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Welcome in upstate. Friday edition of straight up what starts at the stop and think about that first set their prices we have been. Caught this little tight war in Bakke here. At the Westin in Charlotte nevertheless though say thirty hours or so and a course where GNU bring you. A couple hours of live radio today from four to 6 PM here from the west and in Charlotte and then in the final hour diesel gonna kind of taken over in guide us simply in the fact in the final hour we will bring you interviews. With chip Patterson of CBS sports. Paul Johnson the head coach at Georgia Tech running back mark Walton from the Miami Hurricanes. As well as wide receiver Keyon Phillips from Virginia Tech but. We need to be out of here by six. Mean dad that way in the last hour will be four recorded interviews and it diesel meets to. Handle a couple things here in their guilty that is wells so. But the price. Either here in these first couple. Mean what a different ACC football kickoff you know we'd spent a lot of time will have some guest here light with this in the first two hours split. By that I mean this is about ten turns out that Paul Johnson and I ain't saying number years we've been coming to ACC football kickoff this is the first time. We haven't had any succeed message shoved down our throat when it comes to a presentation after dinner or something along those lines. Like we said the message here at this kickoff. Is all that hardware. Over there the Heisman Trophy the college football playoff TP chip the Orange Bowl trophy did that. Just a lot of hardware that dates he sees an ownership club right now. Yeah I do you know what the ACC is decided they wanted to and roll out everything in brag a little bit and you know what after the Kadaziz in the Atlantic Coast Conference and Cal's football last year I think they're entitled to let you know just Paterson who you'll hear from here a little bit. He kind of caution to. Against that approach if you will that you know some things are fleeting and don't last forever. And on local on the belief that while I do think the ACC was the best conference in college football last year I think they proved it on the field what they did go up against this Z. What in the national team or should I do think that things upright and returned to order this year where the SEC will probably once again. Beat the top dog but you know what I slyly played games that we'll find out soon enough battery also. This is this helps your image nationally but it doesn't do anything for you on the field this year much like what Christian Wilkins said. Touched yesterday off the air. Was he's not sport and its national championship ring here egos that's last year this is this year you know what. You better go ahead and recycle that stop McCain is. You always got to keep looking for ya the you actually do in one of the big things is you looked at clips at Florida State that you know. They can suck up all the oxygen but make no mistake about these different excellence about it allies at. This I throw that out late unlocked it our. I just think the addition of local in Pittsburgh Wallach to and they don't get that kind of each at least right now yet the reigning Heisman Trophy winner will Mark Jackson played for the cardinals once again. But just say no mistake about how big of an additional one that worked worked at this leak and it's been several years but still they that this massive I have maintain right now. That. They ACC you hate to see an original member institutions believe it's merely did for the Big Ten a couple of years ago with this leak came out smelling like a ruse because you look at what merely does you know and a few sports compared to the great athletic program that has now been produced up that global. That was that was addition by subtraction with Maryland now running for more money why because they couldn't Ari budget what they CC was given it. You know what mailer it's gonna rue the day that they made that decision in my opinion however the ACC came out better. Grass it always green that's right now got it in your afterthought among upset big Big Ten in nobody wanted to there to begin with exactly right. So Lou so again. You know if you will rule. Not just be Ali CC will give you a run beyond from we finally have a bode yen from Birmingham. When it comes to SEC media days in I'm gonna say what we go no it's Justine other year confirmation from the beginning of the year. It's Emma in the rest of them I think 230 people voted on it 217. Voted for Alabama. To win the SEC. And I love having spent that yeah my dad's money at Alabama but I maintain that's bad for the league at some point. The rest of them have to find a way to close that gap between the Crimson Tide in the other thirteen yeah. I agree with yet and I do think you know one of the topics of the day you know were up the week Dennis Cooper was parity and you know. Is they're paired him there was parity last year make no mistake about it there was paper purity in this seat it was just all below Alabama Homeland Security was Alabama and everybody else. I do think the gap is gonna close on Alabama this year I and I think Alabama certainly while they were picked to be the pre season favorite should be. I think offer an analogy or going to be right there we'll find out it to me Auburn it all comes down to jeers didn't quarterback the