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Welcome back he had our number two this Thursday. Edition. Hand we're going to be talking BMW pro am here in a few minutes with me seek having ten of the BMW charity pro am don't forget that you can follow them on Twitter and get all the information that you need about the tournament so. Again. It that you're talking rats on this made a huge market as we bring on May see Covington from the BMW charity pro am it is a a tournament that started back in 2001. It's he only event on the Web.Com tour. There has both amateurs and professionals with the celebrities and all. But you may see even more importantly fourteen upstate cheer these were the benefit of the BMWs to BMW charity pro am this morning. Welcome congratulations. In the fact that your another crazy Kentucky Wildcats and I don't know if I can handle this. I I am glad you remember that and the content look at me I think they'll they'll. When your cohost is a big new former swimmer and essar idea there at the University of Kentucky pays like a nightmare that you can't get out of actually I'll let you know my daughter who sixteen says she is going to the University of Kentucky. C anchor theory and character yeah eighty. And speaking of intelligence. Listen. Yeah you guys are the gift that keeps on giving back to the upstate twelve point seven million dollars is been raised since the turn and it began back in 2001. Today this morning it was a check presentation. Fourteen upstate chair he's that received. Checks totaling 600. In 31495. Dollars. I mean. It's an awesome event that is this the day the yell really stop back I stepped backing go wow look at this a bit the keeps on giving. And in the day day we look forward he at the end of every single year it is. It truly like that we step back and market it is amazing. This is what it all out yet it isn't I'll turn. And everybody let mountain bike com. But this is what it all out all about the purity about the security they're out into our reason why why should act with. He's been getting ready and get. Day and go out and raise money for the people it is amazing and it does feel good at night every night Duckett went. Absolutely in dad today's recipients if you don't mind the blue ridge council boy scouts of America the senator for developmental services Fellowship of Christian Athletes habitat of team for humanity of Greenville county. Harvest hope food bank mobile mills of Spartanburg. National cresting college athletic association. Project Hope foundation the Ronald McDonald House Charities in the Carolinas shrine in her hospital for children here agreeable this MX share the magic the blade junior golf classic. The firm and it managed in upstate warriors solutions so between those fourteen charities. You almost touch a little bit of everybody here in the upstate. We view and that and are all edit or older we used different here you had it ranks. On read that I had different. Read and what they're doing. Their had seen. Whether it. The elderly. People that are in need education and benefit it. Children and we reach out to all the crap that charities here and and are so it's not a one that hit that one and that. What makes it unique is that we re you know multiple people work like it or. If I chaired egos may and we can do you listen did charities are non profits for a reason they need people to work with them and sponsor them if somebody out there's listening and they say you know week could be the benefit of that next year is there a way to go about getting guys in touch with the out either via the phone or via the web. Lately JRM we are looking for people that are packed net. There are whining he make it if I'm wanting to rate money we're looking for people that have. A great volunteer pay that are want to get out there in dirty get involved in the tournament and involved in the community. And it is very simple they either Colin on our on line which is a sick or he's not at the end. One quick fix the rental or they can reach out to be our web pack our email are all in on the web I. And they can recap at bat away and got more make it for them all and and legal overall security and it tactic one we want to work with for the next year. And now I mean it's absolutely fantastic end you just hit big in the a's we continue with Macy Covington from the ad BMW. Charity pro AM which of course is presented by the Synnex Corp. On the Web.Com tour. You know sick in the guest remaining six. 1800. Got children. Maybe I will benefit from today's check writing but you know that's not all that this is about because. You guys are already planning next year we just had radio thought our big fund raiser at a last week guess what we've had the first meeting about next year's radios on so this is a he had this is not something that just comes up around the tournament may it