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I want to say. Sick. Overcast today in the upstate imagine that diesel mark surges or live in studio on this Thursday. Will take yet till 7 PM we got a busy show coming up today. Anything happened last night it. Maybe had the attention of the upstate much less the southeast of not the nation just because it was a GAAP pre season football game that. We're gonna talk Carolina Panthers and the Houston Texans especially here for 37. With our friend Matt Connelly from the state newspaper in that. Also well fourteen different charities where the benefit earlier today. Of the BMW charity pro am and we'll talk. What they did earlier today in distributing their funds. In guys ended at 605 looking forward to talking with Linda Cohn from ESPN. She was voted in our national sports media association hall of fame on a couple of weeks ago were last month and that's who actually receive my award from up in Winston-Salem said. She's got a very eerie very cool stories that will get in. To that with Lynda Kuhn as well later on but lot of different things to get into today it will be busy so we'll let you will I get an 844 GSP. ESPN. Course we will talk about the the game last night Wu also let you knew was some other college football needs including. Diesel can go ahead make is reservations Jerry palm's already done is bold pre season bowl prediction was so we can tell you where diesel will be. In on what date he will be there also why don't forget it for 59 won't be a key word that you can text in to 72881. Some eyes when and at thousand dollars freeing clear on intercom why not you but yen at 505 Macy Covington from the BMW charity program. She's gonna Colin and join us and talk about the fourteen different charities and it just gives you an idea how far that BMW program. I reaches its tentacles it's calls through the upstate here also the PGA championship going on at quail hollow will keep you updated with that. College football Cindy's own less Mollison knees and I Youngstown State. Did a really weird article about the most overrated coaches according to anonymous coaches. In college football in the and finally diesel Zach Randolph you're thirty he worked for 36 years old fourteen years in the NBA. Just signed a 24000002. Year Tony for mean dollar two year contract we're gonna let you know why you gotta hire some ideals to hold your week. All right. The kids. Zach Randolph found himself in some problems last night you always got to have a bag man I am telling you may. Shell the week we now expect this of our pro athlete you know it's legal in seven states. EO there's a former offensive lineman in the NFL that's in a very interesting article today say in this marijuana as a godsend to him as a former NFL athlete with the you know the headaches and things of that nature. I still maintain. If I just signed a 24 million dollar contract for two years in that's fourteen years and I played in the league. Hires somebody to hold so I don't get busted with possible is you know intent to just hired DMX he loved or absolutely absolutely. They hear embark catch all the time so I'd be curious case of Zach Randolph baby we are smoking weed. And mayor did. Have somebody hold that for our rights to. All different things that we called kid into today here on the show a couple of needs and hopes to get to started with locally. Think about this. Past year you know and my wife I diesel second battle with breast cancer had some things go on bitten and see if he can name the coach that's had this in the last twelve months of his life happen to him. Left knee surgery left ankle surgery herniated disk surgery is surgery. A hernia surgery in nailed this upcoming weekend a right knee surgery. Pretty busy year India operating or isn't Charlie Weis now it's actually coach K. Yeah. They have had to cancel you Clemson will let you know they are on a basketball trip over in Spain right now. Coach K in the Duke Blue Devils were actually supposed to go to the Dominican Republic the aluminum the mission trip and go play some Mac senior team bonding that kind of thing. They can't do he's got to have more surgery this week and that's why surgery six coach K his hat in the last year. Mary miss some time with that back surgery and had to you know take a little time off left the left ankle hernia herniated disk in now a right knee. Surgery this week and coach K at some point you're either gonna be the bombing may end. Just go walk away and I'd try to enjoy the rest of your final years. Without all the aches and pains that's a lot of operating. To be done at that Qaeda that age but again. They'll cancel their trip to the Dominican Republic while they get him back and healthy and on the sideline for this fall. We mentioned Clemson on one of those team bonding in that experience build up troops in basketball. And they're ever in Spain they got a wanna wait 65 wind