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Straight Up With Sturg
Monday, September 11th

Updated Standings from the NFL and Week 1 Highs and Lows. 


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Welcome back in and from local Q on Haywood road looks like. Here's the thing happening this thing's gonna come in now with Iranians sort of here over the next few hours right now. No but anyway you you may be Ian. Routers billed this agreeing with that's completely right now but at least you're local cute. On Haywood road would that some trees out front it would seem blow it pretty heavily at times it's 4 o'clock. Those are bad is still it's a hit this year. In the last in the last records atlas or -- 630 this and paying with this if you got a baseball question. With Major League Baseball or let's give broke quickly. Yo people can have that he's an action plans when it comes to Sally league baseball here agreeable the Greg will drive to win. What the second half this season so they won't make the playoffs that the board but yet here's the thing without any. Yeah. The big questions for me art it's we make our way back into the NFL. In the cubs. To gain distance and win that division in the course baseball's always better when the Boston in. When Boston New York Yankees. Our fight now in the gym distract. Lucky for it yet. Still. But went a few runs all year but it still bothers me in that playoff game but that's it that's kind of where where actually any belief as of that on the Atlanta Braves this year. So Major League Baseball hats those couples or light in the playoffs to get back because that's win make and a return to the forefront if you will ought to care or vice got a tip their hat you know even college football that it analysts at. You know we're all huge components Alpert Thursday night football as the beginning of the college football week you know we now see. Usually one good game per week minus the opening week in which nobody was equivalent to scheduling gets. Your new England's patriots that in the Nantes Super Bowl TP patriots bill. But now we've seen the upcoming football schedule with these hurricanes now that some things that we're gonna CO. The nights in October you know that's the way they were able to reschedule this weekend's Miami Florida State game October 7. They've they've Georgia Tech gains from October 14 day there is a little that may overeat. Going on here says that it really impede watermark Thursday night's later on in the year but. You know listen I tease act it remember I remember. First year backing green glow from it and nailed from Tennessee before I even never ended up in the media bunch of us going to jail for a noon kickoff in Death Valley I don't think I've ever been any hotter my life skills against Georgia couple. Now believe maybe David Green starts off the first play from scrimmage with the about New York yes that's right ever Justin Miller's. About 330 we hear all just completely so keenly accurate sweat realized clips of what notably what they war yet within a thirty to zero think it was thirty denied that you got a look at enough on your Google machine you need to but I remember weight on my friends that pick me up watching her team come into the West Coast of Florida. It became him quite 21 of my favorite little tail on the basis or that we lightly and in the Florida when the court of Florida. He still seek concrete pads this day when you're driving through the court report it because people never rebuilt on this country acts. That pretty eerily similar to each Saturday kitten in a car team at the on the go watching college football game with the yeah that tore her game coming up anyway it was not born yet so. Again I keep all those people that way we've seen that postponement CNET. I am sorry I even got somebody to look at what he did that do and I you're telling me by because it gone and played Arkansas State. There's always that possibility. Hindsight it was good morning yes that's his state is still go back to maybe he has said last week in earnest that you would not believe what we went through the last two days just to prepare. It clear you know what you're definitely in with a name like the ads from South Florida they were extended family members that they were doing when. Here's what's the concentrate on playing football game. Some people just need to get there or Ortiz another. In order. You know swing back around to the NFL like I said. It's talking about what a bad date lately on bill had yesterday 47 yards that he wrote sport gets that Cleveland Browns back eat eat eat. The Cleveland football browns. Do you expect. When he sat out the entire rate pre season it just comes Rolen in the camp a few weeks ago at. Actually count impressed with 47 yard CNET he had had that all but total rushing since the fourth game of his rookie year back in the day. This is what happens when you come in the training camp a little bit of her way in way way. Wait wait lays and I'm sorry you can't not replicate any type. In FL action in doing condition mean or anything of that nature it is completely different come game time. And I but you know what. He's such as special athlete I don't have any concerns now whatsoever. He'll not he'll work it out despite viewed as the one that was a little surprised that because I was wondering in this year. In the NFL if we were