Straight Up With Sturg - Hour 2

Straight Up With Sturg
Tuesday, November 21st

Straight Up with Sturg - Hour 2/Talking college football playoffs and an interview with T.J. Rives


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So price while you're don't know how working last week did you catch all the emotion of Thursday and Friday with the end of Mike and Mike it's keen to do it in after eight. Year run. On ESPN radio I knew what was happening I've missed it listen quite a bit most weekday mornings while working but I I did not I. I saw the final like 32 sign off but that's really tell us all yet still bill Currie was very touching but I yesterday that India you. Just realize some of the chatter some of the word you're coming out that stressful coming down the stretch eighteen years of any thing. Besides the full commitment that you make your wife. That's well wave your arms I gallery but you know goal it's actually looked a lot of this stuff is reports. Rumor. There you know you wind unidentified sources that you know falling out those kind of things but. You know you've got to think that price some feelings were hurt Lleyton Greenberg goes off but he's parlay it into his brain new TV show what it is he said it is a risk in and there's no doubt about it is. They got to Alec Bolick he's been there every step of the way you know he's kind of all up you know the idea you know leaving you behind but. You know business is business but you can imagine that there were probably some hurt feelings and well they will debut the new morning show next week on Monday that's Monday November 27 and that six city and its Canadian time slot. It will be goal you winged. Again Natalie has a great job and tread NFL guy that's something that they Greenburg it's you know he's the but I can Mike is up for that they really more pro sports oriented they do cover college stuff but. In a week it was a very good NFL guy and I think that we go in. Zoellick will do a great job. Is guy Ron will be collectively it ironic pieces come CEO. It in our email that. The first week it's booked with huge guest in this is what it says on Monday go what you wing guy will welcome NBA commissioner Adam silver to the show. In major league Baseball Commissioner will join the program major league Baseball Commissioner rob Mahan for joined the program on Tuesday. While clips and head football boots Devin Sweeney will appears suggest. All right you wanna go in a bit late so yeah say ivy that's a Big Apple has got nailed on. It's one of the names in college football what they feel like you're dot. Fantastic interview because he's not cliche ease ease off that the key to real ease to be funny he Cain the fiery. It's not cookie cutter stuff all the way is a is a short listed warning too cumbersome body that's interesting fun. Unpredictable. That's at Davos swing that you never know what he's gonna say next and that's what makes it fun for the media so. Again starting Monday. Cola two weeks ago here on ESPN. Radio all right prices he gets set for the weekend you know. It's just not about clots that South Carolina will take your phone calls and that. If we can get you nick Kimball integrates text me. Hey it's start to sports. Yet wait to hear your next guest talking about TJ Reid sideline reporter. For the game bay Buccaneers it's Nixon unabashed Buccaneers may now. He's asking if he can go to that they opponent helped packed our governor's office up there as well as TJ ward. It help of move out of Tampa because boy you talking about a year that started with big expectations for the Buccaneers with that. With everything they did with the HBO series hard knocks and everything else just as it and now it what it's. Probably the best division in all the NFL right now the NFC black and blue. South division with the toilet seat take to the Carolina at 73. In the Atlanta Falcons six of four will talk a little bit more. NFL later on price I just get excited at this time of the year because of the rivalry games and it will always made that yet after two. After last week it would use the garbage weak yen the year next Tuesday that second weekend. Well the entire season back in September their note to worst week in college football. That note that well thirsty guy Thanksgiving night what's we all get stuff that. Getter nap over from all the trip that that. How will be looking for that Ole miss at Mississippi State game because that's an instate rivalry that we actually mailed out what the egg bowl how it came about the name of the trophy and everything. You to talk about some fights back in the day in the twenty's. When it was Mississippi A in and they weren't even Mississippi State yet they were Mississippi in them they were called the Aggies that's how everything came about but. That's it right when they're on Thursday night dates given night before. The gray at this baby was the best weekends of college football as will start it gain I'll have Black Friday. Well honest to games on Friday but you know the egg bowl. I'm so glad they moved it back to Thanksgiving night because we're all roommates here awhile but lives in Philadelphia