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Women talked in NFL as week one of the pre season is in action and yeah the how. Hot cakes that are going on lessened to some Watson what good for the Texans. Mixture miscue look good for the Chicago Bears last night with diesel if we're gonna go over reacting to stuff from the first week of the regular season. What about the pain and stored for the New England Patriots they fall 31 to 24 at home last night to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Or how this one. Cleveland won one game last year but they went twenty to fourteen over New Orleans last night brought us Weiler did not play that well. So things are obviously better for the Cleveland Browns this year it's the first weekend of the NFL pre season and guess what we're all excited to have it back. But just don't overdo it I mean Baltimore look really really good last night in 823 to three whenever the Washington Redskins. With Ryan mallet is your starting quarterback so don't go pencil that in is when the best defense of performances you've ever seen. But these Hawaii we were talking about he had to shine. Didn't get in verses the panthers' number one defense. Did their work was done and over after two series they went three and out three and out against. Tom savage spend their work was done for the night. Why did you try to do that wore number one you don't wanna over shows things. Christian pat Christian McCaffrey is just he's itching to get out on the field but they more or less ran amounted to place other night why is don't wanna show everything. They can do it Christian McCaffrey do the Carolina Panthers but the other reason as. You don't wanna get people hurt. Yes that's part of the game of football I get it but they NFL network is reporting. The trip Murphy who was gonna miss four games was the Washington Redskins linebacker he was gonna miss four games due to suspension. He will now miss the entire 2017. Season. As he suffered a torn ACL in last night's pre season game in Baltimore. So that's why these stings are skewed you know what certain guys can do you know what certain units can do. You are not be so it is week one of the pre season absolutely no doubt about it. Our eight one guy that's got to listen I loved it take my shots and LA she are right. First of all it's a great state New Orleans I absolutely love head to head down there. But Jacksonville Jaguars a number one pick ready bag Leonard for net of Allah issue memories taken number four in this past NFL draft. She is got a target on his shoulders on his head for the coming weeks if not the entire season now again. Jacksonville's headed to the Super Bowl based on last night's 3124. Went. At the New England Patriots but this is what Leonard for that told After the game. Talking about the transition to the NFL quote it's slower than what I thought. That's how I've been since I first got in the NFL. A lot of people were like it's going to be fast. But I mean playing in the SEC that kinda helped me a lot I think to me this is a little easy. Dude you're gonna regret those comments you're gonna ga be just be prepared to be completed on the back of a lag. A little extra shot video push when you get not some things like that is I promise she letter for net. You Gatorade here few times in the next month welcome to the league wrought all right Mike from Spartanburg Watson talked about Simi Watkins Mike welcome in. Sturgeon point destroyed until the ball float in a fantastic job get rid of the overrated Samuel wahpeton and urged a lonely dollars start the call that way deserves only tell you something like in my. Well it is a number of our. Short match you're kidding Jordan mattress at lest you sell the ports deal yeah you know what a fantastic. You know every watch him you know watching them you know like Clinton where he was very good and you know. He hadn't really one good productive year in your rent out stats like he averages. Sixty catches. You know what. I don't know he really does the average fifty catches you know you may you know what you want that one really good year he had an events you know spread out over the other till. I do think it's you know what. It's now it's time for him to move on they get a really great bench you know will hold Jarrett got. You don't beat something for him I don't know you know got yet to interpret themselves but I am just glad you are to kimco. Well I think this I think he got a situation where the ad bills knows that they're. You know let's be on a sit rebuilding again and everybody's rebuilding in the NFC east in my appear in the AFC east in my opinion is on his New England has Tom Brady I think people kind of know what their role is is great just look at the history. Of the last two decades you know a lot of seen these problems had been in the fact that and quite frankly hadn't been on the field you know he's battled back hamstring is issues and things of that nature. I think the change of location from coal weathered a warm weather that's something and its gonna help Sammy Watkins sometimes. It's just good to hit the reset button in May be and a working out very very well for buffalo as well as Sammy Watkins but yet at first I went mania that's so weird treatment Jordan I met these numbers they speak for themselves. Philadelphia he didn't really have a quarterback until carts and Wentz was drafted last year. So let me just say one other thing you're did you send a passage but you're Mike Glenn and standard and I I entered Ellis are what I need to caution you knew and what you've been saying. We can't