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Said diesel for the first time in a long long time we actually have to turn the lights on here in the city is I don't wanna get this close TO the next two hours. When he and comfortably be around the blue paint a dark yeah I mean that's the first thing when we're here in studio together if it's a son layered it and you can. Turn the lights out you even pulled the blinds dale. It's getting light dark out and looks like we're about to usher in the rain of Vigo the Carpathian. Tell you what may and we can give you a view from Woodruff road. I've watched enough for the weather jailed again that's a wall cloud could. I don't know are forgotten all about wall. I don't know what may or may not be going on out there I can tell you this much that your name on a rain delay at the PGA ATP jump up at quail hollow and Charlotte. We knew that agreeable dry day on tail were supposed to start a double header at 530 they have already tweeted out. That will not be the case that the tar is still on the field and it is now 505 so. You know what mother nature winning a little bit right mail now. The forecast we got this for the next seven or eight days all next week all weekend all next week to boot leading into next weekend probably going to be like this. 5050 chance of rain and racing Saturday we're up our game here next week is Eric what's happened what's pushing this this way is there. Tropical storm down in the gulf what's going on. I. Quarterly really think it's this this impending eclipse awards as North Korea. It's nor to create and blame everybody and I'm yeah I gotta blame everything on sung Yoon Kim or whatever setting Kim young room whatever. Digital short fat guy he really gonna threaten the rest of the world will see how that works out for you right we'll see how that works out for you because. Yeah whatever you know start your own people in your fool you're full all right listen and speak and it before we get into the NFL stop man. Listen we're knee deep we're having Jean Marie's for high school football where what some regular season games are starting next week just because you saw it on 20/20 years sixteen minute sir. You know I dateline NB CNBC. It's at wow that looks good does it mean it's good for a sixteen year old high school football team. Just because he saw eighteen bonding yet thing with the Navy SEALs. Or by the way all at a high school at that point all men but could you made it to the training. Just because she's solid. Amy said that looks good does it mean you should put your high school football team through it. The kids Joshua mil let go of Sasha east high school. Sixteen years old was killed Thursday while he and his teammates both formed a drill. This involved tearing along the drill was used by Navy SEALs for conditioning in the team used it as a bonding exercise. The log fell on mode let it ain't killed them per Suffolk County homicide detectives. No other players were injured in the accident it was a twelve foot long that they were tired are carrying. To build chemistry and they said it was it easy quote it's very big it's like a tree and it's a challenge for people. Who wait list. Five or six people do it it once I've film terrific for the team and coaches because I know them and they are all great men listening great men can make bad decisions absolutely because. It happens every day but just. Some reason didn't Navy SEALs who were. Optimum optimum performance level while I can get away with something like this because here's what happened diesel. Said to guide to ended his teammates tripped causing the law to fall out fell on his head in kill them. Granted that is these attacks of an accident and accident it is. But I still say sixteen years old there's a difference between Navy SEALs in sixteen year old. I say this is tense between Navy SEALs could trip and fall just sixteen year old can't. But if this is an exercise I don't know home how much the long wait let's just say it weighs 400 pounds I don't know I'm just make it up a number let's say it weighs 400 pounds and it's designed. Typically for this exercise for four or five guys. To wield this thing and they've got three guys wielding this thing you then you got a problem right you know I mean again it is the epitome of an accident. But you sign up for the navy sills and you go through this stuff few real life sooner or prostate gyms all over the country to have these things you and I guarantee you have to sign some kind of form that says if god forbid you fall and hurt yourself. Your high school football players not have to sign a form I bet they don't I bet it was not considered part of it in I bet it wouldn't being covered if there was an injury when it comes to insurance listen there's bad decisions made every day and I don't want apart late this thing and make it worse on this coaches but. Again. We all get excited we