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Straight Up With Sturg
Monday, September 11th

Sturg provides the College Football Update by taking a look at Clemson and South Carolina and what we learned.


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It is it's a month away at Monday's edition of straight up with skirts we will lie here local Q. All Woodruff resolute in it's a Monday Night Football this year we're gonna have some fun today it's me in Richmond Weaver. Here smoke Spezza smoke on the water here local Q and at. Excuse me will give way at 630 kids we got not one but two Monday Night Football teams tonight that includes seventy in New Orleans at Minnesota. In at 1020 the LA chargers at the Denver Broncos but Richmond first of all. We have to. I can't stop here in this first segment. Lot of rain out there in the upstate when I was passing for me intercom here to local Q there's a treat him on reform out an extensive and you said that your opposite grow wade Hampton boulevard for your other job Leo. Lost power. We know they're stop lights out and stuff ironic Custer road and everything except. I haven't any issue with the Yankee hit XP and whom today and they rightfully so who I'd rather be safe than. You the be worried about him today get on the way home that rains come and they on the winds going in guys to sedate group by to be a little bit patient. I agree and I would have to say initially I was surprised that they canceled school. I just don't remember growing up that we had these type of issues but I think I was almost oblivious to any type of weather issues that we used to have in. Now that your out there unit in you concede a win. It is impressive so I can even imagine. What the winds would be like if there a hundred plus miles per hour no thank you let the. They made that decision before the gap to the best thing to happen if you Willis Herrmann hit and Cuba and it took a little steam out of it before he kicked up in the pin and listen here's the deal we're gonna see more trees come down here over the next few hours probably some more electrical outages for it to speak date for in the context. But what we're dealing with purses even out your start seek roads completely washed out down in the state of Florida. I was three years tweet from the Isle of Palms here just 33 minutes ago where they say they're totally flooded. There are no roads passable they are on the Isle of Palms what. Eat you know it is what it is it could have been a whole lot worse force we're thankful that it's not. Because you know it's just wanted these sad days whether if you have a little bit of heart you have to stop for a moment and realized that 8911. That's right where we all work fifteen years ago last sixteen years ago. The kids you know my daughter was three months old merely reading notes a month old she sport on August 2. Here it was forty dates later we watch these towers come crashing in on it. You know I know a lot of people bit worried about Irma in this in that I also keen to stop from today. In take a moment think about what took place I remember where I was when all that went on. Now sixteen years ago today it's hard to believe how fast like it's moving for hustled by. Old folks. It is and it's amazing how fast time goes and I remember distinctly where I would I was actually in Crystal City Virginia. About a half a mile from the Pentagon when it happened that morning at a conference and that we were. In locked down after. That and only way I gap back to Atlantis where it was live and at the time is because there were no rental cars no fly right thing I rented a U haul. A twenty foot U haul and drove that and actually get stopped. In DC first beating there's nobody on the roads whatsoever it back to you vote check out you better believe that there were six cop cars that came flying up to me. I was due at about eight. The outrage at home politically. And it was scary for a moment for me as I'm. You know hands up. We're walking out the back there's three other people with us McGraw pre and in this to happen right and. You have to point it probably rented out space in the back of another fight that people are in this thing that we as at a probably should act like it leave it and think about it but a look at his in the back and it was the so they open it up this this twenty foot hit it right partners they edit the way it matters or. He's via supplies Ehrlich cases there roller suitcases back their got to roll it around to Vietnam way to secure. But it if they buried. It's a day there will never forget it. And anybody on that day. War I Korea wickets at that date it is now between changing for us the view we can't you people trust each other's much politics became. A lot more. Imparted with social media. That you I mean I go back and a look at 9/11 and besides it changed from how we fill with our freedom my seats in many ways in which his country changed it. How on edge it's been Iverson's exactly and if you remember at that time there with no social media that's right so mean you were glued to the TV and that was really only form of communication error information you'd. Were able to receive at that time but even at. That's our point cellphone with him working because it was. It was still early on in the cellphone days she asked I had an answer machine back on the same year. Answer yes that's right all right listen don't forget it it's a Monday Night Football party here local Q we will give way to NFL coverage on ESPN upstate at 630 but guess what. That specials or get a continued here as a matter of fact they changed a couple things about local T they changed some things out. Every month some your September specials including buffalo chicken yeah. How about are still tacos at ten dollars