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Straight Up With Sturg
Monday, September 11th

The College Football updated polls, MLB updated standings and the Dodgers get booed at home. Phil Evatt joins the show to discuss the MLB. 


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Welcome back and where you are lie a bit local key here on Haywood route any windy and wet. Haywood road but at Richmond now watch in the U re coming out outside the winds out sit listen as we get a rush hour traffic every right to speak here while they're. It realize that there's some trees they own there's some power out now stop lights out and you know what I got to give credit we were a little bit worried Saturday night about every right exiting Death Valley. If they moved a little bit battered then I expected in. Whether anybody wants to hear it or not after him now that it after twelve hour work day clumps and we need to have at midnight and it's actually a perfectly reasonable skews the picture first or. And I think you will it was will deserve right that's what you're trying to say and also what did not know what was coming out today everybody listen we know what's going on what's gone on in the Caribbean and then of course all the way through the state of Florida but don't stop stop and take a moment to remember today's 9/11. What took place sixteen years ago eighteen years so many families were changed forever this country. So much changed forever as well and you I think a lot of people at least. Maybe within the path path that this Ike you with everything Dylan way at stop and forget about it if you worried about your house and yeah area and everything else in Agassi you know look back in -- 49 years of life and outside of my daughter being born among white been diagnosed with cancer not once but twice. That's probably the most influential in my life because that's when I felt like that day happened now even though I had daughters that was about a month almost a flail during a little of it or career. It still that kind here it is in your early thirties where you had a little bit of time to figured out and then once nine elevenths happened not realize. Boy you better grow up if you've got to be a hero in I think he means the next day. Well and that's definitely in one of those days that it's. It's on my hard drive I can remember as distinct things about that day and even a couple of days after that and it just. 01 of the things that I really do you remember is that with a time when. Our nation really came together yep and now we're sort of a little bit at that hour I know and that's what's unfortunate you see a little bit of that. With the national disasters that were happening right now the hurricanes that countries coming together and you see guys. Humanity really shape placed it's at that. We were really a strong nation a couple people that's me you know we have a fraternity Brothers do he and his entire family had to relocate from Fort Lauderdale Chesney Anderson come up to and right now they don't know a thing I checked in with the right before we got on the air and he's openness are working his way back they'll keep the rest of his family appeared that he gives them the all clear there so we'll give you an update on Scott Mayer situation by. It to a T David Meehan we cannot beat everybody appears to have friendly hello bodily Scott why does that surprise you that you for Fort Lauderdale not exactly. How that. I got Jack got Jack matches when he said he gets David he gets so clear. He'll give us the update. On how they're doing but listen you some idea came by and drop them off a couple points and Auburn tickets ticket takers on. Forget about things for a couple of hours they've been amazed at how friendly. Everybody here is in the upstate in. So that's one of the beauty of sports. That don't allow you an opportunity you have an escape and just enjoy. Time rather than focusing on. What did your name you remember that year I've never been so happy to see it South Carolina football game in my life because the first gain that was back after everything was canceled. What south Carolina at Mississippi State on a Thursday night keep your member they brought out that American flag that pretty much stretched over the entire field. I'm sorry I'm on my Ian I let's problem I am outlets. Are here follow whatever. It is that brought here mine and I'm not afraid to admit it just like diesel that I want to make fun of a little bit but he's got a remote tonight on 933 the plane and it's a grace villain in. These admitted kidding here yesterday I believe it was over and I watched it on. The chemicals and story about the line southern snapper. They attacked that story they had to make a decision at what twelve years old you have and his eyesight. That's her take it away from. I knew he was snapped and then there was a relationship with southern cal I never realized how close he was. To Pete Carroll's trojans back in the day you know that you and I graduated with honors from high school. The two places he applied to he was accepted Harvard in southern cal need to set I was destined to go to southern Alan you know. Is there I'm telling you that's one of those moments that you look around you here in the room to. The three dogs that people here away go to you see that out of Vietnam tree and allergies are ticketing yes yes