with the football. Stretch in the field but as with couple running backs and that way Johnson back now for all the planes. They're gonna they'll run the football they're gonna have one of the nastier seat that is I think one of the top three defenses in. The SEC. But at the gap has closed can they overcome Alabama this year asked why I think I don't know where you come down off the Iron Bowl might. Beat the biggest gain in the southeastern complex this season the it TT like I said. Don't know the exact numbers we can give you one through seven in both divisions but roughly in the neighborhood at 230. To 35235. People voted. So 217 picked Alabama behind them was all. With twelve. Also you know the state galloping him by far the prohibitive favor. When it comes as CC football this year but. You know couple other things before we get Roland here in the next segment where do you give your teams to get him with this if you want to ask us a question about what's taken place. Up here Charlotte we will do that the next segment. In you can get in 84 Ford GS PE SP and couple other things is we get started today of course diesel you an hour talking before we get on the air. Don't forget next week. We start our free stash cash contest that there's just another reason to listen to us the keys you know four times a day somebody's walking away. With that thousand dollars free and clear. On inner calm and as we like this eight diesel used to heat when it if you don't get did it we will start that all over again on Monday. Yet you're the only one who says that's not an August sentiment is still true I was I'll give you guys you're the only one who says that when. Still maintains he went it if you don't get it but also. The same thing about women. And no. Rule boy he had that rim shot there only yes OK. But also. That I can get a lot of compliments on our new ESPN upstate app on the telephone now he's getting your App Store downloaded for free however we're gonna make it even more simple than that you can hit us up on our Carolina coaches X lying. At 71307. It if you have an iPhone. You type in yes he and iPhone and guess what you're gonna get a link back. Dale loaded on your iPhone and if you have an android just text to 71307. ESPN in Detroit in you get a get a link for here in Georgia that ruined that quickly sue again kitten that got presence loosening up in Canada. On it right now on their elected this exhausts. So appreciate those guys. Let us know that as well but that's just another way to get in it few other things that are going on this week in price. That John Deere classic is the app final but part of it over here. On this continent before everybody makes their way over to the British Open excuse me the open championship. I had British note Maria thank you very much is that so little local flavor listen you know Sam Saunders gets a win any few weeks ago. Or not seems odd but you want a former Clemson golfer gets a win a couple of weeks ago on the PGA tour. Guess what day is how stately by the way. Jonathan Byrd former Clemson tiger bogey free 65 to move into the top five at the John Deere opened up in belief that Illinois. That they're playing at this weeks and that's going on also. Wimbledon heads into its final weekend as well. Is that will take place here at the TP chips. Will take place this weekend but the reality is price. Especially here in the south this college football season it's all teams' season we've heard a whole lot of talking go went on. But before before we get to. Type. With steam which paired teammates won the best dressed GP chip here the last two days is they are several. In contention. I would give my vote right now in the mine in the hurricanes mark Walton Jack Waterman to do didn't look. The part today they took after their head coach Mark Richt whose Morton's new goatee. Itself Miami Tyrol felt that on that dealt with khaki applicant cities but Jack you know mark Walton. Before I got here and that's the thing this is the stories I look that your diesel. Because that is gonna ask who had the comment of the day in your interviews. So far. Clearly you've got some live guest coming up and you never know what can happen in those but right in your interviews so far my question is can you top this because a good friend of mine. Brent will pursue news also of their adding we saw some media day had a conversation with Marc Rich. In MR Greg gave his step by step instructions on how to make the perfect ten bite sandwiched. It to arresting. I don't it is is a step by step instruction and he says you got to take a bite out of one side of the sandwich. And then the other silence that was and then one sign of the sandwich in the other side of the sandwich. I don't let him Phillips I thought was pretty good because you know winning get my daughter would that camp Phil spent Strasburg has yet this like crushed velvet kind of jacket on with that. With the black guy's shirt buttoned all the way up with new. Yeah yeah with no collar on it set to. Eighty yet flip up sunglasses on sept everything he said was sort. Really cool I guess my favorite it wasn't like for being off the wall as we'll have David help from Here in the next segment was. May be. His son talking about the fact that he's got a brother at Mercer. The in Mercer is a Southern Conference opponent taking Albert Alabama and Auburn in on the road this year. Pork Bobby lamb out there are not doing