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Welcome back here we're live from the west and in downtown Charlotte today he may the final day of ACC football kick off in. You know media days at the Big Ten still to come also Lou as we mentioned are for an injury and who will be going up to Bristol war also slide over for the American athletic conference and these sort of brings up the question. When the sun belt. Decay is. You know who. I saw the sun belt offices last week they are literally in the superdome in New Orleans. Well yes been off Tom had I don't know but I can not gonna tell you got figured you would be ready this CD allied street Lou about sec coach Satterfield speaking to the media from some belly. I love the fact that I'm giving you. A lot of credit we were on the hop on hop off tour on Monday down in New Orleans and went right past the superdome. Just check it out to them only seen it at night timing games have been in the sun belt offices are literally. A part of the superdome that's not a bad deal we gotta find your way to let go visit his Sunbelt offices as well correct. Yeah radium all right well we are gonna DO paper in the like I said we're output at a media requests for you for that. At state Georgia game because that opening weekend where you'll be all over the place all right. We will have hopefully you at Georgia app state hopefully price. Wool war I'm not sure I will be clubs in for a little bit and and I'm headed right to an ID five. I won't go cover Florida State Alabama and what's being called the code not the greatest of all time the greatest opener of all time yeah room in the front seat I'd listen man. I will lucrative week out of Boca. I'm loving gentlemen that India are right let's do let me. Let's do it because you know work that that. That means that he has into the year before alls well that did all seriousness to. I brought stick around in Atlanta effort of promoting their eyes because having for a Georgia Tech Tennessee outing them via. Hail ball game are you wait for the all right we will I'd get back ACC football kicked off here in the next segment again our for an Ross Martin from inside Carolina errors we like to column on Twitter ball Smart now. He's gonna join us and we'll hear a little bit from North Carolina in the in the writers as well but real quickly the SEC media pre season protective order of finish. Comes out of Birmingham today you know the reappeared a lot he was they did that yesterday because it because it gives them a fifth day in this cycle this week when they put this information now set. Here's how broke they own in the east. Hate it some things never change. Georgia number one. Hit itself Florida's Tim. Tennessee three. South Carolina for Kentucky five Vanderbilt six Missouri's seventh I disagree. I'm sorry I won't go Florida one. George it's the like Kentucky and three spot. Tennessee for South Carolina by. Vanderbilt six Missouri seven that's how I would break beyond the SEC east. I would go a little bit different I would go with. I would deal with Georgia and got I go Florida that sold on Kirby Smart a like South Carolina to finish third and I think Kentucky. Dips Tennessee gets fourth I think Tennessee followed in fifth. They at Vanderbilt misery. Its sixth in seven now it's a thing on in chemical waste time going on main needs are. What you've got Missouri and drew Locke he's back he's one of the most experienced quarterbacks in the country that is back in I think they got 910 starters on offense back from Missouri. I'm just not sold on Bay Area Odom as a head coach to help out not only did especially stopping people on defense and that's where he. Eat butter his bread but. Something tells me I just like a better more well coached dear Mason team I don't think they have the parts like. Missouri has come back I just like Deere makes it work better said coach give his team prepared to win you know earlier as well. Missouri I'm not talking just they're athletic program that the universities this pumps injunction right now however they are fixing things in basketball what Kwanzaa Maarten in the probably have to do the same thing here in the next year's when it comes to their football program real quickly price it's been a week's topic content. Conversation here in Charlotte but. I get the fact you wanna be a competent quarterback you'd better have some swagger UT hit you get not the only you better get back up the lot of people were questioning right now the quarterback South Carolina in in exactly. Why he say in some of the things city does. Jacob at least you know will we figured out after the bowl game against South Florida in Birmingham that we can't be stopped offensively in the end. Yet the comments last week about will close its not that much better or not. Sometimes just don't say anything more all right and that's what I'm saying there's you better have confidence she better be able to Lee. Even people here at the ACC football kick off this more or like what is he doing now. It's not a whole lot about nothing during talking season because. I had that one that it that they used they are not that much better and thus it was 56 to seven I don't think there's that much disparity between those 218 sinks got away with. That's a big big loss the clumps and last year and then. Yeah week he would be stopped that's what I'm worried about