is a full year's effort putting not only be tournament on. But also handling the charity component as well. Oh absolutely it is only funny at the end of the turn it. On it here I had Emmy people kind of the what do you unity my and improve our Lamar and I did the people and not at your back they rat me Artie started planning our next year. We're you know hearing that getting ready. Are to look forward view another bad ear or in the bank could bring an end or a number at 830. Absolutely will help in any way possible but it you know it's is not is not just about helping cheered decency it's created an identity. Has this tournament for the upstate you know. Kind of was modeled off the FP GA tour event out in California. Excuse me at a moderate. In and you know we've seen Kevin Costner come through a who's who of of celebrities but also the one thing that keep getting back from the players when I talked to him here entailed. This is the once maybe twice a year on the Web.Com tour. They feel like they're playing in a major. On the PGA tour in that's amazing and its own right but typically the BMW pro am doesn't across three courses. Actually lately we have our record and we will be back here normally reserve and armed men. And it did for adding and yet at all that theory me turn it different than a lot of other dot com and in the cut that. I read it port that and having that celebrity and bought it isn't yet and and they eating at the end. We only heard amazing thing coming from the track and we're looking forward to it here at the liberty will be coming out eat out an eighteen. And all the odd years and we're getting cheaper that we play are working on on the upcoming. Well listen I'm throwing in first celebrity this upcoming year my property or diesel from ninety news he had nighttime host on 93 point three the planet because it not only would he keep the crowd entertained his game might keep the crowd entertained as well but at. Yeah are real cold. They go they will put them up in the week that's what we need to do when where they're broadcasting we we have we set up in the bar you know we're out there. Overlooking the ninth green. We need apple can't let. And that you haven't read that out they are. Order yeah day we can challenge some celebrities and some radio people and things of that nature and you're you know there's a social media clips right there but you know people can follow the BMW charity program simply act that name on Twitter but one thing I know will put on a bed especially cross three courses. You're always looking for volunteers and how might people 20 a lot of my parents friends and their retirement. He kind of taking this thing on every year you know they love to go what they are people watch over the course of a few days but you guys will always be looking for turn emit volunteers and if somebody decides they want to do so again reach out to you guys. We never went at here and act. Actually how are you may not yet I'm here at more than me eerie ear and hire me. I'm here it here and they actually. Quite. Yeah and it. You know I think a lot of people now realize how much and you actually have not are actually out there what he gonna hurt your. Helping the community and you're. GE celebrity all and that's it that aspect of volunteering. And that we year we never went on here and we will open I'll read it straight and probably DU weary and you got an eighteen. You'll get another leader he's. Absolutely there will listen I. I think they were do we just loses there will listen that was an appropriate way to get out and Macy thank you for your time today may fourteenth in the twentieth 2018. At the thorn blade club the preserving it per day. In Furman University golf club will be next year's. BMW charity pro AM and of course think about that diesel. Fourteen chaired these were the benefit. People common in and playing golf. In having fun emerges very very thankful and that's Macy column back in just teller listen. Not only we think four for everything they do. But also some big blue football. Yeah you gotta love a woman. This picture. On her Twitter page is rock arena. Is rob arena. That's a one that's a woman after my own heart. Right there that's also a woman after a price that instance I own part as well also. Again now may fourteenth through the twentieth 2018. In listen I mean did people now ask me about when we're out about across the country do and our job. A man of what's happening on the Golf Channel we are having your hometown is that as much fun as it looks. Did you this count is now embraces staying you know it's an event is that. Yeah back in the day. When they were still a little bit more spry. Mom mom in some of her friends would go into DLL agreeable to look for Kevin Costner and see where they were eaten and things of that nature says. The stars were out. The people are