them any favors yet if that also he has the younger brother. It's already from LaGrange Georgia that I got its first scholarship operators from the university of organ. But they hear how they kind of challenge each other's of Italy she Ito or about his sister being an artist and what they do on the football field. Yeah act out they went out bought stood out to talk polish quarter minute. Mark yeah all. You know what you asked about the rivalry with Florida State. Those guys not hold back on just this year if you hate for lack of better term that there is there that they do not like each other boy listen to those guys are. About their dislike for the seminoles that was pretty cool web it not been as good as the Georgia Georgia Tech right or you're Cisco clean old fashioned hate the and I mean I just cut the either dikes are at Paul Johnson had asked him about Eddie George that he didn't give us the answer that he did so off camera. That would have it he also mentioned they're two for two in their last three trips that that's in east village pretty good about that when his well alright here's what we're gonna be argued fringes David L from Just set dale what this week you'll talk with him. About some things because quite frankly we have no clue of what made taken out the breakout interview room sessions much less. The writers rinses wells it will catch up with David L. When we come back light from ACC football kickoff in Charlotte. Welcome back to radio row live at the Westin in downtown Charlotte is. Beginning to close up shop here for ACC football kick off but we have argued for an David Hill from You can follow him on Twitter. It David hell ESPN. David you may have the best photo up the age you it's not David Hasselhoff from back in the day wind he was a lifeguard this was like in e-book version of Knight Rider career the the twin brother yet exactly make north. It that's also I would what is your ESPN tried out the your cells when it comes to the stop because right Mickey. It's up some of the best leagues is well not. I. Just that I enjoy esoteric like 1980s television again decked him outlets well. You know here we are we've talked about what it different at that this has been this year you know did you notice last night weeding get a twenty minute highlight spilled it'd been all edited together. I think the messages we sit multiple times is when you walked up the steps and you saw all that hardware suspended in mid air there was your presentation. And I thought if not the outcome and in. Now when it's offered him come out companies Gannett. You know spend half and now largest hyping up the ACC Andy didn't do it and the reason is he didn't need to do you have to lately. You know he says the one thing he did today and in. It's I don't can argue that it's a 100% true but he said. We started out I last year was the arguably the best year in the history of our conference and it's impossible to disagree with that statement so you know there's you don't have to make that case anymore and you know the big. The big talking point after yesterday it was O Jim both issues that this is the best conference in college football will. Yeah I mean there's been zero metrics that you could use from Tony sixteen that would disagree with that everything says yes now the question in my mind and I think the question that John's offer brought up is what's the future of the ACC and there are still a lot of big questions about the future and that's where I think the interesting conversation is but but. The progress of the league has made over the last three or four years there's just there's no quit. To about it they one of the questions I've got you and I talked about it on the show mark was on two weeks ago was it. What happens moving forward with the visions to scrap divisions. I don't think I really can't see teams being changed lawyers and other main stages a full time member word of eight ball obviously carpenter realigned its gonna rear its head again sometime what do you. 2223. Years in a grain right through the the right great right for the big twelve redundant. Mean it's gonna come up again. Yes and I mean. I think what she did a little bit this is. You know kind of a slow placements Wofford in a lot of ways and you know he he. But I specifically asked about Notre Dame and the divisions these you know we talked about it of course but. We haven't had a serious conversation about either of these things and a couple years so. You know I think. He won the other things he citizen is that you know what's the best thing that they CC has going for a long term. Is that it has its current members moral less locked up through the middle of the 20s30s. You know there is. Foundation here now is it's a consistency. Did they haven't had a long time and when you look at what the lack of consistency has meant in some of the other linked to do it big twelve. It you understand why it's so important to have that foundation to build from. I would talk with David Hale College football writer. Certainly follow him on Twitter Twitter at David Hale ESPN's David. When I can talk Atlanta let's talk coastal this to me was an interest today. We knew the star power yesterday to meet its coastal where we've heard this before wide open again. By Amy the clear cut. Likely going to be the page the coastal to win the coastal map victim might ease that I'd be surprised if they weren't there would be. At this