and 95 cents about spicy buttermilk fried chicken sandwich at nine dollars and ninety bites and it's. How about the tot put peanut butter brownie got dimension drinks at saint got smoke a strawberry Margarita spiced apple wanna passion for it buries. In your shots or how I can always cheese at the start burst especially after a few seconds ago. Not admits to tap audio you lottery that last what. I've maybe got navy fired here. In a couple of minutes at battery that lasts with so listen we're gonna compete tidbits about if you really five or 6:30 PM that night come by if you're out about you need a little break on your weight room. I you can register for painters bills tickets this upcoming Sunday. And a whole lot of other stuff that we're given away here on the price wills. Don't forget the of course will wrap up. The college football week in the rest of the NFL gains from this past weekend but one guess today you'll be light on location at 540 by. It's our baseball expert bill Levitt one of the things I wanna ask him. Is anybody ever be in this far up in the stain the ticket booted home last night. By their home page you talked about it Billiton directions right now is look at what the Cleveland Indians are due with what 1819 game win streak now Indian yet that we Indians. It that you look at the Los Angeles Dodgers and they've lost and an aura this is why you built such a big lead to YouTube played like garbage for awhile. That sure they'll get it back for it will get into that with him. At 545. Outside of that Richmond won big announcement comes down today. The ACC I got every right to agree with each other in the admitted to kick off time clumps of it global. On Saturday from 3:30 PM until 8 PM. A course. The one thing that I thought work well for local fans is simply the fact that as at 330 kick off in the in the there's not that big of a window between college game day kicked off. So I have friends in the media the local that are like for every beer injury. You need to have two waters in between for every urban you drink on Saturday three waters in between a good ratio even though it's going to be eight black out they were like let's not have a black gal is that you can't remember the kick off at eight. I would still need fan there it's okay if they're blacked out drug they're not very loud winter rest out so what they're like you make sure you pace yourself with game day in the Al. It 8 PM kick off but yet constant players they get together with the media today. The story line was to simply the respect for defending champion Heisman Trophy winner. Lamar Jackson as well as the little boy football team in the in the opinion based isn't telling you a couple of years ago and that night kicked off the nice and loud there puppet on state. Yes and I hope everybody does understand it. These gains against Louisville for Clemson have been very close. Coming down to the last possession basically three straight years. So this is not going to be an easy task and they will be pushed. Trying to slow down the video game three LaBarge analysts and we've seen eight different kind of football game in Death Valley this past Saturday night with a fourteen to six win over his ego at Auburn defense now. You know ears that they did we see enough out of Kelly Bryant and company offensively. It. Yeah well I don't know what to make at this Saturday's matchup to simply in the fact that. Constant can not afford to get into any kind of scoring contest with this global T I agree no shoot out now and not it and you however this these bits may actually be good enough to be able to prevent that because I am hopeful I said tiers that it was one of the X factors in college football edited this season. He knows can fees by halftime on Saturday night. In the fact that clumps of defense delivers eleven sacks. You know what he'd only been sacked twelve times in his career headed into that game. It that that continual hitting which is one of the keys that I mentioned on the pregame ship. Cost him he's a lesson last look dale failed. It's really. The only reason they take that 67 yard march for touchdown on the opening drive was a fact collapsing it's called with two legitimate pass interference penalties. But guys right there to be able to make the plate which you can not have your hand out on the wide receivers if that was the case both times of that attributed. In the right. Yeah at Clemson fumbles on site there eight ten yard line guess what they settle for field goal. That's what I almost felt like it was game over until clips its inability. To shut the door there started about 34 minutes in the third with left in the third quarter. In the pilot that filled our teammates when he arts and Phil go they can get that seventeen to six it would never ever been any stress in that stadium from that point on. But there was stress involved in Death Valley till they get that final for stay on there will what two minutes left on the clock and thereby is okay this one that if I ever. I agree and I think one of the big plays with them that opening drive. And a lot of it had to do with the crowd noise and just the inability for all her to actually change a play or. Actually to the plate in. The multiple timeouts that they had used and then the false starts. Which. Allow them are which moved him back it up where they had to Google rather go for a worked out that they score a touchdown right there. It might be a little bit different game from that perspective just a mental. Standpoint because they had they had the ball for seven and a half minutes basically it's a long time and I'll get nervous that the defense is going to be. Say they weren't that this means they were bleeding from the notes on Saturday night but they were able to just keep it