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Welcome to not say it is just Friday addition of straight up with surged. And I in the studio who had a little bit of kinda day spinning it kind of week. Is it we do have football back but to me at you know what I am seeing from Newton. And my friends down in the lower part of the country. It's big jamboree night down there you know the week before the high school season kicks off. All of them are getting canceled for two monitoring so I guess it could be worse we have action on the golf course up in Charlotte and we are gonna spend some time. In this first hour talking golf male. Here in the next segment we are at our set it up we're going down to Mobile, Alabama. Tall with former Clemson linebacker Brandon may in that he's just sits in the talks in football and he's also going to be opening up the business here in green boy he's got to one in. They in this first hour we got Crawford greaves and studio about professional golfer and crop bird yeah go ahead and will get into it. We are lucky here in the upstate we got great golf course you're just talking about yesterday a avenue you Macy Covington on from the BMW charity program is a delta out what 650. To close to 6151000. Dollars in checks. You know the age there's not a year that goes by that you know people are beaten their test here in the upstate guess what I'm doing on Wednesday and one of the practice round at the masters or more on Thursday around go on Friday. Or whatever and by the way you have to still talk into the Mike is as coaches had patents. Senate told you that are right so. This is the closest we will ever have a major take Greenville, South Carolina in it almost fills it Tynes is being lost in the mix in the sport. World yeah Canada as I guess with the with. Football star and back right now and I guess that's going to be one of the good things about the move into. Next day that in just seek to get away from that end. A fight the PGA to me is as determined that they can get lost in the shuffle sometimes isn't even though it's a major I'd. It doesn't have the same high ground that I feel is the. I would you're a year it's in the green jacket and then of course who's gonna get upset with the rough at the US open and then the British Open. I don't care which day it is Thursday Friday or Saturday you wanna see it be 38 degrees in the wind blowing and all hell break loose. In the end the year this is the asterisk major now sign me up for have in this you are trophy in my closet did you still a major winner but you said it. It needs anti we are golf is a traditional game they quite frankly at times has not kept up with the public if you will. Moving listening to may is fantastic because Nellie gives golf five months of solid tournament April for the masters. May for the PGA June for the for the US open in July for the British Open because I couldn't tell you what the rules are for this year's FedEx Cup so far don't have to worry about the PGA. They may be I'll have a little bit understanding for what this FedEx Cup is in the fall as well. Yeah and elsewhere advocate the players in America marchers gathered at a B. And in other another mark here later to start the if the one thing that out like that the PGA championship has done is they've moved that at Herman around I really really well twelve times in the last 21 years have they been north of the Mason Dixon line. But that's gonna rule out some things with they moved to may McCain is you know. You try to hold this thing at Bethpage black in eight in in May up in New York. You may be claimed mundane 38 degree weather EO in your finger certain and things of that nature. Yeah I mean could it could take away some of those options I think those still hit on a few of those but it also could open up some other options maybe. In Florida. Even maybe in the desert and no it's it's still pretty pretty hot made out there but. On how to get a cold that night just to give you some justice have some other options navy's Marin Texas southern hills is always wanna you know Oklahoma they've they've been criticized for really hot in August. So I mean may can via a better fit for some of the southern courses that theater shots. So it's gonna be interesting because quail hollow I'm sure you play I played it sixteen years ago in kind of came off the same feeling that I have which Sheehan a clear which is sort of my default course when it comes to judging things by toughness. Holy cow here Kevin Isner from Aiken South Carolina. Is it minus eight the leader in the clubhouse and closes up players I think nauert three under and they'll start backing up I mean we're seen Phil Mickelson missed the cut at plus eleven. First time he's missed the PGA tour I've. PGA championship cut in 22 years. We are you know quell hollow as one of the better courses on tour because. You see the winner there crowned at minus ten minus eleven and it's not a minus 25 shoot out week on the PGA tour. Whatever they've done in toughening it from par 