from south realize that some teams in the SEC. You're gonna want tee off on the quarterback. Yeah it in here's the thing about it definitely yeah you want your quarterback brimming with confidence you want him saying that type of things that we you can get behind that some of the things. When he talked about we he would be stopped at clubs and was it that much better that some of that stuff to Sampson foolish it would it keeps coming out and again it if you're South Carolina fans you'll love it that you see no fear in your quarterback. It is a teammate to look at the steel leader but. I wanna see it on the field from Jake Bentley he was caught the back team last year thrust into the action Dick great now all they operate in any yet wait for but now here at the main. How'd you deal with the pressure of being the man when the build up has put guns. Black dvd sequel in against South Carolina greens eleven there's a guy this morning before we get started from Virginia and that means that conversation was going money gets I don't know who take that he has been out like to see a couple of as the knocked out this year I was like wow. All right that's harsh that's harsh but that was sort of the. He believes somebody out there 06 the Hertz monitor this felt kind of make in the as yeah its make in his comments and listen I look I love the Bentley family Bobby's been good. It's just a key in a better be put 3840 points a game up on the board this year if you don't make that kind of talk well and I think one other thing it does signal I mean listen to anything novel but. He's excited about what he's got to have also loosely mean he's he's got help this year they were banged up a bit. It's still spots last year it recruit double in his first couple games meant for me eaten more true freshmen they finally figured out we gotta get him in the Nixon boy he took off he's gonna rush for over a thousand arts this year. But the offensive line has got to be better but. Which at Phillies got to be excited about another year deep low enough Brock Edwards and adversity scorer freshman coming in yet no doubt about it I think he's simply confident because he's got more weapons. Again I had just. But I would deal with standpoint you know. He wanted to say some things but it's in one points in a certain point you an example this point yeah aid again. And I'm not trying to come down on suck honest on to relate the story some people this morning go I don't know who this kid is bit. How would not mind seeing him get enough on his but a few times but we think it's what you're fighting for an image right now as well the whole though the one between the two comments. The one that doesn't bother me as though we can't be stopped. The one that console once it is it that much better than us when you got beat 56 this evidence that was when he called off but Dalton could have been far. Far worse I've just experienced which team he was watching and playing in yet are right when it comes to the west of course Alabama. Nick do you win the west Auburn number two LSU three Arkansas for Texas seen him by. Mississippi State six Ole miss seven so what I see added that I would have flipped LSU and offered. However what I see added this is the media's not feeling that Kevin someone's coming back to Texas say them because they fifth place finish. In the SEC west is not yet to be good enough for that athletic director. The other thing that I see is that Ole miss finished the seventh with what all's going on down there won't. I be looking for a new you heard you freezes well apple the way I see the west I see Alabama Auburn and LSU like it was voted that on vastly different 88 and in it for. Old news at five Mississippi State six Arkansas seven. I don't know Arkansas for you series they don't cut eighty by eighty playmakers I'd outlook Austin Alan quarterback. You know they're always gonna have a good offensive line I just don't see them play makers at the skill position for Arkansas. I got them last in the west are just don't see. I the guy out love and I know why now like Arkansas this year in the fact that they're gonna have some talks and I don't mean I mean they're going to be big up front. To win and be successful they are really gonna have to control the clock. The one thing about that that's what Brett Vilma did it was Scott's and we'll see if he can do it in the SEC west but it quarterbacks are alone and I think the reason while this is gonna finish that they're not gonna be in the cellar option got to roll the dice on the cheek Patterson he's got help on the outside. I love. SEC is ticked FitzGerald from Mississippi State to hit and run to get wrote in Bala you know what he's done with quarterbacks go back to T though we obviously know what he did most recently with that press got out absolutely. Alone they fixture. That Mississippi's died it to you when you think about that team you know they finished with this. This six and seven but they want a couple of games coming down the stretch when they were basically on life support. They were won what 35 and seven teams that found themselves in bowl games and then they ended up winning. Day or so and I maintain. I debt member a year ago. Dan Mullen was having to deal with the issues about Jeffery Simmons coming in the school. After domestic assault and all this kind of stopped. The ultimate winner