just a little while ago. Do I cannot sit here and go this team blah blah blah is a teeny bit per nails it. Is there any good or not but the only thing I'm taken away is there somebody for Clemson basketball I think needs to step up this year and that's Donte' grant them. Yes he does in his senior year he had done I mean he's all right Lleyton not what you thought when he came down from West Virginia. Did had twenty points at halftime in this game today so those are things I'm looking for when it comes to Clemson basketball Donte' grant them a game we don't know the level of competition. But you still gotta put the ball in the basket and twenty points at halftime Clemson ended up for the day haven't. Some like eight players score eater more points and accorsi they shot the ball better last year did not play is gonna defense. In that's it's a big year for Brad Bernal on the tigers of course you're number two with a revamped. Error renovated little bark at Littlejohn Coliseum and I renovated actually just the new facility. So. A lot of heat on Brad and of course that's why you take advantage of this time of the year right before school starts. India one of these trips out it's free practice it's team building I've young team bonding time. And a lot of good things come out of that you can do one of these trips like once every four years so big big gas. Big deal for constant. Basketball also yeah we got scrimmage is coming up this week in South Carolina with the big scrimmage in Columbia Clemson. Of course they had practice earlier this morning had lied to and then had a hang out time. In their movie theater area of the new football operations complex but. How light scenes stadium white out there on the field talking with the Furman University pallid and football team earlier today. After their after their practiced. For multiple reasons diesel you're talking about a coach that not only played firm and so he gets it many codes in the NFL. That was very very success so successful with the Cincinnati Bengals and leading them to a Super Bowl. But I think I mean more simply just proud of the fact that Sam White Gina he was within. 24 hours of you know he had that you replacement surgery. I believe Rosie and heart what nick and I mean he was did you own deal day announces final a couple of days before it came through for me you know we talked to him from Charlotte is one the first interview was the first interview. They he had done after the surgery. I just so happy to see CM YH. Back out on the field feeling good enough to go deliver a speech to a Furman University football team or a kick into high school football team or whoever he hopes to wide. Those players are better off for my opinion. So congratulations Sam whites and finally. College football rankings will we get yet we've got pre season ranking going on we've talked about it today. I think Sports Illustrated put Ayers out Baylor was number one now Florida State to Ohio State three coaching came in at number seven. The one that you wanna pay attention to. Is we said maybe about the beginning of October but the official Lee the one you wanna begin to start pain in the attention to will come out. On Tuesday October 31. Is that's the college football playoff ranking shows the first one will be again 8 PM I think or 7 PM on October 31 that it Tuesday. And of course it will conclude on Sunday December 3 the day after their Steven chip gains on the second. With the announcement of who's going to the college football playoff in the other selection committee bowl games so. This is right around the corner but those are some things to pay attention to. Those in the rankings the rankings right now. They're great for debate. They fill us in for the next few weeks until we get the football season but they hear about is they're about they're worth this much is the paper it's printed on now. Course you know when year old with diesel kind of money compressed there's rankings on a hundred dollar bill they may be worse on him but you know for me. Haven't a sixteen year old that's headed back into school here in a few weeks more alas it's worked they blank sheet of paper out of a copy machine. Dam here in the hallway so well. Again it will open up the phone lines whom we come back in 844 GSP ESPN a couple of things to remind you again Matt calmly in the state newspaper he was sit in the press box at Bank of America Stadium last night. The Carolina Panthers giddy 27 to seventeen win. You talk about consistently inconsistent diesel let's think back rule quickly 2000 intent was Cisco back at the beginning of the decade is that fair. Use 2000 intent. Here is the epitome of being consistently inconsistent. They lose their pre season opener in 2010 they won it in 2011. They lose it in 2012. When it and 2013 loads it majority fourteen. Win it in 25 team loses its when he sixteen and of course won by ten last night we told all the