let's not and I love match and I think he's going to be a storm believe me this shot I think is going to be a star you know we can talk all they did great but he came out and you can't slam like glue a little bit so if we got it we gotta kind of take it easy on praised the guys who did well and make it easier Michael Leavitt. Hold on hey Brett. To bake for twenty yards and zero point zero passer rating now I'd dig codify that real quick he was going up against the Denver Broncos number one defense in his first pre season start for the Chicago mayor's. We're gonna given nerves and everything but by god it is still hard to defending zero point zero passer rating. Well if you know here's the thing until. He's gonna bring home sixteen mil yeah. They're not cut and he'll be on the team but only yourself I don't know cannot start. I don't know. That you know Mitch played real well I mean I think you had a lot like a blizzard like eight or ten cats that well. He completed his first ten attempts for the game and led them on back scoring drives there was a lot of positive momentum with that mr. Boesky but again he didn't do it against the first team that's why I say yeah we all got a temper this stuff. Our let's look at what you do the same be careful out there might do is again we're stars you'll sunshine might have cut the lights back off. Him a little bit yet. Listen. Mike Glenn and yet big moment for him of course everybody's clambering permits from this key and it's just weird that you go make that trade for going in in drafts of my number two overall. But yet to listen we will see how time works out if nothing else we know Mike Glenn and can be as successful backup in the league he did it for all these years in Tampa will see if that and be in the case is Chicago's well but yet diesel. I even know when somebody grainy slower and a new system and and he says he does have a world team and had like last night in I hadn't seen an atom in the past but. Everybody. Is allowed one of those let's ask you this bond surged. All through that paved there's pre season game the other night. You heard over and over and over again Derek Anderson is the best back openly is the best back how and the Panthers managed to hang on this guy. Being neck quarterback is such a problem for a lot of teams. How how is it that nobody's been able to lure him away contract. But still I mean it was got a 25 year contract I mean. I think they got him for three or four of the last time and Derek Anderson I was right are written to be broken yet no but guess what the Panthers of the one that have to agree to break it not dear king Anderson so's on is the Panthers are happy and that deal there king Anderson that ebony leverage now. UST most. Apple lacks in stage six and four headed into the last two games of the regular season. God forbid I'm a medal that statement did not make any reason why did like five years ago as to shut your mouth. All right all right so anyway Clarkson app state Alabama South Carolina where ever. The most popular player. All the team at six and 4 November. Back at quarterback why because he might you might be eight to updated just played him right so Alison. Going through three years and baton. I know exactly what that means it's always start to back upstart tobacco and you do it and then now whenever it into the next year's start to back up clipboard Jesus otherwise known as Charlie Whitehurst. It's made a lot of money in the NFL beer and tobacco quarterbacking guess what I bet he's not going to be suffer from CT. When he's 55 years old so there's a lot to be said for that is good spot to be in the NFL's past. It comes quarterback yet to be called on. Member mocks and was ever any but the thing is you are really expect that much out of it back up just don't just don't be awful but you just can't do what Marx was doing remember. He was a very good book is that they read the novel. Read on the sidelines absolutely so. Yeah the other thing that would tell you is you know obviously the entire palmetto state want to begin in on this Super Bowl appears at this Tom Watson will be Lee in the Houston Texas to this year. Because Bruce Ellington in the former South Carolina wide receiver signs a contract earlier today with the Houston Texans remember I think he was with San Francisco and all. So yeah there here's the deal. They run ticker tape parade stay on they're New York City. The Houston Texans and all these clumps and in Carolina players win the Super Bowl can we do the same thing between 926 and it's a Spartanburg in Columbia. I'm not sure wanna sponsored by diesel that. Well that's going to be one sad part. You can have me now we finally got one back assault narcotics and I've brought my famous recipe called bag of ice has saved you can either have this wood chipper that would ship which key cavity can have a good support to this point bear of the day the jerk. You cube winning he would always want anything in this section between right here in right here is not Ares. Kind of the same thing when it comes to diesels party. On 926. But let's talk some college football when we come back Clemson, South Carolina they're getting ready for scrimmage is this weekend we're just two weeks from tomorrow we will be celebrating real college football games. With six games that opening weekend August 26 before we get fully into it on August 31. So when we come back a little college football plus what are the lies your coach is going to be telling you here in the next two weeks I'm sorry. There's no way around it it doesn't matter your random you won't hear