from SEC media days. Was Dan Mullen by number one. Do in the yes she's staying in number two to steepen your mouth shut up our right to sue anyway they keep your wrap up from. From SEC media days and is the reality is prices. Deere has to be some closure on Alabama moving forward now. Yeah Nick Saban the king of college football does it better than anybody yell but. That's what that league needs to do right now is not have Alabama come back to the bill but have others close the gap mail. Expect is that I do like with Auburn this year. Is Jeter stood up but it's one of those things that got to sit back and see before I can really judge where. Got just pass a fair point and NASA fair point as we know what he did it Taylor well. But it's that it's indeed data eight she you know to get denied talent but your exit of one of the most talented quarterbacks I'm not a high school he showed flashes double while he was at Baylor. There's no question about it will he thriving gusts now Zahn now suns' offense. I don't think there's any reason to think no. The big thing I like about Auburn. Is I mean real look at the running backs and they run behind the offensive line. Pettway Cameron Johnson Al Lowe their collection running backs I think their outstanding but yours didn't happen to throw the football down on the field and obviously. Keeping him healthy but you have to go to you really wanna go back to was it done Shaun White. No way you don't want that to get there they had four quarterbacks of the nothing why. Years it will see and of course that's going to definitely affect things. In week number two is Clemson will be ready for the Auburn Tigers coming into Death Valley are right when we come back we're gonna visit with our friend. Ross Martin from inside Carolina covers the tar hills fine now. What we can expect out of late the door North Carolina remember bringing Auburn into the mix there replacing a defense of coordinator at North Carolina. Who used to be the head coach at Albert says. When we come back Ross Martin from inside Carolina than a couple more segments remember we need to be out of here at 6 PM so it's more recorded interviews in the final hour diesel kind of hold down the fort guide the ship in between. We can let you know who out priced caught up with chip Patterson from CBS sports this morning. Is wells' car a week Ottawa coach Paul Johnson of Georgia Tech running back mark Walton in the University of Miami in KM Phillips the wide receiver from Virginia. Welcome back again. Some ice said it's Friday out there and we're gonna trust them on this but now. We got our friend Ross Martin from Carolina blue with the 24 sevenths sports network and good friend of ours enjoyed hang out with. With Ross you can follow him on Twitter at what are the best Twitter handles that their boss underscored more than 247 it. Yeah ross' who will start with the same thing that we did with David and felony injury Adelson what eight differ ACC football kick off is now. The league understands that we didn't have a place in the college football landscape. It. They get certain areas. And then flawlessly be the favorite team this year and I as a winner out of Louisville. And smaller teams. The AC force to reckon with this prequel see that it's accident a team like Clemson enforce it can bring to. The conference play if it's pretty loaded on the Atlantic side. Come with the maybe the four best teams and I feel it's equipped with coast accomplice in little brother put on the Virginia Tech is Jessica this year Pittsburgh. A lot of unknowns a lot of quarterbacks are gone a Miami lost their quarterback UNC lost quarterback. Did you take Gloucester quarterbacks though the UNC and at a dinner wide open coastal as usual. Yes we're Donald Ross Martin here and you'll let's but North Carolina which is. Lot of offensive firepower we know is gone but to me I'm kind of curious to what the big is it how the big is it to me is gonna. It's how's it play out with Gene Chizik on on the defense of type of football with. Two years as the coordinator you've got to keep that in the last night or two other assistance on the defense side of the ball over on. Yeah they lost three coaches chizik left defensive line coach from George that the backs coach at Tennessee. And so there's a lot of new voices in your in the defensive. Room there. And but I mean everything source that today was that it's been a very seamless transition to the future is now defensive coordinator whose linebackers coach last year. They've instilled this defense which is it brought to them. A last two years and have a lot of veteran leaders there with coach and all three linebackers. But on the defensive linemen and 23 million readers on in the secondary. I think that defense is really strong point this team. With a lot of consistency among the players and kind of approach to his leadership there and I think really to play makers can do Stewart that he was here. And Charlotte for they see kick off as good players linebacker vigilance I think that it Alina good defense for gore but where is putting on them heading into us he's a bit lost on the office. The day may you know that's are obviously going to be that he not only for North Carolina but across the league is CEO last year points were. They are flying all over the place this year is a little bit more defensive oriented in. Is