Straight Up With Sturg - Hour 3

Straight Up With Sturg
Tuesday, November 21st

Straight Up with Sturg - Hour 3/Conversation with Lauren Shute


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You know it's funny because. Oh. All right welcome back can't Wear light here smoke on the water final hour this he's day addition mark surges price act incentive backed the gas line we go for the final time today. It's our brand lower machine you can follow her on Twitter at el Sheikh thirteen. Of course she's with that SEC cover cut streak. Covers the Auburn Tigers in. I mean there's nothing in the for you to write or talk about this weekend nothing going on on the planes whatsoever. No I'm not I'm like you know my at Thanksgiving Turkey. We're not look at the piano that we. Yeah well I was dollar price price called me after nine days out no one this past week early. They would do it now earlier today I'm like I'm Matt is not yet now he's like why 2000 product EPS to store. Get great overnight to Alabama Auburn ticket scaled up Brenda mine and Birmingham. What do you think got that it got four ball the open market for Saturday. Like there's no telling we had. But what they're offering came in today actually that got her about press conference they gave. Ten minute talk on and you know all ticket and things they have gone aren't. With counterfeit money it's not a big ticket from things like that it is with great. Well fortunately I knew where they gained from an I had to pass tomorrow is I've got my pre game chat so let's talk about it you know they are out. Will we were talking earlier lowered opera it's actually one of the more fascinating. Football programs in the country right now but it's. Yeah you're talking about somebody that went out from here in crash the final four. Or you have a heck votes it was actually asked the question about whether he was taken another job. Monday. That are Saturday after the game and he said you know I'm trying to win that third SEC west ears a there are so many scenarios that Auburn seizing it in did it almost makes that and it's been. Yeah absolutely. And it's so funny because earlier this evening and apparently went back to pop can't you know there was so much hot topic now like that Auburn getting ready quite possibly that college followed by a and it's really really exciting. And it's really strange kind of different ride down here in Auburn. The fact that the angle is Angel hair on Saturday that it. Gil. Just driving around town are already getting an air and then there cart gave big truck in order to pick shot the at a flat or down here. I mean that it's really really unbelievable that he kind of how this year has gone proper and also kinda eerie. Atop the 100 between thirteen. Florida's price here and it's great to have you back on him. You know street what are your pieces this afternoon it is adding it was it staying it was so much on the line. On Saturday against Alabama because when now when you obviously on the SEC championship game and you're one step away from going to the college football playoff that he went out but. You know miles on talk with you guys at this week in just you know last couple days about. What's his team to played lose because that's how they played against Georgia they were late that they had fallen but they played a loose. And you saw what the result was he wants his team to beat the exact same plate that kind of loose ball against Alabama. Yeah absolutely and I think about our Billy defensively. And those guys are really really good at kind of balancing. The witness they go around app fine arts and make it around but he saved tighter belts and they go out and do that but you do and I think that it's that he has been hired seen. And even Utica. And people have commented on line got that demeanor and how he kind of handled himself this year we talk between Iraqis today and it. You know looking at that he expected had to struggle at what point they're accurate it is that get turned around it was about the merits of the so they're definitely. You know ready to have some fun and I think quite honestly that's really need it and you know property in the country that would be the department that. As we continue with Lawrence you've you've been give her a follow on Twitter at. LC thirteen covers the Auburn Tigers Bork. SEC country in less and Auburn goes into this match up Saturday minus their best running back camera that way we knew would not be. Here for the jags game on Saturday how big of a losses that but also. He fits the starters now questionable for Saturday's game. With senior linebacker Freddy Williams and sophomore he puts it back Jeremiah dance. Yeah outlawed by the foremost I think you know the first thing that comes to mind. It's just so unfortunate for camp out way that he cat is that you patent. Heading into the even irritable you know hearing and not think you apparently over Coke started as they've really not bothered about coming up what they what type guy. And now it is just so disappointing more so for pat wait and anybody else probably. And that you look at Chilean business with seniors that have had a chance to beat Alabama. And it looks like he's not going