actually listen to us a bit. You know we are living together Annapolis he's in this state grad we used to picture we get back to the that I was over back is in Northern Virginia we get back over to Maryland Apple's the watts game together because. That game though all these rivalries at hate they hack at. Disdain for each other. What this year maybe at eight you've sought eighty's pre yet to get front of this thing yesterday issued a joint statement. Up to date on Thursday night at Thanksgiving will likely will be quickly put the rear view here is these two teams are going to go at it. Each other's throat. Strictly. On the rivalry because of you know. This state turtle mishandled it means that the back and forth and everything that's gone on I guarantee we will Lewis. From Mississippi State who was questioned at the center of this whole thing. I guarantee that cheap shots taken and I but this is a game two that you fickle this spot at sixty they got. The lose they are gullible letter rye endless that he won't get it but I almost felt like Matt Luke its interim head coach at all that she'd be solved what in the equation for it go to the year in the SEC. In the way east get this the somewhat together they've gotten better shape Paterson. He's been loss for the year. They ought to clean house from that you've Greece program back in the day that anyway. Given not to Matt Luke this thing got really away from the Ole miss rebels this year they keep be like 29 committed this game. They got a team it's actually go 500 when this things over and done with thank you Matt Luke some credit this year it does it to me burial at mr. Hit a saint here a year but I Erie on on Matt Luke Donald is meant. Docket getting can shake the job but he has kept the thing together as old as the law meant. As a former assistant now hermit coaches. For a team that we thought mightily win 23 games. Actually Patterson he's out for the year now I think beat this statement this could be fun for a half. Question is does it NCAA did they release the penalties and body board battle they have the balls to do that as a Black Friday happy to be closed up. Not duty business. I think it could be next week yet it let it out and yet it's the want this be ratcheted up also on it to thirty on Friday in the Southeastern Conference Missouri and Arkansas. In the game we just mentioned scenario to what a great order rail. For the Missouri Tigers six it by now with the with the bottom by NFL prospect Andrew Lockett quote I can that is NFL prospects at wide receivers well they're scoring at will. All right eco Saturday. You got some good stuff we got global. Kentucky here's the number look the warriors blew past one of the best games all product I for rivalries are what are you CEO I'm going out of SEC low Russert we're alive we get there we're gonna get there I promise you I thought I jacket site little black Kentucky here's the number 500. And I. It Kentucky who has failed 500 yards of offense. All year long to get that vs low on Saturday they when the game because any time global given up 500 or more yards on they lost this year. All right it do on Saturday John it will hold your winter air as the road team that serious as in money. Florida State Florida. Can you imagine if Florida wins this game on Saturday that makes it a completely moot point when you Louisiana Monroe says but battling for a our via Florida State South Carolina played. Slater well. I that that would be a good good match up well what about what sports if they get a win this week 84 I think that QB that they like weakness in the Charlotte is aiming at some people likely to travel issues are snow as a prop rightly seen the other new this is my favorite means that a rivalry game what's the name kick up between Georgia and Georgia Tech cult Elena. I was thinking about earlier thoughts good ol' fashioned hate. Now that's right there's no better nickname for rivalry game but you know Paul Johnson in Georgia Tech. Home they can play keep away there in that make the stuff on that freshman quarterback beat Georgia. Likely to win it that would impact it's going to a bowl game because they would then it's five and six because. They lost that game earlier this year it's that's towards that so Jacqueline. You know I feel like they're gonna have a good year you lose that I. They're just so up and down in that was not have a question that they pull an upset out. You know all pull off before it you know Kirby the young coach I don't think torched lose Bobby Dodd but. Tech can make your pitch to with the triple option no question and I other SEC games this weekend but it was that Auburn that's at 330 kick off on the planes. Prices got to Auburn this. First biographies to pick Auburn never buy it where I went to school but number two putt it's I. Opal I just I think they have a learned a lesson that the years ago it would make a Democrat on the backs out of there like Anderson off the game in the six and maybe they go over there. In play yet what their development some weapons offenses well are the current I think is can be abused excavation your typical large hole. They