degenerate gamblers. That it was they wanted to have point spread it. Do we should got a bad on this we should end and that they were gonna cover at least win. Any only had to do you know want to have point diesel we missed a massive opportunity next year pre season opened for the pay openers. We're taking the loss may be. You know I just watched an episode of married with children the day before yesterday where we're Al bet isn't tired tax return. Which was seventeen dollars and 52 cents by the way on a spore on a sports dead you know lose so. You know I think the Al Bundy approach just don't that. Aren't you happy when I did turn was seventeen dollars and 52 cents. Wish what is this consisted do you maybe not take a look at it. Win loss win loss win loss win loss I mean I said the a little bit because you would degenerate gamblers of the once it. Have to go put some money down on a pre season game you don't know how on the starters are gonna play you don't do it gives people you guys it's like it's like fantasy football gives people a reason to watch. That's all it is yet. And so again. And there was a lot of reason to watch last night she huge local flavor from both the tigers' perspective and let me tell you a former game cot receiver boy did he show welcome Damir bird. Puts himself squarely in the mix for windows to open wide receiver jobs a big nightmare Bank of America Stadium will come back we'll talk about. Some things we saw some reactions will open up the phone my exit date for Ford GSP ESPN. And then at 437 Mac calmly from the state newspaper he was there. In the press box at Bank of America last night. May seek Covington of the BMW charity pro am at 505. And then Linda Cohn host of ESPN's sports center. 8605. All that coming ahead but again phone lines are open now wait for four GSP. ESPN this is straight up with sturtze. Welcome back to end. Thursday edition Maine guess why aid deal were watching some pre season action last night. Other Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte which you pretty good feel for. You know a lot of people I know. They are covering the game and again Matt calmly one of those so we will talk with him next 437. It's got four games to get into tonight diesel. Denver. At Chicago either you're talking about a Beers teams they. Has a quarterback competition going on if you will. You we don't know if it's gonna be Mike Glenn and of course you don't drab mr. Boesky at number two received you don't wanna seem to get on the field. In then the biggest question in this game I ER I follow the Broncos are bad not really afraid and that much anymore. But by Alec kilts diesel. Trevor Ximian his just really really widened the gap that starting quarterback for the Broncos over Paxton win it's who's now in his second season at a Mets this year remember. The other Broncos spending first round draft pick Compaq's then went to album -- 67 and I was a huge Paxson went to preempt. When he was at the University of Memphis but. Trevor Ximian continues to separate himself from Paxton lynch at what point do you think that becomes troublesome. For the Denver Broncos on a former first round draft pick a quarterback. Well the question is is he just bad yeah. Or or what's going on because. You know clearly he had some skills of Memphis and you know I I never like to. Say it is entirely a system that makes a quarterback successful. If you can't pass well if you can't run if you can't shake off tackles and he can't read protection you're not that you're not going to be a good quarterback. And clearly he was he was due quarterbacking colleges so. What happened is he not pig is not developing is he not picking out what the complexity of NFL playbook. What's happening so. And is a part of it. That we expect a rookie quarterback to just come in and get it easier to hear you want your wanted to ask into are we ask so much chance rookie quarterbacks why I agree with you entirely too much of rookie quarterbacks indeed think and clearly he's not rookies or second year player now but still. Bile me by and for all intents and purposes he is a new quarterback in the league. So. Part of it you know I Wii to talk about how bad the quarterback position is in the NFL right now and it's because we don't give anybody any time because. I went two years he had picked it up and we'll get somebody else. Yet they you know he's barely played in here's a thing I think about it from Denver's perspective. You got an awesome defense or were you really only have to have a quarterback that DO does enough to make sure you just don't turn the ball over and at that should be a pretty easy thing to operate in but for whatever reason. Trevor Ximian has distanced themselves and you know oh again that's going to be interesting to watch because I did I mean there's certain things that your right on there's certain things you're wrong on its early in his career but I thought