that's an extra dog treat for you guys right there are in the top twenty fives are out let's take a look at the coaches poll top ten Alabama gets 58 at 61 place votes obviously number one. Eclipsing hits two of sixty. They're sit in the two slot Oklahoma 37 count for in state by Washington six Michigan's seventh. Oklahoma State is number eight. Ohio State falls tonight or at tonight Florida State at ten also common in. In the coaches poll number thirteen is Georgia fourteen is a global this week's clubs in the 8 PM kickoff not 330. Miami Florida it's fifteen Virginia Tech sixteen Auburn. Polls to number seventeen. Also Lou rounding out. The top twenty by with teams that you care about Tennessee's number 23. Florida's number twenty by. Notre Dame drops out after the loss to Georgia but let me tell you. Florida and in that Tennessee a little bit of that decision to be made when it comes that this gain that was supposed to be played in Gainesville on Saturday. Course they'll determine that after they see all the effects but it. Yeah we are CNET Georgia Tech was supposed to hit the road this weekend played. Central Florida. They canceled that means that kind of gets me a little gut reasoning it's central Florida's Ari realize there's enough to cancel that game might we see some movement. That's why the don't be surprised if Hastings bid to another location they gotta go put it you or allowances so you've got the plate this gain. When it comes to Tennessee Florida or work it out this is not a game like Georgia Tech Central Florida the week ago. There's gonna not be Emeka says start a fire about that about. Earlier off the air with view is that right now we have not seen a major game impacted by this. But this could be the first one in some of the pictures I've already seen right now that it does not that good they're probably in the play in Gainesville we are talking about seeing pictures of the only area where her concrete roads were earlier this morning there are no longer concrete rounds and then I mean that's cults gallery if you give -- if and believe that's the right car term. For a living down there. So what we will find out how bad this thing gets that they're gonna have to worry more about get electricity in the on line and they are Tennessee Florida. Here on Saturday I mean my god maybe take a look at it the worst case scenario great human this thing back to Knoxville. But no it was a Tennessee phase in the that's gonna be back to back trips to the swap later on in time but some of these things are just bigger. But that's dean has to be played. Because it will have a huge outcome. On the SEC east race now South Carolina thought finds himself in the just two slots at the top 25 when it comes to eight seed they're number 27 trailing Utah. Alabama's. First in the AP top 25 Oklahoma's number two clips in three USC or Penn State five. Global also sit at number fourteen in this weeks AP top 250 Clemson fans. You claim conspiracy if you want I will say that Oklahoma winning at Ohio State or she despite Ohio State's issues is a little bit more impressive wide. Clubs that had a home game this weekend in let me take some packed crowd made a difference. Let it. It's types on Saturday night. It it was electric you know I'd go in there and try to. Just do my job but I actually have some other people that I'll talk to after the game that are outside really trust via knock it in them. Now they were like the you can tell they're couple times that manifested on the final drive with that. With Auburn when they jump you know off to a false start which brings the ball back. That crowd maybe huge difference on Saturday night they're to be commended as well yet big time and I think it's one of the things that. Under rated is the crowd noise and it's talked about a lot at Death Valley but it's those type situations. In need. What particular played it impacts a lot within a game and that's what's big about that. But going to the poll I don't think there's a conspiracy. Other than the fact that the cold is wrong. From the very beginning right. The national champion from the previous year should be number one win until they get beat it definitely still October 1 when the first polls should come out how about that is that Ari got out. Outset. When you on that went also. Eat eat it to me this it's like you're watching NFL Monday hot today. If you're placing your starting quarterback Tom savage halftime with your rookie quarterback is Tom Watson chances are. You picked the wrong quarterback to start to begin when this in wiser even Cheney. Question right now of what bill O'Brien should do and why he's even making a statement that he doesn't know yet. It's obvious he's I don't Padilla and want Tom savage stick completely check out you know an NFL season over the course of sixteen games. Cornerbacks get hurt by dot nick you may have to have Tom savage in the future replaced as John Watson you want in doubt then that. I think he did this because of some of the veterans Vietnam the you can go in there guys this is what you don't want and I knew what was vessel on it you go bye bye in the me in this in this conversation that you look across a lake now they're Colin permits to this ski. To start for Chicago this weekend I think that's is they give it neat for the payers is no it's true it does he was what 26 of forty per 225. He just