get that happening this thing that your Ayers the reason I picked Auburn because they're played a pretty good right now. Not take evening late from Alabama that I don't think Alabama's. Really really good team. I just think that there's you know they're not this. Dominique you know no welding team he's the year when he walked out on the field this year like in years past. Errors. Players. They can be hat well you also. The you wanna get a New Orleans with Greece and I very ups and college football playoff game also 4 PM on Saturday Vanderbilt Tennessee. Mets at 730 clubs and South Carolina also at 730 about it they say you know arsenal beat. The ball you know why they battle least nobody doubled up. Just it was well I don't watch Tennessee their press trust me they they got away from in the second half abilities far that are. It's fun to watch the Tennessee have some emotion on Saturday for the right reasons now they guy yeah Elissa when dropped two pilots is a hit the ballot issue it points start brigade they dug her up but. I don't know I mean they had a real smooth pretty bad since it started off three there were 47 committed to this game set. It's a powder it's that can pop the light is there you know and adults not good either but that pitch to you though the battle to Nazis in the now altered state. You need main deal are. Right well listen here's bill we come back we're gonna talk with our buddy the sideline reporter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is east DJ Reeves he also it does a lot of college basketball work plus prices. Works with them on this official college football playoff podcasts you can hear that up on the web site. Some time later on this evening. So will I will try to break it hailed for your best week in both NFL eight college football with our but he EG greens. Re wah. Rewire the renewable water resources is excited Saturdays they're big or eagle project this is the first of its kind project in the upstate of South Carolina and it's designed to did designed to address. Our 100 year needs when it comes to our sewage capabilities here in the upstate. Re law will start digging out sometime in early 2006. TSE. A one mile long tunnel. It's going to be get around Cleveland Park in the rail Westfield street near the well crock that is setter. It's gonna take thirty months to accomplish this BY. We are solid that rock 100 feet underground. But look Greenville, South Carolina so we'll bring this pouring boring machine and we are he had eight. Uh oh base of the board of boring machine contest back with that radio Thon for Children's Hospital earlier. Now or haven't named the boring machine that drilled contest. And it's gonna get started and who knows here over the next two and a half years you may literally feel the earth move under your feet. Here in dale detailed South Carolina Greenville, South Carolina but know what's going on. Were getting our sue its needs threat address today growing area for the next 100 years you were doing it. They re watch the new renewable water resources. All right welcome back here is that we're giving. Price version of an ice cream sundae here at smoke on the water us and creamy back into he's with. Beef brisket cover in the top of it. You got that breast it's the cherry on top. Didn't think we're just try to make our buddy TJ green Mohawk orbit that mattered a risky at best you'll find well we just try to make our by the TT reads jealous all the way dale there if they he has that intimate Buccaneers sideline reporter. Results also hosted a babe I play on didian radio host the college football playoff podcast. But like he says on Twitter. Board Mavis is via the father for those gorgeous twins and Dunkin' Donuts on Saturday courted. It's our good buddy TJ agrees followed up on Twitter at but sidelight guy how we do. I am not doing as well as you guys apparently with that you did you have an update on the twins that they have spent the entire day at Disney because all of the state of Florida is thought that the entire week. For Thanksgiving so the wind and mama high tailed it for the have you played bomber. For Tuesday. So it all I don't know where I rank along with bit because they win I didn't get invited I'm actually at home with the dogs so that took you right right in my. It. Well of course you have to get ready for this Sunday's Tampa Bay Buccaneers broadcasted. Let's start with that did. What's the mile purse vault. Beckett blowing two races volunteered to dry day on and help with some movie if that's what comes up he gave because he's our resident Buccaneers but. So this one comment NFC. The NFC sell this to stay monsters monsters. Division. In the fact that New Orleans and Carolina seven and three and a six and foreign yet at the base look at now. Well if it has been a why health sparked the first ten weeks. Of the season when you consider the New Orleans was ON two and all the talk at the beginning of the year. What that is a must win year for Sean Payton because they've had three straight below 500 season 793 years in a row. Through respected too much money. What are they gonna do they lose the