got that amount that would cease up there we go yeah man that works for us. But it might be a reason it works for the Navy SEALs and not a sixteen year old because the last thing that's something that's gonna hot those kids for the rest they're like oh my god we tripped and that's ultimately what led to that sixteen year old's death I think sometimes it's better to be safe. And did it then to be morning. Ante again and so I see I disagree with you in the fact that. They say they're my saying doing this for wells still doesn't matter my point is that one particular exercise. You can't say that this one particular exercise was so. Agree office I thought was is not the right word. Nigh eve to you know that's not naive sassy guy and ask these players to do this. It's a conditioning exercise that kids can have a heart attack while he's run and laps around a football field. He then anything can happen a lot of different things can happen making get a player. Seriously injured on the football field court she doesn't just turn your to turn ambitious purely an accident you know. I think I still don't find a particular fault and having them do this exercise. I don't I think under eighteen did you here's the deal did I get there all supposedly by a physical condition it's not it's not like. He asked these guys is OASP we've players to do this that's fine. But they're still under eighteen therefore they are minor if you're gonna do this kind of thing you ought to just be on the safe side in this teenaged. Make sure the pair sign off on. I'm sorry why because they're the ones that are paying for an insurance not this state now granted this is hindsight it's 20/20 case you know what I mean. This is sitting in the middle of Kidd brewer stadium at the fifty yard line. Or Bryant Denny stadium in the middle fit the yard might see in the replay on the boarding going to pay official you missed that call. That mean this is what it is but that we might thing comes back. To be in the pair of a sixteen year old. I would want to know that that's taken place before I ever agreed to let my child be there and that's what to do is of the decisions. Right or wrong if you go to him. You have to make in this day and age when you're responsible for that minor. And I I've seen college. College football programs use something it's called snake for some people call worm. It's a weighted heavy bag it's a long marrow heavy bag the shape of a cables with a call to telephone pole it's in that save but it's a weighted heavy bag. One of those to drop fallen into an argument it's it's purely an accidentally so I don't find fault in the particular exercise. It's it's it's what this coach decided to put his team through. And yes it is a team building exercise yes there are many exercises and I've done at my gym. That are impossible to do on your own C you do them as a team to galvanize the team to get you working together to get you. You know that in on having. Hating name team mentality. So I guess I find no particular fire it doesn't matter that there sixteen years old it's it's an exercise that. Maybe it was maybe it was nigh eve to have three guys lifting this law and it's really designed for five I don't know if it's. You might maybe it's not even the same weight long that they use with the Navy SEALs maybe it's a lighter version still. Did the payers permission on something like that get the waiver that's my only point because it is they are not responsible is it appropriate for a football. Coach to have to get cut should be now 35 I how many guys are high school football team 4040. Days or Indy five whoa all right so. You know DB if you're listening out there I want you get the 3 August 35 parents who have no idea what this thing is. So there are well I don't know this thing as a woman can do and who gets what they can't do it. I guarantee that school system's going to be put now a bunch of money when it comes to a lawsuit again. Yeah hindsight is 20/20 just like Ezekiel Elliott in the NFL level. You seek you know that cowboy star he's been suspended for six teams by the league. For domestic domestic violence allegations in guess what. He's never gone to jail he's never had charges brought against him obviously there's enough credible evidence to. Did based they have from what I've been told that they more or less said listen you better watch it right mail for. You could see this thing get a whole lot worse stay on the white now again they couldn't bring charges on him. But it's a Chiarelli it's been suspended by the NFL for six games now the reality is they wind up being three. After he appeals and let's go to the phone Steve wants talk about why he stayed in my right. So. Yeah. The Syrian blood they only way honored that you now are actually married so wait even. And that way it's not about how much weight to carry that bridge cared for miles down Russian Jews and never. What I don't