that Paxson went to had done that will what would do very very well for the Denver Broncos second game tonight. The Jacksonville Jaguars that your defending Super Bowl team paean. The New England Patriots soup probably gonna see a lot of Jimmy drop below. Out there tonight mayor fact he could be having to try to help for the jaguars because Blake morals needs to do something this year at quarterback or he may find themselves somewhere else it's also a little bit of a local rivalry game up in the middle Atlantic region the Washington Redskins at the Baltimore Ravens tonight. And of course Ryan mallet you know a little bit of a loose cannon he'll be playing some. For Baltimore tonight in then now also. The New Orleans Saints at the Cleveland Browns so those are four games tonight that you can get into. You watch in we got action all weekend long grain it. I'll watch this week it's the first week yacht a painter screen and I was interested to see went on last night. I thought Deere T Anderson was absolutely fantastic. You know he act came out. Graham you know missed or actually belts the fifty yarder off the upper right off upright on the first series of the game. In any Anderson just kind of quietly rolled them Kelvin Benjamin. I take off I take everything back and have set about to come and in a way coming into camp overweight now I mean to work on things wide. He was a million last night especially on. One of those touchdown catches split you know one of the guys it really played out for the Panthers is a former South Carolina wide receiver by the name and Damir bird. He'd totally made a move for one of those last wide receiver spots with four catches for 98 yards and two touchdowns so. But again for the Panthers 27 points and I'll let some things that they are that over under what are you were we told you what the over under was for that game diesel do you happen to remember of the topping your head. I always would say take the over in something that's questionable in the last night it would have paid off 44. 27 to seventeen the over under was 38 so. Again a little more action mayor. But I was real. Listen the one being the one thing that becomes evident from last night. Is Derek and just don't rush Kim need back give them hell the is Derek Anderson the quarterback to beat Carolina Panthers wanna play all year and trying to late note. But the last thing you wanna do is getting into a situation which KM need and where it becomes a cycle. Work him now let him play dead arm rest them you can't get any consistency. Going you can't get the rest of profits feed enough of that. If I take away again granite overreact since all over the place last night as then somebody say well. His permanent quarterback will lead a team to a national title one year into a Super Bowl title the next. This was right last night fifteen or 25. What ended up with. 179. Yards stolen the ball rushed three times 24 yards including eight touch scaled. He was let's not just go ahead and cancel the Houston Texans in the Super Bowl would disarm Watson starting at quarterback. There's a lot of upside for dish on in here's the thing that I liked about what he did. He was due and it would backup wide receivers and offensive lineman in he still look boy he's been in control. Those are things that you can he teach censor things that your born with a in our tool and I'll tell you I don't I'm not saying reserve disarm Watson of placing kitten. But disarm will be a productive quarterback. Much more so than RG three Jiri any of those other dual threat guy he's coming out why because they were run first per second. This John Watson is the total opposite east throw first run second but can still give Q are yardage with his lags or at least. Extend a polite. Let let's see how he does is say. Went out there with 23 and outs before they started to work in some other players and in dad Tom savage ended up lead in the Houston Texans on the third series day on the field first touch dale but it was three and out three and out K one short. I mean there was a moment of awkwardness Bernard Butler second year player out of Louisiana Tech. Kind of coming off of a cross block got his leg kind of caught in the turf and he was carted off and he was frustrated. Did you talking about a heck of a bad Beasley Mahan when it comes to Bernard Butler but the the outlook is not too terribly but bad. But again his leg just kind of got caught deter a turf as he took a crap I call it a crack Mac market he will. From my brain knows GO Khomeni. Saw that name last night message bro we're gonna try that we're getting given a child tried Perino Jia Khomeni. That's a bro Italian NFL MAME right. There me and you know we got up we're playing game here finally Italian athletes out there will play game is this is this an Italian athlete or. Freya flavor of to mono that's a great idea because you and who would be willing to come in in do you