watching in the gulf is good and there's never anything wrong with that is a matter of fact the PGA championship is continuing right mail in of course your leader is old senate minus four. The only one in my history you really know ms. Brooks kept cut course CEO he won. A few weeks though the previous major and a large group minute minus one of former major winners which includes the Louis is ties and Jason Day in Dustin Johnson Rory McIlroy yeah minus one as well Zach Johnson finds himself and even some of the other scores and news and notes in the day because. I was actually kind of bragging to diesel about this. I even got a highlight are out today we got scientific with this prayer now. Some of the others Jordan speak this is needed to one over par remember it's par 72. This we are par 71 this week's Lou one over is now a 72 it plays par 72 the rest of the time. Won't give me an update Rickie Fowler was that plus one a little bit ago again Roy McIlroy he's gotten himself up Tum minus one now Phil Mickelson and Justin Rose were struggling earlier they were plus two. John Daly not a bad round. They even took a one handed shot out of the bunker. Sheets plus three today that's not bad I mean when you got eighteen chocolate muffins and fourteen Beers in me about new guys shoot the three over the PGA championship or quell all of not that bad JB Holmes in case Macy's listening. Former Kentucky golfer he's in. At plus three Sergio Garcia finished up his round at plus four Lucas Glover was at plus four making the turn. Bill Haas was already a plus for early and has nine will get updates on them. Kyle Stanley former Clemson tiger he's in the clubhouse he sheets by over today Bubba Watson six over. As well as William Mcguirk in then Ernie Els plane and its hundredth major. Ernie Els. Sheets 89 over eighty. Today. Newton all right listen phone lines are open rested our six so five will have Linda Cohn from ESPN. Also recently inducted into the national sports media association's hall of fame. Really really interesting story when it comes to Linda and her career but. We can talk college football we can talk NFL weakened taught the PGA championship. It's whatever rate for Ford GS PG ESP end. So diesel we're gonna tell you. Where you're gonna be spending your bowl game by destination this year as well as clumps and then where Mike South Carolina beat because it's official. Jerry palm his put out his pre season bowl. Guess a list if you will is that's what it is it is guessing and it's fine despite I wanna see if you're gonna feel so confident major rating go on Priceline. In that purchase your plane ticket. But you know what every once in awhile I see some Indy giggles and easily in my tests when it comes to something that makes me giggle. Is would it make diesel by. It is your nice sense of humor are not exactly the same you know but you see so much more crazier stuff. Not because of be in the producer of the show blue occasion of the nighttime host. On 933 the planet sort of our alternative gas station here in the upstate I'm kind of numb until two weeks off jokes I have got to really be altered it and seven to put this one was yeah you gotta remember that differs Twain I mean you it's -- sixteen Euro. He thinks everything's gone right. Yet tasty Daon in the parking lot outside of the when she was. Green metadata as an payouts to a casual look and they're probably thought I was trying to kidnappers either batter I thought YPD was gonna break out the he would mall parking lot is where outside the Cheesecake Factory for birthdays she got a pot and argue and allowed that you turner of walled off cut Energy Star drowned off the sheets is she jealous that your team skid. I said. What do you call eight fat site. World. Given here's the joke what do you call eight fat psychic. Well a fortune. Teller. But. That's not that bad I saw that when no way it's a play on words and that's the kind of thing that I know that you like the. Creativity no sir I do I do like ponds good speaking of your gonna one out yeah I got us share this with you and I'll read tweet on the ESPN upstate FaceBook page and I'm telling you don't have a sense of humor if she does do you she's got to see you give yourself did you can't add not ever since he hero of this. It's a screen shot I assume Israel we're gonna go there's just assuming that Israel has today anything to be Photoshop in. So it's it looks like a screen grab. Of a young woman's tender profile. And she is a good looking girl she is very pretty girl proud of the beautiful face light pink dress. Still got one arm out and the missing arm it looks like she's she's missing it right. Midway down the biceps is where it looks likes to share her arm was kind of been taken off and a surgery rightly so we don't that we don't know the story behind that but here's the deal. Listed on our profiles as Lauren