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All right welcome back give final. Power of this Thursday edition yep we're live in studio or not it's smoke on the water in no of course will dip back. Back to normal next week but there's nothing normal about bringing Linda come from ESPN's sports and Iran sees one bankers she's also a serious XM radio host. Speaker a moderator in now. In the national sports media associations how famous they sports broadcaster went to that was a lot of fun up in Winston-Salem last month congratulations. Mary thanks very for having me on knowledge Graham and you know it is an RDE. I still can't believe that I mean I thought a lot to give like yeah I'm happy on the back nine right they'll have a lot championships to win now it would cool to be recognized on element that. You know that's what I thought it was awesome so many times we see people get these award posthumously. And for people that win that state like diesel that means after they passed away. I'll put you out years they air in the yet here in the highlighting your career what spinning male dominated gained for so so long. What's some pride do you take owned by you see yourself. In that hall of fame with so many famous people. Yeah you know again I can't fly I would very honored and I'm I'm I'm grateful that being recognized. That. But. You know we're cool okay you know beat you ideally you know the peak so many talented people you know in art field. Or one like that was the main thing with absolutely. Amazing I got to meet so many people. You know regarding that so I mean that and again it it's great to be recognized. I've looked at what that would hit seeing people that he normally don't get a chance. There. He Sydney on the Ayers got me you made everybody from you know Mike Lupica they all made themselves available at the bar come up and ask a question I'm here and that's one of the best events out there but Linda I thought she shared something in your induction speech it was very very special. Because you shared that you were on the cusp if you will of losing your job it ESPN after two years. Before you did what. Yet I mean that was like truly amazing like when I look back I cannot believe. All the you know you look back you have to laugh right because we're gonna have my you know my contract idiot here you know I'm cold I'm writing all that without it. He expects to hear that you know may be on your listeners do want to get that bit that you did little less than. You don't get the feedback you're looking forward you don't get any feedback like I didn't know how do upper tier I thought everything was great. And then I'll open it looked at and so I got hold in my mark bought the bad and only hair and they could look someone that we know your glove award you know you know war. We think he can do better on the air and a red light goes on. Could we do you revenues are you doing this to be given that would be talking with yet you know animated hit. Police have more on the hair didn't look up look at how that they finally it was benefiting kinda it said. I was basically a lame duck I think you look that you don't get very you're gone and mom. I got better than when he caught it later on building hair and act on the mall or senator more than anyone male or female so. You know people keep you keep track. Ask them. That's but I learned. Yeah I'm right there with you because you Kia making anybody happy in what she know you're doing your job correct in yellow. I am the last you met my wife up there and she's a true sports fan in. You like your boyfriend the you have to be win this such a passionate part somebody's life but it. Yet she's traveled to me covering Clemson and Alabama gains in. Yeah we've always talked about a play by play he's person's job is to paint the picture and I'll never forget are talking about would he term one time the legendary former broadcaster for the university in North Carolina site. I feel like I'm watching the game on the windshield. What's your job to sports senator posed in that regard. Yes you know I only had hit a lot that they are going up people that I played. I directing. ESPN hoping we can or people like me their fans are. And hit it they had never became jaded I'm really proud of that until fans that he peck wrote loving announced that live. You know I I think yes I am objective I don't have fun with it and make fun of the fact that it's a love hate relationship with my teens. Like always make believe. That I am I believe but I that we might belong can't see that I happen my career on were people that are. I don't like people that I can give up there who believe and I are they need to the very earth time you have to really kind of you know we had them over and I always had that mentality I have never taken anything for granted seniority at all now. At LB yet. You always have to go all out time and what I try to do that believe that Michael Utley and all of the people and talking to forget did not meet. Most of the time. As Barack I'm pretty pretty Creighton but as around Linda Cohn now hall of fame broadcaster you get behind that sports are best. For a long time you've had the privilege of sitting next to a lot of really great broadcasters. Who's the one that proverbial Lee microwave the fish in the company break room the one