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Tuesday, November 21st

Straight Up with Sturg - Hour 1/College Football Poll Tonight and spoke with College Football Insider Brett Murphy


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Welcome it stated it's eighteen stay the addition of straight up with skirts that. Qaeda the gang's back together our product calls on its back from Omaha with USA curling and the 2018. Olympic trials out they're rights act instance back. In a course will have a big day today we got a lot of different things to get into including. Abu will must it meet with the media at Saturday's bout meta state rivalry game 8730 kick off. Building Columbia. Also will talk college football threatening Murphy this hour TJ Reeves and now we're number two. We've got that some thoughts on the college football season so far. NFL scene beats up date Monday Night Football last night India's were all dumber because Lavar ball appeared on CNN. Caller robbery. With that said Lawrence you. Three and let me tell you so I have had the I told you I was having a painful day went out about a year earlier in the fact that I was out in the UPS store parking lot deciding. Do that take these two Iron Bowl tickets inside encourage ship them out the Birmingham Alabama. Heard I'd just say screw it not give myself let's see how much trouble I can dig myself out of that was very very difficult today rights act instant view that. Send those along the Birmingham Alabama who will talk Auburn with large she's in the final hour. Here on straight that was starts to give me an idea man I mean you come back keep it on the ice all weeklong do it all that stuff out there at the reader with USA curly. This must have felt like Hawaii coming back year after being an inner elbow that iceberg about night consecutive days that's an understatement mine my fingers literally. Falling out there start it low in moisture back at them because they were cracked after three days so cold and try out there. It was miserable cold or anything but. You know 35 degrees there is much colder than 35 year like 45 and 45 it's two totally different feelings as the wind blows like crazy out there. Eighty it was cold but not Leon's side in the arena. I was relieved. Well you give us an update on who all is gonna be representing our country over and South Korea believe in February. It's when those games begin yet young John it's that. Worry sets. Six through I don't have the exact dates but. Yeah it was need to raw egg company they won the women's side the start printing music player in the third game of the best of three. In downton. Really the final rocket Jamie nest and so needle one and now article into the Olympics first time Olympian sprawl or. And in a different John Shuster. Becomes only the second. Four time Olympian ever for USA curling he is going back to his fourth Olympic Games trying to do something that. He's really been unable to do he won a bronze medal in 06 but had to really disastrous performances in 2010 and fourteen that John will be the tip skip and taking his team. This February get. Well glad to have you back now here's the deal you'll be with me here to mark smoke on the water Friday we're only having a ninety minute show with his Clemson basketball. It's tipping off on Black Friday at 3 PM est those. Texas southern that's their final appears ahead at next week's ACC Big Ten challenge they'll be at Ohio State. Next Wednesday South Carolina basketball soft until next week when they had been on the South Florida. To take on frank Martin's. Alma mater Florida internationally gamecocks 413. By teams as well. That part of held up for about ten minutes twelve minutes last night against U cut there Cameron Indoor Stadium price the only actor. Pete what the problem is it's a forty minute basketball game against the number one squad in the country. It do you runs away with 834 to twelve run in the first half they Getty 9263. Went. Over Furman as duke now five and a firm and to institute on this season is that the Indians of the day if you will. Bye bye all you by some accounts the best freshman player in the country in college basketball with the University of Missouri quanta Morton takes that job moving over from now. He's out for the season is out for at least three. Three to four months with a neck or back injury. It's gonna have that surgery. In price I've heard a low but it chatter on Twitter seeded actually. It maybe took a hard fallen pre season practice. Maybe cracked one of the news that game their team in the first few minutes of the first gain in their first game to he's done for the year he has done for the year out for a minimum. Of three to four months and having had some. Surgery in that area myself but the that's best case scenario you're probably looking at 67 months to get fully back him. The reality it's in my it's gonna need to sit in with Michael Porter and tell him. You kid out of what you put into it because when they mess with that part of the body utes can make you. It's gonna