together and shut those stripes dale. I sit there look at it is clemson's defense won that game now profits on Saturday in the never more so than. He Ethiopian able to hold them they're inside the T ten yard line when that rate very McLeod fumbles that right yet you think about seagate Fuller's fumble I'll go in and to lighten the that's why I say and that's why turnovers are the ultimate equalizer and yes yes that's that's the tough part. You know it. Obviously Al hunt of credit for the defense of line because those were the guys that work. Putting all of that pressure but the defensive backs. I know they got called with some penalties and that there may requires they were making plays and they were causing. Situations where Saddam had to Paul's just briefly. The calls they had good coverage downfield and that allowed just that extra second for. You know Austin Bryant of the world's to put on that significant pressure in Saddam had nowhere to go at that point. Saying he could tell AME Auburn them. Sacks they've ever given up in a single season under gas smells on 98 take eleven in the season yes in a season they take on eleventh. This past weekend so listen this much we go that deep pits of line everybody's talked about it is legit but the only idea out how much on Saturday that makes it gets a defending Heisman Trophy winner. No doubt but when we come back we'll open up the phone lines we got one guest today 545 or Britain and baseball expert they'll have a feel we lied to your local keep says it's today Willie DC South Carolina fans got to be feeling really really perky with this match up against Kentucky on Saturday in year and stadium and your rating get in there and celebrate this too and joking Cox and it rightfully so swell up and up by the lines we'll talk about some of the great things from college football. This past weekend we'll get a little bit more NFL and now we're number twos. If we're lied here at local Pugh on Haywood road is we get you ready for Monday Night Football seventy it. At 10 PM New Orleans that Minnesota 10:20 PM. The LA chargers it timber. But this segment this is our all beat roundup brought you by the South Carolina beat council and course. You know that beef it's what expert to help gating when it comes to college football let's go to the front lines doubt woods. Hope you had a good week yet the perky and drive today. They Delmon. So aren't great but they get aren't they are. And Kate. I want to look up what people want the Kurdish to Jordan to win on the road dating and do we don't crude smuggler Debra or new warning being sent out. They came back and kick but Phil gold and got the twenty to nineteen win and I think they have a full blown quarterback controversy now what Julia Roberts as Jake could be some moving forward we'll see how he handles that. Even more of a shout out to Georgia and Jake. In Kirby Smart I wanna give that George opinions credit they turned notre Dame's home football stadium in 285050. Situation on Saturday. My social media about Twitter and everything blew up with photos inside of notre Dame's football stadium with how many Georgia opinions were in the air. You know each speak to each his own point we don't don't about it as soon as it did try to do an airplane nobody gets sent to ink we go home. So BitTorrent. To postpone. The condoms said it people who don't complete that it was that didn't. I mean I bet. That that's a great in bad it's social media. Yeah act I told you got it on just preparing a pretty good on its Ph.D. because he spoke about it and try to. Put unity ticket because you can get a whole lot of people who produce. Are dominant so what is seen naked and he found out people and it up always does not. Eight and again thanks for the put call their Galvin person I would dale on the field before the game. Mean if you go to my personal FaceBook page actually young adults but as Monica and Saturday night I sat there and I watched Auburn's offensive line. Is they were going through journals especially the site to site drills as they hit that that I've never seen a group use it and not knocking them I'm just saying you do this job long enough you see something different even in warm ups and you was an old. Assistant basketball coach rich and I've geared TE. You've seen as some might it. They ease the padding at the goal post is a like a tackling blocking dummy out there and hit it real hard battles literally stay in the right Debbie I went four feet away from it. It and they were. Clearly mobile they've really been taken thought to be you know it maybe could you I don't know what the makeup at this point with eleven sacks and it could have been fifteen if he gets that the right direction. Once or twice in the EE you know this is just what this means that wanna see that ballot now will see how much that you think may have to take a little different approach to things on Saturday at global to simply the fact. Tears stead and could hurt her chief for thirty yards running up the bill Mike Archie for seven or eight. But he won at a burn you for thirty Euribor set to I think a linebacker play even becomes that much more appeared at it we seek Dorian a date you'll come in off the game of his career with twelve tackles on Saturday night that's right and I'm wondered if game plan is gonna be some type of spy. Of the linebacker that's all his responsibility yet and could that be. DOT or trailer more trailer Mardy made his birdie president really relief felt any idols special teams too on kickoff returner kick return a kick off return tonight. Our kick return. The question is going to be. How can they contain Lamar you begin is that going to be best buy type of person. Put the pressure that they're gonna apply to him Lamar just too good to step. Up in the end take off run that's right that's the issue. 