who just. Are you insane and today you you love to hate in such a fun way. I don't know none of them I you know I don't hate anybody acted opens on you know they'll happier a bad note and varieties though that speak I'm not one yards. Thought I can't single anyone out because and the other one would be. But not because of some of the all time great that I work within just flat out flat out. You know every night and look what you're thinking in the NFL network for years now. But you know I've had my big Atlantic always make me crack up. Legally kept on those late night or senator you know doing the late show or good finale studio here in the morning you know waiting at the Oakland hated. Aren't fans and took a giant game ended because you know you're showed being repeated 8 times the morning for the bulletin one of the many life we're gonna in the morning. Now all of that and kind of memory die cast that we did. Laughing at stuff like that and originally maybe lamp and I think they did that forget it. As we continue with Lynda Kuhn you can catch her on sport senator but he can follow her on Twitter simply add her name Linda Cohen that seat 08 CNN. Yolanda is we see these. Younger women break into the business you know alarm Rutledge with the SEC network or things of that nature. We're never surprises they are former college athletes because that's probably had your passion about sports in. You're different you're a former NCA NCA apple leaders well. Some would say imagine that but I say you're story is completely amazing would you take a moment and share that with our listeners. Yes and and I just feel like just stopped the puppy. Hang on one. Level to comply radio. That's. Yes. Well. Yeah now being an app that look and yelling say it like it is I'm talking to speaking engagement. Being an athlete and being having their team concept. It helped me a brawl and the NBA com what I am today especially growing up at a crime and getting into appeared at the time. Where women work welcomed. Out on the bike all. And so you you know you haven't helped and you go layers that can I was the goalie. Night hockey. You know that the women are more level playing the Olympics and I pocketed all of that police at a time. And I don't mean that in a hockey where it hit me hit reality it acted years now but. I had people you know I played on the boys team in my high school because there was a girl team. And NI Italy strange look from moms. You know things like that thinking like that girl on my my son team and so I had a block all that out and requiring that thought that because. Let's put it when I got that this about a block out all the critics people think. What this woman doing telling you that sport what happened. I think Lance Knight why is that happening and have block all that out you know people that had preconceived notions about. How they get it forward and get a baby greatest compliment I always hit the fact that. I've never you know with the linking up to me that I never got. The sport from a woman before you move and I didn't even think about gender any you know and there wasn't any big deal. And that's really the biggest compliment once again and you know. So that's how we're really helped me block out the noise and help out. As helping with social media well you know anyone who complains. About there mentioned about social media. Not looking at their mentions. Well another way everybody wants to know is. Wished great sports center anchor did you name this puppy after. Not that it might the poppy and a Great Britain by the way the puppy named it back. Already into the name Brando went to radio recchi played act together she's eight combo of proctor hit. There and she's amazing but I kept from name that was given your work and her name is that. If your question let them look. I don't think period. Ordinary Arabs I don't know from day her. I'm thinking a couple of them we may get T shirts and cinema and see who might warriors to the office up there in Connecticut I'll reach out to someone in the control of them but Linda Babs cone. All right. Real quickly will close up with UN and we appreciate your time but it what's the one store you know we're supposed to be stoic last night. I got to be a fan he would my my family has had Panthers season tickets since then Errol seasoning clumps and I'd he would do it on Saturdays with my job and I. I have to be a free and at some point in its with the theaters and we're not supposed to do that but we're supposed to be still do our job. His moment on sports center when you nearly lost it do the motion of the story. Yeah I mean absolutely I don't care I mean I am not saying I mean how they're a team like this morning passport I hope it. You know it haven't gotten my colleague with reading the period actually root. You know being raided her Baghdad don't not. You know directly on Indian I mean I totally rip them at and I love met. In my teens and they know I love them. But I just I mean what you know I think with all due respect that you Brian Leiter is my only picture they didn't allay. I hate group and having a great feeling here could get a better the opener of Jay root. It out at exactly where that they'll. I only let lie and then come out and I'm glad now in Pierre hit. You know allow that would be. The back in the day