72 par 71. Pension and there's rough. Boy is the course is the winner right now fortunately mother nature's allowed you to get Dick closer to the cut 36 year old hole cut. But right now quail hollow has to be the winner. Yeah I think they'll a lot of it has to do it the toughness is because of the greens and they they switch firm from the bent grass greens that are here announced just. That makes a huge difference with a lot of golf courses. Because of the firmness and the waiter would get him quicker at certain times a year and I guess some of the slopes there are some of the greens. With the greens being the it would be faster. It's making a lot more difficult and they made a lot of cop a lot of comments about having kids are howry. How he loves the greens and he's plays a lot of palmetto club down again and they have the same exact greens and our plan out there when they at palmetto when they first redid the greens. And it reminds me kind of the same how firm they are how you think your way around and so I think he might be drawn some of that from what goes back content I think is later there. Any comment on that McCain is you know for me be in a weekend golfer I mean I guess Dick grass is the best way to act keep I mean this so you know back in the data player really good golf course had to be a country club course in that out. The game of golf is involved in the business of golf if you will. But I mean human. I don't have an idea what it takes to go from this type of grass on Green Bay grass the Bermuda or what you were just discussing is it. It what is the difference in it it. Is it really and how you play the game some taken approach shots better others hold there brake better on the green. In you have to gain playing around it when you're looking at a course that week. To see how you wanna set up by did you have a game plan. Every time I know you too well you know what you wanna do good I mean you always get it done but you know what you wanna do on that tractor eighteen holes. Yeah it's it it definitely plays a plays a factor Heidi I attacked things. Mean ending grass greens. A lot times her oldest softer. More consistent I think with how the ball rolls on your putting. But the I think the newness of these greens is that it takes law firms settle and I think that's where it is seen a lot of a lot of the firmness but as far as difference wise just. Putting on Bermuda grass is different. Because there's grain and it it where the where the water runs off the greens or some employees were setting sun news or you can tell how white. Light colored green one way is how dark color green the other way as you can tell the the grain and that's that's hard for people some people team. To grasp and non and the balk intact. Break a little bit more when it was SP one when he gets caught me grain and there's a couple more things yet to worry about. All these partners diesel that we don't have to worry about as the weekend offered just try to get in the hole is fewest shots as possible and see who doesn't have to buy a beer at the end eighteen I mean they're they're thinking about what narrow hole. I only played one round of golf in my entire life and I doubled the course par that's not easy to that is true that is they worked in that sense you listen we're gonna talk NFL Ezekiel Elliott's been suspended six games we got college football and our number three which includes a look at the first month of the college football schedule. As well as maybe how coaches will light us here than that the next couple weeks. You're gonna hear these lies repeated at various coaches males regardless that they believe it or not. Also did Brett bill Lamar make a mistake EO multiple rows bulls in a row as head coach at Wisconsin and then. I think I'll get out of there with Urban Meyer and his guys coming in and you know could he be blamed by this year for his job at the University of Arkansas. Also Simi Watkins former Clemson wide receiver traded to Delhi re ends today. Overreaction you realized it. Here here Matt over reactions after really two days of pre season NFL games first of law. It is this John Watson in the Houston Texans vs a Chicago Bears in mr. misty in this year's Super Bowl. And they're both gonna have a 200 passer rating. Are right you know will will get in this some of that stuff as well I did think it bodes well for the NFL but remember these are rookies in they are not claiming get starters and at some point all this stuff is gonna gel together but will be real heavy here in the first hour with golf eyes again Crawford Reeves former Clemson golfer current professional golfer is in studio with dusty can follow him on Twitter. At underscore Crawford reads in Crawford you a year. Coming off the surgery on the shoulder you're playing now what PGA Canada. And said I'm a shot it neon I'm gonna go get healthy in quite I mean it really. This might be the healthy is it you will be once you come back out since you've been in college. Yeah I it was ashes ash from a wrist that that