think it's cute guy kilo 1340. Yeah I thought. You know how much can he hear. And not make it. It's not necessary it's the age John added sixteen years old veteran told appears that distance that kind of activity that it's going to be going on and have them sign off for why the keys they're the ones that are responsible financially. Well they've said that the law was more like a treat all mighty wind out. To order that was like in oak tree that would forbid it was a sweet gum tree at wake 5000. But. Once the military uses are all exact. It's just about area for a long long time with your arms up. Just to shape public thought I'd ever ever in football practice in court says back in the sixties. We're gonna go out in the heat and we had to run until at least three people people would throw their gut so yeah there's like a small. Take a salt tablet is would she be told salt tablet boy they don't have salt anymore. Thanks you appreciated again you know see that's something I didn't know right I don't know letter that he they had to cut down a tree were you in that case yes it is absolutely. Inappropriate to have to have kids carrying tree log because the wait is is not evenly distributed. Did they have the right thing to there he ends on you know the ones he's talking about had the little things come off where you can grip it correctly I mean there's a lot is store they're the ones I've seen or just a smooth long right. As your table my issue is not the team bonding money right now that you hear this kid to 134. AM ITV. My she's just a job not everything applicable should be but you know what these are the things so many times in life they were taught after the fact we are so much smarter after the fact why. Is we didn't now have a idea what the outcome can be right. So much like got app state Georgia you're gonna be so much smarter about that football game walking out of 600 stadium. But please don't know what the score is and you have a few questions answered no we better enjoy Scott Satterfield in billion this year because he probably not coming back for another season after an about an hour and I now right now it's just that I agree with the doesn't mean you can take shots come. Our. 110 or eleven audience again you realize that that's the next I know I now. In that swing it's nice that's when it's nice guys come get my guys you know why. That means we're winning a major headings were when problem as the uncertainty of not knowing the next guy is what's gonna happen right so when we come back Ezekiel Elliott suspended six games by the NFL your thoughts. Because you know why is he father of a sixteen year old child a dollar. I don't know what to think. Her main enemy and face to face I thought Ezekiel LE it was so. Nice a guy and I'm not saying he's not a nice guy now but I know this smudge some of the wording. That they NFL used means that he had him they had him guilty. A what he was accused of and that's domestic violence with a girlfriend that's why. The NFL rules today year suspended for six games he can't uphill had to cut the three will tell you that story will also let you know Sammy Watkins not a genius of Poland his hand strained it a cold weather in buffalo he's been traded to an LA rams and bucket it's too Robiskie. Purses dishonor Watson in the Super Bowl bash your hot today. It's a diesel we just saw Michael Phelps swim by the shark is trailing by about six body was senator Charles CGI in everybody's disappointed yeah. Handedness crisis a weather update from the corner of Darlington and Woodruff road it is wet it is Bayer you can very eerie way. Agree you go you better have flip flops on the go walk through our parking lot right now because there's two inches of water spread through the parking lot but. Speaking of spreading the NFL did not. Spread the love toward Ezekiel Elliott earlier today how maintained though he did or the NFL did. They FL sent a letter to Ezekiel Elliott offers more details into why the cowboys star was suspended for six gains on domestic violence allegations. In they are also telling. Ezekiel Ali he needs to go undergo eight clinical evaluation. The letter which contains some of the same information any public league got. Publicly made statement explains that the NFL not only were viewed allegations. Of domestic violence levity get set Elliott. But also his Saint Patrick's Day incident in which he exposed they woman's breast. In apparently determining the severity of the suspension. According to the lettered NFL said that it's too medical experts determined photos of injury suffered by aliens girlfriend. Matched her descriptions of the alleged altercations. In how and when they occurred the NFL determined that she suffered injuries to her arms. Necks and shoulders on July 17 2016. Her face arms and wrist and hands two days later. In her face neck arms knees and hit hips two days after that. Goodness gracious