to be able to play on Saturday. That devastating for the kids really really not. But you know I I think between Canada and I think there and I did that in the end it started I think he'll be okay. I think there with a fighter I should mention what we heard today kind of publicly for the first time. I think Williams and of course Atlanta what that you quote like well yeah. All right Lauren is look at him at large you'd SEC country beat writer for the Auburn Tigers again follow her on border at el shoot that's. With the EU at the end they'll shoot third seeded. You know. Clemson fans that a long time it feels like for ages now since Auburn was up this way first couple weeks of the college football season. Palace of Auburn she'd seen it really how have they improved to where they are to be on the precipice of really summed the day. Manuel. Back clinching game quite honestly. I think a lot of people are looking at beyond you can't. And it's kind of the best thing that could've happened opera and I think it would not let it. Early in the year I think Clinton that was clearly what they were these the best team in the country. Had been that number one of these people for a few weeks and around and just go against that type defense to be and that kind of atmosphere I ain't. You know it took care particularly well with their chips that use and that's what you thought and come out and start so elegant balance you. Of course back collapse the second half is where. It's kinda hit you know according if you wanna pay that end it was like guys we got to figure it out we're over and done it. And that got without a couple of times that I feel like they've been playing. In a plane up so to speak just because every game has been a must win this battle field. Our right as we get ready for the college football playoff rankings that night you know we see Auburn mayor six last week any reason to think that's gonna change tonight Lauren I mean obviously that flat last weekend was really just a Stephen Pollack garbage when it came to the college football slate really quality games. Eighties it each day it's we see you think Auburn moves anywhere from all but six line tonight and we certainly know that after this weekend meaty meaty changes that are coming. Right now I don't think you've seen maintained its net I think Robert is that. I think there's a really really get a chance that they are that it had been just because I think they've played a much more typical apple. But I don't think you'll see that you are teen jumped an undefeated team like that glee. But of course after the weekend you know kudos. All right Lauren I want to switch gears with you per second as we continue with lower and she she covers the Auburn Tigers for a SEC country. Yet there's a lot of chatter about a week ago about maybe Bruce Pearl created some trouble when it comes with that Auburn athletic department because he was cooperating with an internal investigation we do. Yeah Ito who haven't elect yet go to person. In the role with the FBI with that make it charges earlier. Where do we stand because a week ago it was not a lie out it today it's really really quiet because. Yeah Bruce Pearl that have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to working. Working with the outside issues. Right it then Mary Ann anything this week found just because I didn't react well we are still you know how it went well you know here. In our tidbit about apple here and there. As I personally am here a little bit of everything. That would block that got a couple of our rights through a couple of times. And he's that the he's communicating with it is my kid you don't feel so not to talk to the station. But they don't seem to get and that seems to eat you know all of this communication may be allowed that the group. It doesn't seem good and I don't now. I don't know how are gonna come out of but you seem to be very very top and it kind of you know he jokes around on the coats radio so that they have done union very lighthearted. He seemed to be very confident but from what I hear you can put in that way. All right Lauren last question before we do let you go in now would you happy Thanksgiving it yen but. You know what about athletic director search with Jake Jacobs deciding to step down whether that was early on his own accord or not. Him stepping down and as the president said really want to move quickly to get this it's somebody new in it. Curious what you're hearing if any kind of movement I saw a theocratic code it's from Clinton's name on it's interior early. It any shatter any real chance about Tommy tell repeal taking over eighty. I think Tammy Tucker that would be great chili. And you don't you love down here and went to number matter who popped up really really get things about most of the time. I think he'll wanna find earth orbit pose like that level yet not position I think Auburn is leaning toward someone with more administrative experience. I'm more experienced at athletic director. Heard that maybe they are kind of looking. Kind of caller towards someone who is maybe not as traditional someone who worked at that experience. But I do think they are leaning toward someone who has