what is bad. Is is that. Tom savage was for the Houston Texans but. Here's the reality all these first round and maybe it's accurate quarterbacks drafted last year in the NFL draft there ought to restart here in the next few weeks. They are and hobbies is the matter time in his. You've already let the genie out of the bottle and quit to show on coming out there in plain so I think from a mental standpoint. Tom savage is already messed up the does he know who's who's actually better so go ahead and put his mindset into. A backup quarterback position and know that hey you're going to be are back at you'll be ready ego. But if Sean is our guy that you don't have to think about it as far as looking over his shoulder. Now I'm would have the pressure on me to perform as a but Jones and Jones coming in. To settle all that to show on the better player. Let him start and you've got Tom savage at your back well he's a quality. It must not get veterans go into the offseason in the eighties with their teammate won the fight form but I think even convictions that sometimes have to let this thing play out on the pill that's a valid point and I agree intact the now I've bill O'Brien has all. The eleventh stage what does Tom Watson winning game number twos Houston Texas career is our starter but again now. Much like Allah will say this year clips against him in three and not south Oklahoma in the Russell athletic ball. That case it that made bad act I think it's what few mistakes they made their career win they got that Georgia Tech game in Atlanta. They more or less it's that calls out did his job and get it back to its Tom Watson called stout took a little mental break. And in the jump plots against deal in the AT Ellen what's up you're seeing Nicole stat that he came in at the latest. Some for a pick six that throw that's why it is such a challenge to demote some mighty. Get them in gates with what title our conference just sitting over there so yeah that's I think you'd do. Earlier the better ripped the band aid off set the expectations. And then move right now it's done and yet that reaching all right don't forget we're here for Monday night. While it's local Q don't have that specials 281225. Draft Beers on happier. He can go ahead and get in that book your holiday parties now they're brand new pool tables its three pool from 11 AM to 4 PM with the purchase. As well as dean pong team getting corn hole and shuffle board in they'll look over my shoulder there's a golden tee there's the one they back ago. Totally carried off on you guys for about thirty minutes and forget about things and again they are bookie. For November and December in the Indy pride in that space he'll be located at stork what a great place. You have your holiday party you can contact Starr at local puke dot com this space it's got to accommodate up to eighty people it will be open. For all ages and that's a big deal because the local Q remains 21 and over for the regular part of the restaurant so when we come back. What helps that we see in the NFL this past weekend there were some winners and losers and quite frankly some guys that did not show up. 844 GSP yes he would. I welcome back again it's a Monday night but politician of straight up with star to Wear light here at local Q. On Haywood road remember you can come by and get registered. Or some bills painters tickets I believe that's. This week and scheme it's the painters get a nice. 23 to three win at San Francisco will talk about that later let's go back of the and Bob what's the talk about the college football poll Bob welcome at. What's going. There's very little. Israel all kinds of at all of doing well. Me and let this wayward drive so that's a good start for today. I am not I am out on this most useful. What we're sort of call that I amount needed any it was mass. Is what you're careful. What ought its values that's. And I'm not W. Apartment who has. Radio experience. I'm calm new person as as they might in this is absolutely crazy because. Clinton. Was number three. They've beat a very difficult all the entry. And although it was close flash you in close to being what they do and they normally national champions dependant. Oklahoma we is very jump. Here's what I asked. You to kill close state and Oklahoma big. Take Oklahoma and allows state. For the last few times Clinton played them they have these gold and thirty didn't up in all the mistakes admitted the blogger mark. View and all of a sudden they don't. Know. But only in fairness did that. You're going back on a gained four years ago who is well and that doesn't pertain to this when I get where you're going but you know what this decides right now Bob. Who wears the home colored Jersey you know pulled. Paul. Little urged your role in what happened yesterday I'm going to do we are Fargo architect are required thing. To beat the McCain you've got to be inking legally in relation big demand and you know you're Alabama argued. Clinton beat Alabama. Morton. Oh are talking about him I'm talking about Oklahoma jumping clumps and now you wanna get an at bat. I'll tell you that all of its garbage it they should hand the first ranking much like the college football playoff rankings. Till sometime in October there's rankings are nothing that people to feel good about things when they called themselves planes. So you read but what I'm playing