I worked on and my wrist and my and my arm but yeah I'm hoping my. Next year I'll be. Not have to worry about anything you just go focus on playing off. So it's tough when you see a PGA championship 500 miles up the road right now and you know you're working on your risk in not necessarily your game at your professional athlete diesel is a cross that Natalie moment. Soon to be one next year fifty year old sports talk show host and I'm a legend in my in my mind here's an innate new rail and your shower. That's three UR. I still have hair sunscreen are right. It yes some are installed that Burrell but as for totally different reason. Is yours and shot. And I just kid but. Hey the Mel is not ten hit. The mental aspect I mean I know you like to get out there and grind you know you've done the you've done most every tour in in. Is it tough to kind of back up a little bit and allow yourself to get help the mean. And he. I might see you I know your family your dad you know huge influence on my life by your re your brother's an assistant golf coaches. It firm in your sister is a very successful author now. Kamerion Reeves and it what's the mental break me on of just trying to get help because I'd like to see you go out there are fully healthy one tying give that a shot. You can either do it or not but I wanna I wanna see you BA Willie answer that question honestly. Perspective. Cindy never sit back and as an outsider and looked into it and he sees some things that makes it makes you realize that I that I can do it yeah and that and beyond their client. And also just in new appreciation for. The ability do you have and so it's it's been tough but it's also made easier that I'm actually had to do before in college with a back issue. Interior of Pressman Lleyton team I'll do. It's it's it's that it's been tough but. You know just try to find positives and and everything and try to. In I mean it would work from a putting a lot and that downer it could be yet to be a blessing forming because that's always been. As in my Achilles heel last few years and hopefully that extra time and allow me to improve that part of my game. Kazaa apology uranium in I don't K year. I mean listen everybody has good tournaments and everybody has bad term limits even with a sore wrist I knows that I can put you up on quality the past two days in each you better and 25 over for two rounds. I know what I've seen it with my own two eyes. Mean it and that's it that's how fine of a line it is. From being a truly you EEO it's successful golfer and and I know you can get it done that I just wanna see you get healthy and in battle through this in in you'll degrade so hey listen one thing. You know it's a week from Monday when is the powers that be here in the upstate gonna say screw it inmate Monday August 21. A holiday. He's I'm coming here to the studio I've got to work. In I'm going watch the clips and all this right here from this nice parking lot and everything. But we got people coming in from all over the country. All the hotel rooms or book we've got parties it didn't birdie owned you know over him not club off of exit nineteen headed toward Clemson. And all day event ever there in Denver dale owns. With my music before and after the event yet Adam Carter from noon to two in that LA Tennessee from 230. To 430 we've got a big thing out of Greenville Pickens speedway is well with all the food trucks and everything. So this month China go that people are getting use this is a day is a party. Even bill enjoys stay home be Smart go to war but I'll be right here and I'm gonna enjoy it out there in the parking lot and through the windows and everything else but listen man I gotta do is go to our various web sites who got all the links and information up. For regular event they just doesn't come around that long and like I said the closer we get to it. The more I realized. How many people are coming into this corner. To see listen. The greatest artists out there mother nature and the good lord himself absolutely. So. Our right to again we will get heavy back into the PGA championship but what we're gonna do is going to be on the Mobile, Alabama former Clemson linebacker Brandon make played for the tigers he's a redshirt or seven leading tackler in no way played in 09 in ten before graduating from Mississippi State. He I can tell the other day bringing India in much like you his career came to an end a little bit early due to injuries and you've got to accept it move on he thought. After what do you know boo basically be an ACC freshman year that he be playing in the NFL but now he is he owns his own business looking to expand here in the upstate. He can just build other day when we're going back and forth a little bit. Want Tulsa football so it's like Friday man let's do it let's do it so we set it up Mets four I had been genius idea of going we're gonna taught PGA today and I give you Carl Crawford and in comments or will we come back who had dale into the Gulf Coast Brandon may. Former Clemson and