make you react differently and there's going to be a lot of rehab time to get back to feeling normal it took me a good year that good now almost fourteen months before it fell back in the lab shot. Off to the NBA. After that now does it he had that injury once you know. Wanna get that payday is quickest in the you may not yet another payday and I would as soon. He will never played in college basketball now seen chain. You know that hurts the game college basketball moving for congratulations. Up points highway clay him during Snee the Southern Conference coach of the year prices department. They'll head up in the North Carolina for one year and kick off. At Elon on Saturday on what they are turning their redemption tour because you remember earlier this year Furman not daughter Eli not apartment by a field goal. In a course now they rule fight they will play for the right to take on whopper the following week he gives stadium also. Eight. Permit was a victim of the interiors in the opening game in overtime so. While a lot of familiarity. In that pot if you will the the first couple weeks. It is a team to clean the slate with two opponents in the first two weeks got to it listen. Permits a totally different ball club they got some of those freshman in the air specially linebackers this season went on. Now they're getting teens to continue that season one yeah myopic view on on Saturday glad to see. Clay interests in the Furman Paladins back in the yet he has really get much better they're better with that when they lost on. Even the games they were losing early they were close you know there were blowouts so I expect permit to go up there I wouldn't he's shot one. It if they come back with a win and head over to play Wofford in that second round that's what we would like it see that would make next Saturday eight peak date year. India upstate if it's a potential Berman whopper match up I'd buy rivalry. In this again Saturday night clumps and in mine emea and Sorrell. For the ACC team to gain one last bit in the music came out here in the last 45 minutes we're unabashed great experience against what the Braves this guy Hebert him we're not talking happy hour year smoke on the water price. My Major League baseball's the cleared I guess some of the Braves business practices detailed in the islands. Not exactly that yes indeed it cleared twelve minor leaguers free agents ads at this point and including what a seventeen year old soared nineteen year old shortstop. The ought to be the best sign me. In this 2017. Class here's the deal those guys are all free agents. In Major League Baseball puts restrictions on the Braves when it comes to free agent dealings internationally. All the way through the 2021. Seasons says. It's not all that TC one of the pro sports leagues Heber one of their individual teams but at the that's about it that he has that what happened to our way and upper. Eight is earlier today have India get hammered as that's I mean see that in Major League Baseball office in doubt very often but. You know when it their reasons those rules are in place and it's really about. You've got a certain amount you can offer to international players and where if it were allow all in a free market had a situation where you could go down that you're the Yankees or Red Sox last more than the other you know bidders. For kids especially when it comes to the Dominican Central America. I've ever seen this kind of money like that they're being offered that you can't just it's one of those things are there's only certain you've got to basically cool that you can use. To offer you keep a win there it just Cody go to the highest bidder that worked that way that's what the break did him in effect. They'll that is right the airport via let's get to phone call before we get a break Bob Watson Bob welcome and hope you have a good afternoon. Sir do you. Now they pay much skin pillow but Turkey up North Carolina on Thursday. Listen. All Chinese button is non. You know you probably realize that about you mob. You can listeners everyday means that the bill thank you very much. And our problem operate in the other day about not sure we'll call you interview. He changed from shoes so now as our ship and he's really really. And he is. And he has you know whatever you want to do mr. Brusca. They do really ensure that we not turn them loose art in he'll use it. Errors came from very timely. This at all the smoke on the water he went Alabama then you know about sports. And a lot in Cuba apply if he's really use duty and he's in the pearl. It. That. What. No the pie all up and you know locking up the quality they are Carlsberg. And maybe it's a marine who live on machinery in he would be in. Implies you do achievement of Bagram that nobody could keep it in every day the movement. I ate well that beats a lot Bob and thanks for tech it is an analogy that all you've done it help a lot TSB in upstate as well. If the vice really bored they can get ESPN dot state dot com click on the show by there's some information