here at that then Alabama. Who has been. Stories that never know what my eight years is totally biased but he stole the name brand in this movie who whatever. And it does. Bob. You know why why you need to start give it to yourself as a Klutz and me and in day out not. Did all the stops go to war work its way out it upset after week number two about it the team jumped yet is long this year in the top four. You don't claim conspiracy co. Oklahoma show up in QB does eat that many and it not be worried about island that's the way I look at that probably not about me and don't come and. Now. Passed out when searched. That's the only reason then it matters the only reason that it matters. Coast oil will dictate. Is that you have to beat someone to look a look we in that for farm area. You don't appeared atop or group explained. In the past are made by little guy KMR. You don't orderly retain left dial. Just because of your money market account for ounce can break. They do that very thing that they. I'll listen. I appreciate it and I got to keep moving along we gotta get this out Richmond or no basketball coach if anything you always want to see Oklahoma jump on why did you keep the ease and that. I've been disrespect card bolting or material but it vocal. At first ball concert in need to get out that the mindset that they're apt to get us. You know an Emmy teachers the defending national TP played him back to back national TP cheap games you've got. More wore tennis credibility in the bank than Oklahoma does right now these are probably some voters that look that clips and struggled while alive in it did not watch to gain while baker may built going to be the labor Obama today after leading Oklahoma to the winner over number two in the horse sheep. What does this matter right now the clips he keeps on winning. In this case the same thing the first of December. It matters which team would win here at the home Jersey in whatever bowl game they play in eight it will be will he do about that I just. I don't it's not a conspiracy. I'm sorry I don't by Ian that now it's not a conspiracy. It's brawl cotton. And at its. It does matter more than just their home or away Jersey because. The person that's number one. They get to pick. Which spoke with bold even when will the circle of that would Alabama set us now they'll promote location standpoint for their fans to be a travel all that but it. To your point. Well it. A Clemson and focusing line the range right now that's old Clemson that was so worried about we get to be ranked this high. We're. And we're also. But what a load it still in Davos think we're not defending national champion were tacky national champion because that's passive so and I just to get the I wore out a ring on the. Country I mean I traveled to Orlando last year I traveled to Phoenix last year I traveled that it. In Utah the national media guys and they take a close it is one of the two best programs in college football silly me and now they're knots are a lot Bob I really did. These candidates worried about it this is some conspiracy to candidates clubs in the Indy Disney's go on the go bad. I deal with these people the ones that matter the ones that are going to be in the same thought process. First of law. One of the biggest jokes you well know it's the east polls wide at its college football coaches in the coaches ball. They're not four it's their sports information director and things of that nature those are some things you can take up to hold you liable. I'm with you I don't hear all this is here's the deal. This AP top 25. This coaches top two by. It's all window dressing because they become pointless and meaningless about the middle of October with that first college football player apple comes out which as it were actually match what's going on it out doubts that the holy pulled its duties are emerging out upset about it. Used to your base its its entirety that's what coaching staff Stewart. Loads in it's situation where their disrespect and gone back to your point about who votes in the go to apple. Now it's it's because I was the one in the basketball coaches ball. Lieutenant Jimmy hey you've got to turn this in about this day eat we're more capable of voting for him and that he was at the time his outlook or grossly out and everything he now I'm coming in that your you really should know what's gonna come down. And it barely at skate out there Ireland or to immediately some of the big void the Georgetown Maryland so I was watching some. The big teams merger but yeah just keep it in the context of what it is right now in this stage a UG. If the year two and Torre. Now whether you I have no issue put clumps and number one is that the in the national TV but you know this has been a new poll every year since it stops come out you know enemy in. I don't necessarily. I'd put a little bit of faith in constant went over Oklahoma couple years in the orange ball but his baker mayfield was starting quarterback. How would never that Russell athletic boldly and I used great. Pain that. It's weird electorate that's TT and I promise you this single make constant pain entry happy. That Russell athletic all that was 46. Oklahoma players North Korean base was motivated to beat the year so so actress that pisses people off the bowl games. So many times about who it's more motivated to be there for whatever