shop this if they're not you're going to be different start sorry I still I like RTZ and pit there's itself than about other ways that their team themselves that I've been impressed when there's a lot of our leader meet argument to be made on it is quite simply they don't play any of the Big Three they have no Florida State they have no clubs and they have no bull bull on the schedule to meet. That would be the biggest art. Men especially you pick up at least a win on some of here and mere competition and up and then that's not that's not a bad live look at the scheduling matters. As I look at the way they play defense last year and they were soul. Bad. In their very thin up front this year and it's hard to win when you're thin the line of scrimmage in. I I think Max Brown's gonna be very good city QB their but I'd. I don't know and they lose their offensive coordinator Matt Canada who was responsible for so much of the the uniqueness of their offense though. I don't know I just to have some bit. What did actually got kind of into a conversation with a Virginia Tech fan the other day it was very unhappy that I think Virginia Tech where I picked them and my argument was I I think Miami has just been very good team this year but. Beneath Miami Heat I'd look at the next five teams that I could put them in any ordinarily I think it's you know it's it's a bunch of teams that are going to be 66758. For what even like Charl talked vocal told us earlier today said yep Miami fans get off my back I'm not happy do you many years in a row about advocate yet again finally see in an ACC so they all have BO ward is a little bit but. Do you get on the team that's right before we got started. It did she fell back last year for an 81 in seven and dealt with the whole smattering of this season injuries that you said that your feeling really good about deep including their quarterback. That you say will be playing in the NFL that Milan I mean that is the thing about the talent on Duke's rosters but it's it's night and day compared to where it was even a few years ago they were still making bowl games are meant that the recruiting cut cliff has done is just starting to pay dividends and that they're more athletic they are war. Physical they are better at the line of scrimmage but these are the things that that did you know he kind of had to coach around those problems before any and so good of a coach that they could keep winning and there. Their talent wise much better than they did and then yes you mention their quarterback Daniel Jones. How this guy was not highly recruited is beyond me because he's got a big arm he's 65 he has prototypical. QB body style but he can run. I mean it is very Agile has good foot work. They incredibly Smart when I talked to Bryan fields who was also hear from duke today and I've never seen it should work so hard. During the offseason is as Daniel Jones did this year so I mean he's just. You know you take a quarterback that has all the physical tools the work ethic and then you stick with David cut cliff wolf there's a lot of like there. Yeah is what's up with David alias in dot com. Mark creek by all accounts we did talk to him but he seemed like he was fourteen laid back today it likes this team and for good reason I mean he's got his front seven back wolf there line backing core I think they're and they started this freshman last year. Shaq quarter million heard upset and all day long. It might be one of my favorite. Defensive players in the entire league or would jinx still the evening but. They're gonna be nasty defense you've got the top returning right back in the entire east CEO mark Richards is back at the top wide receivers tough to return yardage returning. They obviously got to fix the quarterback quarterback situation now of course orders on the office of lot as hard not to pick Miami or like Miami to win this took I'm not saying their top city. I think the pre game good especially when they won five straight in your last. You and that's a restaurant and check Cordova about this earlier as I said you know I'm sure you guys that wanna lose four in a row in the middle of the season but I. I think I'll learn more about you guys and seeing how you responded to that he's there yet we. Banged up we had some bad calls we lost a couple of close games and then maybe in the past the team goes in the tank after that. But that was a much better team the last five games of the year that even that first four games when they wanna they started out for though they were a better team at the end of the year than that and you know I think the interesting thing is every market really went out of his way to say I haven't decided on a quarterback but I feel like. All of us have already kind of made up our mind it's going to be to proceed very in it I'm very fascinated to see what Mark Richt who's made a career out of pro style. Prototypical quarterbacks what he can do with a guy who looks more like Lamar Jackson beat him that Stafford. So I I think it's going to be an interesting year for Miami. Look you hum. Climate way out of a limit vote and take them to go tenant two are eleven and one but I don't think it's out of the want realm of possibility it is is certainly possible. You know. Virginia Tech. I feel like they may have been the favorite in the coastal had Evans returned in you know to a Maine and we've heard people what do bad decision that's up