you know. Again that's why it hurt so bad to take its debt got tickets to the UPS store today price hero like. Boy you'd use you thought I was on my way to the US post office I was put that in the NC United Parcel Service today US and its office in that know what time they're going to be delivered in Birmingham the bar but. Little background on me growing up here in the upstate. Whitfield at the university Alabama visited afraid natively for it. Got tool loaded in the sigma guy house's senior wait at the high school like eight it's that guess what mom and dad that's where outlawed the college now that sound like and it ended up that Alabama. You waited epic Kentucky to a completely different way. Is she went off the Georgia southern against when your freshman year you're unhappy there. It made its two patriots' verdict Kentucky and the rest is history from that point leaving port we but it did involved in the business alone time we met at agreeable to ease back in the day. In a course. You know the rest is history. That's right you get the radio background at the news journalism background we come from will be different side of the track vote that thing where we meet the middle. And head on down the road utilities when it comes to talking to sports that we can do that no doubt about it all right well we come back years ago Patrick centuries back they are Phil and and for diesel the next couple days give them a call 844 GS PE SP did it straight up with starts relied from smoke on the water. Smoke on the water can be failed here at the corner but a state of Maine great losses or requests listen you need to head down here to more parts of all schools now. Will have the lower blood drive here to bar from you today at 308 PM if you come in and you'd donate blood. We need to keep yet twenty dollar gift certificate you eat right here smoke on the water as well as a teacher I mean down at this wimpy. Accusing kooky stuff mean we're getting deviate full milk here smoke on the water if you come by in donate blood. For the Red Cross in our annual blood to write again that is tomorrow but. You become by joy happy hour. He wanted to get rolled out for catering jobs right now it is officially the holiday season suit he needed job cater. Just give smoke on the water call. At 2329091. Or come by. Monday through Saturday. 47 PM. That's sprinkles best happy hour. That is how that matches up just perfectly with our time slot. For four to 7 PM on ESPN upstate by the restaurant here at the quarter of Augusta me. Agree Apple's historic west at. You go online content got the menu saucy tavern dot com or just give the rest on a call it's 329091. Welcome back and we are lie about it smoke all the water that. Next segment we'll talk college football with our friend Brittany Murphy remember the college football playoff poll comes out later on the night price do we have to watch basketball we get to tonight. Like so OPEC. That was kind of root last week in my opinion acted as it zipped through it and that's. At class it's like what were years that are now so warning now after Vienna. Years doing that early morning stuff for radio at all that. This had to sit there at least the Michigan showed up and we were out. While nine straight gates who wait for your wife and job to children. In usage you got tackled with you walked in the door courtside at night eight straight days they'll give me like one more currently. For that area. Like Pete Carroll did last night. What you're naked gadgets that tie it up I guess at 34 co pay they'll go and you lose on Monday Night Football. 34 to 31. Indeed now dropped to six and four days the Seattle Seahawks by. The falcons. They keep pace with that eight to New Orleans Saints parade to ice the gap authors were off this week since they're gained back it. Decade. When gave back at seven in three in the falcons would now make the playoffs is well it it did today. At six and four all right we got Elvin that we got Kevin wants to talk. About the Braves in the Kevin will college football Delmon welcome meant. It. It's it's upstart go with did not want to eat a whole lot so locked in does that testify on Thursday. The it is. Art can talk a little you know and to do it I don't know that was there that don't you know it was meant to associate at the summit instability. Obama don't forget on Bono or disability program. And I see. Him regaining today wanna tell maltreatment in the nation cannot now known Lou. Well I mean you're still gonna have to take advantage of your draft coming up and do you need as this what this does this affect you with the international market the cheap set up that price I mean is this the acquittal. The NCA come and and and drop in some major probation no one of their member institutions. So at what is this the equivalent the NCA cumin and oh yeah yeah I mean you're taken draft picks away your declaring people very able that was RD year farm system free agents now. I mean it's the same thing because stranded you know entice players with all bull permit our