first two games and now they have not lost since they have won eight straight. Which by the way if I'm not mistaken now. This is the longest win streak ever ever ever ever in the NFL for a team that lost its first true games. It may only tiger but it at least match yet. So that's incredible turnaround for New Orleans. And you guys saw him earlier in the year committed to Charlotte and clobber the Panthers are kind of like an indication that they turn things around them they have not looked back at. I thought that's what the Super Bowl but through three weeks ago. And and then the real deal and then you have Carolina. Which. You prepare their crap gonna beat the pace they beat the patriots in New England earlier this year they be in the lions in Detroit. They came to Tampa Bay side argument James wasn't been banged up to beat the park and totaled three point you don't give Carolina a lot of credit and how bout that thought from Atlanta. That that they've beat Dallas last week and then go all the way to Seattle last item one that wild game. Don't legal decision for my Buccaneers they have their work cut out for them chasing those three teams right now on the felt. But if you're a buccaneer fan your lives. You you have polls because you won the last two games and you get ahead didn't show up at Atlanta this week to maybe knock them down a peg. So the blogs throughout the book to really get a playoff like cooking with a couple more wins in the get a great shot with a cup and the Sunday. All right TJ when I wanna know is how fired up York for a couple good road east has got to weigh in at this coming weekend. Did you go to Green Day I know is a football guy like yourself you're not you're cited the totally and vote is that it's always one of them on places in the end you guys close out. With the bucks up in Charlotte on Christmas Eve a place Rahm aptitude to come meet you regain the upper lip and stock option offered at a lot. Take them back oh and yeah I don't ensemble is stockings they exactly going to be real pop in my house yet again because I'm not hold on Christmas into an NFL football we got to get them donuts or something to make up for that. Potentially doubled to right I mean especially to go to Lambeau Field yet Aaron Rodgers is hurt. Yet the Packers are struggling mightily on and let Baltimore come in and shut them down and beat him decisively. On Sunday so that major shoot you in the NFL because we were we reported to the game. Pre treatment in mid December of bird Lambeau chambers went to an art not Buccaneers will all the talent and DeSean Jackson. On Mike Evans on the receiving corps. Drafting OJ Howard who's been fantastic by the way as of late. As a pass catching tidy and acute care at Rogers and Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb at Dovonte Parker and and all those guys. Poor for the Packers Packers they're great offense. It turns out that Iraq is at the broken collarbone and we're not sure where endgame is went into comeback from a shoulder problems. Put dignity Brett probably Atlanta Patrick had a couple it then it's been a but it goes to show you an NFL you don't know that. I mean that's got to quell the nine in overtime Briton Oliver Dave yes TJ so. Yeah yeah where do we go from here that's one issue we've seen some really bad football but I'm looking forward. Before we start talking about some of the college football playoff. We're about these cycles some older quarterbacks out when it comes to it Eli remaining at the end rob Louis Berger some of these guys. I'm not sure we're seeing a whole. Yeah breeze is so what how do we fix this problem because. You know we we we may have watched Patrick Peterson get it psyche guilt for the entire year one have to wait five interceptions for buffalo on Sunday. Well and everything you've got the new wave of you look at Russell Wilson last night and what you can do with mobility at touch on the ball and of course you guys to complete Cam Newton every week with his big and it's talented if you did especially well with its wheels but that put that size. And you you know you've got others that can that they can obviously play the position to that are younger. But you're right I mean it has been the age of the quarterback in the 2000 that you left out Tom Brady who I don't know if you ever gonna retire from the guy. The guy almost. It is a fight or not Cuba and with the way he's slowing in the football around at forty years of age. It's incredible I I thought you would get on Thursday night at field level earlier this year and it looked like a thirty year old Cabrera Brady not a forty year old Tom Brady. With the way you can still pull football so. Yeah I mean there there definitely going to be a transition period here over the next two or three years. We're told the league is going to be belong to the tax prep Scott and the rock the Wilkins in the cam Newton's. And it Rogers is still got five or six good years probably what he will be in that. That discussion as well that northern new wave. A quarterback like Mario could get a feel like Jane it's Winston white jury golf and Carson went bella that may not