age 21. Occupation. Arms dealer yes. Badly the description and our profile says hands down the best cash and cash tender face ten out of ten body. Nine out of ten personality twenty out of ten arms one attitudes it. It's. Just. I think I love that guy assuming that's real I'd love I would totally super like how many how many mayors propose all the she is getting over the course of the next 24 to 48 hours while that things sort of goes viral across Twitter in the eyes that the Internet world in I had to give our high two and a half on that yet the OK I got a couple 'cause have to do the math there you know an iPod listeners in Arlington and that they can kind of felt like an algebra quite a Burgess dissect it McDonnell that's absolutely fantastic you know. One person out there's like I can only base it. If you can't laugh at yourself and that's what's going on here they don't laugh that he neat idea ask me and it's not that Dag gum series much like Jerry palms a bowl projections for the 20172018. Season. So how do you wanna start this deal started the top and work the way Dioner you do so dying did I know you got Priceline out right now. Did you get ready to start looking at. You know hotel rooms and things of that nature right out the bad solid d.s are. You wanna wait and see where you end up for you gotta know right now. Wells Wayne's I'm guessing you are right now and here is his. College football. Four playoff teams in one semifinal in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans he has a rematch. Of Alabama and Florida State remember those two teams starting off the year at the Mercedes-Benz. Dome in Atlanta out at the Rose Bowl. In Pasadena. In semifinal number two. It's just an old school Rose Bowl game southern cal and Ohio State he has a high state the two seed southern cal. The three seed. He does it pick any winners. But they will move on to Atlanta for January eighths national title game. All right let he refers to is the selection committee bowl games. Which means. The rest of us call at the mere sixteen strike all right in the peach bowl in Atlanta on January 1 at 1230 ES Florida vs South Florida. Saudis predicting South Florida. He gets the news is bowl for the bid for the G yep and you know what that's a no win situation right there that's the way it plays out for the Florida Gators. South Florida supposed to be little brother years the University. Of Florida you know if they get to bought how brutal wouldn't be at South Florida won that game absolutely and I mean that he'd meet people get hot. Especially if you're out organ you may not care actually knows the situation down there having lived in the state of Florida. Some intrigue in that game for me because he feels very much went like when housing college. We had wimp Sanderson is our basketball coach sweet sixteen whip Sanderson you can pencil Alabama in the sweet sixteen every year I think we made in college. We could not get that passed it. But one year. But he would not play the University of South Alabama from day and immobile for whatever reason well one on the duty kind of referred to them it's a satellite school here. Well they have a really good some bills season I think they when their turn admit what is the NC AD when they love to do this stuff from time to time in opening round tournament game state match up Alabama and south Alabama in the omni in Atlanta. They had a couple guys that play peanut butter and jelly was their name. Base Dana only beat us I think they beat us by about ten points these guys were so motivated to finally get they are shot at the University of Alabama. They end up knocking us out in the first round that NCAA tournament and course whip that that's not saying this has kind of failed to your little brother vs Big Brother. Are right also in the Fiesta Bowl on December 30. At 4 PM he's got Wisconsin in Washington. The Orange Bowl at 8 PM on December 30 he has clumps and M Penn State. In the in your final New Year's six game on December 2090 S Oklahoma State and LSU I guess whoever. Winds that being gets to keep the legacy of last smiles. Who writes a Clemson at Penn State in the near six granted these are Jerry ponds guesses it would you always does this every single year. So coming off back to back national title appearances national title game appearance is diesel. Knowing that. You know it's hard to stay at that level would AD's simmer thirtieth Orange Bowl game against Penn State. Would that move the needle with Clemson fans this year. A NASA also access. The big time opponent that is a blue a lot of college football opponent I don't see how you can add any problem getting up for a game at all. The players now the fans lesson that's for trips and they made in the last two years including two across the country to Phoenix. In the end Tampa and all that. You know as far as ID South Florida's