perks. That's the same thing is extra benefits than you know the NCAA you know whether sex brothel weather's cold change whether it's. You know cars minutes extra benefits and as stuff that's just simply gets the rules of Major League Baseball yet the biggest album this hurts. A couple of years stay on the road because you know we're talking young kids here that would at the work there way up through the minor league system so. You got to be creative in the ad meter which you covered those twelve kits that were the clear free agents earlier today. You'd eaten GW three wood and Cameron. We cannot played a you know prime now what program are also on NBC usually don't beat people don't indices well there are waffling about adults are unbeaten in and I. I know a man is a live on TV Thursday and Friday and Saturday meant I had all I had some people that protects me known my interest in the game they're like. Do you mean I'll watch it currently watching this like it's. I'm here and then let's go to listen what they go to break before it BC goes to commercial use your little bit of a southern draw tried to remove. Over the PA system. Oh well partly eaten and now. Now ultimately I'll. I get a lot of excited. I did of the web stream broadcasts up until Thursday. Indiana PA announcer for the entire arena in the ceremonies and stuff on Saturday in addition to do podcasts until kinds of things out there gay work hard ailments. So all right buddy let's and I will talk. It will tell Tito mark let me get one more in before the break we got Brittany Murphy coming up in the next segment all right let's go back to the fence Patrick let's get Kevin up he wants adults and college football Kevin welcome in by. Thank you out brat but I'll I got on the. May and haven't Abbott smoke on the water so I feel like come winning right here he is I'm. But I understand a Baylor. I wanna talk a little bit about that I think Carolina game and obviously Ian. I don't know it many are deep many people remember I've been part and that went a span of what. It back married. Comment he made about him but they're not being as it is they acquired hurt it can't bank at the that it. Along that line. Said Bob didn't miserable. Albeit alarm every day it's late in the Reagan you know. That law they're held off this week you know because blitz and thoughtful. And thought that it really is probably bear. If not we'll have a bit. Seeing how old ball error I think realistic that Emma but that dot. All on the board you know walk right. Vietnam. At a bank there really don't get it. Interestingly enough Kevin the clubs have players yesterday with media day more or less came to take at least a bit saying yes you know that's my quarterback that's what I want him to say. They were playing nice but they remember that in that. Yet South Carolina players today were. Talking about being upset about the timeout be called into the game to get the Clemson seniors off the field. I was like well let's just let's go and get this thing to Saturday these guys are ready to play but you what you're talking about. You're right tornados they knew one of the finalists for the butkus award at linebacker plus Dexter warrants already yen. As a starter in all you did was give Albert a hug and some valuable minutes here. In the last two games so clubs and heads in the Columbia about its belt the is seeking in. Yeah our our our military. Is there they're company and helpful dialogue and it ganged together. They think you liking that let you hear in the comments that's been made it here are really expect that you eat dairy. Well it should be because there's a lot riding on it Percy a phone call there Kevin. You know price here's the deal. All that stuff will last for about 23 place you know and you knew about like an mortars at well but I'm talking about what she hit it once you get settled in though after that first year eats it should be about playing well now things are gonna come up. As the game goes along that your either gonna get suckered into. There's a Carolina Mahan right here give me a hard time about may have in my hand when I'm talking here you know that's cult part stalemate he first nailed him Gibson. One of our better Carolina fans here smoke on the water already given me a hard time but he. What you wanna do it's not get suckered into that kind of stuff that he get fifteen yard penalty flags called on you because that shortens the field for them but it says. You let's just make sure that we gets people out there on the field there warm ups we never wanna see this involvement the what took place in 97 midst apart they'll little miss this at stake in the fight on the field. There were no officials or anybody else out there that they went on for about a fifteen minutes. Yeah I'd look at the part about the take at least stuff that's going to be remembered it till the ball's kicked. The chipping is eight get a stop it is not going to be because at least not that might be an extracurricular things worse them I want to all I had about it. Otherwise this will