southern Maine for a twenty years been one mile wide 22. You know let me give you peoples some mayoral vice diesel for Europe coming mayor urged don't go to bed mad. Somehow some way find a way to end it before bedtime. Don't go to bed mad that way you keep wake up mad the next date in extend it bears some rare all advice twenty happy years in the Sturges household. So this letter goes on do address alias two biggest offenses in this case and again they they feel like there's enough proves the NFL now the Columbus prosecutor had this to say Columbus, Ohio prosecutor. Quote we generally believed. Elliot it's girlfriend for all of the incidents while there may be conflicting testimonial evidence regarding the nature. In substance of the conversation there's no dispute to Eliot. An Elliott's girlfriend worked together in the same location on the dates identified. In no evidence to suggest that anyone else could've causes injuries. So what they're saying is is listening he did it we just don't have the ability to do you know when do we can't for a missing a 100% in court. If they go on to say he show any poor pattern of poor judgment and pour behavior. Lesson. Elliott's attorneys are out they are lining up bam we're gonna fight this being weird Jerry Jones is furious with the decision. To suspend Ezekiel Elliott for six games. Let me tell you Ezekiel Elliot your agent your attorneys in European week. Take this in learn from it do not turn this into that he said she said situation if you will maybe not the best analogy there. But do not freight can turn this into a deal where you're trying to fight the NFL they may be court Republican opinion walk I'll tell you why. Amy father out there. The it has been involved with a dollar growing up bin involved in their life will she use the other side Ezekiel Elliot because. It seems like in my opinion some common sense has been made here in the way they handled this in the way they look at it now granted this is it a court of law. He's not going to be convict getting go to jail he's gonna end that sit now three NFL games. Dallas Cowboys fans take your free can blinder off the situation. This is much much bigger. This kid continues to add. In this manner he's gonna find himself behind bars all law Lawrence Phillips. I don't think this is the anywhere close to the extreme case of Lawrence Phillips who no longer. Breeds a year on this hurt the anymore is he was killed imprisoned in the last year. Would you know what. It's a worst thing Ezekiel Elliot takes away from this is a three game suspension diesel he got a hops yeah artists get deal on the street. Is he might be like he's nobody shoved the gun in his mouth and I'm talking about a father defending their dollar. Three day sit they can say that they were together in the woman suffered injuries they just Morton Bayard approve it and she won't. Just don't go away go away to learn from the US it's three games nothing. More nothing left even if he fights the NFL and some howls. Somehow finds a way you know through a loophole through about circumstantial live a bit of evidence whatever it is. Clears himself of one of the events or or Britain. Proves that the events were not as severe as the current charges say they are. You're still gonna lose because then for X number of weeks or months the time that you're fighting them. Your name is gonna get dirty air and dirty air and dirty or because your fighting it. You can't win in the court of public opinion when it comes down me and hitting on gotta win or is it shouldn't happen I'm sorry. Yeah you're drunk in the bar in your girlfriend comes up in punches you in the face. Why are exposed to do you walk away. You walk away why because when all is said and done and you're probably gonna be the one brought up on charges. It's like it's like you are unfortunately when you get into divorce court. And less the wife has beaten the kids. Guess what 95%. Of the time the judge is gonna give them rights of the children the custody of the children tell a woman she gave birth to him. But today at the prove otherwise sink. Ezekiel Elliott beat thankful that you only have a three game suspension. Dallas cowboy herb sixteens but it will hears the case he has the right this is two. A pill that decision. If he does so and of course his lawyers just lining up it looks like airplane where they didn't you line up and now they hit you hit a woman. It becomes hysterical. Thea gill. The NFL could reduce or even eliminate the severity of this discipline and think about what just happened with New York Giants kicker Josh Brown. He added domestic violence case actually a high profile domestic violence case. He received a six game suspension he appealed I guess what it in a Debian a build down to. One game one game let me ask you this. Considering how the NFL does not have a particularly good track record when it comes to dealing with CDV issues. Why would