the experience that I think that their national. All right Lorie and I give before you wish you a happy states given it's been so much fun hanging out with you this year cut where's that time god. Here hurt this football season due hard listeners a neighbor. I stated Alberto about waited New Orleans this past summer just so lucky to get one trip Bob momma Goldberg's on the way the L mail now there's three different locations in the greater Auburn area for momma Goldberg's if you it there. What is your go to Warner momma Goldberg's. Band I'm profanity and I have not that the mother goes what. Oh our kids who may we were gonna let you pardon the Turkey here whenever you know is he gets part. Today by our president and all that listened to me if they gonna tell you what price nudges bailed out our Christmas present for you. You've been on like three or four times this year we're gonna get TO guy we're gonna get to look gift certificate the mama goal works they'll definitely check it out. Yeah. I listen I am jealous you got one of the best seats in the country on Saturday that's at 330 kick off there that our bowl enjoy it. Thank you so much that he got so much for having me on the yeah I think it make any black. I thanks Lauren makes lord lord cheek just giver of follow on Twitter el Sheikh thirteen that's SH UTE. Thirteen great Elisa and there is occur catch her on her way up the his she's gonna go on to do some. Great great thing no doubt about that are right speak at a great things when we come back price and got open phones for the rest of our. Here on straight up was starts at take four board TSE. Yes the year. Yep where here smoke all the water will be back here at the bars well remember from three to 8 PM tomorrow we're having our annual blood dried here smoke all the water which you can come in donate blood to the Red Cross. It you're get a get a twenty dollar gift certificate to die here in the restaurant. Not emits and he really cool T shirt so. Make that part of it no cookies in geez when it comes to smoke on the water. In a blood dried as a matter of fact it at right on in the restaurant eating up the menu you know what's coming covered up the custom built smoker that matter it's bull port. The brisket beer but chicken baby back ribs at the smoke smoke right grip. It is all next level don't forget every state he's in Trenton right here in als smoke on the water the see who comes up price in the Atlantic coast. Or straight nailed from our local North Carolina Trout streams that's it into the tail bats you'd name the best dale dale restaurant in the recent best deal you know. That's the state. Bailed him restaurant award. Last year as happy hour that's Monday through Saturday from four to 7 PM. You outset like acoustic music he statement Thursday nights from six to 9 PM if you need it catering job done look no further. Just get the restaurant called it's the three to. Not 091. As her manager that walkie through the process that smoke on the water. That's one Augusta street the corner of Augusta and main grievances or requested. Or give them McCauley 2329091. Check it out online sales he never dot com. Welcome back again. Prices down then it stopped his second helping of macaroni and cheese here in the last act like an hour is that what I this. How this time it was topped with. With the beef brisket Feldman on the job sorry guess what did they were right there for a minute earlier I just happened to be in the right location at the right time this time I was not so lucky. But addicted to your Mac and cheese edited. Are right that it eat lunch and now it's been done at dinner time you'd say all right we'll listen it gets third though the into the to its rivalry week or continuing talking college football. It's not know what this guy wants to talk about every springer's with this. Hobby. What state outdoors show auto shell station that BO RD the biggest Auburn tiger fans that I know out there attic well. Here. I'd heard how it did it tell us what an awesome interview we just did with lord she covers Auburn for a SEC country I don't. That's not a team player you'll hour. I gated new York road ride home because all the way out to eat anything mentioned about any kind of thing going home ground there weren't the real football this play is about listening here's Joseph could you go to Guatemala it even knows when all the parts of uncle that. Okay. Well we did lower and yes absolutely next level listen cheesy rising star with that group wherever there SEC country in a color. Prices dive back kind of bonded with Hershey's Arkin to if you will price when it comes to Auburn Atlantic City anymore it that's really even over. Over got was the voice of Auburn tried to break out at Rodman brilliantly from. I mean always Eli hey let's at least Eli gold. Listen here here we are eleven and the caddie. And India flaw it don't mean diddly to improve okay. I'm playing. All the marbles are on the table in the Q and if you're if you're Alabama playing you just gotta love the that you like to recruiting and and I I'm oplink we're prepared we got the right as the boy do they both days. We don't squeak out of there with a lead and that's what I think. I'm