be about what simply what happens on the and that's where the Joan that's where the GPS's gonna come from other totally hit whether it. Time now let's call late this might take exception to one of those. Well the other thing is again to make me in the Clemson players that that statement yesterday saying you know what would you want the quarterback on your team to say that you know it means a again they'll make it probably hasn't been discussed the one that you wanna do is you wanna make technically bill incomparable because I go back in Florida game. Three bad interceptions when he threw off his back foot signal the syllables that balance that out. The pressure at Carolina does not need the bulletin board stuff coming from the colts players in the colts' locker room. You can run out totally and mayors with the doors blown off the Death Valley last year. You gotta a football team that is playing as good as they have all year right now at one spot you're classics obviously the one exception in Georgia. Which they were fairly competitive in that it will now. So there's no motivation that is needed whatsoever plea under the lights coming back Coleman you know a series at Clemson his last W south Carolina's gonna get clubs and their best shot. The biggest sleeper clubs is they better have a kitchen at the tail and not be looking at one week to go to the plate for title in Charlotte because that stuff it's meaningless if you lose Saturday. All right guys got let's get Scott is and because otherwise who got Britney or below the other side he watts play offs real quickly Scott that you have a good day. It would you're lucky. They were doing fantastic. Our lack quick questions you know walking your date now. And they're well. What to say Pittsburgh beat Miami this week. Miami Beach Clinton. And it's yeah. Now have one or walked ain't. Or playoff spot at that point. How. Yeah Miami would. Miami would don't know when that. Yeah and a bit you out all right aren't they Clinton. And ended at Buick city. All fourteen where walked. Putter. Right now I have I mean. I think it a loss effectively eliminates clumps and just simply in the fact that they have the worst loss of books the a group in the other gains. That being in that loss to see your keys on a Friday night but. And he also you got to see out the you know the cut other conference GP chip gains turn out as well as this week yet. But that gets into maybe. A contest price of who's got the worst loss and he's got the best win that you just eliminate of one. I mean there's talk about Ohio State if they somehow win now I'm sorry cattle by that I eat there's other two loss teams that I. Could stomach far more than. That in. Did Ohio State because of who they played in you know who have they beaten and they haven't beaten a lot of quality teams and and honest you gotta look at Clinton loses they're done. But the big wild card in this thing is to meet what happens in your hair does it revolver went yet because it offered wins. That you go the SEC championship game and he beat Georgia that's your two loss team that's in it everybody else two losses just. In about it I agree with that got it is ironic brewer and head to head with. Yet had a whit battery with clubs and sweat there's there's a hundred no let me rephrase that. There's ten different scenarios it's not a few more right nailed but will have some more clay dirty this week in after after these gains in. We will go from there but will try to bring that up with Brittany Murphy on the other side they smooth vocal Scott we need to get out the break right Murphy. They'll be all over the college football playoff hole tonight. He'll be up next on straight up listeners. All right look back yet we're gonna get it to the gas line for the first time today it's our buddy Brett. Burke Beebe can follow him on Twitter that Brett. Underscore it Murphy college football insider with the blood Jack outlets in. You can go to our FaceBook page are ESPN Twitter upstate Twitter KL. We just lit up this bowl projections and Brett I'm mad ye. Because you have all burned in the final fours so. That means you still liked that I scored bailed on Saturday on the planes. I did. And if I'm wrong going to be the first time I've ever been. That's. I. Like access to that matches up well for Auburn. It scares me injury issues in Alabama has been unbelievable no question about it. They decide to be like this this is the year that maybe someone now. Gates to Atlanta and went the FCC besides. Alabama and if Auburn does where Anna heard you know Auburn did when Yasushi title in Georgia won the title. Jobs are to be fascinated to see what selection committee. Which they won loss to Alabama teen is not a champion you'll put them in the play are not. Again keep in mind it's not which you think it's our thing of beauty contest and it was those thirteen. Thirteen people on the committee can. That we fact latency and that that kind of wise I think it'll be you'll make it. A lot more. In Europe in. You know Alabama did not like the