one of these comments in the next few weeks as we hear is we lead up to the opener. Plus is your show for the rest today at 844 GS PE SPN had the quarterback slot last night. That's always up to debate as well. You got to admit that be pretty cool. Go hang out at the for the listeners go hang out at afford not to award that fewer and fewer that the fewer dealership. Are you river the navy free Willy got all of the error activists upset you know. Caicos or Tyco Tyco OK because it was Orkut who stored you know as William free Willy. Was released into the wild in July of 2002. After being held in captivity for 23 years now that's where I want some member. Go to SeaWorld get rid of me everything's got to be released in the Yankees did. Because here's why says a few weeks after his release. Kato showed up. To a Norwegian forward in hopes of seeking human contact win in game would even give children free rides on his back. Now personalize how do you charge you for your killer well for rights on the back to your idea you don't even as Tony to. Speaking. We got Norway and here we don't do it don't disappoint. We can help it's Friday may Ed. Harris your deal here's your wedge right here for our Good Friday joke of the day. All of the jobs I was telling you earlier slightly Wyatt wires Scandinavian women so pretty it's because the vikings could bring back the ugly hassle Utley said. Like I've worked in Norwegian Ford fuel or you know or are you OK coach Christian ASCII. But it's but that actually interest in showed up wanting interaction with humans so year that's why you can't go to SeaWorld in. Orlando. Or San Antonio in Disco go put him out there in the ocean you've got to deal. With those animals I dude do you remember what it's. Drew Barry Morse character's name was in the movie Wayne's world. She was Swedish. Yes she loses. You'd be arrogant to Gerry get in from your area near the end Jergen fjords. And Wayne's. Instead of same swing went here and you can reach I had such a crush on Drew Barrymore from that movie she was unbelievably hot and should market radio station that is clear is a reception at a radio reception is rather solemn. The miners are is here now though he's not listening. Well you just heard they had run against fellow how loved him and he does a great job and I don't go there gonna stay here because he's not hearing good Jergen. Or any other receptionists that are that our Dell was so of course we didn't hire for as low hooks. Well they'll hire you for your looks either did that to give and then I'm also not a receptionists inner calm as well says. Our right to you can get in an 844 GS PE SP NY talking season has begun. Eight here's a list of Hawaii's that you're going to be told here if you had already are right it's just that time of the season but it. Will go to this list here in just a second yeah it's even got a play for your app state mountaineers are my Alabama crimson tighter. Or yells Clemson Tigers are South Carolina Gamecocks one of these five. Is gonna end up on the list. And you know. You know it's NFL time when nations get man. Want to talk about a year and a different light he hears the word Panthers are you Danny had we listened and the radio I just like it is like a little. Tickle on the back Benazir is that somebody's talking Panthers yep yep. Your man you know what Bartlett there he would go one a look at global leader of the double Asia. It's well three more pre season games actually led three does it that two more that matter and one more to sit through. There you go credit due to war well almost it's now only want level then I'll be here right about what is left right. It was it was pretty good game don't let my. You know. Upper part I don't go about it so the par colonial all the topic go to college football starters. Couple baby. Now. I don't know dot com don't do contractor who if you you have to talk about getting caught yeah my irrelevant Andre renovated. I mean every every man with a sport that I would tell them that all gonna go to any. I didn't do it I know that you can't look now our album I'll be relevant at all it. Couldn't food that it didn't and obviously my getting it outlet it. Because I've heard the same thing people say you contractually obligated to talk about it tiger's talking about a tie without ever come home and got to give some credit. I. I will say this might sometimes you got to search for reasons talk about your dad George Rogers high and they added a long time before alum in never picked up their first set to that such a crowd support. What goes up must come dale. After it ran. Well I'll probably has remote Danica Monaco coach that we can get audio quality Mexico. Well enough. Oh man I thought about it for a man Hollywood did what we really don't really fit. And weight when he formal political out of play. BA over the troubled that what little I Arun Daniel played well made we don't we do go okay. Lately it meant so I think is. But it's operating in rubble crying out. Control period. Am patrol with the payable so called a couple. You don't know all while. Panther nation need to hook you up with my dad who is by the way my third nation he's had season tickets for the painters sheer number one in Death Valley. Didn't birds all professional for a sports are fixed mean to let our guys I don't know if it's necessarily the outcome is determined heading in. But they now with the officials to walk in the and go hey man yeah we could use his team hanging around in the standings for a couple of weeks CPC and opening there. Yes sometimes I don't dispute demonic mail