gonna see the Renaissance that the running back this week we went so far away from it back at one point in time Nelly you know. Seems that needles may have been a little back further and idol Eddie lacy was primed to have a very very good year for the Seattle Seahawks. A former second round draft pick he began his career back to back thousand yard season. For Green Bay but the injuries and ineffectiveness took over and guess what. He wasn't much better yesterday lacy by Eddie lacy may find himself. As 84 stream running back in released by Seattle for two before too on just three yards on five years. Now I would also say this much and it keeps rolling with the Scarborough and any of these other Alabama brought his vivid for go there if I'm a GM in the NFL I don't take a they have a running back. For whatever reason they take their beating in college. It never seen that effective at the next level yet it. I think it is nothing. There is something there that there's such a workhorse at Alabama. That it does take the years are the trades off the tires so to speak or maybe the office of lights actually pattern that is talent of the running backs himself snaps with a well that's a very valid points as well as the NFL is different and you think you're good. It's a whole other level when you get to the NFL and those. Middle linebackers those. Defense of linemen there are completely different caliber that your facing did you get the watched. My patriots get throttle there tonight that did did you see that kid. Yes Matt's victory was only spot you never play the Mac star on Thursday night because they're used to more than any other players out there L yet his first place fumbles against a lot of it. It gives off the sidelines and what's he could tell he was torn yes I was so impressed that he hit his second or third run. I'll sit atop the assignment this is that it's it's also what he's done it once Tennessee team that started at half past. I left of the K when it you know. But this is kind of kid to. About how to get office line he's about it right he's gonna do great. Says I like that we don't know about what if Alabama running back because I feel like 89 it says time they're gonna win. Portraits right. I like kit with Tennessee I think he's legit when the Heisman a couple of years there's a period there camp and I'll look at him he's. Good grief I don't outcast tackle him Eddie lacy he's gonna have a weight problem for the rest his career. What tickets away from the heart like we see from time to time suites at the pace back in the two Mark Ingram has battled injuries ever society a matter of Alabama says illicit. He thinks I have learned is. NF LQ yeah all right because I am by god on the show on he's a hat. So wrap clips of wide receivers that at all traffic Alabama running backs. It if you get a sixteen to twenty ready backed by the David George Rogers don't feed of the ball on third them. We. Trying for win state by the way to get George Rogers on the show to talk about king George Lewis a Georgia was the most heralded football players to ever come out of South Carolina and yet some. No issues that he dealt with that tell you what bill if you sub team Georgia teased the night. To the credit of listen I tell my daughter every day she's sixteen years old. Preferably dole but don't be afraid to make a mistake but just make the promise you won't make the same mistake twice does that mean to learn from the first right. Wetteland told Israel emulated that will try to keep it were working on Wednesday. To get George Rogers on the show that's right we're here local Q it's Monday Night Football will give way to. Two the network's coverage remember seventy. Your first game of the night that's right. We want to Monday Night Football so that we can do it twice not once seventh and it's New Orleans at Minnesota. 81020 the LA chargers Tim Burke. That over under 420. That looks a tip that you that I realized neither team really has. All that but now the chargers do it it it that quarterback at 42 points and an I reporter looks Leahy. To entice yet have a timer and you have to write down LA charters may treated that well there are you nobody cares about the NFL in LA because nobody's got up yesterday. Nor did they watch it on television course yet so that's a good thing about the chargers moved import. Delegate 27000. Seats to deal with for the next two years so when we come back we'll close up this Monday edition you can get it with the city or fort ESP ESPN it's Monday Night Football all night long. Back in final segment here on this Monday Night Football additional local key remember when he by drafts on tap. They're the specials. Everything else going on for Monday Night Football week yet that is too rough weather here in the upstate new ways in the the business these that we can also let you know adds about 25 minutes ago agree Cammie now cancels tool. Again sort of mark I know I saw a couple of trees the Obama way over here the local key you've lost power your office a and by atlas in the you know it's no fun to have its own for another day and everything now but it is what it is now. Dot com my shot cannot go out on the limb here and make it talents to the four teams tonight when it comes to vote yes do it very valid. If I see a single player taken me sit dale. Whatever during the nationally at them tonight on 9/11 when nearly 