FTC. Climactic committee make a decision earlier 11 year. A bread its price actions and here it's great to have you back on and I I was hitched to figure out all projections put out this afternoon. The the only one that really caught my attention was Ohio State is the fourth seed first Clarkson. It was the number one overall in I'm curious is there. You know you look at Alabama obviously you've got them losing to offer but Ohio State. Is it you have been simply getting in just his may be the one of the two loss team to Scott the fewest warts because Hewitt finished theoretically with wins over Michigan. In Wisconsin. Well again I'm not this is not based on what I. What do you were in a fairly well I write how I would pick it I'm trying to if you will. Look at what the selection committee will look at slowly it's a pretty Alabama right dogma. So that you you've got an eleven and want Alabama to me it's been number why and number two all year. But in the end of the year they will have to top 25 or. And that's against Dallas cheers and that's against Mississippi State neither one woods was dominating. I'm by any stretch of the imagination. So they knew it get it at an Ohio State they would apparently and did Michigan's day. Michigan which may not be a top 25 team after losing Ohio State. And then knocking off undefeated work car and the Big Ten title. So in the last four weeks you would have had three. To potentially three top 25 win. Yes you also had two losses one against an a upon attainment one the big twelve it is in the playoff. The other line just a horrible loss. To try it. I think the committee ultimately. Would side with a conference champion Ohio State team. That finished stronger. Because again people forget. I know last year it didn't matter Kazaa has stakeout ended they do you value conference championship. So one thing can happen this year that never happened before they're there either gonna put in a few last seen what they've never done for. We are going to could add team. That lost its final gang that's never happened before either. So. It's Alabama loses. In there either and that's good and to our champion there in output and one locks payment didn't win their conference and lost her last game. I think it the end of the day they want. For best changed but I also believe really believe they don't want to change from one caught whether the SEC or the ACC. And so that's that's how I got that plane out now if Alabama went down knocked out Auburn I actually think that helped Ohio State. Get in the playoffs I would say that would not golfer not a but in my scenario I have Auburn beating Alabama but it but I stayed at thing. Obviously need to be very impressive against Wisconsin don't think they need to be 59 to cannot and but they do need to be. Certainly dominating and I think. If Auburn beat Alabama by a you know the the bigger the market that is for Alabama I think that there's more there. The tide playoff chances decrease. All right continue to threaten it Murphy college football insider give Brett a follow on Twitter at Brett underscore. Murphy also check out its FaceBook page on FaceBook. Plus a lot of great stuff they're right there is we barrel ahead toward the point postseason. In Brett Yoko move at just the silly season with coaches. You know Scott frost thousand Nebraska super Galley a nine day these last few weeks or last weekend. That's my tell me that Hamas war had been down though Orlando couple times at all with Scott frost in frost is somebody that really reveres his former head coach. What are your thoughts to Scott frost go home to at Lincoln or not or does he end up at Florida. You know what I've heard literally. Every possible scenario with Scott frost and forward in Nebraska and it's from people like trust and respect their opinion that think the bottom line is nobody knows for sure. You know it. People would believe Scott frost is a lock to Nebraska. And there's people that did tell me that they don't think frost will go to Nebraska. That he would prefer not to to go there. You know because of that fiscal atmosphere. I'm again if the I think to keep in mind is it's no longer like ten or fifteen years ago coaches would make the job just to make money. Now they're gonna make them money no matter where their may not be the same but it's going to be fairly significant amount they create personal preference. In word you wanna work where he wanted to have your family. There's sort of thing so Nebraska is you know without question one of the toughest jobs in the country I think right now because that. The challenges of having to recruit to Nebraska you don't have a lot of instate players you've got to recruit nationally. And quite frankly you're not and that united a school that's you know temperaturewise. After inviting. During the winter months. What to say how much you know coming back to the Omar polls on his heart strings and you know prosperity and rapid. Florida he could and after the bracket could stay UCF iPad. Different people coming all three different