other times in a sports talk shows. Wanna go into that comet thought process of everything's fixed and yeah I. I don't quite all right yeah a look at diesels face every day that's like say in that it might there's a chance it might get better looking at some point in. That ship to sell you their nations says. One. They don't know why don't know who really don't level right now so I didn't want and then that would if you only wanted to go heavily critical month pay. Kamal minutes. You know I drew. The main enemy that sports for you and me and me he says that. While everybody wants a little extra coordinate their pocket that winning comes to actually taking money from gamblers to pass again. Estes un American it's just freaked him on American. You bet they'll run don't let I got probably it's bet that that idea how to play the Bible is there to do you don't want to blame the bush. My candidate didn't end does it go and get them. You know running dog demanded that followed the equivalent to that period that do you. A lot of OK it is that I don't only one true quarterback and in every other day two quarterbacks. Best story would just. Ringing in Atlanta this reform is the time. Tom Brady leaving his. Championship patriot bank director you have to have law and a rod leaving anyway yeah you. Click on the whole. You are you're not completely wrong you can added patent and in tears at third but fortunately he's doing commercials now panther nation real quickly. But what point do you really boring on our back is I think he saw enough about it from dear K Anderson the other night that. This pain at the franchise that need to get all on board this week really hurting and need to have him rest Aso a short sold an excellent. Thank. Say honestly is there to take you long and and it's you wait. And give him any day orders gained. Let don't let him open his Brothers and let them taken blocks that make no mistake about it says quote camp who will be back. All right man we're gonna hold you to a great fund called Percy get them with this because again it's that time is set time and so. It's also that tiny spur used to call this back candidate talking season. Of course Spurrier is we went to the list yesterday never I never at a loss for singing an opponent and zany rival he goes in and he knocks on LA she. In Shreveport who he easy and it Independence Bowl my heroes. So we know this is talking season Bettina what diesel YouTube app state. Won what 21 games the last two years or is it 22 I don't want short Choi won. I don't know I thought man so my point being things are going well for Scott Satterfield an app state football right now. Tell me if you haven't heard one of these five already in the past week or if you will here in the next three weeks okay. The first one. I'm coach did you get your digital voice recorder appear from in my face diesel. Quote every job is open there's no starters here it's all compensation. Yeah yeah commit yet you sanitation geese hit the damn near the entire offseason and spring practice. To not figure out what you're gonna do with your depth chart on August 15 with the opener just come. To that I say there is some as little smidgen of truth to that in that. Yet they probably have a good idea at this point but do you know anything can still have anything they don't spill happened but guess what you see but I but it's doubtful but what do you they have up what if if they don't have a dry erase board they have a TV screen as you're seeing with Tampa Bay in hard not slowing. Net they got eight they've got a depth chart on the wall in the coaches office says he's standing or look at that for four months to walk in August practice to say. Every job is open their nose starters here it's all competition. I get it that's a message to the team that's also why has its garbage and enjoy every year. Right it's it's equally a message to the starter to the presumptive starter like hey man you better keep going better keep it up. Are you will be sit the bench. And it's also a message says other guises that third and fourth string this I don't get discouraged keep battling because you got a shot all right so yeah and it's a ways possibly try to keep giving camp because you know at this point is that the is always on some defectors I. Also assumes buying what I'm selling where I'm going here and everything in me Sherry here one of the aren't gonna get one more him before we go to break. But is this what may be the biggest lie out there but sometimes you have to sit there with your. He nodded in your eyes open to try to make it sailed good quote our goal is to win the conference this year. While sure echoed she just went to three and nine last year and you lost eighteen starters mature goal is to win the conference this year yes sure. I'm really Billy now I. I know you gotta have your fan base believing there's a chance in hell out of you especially want the players to do it but yet you just lost seventeen starters off at three in nineteen. You just got so much better Darren spring practice that now your goal is to win the cut and outlets or you won't hear. Are you never hear our goal is to win the national championship we just really can't win in today's teen aged. A national championship without winning the conference championship so that's where you kind of put it is step number one. Sure yeah of and you know I'd love here's Steve Spurrier serie a goals to get everybody lunch table. And and I'll talk a given out there without any heartburn and give them back out on the field for for a second practice of the day yet yet. Our goals