the NFL in any way shape or form entertain. Reducing his penalty. The NFL needs. Now what do you believe Ezekiel Elliott or not what he believed that six games too harsh or not. Whatever your opinion on that is the NFL needs to take a zero tolerance policy with domestic violence. If they. Reduce his sentence or they reduces is a suspension if they eliminate his suspension. They look complicit in CTV again. Time and time and time again the NFL. Has taken a soft stance on this issue in the public. Has hammered. The NFL for being soft on I think the NFL needs to come down hard and they need to stand their ground on the. As for cowboy fans wanna complain this is our running back you know in this race show us what life is more important than that that's my point it is Ezekiel Eliot cannot put himself in this position for the ruling come down. You know if they wanna make this nail you know second year player in the poster child for domestic violence in the NFL. I don't have a problem with that because you know what you hit a woman. I'm telling you I don't care how drunk they are how emotional they are. Eat you hit a woman as they may in Europe chomping in my book you can sit there by the every drink you want to hit the bar and explain. This is why happen I'm sorry a year chopped. I am the father of a sixteen year old daughter in entail I know better. There's nothing that that how can do wrong now guess what they will become a day and age that realize that quite frankly she's not you know. Listen I have one of those moments southern. He was the year you you got a good joke detail here in the next ninety minutes of the shows I've got to get Japan to tell us well. I had one of those humbling moments is a soon to be fifty year old man with my wife and child out out of tale. Pasadena what I will do a little cleaning up and do laundry. And I have a sixteen year old daughter. If you know this is don't do in the laundry is just something that I don't really wanna have to do anymore. Are right because I knew what my wife who'll weigh and I knew what she won't Wear it she anywhere in the act and I went well. Since I'm not where I got the feel that I know who does and that was one of those humbling moments and you tell me don't Wear Thong underwear. Just on Friday it's. If you're gonna make me show you here in studio on this Friday will put an apology as they see that whale tail its equity but lights they're going to follow logic or oh my god she's getting older she's getting older. If you've ever seen the what redneck comedy tour with those guys billing ball and all this guy AJ says he council thought it'd there. Who. They. We found it easy. God it Sheila so big is sweetie those are your daughters ages drop some on the ground yeah I hear that kind of got that whole bit a whole lot more. The other day so our right again mayor any rain suspension. In Charlotte at the PGA championship Kevin Isner is your later. Any easier leader in the clubhouse he has 36 holes already and he is minus say Hideki Marciano he's in second place by himself he's completed thirteen holes today he's at minus five in a group that minus four none of them had completed their re on is a lilies to rising Chris Stroud and Jason Day Rickie Fowler he has done for and there 36 holes at minus three. Also Francisco Molinari Justin Thomas of beyond home on in Grayson Murray. All mine is too so when we come back it's open funds 844 GS PE SPN a Friday at this and straight day you wanna get this one in before the break diesel. Yeah I was due that we got Anita who wants to talk about Ezequiel Aaliyah all right yes happy welcome and I hope you haven't. At least not to win over Friday afternoon here in the upstate. The dark for our program some upper arm problems that banks are really calling about is the quoted as saying you know you would. Not found guilty of this but there were talking like we're making in the post or something Osama Tokyo. I may be guilty of you know bring a better fit into the NFL look I'd say you know got a battle it went middle you know that we got to be realistic growth hormone. They'll listen I. Would listen first of all we interviewed him one on one after his senior year out it BS Super Bowl before the Panthers it and I'm dumbfounded by any of this because I never saw this coming out of Ezekiel Elliott now. After reading through all this stuff and I'm with you. I have them somewhat of a problem if you're not convicted in acorda law how can you be convicted in the court of public opinion. The end of the that's a lot of what is going on with Ezekiel Elliott right now but when I took the time I was in here early today my area. My wife and child her attitude on our marine through this in it's a situation that went on him three times are over five days. You know why. If this is the case. If you're fit if you get out of this and you made some bad decisions in you get it tears to clear