all out verbal assault on the Italian national boxing team. That's an extremely narrow vein talk about what he. Teresa. My wife she literally about took on the entire Italian. National boxing team. In the Barcelona airport a few years ago. She was so Fred they were screw with this just throw quickly I'll share this is will I get more rap superstar guy when we come back with Matt calmly in the state it was the year that make of America stadium last night but check this out we were. We were the final air Lingus flight out of Barcelona back to North America said they're literally like thirty of us on this Aer Lingus flight in from. Barcelona. In Ireland. And sit there wait and literally the plain for all of us indeed let us get off the plane first to get our flight. Somehow some way between a group of seven Imus got light separated from the group of twenty. By the Italian national boxing team diesel they're not walking in. You don't in lying down the hallway day news symptom was going on in they spread out shoulder to shoulder. Walking through that wing right there so we just got furthered so we come out of this area and we in this wide concourse in. In Ireland. In completely separated from Margaret I have never seen my wife kind of give your number one in some stuff in the Asian Jack quads need that they were messing with some people's lights. Yet he didn't connect. I had a half a mind did send her back in it trust me Italian injury there's no question it was the Italian national boxing team trust me there you could not miss it. With off. Adelaide five bucks on Teresa she'd taken out the heavyweight right mayor. In the in the airport in Ireland team boy she let day and age she did I'm proud of the woman. She got to turn around town that they understood that there was a a couple of choice phrases delivered for them. For what they did in the U like I said you know when people are kind of grin and and and it. Ideas out I wouldn't pull for the Italian boxing team in the Olympics at peace if you put my life on absolutely but I would have taken. My wife are right dead the PGA championship it's also going on up in Charlotte right mail Ford born Olson. Is your leader in the clubhouse at minus four. A group that minus three includes Brookes cup cup. Gary you. Gary Woodland Grayson Murray in Chris Stroud but colleagues on the course at minus three said Brooks the only one you've heard of right near the top of the leaderboard some of the guys that minus two. That are finisher Tony for now Jim Herman Patrick reed Paul Casey. A couple of guys including DA points on the course. Fortunately at minus one he got a group that includes there in the clubhouse with Luis hasn't. Jason Day and Dustin Johnson. So Roy McIlroy he's gotten it to minus one through eight holes and the good thing is is they've gotten the majority of these rounds in you know it's just kind of an overcast day. In there expecting rain out there throughout the weekend. So. As of right now things are moving along pretty well some other guys that are finished for the day include Jordan speed they won over. Not to mention in. I got a bunch of the stuff will get into it but it was not a good day for our local golfers by any stretch of the imagination. Not a good day for Lucas Glover use about plus four. Really really tough day for our. Guy from Wofford William Mcguirk so tough day. When it came to that stuff just Kyle Stanley unit cost five as well so our local golfers just did no I didn't really had it going on. There today. I tell you what was going cat cats is break is when we come back Matt Connelly from the state he was there at the paint there's Texans game last night not slew covering Clemson fall camp as well we'll get it we get into it with him. You can always follow him on Twitter. It Matt act this state this is straight it was starred Steve is on I in studio. All right welcome back in diesel but they are connecting with the Matt Connelly from the state newspaper remember when it comes to Carolina panthers' training camp. We are dealing with a three days left obviously no practice today coming off that pre season game with the Houston Texans last night. But they'll be back on the field tomorrow at Wofford College from 310 to 5:10 PM. And then Saturday from 925. To 11:30 AM. And then finally Sunday they closed up 925. Dell 7:30 AM. I would hazard all of you guys. Get off by 85 north beyond about 21230. On Sunday because it's gonna look like the old golf ball rally movie with that Carolina Panthers may players trying to get back up by 85 to Charlotte is training camp closes on talk in there may be some serious racing going on. It's beginners are racing he was trying to get home last night after do in humans work at Bank of America Stadium. It's our friend Matt calmly from the state you can follow him on Twitter at Matt at this stage mad you know I hit yup I was watching. What was the feeling like we're already