effort well that you don't know I need it without being Eller and let European and other hamsters from Alex. L I think that the you know it was creepy thinking that there are many great players that England night because you know they had but it probably provisional unlocked and who showed up obviously to cheer him on why aren't they are London. And you know and of course no camp playing and look at camp the play coming until the street by at the Christian McCaffery there doing his thing now. That very exciting. Yet oh here's the deal you got cover clumps and Hindu. A show with them on Saturday yet I went to Alabama. So that's why I have to play the Stowe park when it comes to us here now to chip gays or. So are. And after I. I. I thank you Linda Cohn that is absolutely fantastic enjoyed catching up with her analysts and for people that didn't really get the yes to which she played it it. New Hampshire and a new Hampshire university there's nothing yet in University of New Hampshire it was what it was like New Hampshire so Woodson like how I met you you mercy sound callous partner back in the day. They didn't have women's hockey she played College Hockey is a back up goalkeeper. On a men's hockey team. Like the movie lady bugs really tricked people into believing that she was the guy known of known she was a female team and his skis mean I've been chastised their lives do you got a note you don't use the word that is an insult. To women. I did not know that one saint column a female. A team now oh lead I had listened to you know we've got the social justice warriors out here on Twitter. Lady taller girl told me that was the ultimate in set in Seoul that I can deliver was telling her yet. Tell her and that's why I was like you really crying about this crap on Twitter called me after you dealt with a couple of things in life that are actually difficult but listen we feel this was what was fun diesel. Be able to sit there in the 04 is the main area and Winston-Salem after you know I I'd received I received my award for South Carolina sports broadcaster of the year from Lincecum. In just being able to hang out there at the bar in tolkien's. Yeah there were a lot of college kids that weren't him home from literally across the country for the seminar that went on in conjunction with this. To me and Rick Reilly Linda Cohn Mike Lupica. Bob Bryan all of those legends that were there. Make themselves available now I'm not a 100% positive they were the work it out there where come ask me what you want after you buy my shot. Hey if that's the price of admission I'll buy one any gas was a good and one for you I noticed that they never pulled their wallets out the by entering and I noticed that there was easily to drink sit in front of them so it was a lot of Ari will hold court here in the bar but your questions got to require. Yeah you put glass in front of us that's what you and I would handle that think absolutely no doubt about it listen that's. When it comes to my career that's my highlights of four does it compete with that being mayor you are watching your child grow up or things of that nature but could take away that article I of that interview stared stubby and stoic didn't make your fan and let your homer ism flags fly except I think I can rub South Carolina and Clemson fans are wrong way if I made this an Alabama ship. Well you but they would still be entertained. Anything and it's got you involved are you design entertaining. Are right speak in an entertaining how about this when we come back it's opened plans for the rest of the show. But they were talking about Steve Spurrier earlier. Eighteen Sports Illustrated they do a run beyond. Of the twelve most savage comments from Steve Spurrier in his coaching career. Will go through some of these diesel war also give you an update from Columbia. When it comes to practice somebody is being injured it's been a tough go for them. They're in Colombia this is straight up with start date for Ford GS PE SPN. All messed pucker up maybe Dennis died. CBS sports you can follow him on Twitter Dennis Dodd CBS he is going through. The in CA eight. Deal with Ole miss and eat yeah it is amazing some of it being sick he's tweeting out right now diesel odds I give a couple of rundown it's. Mean these these are individual tweets systems from 45 minutes ago you never want to see. From the NCAA units replied to your school. This person accepted 101000 dollars in cash and Wada 100 dollar bills. Yet days there's either drug bill going on her you're trying to illegally by a college football player all right it's a couple more than tweets from Dennis Dodd is CEO is studying third this NCAA deal with Ole miss. The NCAA said about Hugh freeze. The coaching phrases unable dead restrict un able to demonstrate the legislated. Obligations of a head coach. That's some pretty harsh wording made that means he. All right. Phrase of the day per the NCAA. Old miss had significant. Compliance deficiency. The matter of fact the NCAA said about Ole miss the atmosphere was anything but compliant. They go on to say even on a large campus it's I'm usual to see the serious nascent nature of these violations. It may even win in to say obviously something was sincere easily wrong at Ole miss. Net his final tweet from just three minutes ago in diet aids from