it move on and hopefully not make that mistake again. If tickets to drop the three year two games take it shot up move on and hopefully don't make the same mistake I think of Ezekiel alias lawyers wanted to try to square off with the NFL right now. Here we sit now six games. No doubt. About what what mistake did it make it back. Well a cormorant yeah right did you like I said our team in here with. With a hard because I spent an hour on it earlier and we're just talking about it. Over a five day period three times his girlfriend showed up with with. With injuries. In it was way July he June 19 June 21 in June 23 now. To all sort of walk by it but also they'll complain that it didn't think sports. The Q Oakland beat what that he didn't hit back towards the broke. Now again I'm not there to comment on that I'm here to say this much is the father of a sixteen year old Howell taking the safe side on this because. Ezekiel Elliott if he would mug so much is put a bruise on my daughter he beat deal with the help a lot more than NFL nor jail. Now that's just the main enemy come and now this. This is a situation where I think the NFL is a look at this deal. With the giants place kicker in unfortunately it's been a problem for a long long time. Did it you're gonna it is sometimes is a Payer. Heavy really good child and she's been on the beach so I know she's not listening to this right now. I don't put a whole lot of time to kind of prove that point as a father she's much better and I was as a kid so every once and a while when I have to do it. You almost have to overreact to it a little bit I think the NFL's. I DN AD. To a certain extent is almost at that same level in you know why it may take Ezekiel Elliott set out a couple of games but by god it don't do. The guy that cells that third mesh jerseys in the NFL in his second year then who knows what they may do to me. That's where I think and now whether it's right or wrong I don't know. It nobody wins in this story that's the thing there are no winners there only losers. We're there. And I appreciate it and that's a great phone call and again we started by saying there has been charges there's not going to be any jail time. Two assailants like from sit there and print out five articles that they did that this pretty closely. Of course you know with one hot head. With a fight is she usually does not one hot head bald diesels usually too there's a lot of truth in that. Now again I make no bones about it thank you had to get one out today. I'm a father a sixteen year old daughter. I have a different perspective when it comes to domestic violence fortunately. My daughter's a black belt in Taekwondo. You mess with her she has my permission to put you on the ground with her foot on your neck going do you want me to snap at. That's why we had earned Taekwondo for six and a half years and that's why she's a black male 844 GS PE SPN your thoughts on Ezekiel Elliott will give he'll update from panthers' training camp Sammy Watkins. He no longer got to worry about freeze and an October will tell you about that as well. So diesel. The other night on jeopardy they had a college. Football. Section. In these Smart people are dumb. I'm a region somebody three contestants. She had to have been a bar way above average I Q to compete on jeopardy is that fair. Syria you and I would not farewell. Speak for yourself. And somebody couldn't get this. Corrado who coaches guard who go to duke basketball. Yeast legal Foster. And then before that it was but he apparently coaches today he's Aggies have a real value and last name because she ASCII wrong and should set ski. All right see if you can get this clue right. On the other night. This was missed on jeopardy the college football category you can write for its prairie schooner literary mag. Plus if you're six by a plus if you're six foot 5330. You'd be a good cornhuskers alignment at this university. Either way the Colorado have a button for Eunice. Our didn't do it and you can write for it's prayer. 65330. You'd be a good cornhuskers are linemen at this university. To Nebraska Obama we're in stands for knowledge yet yet. How many people saw schooner and that instead Oklahoma. Records in the sooners scooters totally different but boomer sooner with the schooner yeah a scooter. Is a large glass seeking get from a restaurant but in North Carolina they feel for beer which they also serve. Cinnamon rolls covered ice cream and what I'm telling us when we go into blues go. I keep invite you gotta wait out another game we we are going out indictment that we could make that extra machinators. And there's other factors but they're not anywhere and see anyway you guys didn't hit that. With that he'd be a good cornhuskers lineman at this university. Eat you or Smart enough to get on jeopardy in your not Smart enough to get that question correctly we ought to pull you from the show that. He