this the first time North Carolina in the last few years is sort of had to replace your mitts and five draft picks the number of coaches left but. The other one thing weeding get him but you still watch await the door work the rim and he still very confident in his abilities to lead the Tar Heels yet and. There's the core question asked journalist from the podium. You know this will be really good test of his system the country can debate we lost that the quarterback. The budget draft pick you know all through our receivers to run him factory over the last starters can he plug in players young players and still out of race as offense. You look at his track record is all fence is always great no matter where he's been. Who is an Oklahoma state of Florida. Hours head coach in this old in this media southern miss mom and then north Klein it's always been a good offensive and on defense with hole holds teams back. Assume this is the true test to earn his money. You know coaching this team and get young players step up with a new quarterback all new receivers all new running backs it's really interesting. How works out how quickly can pick it up and and you don't. What are the returns on Brandon here and I think it's a much but fit and it played it it up to ideas and if stubborn less miles off that system where he's just. Won't change mantle personnel he's got the brain and here's just did not bit. They'll achieve what their steam once offensively. To meet this is by far a perfect fit the brain and here's taken over quarterback. And our job and Jim I haven't seen much of this tape from LSU put them in the hype on him as he can run. And he can throw and that's her fifth what you're seeing it who likes to do yes on the little bit at these different critics are camps. Authored a stone and it comes out of his hands real fast. He's got a great personality a guy comes into room and means over the room which I think you have to have coming in as a as a grad trades are very unique situation. Very likable. Charismatic guy to strange you see hot competition goes you gotta think he wins the job and widely image right. You wisely cognizant that he has a pretty good chance where jobs of the guys behind him completed all this kind of a clean slate Ali blogs picked dolphins had a in the camp. Com I think he has that the best shot to win it. Play a year come out as a replacement from Mitch is expected Mitch to have four more years you daddy and then let your guys takeover does an eighteen foot on the I think as excited as we can do pretty dynamic performer who started for FC team. At least a couple games and a couple of years. This August abused or. As we continue with Ross Martin Carolina blue dot com also follow him on Twitter. Boss underscore Morton 247 says you know we're out here doing the whole radio thing in recording interviews chiller in the whole different area over there you know with the writers and thereby trying to hit deadlines that they Kiefer coming ever hear. In joining us let. What was the story over and it was something that caught you also tension among the writer rooms at the break out interviews that maybe we didn't seek is it it wasn't right here in front of us and quite frankly I'm not sure happened. And that to me a big stories. God. In just a guy wore the red shoes yesterday. At the Virginia Tech guide you see him I'll give Phillips was there were on jacket yet little sunglasses. And Israel is cool. Yeah I mean machine and highs and winner returning for Xena usually there Eisner winner goes into the into the draft is back so the Heisman Trophy behind us that offered low. You know and Clemson and force it always drew a crowd as well. And I think you know we're being in the North Carolina duke with the returning quarterback DOJ ensued. It was very high on such an exciting player washing lashes very good as a freshman you expect me did you better and better and then. To stop me covering UNC arms and concerns and how they operate losing so much. But nothing I can then moved to be huge news coming now and we're hoping you. Pets okay is there really get the thing out here either of us let's talk news real news North Carolina basketball he can touch me now it's. We start talking a little bit around ball but it's obvious lost control of my show for the rest of the segments. It kinda biased and North Carolina local standout from our area Spartanburg it's finally existed. In making that you hear some chatter today. You know cal Perry's front center of course you know Roy's. Right they're gonna be there this week and hopefully there Spartanburg his where he's playing at detonate Israel in turn so it. Everything I've heard and I'm kind of curious did you cover recruiting and it certainly. UNC basketball. We're what do you work on silence and everything out here is it's likely gonna be eight duke or eight north Carolina's decision is he gets a while here wants to stay home South Carolina. Yet. I would now own arc arc Kentucky. Would put upward goes and now that recruiting works with walkouts but yeah. I mean he's been a UNC I think comes from covering your NC you know he's friends allegedly Felton. He's leaky black who is a in his class out of car crook on has recruited him he saw the mixing up bit late night with really last October. And you considering he's in that point guard and I can be YE a guard from mom