scenarios. And I think one thing certainly won't know anything about frost until. After the American conference championship game opponent they'd be USS on Friday in advance and I can't. As we continue with that Brett. Murphy college book by insiders so brat when it comes to the coaching players cell who's going to be the one that causes that domino effect. It's gonna beat him both mr. I walked here in the smoke on the water one apart says that the editors is a Florida State grad he's like me and I think he's gone and you know a lot of people are point back to roughly a month ago when he started alluding to the fact that Florida stated in Aston facilities. But in the president comes out last week and since nine he'll be here forever so. My gym believe the number two who's that one hopes that leaves that causes the tumbling box. I think she and I think. I think Jim though it would stark dominoes because if frosts me that's not going to be does you know you get somebody else to come out of UCL a that's not a big. That doesn't. Knock over a lot of dominoes is Chip Kelly takes the Florida job yet have a job right now that's not really didn't think you'd. But I think yeah this Jambo left Florida State you know apparently Pakistan. Parents. Hopes to get him if that would happen. They act think that would be a domino the kids act acuity and existing carp five. Could go to Florida State that would open some been outside. No I wanna keep an eye out on Dan Mullen has been. Linked to the possibility of both Florida and Tennessee. If you base. Mississippi State. That could act could get the care saucepan melt faster. So I think get. Mainly Jim both Fisher is the one I think that would really you see a lot of jobs to open up after that despite. Filling jobs that to replace Jambo. But it general state of Florida State. He. Mcgetrick can be quiet but I think dubious tactic is maybe. We're project from buy tickets you know after Thanksgiving and you know usually that. Thursday night to its Sunday morning time or Sunday afternoon that she's we will analyze these guys are gonna be like you know after the regular season's over and then. And what to Syria what happened Dhaka. Willis a breath I hope you don't heart and your families Turkey coming up with Thursday's two police in joint base given hopefully our pads or get across here soon and always a pleasure to connect with the anchor happy Thanksgiving pressure. And I rather spread Bieber be eligible while insider DC all of his work just get a Twitter and follow them that Brett underscore. Make ever be in do it a lot of work for praise people plate trying to keep it on. That they'll let whites don't get that yes the object from the buyout are right we'll come back open but flights still fight when he. TJ reefs prices partner on the official college football playoff podcast as well as sideline reporter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Joyce's at 520 it's open for instilled any port four TSB yes paean. The bonds indoor parties the largest upstate. A safe indoor party track would track state track brawl driving the beach wrecked coming soon Torre. More back here in the earns exciting ride all the way to the root. Now here's the beautiful thing it's located just off by the by exit number sixty that it's. Highway 10 whining guess what. Ready Ditka who fast. Now. Race it opened racing sessions there's leagues boring right now it's a great location to insert next corporate outing her team building event. Devastated. As they are copper removed full audio visual here so it's great for presentations. Training sessions order as the keynote speaker what about a Berkeley party at bats or party. Or even a date night now so many types I hear from the east at a place that's all you know they're they're quickest. The courts are the same might get the slow you would not have to worry about that with once indoor party your key people people liked it since. On odds that. They make sure everything runs equally ye been heard it here first the finish line sports bar. Ahmanson and just take a moment they rate in those that are all the managers there. Go out make some plays to have some fun in the Holland over the holidays. With LaMont and door carting you can find a month FaceBook it will bonds according to access the Euro on line. At their new website it's www. Race LMA. Dot convert to simply get home call 877 rates Elin K. That's 87772356. So welcome. Back in. On this disease edition. A couple of days sport Turkey day will be back here tomorrow. At spoke all the water is they all we having their big annual blood dried meat Sheikh come by. Donate some blood between the candidate you'll hit eight gift certificate to comment. Cities are really good to be here at smoke on the water but we're talking with Brett things are free. Price of the previous segment about. That could be that domino effect with the coaching carousel. And I agree it's Jim both Fisher. Give Tennessee bills like the from some people have talked to a they have he's willing to listen. You've