for football no doubt about it but last night it was just like a little treat for not only Clemson fans but is it turned out South Carolina fans as well. It was on a you know it's not anywhere close. Regular seat and at a little football article that that it shall fall and thought the people really deleted their their but it stated there. Audit last year that night in. There's a lot and ran out of the first novel of the bill and when he scored a touchdown. On this well and then. Nick commentators. Saying that that got to pay it etiquette how lucky DeBoer bird exactly. Really Chris Crabtree can it in the if you need to do it last night. Oh and all that and I don't football league and if so what kind of or got the news and its. Yet let me ask you I mean obviously I'd saw it on Twitter Rambo lot of does Tom Watson jerseys there in a Bank of America Stadium more in Orange or more with the Texans Jersey. If you could I mean grand Europe in the press box in your working but to kind of get a sense or filled for before or after the game. There was a whole lot of callers. And there are a lot of it is dirty oil and most of those are so a lot about so you. Monetary eaten a couple of JJ watt who it. It is the treaty pretty close to live there's probably more Clinton. Detection the detection and there weren't there for the bus or martial art and if you the whole lot additional oil reserves. Yeah and listen I mean he played well and it's going to be interesting to see where where it goes fifteen to 2597. Yards no touchdowns no interceptions. Does giddy rushing touchdown on three series for 24 yards in the thing is he did it with a backup offensive line with a backup wide receivers so. Was that they got disarm Watson may be hard pressed to ask for a better debut in his first pre season contest. Eight edict about what I expected in the news you know. Out ball and you know that bit at notre that he did that on her and her credit this. What delete it in person in her. Two to three years of hostility it Alabama the net two years. In I think you got a bright future that it. He admitted he was playing. Was second at thirteen wide receivers and then all with a lot Udall accord is the intersect at their feet Bayard. That. A lot of most of their starters I quality start trying to game on yet is there news. A little bit on both sides calm you know make it at the top level talent. A bit of bill when it overall he is really. They're really nice. All you did I get the ticket early gain eight bit Attica and the that he. That you want her to audit firm yogurt third but we're the most Ortiz spot on it. There yet and it depletion but it probably 67 of those were at. Get rid of the ball in the without a quality ought due out he did not stop currently got a stroke or. You know or does that get rid of the ball distraught about it now overall news. There's a racial reported from him and about what I expect it got to not think you got a really great featured. I'm with you as we continue with Matt Connelly who follow him on Twitter matte and this neat state newspaper dimming. Colombia match you know from the Panthers perspective first of all us all some people out there and legitimately showing some frustration with the offensive coordinator Mike Shula who Shula about not putting Christian McCaffrey and for about one play you know he had seven rushes for about what 38 yards. I don't think he wanna tip your hat to that first pre season game where you could possibly. Put Christian McCaffrey on the field said I think that's a blazer and if there's variances need to back off for a moment. Did everybody need to remember that you know it that preceded I'll McCaffery I think they wanted to just. He kind of how it's beat translated over to NFL game and he went in early in the game most way to get the starter and it. Translated pretty darn well on many either bad guy he is certain night person you know he'd prominent. There and all of critical or tackled as well the day if we don't want to. So everything you go with him early all of Islam no I mostly just. Headed in the ball and in it you know editing have on return of college or kick or anything like that thought they. He's going to be a whole lot of for the wives would he get pretty deep hole we get through it in a hurry and not that you're gonna make. The papers that in a lot of pain equal foreigners had these quotes here. Now Matt let me also ask you did you Derek Anderson is being considered by the many in the NFL and especially those that covered the league maybe the best back up quarterback did aid we sell the same thing again last night just Bay Area and comfortable winning control right from the beginning. Does that may begin to Carolina that comfort zone of going and let's not rush can't meet you back so this thing dot com cyclical. Rest employ him rest employ him for the entire year. Yeah I think it does on the nose. And obviously on a