mean he's been spectacular. In his second year. So certainly it's a quarterback driven league and there are plenty of good ones that are still out there that'll bill can't replace the does little longer the truth. All right you're price do we get together yelled the the official. College football playoff podcast you can dale loaded right careless and he does he just lets me play right but let me go right in the college football playoff website lists into ordered dale loaded right there. Are we gonna see anything different tonight after what was the worst week giving college football just because as we like it college either creep up. Or powder puffs Saturday do we see EV changes tonight that four. Now I am not not in the top of your gut feeling in the top six that matters because that this still locked and stayed the same although. You know at Miami what's flirting with disaster against Virginia at all of that we're losing guys as you know your dates these two countries they were losing. Virtually that entire game in the fourth quarter and found a way to come back and win so those go to the kind of things that can happen. But now buckle up for the next two weeks of mayhem. Because. We're with Alabama playing Auburn with the Clemson Miami had been essentially elimination game for the top four. Would immediately the game that are committed it the winner of the Alabama Auburn game played in the FTC championship game with a short to change saying hey what about we have only one loss. You've got an unbeaten what constantly. Trying to finish things off. By winning the Big Ten. The championship game they could still get up there in that game could Oklahoma be up there in a rematch potentially with TCU. Here come on up. I mean these are these the games that matter. Over the next few week in and and I'm not so sure again that we don't see a couple maybe three different scenes and tough work before it's over win it. Because the upset I mean you know that if Alabama defeats offered. They're they're likely in the poor even if they lose the championship game the FT CU know that Clinton's senate. The Clinton Miami winner is in the four. Beyond that I don't know what we know which it would stick to go what do happened. All right TJ where today or buy it listen to you an idea that team meal or two by an evil work in their right to the playoff podcast on the college football playoff web site. Wolf thank you thank you for the quote all in this you can go check it out on the college football playoff web site the official web site as well at their mobile app download that mobile laughter it's got everything. That you wanna know about the playoff between the rankings all the information for the Rose Bowl the Sugar Bowl. Then again Clinton very much we would your fan base alive to be needed Sugar Bowl the Rose Bowl for this year so there have and it didn't play off podcast of the name of it it's available on iTunes it's available on its future mergers search playoff Arquette. That way it downloads automatically an update. We're looking forward again tonight at seeing the rankings again imagery it's talk with Kirby hope but once those rankings are out. And the nitty gritty just don't want to hear you know one thing that that particular round of the podcast I know it's not Big Ten country in the south. But they are still angry about what content being left out if the if the badgers go along with. To run the table here and finished at thirteen you know there there's no way that that committee you're leaving them out. They don't find a way to put everything. Somehow some way so again altitude and is great for debate what fetal sort out here over the next couple weeks yet. Yet there's no chance that it whiskey runs the table that they would set precedent obviously what it's not that you know. Do they have the you know what's the leave them out as it makes it a lot easier for the selection committee if they do row on the table in go undefeated. Well especially with the championship game win I mean you're gonna have a real problem. If you had a team like Notre Dame but doesn't play a championship game and it went undefeated but Georgia beat them earlier in the year so obviously if there in the power five conference to the championship game win. It's going to be it's been a victim. It's gonna put them in no doubt motivated to play in a bit like Michigan State a couple of years ago I congratulate you should play golf. Now don't play Alabama in the Cotton Bowl and they got their doors blown off in that game for the nick if you want to that's great that a couple weeks progressed. You meant it and goes and does time for the Sugar Bowl good luck. I was pitted from Big Ten country to ACC countries specifically tiger town where you sent me a shirt earlier today the sixth grad and Ramon I don't not to come up are clear credits it and I saw this when last year but temple posted on our ESP in upstate face on. RH is. But tell our tell our friends tell our listeners about this year because this is hilarious well. I appreciate you have to do is sponsored it has not been involved with called smacked apparel and their