beyond tightened in the training table today. So what are some of the other things he was a college football fans will be told here we've got three more that will go through. In also we'll take your phone calls it's a wide open Friday 844 GS PE SPN. Will be back in the studio at Davis will give back a little bit toward normal next week price in rich. Richmond back entailed but remember in two weeks. Prices coming out and Omaha Nebraska for the US curling championships ahead of the Olympic trials. Said these women talking about changes here that you you're you're likely to hear from your head football coach if you haven't heard it in the first ten days of practice. You may hear written the next two weeks in the first warned. Quote every job is open their no starters here it's a competition. Or some variants of that okay. The second one our goal is to win the conference. The third on this list. It it's always count. Has this shot at it but Streep thing conditioning staff made some changes that are really going to pay off during the coming season. So basically what that is sort of say it is we had a bunch of dumb asses last year that didn't know what we're doing and so we made some changes in Matt's gonna payoff now that's not the case but he easily hear something and it. We discovered a little bit of a magic pill that's gonna help us in this upcoming season. Our eight this once my favorite because there's so much truth in this one as well but you're gonna hear it. We're only focused on week number one the opener. Now here's the deal he can't win them all if you don't win the opener seeing you better be focused on the opener but. You're gonna hear that as we get closer to kick off or especially with teens and maybe open up would not be at toughest opponent have some might better and we number two. Well you know you can't be looking pad now where only worried we're only focused on week number one. I define a one in death a I've already heard it from both local coaches. Quote we don't pay attention to what the media is saying about us this year. You love like a doll coach that's why you brought it up to begin west. Maybe your sit in front of the computer on Twitter on the message boards and things of that nature but guess what. If it's out there I've never you're hearing yet she we get feedback. You read it you music you need you that tell you put teams up. That's how you know if your team you cannot tell me. Did if you do not know that the media is talking about your team is a potential national champion for this year. Don't lied to me I'm not stupid you know exactly what the media saying why does your human. You are human. Nobody likes to be dale tall today. Nobody likes to be dale talked to now. The great thing about that is a if you're rebuilding the program diesel is your coach can use the nobody is believing outscored. You know an Emmy but they're also becomes a tying. Its can't really play that card anymore as well. I know your remake coach said just appreciating in quit lying about it but I know you're gonna say that statement to your fan base in other fans at some point here. In the next three weeks. I'm what I'm zone. And wouldn't. You wanna hear us from Butch Jones. What most fan base's hope that they won't hear from their head coach here in the next couple weeks. After all right Lewis after practice today Tennessee football coach said we have zero. We have zero continuity on offense now you know they're starting quarterback from last season just started for the Pittsburgh Steelers in their first pre season game. In you know you lost an aerospace engineer yes. Their quarterback was a rocket scientists and Joshua dobbs Tennessee but this is what Jones had to say after the Tet practiced. Of this fall session we have zero continent in new video on offense and we have to step it up I trust that we will but it's not our expectations. So the next few practices are monumental man you're talking about. Offensive tackle out markets Tatum with a foot injury they also are missing another one with a head injury and they had a another one that I guess is gonna miss the year so if you have a new quarterback in your missing a large portion of your offensive line. Chances are you're not gonna have any continuity to begin. Ask this question do you think. And I love to hear from somebody who's who's been an athlete who's been a football player has been a coach. Is sending. A message through the media. Actually resonate with your team. Does that does Butch Jones could could Butch Jones really being tell in the team through the media you guys staking out of step up. Well again and they doesn't work. I think it depends on how many times you use that right because this is easily be misconstrue as him really say in our team. Sucks I how about this. I can see how an incoming. Freshman. A freshmen may be even or redshirt freshman. Are just soaking up everything PJ fleck says about it. All of this blob blob blob blob that he's known for. I can see how a senior would tune it out at some point we could you heard it for four and a half years somehow some way. You got to keep changing the message especially in that kind of charged message of a PGA flight with you know everything. If you don't use this all the time where your players catch on to it then yes is effective absolutely noticed. Play it it's like cute kid and can be adjusted to watch. Moving from the Mac to the Big Ten. How much PGA flex message works at that level is compared to the Mac which is all about disrespect to begin with you're not good enough to be keen included in the college