never back in the day on the Gong Show where it dating Gagne they put the the hook outbreak that we had a hook people write off of jeopardy. If it comes for that it's alright to. Did indeed Tug color re shot but the Buffalo Bills did a massive roster shakeup today. Two separate. Guess you consider blockbuster trades they started by dealing Simi Watkins the first the former Clemson tiger. To the Los Angeles ray and Sammy that's a good and they acquired Jordan did the bills they got Jordan Matthews. From Philadelphia. As well in exchange for Ronald Darby so it a lot of movement a lot of people would say. The bills went out and traded. Sammy Watkins for Jordan Matthews now that's not necessarily. The case. Listen this is a great move for Sammy Watkins is I think scene he will benefit by being a warm weather. Yeah from bell glee here from Florida well played Clemson in eliciting. About this you know you're coming from buffalo that sort of middle ground for awhile the last couple years you're going to LA where at least they're trying to and they they've made some bad decisions. But they're trying to get good their Baird it's a new franchise. Won't be moved to LA again needing a stall or elitist star you know they're trying to invest they've they've shown their fans that are willing to put money into it. Think that's a bad movie not to be and I think of the rams or like I think a lakers right now they're rebuilding. And hopefully the pieces we'll all come together because. Well I think a lot of it depends on how Jared golf turns right now so my that may be able to major golf look a little bit better would be a Simi what can ask is a lot of people think of him coming out of clumps and as a disappointment but here's what the rams are getting. They're getting a guy in three seasons in the NFL has a 153. Catches so that's more than fifteen catches per season. For 2459. Yards and seventeen touchdowns now just once easy top a thousand yards and a season that was back in 2015. But he's been injured. Guess what that calls the Buffalo Bills to not pick up the fifth year option on his contract. So I think this water works out well you get traded to a warm weather. Place you better be motivated at this point. A Andy you're looking for Fran you with they franchise looking first star in a major market of Los Angeles you wanna talk about. You don't have any new life wind current anti Sammy Watkins could take advantage of it now Sammy is featured depends on as hell. It's the same reason that people say that he's under performed for three years in the NFL he is had some health issues especially with that Garland. So. Again antique what you see is the bills just continue to revamp in. It you know. I guess Jordan Matthews was expendable. By the Philadelphia Eagles. And so will see you're talking about Jordan Matthews. They are most wrote about productive receiver average 75 catches 891. Yards receiving six touchdowns so his first three seasons so. You're talking about EO Dave maybe not the super rock star. Potential Sammy Watkins but you got somebody. That can definitely produce it the NFL level we talked about died Darby started 29 games in two seasons for buffalo. And of course he was a second round pick so buffalo being made very active. In the market out there today alright when we come back pat take from the first two nights of pre season action I'm telling ya. Go ahead and market mail we're gonna let you know who's playing in the Super Bowl baby. The kiss Twitter has spoken 844 GS PE SPN. Now's a little sons say eat away at. Everywhere you go in the country those the local place who made the comment you were you know we say about the weather around your wait an hour. You don't like you don't change this. We're at like twenty minute intervals here would her friend Arlington read a little bit of sunshine out they are now black wall clouds just went by. You're good at Phelan at some time diesels some ice is down there like you know an old art set manager's role in that by the window loses we go along about things. Talking a little bit in the NFL we mentioned Simi Watkins. Yeah maybe his value. When it comes to US fantasy football players because they own a little bit this year remember he's giving up a little bit when it comes to quarterback. As he moves out to the Billy Graham's. But you know hot cakes are all over the place and that's what we do and I have blast did he go back and look at my Twitter account of the last couple days. I've got a shot at dale white is a sat there with my laptop out in front of me laughing. Laughing at people on Twitter. Guys this is week one of the NFL pre season. Back off the level back off the ledge a little bit I was really impressed with disarm Watson's fifteen to 25 performance. What a hundred. 