reason. In clips in you which they had come back with this on Watson is a sophomore quarterback in one ago in the room role in Oklahoma pains acted like it was the need him to be in the Russell athletic bowl in Orlando on something that wasn't New Year's Day. In decades and I think that's what Bob Stoops right fired everybody after the game because they played is that they were on metadata as well nail. A lot of that had to do. With months ago it out with a dry brightly on the field that the temple where picket went you know take it back in Al back how to put up. A final element off the midway through the first Korda does felt yeah yeah I've seen clips of in that situation before they had to shake off the rust in that. Yeah okay were here were up fourteen that lets give it to this day. Well of love Gayle fourteen not its analyst all debts or to who was. They've been. Quickly were out of this they get up maker may build agree or disagree city of apologize for planning the logo it the Oklahoma flag. At midfield on Saturday the kids remember where all this thing wrong. It was that last year Ohio State they're in jail on the field and in Norman. In the than it did they're school it's like song and all that on the field so this was a little bit of a back now baker may they'll take you flag that's all at victory lap. That's the planet it meant they'll like SE a successful because that is fake. Earth it is our vision oh I don't think it was due successful. It did fall but now I've got to get this there by the it seems to me that and wait team their pain is there to play their fight song. If they win. Anyways a wise it's it to disrespect for. Baker may feel that Ohio State beats them and their band is playing their fight song you'll stop that beat them. Eight. I just don't understand it in he took it to hold another level this is not the band playing their fight song. He's completely. Disrespect dean like Ohio's case that win that game nobody did not. Eight Ohio State. It's my buddy Tom for Nellie never read his stuff on CBS sports he is the smartest of college football on CBS sports dot com and everything. Said I take it that nickname mocks he'll wait for baker mayfield next week quickest. It's one thing to have this lag to go play the flag it's the other that he apologized since for the rest of this week you're just baker made filtered out maker Boxee date field. That the drought vaults. If you go live with that Lou exactly that's that's my point is that the it's already out there the disrespect has been dine and I only thing I can presume that we can rally medium. Apologize that. You never know college football there's a chance because they need to me again at AEU wide. Like I said that I've closures were quick it was. He appeared on radio. I guess that multiple we're both oval Ohio State means being taken out the isles from behind Oklahoma bits because that. I guess that was kind of gave him my brother sported a club you know my wife and my brother Lamar white the brother in law's sister in law. Love to death they're all air force brats and it's like 9/11 is it to be us memory for us but he is a boomer sooner in absolutely hardcore about it makes it pilgrimage back out there. Every few years in a text in order he would be back with Souter victories I guess watch as the little bit closer. In aisles laughing about what I heard on radio she gets Alley shed about television's. Yet ansari Kiki laugh at yourself which collapse that more than enough. In that gives me the ability. It is but do the thing. Pay off 5% of us like that on. On Friday you know you heard about it yeah there. I saw it all I have now been part of why I thought it made a pale the whole world now apologize up politics that sought the right where you had to run to get out to our own ways right went three -- tightness of breast cancer things got completely skis back at the Batman yeah I understand you're not so likely to go make pull yourself out there on the street corner like that the Friday you're trying to give us try to get their good graces and I don't put. You know made so much but I get is they get a shirt on. Of these spots via hundred yards and brought them in jail while. 123 there I got a hundred yard your number one of the it how it. That's why give up your bet that was worth it right there yet. I like it that drug Albert period in front of the eighties and 123. Right. We need get a break when we come back it was a hot and cold weekend of NFL football. Let me take it it's all right been decided Dallas wins the Super Bowl regulators that the reason they start this season make the York giants. Knight pulled out of their back I last night we'll talk about the NFL here in the next segment 540 but it's still Levitt from game on. Well NFC spot in the Sugar Bowl Larry in the Super Bowl it will be the Dallas Cowboys wide because riches. Dallas Cowboys get a nineteenth at three home win. Over the New York Giants who were there and it misses last year's right that's what it is that's why it's an important win for them it's from a mental standpoint so yes the NFC in the Dallas Cowboys will be official because there's no reason to play the next fifteen weeks and that includes the next two games tonight because. Attend anyway and little sarcasm yet you trust me we'll see who else though but not suspended all that franchise and I never sixteenth that's