different level one and that Elin beat the had net. It has done a whole lot of things instead of so all that not a lot of got guitars on the football at throwing it all the if you mentioned Dick Anderson in order to visit not a bit spec ultimately it until well looked really good luck without. I think they they like what they have and the quarterback position come on can't beat that there are reached at that. Put it back in in having to think apple that shoulder to where he can't you know be as good as he needs to be when the game better here if you leak to interrupt but he's. Yeah I'm with you I mean routine is everything is hard for those guys to get routine if he's been in the knees out but one guy I owe an apology to. I had heard the reports of Kelvin Benjamin coming back in overweight now of course they were gonna happen not ten pounds I'm off government Spartanburg camp with the he just showed why he's a beast on his first touchdown cats last night and Calvin looks like he's ready to roll. He did Hannity is an incredible talent at all you know not only that post out as but he caught a cage early in the game choked to defenders. All overwhelming gain about sixteen yards on it as well you know you it out they'll all be all but what he did out there. He made a threat that note. You know anybody needed it. Lou that you proudly got attorney camp where he he he showed last night it. He proved that well that way don't know that you're rated big body big target that they can go up again it'd be he's gonna be a lot of fun to watch this year. RA would cheer of maybe take away from last night near you make of America stadium that caught you by surprise because I know you're having to get re. Re acquaint it would college football really quick score images begin this weekend across the palmetto state. Yell at last night home you know how that's really impressed with the near Burt we talked about him a little bit that he. In. Receivers at public because it back to practice with the best out of the younger guys and not big many that it the depressant. It thank you go monopolized. You know last. Let the idea that it yard touchdown caged yet another touchdown over the middle of the back in his the beta. Few of the grant that will initially nearly a hundred yard interceded nominal political or quarters. Then he also did a nice double upon return as well go into even that got it. There's been get a lot of attention they're training camp and cattle went out circle outlet by you know among the question now we had. They they're wrapped up practice. We're out there today in and we didn't commit abuse and they've got a burst early Saturday. But there will be we will get going to watch Israelis would it before it try to get some be back from the coaches don't know are there buddy Lou. And again they can find out all your work just simply on Twitter by going to mad at this stage but TG linking everything up that you do for the state newspaper but again great job last night Matt you. OP guy at deal on the Florida coasting got rested and ready for this long dreamed of a football season but it appreciate you won the best man appreciate your carbon out some time with this about which you saw Bank of America Stadium also tell our listeners what shall have. Coming up besides that Clemson scrimmage. Yeah. So. You know I distorted day on the quarterback Clinton. Just cut ever Cellini would it mean for those guys that. Up artist Kelly Bryant is not the other guys right now. Also. To react to prepay it there's a Texans players go to less idol that well disarm Watson in this. So far heavier burden in. Kind of the jump they need they need going to denounced their unit of so that appealed state that comment like that how we get out so a but the circle at all right now they have BP had to do a couple weeks of vacation request beat Beckett editing didn't vocal. I will will continue to do that thanks buddy lists and have a great weekend we'll check ins and okay. Thank sir Matt Connelly the state again Disco follow him on Twitter at Matt. Act AT the state for the state newspaper. One other thing back coming out that Panthers game last night will comeback win at this then bowl where he got time and special teams it was Lleyton it was midway through the fourth quarter for you really hit the field but that. Just just looks comfortable out there couple more news and coach your thoughts on the Carolina Panthers in Houston Texans Amy and Carolina wins by ten signed me up maybe where Super Bowl bail on a hot takes after the first pre season game. Painters get a 2717. Win everything he's been Texas last night yes former Clemson quarterback needs John Watson had a good gain but. Painters are local team. This much I took away first of all I think we do have a legitimate kicking competition that old diesel that's one of the things I wanted to see. It was watching last night granted incumbent kicker Graham good