seen his name including red army editor here goes duties on the Texas say in them so what you keep here and that stuff but. Everybody is Brittany Murphy's make an Auburn on Saturday. You're picket arbor on Saturday but where's Auburn's mine going to be because I'm hearing from a lot of people you know my dad's background with his former job. It come right in the Friday's game with Arkansas and I believe it's Missouri at Missouri goes so evident by an Arkansas it's four and eight. Brett Vilma is gone and Gus valves on it's into the University of Arkansas will target now whether they connect give them. Does it doesn't mean anything but you know he's got eight longtime connection. Back to the state of Arkansas is he was high school coach submit to bust states Springdale Arkansas does still well followed up. In that high school coaching community. Yet Gus valves on says hey man. I'm just trying to win the third SEC west but boy am telling you. There's a lot of chatter on Saturday night Gus melts on MITRE pitches last game at all up the. If he loses very well that might be the case because if he loses that you're obviously not play in the SEC title game. And you're not going to go play the college football playoff which your opportunity is still there if you beat Alabama you go to played Georgia in the SEC title game so. And it can go either way she sought that you know the last couple weeks you have a guy that you either expired can decide to the could do it re ease it played his way into the college football is well I've never seen a kaleidoscope with situations like this at least in a while. For for us now is hot and not believe some of the chatter to that if they were to lose but I. I I'm taken Auburn upset Alabama's going to lose a game. This would be the one I would pick in the regular season. Because it's at church here Auburn's play well. But it did again if Auburn wins and they get this EC championship game. You know after we hear anything for at least a week of repeal was out. If they beat Georgia they're going to college football playoff have been the two number one teams in the final three weeks so that again this is gonna prolong that hurt you really going to be jumping ship leaving your team if you prepare for the cows all play out I highly doubt it is that it Christine because. The other two that are out there is this is only offered. Give it yet they keep things a little differently when it comes the coaching search. That there are ready bedding Bobby Petrino as possible replacement for Gus valves on. Now for people that are wondering with Tom Jurich was fired by the university of global there athletic director. Bobby portrayed as buyout drop from eight point by me in in half of four point to bite me and that's what that's not an insurmountable amount for edu this CEO or heavyweights ever come by wise no it's not him. Yeah Bobby Petrino days are numbered air churches on. Well Mark Jackson is awarded NFL draft so this is the perfect time for Bobby Petrino Italy eat and somebody. I still Tennessee would be crazy at least not to look at Bobby Petrino they've got their eyes fixated on it's it's not gonna happen with John and Bob Stoops. In several the year you know Chip Kelly knows that John just go Hitler code you have fun to coach Bobby Petrino. While I'm no fan government that would not let us on plate or. The acting and he he can coach which you know what it is he needs somebody to sit out the year win the press comfort to reunite that they would base at this point hi I don't believe that Bobby like that it was in the press conference much less. Reunite that they had raised in India it is obvious retreat as media side of things has won is because weakness yet but for so who in addition to adding. No moral compass. Albeit. That was all my best Halloween costume that I've ever had when outlandish about it yeah I it's a ban on same bodies some ways it's fortunately I didn't have just occurred at the morale with Villa at the idea umpire I guess that was like stressed that is the umpires said listen here's the thing where they get to a lot of this year. Over the next week is rivalry teams in the U. Seal the fate for some coaches. If things don't work out that well but what are some other things going on. In college football real quickly at Tennessee guess what they like here coming up. That would be David cut clip. I would be it natural it would be a bad choice but I'm not sure this point they're not. Going to the other name is watch out for date clause in the Wake Forest John Curry is at wake force a lot of it heed those the restrictions on that program he got it bit it costs it's done pretty decent job there in the last three years to see. Their faith based buyout aside as senior Florida has half a brain. Art in Moline now yep I'm with you are right will come back one more segment of open but instead it five when he. We'll talk with our buddy eat debris sideline reporter for the table at bay Buccaneers. Also Ian price do the official podcast for the college while pulling.