in the sky and onto the rest of your life but. Yet to meet. Campillo Seve if he didn't win age you may not been the sharpest stressed that he was. Is okay it was up there's a unity crusty and everybody's you win or Dwayne Wayne last flip up sunglasses. I get a thumbs up in my that crushed velvet to no less smoking jacket if you will was a pretty cool with you. UNC Virginia Tech to mere sort of miss numbers this year. I don't know much about it at this point in the like you're seeing in. I almost feel like he can pull pipe two hits out of a hat when it comes to the coastal and make a case for why these teams could end up in Charlotte. And Natalie you know look at a team like Carolina that the defense should be better but when they have this and from everything on offense and and you know it maybe this is the year that everything clicks or Brandon Harrison may be the new system for its form but. Amid Ellis he was so desperate for offense that if they felt they could've made something of him he'd still be there got a ups and then you know you look at Virginia Tech and and again it's hard to lose a guy like but he Hodges and a guy like as they afford an instantly to rod Evans and the thing that I point to a mountain and and Justin clinches at this over and over again since since drug leftist I'm less worried about quarterback that I am about all positions around that quarterback I think I've got a guy Meyer roster. I don't know who it is yet I think I've got a guy who can fill the job. Do we run the football they sure as heck didn't last year except for when Jerod is running at himself and you know. After they have to they have guys on the outside Tim Phillips is a very nice slot receiver but can he step been. And do this the things that a bigger physical receiver like as if Ford was doing but these are big question marks to me. Yeah I think my hat obviously watney Virginia Tech is second in this ZY think they're it might be the biggest enigma to me. In the coast operate the second just. Lot of it on just that would take his ability goes to death having your two I've kind of curious to see do you think finally commit to the run this year because like you said they did last year. The vote the football more drop Evans was their starting running back you know by default you know. Let Millen is a pretty solid running back but dean team Phillips stepped up especially without his dual Isaiah or you know hot (%expletive) team he'd be the main. And that's you know if we talked to went today even last year is we didn't we inherited a pretty good group of number ones yeah promised we didn't have a whole lot of number two or three on the depth chart and now when those as those ones have moved on and you're still only you know this is their first. Real recruiting class that. Last year was a bunch of guys they were trying to hang on to from the beaver area that so it's at. I think he firmly believes personnel wise there's still another year or two away from being where they want to be. The question is with the coastal being the coastal does what they have on the roster right now still represent a good enough team to win. The division and and I certainly think especially on the defense side of the ball and they've got. Talent though but they're going to be one of those teams I think much like North Carolina. That you just can't afford an injury or two at the wrong spot you've got nothing behind him so. You know it it's I feel better about a team like Miami to. Kind of persevere throughout a season. That I do about a team like Virginia Tech that I think that maybe they're good September but they still gonna routed there by November our final question again David help from Georgia Tech yet that's what we set you know Paul he. He seems quietly confident now again they get Tennessee Labor Day night but. Yes they do lose their quarterback that they'd get to receivers back they've got to other pieces of the puzzle and yet I kind of caught my attention. They're coming off an item for years which they believe that quite as nice wind yeah you'll ever see so I mean here's the one this week. You know every year you know I I can sit here make the case for Georgia Tech I would be surprised to see him in Charlotte come. Yeah yeah early December I look at Georgia Tech and I think that's an eight or nine win team I would be shocked if they won. Ten or eleven I would be shocked if they won six or seven I that's the team I feel like I pay I can take their temper and window. It's just a question is if they're if they're nine and three again this year is that the record that wins you the coastal and it may well be yeah. And and but I I don't feel like I feel like their ceiling is sort of what the ceiling is that's usually the case with a Paul Johnson team. Their floor also is a lot higher than most of the team's floor that's let a few late. There I picked them to finish second because I think somebody's gonna end up being better than them I might be wrong about it being Miami but somebody will be. But not a lot of Diebler going to be that much better than them they're wanting never changes at least in my book with Georgia Tech fitness to injury factor because it is a razor that line and making it by a couple injuries and a couple spots. It's done and you know this is about post on its lowest. Not recruit the same way everybody else is recruitment of demoted for different but he had some small