way out there in the middle that freaking notion you know and I mean it's a peninsula that goes out there it's out there you've already gone down here in played Ohio State a couple of years ago you were already day on the air for Oklahoma Indiana semifinal. What nut in the year before last. You've played West Virginia day on the air widen eight years ago or whatever was seven years ago. I'm sure you see constant pain coming off to post season trips the last two years. Just go you know let's go let's go drive down I 95 to. I can almost see them go and you know this is one army take up because the immediate area around with the train up. I get that I get why some fans would say I don't feel like making that trip. But at the same time. It's incredibly special fees it is special to be there it's special you know you had a special season in order to get there. So I would ask any fan any any real plan a non casual fan because there's always apply any of those. I asked me diehards. To. You know assuming you have the means. To get out and support. That team I would do it for this reason it's an 830 match up our 8 PM match up on ESPN on December 30 if you fly beyond there and you play your cards right. You could be home for the ball dropping on New Year's the safest place in my opinion. Or you can stay on South Beach. Enjoy New Year's Eve and price say some money flying back on New Year's Day. Listened to our our friend lady wall in all this guy a year we had the executive director of the Orange Bowl on up at the ACC football kickoff. They love Clarkson but that's their fear. The Clemson fans having traveled so much the last couple years that they're not in that play off that they would go maybe I'd take this year off the kind of in there like you net but their biggest fear in that's what. That's what some of these big bowl games are gonna have to deal with in the future. Crap they men in that team beyond that semifinal or in the championship game the last two or three years anything but that. I feel lonely being the only fan base out there one of the only fan bases out there that are sort of north collar recession proof is Ohio State just as they've got such an enormous alumni base they are everywhere doesn't matter where you go. Smith seems to be 20000. Ohio State fans in the area and more I'd say the only team has a broader appeal nationally is Notre Dame just in the fact that back in the day if you went to a Catholic Church you were spy is down you resisted cheer for Nadal and Robin notre -- they haven't been very good dad so instead help. Yeah yeah. All right CDs when we come back we'll take a look at these other games will see where it where South Carolina is on this list but most importantly. Where why and where might we find diesel waking up at halftime in a stupor when it comes to his beloved app state map and questions is. Which area hospital in Wright city will lobby waking up there have to. IV because we know that's never happened and an app state football game with diesel and of course this one might have special ramifications. To it I might just go be the chaperone. When all is said and die and it takes 44 GS PE SPN beginning with this. Is a Clemson fan would you be happy with they return trip to the orange ball. This year again it's the Penn state Nittany lines a member you beat them by 35 to ten. In Florida back in 8889. This is straight that was started slide in the ESP in upstate student news. Joseph Adrian. It is set where adolescent the only thing that may be more degenerate. The gambling on pre season NFL action or murmur you got four kings tonight that you can do that maybe taking Jerry palm's once a year article. When it comes to a projected bowl bids in booking your reservations. Airlines hotel whatever. Nobody's this Smart but it may say it makes it fun when we're sitting here on August 10 just what. Sixteen days away from the kickoff. Intercourse 21 days away three weeks from tonight college football season kicks off in earnest we heard that close now diesel. Let's take a look at some of the other bowl game so we'll finish up where diesels going to be this year with his app state mountaineers. Is that there's a glaring omission from this list but will seek the Outback Bowl in Tampa George in Nebraska. Buffalo Wild Wings in Orlando Auburn and Miami. They are suitable Wyoming and Idaho won't sign me up maybe add tax later ID on in Jacksonville he's got Tennessee vs Virginia Tech so they may not be playing at Bristol this year but he still got the Hokies. And the volunteers getting together. The Liberty Bowl in Nashville arkansan Kansas State. The ballot bowl in Charlotte Mississippi State vs Georgia Tech. Sun Bowl Utah vs Pitt. Music City Bowl in Nashville Kentucky vs northwestern. Military bowl navy verses NC state that keeping world bowl down in Orlando. Texas first is a little hole. The