right has. I was shocked I mean first of all the the first. The first week of the NFL it's one of the more pointless things after watching for weeks or pre season the fact that nothing with your ice looks in game number one is which you start that the it looks in game number three the pre season white interim report that mattered much hard knocks. Janus weights and all those guys in shorts and T shirts and naturally. I thought Kirk cousins and that signing with the Washington Redskins was going to be at the all Philadelphia it was common and hammer them thirty to seventy. In all Kirk cousins did was make me look pretty bad through we're 200. In forty yards and a touchdown. It's well it's rushed for thirty yards by threw an interception and lost two fumbles. When your quarterback loses that turnover margin for you in the NFL and you're test your toes but this much I need to. I think Dallas is the class of the NFC east what happens behind Colombia little likable this year. Some might pop their head out for few weeks and challenged yet if somebody else but. In the long run. And that's Dallas division to lose I agree 100% regardless of what happens to the Eliot in. Pieces are in place especially on the pants cowboys have a solid defense now you have to look at the Eagles. If Carson winds played like he did in that first game yesterday. There could be some. Concern for countless fans with the Eagles go back we have solved my he grew up in the offseason he's gotten something from North Dakota State. You know FCS program yeah he does a huge job. Mean you a lot more comparable Lott yesterday. Few other quarterbacks absolutely I mean it seems to be the story the weekend when it comes to some quarterbacks. Like performance by eighty doll that he was sixteen at 31 for a 170 yards net stale. Four interceptions a whopping passing rating of 28 point four solid gap or weak it look I mean what in the world happened to the ears and cardinals. They blow 1793. Quarter lead in in Detroit. Palmer's first Carson Palmer's first two interceptions happen. Right with the cardinals were approaching Mitt filled in then all the sudden you go. Oh what's the little loud mouth from ESP and it was knocked him. Matt Stafford actor's first touch him when the lights Friday exe which is why Stan. Well short while Fella likes to run its now social media as well Dutch radio got boring right now. I'm not helping yeah at all Smith Odierno met. He's not any of Stephen A Smith he is knocking Matt Stafford is the first pass I guess effort third yes part interception return for sale that's right. That's why you don't not people after one play in the game because it's how you finish and he finished with some great throw it for touchdowns in the win it. Yeah even some of the returning quarterbacks at the NFL level. Left a lot to be desired yesterday that's why like it teams ahead of profits yeah Battie or any of it baseball season saying the deepest he's going to be. Our rights a speaking you like that segue there. Idiots kind tots in Major League Baseball because we got two ships that are going in total opposite direction. As you mentioned we have that would look at the whip. We've lived winless in whatever you want to we Indians when the kids that when it comes to the Cleveland Indians now 118 consecutive gain exit. Here's a first place team with the LA Dodgers get booed in their own stadium yesterday so we'll switch gears to some Major League Baseball with our baseball expert Phil levity game on sports when we were tart. It's Monday Night Football where life that local key. Well there. At the only way to do it right. Perfect diet absolutely. Lied here local feud on what corporate otherwise that is court he Myers house. If she's ever they're building up your lines water on org. That was a shortage boring it we've added Bob forty Bob and along on timeout take a bite out of Massey quick word go back. Were joint op bill at our baseball expert. Plus. Maybe house South Carolina man on the issues that we built pretty perky is baseballs coming down the stretch in the gamecocks are two and a yeah. Let's be honest you know I'll element doing dot arm but we're realistic. That for the you know a year seven he winds up to him well let's just see you know right now the waiting in that some unconventional ways in numbers. You know over the courts at times the seventeenth seed itself out actors like the fact that SEC's. Just messed us be honest with you in South Carolina it year number two will mush him there right in it but. We is that they're taught what ought. Tell me what the world's going on with the LA Dodgers because they've now dropped ten and a road twelve of their last thirteen games. And of course before they hit it entered this stretch bill. Yeah they're fans were talking about eight potential historic season Ryan. Yesterday they were only see in Dodger Stadium in Chavez ravine you like our remember that from Vince Scully back in the day. They were blue lit it even though and a little on the bill is listen this is what you build up a nineteen game leads you to lose that are roads that have been nineteen Lee. Agree was that. No one ST each company it's it's you know you know no one at. The Cleveland Indians. Win streak Experian press yeah let's get absolutely impressed get right place at bat baseball when he won eighteen strike adding nobody's going into