classes for awhile. And then lost a bunch of people from those classes but he has public had two or three year window there where. You probably averaging about how. Ten to eleven guys per class that are really adding something here roster that's exactly what I'm. You and I think a couple years ago you know the coming off an artful and and the fall off the face of the earth and what it was was. I think that by injuries at the wrong spots and had nobody behind them to fillets are right to our listeners can find you want to put her corset David LE SPN of course you have a a lot of stuff coming out next week I believe you did you receive Monday will find out how the voting brookdale for. What all position teams positions that are Wednesday march in the standings or be Monday. And we can all. I released my ballot on Twitter I'm and spent most of the rest of the day getting yelled at by people so we were then we can enjoy that again next and are right we'll listen it's been fine unity Andrea Adelson do such a good job you know kind of breaks my heart and also not say you have met for dinner in Niger tankers well but it. Yeah we're so glad to have you two Indy means you glad to hear such a good job covering the ACC for Thank you much is joined at the seal appeared in and have some real football talk about British absolut. We talking season will be under soon enough thanks David I have yet have a great weekend enjoy these final weekends of yeah where you are heaven due out cover everything all right when we come back I tell you what priceless go through how we broke it dale when it comes to voting for the AC CNN pay you what. It's in my wants to get into it with this will it will give them the opportunity 844. GS PE SPN's straight up with star toward lied from the west and in downtown Charlotte for ACC football kick off. Welcome back TN we're live in downtown Charlotte at the Westin ACC football kick off wrapping up and of course we'll have to be out of here at 6 o'clock price and that's why in the final hours in the six to 7 PM hour. We've got four recorded interviews that we will be bringing you diesel will be taking you in it now. With them in a courses interviews will be. Tim Phillips the wide receiver from Virginia Tech chip Patterson from CBS sports coach Paul Johnson from Georgia Tech. In mark Walton the running back. From the University of Miami over a thousand yards last year in his freshman season also we can let you know price think star guys from Miami. Heavily notes mark actually that important to sub next Friday night steep ten meter back flip. Day on a Miami which is become a tradition with coach richt teams ever the past few years is how crooked Phillips is that I would you were talking about this. It hurts littering from thirty feet up in the year because you did it when you were Kentucky of course not diving that you. You have jumped off the ten meter platform said that hurts when you enter. The water yeah ivy jump Downey goes straight down literally the needle in style by your side. Your feet hit the lottery and used to a little bit of a pop out of that forget we were in the noble worked out one day. And in out on the far into the pool one of our divers they were on the platform and she pulled out late you late on a diet. Sheep we heard a sound you don't really hear it it was she basically flat like her chest and her legs. A lot of flight did she was black in Bolivia for like two weeks it was. That I can take its dangers outlet out or I would never be. Margaret so I am up all right real quickly here's what's iron in the water right UT GE. That's who would know that it's a baby valid Jason. That's why they have that thing underneath the app platform that is making the water the way it's breaking it up and it's easy for dinner easier formed dinner a couple. That's how about that how bout that diesel talk about iron sharpening iron right they are okay diesel we're gonna allow you real quickly. Eight you were here voting with us who would you cheese to win the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2070. Need. It's got to be a tossup between Clemson and Florida State yet and that's the way pretty much everybody went espionage if you ask me I think they ought to switch mobile over the other divisions so at least you got one really good school in that division that is that that could be a valid point is well global wouldn't want it because that in their strength of schedule would drop considerably. And I yeah you're less likely to lose two games to Clemson and Florida State however your wins against sub par opponents won't mean as much. Well there's a lot of treatment that so price you'll quickly let's start with today the coastal division. He had that I did not do this until we got here. Until we get interviewed some people cannot hurt other comments you know from people that pay closer attention to me than me here's my coastal division order. I'm a big pat or DC fan I like the way pit scaring themselves they've got Max ground cumin and quarterback from southern cal will see how that. But again I'm app happy. I picked my EV seventy times a part of my east development could each got one Miami duke Georgia Tech. Virginia forward more I DX for us. I deleted see it that way outing by India's the clear cut team in the coastal it. Strictly. Because it wanted to coast theory likely going to be the starting quarterback but you'll flip true freshman. Just