numbered two. I don't think San Jose state is one of the great is. Mid level programs and olive college football but guess what that is a long long flight from Tampa that is San Jose this weekend. To open up the season and again they are a lot of various factors in there as well but they do look to be. The class of the big east stay here which you would think is going to get that natural push mean. What should be the strongest of the non power five football programs are the weeks. Again I speak I think it's going to be. Pretty interesting when it comes to that wouldn't be shocked SEC and is a state win that opener. This weekend and again he realized Jacksonville State and Chattanooga get together say gamecocks are playing in this weekend just not will must chance. Gained Cox soaps. All right I tell you what we're gonna do I tell you because we're getting at 557 I don't really wanna get me anything bad to omit in this meet I can emotions are huge. We just saw this one come acquire cross my Twitter feed I scene of the story this morning about the Heidi judge being gunned down. In 8 AM this morning. They are now saying it was in Stephen bill Ohio with the anybody remembers on ESPN a couple of years ago they had a big rape case up there Stephen go high school which is one of the best football high schools in the not only bay area of the state hop Ohio but also the country. But that Jefferson County judge Joseph Oprah's he's junior who was shot around eight ADM was actually shot by meant Nathaniel Nate Richmond. The father of one of those high school football players that was put in jail for a gang raped three years ago. So I guess I just sat with them really really wrong he went to a kid out. On the judge today. I don't care they did assist. That's gutless because she's somebody not given the chance to respond I don't care if you felt like your son was done wrong back in the day or not guess what. You can't you can't respond to that when your heart's not beating. Fortunately eaten I'm not gonna go any further in that began eight he was in juvenile lock out was Moly Richmond. After being convicted with they no other Stephen bill high school football player of breaking a sixteen year old girl during alcohol fueled party in 2012. In that you dad's his gun and shot somebody had taken their grandfather her husband away. There are no winners in this situation but it sales to me like I have a little bit of an idea. Of which way I would go. On things been a very very sad situation nobody wins in that regards our right. When we come back we will get into more football both pro and college which includes web breaking news of what's going on in the NFL. A wide mark Sturges may be a casual NFL observer for the next few years we'll tell you about that we'll take your phone calls you can tell us. How your day was with clips did it live up to the did you live up there what all the hype was all about I think you did because that we're out here in the parking lot diesel. Lot of us had our mouths open at what we were witnessing it was a bleary very cold day this is straight up with start date for four. GS PE SPN.