Holiday Bowl Michigan vs organ I love the fact that seems reasonable I'm telling you Michigan fallen off this year the Alamo Bowl. Cease taking into account most people have Oklahoma just scripted into that top four. Specially baker may fill their quarterback and and talent. There's got to be just a natural change. With Bob Stoops no longer be in the head coach in Lincoln Riley aid just adjusting to that situation one of the things Lincoln's gonna have to learn. So gives him control the office to somebody else. Yeah there's always an adjustment. Yeah so he's taken that into account the Independence Bowl in Shreveport on December 27 he's got BYU and securities. How rice gets and belief in my good friend Dino beavers. Iowa Notre Dame in the pinstripe bowl. Some of the other that would people make here about attack this phone Phoenix West Virginia and Washington State. He has on December 23 my dad's birthday your favorite team. Georgia southern playing Memphis. In the Birmingham bowl. Samuel Zell is now that's a good match. Our members and a really good mention yet but you know was the bad part about that yeah Birmingham's legion field in Birmingham on in that stadium got to get attendance shot yet we JoAnne absolutely and trust me. And our right so at 1 PM. On the sixteenth. Of December. He had short app state mountaineers kicking off the bowl season in New Orleans again GT San Antonia. It's. Here is going to show up hurry 1 PM game in New Orleans he emerged. Is doing what you did I ever is I'd score at all like a broken right. UT's sand. Wall along the road runners blue collar crime. Are you glad that it does and Montgomery Alabama listed all over again did you bend their back to back times listen I can see app state fans in New Orleans going. This is what a bowl game supposed to be about. Yeah. That's that's just. Deflating. Yeah UT San Antonia. Lola let's look at some of the other matchups on the sixteenth of December according to Jerry palm again 1 PM in New York they figure way to mid thirteen to 8 o'clock. No no bowl game in New Orleans should be 1 PM are right in Orlando in the curable they have Cincinnati vs troll. Also on the sixteenth in Las Vegas Colorado vs San Diego State that's not a bad. First date bowl match up. In the New Mexico Bowl and Albuquerque, New Mexico Louisiana Tech vs New Mexico. In any in your favorite place the committee a bowl in Montgomery Alabama Miami of Ohio vs south Alabama. Now the glaring omission MED so is no South Carolina Gamecocks. Listed in the bowl projections will wish that sort of surprises me it's the SEC east is a conundrum this year. Really wide open. Mean last year when you don't think that they can do it guess what they found themselves in Birmingham. I you know I think. I mean there's no doubt the South Carolina ends up with a better record than they did at least tying the record that they had last year. I think they improved by at least one win maybe two. Yeah and so I I'm with you just the SEC east is such as enemy. I can look you make a case for every single team they play inside there division of why they could win the game in that's what you want and say. Kind of hard for me to think Lou with South Carolina with the Mets nine gonna make a bowl game this year so I mean they're assuming at that point. That's not even five wins you or maybe just five wins for the gamecocks and almost clearly not short for Palmeiro in this case yet asterisk. That is true but. I think south Carolina's a bowl eligible team this year. The I'm the simple fact it look at the SE. SEC east I mean and as I play on the west this year I gotta go look broke quick wit yeah I think about Florida. Massive questions at quarterback. It Moly I hear ends up being your starting quarterback I'm sorry it why have all these talented younger guys out don't always stayed a fifth year I graduate transfer is to simply needs are so. Look at Georgia you know the questions lesson. If I may I find a way just hand the ball off to the running back Sony Michelle and nick Chubb that Jacob Eason some people would tell you easy possible way up top draft pick in the NFL draft here in a couple of years on. And down this. 2017. Scheduled. In C State's tough yes I I can't call that wins for South Carolina just yet but that you got a real shot to win that game that's the season embodies the SL agreement I'd Missouri or Colorado wins against us. Kentucky Colorado. Where it's in Columbia. I I called out of wind I hate so what Carolina I don't like with some of the things Kentucky's bring him back this year especially quarterback they've got a bunch of experience coming back OK so I'll happily does it let's go what I have to wait right now yet Louisiana Tech that's a win to win. Texas saying I am. It is tough. Here there. That is adds text saying he had and some unlawfully not gone our way gave me opportunity