will sort Garcia a class that two guys are very good play with. You can see schedule that team against Wofford now. It doesn't 1819. Season which is. Kind of weird coincidence they all the to play. Have a hometown game for the immigrant groups. He is phenomenal I mean it's like. His his dunks is just a block today sit there from absolutely is like now there's. It was like don't worthy block how powerful as he's on Cleveland. Via the fan and the obstacles and being a Blue Mountains that is a difference maker in different NBA talent with his explosiveness that causes and that all students are closely all. Way he announced today he's gonna make its decision before the season starts don't put out a list that you know here's who used to said he'll make his and this is an announcement before is. Senior year Spartanburg date start. So yeah we may hear that next two and a half are tucked her views yeah I mean I think he's come ordered our players and as devils wax room for massacre Vince Carter kind of guy. With type with above the rim he read off a pitcher is at a snapshot of all Roy's winnings. From literally visit him rush the national championship. That's Thursday afternoon on all of Florida Monday to those cool thing. I just Tennessee and Kentucky I just. Long way some of them out as a hung down to a lecture it's. May be the right fit for time. That because you know things have heard you like to be the big fish. You know I was sold a surprise in again he is a whole body that's one reason why he State's former day I really thought he would get tested so that. Knoller made eagle the word of god or some way here. Not Findlay prep way out west but somewhere at least on the East Coast where he would. Be torn up against more feature players regularly likes this home he does and that's watch South Carolina Clarkson or. In the mid X now how awakened Howard in the mixed. You that's open to interpretation but I can't believe reverend Al snow's job yeah oh you're you're Clinton listeners. There's been a tournament with the with the players he knows what the first year. Well first year with trails players who are having it's been like seven years it was this year will be it no doubt about it all right Ross Martin from here reliably tell our power hill listeners in the upstate that might be checking in with this. What you'll have coming from out what you get back from Charleston and celebrate. Number they this week did. You guys who have everything buttoned down heading in the kickoff yeah I would do a lot of stuff the quarterbacks today and wrenched from Brian here's an economic recovery this year in the you know recognizing for source said and they do we stay in office live and registered. The story lines and in the season you see it on. Can't blue dot com north on adoption for some sports that complements what her boss. Underscore margin 47. And you're great recruiting stuff there. Basilan footballer of course there's also while times it's. I always football and a little more stuff to ride on now which is little more exciting. Well listen it's always a pleasure to catch up I'm sure you pride might be headed dale for an announcement when we find out when it's coming out with signing on to make sure you hit itself will take yet the dinner and Korea again. Just always think do you for the time to give us of course the progress ties Ross Barton for Mac Carolina blue dot com again didn't do yourself a favor easiest way to get his stuff. Just go follow him on Twitter boss underscore Morton. Two or seven now all right so here's what we do we come back will out continue for me CC football kickoff we're gonna do you do more segment slide here. The west and in them we will start hadn't back in the final hour it will be some recorded interviews from earlier today. Including Paul Johnson of Georgia Tech mark Walton the running back from the University of Miami to him Phillips the wide receiver from Virginia Tech in chip Patterson. From CBS sports dot com in the meantime. We rule head out the break will open up the phone minds here in the next segment if you had requesting get an 844 GSP. ESP that is straight up with stirred were lighted ACC football tick off. So price you rescue me a little while ago the cotton wins that Chris Tillman has filed a lawsuit you know the former Ohio State believe he was a linebacker back in the day that he was yeah. The guy. I don't know how to feel about this all right he is seeing the Ohio State University is alma mater. Over the use of light and the use of people's identity as a marketing promotions without paying. RE NAE also is yet for himself as well. The lawsuit names Ohio State and talent management giant ING is defendants' names like Condit and Nike as co conspirators Nike is targeted for its legends of the scarlet and gray vintage Jersey licensing program. In other apparel contracts with the Ohio State. Yeah it says if he wins anything in this lawsuit that it will be donated to the school's athletic department my question is with the school picked the detonation at that point the PG just dragged him through the mud image wise with the lawsuit number two eating money may that you're gonna donate. Is it worked not being able to be welcome mr. Obama moderate later on and liked his I'm telling you right now. He may want to believe it this it will all go wait no he will be a hated me and in