football playoff you there's all that Jimmy Singh thing that can be said for the sun belt club. Eight he's. There's no reason he can't use that message worries don't. And wanna point out he's cool that's been disrespect if for awhile but my point being I somehow to exceed kitten older. Knowing he. Wanna hear all this rob rob stuffy give it to me like it really is so I think that would be my deal with PJ fleck is that. Maybe I hang on to the same message but find a way to reinvent that message if you will share. I don't think he can take the exact same message and used a western Michigan and just plug it right Minnesota and expected to work but those have always heard it yet from somewhere else but then again you ask yourself. I where they live in a bubble up there you know how they really hurt that messes up they've they've made they've heard it yet. But you know it doesn't mean it's not written down on the walks yeah mania may they've they've aren't sure maybe it's tedious and as that I used got out west Michigan is has row the boat. The point I think you what it is is as you go on get a break all the material back out just change a word here and make sure it's what you got to college different colleges did back in the day I can do you know you said it's hurting us five new car you're excited about it and some new decision. Did you doesn't mess necessarily mean it's new car right so that's exactly that's what it is now it's it's a new or used vehicle to these guys. Yeah but again. But students s.'s anytime you don't have guys your account and on to be there and get the reps and knock all the rusting gain that continuity. You don't want to see it as a setback but it does kind of rear back the development of that group coming together listen you got to figure out what you gonna do quarterback you also got to figure out what you gonna do on the offensive line. Quite frankly this is a big year for Tennessee football and Butch Jones will come back 844 GS PE SPN close up this Friday addition. Did you ready for the weekend this is straight up with search. I welcome back here and final segment it's been a busy week diesel from you mean pretty much hold in dale before been a lot of fun the last few days in studio rating get back to smoke on the water next week. My home away from home that was voted. The best downtown restaurant in Greenville Maine in it anyway that's the ones who wins or losses have been there and you don't get a permit a cheeseburger and now they shut down. Am a regular spot which by the way still has closed for remodeling up in the windows. Yeah we've actually tried to reach out have Mike Shuler and I'm right. Can get a phone call and return talk him out maybe thinking about doing something with that spot yeah yeah gaining get a phone call so we never seen a whole lot of Mike here recently. Plus he was at a tail for a week but me and I'm so proud of them. Zia that's yeah so many restaurants fell on the first year business yet here he is a downtown dining destination. After twelve years are right ME ST. Josh Halsey a former Auburn player. With the Washington Redskins. Just waited from his Twitter account thirty minutes ago that it's at K it's OJ holes. Quote this is I don't know if I wanna say congratulations are geese sucked. Sometimes you're a little bit and the of a guidance for me diesel but this is what he Josh Halsey former Auburn football player with the Washington Redskins tweeted. For my eleventh grade teacher for mighty a letter grade English teacher he told me I would be in jail in lead all my friends to jail. I just wanna say thanks for the motivation. Question as well I was content that is just can't read told pie in the sweet soda either. He is genuinely thinking disallowed on teacher who. But it is maybe he was a bad kid maybe you may maybe you're miserable we don't know yet maybe was ready and this teacher warned of flat out as a did you know what you're doing and end up in jail yet. And that's what kind of scared and straighter turned to restrain or whatever. Or. Is he being sarcastic or or is he sort of clapped him back adamant saying look despite you or I may I made it you know bang in line. Or how about this one. About your idiot at that time but whatever you said resonated with me and I'm thankful than a minute Washington Redskins camp verses being in jail play without without knowing his intent behind it we just you know you can't always speculate on what that means and that's why can't you just listen you did you I'd shoot pretty it is a positive status of thanking him. If I can see this being me and it fuels start to do the right thing you do is go find yourself in gel in Europe a leader not a follower and guess what you gonna lead other people down that and as you know. And we've heard all the times some guys some players. As is some people in general you have to motivate different ways you know some army said some on the got to put your arm around somebody got to grab by the face mask. And you know this is is this a grab and a guy by a face mask in eleventh grade. We're gonna see all right PGA championship this can be a run they don't do the leaderboard again. Eight. I think the word in Charlotte this weekend is diesel you were mentioning you went look at the weather here. So I can be too much stiffer a hundred miles away scooby patients here's a lot of rain in the forecast over the next what eight days if you will. But here's how it is. It's been a delay you got Kevin Isner. He's done for the today he's 3036 holes he's your leader at eight under par Hideki Matt CI a month he's 213 holes