with you Tommy because that no pricing he's taken Auburn and I can understand why some people are still at Auburn and they play great we may well. The last few weeks. I can stay may have learned their lesson of years ago when they let that sixty get away people did not realize how many opportunities. Alabama at this late and that doorstep the four quarter eight just did not get it done. Aid me into the man and I hope we don't think that you know what album there's clearly ignored her spirit ready Saturday. I would like to get him in virgin. Going to Auburn and they got no money talk about is the cam didn't Dallek does turning out about him that we think about that urged. Today this tape here so I'm hoping core. And I hope it's a great day for our Auburn fans and friends but they are Bailey the statue of Charles Barkley I believe at Auburn this weekend. I hope that's his message that gets more. Well Charles Barkley is a good job good I mean element Yang. There's Komeito was any moment let began hello all pop up fuel beer right out out of that experimental site don't keep up Auburn man. You don't how much are don't go in Atlanta. It's good part of the world and go with redbook while loved yourself god I thank you remote reported to each and everyone had an even surprised me you know wouldn't come out. Yeah. Make you better get lie we're going to be taken our shots Kentucky basketball coming up here. As well IV. Great job Hewitt jittery do fund upstate outdoors thanks for him with. We got that. A robot sent by the way. Wouldn't it be on probation here in the next eighteen months but what's that bit of a basketball look at a little bit better looks like yeah. Got talent man like is that we tell it in a little group pasted the war. Faults that done Paul that's been down about. Above board that guess what I have my doubts when it comes to the world of college basketball and Al some things are operating right now because price. I'm going to feed the monster a little bit more. He remembered the great maybe happy guilt or when they're out there having the no what Happy Gilmore it was. With so when he had to go back to school and do all twelve great again. Lol. I remember when he gets that dissertation at the end in the guide looks that aggregates. Police have god have mercy on our soul we are all forever art for this you know that's the way out though when I looked it over to CNN last night it's all power ball being interviewed on CNN. Trying to pick a one on one battle with the president of the United States. Number one don't go away mad just go away to Florida why. Now you start to hear from the director of media at the Los Angeles Lakers Lamar ball it's all over Luke Walton because he doesn't feel like Luke Walton. It's hailing his son once though in the correct way in the NBA this is got train wreck written all over it. You wanna know why it's son picked up sunglasses that nick UT and China's shop lifted him. Because his dad doesn't have a freaking clue what's going on in this world. He thinks he's the son in everything revolves around it takes them right now. This slow barks frog thing that's going on right now. Is also. Meet this is the best thing ever you add to the biggest idiots. Like he keep their mouth shut. Going at each other the only thing we have not gotten as they press conference when they're like shouting each other that we might be headed toward our great deal. Did I thought this that's drop can beat outlook or ball I think he's all the ball in no action this is. You own layer Dior worst going well what. I've watched this guy last night I'm trying to put two and two together. Of what the thought processes to speak I let it there at rates for starters in you know knee. They're there what flat price short happy meal is out of the gate with the new we hear the things that come outpost now. This is just. It's just been tasked the gold mine oh not too high. I understand why these kids are scrutiny hit their debt that's at eight looking a clip. Of what's going on in this world that lives in Spain recently absolutely so here's the deal Lee Angela. Who he's screwing these kids in the fact that it wants his. Had a triple double and some other things he she stated slide but he stunts and get things when it comes to assist in rebuilds and things of that nature. But now only Angeles in trouble eve we know he's not that good of a player. ERA have looked for apparently telling Luke and he doesn't know what he's doing it he is ruining Luntz a in the in the last one's not high school he's Meehan and school. I can't see college campuses gonna wanna deal with this. But quest in the long run is. Regardless of either one of having a look at Allen is that your future of basketball free the lead Angela or the youngest ball rather. They are they gonna beat black ball. By the time they. Ever get their team at the plate that's not mean the younger ones gonna get that chance applied he scored 93 to gain more I don't know that anything could mean. He's he's doing these college ball worthy but the middle what is it silly right now is the weakest ball running on those little. Ball do you want a Texas guy that. Won't even play his senior year in high school