Columbus, Ohio moving forward. In quite frankly. Sometimes when you're sixty your wanna don't wanna go back and hang out with your friends and quite frankly I'm not sure he's gonna be welcome. I agree with did it why are you suing your alma mater you're dropping a lawsuit on Ohio State. Late dear what. What is the issue that he feels that strongly about wanna go would do that that's my question this is what is this what is behind this the pills so. She wrongly opt out to make him want to sue Ohio's state where he says that I am also suing Ohio State on behalf of other four. Yet talking about Archie Griffin. Archie works for the university I feel like he he wanted to be compensated for this he can take it up on his own does not meet Chris Tillman. Speaking for much less bringing his name out because now at this point. When you read this article. Some people are gonna sit in that Archie Griffin is part of that now and he did it without even asking them and I'm sure that's not really cool. With the Archie Griffin who is the only. Two time Heisman winning two and a Heisman Trophy winner ever. Yeah I mean it's looked as making headlines for all the reasons you would expect that. But that he's suing his alma mater in you know over merchandising a football players like this I just don't understand why this is such a I wanted to massive issue where he wants to drag his Alomar through the mud having. He certainly not going to be welcome back on campus anytime soon though. No I mean he's not going to be get beat it's I didn't do it sweet you know one indicted in watch our staple falling time not to pick up in less. I don't know I don't know what is financial situation but unless it was says he doesn't say anything he wins back to the school's athletic department at palm. Do whose athletic director there right now if Tom and kittens he can have it back. So he obviously this will Wear find out a major play green is a high fives and it's obviously the cause of the merchandising issues that he wants to. No right or wrong. But the damage is gonna be done but collateral damage is gonna beat each draw at his alma mater through the mud they're going to be gone through litigation they're gonna spend a whole lot of money dividend. The likely directly to him if he wins. I just. I is I is important. Eyes or your former days listen I I. Just I wanna be able to give back to Tuscaloosa wanna be able to go back to the sigma pi house at five bring a lawsuit against either one level outlet they resembled a Z bus full time I guess interesting interest in which you know what looked. It got so ugly between Kirk herb street in Ohio State fans he relocated to Nashville so I don't think the same thing dirt don't think out there. The same thing I mean I happened to Chris Vilma all said and done with the Herbie house mate make grow a little bit bitter because he may need every house may need to include Chris Spielberg now the F ball. So guys he's clearly suing to prove a point right. As you are Sunnis are not supposed to license which is that correct they're not supposed to license their players a lightness. In order to make money so technically Ohio State is in the wrong. Get what you're saying you're saying we'll never be able to go back to some guys don't really care yeah we you know maybe he did maybe he doesn't care about going back Tyler I don't know but he is clearly. Doing this to prove a point. OLA yes absolutely I mean sometimes as well which is a valid point I mean it's a valid point but again if you're not give it. I just. I just I wanna be welcome in listen we saw how Kirk herb street was run at a tail by the Ohio State fans and he's one of their own I mean sordid and Rose Bowl and the whole nine yards I just don't think anything's gonna be different for Chris moment. It was I hope that all works out well cause to somewhat curious about it when I click on the wing because that you don't yet. I I it when I saw he sees the Ohio State University I'm thinking it was maybe concussion or something back in the day this is not. This story that I thought that I and a breeding that you know we'll see. How it works out again listen I I want kids to get paid for everything don't get me wrong. It was just suggesting the way this one. King dale soaps. Real quickly before we head out will work come back here to Charlotte. With one last break is things are really beginning to quiet down here but of course. It does that. This doors and of all this thing in my opinion is you're looking to use their thinks. It was coastal division day everybody still wants to talk about Davos Sweeney engine but this year when it comes they tsetse outlook course absolute and of course because that's where. You're the star power the best teams in the league are in the Atlantic and yet there's Lamar Jackson over there right now do we know how top heavy the Atlantic is. That's why everybody wants to talk out oh. Yeah and yet the thing about that blues he was always tedious you know by no doubt about it in you know will yet Joba will to is that we're seeing is priced at this one in the writers around here it's gone. I had to keep doing that double check he looks just like Jim Fisher I'm talking a little bit of stating here on top in the whole nine yards and every top solved. Although it hey coach and I realize that that's not. That's not one of the coaches that. Eighty way