may the enforcement staff reply says. Don't know how the Ole miss case will turn out but this is one of the more thorough in CAA investigations. That I've seen. That doesn't bode well for Ole miss it especially doesn't bode well for Hugh freeze and the ones that are circling the wagon dale mayor to defend this guy who listened to go look in your wife size or your girlfriend side. In realize that's what you want to defend. A piece of garbage in my opinion are south Carolina's defense of wind just took a hit got thinner. It's not yet known for how long but sophomore ride defensive lineman Shimmy black sheer is not practicing this week after suffering a concussion. Defensive battle line could suddenly it stops and told reporters after practice. That he doesn't know when black shears gonna return to action you are you know. You gotta have Shimmy black sheer out there. Thompson says he don't know when he's going to be back. That's going to be a decision. It's on the medical staff reviewer remember Shimmy blacks here. A former four star recruit that class of 2015. Was rated the number ten. Weak side defense and then and number two recruit in the entire state of South Carolina. But you're talking about a kid that just can't find its way onto the filled. He is he's dealt with the injuries and injuries and he's only played in nine games last season he recorded two tackles but when you don't have a lot of doubt. Boy you don't want to see him and that's when this scary once it's concussion in it's all according. To how we belts is back but that again that you got to develop some depth. That's one thing South Carolina has to do this year. Right so we were talking about you know maybe I need to show a little bit more. Try to be so stoic and coordinate when to cut and show my phantom. Given you wanna hear about out yellow one here and Alabama radio show mixed in with that state stuff I mean that's where I would really get passionate about. Well any again she I she has a lot more opportunity to talk a lot more national sports right. But this year in May talk every yet. So what on earth Steve Spurrier yesterday speaking at the Independence Bowl luncheon where he says yeah well as she knows about having good football players and losing games whatever was something along those lines. Thank you Sports Illustrated they went out and did a you have run beyond. Of the best zanger seeing coach Spurrier career. Run through some of these diesel. Number ten on the list cue the Benny Hill music he. Yeah sure sure there are just the second are glad up riches and even a couple of these it's not just from his days at Florida. It's not just from South Carolina. It's also he's got his finger in here from the NFL as well and and add things of that nature but this is what we don't do it anymore it late Spurrier. Was gonna say would he want to say whether you like it or not and that's what made Steve Spurrier a lot of what he is split. Now we get these articles well an anonymous coach said did. Make statements to mr. liberated coaching college vote and garbage put the name next to it diesel. Number ten. I saw a story saying GM has slick comes in at 4:30 every morning well that's not doing him much good. The fact that the talking about the former us saints head coach it was coming off a seven and nine isn't. Spurrier was hired by the Washington Redskins number nine on the list was way he just said yesterday. You can have good ball players instill that win football games all you LSU fans know about that this thing right. All right number eight. They are people in Knoxville in Fayetteville still doing cartwheels ever going seven and six. That the pop up. A is the Al fayed that Beckett is back to you a while back in. He it's not like I would actually think it's for your view that happiness was associated with wells number seven on the list. According to Sports Illustrated. I didn't know it today aliens car can go that fast she knows he doesn't have a pretty car like this FSU guys used to drive. My idea that that was the time that clearly got a speeding ticket for going way down forty miles over the speed limit about a hundred miles an hour. So that's some that's some high level trash talk they're going back to Florida State to more nimble got a break and we'll come back you'll finish season out. Number six you know F as she stands for. Was that free she's university that was back in 1993. After a Florida State booster failed it turns out and bought more than 6000 dollars worth that she's for players that I believe me but blocker tight one more and it will finish holy they were cleats it would have been fine. In twelve years at Florida I don't think we ever signed a kid from the state Alabama. Of course we found out later that the scholarships they were giving out in Alabama where a whole lot more were worth a whole lot more than ours for the I always Colin you're all the modern cheaters out yet every McCain allies Darren Helm we're about that 1999. Scandal involving Albert means at a Memphis and though whole ordeal got pretty ugly. And again and Spurrier. You know. Had to deal with a couple a year and sanctions back in the day especially in 2012. But that made Steve Spurrier. Why he was one of the best so we come back according to a Sports Illustrated. That best Ford seniors from coach Steve