8888. It's going to be at Christina Bobby Petrino earlier today announces that they're running back Jeremy Smith who has their power is inside running back scored eight putts stale last year for the cardinals he's out for the remainder of the season. But you know again clubs in real quickly will get the South Carolina here after the break. What does it say about this program you know there is a little bit of grumbling on the offensive things on Saturday and I still maintain it even that you hate to see him go to jail. Kelly brightly enough that it gained for. A couple of plays they're allowed him to focus and settled mail we saw a little bit different Kelly Bryant what sweet teen map back out on the field. I even heard some of the clip first vote just got a cat said they they've done at the press box deal to end the stadium behind the the student sex so you don't get some of the smartest comments on the basis that certain an air threats spots sit behind dispatches sent. Start grumble that they're. You know is we got toward halftime in this and other. I agree a 100% with Devin Sweetney. What's wrong with winning a football game a different way every once in awhile because you know what you answered the questions Saturday night to get sick that Auburn team that was very motivated coming in huge huge over route. There on Saturday night. You can win at the pits that battle with becomes stale to help the answer is which is different in the last year's team you win a game it's like 3830 full. That's correct in Adam amazing what happens when you start winning. The expectations. Are so skewed and people get so spoiled. And now obviously they're comparing. Where art Sharon Watson what happened why is Kelly Bryant. Just like John bought it for a bit players different yep it's exactly dish on Watson is they want to lifetime type of college quarterback. So you have to take that into consideration. And as they Clemson grad and fan and it's not a fanatic. I don't care we win by one point it's a win it's a win at happy about these numbers and he talked about right now. They're too big gain coaches in college football and they matched up in the national title game the last two years it's Nick Saban and alum imminent status when he vs Clemson in white. The tigers have now won eight of their last nine matchups vs top fifteen team China the only loss and there. Alabama in the national title game a couple of years ago. So that I was a big game coach his answer I can win a national TV chip back and win now with the pits vacuum went with the opposite. Indeed you go look at what was taking place up at the horse you on Saturday night state. Hey listen we're driving back from the from clubs and it we're listening state Oklahoma game on ESP in upstate in what starts taking place. During the game. They're pulling statements from behind Oklahoma. It where they're like that would stop bottoming custom adamant challenging them to fights. Is there room this radio occurred from ESPN they're really given the Iowa State means Purdue in this and I guess. Either of my wife said she giggled as we had a run in with a war aid including the youngest one that would shutter mail that dammit the original Orange Bowl a couple years ago not accessible. It you know how you can always hold wickets in the entire period basic actions of four people or my wife do it for one person okay. Adding another three lately members just the ones I want to look at it is the first products. The stadium and a long time in the last time upset the stadium for football game and along sites so. I steered the exit the best double Fiesta Bowl club since that's about 31 did not that. Price and arson in the artillery press action which that means they wouldn't put tables over the upper deck or quarter ends and yet the last section that nothing next it's. You were right it says statements laughter halftime they start fight each other in the section next to us. So at least this week when they got beat by Oklahoma and they had more fight toward Oklahoma let's fight to order themselves split. You know where is it where it's Urban Meyer got a from here TT mayor in his last couple games against good competition it's been absolutely. In N out. At what point is in urban Meyer's best interest because guess what. I don't think JT player can win any big game quarterback tickets. Even last year over Michigan you remember it took a classic field goal to get it into overtime. He's pretty gets Oklahoma this past weekend and that of course in the Fiesta Bowl. Where they're shut out he's not capable now I don't know if it's. All his ball I think they're a little bit weak when it comes that. Some offensive weapons but I do like JK dobbins at running back I easily answer for the future yes but I'm telling you what our buyers got a little look at in the beard the here over the next couple days when it comes to. Well I just keep rolling JT beard out there is it looks like college football it's figured him out I think that is the question would be. Do you presume that he doesn't have anybody out yet. Because he has to have JT bared out there. In the last big win for Ohio State and the Michigan obviously it was a big win last year but. Was at the national championship yeah I mean truly a win. We caught us that national TP chip but it. Nick I'm sorry. Okay enough buckeye talkie to sit as a medic at port they flew out to the horseshoe this weekend. It's it's up on Friday hate me and listening to you on the median happened. The atlas and we're just it's. Yet this is the these are things you have to deal with when you're number two. Which set up some people here in the upstate Rome way to begin with and the fact they do remember that 31 enough