Mississippi State linebacker after that it's the rest of the hour's gonna be PGA is Crawford Marines will be with this if you have. You go eighty questions when it comes to golf peeking get in with him. In the I 844 GS PE SP and remember I do have a hole in one in my career I don't care he's considered a professional golfer not also for 59 the final keyword in this cast stats contest diesel we have our seventh winner from right here in our listening audience just yesterday all that coming ahead straight up was Starr urged a Friday free for all in the studio. Iowa and again we're trying to connect what Brandon may lesson that's our only interview that we have scheduled today so we will. Will get in touch with them here in our d.s I would. Maybe T in a moment text him tone that you trying to call he mean out of recognize the number but again in studio with Crawford grieves the former Clemson tiger golfer in in healing professional golfer Britney talking about quell Holland first of all this is why they shut the course they don't. For the Wells Fargo earlier mid down to Wilmington because number one you don't want no of course going twice that quickly number two. They changed it it's not the quail hollow though Wachovia in the Wells Fargo this is the quail hollow of the PGA championship. It went I was looking around yesterday like I said it fits that IE the eye test of a truce southern country club golf course that it back in the day the powers that be got hammered on Tuesday night and said. Well let's go pay a lot of money for this guided designed something tough. And guess what that's what they get matter of it this week as well. He adds is considered super tough and it's open before and wash this weekend. Here's what I have now given up day here shortly app fretted out. Backs up yesterday 67 with a another 67 he's at minus eight on the courses. The war born Olson never heard I'm Danish Denmark. He's at minus four with Chris Stroud Geary woodland. Louie is ties in it minus three Ricky fat targets in the clubhouse at minus three see your two leaders. By default are having to Isner miners say Rickie Fowler minus three why they're the only ones that are three. 36 holes. In namely get into a large a group of people I've never heard of before. And that's what I think bothers me when it comes to a PGA championship. You know Miami I'm sorry I've not and never heard the song contained. For Jim Herman. Or even Grayson Murray now I can tell you I have an idea that Grayson Murray's from somewhere in the south. That is a total southern name and probably grew up in a country club. But that's the one being ME DA points if your hard core golfer you know who this is. At least some minuses that Brooks kept it was at minus two former major recent major winner. That's just the one thing we were saying you know here in August. You want Rory McIlroy you want Rickie Fowler you want Justin speed guy Jordan street. You're not gonna get it you're not gonna get a question is at this point you ever gotten so hot you won a couple professional tournaments that you couldn't shut it off over the week. It's Kevin kiss and are not likely to get 67676870. And just when the sternum. Walk and way. Yeah I mean that the course is isn't. Dozen. Allow for that'll thank. The most he's issuing has control of everything pro four days. I think there's a a mistake that's that you can make and make a double pretty quick. But it's. It's going to be an inch in to see how the golf course holds and if if they get any rain if they don't and is gonna make it even tougher. And they could be inning guy he is our back in a little bit grace Morgan hasn't. Aides to in my leaderboard is what the TV executives are hoping for police some of these guys get involved Dustin Johnson on the course even now again. These these are as up thirty minutes ago and I'll get an updated Jason Day still even par Zach Johnson all on the afternoon shift if you will. They are all even par but you need at least two of those three to move on up in now with Rickie Fowler in those guys Jordan's speech was at plus two. So again you you you're still looking at. Shea remain Ryan Moore even par. They're done. But I think what I'm more surprised that Roy McIlroy he's an a plus to Bill Haas gets it back the only golfer from the upstate. Then it's done anything. A minus Lucas got in today one under pars well. So he's probably going to be around for the weekend victories without everybody back in up he and Steve Stricker any group tied for tied for. 48 so they're all going to be looking around. To be be the weekend. So Tariq. Do you have the right one now. No okay give me the right number will hold on just the second hour I'll do that here during the break how about that. Our right to it is I mean to you pop on pick that you give people an idea I mean they are out they aired this weekend you haven't played in this big of a tournament but you've learned make in the jumped from amateur to professional dot. It's not just about this physical holes on the golf