simply what they have back on the right thing they're going to be nasty outlaw mark Walton at running back to 1000 yard rusher. Ahmad richards' act. They got weapons for starters back on the line acts are really like mine but didn't below that is when it's like people multi year and it really. I went with Virginia tech's second while I do think they're the immediate pigment in the coastal. Active Virginia Tech set it a lot on the heels Justin would take his ability coach I've with Georgia Tech three. How Pittsburgh four maybe burn not hit that may be a little bit low the reason being they Pittsburgh awaits Clarkson local. Florida's debts while like of in as a valid reason Ollie North Carolina five followed by deep six per genius Aysu we're in the same neighborhood. All right. This is where I get called homer when it comes to the Atlantic Division guys are right the let me tell you who made my decision between one into. Earlier today and our friend Wes Durham with fox sports out that he said that just as much as you know spring practice Florida State struggling on the office supply that's going to be a problem. If they don't get that picks before kickoff against Alabama and then of course. ACC play this year we got some great defensive lineman set. So he tells me. The fact that nobody plays the disrespect card better than Davos waiting so I'm going clumps of one Florida State to North Carolina State three. Global four. Wake Forest fifth in almost thought about that weight number four. In the in six after Syracuse with twenty starters returning and the fact that they're the fastest game on grass right now are turf out there. It breaks my heart but Boston College in the number seven spot. We're pretty similar mat what Florida State Florida State John Draper swap back. He just. You're right about offensive line they do have to get better up front they've got a late that are upfront but there they got ID they lost to re Letterman on the higher defense. While floor Tuesday I just think it's natural to expect a little bit of a step back for clubs yet topic a little bit I don't think they're gonna hold eight or nine this is would upset about clumps and upset it on here and upset it would people smoke on the water you better get him in September. Aaliyah and added directly if they make it through September watch out. Anything's off the table they can they could find themselves back in the college football playoff I got Florida State fall back clemson's NC state there global four that you and I saw the rest of the right way Eartha Zain wait wait for a spot Syracuse it in six. In Boston College is up. Let me tell you the guy that we did not breathe. What was she. All right let's do it when we come back up we're up against a break but here's your homework while we're during the break I'm gonna go look for our friend Ross Martin from inside Carolina down here. Also we guy Andrea Adelson ever there here's the deal here's your homework. Who's the best interview we had here at the last few days obviously it's going to be a player is 92% of what we did were players here the last two days. I know my answer right mail. It is one of the reasons almost pick the demon deacons at number four will come back here light from the west and in Charlotte. Is straight up was starts we are life that ACC football kickoff. All right welcome back here we're light here on this Friday edition of straight up with starts and if I don't have any clue what day of the week it is act you'd imagine how market for any injury Adelson from ESPN. Dot com bills' injury. You know we've been doing this awhile they knew we started like with David Hill earlier your colleague it. It with the ACC with This is seamless differ ACC football kickoff for a lot of reasons but number one we get sick. The message was serve when he won't let this stay here tweeting get thirty minutes from swapper illness why they CC should be a good football conference C might think about what's over there at the highs man and a championship trophy in every. We're up Heisman Trophy. Only looks appropriate I was like Richard I have a pipe at the Heisman Trophy winner who was here but all joking aside. There were also found posters touting. The old record and all the accomplishments in. You know I think it was a moment pretty CC two sit back and say. A pretty good year we arrival we I have to queer eye and Jim both Fisher saying that on the podium yesterday in Davos senate after the national championship game they've been saying this for steep as you. Says it every single your tip of says that every single year but now that it's kind of culminated. Down I think the ACC feels really really good about where it is. I would do that stuff that a little bit of a different way in and I don't look you did with you cover week. Just clumps of primarily right but the ACC big you are the ACC so you've got taken on a lot of cool rides personally professionally with what you do with the SPN dot com. Copper in the ACC amid a Heisman Trophy winner he's been a ton of time with Lamar this past year. I mean clubs at two back to back appearances in the national championship game clearly they wanted this past year. This kind of looked at best and there's like how that was actually for the fun. Ride we went on so the last two years I've gotten to go to the proposal to watch Florida State play. Oregon. That was an unfortunate town lost for flow pretty