comes in we're really no competition. He's been coddled his dad's been out there picking fights with everybody possible. Heavy less you're a 1001. City generational type player I think it's more drama than the effort is worth. Yeah I mean. You don't it's yeah no question about it is one of those. You know you've got away your priorities do you want kittens really talented that you have to deal with the you know. That you know Curry's dad and that's put it mildly. I think after two times Steve Alford is not gonna go back to that well and they can es goal indeed have to cross town southern cal or somewhere else I don't know work's going to be irony. And play at national bird and it'll read article it you know there was coaches that were surveyed baseless it would you what would you wanna you. Our fallen it was you know moments like. 85%. Out of weapon was overwhelming that like one. Anything to do one guy needed a winning season probably went hell I'll take anybody that point just keep my job. Anyway it will be fascinating bit. Like I said I sat there I try to watch says he argued. What is that Cuomo son was doing better idea I don't I idle on the reliever disrespectful for that guy that guy that has nothing to do I don't. Had to say you were dumber. For let this go lawn but you know what I email to the point where after last night. It's a strange way I feel sorry for the skewed it's obvious I don't think they want this I don't think they want this media that in in at the reaching out going on. It at some point going to act quick write checks weekly cash. I hope that this will all our throat thing that's not like I don't think it's gonna summer I think it's gonna do it escalation that's about one. For the first time ever I want trot to keep tweeting about it I want mark to keep taking the bait eagle on television in doing that stuff because. The comedy hour that were kidding with this to me it's too it is priceless. On the we have gotten bases. The trump Rosie thing was funny. But take what ball are. Who is any duties off his rocker who lives in some world nobody knows what color this guy. You vote from this is gonna continue to update at this. It's phenomenal or I hope I bushy TV dates are you how fantastic it's must see TV it's must re. With the I don't Italy sort that tried it out lava man I love it it's hilarious to guys like that on what's better that I wanted to letter but last night I wanna actually I want you or press coats I had something every producer of every other talk it's. These new organization where they CNN for showing us the light because. Page you can be big statement who doubt about it all right well we come back some gains on clips that I co op that's a coordinator running backs coach. Thirty Elliott plus opened bones to the top of the hour. It straight up with start to light smoke on the water a courts were always light on ESPN upstate. Welcome back you Wear light smoke on the water price not seen it all kind of videos Spartanburg day school's going through warm ups and basketball with their home opener. Course you know it means I outweigh instance get on the court. I played in grace that she got it double figures back in the day Spartanburg date the grip that's. I promise you that was not the size of their home arena back in 1982. Cities that data that though Republican. Look at facility over there Spartanburg based school. So you know wait Mickey's that it now. What else that would send mails coming down the line he peered deep heat here in Kentucky beat me here it is. The heat their clubs sneak somewhat in the mix as well. I think side Williamson right now is between clubs and in Kentucky. In I think it comes down to. Whatever he is it's this whole want to stay hole with a big reason why immediately Robert de decides to. You know lie and steal kill you know were god any prep school he could've gone to even somewhere over here enemy within the Stater you know close by. I think ultimately it's it's just so hard in cap if he wants to build that picture. You know exposure he's going to Kentucky if he doesn't want that wants to say it was going to be clubs I think he that are Kentucky he had big exposure panic guys it's like kind of a quiet. He's a little bit more quiet but it's just like he had been theory talkative in his recruitment is recruitment and Peter Hart in the capital last arbor for people that do this. The do recruiting dates if you had asked it yet that on my right now clips and as the school that offers high winds. Now with that being said. And I don't say this is it what is it well this is use this unique like you guys. I'll say this because I saw happen within seven that this does it go for everybody but there are a lot of schools that bar. If that's where he's at clubs were happy to. All war power okay it should go where they wanna go where they think they're going to be the most happy guy. But there's some schools just are not equipped to handle the exposure. Everything comes what they want it done an LSU is probably the this most recent pace seen sample or that with the incident situation. Were they just I mean it was our coats it wasn't suited to handle it it was like I'd it was a primadonna who