that Fiesta Bowl loss but. That's a whole other issue you talk about still below for a yet that you know I'm sorry one constant pain and that it thinks it's a conspiracy to Oklahoma to them the number two in the poem like 633 all that determines right now. It's what color Jersey that you Wear it he put it but there's a long way. Between September 11 on getting into the college football playoff later this year Bettina what clubs it's still has its audience at bay united business. Courteous everybody wanted it but they are winning. Mean you keep it that the arena without being into it now and that's what this week so big pat global mail if you Keyon. Afford to lose the game. Come back strong it's probably this week he gets it in the Heisman Trophy winner on a black out at night with college game day. Don't we don't know enough about this football season. I'd rather just go and take the two and a half point win. Collapsing close out the Papa John stadium I'm somewhat surprising and as number three. Thereto and a half point favorite going into this game on Sunday yet early line was that Louisville one half point favorite in and it changed overnight I don't know there are some action that was going on. But I didn't think it was a big surprise that Louisville was a papers their biggest home game in lome on time because remember. They were thought he would be very idea. Pick in all and then of course the wheels fell off the three games of the year. Three final games of last season's a again at Clemson will look back games limited today at 8 PM kick off on Saturday. Also a couple other nails it's Kahne dale with the upcoming kick offs that walked back GMAC and I is Clemson vs Boston College. Was the nails that is a 330 kick off on September 23 that means. College game football to date will be light over on campus and thirty. In the morning and four that pregame show also Louisiana Tech South Carolina it was an out as a 330 kick off the illicit. Outlook South Carolina. Yeah abides asking about. Will have a to Missouri's office this past weekend remembered they ticket. They they get 42. Point split on the the minutes the previous week vs Missouri State who actually was shut out a month and a this weekend our North Dakota or North Dakota but listen whatever was on just talent Jake bit in South Carolina they just can't keep Rolen at this point. In that will talk some about that the 831 to thirteen win. Over the Missouri Tigers when we come back plus it's open violence here in this hour 844 GS PE SP yet. River it's college boat bobbled talks NFL before at 545 with Phil evidence Demont. Was shipped a Major League Baseball in Wear out at 630. As your first NFL Monday night game tonight. It's seventy New Orleans Minnesota 1020 BO late chargers and Denver. Welcome back did it is a Monday night thought politician of straight up with start to win your light here local keys. On Haywood road listen you can scored big with their great football specials on appear buckets and snacks it is 21 and over this place is big and it's get right to get bigger with the next meeting going on. They're TVs everywhere. You cannot beat there draft beer line up back there which quite frankly we're not gonna find out about it later on Richmond but. Yo a lot of pool tables and video games and you know what so much fun in that remember there if you haven't been basically every board game that you wrote with incumbent year a lot of and I get it out on the speaker cables. At local keys in doubt course will be back here the first Monday I think of every month when it comes to. When it comes to you Monday Night Football so come out to witnesses. Against South Carolina gets a big win 3113. On the road Richmond gets the Missouri Tigers yesterday. And lesson. Take what South Carolina. All of a sudden you watch what's going on out there and it's not told you the other day I can make the case for why they can win the SEC east. Especially quarterback what what works especially quarterback wise. Georgia. They get right to have that delve off if you will or fight off a budding quarterback controversy between Jake from it Jacob Leeson. I maintain. Tennessee delve that's great right they're filling in for filling in for diesel that day gray you can pop in real quick if you want the Tennessee's got Darren is she's. I'm not making anything other than the fact that a nice 45 to seven win over Indiana State on a short week coming up and that's the way you it sort things but. We got to see what goes on if they're able to play this weekend between Florida and Tennessee before we find out anything about Tennessee. Like after two games but far. The two best punches team is in the SEC east right. They are Georgia and South Carolina I would agree 100% enough thought it was very impressive South Carolina down 100 Adam obviously. Big special teams play in with the those same meals and get right back into the game and if you're looking at the schedule. For South Carolina he ivy really who's the biggest. Team that you have to be worried about I would have to presume November 4 Georgia Georgia. But other than that yes at Tennessee got to be just that's a tough environment to play but there's issues with Tennessee Arkansas being there. Jacqueline hide and you got him at home. Texas Stadium we know that there hot ass. Bill that has nickel state. It's tied it fourteen now I was like oh my goodness of letters Armenians at the someone's house last week about some knuckle heads out there what would happen if they lost the nickel state fortunately at the unit that went in 26 that's right and yes so. The big one that's for them they just need to one game at a time take care Kentucky this week in and I think they really got some significant momentum. Continuing into the SEC schedule. Well