79 yards no interceptions. Three rushes 24 yards including a touchdown. What was great. There was also the first pre season game of the year nobody's gotten each day bondage some Watson. Except for when he was a constant number to. While he was doing it would backups for the Houston Texans he was going against. The back up defense for the Carolina Panthers. Listen I am thrilled he's going to do great I have no no doubts moving forward. The dish Tom Watson can play quarterback in the NFL saying thing for mr. risky. Listen Mike Glenn and gets in the last night the start the game vs the Denver Broncos in he was absolutely. Horrific diesel I'm talking 80 point zero quarterback rating. That is awful. But what's one thing the even you know about the Denver Broncos at the NFL level. Might be the best defense in the leak. They pull their guys mixture misty comes in played wade too long in my opinion. Ends up going eighteen for 25 passing for 166. Yards. It was a great performance but it was against Denver's back cut deep vets I am sorry I am not ready to cancel the Chicago Bears with mixture risky quarterback. In the Super Bowl verses the Houston Texans with the Shawn Watson. I get people are Jones and for football. This is pre season NFL football take it for what it is. These weren't starters vs starters all night eras and adolescent both I and then broke quickly last night. There's a case for DeShawn Kaiser put you can make a comment that he played pretty well last night as well this much I would say. Feeling comfortable about it at this point I do not know how Patrick my homes would do. Or is going today. Disarm Kaiser witnessed second round. It looks like this year's quarterback class in the NFL is going to help the product. I mean yet they still they still go back to that class they Jim Kelly and Dan Marino and all those guys came out. Did every I think you got four potential starters stay on the line but back. It back the truck cup away from the ledge in the fact that. Mr. Vista even going eighteen for twenty five last night in a pre season game again just a 166. Yards. And they're the next great thing and it's pre season. In listen I want these guys to be successful but you wanna talk about set them up for failure. It decades did its spy in ended this stuff having these hot Tate's haven't these dreams and then when they don't consistently performed. When they just wore what they thought they wore. Yeah back in the day used to get a couple of years to sit watching get acclimated that's not necessarily the case anymore. But it tell you what confidence is a big thing in May these kids it is rookies do not need you turning on them on a dying number two. That word is key they're rookies. In whether you believe it or not. This Tom Watson Mitch too risky designed Kaiser Patrick loans in the rest Dublin. At quarterback in the NFL this year they're gonna have moments in which they play like rookies. Right Carolina Panthers just a couple more days on the practice field again that they finished they're finishing up. They were scheduled to practice or 510 today I don't know if the weather's affect their Murray they are good check the website during the break tomorrow their back on the field. 9:25. In the morning until 11:30 AM in the in the age can include training camp in Spartanburg for 2017. With a Sunday practice from 925. To 1130. Like we have suggested if you're out on ID five about noon 1230 on Sunday. I go hang get out the way you look like the old gum ball rally headed up I 85 from Spartanburg to Charlotte with these guys trying to get out of the dorms. At Wofford College in back to their homes and their families and everything else so some of these guys are bigger than their dorm rooms new kitten who can shoot it scary moment out man to them to add them remains by Colin Wofford College students usually ever made Telus cinnamon. I think they got he sings like a sleet snow. Yeah and have them you know I had Hebrew which we bought our beds and our dorm room that we can have a little love seat and we had one dorm that was really cool that. You had it was two suites. It was a sweet style but. You walked in on the road. Quote unquote ground level. Where there was the kitchen the living and all that stuff you read up a flight of stairs for one room had two beds and and he went down a flight of stairs. But the other so I was like awkward over under split level. I didn't. I like it was a it was a cool building it was really tribute because you can get lost their real easy and look at. All right when we come back one more thing Leonard for net what in the hell were you thinking you know is an Alley and I'm an Alabama guy. Ellen she's our item number two for the day yet. I ELA she's my arrival adding grow up Peyton Auburn. I have to be friends with Auburn LSU not the smartest group out there and of course they took over my the mind of my roof made it two years at the university Alabama as well but Leonard for net. Expect big hit a couple of times after the play is ever will tell you why when we come back.