company based in Tampa and they are now known nationwide if not worldwide. For the best in here. Ignorance in your fate T shirts. And they have got a graphic clients insurer for the weekend for the South Carolina game the eight TC fifty feet into a money she's she's the short through the Clinton. Purple and orange color. And it is available back approval but dot com. So check the check the shirt out and they have got to follow one boy they didn't look particularly programs. Live within your fake stuff so they've got the entire Miami sucks to be you know they're hoping that this Bill Clinton put open on Miami next week's. They've got the Clinton orange and purple looks to be your shirt that is ready to go as well. So we're the only good interest it. A great offer you know if you're looking for tips from Black Friday than for the holidays tittle pusher from smack approval and use the promo code Clinton will make it real simple start. Well make it real simple for the Clinton said that I complicated. It's not a number it's the name Clinton and they'll get 30% off of their order. Well if the Oreo Clinton merchandise but check it out there that the if you keep it displaces the prospect April I appreciate the puck wanted to know does appreciate the plug. The great stuff. The thing that they have only had beat me the last couple of years regular season and postseason win ability to continue against the gamecocks. You know park close the listeners out there that's that he gave greaves on Twitter that or hide the yes. That's but sidelight guys on Twitter EJ. Here's a bill December 28 board that new gal or kicking off what air light at. I don't know we can make it there on Christmas see that price but. What are we can work out to have some doughnuts delivered over to the and Ellen we're talking about the nuts those are the best out there admired. Think all right I am taking I'm taking the chance of ending up in divorce court for being gone again on Christmas people working at it you guys need to take that risk staying in the good graces of your families of their wives. I think Christmas he's been here we are working and it felt we work a lot on Christmas fever. Or your receiver and a New Year's Day we were on New Year's Day. Previously to. Last year just to be born or the NFL feasible but I I would like the fact that you got to look at now formerly with the sweet. With the desserts that's that's so great stuff so hopefully hopefully the Buccaneers continue to win a few games. You're and that things that real bearing on the upcoming playoffs are in the NFC and AFC south willfully. Be because again the final two are at Carolina at a home on New Year's Eve with the saint so. What faith let's see if typically you get back in the wake of what is a very competitive NFC south boys. May make it with you being on a new on Christmas Eve may be out might finally somehow get to see you lie PD which is just. I last satellite bucket list for you. Today kind of sort of open they're doing what you do you like right here once twice who lives and now they're doing live video on it the right by where I live in Pasco County I live a mile from the Pasco County lines. I keep waiting for the helicopters. And that would do it cost Sony changed in my neighborhood. So we got that going through like I want to opera all kinds of things right now. I tell you what I got the feeling that baby Kentucky grad writer but make it with this price tech jacket for twelve hits her twelve it's sports. Firm out a hot bath suites yet. All right TJ it's always like cats it up with you give we implored listeners that number one good check out that provoked though we put up on our social media member to go check out you have price on the official podcast. Later on tonight they keep up current. Always good to be it was straight up which started here cannot that you guys who didn't you notify me I appreciate the boards have denied. Aren't we'll tell it like they say there's TJ read it doesn't get much better and did at this apple volume level one he's just too much fun no we have never had fun on the road with them theory that not all that debt series Miette. Find a way to get it doesn't doubt that a server to the Pennsylvania Buccaneers team hotel. Christmas Eve. He can get some of those back into the girls that might make him in the good graces when he steps off the airplane that let the world know what that for idea though it doesn't it done donuts I promise you that buys into that Mary in the reef sounds of people did not understand that it's this Saturday morning ritual with his twin girls it is donuts. It is easily double the Dunkin' Donuts will come back 844 TSB ESP at. We have opened but it still the top of the hour we'll talk Iron Bowl with lord chief. It the top of that straight up with search. Rogers outdoor equipment he botched it simply the upstate so ultimate power equipment dealer it doesn't matter your landscape professional. Or just that weekend warrior date got something that will help you with your project or on your job. As a matter fact all the best power equipment lines under one group that includes the but it tractors and mowers they of the SE 1000. Or lower. 