course these people this weekend. Big crowds. This is an event for the business community in the Charlotte and you in the north and South Carolina areas if you will. And add them finally. You know that there's a lot going on mrs. decides to sit in a golf ball this weekend. Yet it did the crowds that from the pictures I've seen in just been unbelievable Rahman's. It's a great place to wash off on as I've I've been there before to watch the Wells Fargo. But ES is really neat to have something and so close and to see the the support senate people around there have been really excited. To have it. Our right to again what were your thoughts to quell Holler back in the day McCain is a Gary and I am sending you this message heard this number row quick cut diesel. This is a beautiful lay out to me this is what you get easy get into the stained sand hills of North Carolina. Some really good side hill lies when it comes to putts on the green some up and down in the be is you're gonna have to cut the ball both ways to be successful this weekend. Yeah it's it's very very tough course to play. Before they obviously they redid everything in rerouted some of the holes. I think a lot of it is gonna come down. Taken miss in the right spots and and get in and get into. You know just it may should think about where you wanna miss that so. That's not what we think about is a casual golfer where you wanna miss it how close to the pin cannot putt in let's hit the Euro shot. We already saw Jordan yesterday go. I might be able to put this on the green but I wanna be here because it would make the easier chipped in the pin. In you so already I almost felt like we were watching. People struggle will a little bit mentally with I know what this course used to be I haven't quite figured out what it's going to be this weekend. Yeah I think he's Sussman Communists and I've never been a course that these guys are Karen but I mean I Rory did a few years ago when he shot sixty long or whatever was but believe us on steroids and I'm sorry for. But and it's. Is one of those things where we after really really think about where where you wanna hit it and I think that's what. Hasn't done pretty well. The first two days is that he hasn't put in put himself in any any tough spots. And is. As as he starred in stressed out by. Hole after hole after hole beanie then you start pressing the need that's when you make your vote you make your double makes a mistake because you. He tried so hard and to make that birdie and I think a lot of guys might be trying they tried too hard to make some birdies to catch up and that's when he's army can make votes. In this is seeing fit Kaeding his nerves ice pitches he's from a Kenny Klee was the University of Georgia said means he's played around that a gust there you as you mentioned at that club ad that's what I see. On some of these green do you a side hill putt on number fifteen minute gusts are number sixteen you're seeing him it's the the president and the way the course looks and a little bit how it plays I'm not talking about grass in this and that the other but. You know that court he was sure course that you get on the first team you go under the sink sets up well forming do you dislike the way it looks. You don't go away Blake now I play here but I I can't think for brass top my head. I mean I know bend high school we had turner mail it to trial an all time and one when I got there always felt like I was gonna play well. But I mean they're definitely is a a comfort factor when you get to certain courses meter at a different course every week yet find a way to get comfortable. And now when usually guys that when you. You find out there are views of how. Course that there are well they they like this shot that shot. They can just. They could just be comfortable and the more comfortable at best players in the world are the best they better they're gonna play. And so I think that's that has a lot to do with and I think you like you said BN from the area. On the holes just. You know it just might fit what he likes that I I really simple I. I am an above average golfer they say the average golfer she 200. So I know that the golf is something I can literally did a handicap go yeah I'm above average yet. Give me on the first tee Polly's plantation Jack Nicklaus course uncomfortable. Uncomfortable put me on the first tee at the river club what's so country club a love it love the look of it everything else. Image is calms my nerves stay on that can imagine playing for me in dollar check. But that's just a difference when it comes to a weekend golfer. When do you feel comfortable somewhere all right listen I may given diesel the wrong numbers or try to catch up or Brandon here. I Brandon may former Clemson linebacker Mississippi State linebacker here in the next segment Nim will finish out or Crawford Reeves. With some more PGA is he wore out. To make his way on about his David. Does lessen I I'm I'm Donald in this weekend. If we don't see. Some of the best in the game of