to put you off at current county Erica. Arkansas I was upstate math Arkansas that's got a shot to win that game. Here there. In Colombia yes you know you have a shot Tennessee in Knoxville. Tough. Okay Vanderbilt. That's probably a win. Georgia that's a tough one. And when but with Kerr also mark his head coach. I think there's a chance that I mean that right there assuming you win at least one of those if he gains you're right seven win season. That's a seven win regular season assuming you win at least one of those if he wants by. I still say to get there boy a is going to be a game and that NC state South Carolina game at 3 PM in Charlotte I mean they're so it's hard to believe when you don't have that much room to maneuver and how important the first game of the year whether what we always hear we can't involved you know when the first one. When you can't go to a bowl game and lets you sort girl that I want to write don't when the person. But that does it fit the movement on the view Q wow it's like we say 459 every day you can't win it if you don't get it so and I say this thing. Hey you think you have without saying I don't see South Carolina beating Clemson this year I don't but don't offer gained an eighteen to close as he went over Wofford I think Clemson. It's close right it's closer here's south Carolina's come out clubs and demand just as just a smidgen it's only because we don't know yet. We don't know what Clemson can and will be this. Obviously was my job and what we do I cover clumps and closer than South Carolina here's what I don't think people really get about clumps of physically they aired a place they've never been before right yes they're losing to Sean watts and we saw last night that's going to be a big loss Sam telling me what. It may end up in a bigger loss will swing dominant running back because nobody put his nose in and eight in now blocked it at tailback position my cup scene wing domino on long time. Just what you're not gonna dig. Physically on Clemson on both sides of the winds if you can win they are you got a chance to win every game and I don't pay everybody goes on the sun's gone. Yea he is the constant is better off physically than at any point IE when I look at those lines of scrimmage. Yeah you go I see Alabama you know and I mean and that's where under Nick Saban. Alabama's one at the line of scrimmage as a matter fact when we come back this the most overrated college football coach in the country. Of course they were talking to some anonymous coaches out there which. That's suck key theme to do because nobody knows if these things were actually said or not but. We're gonna make some fun of it will we come back gate for four GS PE SPN. So these are one theme that rankles you is anonymous sources correct. He's if you can't change your source you know Ari what do. About anonymous comments from anonymous college football coaches in this Cole yeah eyes I know we don't want this but I wanna hit you with somebody else on the back end cut. Because this he'll most people would contend. Nick Saban might be the ad best coaching college football. But according to some unnamed college football coaches he's also the most overrated. Coach in all of college football. Solely of CBS sports recently put a city whole listing may as Saban is the nation's second most overrated coach only behind Jim Harbaugh. Now can go there with Harbaugh. Saban received 9% of the votes in this poll in the most over right rating category in here's what one of the coaches anonymously had to say about Nick Saban quote we're. We're going to have a war. You're you're going to have how ports are in I have a musket in where every time we're supposed to say that your Berea. I get Aggie senior Al Meehan are right how did that work out for Mike Shula. In Alabama how does that work out for other coaches in Alabama. Yeah. Mike Schilling got fired one of our best quarterbacks ever six and 71 year how did that work out mixed statements first year when he was six and seven in Boston Independence Bowl. It's because his ability to go out there and recruit this guy Sig you can't sit there and say he just took over a howitzer. Because he would never had the job offer in the first place of things where that secure this is the dumbest stuff when it comes to this diesel because first of all. We don't know what these quotes are even made up. You know what I mean but. Just like people don't understate TE. You we have a rough stretch which we went in bag where I say we Alabama begged Nick Saban to take that job. Nick Saban has built that program. I don't see how you can sit ending go well. American democratic support which is he's got a bigger guy and he's the one that built the bigger gun. Yeah odds. It's fan bases and its fan bases and at this time in probably is writers. Or a writer. Has found an avenue to take a shot. He's