3000 people were killed between the Twin Towers the Pentagon. Or those people fighting for their lights on united flight 93. That fortunately crashed in to a filled in Pennsylvania verses reach its target. The US capitol if I see anybody it's making more than a quarter million dollars taken me Irsay. They'll tonight on 9/11 and I think that's a low which you can make even on the practice squad in the NFL. The shame on you your general manager ought to walk out to the side my point you go come with me Ing cut you before kick up. I give it your right to protest it is not your right to protest on 9/11 when those towers came dale sixteen years ago today. Let's watch have a moment for those of mayor. That lost their life's verse some actual kind of protest. In debt series I am officially done with the NFL. If I see a protest at night on 9/11 of that that this Sunday go back to next week or whatever. But tonight on not eleventh it is not a protest it is about eve. One. Yes I've already know by having in other words you said it. Just right this has not been a protest at us now is that night it is that net to India in nothing more nothing less in eight you do it. He should pick up the phone Nomar in call every single mainly the loss they member in that. In the World Trade Center or or the that the firemen you remember all those days of funerals after 9/11 that we saw with this New York City firemen. I'm sorry you ask Richard ducks in a road tonight. If he'd do it tonight that's probably going to be the tipping skill with the general public and blow back he gets the NFL. If I'm Roger Goodell I would sit in email to all board general managers and head coaches in dried this thing you want a hard this leaked. Born this. Polish protest. On 9/11 it catch. On the airport there like that a but you are completely rights and I would highly suspect there's been some type of communication between every team about what a special Davis is that this is about honoring Americans. And those Americans that died and again to your point the firefighters the police staff that. They went back into yes these places they just hate when people earning it following video yet we see the firefighters going up the SY NC other people are going back. Give them they're not right now. I had a couple people. Actually go you know what I'm really happy with your codes that make in the comment on Friday about being done with the NFL they saw one guy sitting. A sixty did not understand what price went through the US Naval Academy as football SIT for Paul Johnson knowing. Some of those hits he worked with never return from overseas minus in the casket. ADP. I'm sorry if you dealt with that had to go to a couple funerals of former football players. The you'd get your work meets a little bit your your anger goes a little bit further than mine does it lessen. Just having worked at the US Naval Academy under that flight means days should mean a lot all of us but I advise you those debts. Those officers. Yeah if you watch the showtime with eighty other the other night it's a big emotional moment the 2% in the moment. You can walk away after two years they had a ceremony that you don't have to sign your next few years cult were seventh. You can walk away after two you're signing up for seven more that includes two more years of school Naval Academy. In the five years of service to your country afterwards and I'm telling you. Even showtime mean east Connie get that right spores that emotion involved in that signature to paper I can. I've need to watch that I can only imagine how emotional that is especially if it's not news at WB said it happens every single coach at the Naval Academy. Whether their most nervous states in the years that we were seven date because they've actually had some people ago. Now actually do it in transferring out playing in their athletic career school. The B gets it went beyond twitters as a great if you but the answer is is for the NFL in the NFL players association. To adopt a college book by I Yankee players in the locker room until after the you know what. It's that is that is that he was happy types that we say about squeezing the toothpaste back in the team that's all going to be designed just to keep people are making their statement Indian agent is an app that Mormon agenda. It would stick wit in. Was begrudge anybody their right to do anything but it seems like minus six while players the ones that are out there raise limits mean. Really be the leaders haven't ever make taxes you may. Or taxes. I said it that stretch in the game against what you in. You can complain that if you're paying your taxes are not really sure that your opinion matters more than sixteen Euro zone that in the but a good idea especially that. Don't vote and people don't vote and they're the ones that are complaining the most and I understand it's that long process of voting and it takes a whole lot to change. So going back to the National Anthem and have the players in the locker room you know one of the things that I really love actually watching it times is. When they show some of the players. Out on the field during the National Anthem especially in big time gains in UC I get emotional it's emotional. Really piling up that the Cleveland Browns still off to get things right that they dated yesterday. Yeah now bill you were sitting here talking about during