golf move up I'll still watch it just to see the course win. Every once in awhile that I I I love that day they Al she'd eighties at the British Open makes me feel makes me look at them. Yet you're human as well this is straight up with storage will be right back in a few minutes. Welcome back in diesel over there on the phone what brand and he were gonna get him on a land mine just came EU wide. They're crazy atmosphere conditions is it starting to happen. But 'cause of the because of that year though alignment that's going on is we get ready for this us the full a clips a week from Monday. I Sherman we are gonna get Brandon may on here in just a minute he's moving over to a land line and colonists back can he had some ports are receptions and maybe it's this maybe as the sun coming around mess this up of course you know we do have to but he. First time you hear me say this in my lifetime sick and tired of the freak and raining Greenville, South Carolina on August 11. Now that's first on your numbers and no because it's the first time it's ever been this went on August 11 Crawford you grew up hearing remove did you ever seen this. Type of rain in the summer. I mean we're have been high school G robberies and stuff canceled in the lower part of the state. Yet Saget has been pretty while I mean you know your your afternoon storms and then the last few days it's been pretty dreary. That to usual. Did we have a summer like three years ago four years ago the set a record for the most summer rainfall. That was almost every day all summer along as a four years ago I remember that. Yeah diesels mine too dangerous place to visit. The screen apple granted I've had more than a few Beers since themselves it's entirely possible and on this remembering that this same guy that look of halftime and University of Michigan stadium that State's great winner rule over us woke up is a misnomer. Clear the fog might be a better term. IE is yeah life is full of bad decisions. Are right no doubt about it. Catch. Old buddies are there I don't wanna even get into this when was the air Weis talking to Brandon on the front. It absolutely unbelievable just say I wanna get into this when no but just because. Just because it's good for the Navy SEALs doesn't mean it's good for you sir we're good to go Brandon may former Clemson linebackers right 2007. A redshirt season. Led the team in tackles in 2008. Got his degree in sociology. In 2000 intend before playing his final year. Under that graduate policy at Mississippi State brand that we were going back and forth a little bit the other night. I can tell you're excited at this time of the year it's football season. And useful while these are you doing a bank could have been an Arab today I'm just super excited. So want to Gaby get ready colossal principal Bob let us. And I away do you miss it I mean you were you had a shot you had to go through shoulder to shoulder surgery I've got a former Clemson golfer former clubs and happily Crawford Reaves here in studio he is professional golfer he's out on the wrist injury right now. But it's that time of the year were training camping now is going on Brandon nailed it you're 28 years old do you still miss it a little bit at this time of the year. What what Bob does that in Guatemala and just like any other. Not a popular that's important to get anxious there was what are your bottle that when you win your bet so much and so on and so lol. Dad when you're not planted a horse like any of you bought him a lot of adult. Well I definitely do it so I apologize to my legs are saw the political price that ultimately did play a bill that is a whole different level is incredible. No doubt now again you know your freshman year you had the most tackles as a freshman. Hours a linebacker clumps and cents. It Denise Simmons from back in the day in you you performed and Leo is interest in coming out of the Mobile, Alabama area you know Alabama and Auburn by past due and guess what they paid for it. Now I ask you is use all sorted that had been in the program is something switch Stover and to coach Sweeney he was there. It yet did you see this coming out of Davos Sweeney a run of this type they ended up in that back to back national title games culminating in knocking off Alabama this past year. Probably use. The biggest worry you that when you when talking about what Molly and bring your life. About all of patients. And I haven't light foundation making sure that their no leaks the foundation we've got the call that don't own a bad foundation also ball. If so what I was saying you know I definitely saw a common because of the years and years the job David procedures that would send a lot you don't. All these great. In a quarter of the program told me he told me that you hear a great. Then that would alteration in the platform already Eddie there was double got my doctor got the war yes well don't agree operate. Put that together and I'm no better no doubt it especially that are so Watson DA. I doubt about what we've agreed