Spurrier is career and you can get him with this on our way out the door where out at 7 o'clock to 844 GS PE SP yen. All right welcome back in it is eight Thursday edition diesel out of our windows here at the SP and then out the news. Is that the sun's shining. They sell now granted there's grave and even some dark cloud a bit. You know up all that I think really accurately sums up Steve Spurrier personality it down a little bit of sunshine a little bit of storm. And I think that that sums and that's a great lead in the real quickly let's give an update from the PGA championship up to quell hollow in Charlotte. Of course seeing guys in the leaderboard they're still out there playing Lucas Glover on the eighteenth hole four over. Bill Haas has fallen 26 over Palestinian police in the clubhouse already at five oversee not a good day. For local golfers and and he worries seem Phil Mickelson guys six over out there on the back nine. Ernie Els shot nine over today. A leader Roy Eddie that leaderboard kind of begins at minus one make his. The were born Olson is your leader at minus four. Grayson Murray Gary Woodland Chris Stroud all at minus three with Brooks Kafka. Kept. Four of the five lead magnate Tony finale minus two Jim Herman at minus two but. But colleagues at minus two whole Lotta people I don't know. Have no clue but in a group that might as one does include Luis pays and Jason Day in Dustin Johnson all major winners and then. Right even par was Rory McIlroy. Now he's at the ease on the fifteenth hole at one over. Our eight we've been talking about you had these anonymous. These anonymous. Articles right now whether to take in this anonymous comments from these coaches about these programs screw that. Back in the days Steve Spurrier and his buddy. I owned it he said it. He would be he didn't run from the fact that he said he wanted to be able to now Liddy said yep. Any and everybody. Let's that he was equal opportunity and I'm fine with that he puts it he puts clumps and at one point he pushed Tennessee from Florida. He just it was part of his personality loving big game of college I love it. Do you passionate even if you hated him right and and so. In honor of his second whereas last stop in coaching instead of using the Benny Hill theme song. These last several are going to be delivered. With the chicken dance and are. You reading ready for. I'm not get enough in days and in the studio this fact that your baby in your head back and forth like that pretty disturbing all right number four when it comes to Steve Spurrier Xavier I love this. I don't like Peyton came back for senior year Tennessee you want to be a very tides are the Citrus Bowl at half half half half. No I don't mail right in the kisser. Are right number three. Quote I don't know I sort of always like playing Georgia that second game with keys you can always count on them having two or three key players suspended. Because you're you know how bad is it at this apple ads in state guys. All of this out yet and and we won't. Yeah he's insane in the first two weeks I don't know we are happy with other women only two EC save you they they have two or three players suspended at the beginning of the season. Hitting bag this lived up here the tide. In Knoxville number two UK it's health citrus without the UT yeah. I'm reading your thing get over that hump to Orlando were buzz they're sorry I always. So. You knew people in the IE. This one is it me and after my heart. Did best singer delivered by Steve Spurrier and his coaching career according to Sports Illustrated. And ought to fire at Melbourne wider library that this to read twenty books the real tragedy was it fifteen haven't been colored yet. Ask. We all love and. Now you want a couple of I judge today even buried. If Clemson fans to put their own venomous I've wanted to say you know while we love to hate that guy. We hate to love that guy it evokes a passion there's no. Nothing wrong with the Pashtun in more of that in college football we need we we more people are willing to speak their minds with just Saturday he would pick on people besides just the rivals diesel. An honorable mention is quote there are no Vanderbilt in the NFL. It did accorsi got two deliver one toward price seconds and even though he's on vacation. About this and Kentucky as a heck of a partner and that would modernize. But but but but but but but but but that's what's. So far I mean it was. That's why it was so fun to go to Steve Spurrier press conference because. Even a South Carolina or Florida loss are back in the day with the Washington Redskins were you lost a blunt. Told it like it was. It's not coach speak. You know what I mean it was mr. anti coached he wars emotions on his sleeve I mean he was by these are on the grid she used to keep up with Twitter. Any gaming coached how many visor tosses tourney game. I what it wasn't their commercial that doctor pepper guy hero win where he was that allowed him to Steve Spurrier is. Fight there at all and then and then Steve taught him how to properly throw a visor. Oh yeah you remember we had to lay Culpepper on back earns our policies he said the highlight of all this was being allowed to. It's these burgers buys or says like what a Mecca. Yeah so. Tuesday. I wish we had more of you know and I mean and who love them