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Go one and a half miles west at the intersection of highway 81 you'll find it where they've been doing business for seven years as Rogers outdoor equipment. Give a call at 947637. Cent that are checked them out on line Roger equipment dot com. All right welcome Becky and less than that we got it. Real short segment here because we need to get caught back up went a low low with our buddy TJ res back at a year not. Especially when you can go check out the new college football playoff podcast tonight right here. All of the web site is I agree with that price I don't expect anything to team tonight. And seen by there was nothing this tentative that would make you change your mind about really unique thing once there. I mean nobody played anybody I mean he lives in this it was the best that was that was it did they do enough that it could still win ever put their third string quarterback to move up liver anybody. I mean Oklahoma had its. That is easy thinking with that one if you lose one in ninety incidents I mean that's the worst even power might look ought be you know. A baker mayfield stuff I'm sure you price got it yesterday but at me is like. Kansas was one in ten that's Abe do you really need to go down well they confront. The you know heart pipe that you know what all that a spot let them stay here now but. You know hold your you know huge your package in yell at at thirty like to shoot the biggest thing about that is like our number one. It's unions it's directly to get that jacked up about it's it's who it's not since the beginning of time. It all Portman seems well all right and at what he's a year. I mean wicked cult we can call a statement they have sought since the game right time at all. Why he did they didn't of that crap with them and number two that shows how on the way your ideas because the things you've done in the past. You know that is the hot likely Heisman winner you're gonna go up there it do that it's it's as if it's going to be shown everywhere but he has totally. Itself other earlier sixteen year old I was disgusted by the crotch grabbing now Kansas started it but like you said it was one in nine Kansas. Here's what baker bait built under the heat of the moment if he would have thought about this went. He would've won the entire day not only Oklahoma. Winning the game 41 to three. That you seem to young kids that were out there cadences for the whereabouts when he went over to shape there into it's it's what you do it. He had a he should issue that's the youngsters means he would won the moment right here Mitt they'll probably making up for some of that since with it in the flag you know I would state. In the pregame stuff with Baylor and a course not Evans beat to get away from the police during the offseason so he can I don't want it right there. I get the fact it is also an emotional game but you gotta stop yourself. Any public situation when it comes to crotch grabbing and things of that. Lot of that it's not in W eight I agree it's it's. It's just all these things you know you add up that Jews can you be anymore self on a win here with that stuff. Everything that has gone on in the park for the flag thing it that it gets eyes at Iran have a major problem with. You know obviously get in trouble the laws you know that's a little bit about that evidence that beat up front is going you know yeah app being you know the things he's done in the past and it looked. All that being said they are going to be people that will not vote for him for the Heisman Trophy to simply on principle alone. And I respect everybody's vote you know when it comes to the Heisman Trophy how'd you wanna voted because. I just disagree. The Heisman Trophy in one reason why it is to get all you know opportunities capital watt last year about Sean not winning it. The Heisman is really in a lot of ways it's become meaningless yet it's an Italian football we play our best player best team award and it does it go to the most outstanding and so. You know what baker mayfield is going to win it in an athlete as he probably should this year because I do think he is the most out. I cannot vote for Lamar even though he's got the numbers that he does just because the number of losses some with you in critical awesome later matter yes to a degree they shatter. Good but it shouldn't be a you know basically here it here more than two losses you're eligible exact release Heisman as well that has been also say I agree with you in this aspect the college football one of the benefits are one of the bad parts of the college football playoff. It is sort of that bird the Heisman Trophy quite frankly I think they need to take a look at incorporating. Those playoff games in The Who wins the Heisman trophies well we'll take your opinions on it. Eight for fourteen ESP ESP and don't forget we'll talk Iron Bowl. With lords shoot from SEC country six a theory. Head off by our friends at the back a plus in Duckett did discover what's literally in two aces of cigars in his south Carolina's biggest walked in uber dork. You know 360. Square feet in the RE at the plans to double that it does it matter if Europe big. I aim cigar aficionado or some might just enjoys a good price on a cigar. They got you covered that back up plus. They've got you largest selection of premium hand rolled cigars in the state of South Carolina. That image and accessories like humid ores lighters and clips you name it. They got it including. 