note came back strong you know he pulled one guy miss they fit the order. On the first his first effort McCain back on his second attempt. Any made one from 45 so who you know sometimes it's about bouncing back and a much he did but it. You know you don't drafty place kicker. Hear much you know eager you know six rail. GO drafty place kicker as the painters did with Ayers and bunker at about Georgia Tech without giving him a tease to win the job. AM dad this is what Ron Rivera had to say after the game last night. Quote I was a little disappointed with Korea wing Graham on the first kick it but he came back strong and drilled the ball he's having a good camper right now. Paerson really did a good job he really did he stroked the 51 yarder. I don't think he hit that Foley but it was right down the middle. That comment right near diesel. 51 yard field goal bunker made was right on the middle and the coach is gone now he think he really got. I think this is a competition and it's gonna play out until until the final week until the final cuts. You're back in the day one when hitting a fifty yard field goal was incredible a big deal it was a big deal ballads. You missed one from fifty dollars guys sucks we gotta get rid of him. Really. You wanna see them belts back but what it is kind of the same thing that happened with last year in the paint or six in ten season Graham can go. Makes a filled gold to rice who adds that timeout call in that opener against Denver. So he sets up for the tipped after the timeout team misses. In this painters walk off that field the play because they gone toe to toe with the Denver Broncos who just beat him in the Super Bowl. In that starting kind of an entire Debbie downer year and what was the agreement. It was the first kick any answer with the second one but he missed it. Felt a little bit similar to last year that's why I'm saying it would but current mailing 151 yards bright deal in the middle. Coach urban or even saying after the game how he think he got all of that I didn't think this is a legitimate kicking competition it won't take place until the until the final week of the season. A couple other things that I saw analysts and the first team defense of the Panthers absolutely fantastic. But once they exited Tom savage in the Texans marched on the field thirteen play 75 yards Alfred blue the former Kentucky wildcat running back cap about the drive with the sixteen yard touchdown. Says that to be somewhat yet lurking to the Carolina Panthers coaching staff because the back ups weren't able to take advantage. And I think three Houston penalties on that dry. When the other team is committing three penalties on the drive shut him down get a mop the field so that's something to work work at but they got better from that point maven Ford they settled down in the end up limiting. The Texans to three points and an average of thirty yards per dried in the 52 quarter drives now a lot of that was also with the show on Watson in the games overall eight pre season opener. You Bernard Butler does get a little bit hurt but it doesn't look like it's going to be. They a long term problem. I think it was a win win because it got Clemson fans excited he got here South Carolina fans excited seeing demeanor bird out there performing with four catches including two touchdowns. Any got Carolina Panthers fans excited just simply in the fact it's back. It's back but it was the lead in for the PG TP chip no doubt this taking place nearby if you can't if you need more action you've got four different games tonight. Yet the Denver Broncos at the Chicago mayor's. Yet. Having clamoring for Mike Glenn it is a starting quarterback in the NFL. For quite a long time let's see if let's see if that day ends up paying off also by the Jacksonville Jaguars. The New England Patriots. Course don't don't suspect that you're gonna see much Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski if any I mean three steps might be what you see added those kind of guys tonight you are savvy kind of a regional rivalry here next door neighbor rivalry. The Redskins in the ravens in Baltimore. And then finally add the New Orleans Saints at the Cleveland Browns and how bad the browns quarterback situation is diesel Brock costs Weiler start the game. I mean they're given him a shot at the number one job in the text and said please take him. He's take some will even pay is contract just don't go away mad just go away. Here is us while he's got a chance to put up numbers tonight and maybe find himself. It's the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns after one franchise set aren't there's nothing we can do with the there's nothing we can do with futures. In so many times beauty is in the eye of the beholder one thing it's beautiful diesel that would be eight check per thousand dollars showing up on your doorstep. This guy hit it let's give some eighteen to win.