or hate him he evoked a passion and use in you know what if you're not passionate about anything. There what a crappy way to go through life world quickly. Will wait concede tomorrow is going to be an NFL don't. You got four pre season games going on tonight again if you do not know he got the Denver Broncos at this Chicago Bayer's she also had the Jacksonville Jaguars at the New England Patriots. Because they're I want to check out all too Tom Brady snaps is the patriots can ago. Nineteen a no this year. Third game of the evening the Washington Redskins at the Baltimore Ravens in the fourth game tonight New Orleans at Cleveland. So. You're gonna see an NFL. Information don't go today on the more aim one album. That looks like he could be coming out this is according to Ian Rapoport of That Ezekiel Elliott status could come down as soon as Friday. Says Elliott is been playing the waiting game for roughly one year with the NFL the league wants to make sure his cover Oliver spaces with regards to a abuse allegations from last year. Meanwhile local authorities have passed on pursuing any charges. Cowboys energy or agents has been vocal in his support for the running back and insist the allegations were without Mir so what I expect to see. From some people out there that you may have something on Ezekiel Elliott as soon as tomorrow and listened. This much I can say about Ezekiel Alley and back I can't be judgmental I wasn't they hear I don't know that what went on. But price and I if you remember a couple years ago at the Super Bowl week interviewed him after senior year. Nice nice nice young man. Now that's on my only take from that interaction everything which yes sir no sir anyway it just deprive you we watched him in some other people dealing with. Yes sir no sir this I think again I didn't get the idea that feeling that Ezekiel Elliott was just one of these young pong CNET. Every once in awhile diesel you run around when these guys in what's the first thing we say. He can't do anything to help that I think get the fact it is a keel Elliott Ted was bigger than his helmet. So I'm hoping that whatever goes down if it goes down his earlier days early as tomorrow it's a life lesson form because. Is my daddy's tummy back in the day sun don't be afraid to make a mistake to stop make the same mistake twice. All right when we come back let's close up shop here. With that we'll give you an update from the PGA championship but diesel. If you sign 24 million dollars of a two year contract to play in the NBA. Find some. By New York we need we'll give you that update was Zach Randolph as well as straight up what starts where it lied in the ESP you know steaks duties. And so disappointed. Right now diesel working furiously during the break to find something in. I don't do I if you can you listen to this when this it's got Adam Sandler and but. Since Sacramento teens Ford. Zack Randolph was served crested. Late last night in California on charges of marijuana possession with the intent to sell. According to the Los Angeles police department and it was confirmed by USA today's sports now this city just possession. Everytime I hear that charge. Possession with intent to sell I always go back and think of that incredible scene from days of thunder. When they get pulled lower her own huge down the highway after he wins at Darlington as hollow would you say here but this I distribution. Is consumption right. And we've got a problem wimp when it comes to this country you know what there's 29 states I think the you can smoke weed in legally now but if you flunk a drug test you Pete get a job. So somehow those rules are gonna handout I haven't but that's another story for another day now. I'm sure that charged with intent to distribute its current intent to sell probably going to be dropped med you're talking about you know Zach Randolph 36 years old. According to Drake Madison in the Los angels police department Mattison said an investigation is ongoing for its and at the coincided with Rand also arrest he said officers from the LAPD Southeast Division were on a routine control. When they encountered a large crowd blocking the street while drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. When officers attempted to disperse the crowd disturbance in sued. That left five LAPD. PD squad cars and one shares vehicle damaged. That's an issue. I don't care if you got here. In join a beer and smoking a joint. You. According to the Los Angeles county sheriff's office Randolph was booked it for 23 AM on Thursday and later released on 20000 dollars bail he's due in court. On August 31 then you're talking about some ice played the league for sixteen years. Averaged fourteen point one one points for gained eight point two rebounds a game last year for the grizzlies. Just signed a two year 24 million dollar deal with Sacramento in July. You signed a two year 24 million dollar geared diesel dill diesel what are the chances in this environment you probably have a hanger on our team. Out there. We get make him how I had to make him have your stash. You shouldn't hear your own statue should be able to have somebody had it with the we know professional athletes are smoke and weed we'd go to the NFL. Would rather they are players and former players smoke weed didn't take painkillers but