you a lot of fun here will come back will close up with one segment from Charlotte because in the final hour diesel is in charge are right. No food no question about it he is the boss. We have about four interviews that we recorded earlier today one with chip Patterson is CBS sports dot com actually price. Caught up with him this morning then also the head coach at the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Paul Johnson. Mark Walton the sophomore running back at over 11100 yards rushing for the Miami Hurricanes last year. As well as to him Billups who has started 36 consecutive games for the Virginia Tech Hokies will bring you those interviews and our number of three years we have to clear out a year. Guess there's no other function headed. To the west in this weekend straight up with star toward light in Charlotte in dad you can get an 844 GSV yes yes. Welcome back get this will be our final segment lied here from ACC football kick off final hour diesel bring you are recorded interviews in be in charge and we really appreciate that diesel book does that. Theres going to be some loud noises here this year yet start and battle within minutes and it's not us running for the exit. Is them turned to get a sell out of here there will be a lot of grooming. In things of that nature but prices we wrap things up BO a couple of us segments ago before. Boss Martin ross' Morton from Carolina blue dot com joined us armed. Was your favor interview with probably done thirty you know who 25 interviews in the last two days host that the 25 realistic between media and players and a few coaches. What is being in your favor interview her the one that she just kind of what the Waco and I had no clue I had no clue because. There's one player for me it just really stuck out not only his story but the way he handled himself and deliver. His messages well maybe the message. Labels Christian Wilkens yes not a homer pick now from Clemson yesterday Chris Wilkens has got a great personality you know he's authentic piece honesty doesn't hold back if you ask him a question new TV they answer. The year looked at. Chris Wilkens was awesome he would be at the top the lists I would also price say that job. I really enjoyed the Miami guys. Even though there will be young. But the one that day that up the price stood out was to Shawn Freeman that the incident yes George Tenet rue legal like that young mainly comes from good faintly. You know he's oldest of I think three Brothers he's got a brother this can be a freshman at Mercer point linebacker defense of line this year. He's got another younger brother at the green to high school in Georgia it's Ari got offer from or again. I just so well is he's an artist sister that's an artist he's real acted as the Atlanta children's hospitals. The greater Atlanta area. I yes or no serve is just a really good young man boy that Jackie Seattle was Sharpton absolutely our right. Mine was yesterday and it's one that unfortunately maybe we can play next week ability and but it's a senior tight end from Wake Forest Keyon Saturday. All right he's originally from the New Orleans area courses mainly was affected by the her teacher Katrina situation twelve years ago. But actually scored his first touchdown as a college player back in the state of Louisiana is a yet freshman tight and you Wellman road. But just. I don't knows this guy has planes in the future run for office or anything. But I'll go vote for right now we can it's the key of Saturday is the wait to hear he's himself the way he conducts himself in the way he. I'd be all these tickets were honored to represented this university university here at the last couple of dates but. He would say your name was the one get that I just walked away with that went. You know if she's sixteen in I would give my daughter permission to go out with this young man yeah Barry saint 62 when he went insane it's going to be hard when that first hit nuts on the award picker upper date. I hope it's a young man that is somewhere in the same universe of where camps there is great to gays and play in the NF. Ellis of the top 501 with top pop titans picked in the upcoming NFL draft next year. On these days basically that a starter since that day he walked on campus. I there's a reason why he excelled are right away again comes from a really good faintly I've really enjoyed talking to what shall be your next week. You know about his story we've been from Louisiana has been a lot of they would numbers back to the Hurricane Katrina they moved up to the DC area. Where he had not been for that period that long period. And those the family members and a lot of cousins that really played big development his football it. You know what you step on. Okay opposite to wait for he had. It won't back in it was just lost my thought also the fact that he made his first career at any team at Louisiana much wrote the first team his freshman year in his own state. Just a great story and a great kid all right. The other one earlier today. Sophomore linebacker for the Miami Hurricanes. Shaq quarterback Shaquille quarter. From the upgrade from Orange Park Florida and Ian he said this. There was only one school that he was a tip in that was the University of Miami said if Al Golden was the coach I'd be a Miami Burger King. It it's the interim head coach after Al Golden. I'd be in Miami hurricane. Mark Richt he now with Georgia recruited him very very hard out of Orange Park Florida so we said it's a family. That made it even that much better can he really liked Mark Richt during the recruiting process but the deal was. He wanted to be the next great linebacker in a long line of linebackers did a great linebackers at the University of Miami guess what. It's 61240. Pounds. He is well on his way to doing so. Yeah I think you're tardy hear me say is named today at just I'm I'm a huge. I mean huge fans check quarter. 