he's minus five. Louis is Tyson's gotten to the front nine today he's minus four through six holes today at three under four under for the tournament is Chris Stroud. Jason Day is one under for the day on the front nine he's now four under for the tournament as well Rickie Fowler sheets to wandered back up yesterday's one under he's now three under halfway through the tournament. Francisco Molinari Justin Topps is boring home on. In Grayson Murray. All the group it minus two so fortunately. We did you know Kevin has there's a good story he's from over an ache and he played his golf at the University of Georgia Louise ties and is a one time major winner. Jason Day one of the best players in the game in Rickie Fowler the best player to never win a major are all in the at top of the leaderboard. So even if we don't see a whole lot of new movement there those are some names that may keep disinterested. Through the rest of the weekend. At quail hollow and Charlotte and I'm telling you that place looks gorgeous it's playing tough. And everything else all right we're talking about the dumb mistake came out of letter for Matt a for nets mouth earlier. When talking about the NFL and how it was slower than he thought it would be and it was easier because again you realize he's gonna get cheap shot it for about three weeks here. I like this wrote my aunt right in the back and ahead. Well last small stated. Unequivocally that he would not be any broadcast Booth or studio this fall said not gonna happen. Lesson two weeks later forget about it. The former LSU coach confirmed the bat a bridge advocate. Then he's going to be in the media and a number of different places for the college football season this fall may decline in the name dispenses is the specific network. Or networks but a lot of it is thought that he will be a guy with fox sports. He had an audition with them and he confirmed that much to the abdicated it is well also. I think taking a break is gonna be a really good thing for him when number two you gotta have some by what's hard right you know they ego about being a long time sitting head coach. At a big school you want to show them by getting another job right away. But you know also saw just got a disconnect on tee take a break you rarely wrong. You talk loud enough even if you're wrong sometimes you can convince people your rising going to be play by play regular broadcast who's more like a studio gear and analysts game. So I would just remind LA issue is a fall off the earth to about six and six this year with beanie wearing it quarterback in. And and order on his head coach. That would constantly remind LSU fan base this is what she wanted. I had missed that call since I've been up here on television. In you've got to coach it you can barely understand talk. The locals can mean some of them. Some of them. But I. I just kind of keep remind I keep me in the LA she fancy you really I won yet national championship you've hired a guy that couldn't keep his job and Ole miss for various reasons. It patsy you're gonna go compete with the Nick Saban against. Really. Remind him to his I think this was a match you do get a quiet and withdrawn as successful if he adds but guess what history doesn't suggest that at this point now might be a lot harder to screw it up in a place like LSU why. I'm sorry tie Alain is no competition for LSU knee there is a salad neither is a Louisiana Lafayette. Or who do you Ellman row or any other school. That is one of the few states that LSU had every that the flagship institution of the state had no competition. And lassie comes from outside the borders. So way there's a chance he could do good. But again I did not work out you learn things. Which at a national TV chip coaching you've gone now with a guide takes over programs when they fired their coaches he did it at southern Cali dated and Ella issue and I'm sorry. This sometimes makes me Phil and you can call the bailout would call it the just looking at it objectively. This sometimes feels like. Nick statements playing checkers or chess when everybody else is playing checkers to. In this is kind of a desperate hire of Nick Saban was the most overrated coach Gil is 19% a coach is considering that. But this much I will say about it or Jerod. If you pull it off great this much I'll say about LSU if you don't pull it off what have you lost. You and means you're still kind of wait now the string for Nick Saban to go retire. Yeah last time LA she beat Alabama was nine to six in the overtime game everybody raised hell about five years ago. So again this is stag ET read it works great if it doesn't have you really lost anything you know so. We'll see how it works all right guys listen we'll get a little bit but toward normal next week. Is that football season is fast approaching remember a week from Monday we've got it going. All on all over the upstate with viewing parties for the clips of course will have won out at Denver dale farms off of exit number nineteen Emmy Anderson not mentioning Greenville Pickens speedway with all the food trucks and everything out so. They'll have glasses stay here and everything else are being go to our website CE SP in upstate and all the radio stations to get that information of course will tell you more about that next week because two minutes and 34 seconds of your life. You never realize how much it's gonna get messed up well on Monday August 21 this is straight starts have able last week and these Aussie and a lot of while. In the meantime let's do it again at four PO mom Monday for more straight up with stars.