was allowed to act like it. Mansion could really inmates running the asylum to a degree. And there were just some things about it that it did not work and I'm not saying that's gonna happen it's what Watson. I'm just saying that it's a place where you've ever gone down this road academically. The exposure you would get for a want it done is it you go to clubs and that'll make that they might not win seven. ACC games to. Her help your britney's just a lot of guys are rampant sales are going to be there I run out going to be around obviously if you get is that whips it can it that you're gonna give brown now for one more year it's back. There's just things you've got it at schools. That have ever been down this room in the you get somebody like that. They are not equipped to handle it and I'm not sure if clogs it is once again to speak lightly or buy and that's where he wants to know. Could not outlaw hit. When I was trying to figure out where I want to be out what took place Robert miserable for years now what took place in the making me very happy okay. So that's early in the day what it's about where you the most happy where you feel you can succeed cheat you treat. That's clubs. Could not I know a little like comments that that situation we better go where I ought to go or sellers is there any parents that did that. You know if you want the exposure to play with other great players you're gonna go to what do Kansas Carolina Kentucky. I used to play in places that have had success. Who know how to handle. Well it's going to be interesting to right now course barrel last year the brick walls royals award the former Arkansas anecdotes and boy what Arkansas get their left arm to go back in his glory days. Of right roles. That award is presented to the top assistant in the nation last year. Clubs in defense of coordinator Brent venables one it says he's eligible to win it again in the next by seasons but it just came out. A few minutes ago a little while ago. Clubs and cuddle up that's a coordinator and running backs coach Ernie Elliot. What does that it seemed semifinalists. For the 2016. Right royals award in. You guys got to give them some credit within the Elliott the fact that. He's got a totally different trigger may have back Bayern you don't look don't look male club since going into the South Carolina game this year. With the exact same record that they did a year ago with the Tom Watson Anderson yeah I mean he's done. I think that one. Elliott it's got it down line. Co existing if you will on fuels they award there's one guy really well what's with this situation of being co offensive coordinator Jeffs got. In it don't yell at work. You know Jeff Scott still you know he's got his team didn't let. He's also got a peek into recruiting too and I think they've done a masterful job. Painfully. You know because hole exposures to speak. Pick it up a lot of guys get excited about his head football coach in a way how outlast him we still your husband for five minutes that anyway gotta you gotta make nice will go to break it will come back ladies and he's not working deny you seat at a time that it might but he's got on his arm athletic director is now have. Have celebrate eating it smoke on the water where gay yet have us but it's to speak about this redemption tour. Also I had dance got on yesterday act etiquette de credit price for giving the most politically correct answer. When talking about the success over Furman University. This balls that you what they're sit here right enjoy what they've done it's going to be a great deal mr. miss my buddy will get Mike on for just a couple of minutes talked about. How this football season and how this entire ball it's been nothing but a success over Furman university's straight up with start. You what Patrick let's go ahead and get this one. Welcome back in close up shop here from smoke on the water. Rodgers out or quit that's located just a mile and a half up by 85 exit number 32. It is the State's ultimate power equipment dealer does it matter if you like to work out you're. In your yarder in your garden on the weekend it's just a warrior or hear it. Actually ends eight professional. Rodgers is the best lines of equipment under one roof. And guess what they know their product no luck until pot store. Start asking at some serious questions as what you're gonna find out this people are simply filling Audi tying Karr nothing more or nothing last Rogers is a faintly and businesses in the air for seven years in one location. You can fine him just one half miles off by the side exit number 32. The phone number for Rogers 9476377. Or simply check them out online at Rogers equipment dot com. All right welcome back in anti smoking all the water we know where certain athletic director at his lovely wife go to get a good bill get away for the kids bike buddy urban athletic director comes walked in here. In this book all the water your wife is graciously. Let you us that deal with those were few minutes here rickets. Even though it defeat last night epic deep boy young had a month and eleven minutes to the opening of the game before that run but you got against 34 to twelve. To close out that happened. The