the game read. About the Indians. Every once licking her chops right now the doctors that you lose ten straight and about which got people down and keep on now. So. And at it as more problems there that if some missed metal issues and problems maybe it hasn't got enough problems. Well you know second base is a little but it issue right now public is they've implicating. A lefty swinging Chase Utley with Logan foresight but right now neither one of them. Are paying off dividends and you know what it way you're the baseball guy baseball especially the Major League level and even the minor league level is cyclical why because she played so many breaking gains over the course of the year. I can almost make the case for why this bad streak for the Dodgers right now. Is better than what Cleveland's going through waiting eighteen games in a row because you know is appear and everything else things have a way of innings. Sells oil over probably just start to get the point where the doctor should have been in the first place. I never as hot as they were Rogers I never could quite understand it now I need more than 38 without curse all planned there for awhile also. The same thing with the Indians right now you know I loved I loved their team my love Terry Francona and unease on its class that guys. Love him but I just don't see how they're gonna keep this kind of momentum going that people too early out. Ought to early that's got to be to be concerned. Having did you talk and where what less than thirty games left in the regular season so. You know that's gonna hand in the and everything that was going there way is an even itself out so. But the great part about it right now opened up a thirteen game lead on the Minnesota Twins so even if they have a fight game losing streak because I let's remember. It's kits. The Atlanta Braves that year was caught a Washington Brett Butler all those guys they got out to a thirteen and -- us our our 1980 yep are right I've never forget the play were Brett Butler coming in on one side the catcher caught a Washington on the other. What happened this suit is that winning streak to be in the season was law was that it. I believe they want element. No playoff spot and rattled or they did they know they're like biking weight when one loss that was up by genre out my opposite yet so that's not what it baseball it seems that even its way out maybe more so than any other sport. Absolutely and that's what you know. Missed it when they don't we won not lucky at 1214. Games. We have yet to have that many games in before little marks now quail weakens. This I will you look at the National League central hockey weigh in on the Chicago Cubs the defending World Series team in to separate themselves from the dresses division that don't look now. They lost the orient road while Milwaukee and Saint Louis above 13 in a robe. In there is that this to gain efforts let's cities Chicago. What's up with them because whoever wins that division. The second placed team that's not gonna find themselves in the wild card mix is it even habitable. That the Chicago Cubs couldn't miss the playoffs this year because they better. They're playing with fire right now gains it's not. It's absolutely fab mobile which you thought. That apple -- well they were on I honestly thought there won't have a season. Work closely with the Dodgers. I thought there and it's the fire not exactly sure where they're missing it not exactly sure what's going on there that. I still think that the economy playoffs. But I'm told human march. Middle April and they were she went about. Yeah you look at this yeah the only other race right here that we have going on is for the second wild card spot I mean you're really talking about. Ayers and is gonna win the first wild card spot the second one it's going to be a race between teams. You know you've got Colorado looking like what three games ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers in the St. Louis Cardinals so. I mean that's it it's not even that type three games at a wild card chase sensitive person once but that's a big different his government overstretched. It is a big difference but also tell you who with one of those things get hot right now. That would be a team I would say my and the equipment but the money off the playoffs. Says it it was that Taba last week. Baseball's a one game where you need gain any good picture to be on fire and like to mountain. Take a five game series three. Three gained three pitchers to pitch well for you. You can win that's what Cleveland streak of the team wins it's absolutely. Crazy it's crazy ability let me give you couple statistically is this is gonna be you're not believe this triple slash slide out. In the last eighteen games. They're adding three nine on base three sevenths liking sixty day. On precedent absolutely and there are a PS right now. That 955. Is absolutely incredible and if you get a look at a PS right now in any kind of police for the common person explain what opiates that is sure old base percentage. Plus or slugging percentage. And your own base percentage basically take some time you get on base. Is Walt but it's. Divided by the number of patsy passed. And sacrifice things that. But. In a slug. 955. They're basically hitting at least one base for every at bat. Now the top 518. Game streaks in the history of Major