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I welcome back and top without Orwell talked tire bowl with Lawrence you to SEC country Jim Watson Watson college football Jill. Welcome at a rupiah to get beaten. All right but it would be a good look off base there they were reputed. So. Better every day this week with the weather being good. Knocking. I don't know which could locate the anyway. You don't quite good but it breaks you you can be stupid vote for Ron what do we want you to tweet cute little bit local red it would take BP. So anyway. Yeah what is what is the definition. Hold on Jim what's the definition it insane it. Hello I do what my flak that the only details we. That still it is still in the same thing over and over again in different results in the gets what. Weird Al for pipe apologies deepened to baker mate built. Do you or what you mark he is at Bay Area he has a very intense individual but guess what you think this is bad now he's got to get. Don it is all time high NFL level they know they can get wonders in this these. You. Don't show up are equally distributed there is that. About it well Brito Babel which don't think it would you'll. I'd blog at Alabama how. Helpful. Boldly Soviet. Typically. You know when Alabama people Laos well you'd beat the U. With yet that's at the state you know that they're gonna have a couple losses I don't know here's bill. There's a long way to go between now and next Saturday which is TP chip Saturday and there's a lot of if this happens and if that happens but. You know what we're get right to find out this much I do realize. Were three years into the college football playoff price I really haven't had an issue yet with the fourteenth have been revealed agreed so. It's probably got to work itself out again this year now that people don't like to hear that but. Guess what. Is not hold my neighbor across the street this is the Alabama mentality it's been instilled in us next game up worry about Miami the following week. You got religion and well. I think it will go through what's up but wait you would that mysteries and unleaded you have a good week to give back at approximate rubric dole didn't feel populated. Happen so. Did not permit gets a that are do its 9263. Whenever coach Bob Ritchie. In his first year with the Furman Paladins in that bill. What does it PK 82 part of it is you might actually eight years old time thanks so I think he's getting up there now. Long time ago that he admitted running cheese that they're for the University of Oregon track team at that Ballard avenue EK eighty tournament what. Permit hits back Everett in Nashville at the take on the future here in this week they get to gains at the Nashville but municipal auditorium. You know he. In a contest it's part of it I have no clue ballots. Like in itself that make that statement. Yeah if it's double elimination that is double elimination let's move forward with this when they just keep play in our right anything else before we got a large seated at the top of the hour. This culture tidbits of basketball wise that soccer's make it nicely yesterday they got pushed out mentally the way they earned up in the second half. They come backing get a big win it and had they not favorite thing that scenic college basketball this year. Was one of our favorite interviews that ACC basketball media day Mike great to saints grew weary of sorts in Tennessee's the other day and they're not as. Ailment Alley. You know I. I mean I guess this week there's just really a lot of good teams that he eulogies surprising. Michigan last night in the one of them now he quarters that yell at Hewlett. You know former clubs exist it will weighed against Mike Brey Notre Dame tonight when they acted like is that they. Made one of those now the semis they put it earlier in the day as Wichita played earlier this afternoon awarded. Now they would be the plan I liked it when it was 8 o'clock and 1030 on Tuesday the other thing because now he's my favorite of these ordinances. Next year. They're collection. And shot an odd how the job not rotated every other years they've been part of the term since like 97 great it was the biggest upsets of all time when they knock off an undefeated Albert G new team out here I feel it rainbow classic well it so. All right we'll head out to break cool we come back it's our bread lord chief. You can follow her odd sweater she works for SEC country she will have a AC. In. One of the bush rocked and stadiums. In college football this Saturday. She'll be on the planes for that Iron Bowl match up it's Alabama Auburn that's at 330 kick off it will talk with large sheet of SEC country. When we come back the smoke on the water for our final hour.