they can't do anything until there becomes some kind of national Denham. When it comes to this. We know it's day in June 24 million dollars or one EU might. I don't wanna be hanging out in the middle of the street where they're drinking beer smoking any day imaging police course. What if you are gonna do it I'm saying it's he'd go out have a good time on the damaging police cars there's no break. Had your friend have your we'd. In you don't have to worry about this I mean hey he's gotten to the point where. Biggest drug tested once a year they know when it's comedy in their light that you can't stop for four weeks that's your problem. So. Sit here condemning it or anything else I'm just saying I know if I had just signed a two year 24 million dollar contract with the Sacramento teams. And diesel and our going out for the night we're gonna go celebrate you get some trouble. Guess what diesel you're gonna have the bag weighed in your front pocket it's not gonna be in much in mind. Also I think Paul for you venture but me and I've got to 24 million dollar contract now what are you paying around both. Soledad and down for you. I said earlier Manny does when you start hanging now DMX if he's in mind origin. You're elite he's a regular visitor over the green though I always say we just split the bright looking through some things on you to meet. I cannot believe I cannot find all Saturday Night Live skit from back in the day would Rob Schneider working in some kinda Africans to war. Has Ali he's gotten into the dreads and stuff coming down and he's like showing people the stuff peek its new best part about this is. You to sample hole that you we'd in the air so Q which he didn't hear OK here. Don't go to jail for this if your fourteen years in the league number ten maybe don't surround yourself with people in the middle of the night there and they. It's a good idea to go attacked five police cars and a sheriff's department card total it's six but he's. Yeah so hard enough to walk away the Yankees you know any time any time you have money Europe. Professional athlete firm whatever sport it is our or your. You're a musician or whatever and you're you're in the spotlight all the time especially athletes to musicians they sort of expect you to be a little bit nuts that athletes. For some reason we expect your athletes be above reproach. But no they're human exactly but would still that we expect him to be above reproach they are human we tell him to be perfect here is a Dilma. You gotta be Smart enough to know. That if you are in a bar where a fight's going down you know get out of more. If you are on the street where somebody else is busted up cop cars. Get out you know why because somebody will take a photo with you and it boom you're connected to you despise so she's guilty because you were there. Based Smart enough to know something's going down army can get now are right. Also two year 24 million dollar contract Zack Randolph was Sacramento. Let's go ahead and state in the NBA prohibits players from using marijuana despite seven habits teams playing in states where it's legalized. Voters in California passed a ballot initiative. Last November. Till legalized possession of marijuana for recreational use. However that provision only cleared adults over the age of 21 to transport. Up to and accounts. Of the substance for non medical purposes those with larger amounts face felony charges. In 2011 Randolph home was searched following a drug related assault of a marijuana dealer he was not charged in the units that are. Again I just keep combat rob Schneider's did eight years skit on Saturday night live's Amy Nino would you do with this. Pitcher we'd in the year you could chew weed in there. It is not an all status. IA being the nice guy on the planet has some friends Jewish donors. Believe it or not on the planet seat now deeply Grateful Dead the only more like OK we've played tools anyway the point is. Dedicated. Sellers are many dedicated stars con consumers. Of marijuana. Know how to not get caught with it. You know a lot down the street corner with our authority and jumping on police car as glory and honor and I've seen I've seen smoking app around tie up the floor all the apparatus that that resemble exactly. Cigarettes. Sega's sort of hide that what I've seen people with air tight little containers. That that block the smells other people can't smell it around June. There are ways but I'm sure this guy I mean you know being a 28 time millionaire. I am probably had a feeling of being untouchable. Also if you. If you guys listen I used to mix billions of your carrier rail more than a mails in your pocket you got more than you need. That's why he got a couple of friends he should put some other day air pockets or you're not going to gel for this mean I'm not trying to justify this. I've tried to do is. Tell you if I had a ten year 24 million dollar contract Adam and held a lot more smarter about it than he was. All right coming up on the show tomorrow for 22 we're gonna catch him with former clips and linebacker in Mississippi State linebacker Brandon may. A few other things on the Friday free for all right here will be diesel in the in the studio. From ESPN upstate ya have a blessed night let's do it again at 4 PM tomorrow for more straight up was Starr urged.