League Baseball. The second one's only 886. And that was that pays when they went on the air winning streak. The Yankees entity really what I'm all down the 35 that I'm so this is spot for distort what we're always has to run with the Indians and it goes in front. They're pitching skillet. Pertaining are right now one point seven night for the last eighteen. You speck see that out I closed it out today that it right at an and then look at apple the subsidy you little of this. They're averaging. They had five shut outs over the stretch and distracting now more than up batter per inning. If. And yeah. Coming back. It here in this nearly. When he emea eighteen games streak which they're now that element to what he did this in the lose tonight equipment onto power play. Just one pitcher got shut out. It shut them idioms that speaks to what they're doing in the day in the ability to manufacturer run win needed all right bill. I'm gonna say it you come over here fight during the break you think you're ready for. How's the alleged weakness city in Major League or who it is we had to keep this stretch run because I. An accurate and there adolescent boy did it. Yeah wait no cable that was spy gave me years ago when it comes to your patriots and Alec got Applegate. When it comes to the Red Sox were too by the way that's. That's what Major League Baseball the Red Sox are so happy that I've been up though started this week because it's amazing how Applegate had a really disappeared from the limelight. There stay with the act. Echo for the birthday all right now. Pull out all the tar and replacing it so. Enough to loan made him look awarding on this dirt that's not the way we you know obviously obviously. That I've really you know right now bosses now I'll open up the revamped team lead Baltimore ray they at they're run. That indeed that they now they have lost border rode their ten games back in the elites at the reality witnesses. It's a Boston yankees raced to the bidders for that net Major League east yen and on most. Statements and difference especially if it comes to current signal. But I guess. That's if I don't I've I'll say that China is you know what I better be good schedule works out here and I have are not well known like out delegates Neitzel going off at the front yard vs herb columns and periodic if the Yankees will accept about it. Somebody had polity opportunity illiterates not wearing. And they haven't so what states are right in with geared Jud chief and he was the flavor of the day coming at the all star break it which UNC. Brian TV chip and everything else but it. He goes on this unheard. Streaky which he strikes out. You know what nearly. 38 game is in a row or whatever what's which goes on to be like a Major League Baseball record figured I need. And -- second base who but he has two more bombs yesterday it's all or nothing you know grab. Or Oliver well I mean at. So either quickly I think he's a physical specimen stated she. They're gonna keep it off speed stuff blown way. Out Purcell is he have to start with power to the opposite way where at least hitting to the opposite way. He gonna continue it sets up the it will come with time he's assigned scholarship roughly every sport he played in high School of Law expert. Outside learning curve ball was than those typical thing to do with sports or to take the ball the other way when the pitcher that. He. Oh McClatchy is there's does social media has an idea of tedious and now for about 67 months now how it should be impossible to intimately. Baseball pass ball. Because you have roughly four tenths of seconds from the time you actually see them all out at the pictures and that actually produces and swing with me after swing it with an award ever that are the options and I. It amazes me what these guys can write and they need it nicely Youkilis and these pictures right now. What they can do with Lehman arm slot just a little bit in holding the ball to see foresee moved around a little bit. And I haven't heard. Art smoltz coming went on about Glavine army automatic and being in. When he was his as a spring training. Bolton. He would he want to be on the gun because he was so close to the ethnic. It's I want that this went 88 miles per hour walk through this when 91 miles per hour. Outlook but this went eighty miles per hour and we won't see how close he looked in that the company was that good at location. And the type of hits and these. In that picture to paint job extremely. Extremely difficult to hit when it looks like your though and it. Eighty I think that's is what he do the hard way that this could throw an upset in the city you know and Abby says. All right well we come back. We'll continue well. We'll talk a little bit of football in baseball and everything else is a game where your local Q it's the start Monday night but of course seventh again. Your first pick up yet she got that right. First kickoff tonight that's New Orleans at Minnesota that kickoffs seventh it will go into pre game coverage at 630. In polish by the LA chargers at Denver. What LA football team won yesterday unfortunately nobody watched her nobody showed up. How bad that your team suck which shared golf looks like a first round draft pick in the NFL will talk NFL take our causes were out. At 630 with this Monday Night Football at this straight up was starts from local keys.