the gap right don't be surprised. This is a better Cleveland Browns beat the and we seen in years past. I know they play the Pittsburgh Steelers really close yesterday. But they got firefighters in four equally service in police officers in so emergency support personnel. If they all ran out of the tunnel together and that makes that they're next to each other arm and arm for the for the nationally it then it means or at that I thought Cleveland held. But I'm sorry. It won the best. One of the biggest rights we have in this country is to protest. But it she's 9/11 in which to protest this actually help I questioned that gray matter between your ears is zero. Emotional. EQRIQ. I should say so like I call it. Seventh straight some took place outside eclipse itself yeah so imagine that it this was a great story. I hate nobody's heard about it. The reds are playing the Mets. A player for the red strikes out seventh inning can't remember it was. Manager comes out most of fuss about it he start to argue with the umpire. The godless America comes home. Both stopped that but I'll ask all right that's all that yeah then when it was done. He's eight blocks away and as an athlete he remembered it yet there were bigger issues than a third. Did a turnaround says that Jim Leland for back in the day he just pit stop and look like the official at that as a way out of it. It's the attic great ice hockey movie vacuum that date marriages guys that Ayers into the hit some Brothers first Bob I have to apologize that head he dropped earlier I am not get messages in it may be the weather. Or whatnot sick addict you're listening my apologies I'll back DeMar. And I'll make sure you're at the front of the list Billy I just saw he got in a couple of minutes ago wanna talk NFL he got a couple of minutes welcome him opera. It won't it won't search you do a great great yours well. Very good looks not want to get back and an Italian and which are now big doubts and I want to buy a let slide out game to comic geno comment these tablets now mile lots of us are. I heard slew media excuses for your last nine it's gone on much this talking about Lola build computer would have been there have been a different game Montessori. He's not gonna change the problem what day it seemed problem with the team of their front four plot. And I doubt that didn't torture and other dissident Osama doubted not related front war I don't think that's what ideas I think it is more about. Where'd the jobs dolphins would want is going to be this year. But either way it doesn't really matter because if I don't your New York's dirty or have more than two tickets to the ball. You're not gonna talk to you don't want it and that's lags. In the hot about the giants and director offered to line. That's a really great I'll get back in the bar we'll talk more about the cowboys is we gotta give way here in ninety seconds that was what I got up this Warrick Kitna told you not like that sweet girl she's a role that were slick last night. I was trying to ward off the effects of co limited and I woke up so more about dallas' defense that lined this morning in their offensive line and we all need they probably had the best up its line in the in FC. Well guess what. Magnify that with that repeat that supply watch out for the cowboys that's right guy because the I don't know why I'm saying that I got this at TT pulled it went straight out about to do it. Still you know here pay your patriots means you won five super bulls you can edit. Back in a league even though automatic cowboys via guess vehemence run of good luck allows meet at nine and a little bit more. Frequently than some others. So far so good for Dallas in the thing is is it kept their files a little bit shot while doing. I doubt it sucks it takes like better at it I absolutely hate now Ali slightly out that it is the dealers that act backpack. And the giants this. It only number three well withstand all right hey let's get some credit Nicholas bunch over there he is the winner of your buffalo Carolina there's tickets for next week Indian. Go out there thinking yeah I'll be careful out there in the community did David Nicholas by its new tickets. He's the up coming Carolina there's a pollute visuals gains eight. Camden at the hour's not a or artery when it may have yet is obligated river. Yassir. Make sure it's you can say about 200 so much sought tickets that you don't have a 300 dollar tab they're trying to drive but if you date. Make sure you elicited no Wednesday's wee gets the Sumner the super do you like that fits in thirty right here at state without state do you buy dot com all right here's the deal real quickly. Tomorrow we will not be it smoke on the water we will be at the pavilion on east north street that have met a curling club. They hear it. We will cover everything with the team Monday Night Football teams college football and everything else to guess what there will be some bullishness and art splits as well. Last night Alec curling up now that that ices harper reason and a got to ask later. Black and blue on my elbows in these cuts it it's still feel that they're not great good guy updates Richmond you'll be back smoke on the water wind state bill. Acting month's sports. Will go wake up the web site in everything else for you guys in the too late Monday Night Football seventh and your first pick up in minutes.