upon our high school. You know look at it how we take you might ultimately could be the one that can can take your team overall conduct a national product and Bob Miller about Chad Morris. All coming in that would also I'll as a package I mean we always been school with a ball of DC now we've got a great. It never really been able to put together well it I'll bet that that as agent oh yeah I definitely saw a comment about this sort of debate. Brandon now why you're the businessmen they on the air and they have mobile Bay Area has started up your own business I just heard you drop break my brick you know that's wanted to have those sayings in a you know in that. How how do you apply these principles that you learned about Clemson and Mississippi State beat your daily business. Tell you right now as it first top of the local paper off Holmstrom got Olympia want to. You know get a hobby it is. And then secondly you apparently you know being in the caught out are universally liked Clinton so in India and also to stay. They steal something you'd. Really travel which has progressed you know life haven't committed greats so. Portugal about what are you get what clothes and like old men or else somebody told me that debate do you got beer ya like them. I like border flat but now the way of but you haven't been great people also Portugal I don't on totaled about them into the top order to Brandon Spikes you know so you know we did all these great individual support you every single year. You definitely has become so on cold and I mean he didn't applaud them placebos. Do. Is there are demanding academic Li also a misty and also all the and I'll post called the gap could make you feel without or dad and mom and everything just when you lead consular parts that's what the university gives you in the fall ball program. It basically say to what I've but I liked it more evident not up when you lead out to university you do it won't success playing itself because. Apple's leading economies involved. That that program they have replaced it expects you ought to have a body and so political anybody else that little bit already you'll be so I'm apple did that because of growth in universe. Let me say you're still your Clemson men are. Yes definitely man up. We know you know if somebody that got Demetris. I've dealt with their wanna change where. Ottawa somebody that had to be done some of the related. Mark Fogg LaMont actually they're not close some occasional coach a lot of those a little. Some of Obama's gonna win it with a pro because coordinator at times and some of the other guys and I'd have thought it would grant but there was bare foot at the same time it was a good day. You know wait for closing the person that was like. The lead in my own up somewhat got that home in almost it was Kyle Busch on the Clinton plans that we know and in New York it was. No stated that the media about this state and had that injury and insist it was a devastating human need to go about other sports in which. Sort of broad issues need to be ACC. That is to get from agency can come only in the big book award at element I'm going to win big book award seeks. When I mean content stated that would demand and just screwed over. Won't depart. Then you've got that graduated as you graduated with a sociology the image is sociology degree in you always have that ringing would clumsy university says that as we close up before we talk about maybe you bring in your business up here to upstate where you offended what Josh Rosen the UCLA quarterback said the other day about school and football don't make cheeky really do it because. You were able to take it may image of the graduate transfer rule by getting your degree from Clemson in sociology. Yeah I did get changed Kabul post article people out there and he should be ashamed of themselves they connect all of it. Because of you know followed him Powell. Just growing I visit my back is Korda. It was my Amal my mom dad I'm grow modern work screen ought to beat him up family. Can get muscles in the weight room going to some of the batters that we have been able to stand there while it is deeply. I wanted to pay the big old you know went a bit separate out absolutely not do an old ball sailed. But in the classical. They're so. Let somebody make that statement like that's somebody that you know that went above and beyond make sure that they got them some from no good to advocate they wanted to get a look at those. Because let you go really do any day. There that you wont to do in the university. He should be able to get about agree on the beyond the usual did that we talked after the debacle the port. There are part a lot of people make a mistake they made me they spent time playing video game we're playing well. Is that your dog you know maybe you know video guy ain't got you all know what it here maybe he'll do with this car why else in my academics. Our facility. And the university and the officer outside Oakland University or universities. That's fiction