sticky. Then I got to the Orange Bowl with Clemson. Against Oklahoma and I got the national championship game last year and I follow the Heisman Trophy around New York for five days. Pretty pretty ticked. I mean when I started on this beat it was mid October and I wasn't going to anymore games because the ACC was out of the national championship hunt and if you're not the national championship hunt what's the national interest in that teen I I may have gone to a Miami or Florida State game since I live in Orlando but for the most part. I travel outside the state of Florida in 2000. Yeah eleven. And twelve. Not existing by the end of October I. 80 I have been busier than I ever have been with travel over the last three years and that's eight direct correlation with what's happened. In this conference and more national interest. More excitement. More players to write about more players are profile obviously look at the drafting and what's happened there that the ACC and you know I've got to give John swap for some credit here because he held it together we did this conference was on the verge of falling apart yeah I first started covering it. To get from Nat. So at this 845 years shows. His leadership but also him saying look everyone but there's got to be an investment here we can't just be a basketball. It Immunogen players I gotta say one thing about just the event is a whole you know I watched you know some of the players to what to SEC media day and seeing some of the reaction from the Big Ten. The ACC I feel like it's always gotten the right with a member institutions in the perspective student athletes they bring here this year to meet was no exception. Bringing I really the best of the best at each school that you can nitpick a few schools here near but by and large. I get all the credit to the schools not shielding her hiding players they bring them here either to face the music. Or to meet women obviously to meet with the media and I think that's up the ACC that I love about. There's no question I mean there is still a star power from the very moment those guys walked did yesterday talking about. Lamar Jackson and 200 different slide and Christian Wilkinson Bradley chopping Carol Landry how many first round draft picks. Were in this room the last few days not just first trap draft picks yet eerie you know Jack Korman it's gonna be it draft pick mark Walton can be attractive part about Miami's players when bland is going to be a draft pick up got to refresh my memory depth on the quality players that we're here because the richest. So many of them and that is. Not only a credit to the schools but also the ACC recognizing. That we need these guys here you know and basically telling the schools. We need your best actor when James did mention Derwin. Or when James was here. I think Florida State guys represented extremely well here. Everybody used it clipped her wings just has this confidence about him that you could say I don't know you guys had a Monty yesterday that he just confidence about him. That that really just struck me yup. But you know look all these guys I think did a great job these last couple of days represent their schools well. Dean jones' connecting an NFL player you know waited duke so again dramatic guys that they M well or able to bring this year and continue to bring. As Winston was here. Even though there may have been some question about whether he. Should have been here floors to wanna Abraham and now remember that was here. And so yeah it's a credit to the ACC getting these schools. Basically in line and saying. And where we're gonna need our best. Players in the number two is Wes Durham was tough on us earlier in vero quickly before we go we needed it from the commissioners Wofford the this is not just the basketball conference anymore I mean listen this is now in all sports sleek but for the longest night. They sold himself short in my opinion marketing this is a basketball league. Yes no question about that I think it took realignment for them to really just get some sense knocked into them and that scare of we're about to be eaten. Disintegrated at the conference if we don't do something on and bringing global wind took ramp up that football product. You know hit I think is is it team that could maybe do something at some point. Com and you know obviously Syracuse against the pass the public again when you when you look at what you ACC has done in terms of investment. Coach stability is is now destination conference for a lot of coaches these aren't stepping stone jobs anymore you know this all speaks to. What the ACC had to survive as a conference it couldn't just do skip all that mean look at what happened at the big east. Couldn't just do basketball and look what happened that conference no. Wager is safe travels back I know wolf find out Monday how are voting went and of course you've got a big week up in Bristol and also enjoy the American athletic conference I know there's some great coaches over there. We know about that lobster bay yes I can't wait and plots and Ted are well. Don't want us what you battery faster yeah. Listen major takes for everything you do for us we look forward to seeing you out sometime Davies Levy yes they are. I have thank you much injury Adelson from To simply follow our. Eight Adelson ES PM when we come back out more from ACC football pick up including Ross Morton from inside Carolina by twenty.