redemption tour going on for all with the FC has playoffs that we were to sit here talking. There's not a team on campuses ball that had a bad year fervent. If you don't let all the credit's got it started with. Opted filter its way dale. Yeah I couldn't set a better and act just like it sir your agent heard that the now it's it's been another. Remarkable fallen in what I really appreciate it Robert Gary who coaches are cross country program. He was he was morbidly disappointed. In our and our national 26 place finish in a dissent. Robert we just finished 26 place in the country and I loved your expectations are above that the women finished seventh I sip. But how far we've come that we're disappointed in being in the top 26 in the country itself. Meant to women's soccer great years regular seasons didn't turn it didn't go as we hoped same same thing with volleyball but you know you alluded to it early on though. To be sitting here a year literally a year to the day after having to make a really really really difficult decision. With our football program to see what coach Hendrickson and his staff have been able to do. In 365 days I couldn't be more thrilled for those young men get the chance to play some more. And you mentioned coach Hendrix named the SE RC's meet the Southern Conference coach of the year to date yet thirteen Alvin's make the also on team. Matthew Schmidt that Jacobs blocking award and it was cleanup day with hardware come with a permit it's gotta make you. But it's a sleep easier after I know was a very tough decision a guy Bruce Fowler who's been with the permit program. Those roots are so deep. But to seek clay Hendrix come back from air force it to have this kind of success in year one. No it's got a few theory might. Yeah I mean it's it's been. I tell people all week I was praying. That a year from now we've been a position to be talking about playoff applied I could have never dreamed we'd be here this this soon. In this solidly that we didn't trick anybody who what where where a couple bounces the ball away from being ten and one Bryant and we're sitting here seven for just. You know these kids have bought in and got to give them all the credit in in place put a staff around him that's been phenomenal. You know to win coach of the year as a rookie. You know never been head coach before it just a testament to his his special town capsules we had a conversation after the NC state game not only air off the year's net asset all right Owen Tory but too close losses CEO and overtime the whopper and then DO former Soka soak on member. Any line by half built gulf. As if what you know what's your goals where you wanna be here into the year anyway I want building blocks I wanna be positive moving forward in the off season. I think he's got that did some here over the final eight games yet no question you know following that game we went up to Colgate the perennial pretty strong team. And just physically kind of kind of beat up on it was. It was refreshing UBC's the office had started figured out the defense was click and get to freshman linebackers who just stepped up and and performed at a level we could have never expected and so it's been. It's been phenomenal to go on a seven game win streak like it did the confidence started to it to build and you know they never gave up the cool thing about FCS football and it is that you know we started only three and we still have a lot to play board that's kind of what this and out at the at the BCS level where. You lose your first two games of the year mean you may be open to go to the you know. Bowl game acts that might bring a little bit of money to your school that to be able to still have a legitimate shot at with a national championship after start on threes really cool. And I think one of the cool things to this start Mike in this season you guys had under first year of the Clinton Hendrix regime is. I think I counted correct me if I'm wrong but when illicit and it was the first game I was out this year which I don't remember what that was. It's been so long 38. Through freshman. Or redshirt freshman come by Tammy your pocket almost 42 is. That our freshman on the roster via yes scary early in the series scary can concerns you a little bit nonnuclear would have loved to have Richard. A few more of them but you know necessity he knew that he had a nucleus of talent that could theoretically get us to where we are in. And he he rolled the dice a little bit through through some young really talented kids that you just never know which can get and they they stepped up yet that writes out of the offensive line I was just both banker by freshmen including a right tackle that's every time I'd see him come off he would go right and it. The status might don't nets coach under this kind of pet because he is an offensive line got. He sees what he could be and that's it also Klein guy read it right there but that right Saudi office supply. True freshman not goodness. Yeah we had no idea down you know you have your head coaches and offensive lineman coach Pete Pete plus two is our offensive line coach. And then demand unit you you gave credit to Matt Schmidt a senior leadership knew