61240. Pounds on middle linebacker just proto typically penalties from the state of Florida you know eighty. Excuse me 84 tackles it was one shy of the team high last year is a true. Freshman mark amid all those linebackers all the starters back this year all sophomores all play together is true freshman and six and a half tackles for a loss three and a half sacks. I mean he picked the U over the Alabama Florida Auburn Georgia budget dictated schools. Jack quarter ms. one of the reasons why does Alabama this Miami teams want to be seen this year. Yet gonna be a good football team absolutely all right final couple thoughts from here because diesel. One of these kinds would love to see you be able to join us on something like this you wanna talk about so that would be an eye opening experience to be burgeoning. College football member of the media I think this is something diesel would have a lot of fun at so anything on our way out the door because he's going to be in charge of the final hour with those recorded interviews and have to finish us up till 7 o'clock and no offense I know. Not only do we have to do it that I know are wide serve appreciative of diesel as well yes. Lies is Stearns even when you're not here you're here yes the strange thing about the magic of radio. It off like a badge and yet dreamer something that you just can't get out of your head penny yet exactly to get rid of that and about to go out what was it yet dead pennies back in the day that we're actually of no value whatsoever you know about that any in your coin jar that you just keep get rid of what about the catcher changeup that viola. Well you know you keep talking about best dressed as these media days I may have to dharma the flash costume. Four ACC kick off media day yeah that would I don't know you tell me don't be acceptable or a little. Or do you think I even have a chance to be listed as best dressed. I come there. I think he would have to and I'm not everybody's door three times it's Sheldon Sheldon Sheldon there I would rather see these come addressed not as the flashes the for a year. Or I mean mr. freeze. Don't know though the freeze it similarities you know about the freezes guys these three series hit that I knew that now he's a guy that's racing people in the outfield that at Turner Field where you just went and saw Metallica. Led inhabit he wasn't there that night I think and is attendance he got his butt kicked at the all star game he's literally bullets in his way and split. Also I'm looking forward deceit diesel in his T shirt let's get ready to stumble and steadily get ready to you know what I don't want to cutesy by the millions. Our right to. Yeah we got a lot of people that we need to think real quick yeah all of our friends with the They absolutely fantastic they do such a good job injury Adelson. David Hill as well you know we're all of them are great but they're right here with the ACC course wanna think timber rate don't forget he's staked. We will be up at the reserve at lake kiwi for damaged media hounding will have our time with the Sweeney on t.'s stake. Liked timber that timber rate per help put us out with that as well also. You know a lot more clumps in coming your way on Tuesday and that's what was kind of weird they meant that everything up by a week so. This is a literally the first time that we had ACC football kicked off. Ahead of clubs since media session as well priced so again we will be up there at the reserve late you week. On T stay in the in everything else sort of back on schedule for awhile in studio or at smoke on the Watters said. Real quickly before we get out of here any final thoughts. There's fun man as well ready for football did your main team not cannot start soon. You know he had by the way we had so much fun with our friends from the very ponies last night meeting Robinson it's kind of funny sore embark broke right not to mention Larry Lawler buddy with our team all ivy gave me got beat between ESPN upstate the Orange Bowl in the agree bogeys last night it live by the way price the other thing that I learned that appear. You're pretty Dag gone good Cornel player in Europe there were what you got suckered into that thing last night -- liquidity crackle Connelly not state newspaper and we took it home maybe that hello Louis beat but we want. I gotta tell you guys I'm about a pretty fair Cornel players well but I get better the more I drink when I'm sober I'm terrible way to see the only thing that happens with that was backing college she got better look in the tragic as well diesel but anyway listen he's gonna bring you home here. In the final hour while we clear out again. Four interviews that we did earlier today which include chip Patterson from CBS sports' Paul Johnson from Georgia Tech Mort Walker from Miami in Philips will see on Monday.