well academically. You know tailored to some degree you can barely get it no there's no. In the company's man like great comic comic look at ya let you know usually didn't future massacres. We'll listen Brandon again you are now business owner in the Mobile, Alabama area that is huge share with me you have hopes to have a Abbott up here in South Carolina as well and of course you know when the time comes all you have to do is reach out to us and we will help you get this thing going in maximizing your time and everything else but listen not only are you a business owner you still get out there and do motivational speaking and talk with. High school football teams and everything just keep that positive message going because. You and sustain a just social media. I really see kids start I have a sixteen year old daughter they can get beat dale about what they read on social media. Roddick yeah there. The social media do not tell laws social media become our young mom the day February dignity the social media as such and he. In it is just to me and you know they don't why don't. In this and for so many young could have been nabbed a man. And I just want to beat but also that god has called me to be you know I got out of the net and deliberate an album got. Out got believers are. But what kind of legacy will you be so that's why do the motivation speech in a lot of the the second ball now. Credible group together Kindle books and guess what that country you know we do business at a certain point. Independents are so many people don't Wear an important do you know he'll get a vote in our people you know how people are competent go. Willis and we'll help you to its could do I catch up with you will be in touch and just let us know when you're headed back up appeared about statement for an. Are more mad but it I don't know I have been doing a lot as I miss. It's not a lot of got an industry that crucial tools like you have been to a years and years so local post to you. And what you stand or you're always looking a little bit players and coaches and everybody else so parents demand that once again I mean what every year and he had golf clinical ball you've Lombardi did this big debate and you've got its opponent you will be we will. I thank you much brand that means a whole lot brain it may end listen. Yeah here's a guy they came out the mobile area CEO was really really hurt them Auburn and Alabama and let him get out of there. But he took advantage of the man hours we saw Clemson golfers come out they are on the field back in what September to be right. They left the stadium they may go watch sustain the football game they went to give me an exit the tiger core of the walker course with Sidney. Yeah I mean just that stick out. Listen a burned toppers. You know talk about the academic part of it and when I was being occurred at Clemson and you prizes and things but they preach to us was your time management. I mean how you manage your time is gonna dictate how. How successfully you're going to be in in the classroom because if you use the resources that are available to you that. All these schools now have had academic success senators. That you can if you use every everything that's available to you that there's no reason for you not to succeed. And if you put your mind to it you'll be able to U I he say get your master's degree. If you your time wisely and in it's not just because it's easy in a year year should put forth through time and your efforts. To accomplish the goals that you set for. Fight or combat will close up with some more PGA tournament total cut Crawford lose CI graciously. Send mail come join you first hour and I've. Very very thankful this is straight open starts. All right see you're really telling me Crawford you know you being crude on is. I did then he had an idea watchers that he like. Because by Dan band OK he actually he beat Ben Martin and he US amateur in 2000 and. So we were talking year yet you said you don't want to more golf this year than at any point Crawford Reaves here in studio follow him on Twitter keep up with his it's gonna be success when he gets back out there. At underscore Crawford re split EO it just in the last hour they stopped play up at quail hollow but the leaderboard at least gotten more enticing for the weekend. Kaeding his and her done two consecutive minus four rounds. He's eight under. Hideki messy army meciar my has moved up to minus five as well as a Louie is ties in the greatest teeth. On the PGA tour Jason Day is now up at minus four Rickie Fowler is in it minus three. And don't look mail Francisco Molinari is it minus two but again bin. I asked the same vein at noon on. In at minus two Grayson Murray. It through fourteen holes so skip a little bit better and yeah. Yeah we give a stroke quickly did you gonna go on about your day enjoy your Friday. You know. A year from now twelve months from right now where do you wanna be in you've got light note I'm sorry hold on. I gotta give away free money for the last time.