he'd like cabinet third coached other. Phenomenal kid we're gonna miss him immensely next year but. He is really lay the ground work for these young kids to see what it takes to via a high level well and yet the expectations Walt taint on the spring because GO Bob Ritchie ballot incident pick anywhere from. From burst of this yet though it has a wide open race in the Southern Conference and basketball this year. Brett Parker returned take good squad for baseball not emits and the other Olympic sport so I mean eating less today the it's the best at times when it comes department. And then also you got a little bit of a grip on your face will wait pars pulls up but nice whenever its stake for people that don't vote. You played in Pittsburgh Wake Forest University back in the day he had no question it's great to see coach Claussen really kind of get there where four years ago I remember sitting in his kitchen when he was that go to Bowling Green talking about the vision for Wake Forest applause then. It's been a great run for them certainly the offenses started to click which has been entertaining but you know monarch. Art has grown to love Greenville and and we couldn't be more thrilled to be here. You know with coach Ritchie and coach Carson in full swing now it's going to be a great later in and leaving him this spring like humans surge is going to be fun. Google had rub it's a report might just say this on the air Tia my dad. With most excited I've seen him not just on on firm impaled impaled in stadium this year he's come home awfully happy from Lotta games. When he had a couple of young ladies knocked on his store couple weeks ago. Furman women's basketball players and deliver his season tickets his notes to every game now he is a firm and women's basketball by our people this game he always calls me talking about Caitlin Duncan after every game. His favorite player. That made his day when those two Furman when it's basketball players showed up the game he thought that was the cool listening and I don't think that's miles totally indeed absent Mike. Well that's great to hear price you know that's gotta we stole that from another school that we thought I mean. We've got such a loyal fan base here and around Greenville area we just thought you know what let's load up the cards that are dropping those things in the mail with and that's personalize a little bit bright idea. The kind of things we try to do it firm in the that is apart a little bit not I'm glad that here you get an update it in the lower tablets of one theme that we need to get set lacrosse schedule with his we need to cross reference with Saturdays the lacrosse team is in Tim and Serena not traveling berg game because let me take. You want to have some fun in sight at a college basketball game. Win the football team the lacrosse team and everybody else is they're support the paladins and Timmons arena. That's what come and have that so. A lot of congratulations listen will pop out there will say hello at the you and your wife with congratulations it's been a heck of a Paul thank you guys appreciate our blog from unmanned injury happens by assistant lacrosse coach named the the head coach and agrees team this going to be immediate though world championship that it is the world team to lacrosse. Permanent says he's going to be head coach for Greece it is eight team world that collate keep on Rolen and all right price will be back here spoke all the water tomorrow. Remember. He even have Mike here. Hits the New York City he made no way hates leverages our it hey we got our it by 37 arts well packet knowledge contest with paints beverages. The Mars theme is all football related movements are right so apartment in the questions with the price because amiga tech you. Check out Mike and his wife to see how they are I will tell you this but they are more difficult than they were last week that your body option cult like Portland New York City two weeks ago three weeks ago at Carnegie Delhi's closed in your Betsy recommendation and totally fell down a job well totally hate for surmise that those that he aid he knows where to come. To smoke on the water so again now always a pleasure cats you know with you might get dad yeah that was a lot of fun. Eight and it's been a great great year. Per permit athletics and it will be a great spring as well not -- and the opening a while for its new facility that they're yours get this week and often they sit back. If they wait all the winner. At that Berman Ilan match up that's 1 PM on Saturday up there in. In North Carolina and deal whopper will get their tickets and you know it's part. It's playoff football right here in the state we get rivalry weekend this weekend with clips and think it is our football. When he urea and you know that's pretty much what it comes the LT price great job today lesson. For Patrick to entries first night back gear hopping on the board and get things done yeoman work Patrick. They're a very proud that you remember that you backyards but yet would be back here's vocal the water bar it is they're blood dried. Make sure you come out donate some blood in get a free bill have a blessed BP will do it the march for Pia.