found an army it's basically Beatty article I'll call who else would we are well in other coaches say about that then who's most over rated home could decisions salacious stuff you know. Any images I'd love to know who. Lou when they talk about it in this article well must Chia. So will must champ finished tied for fifth with point 4% of the vote in one of the coaches said. Much chance to spend a couple of cadillacs and he's wrecked them both he keeps landing on his feet Timmy when you're given the keys to a Cadillac you need to respond. He's only have one head coaching job. Those that taxes. Urgent Daisuke. So. I don't get it. I don't get I mean war where's the other one. The Auburn defense is a defensive coordinator one year you can't hold musty responsible for back. He got a that's Gus males on and yeah yeah. So that's why I hate these kind of articles because she do you really think that college football coach. It's gonna say you've wrecked two programs when the only in the head coach at one you know it's funny. That's when. Guys like Steve Spurrier couldn't do these lists because you'll be able to spot Steve Spurrier quote artfully. At that it has always there of course Steve's barriers in this list is a matter of fact it is found this on Athlon sports. It's. Sunbelt coaches anonymously commenting on other teams. And I'm just your run down the list of some of these things that they said this is what somebody said about a upstate they need some receivers to step up and make some plays when it counts. While law. More rain you know scroll on down. Arkansas State they recruit a lot of junior college players and I think that's what takes some little time to jail. Com on. Yeah I eat you up. Apparently supposedly have an open forum to say what you wanna say because it's going to be anonymous. Just say something funny have fun when it. The bad part so awesome personality got about a one in nine chiefs have figured out who made that commoner and a ten units are not in the errors an 18% shares and that can be year but still it's easier to say this stuff when she got a 120. Fortunate Symbian share units or that again that's why college football needs more personalities like Steve Spurrier because they'll just let it fly and you'll know exactly what was is that it. I mean this comment at Independence Bowl luncheon yesterday and I tend to listen man DSL shootout when he came in and they got all the good players. It's always funny until the shots delivered that your program. But then again what coach is gonna sit there and say you know I'm sorry. There's a reason Nick Saban was hired in Alabama things weren't that great time. How I had the Alaska's. Rarely so rarely it coach ever leaves and they're doing well exactly you know it's like saying. It's like say well our relationship didn't end well of course it didn't it well if I didn't do well you'd still be together right. Married or celebrate an anniversary or something along that urges reasonably happy you know whatever I got to be full and everything was good to go you wouldn't it got me would have broken up the voice is. Set you know it did this kind of stuff that's going on. I don't know who would do him. You lose the war the common about must champ I think bothers me more than Nick Saban in the fact that whoever was commenting. Even realize he's only been a head coach wants zone. Canada. Invalidate set comment if you ask me now while. And less he said it was that whether true time and she demeanor out as as sobering thing that you usually see when can't see it when you're reading a quote. That's like sometimes. Some of these guys need the the the author needs to include him oh geez yeah so well so they can project being told because they may be heard it. Come out of the play out of the guy's mouth right they know with what Tony he actually said it. You're a 100% correct and number two. Eve I find myself on Twitter from time to time I'll miss a point McKee she can't read the emotion or how I wanted it to you just read the words and sometimes. You know. When I go back deuce ad that's not exactly what I met now for that thing. To come off there's no perfect way about it speaking of perfect that. We're gonna have ES sports broadcaster and hall of Famer join us on the other side its lending cone from sports center. She was just indicted last month in the the national sports media association's hall of fame. But some of the things solicit it's no that. It's not that out of the realm for. A woman. On sports center her in sports to be a former NCA happily. This story unlimited cone is completely different then the majority of those stories and we look forward to bring in Iran. And listen you can follow her on Twitter at. Lynda Kuhn then we'll have open phones to close things up his straight up was scourge diesel and iron in the stadium on this Thursday addition.