the SEC east looks like unity it is up in the years that because I expect Jake from a tour of true freshman quarterback play like a true freshman at some point now listen. What his touchdown passes Saturday this weekend. Will go to owned two got one via the compliment. That's the best catch I've seen it college football this week which. I made that comment about a New Mexico State player that looks good TV stay up. I think goblins in the quarter the instant for Georgia's. This past week at times it was bigger now my concern for South Carolina is that a course. Musty laid it out last week that this is a team that's got a wing gains however they keys. That's what we will pay attention to so much of the factors. You know like you you'd heard. Is they've given up 927. Yards of offense so far this year however. It's only by at a nine trips inside the twenty yard line. The gamecocks have only given up five scores of why it's still been able to turn people over in the instant mail. That's things have a way it in the even yourselves out but fortunately it doesn't look like there's a talent discrepancy. Would it comes to the year two will must gain Cox's is much is not thought they were beat. With the rest of the SEC split. It's god as my witness my friend of fraternity brother were here are blamed some of the hires in the SEC. Or make it that happened because or to sit anywhere they are in year number three of my head coach with no office in new quarterback. But still if Tennessee. They are what they are ever since they got rid of fill former that's what I think right now scare a lot of variants are ruling that day. That they fired Ruffin McNeill a couple of years ago because look at what the hell happened to them. The last couple weeks it's certainly fallen off it's at yet I think right now you know one. Lesson must balance their lap that was not they want it right now. Will bustier is taking advantage of every single thing right there ain't you have to love this if your South Carolina paint he's like he said. A look across that kept around as they can win every single entity. And boy what do PX road game that would be for South Carolina in Georgia full ball alive they media in that type of matchup November 4 member or guard says it is always a slightly different September 21 yourself out like that they're gonna have to have that they're gonna have to be creative demands some of these games are real. So. The other thing is is deep let's see meals he can give first about he touches the ball on a kick off the vs Kentucky this upcoming special weapon you game changer and you fire that special teams coordinator for the Kentucky Wildcats but he finishes this past Saturday with a 167. All purpose yards. Two touchdowns including back to back weeks in which he's taken kick opted out a match series even been touched on the is. This kickoffs now but yet you also got a big game from Brian Edwards Yeltsin had hate her citing this weekend institute have paid hurt he's mismatch. What I did not see the play but there was like a little in derailment yet item on that that he just polls livers but hit it would York that was the end of a lot being created merely as. I'm telling you one of the scariest things that I saw. Eight college football this past weekend we saw multiple times on the field clubs. It's less lineup and throw it all power to. I don't understand it a do you not understand it be more creative ways to view. Be more creative in ways to run the ball at third and two were last story and it's okay if just handed off to run him back you don't have to rely on the quarterback to get the two yards. One tight Kelly Price 31 on in route that should have been picked off by the Auburn defender about the thirty yard line there in the fourth quarter and that's why what why why though in this Butler to correct me if I'm wrong that tried. Didn't start off with the five yard penalty so they got video about thirteen 33 up to place. They run out pattern they kicked it into that hole. So and again that's one thing that I did take away. Dwayne wade I guess that's just the way college football it's changed a little bit. That if it's see it's light it's this it's about 32 year Dutton the naval academy. Of sport that stay in NATO. Let's address because you don't have the power back that she used to have guys. We talked about watching making George special on George Rogers and you see the film against. South Carolina at Georgia and it's George Rogers vs Herschel Walker that matchup. You don't see those type running backs anymore and not saying it that way it should be it's just a different way to game is played now. And they do you rely heavily on line. If it's third suit they will pass it. And that's just part of their game plan but I'm still of the mindset that. I think you have a great opportunity of just. Handing the ball straight off and creating some space and helping your offensive line especially for Clemson news. Relies on line they've got an offensive line that you root hurdle for star players two. Again you know that we look a lot smarter all over the of course I would never no question some as a previous coach. Now it's basketball so it's harder to question righty to Monday Morning Quarterback for a basketball coach maybe some line things that it. It's easy to do. For football but I would never get to the point for a quick. She's somebody wanted me to clarify that number about the clumps and sexton put it Vince's that perspective the eleven sacks by the tigers. Auburn head. Had not allow more than nineteen in an entire season it's it's got smells on took over in 2013. So that was more than half of the Saxon. That'll let you know that that's just not in and talented and they were bringing in starters back this year. So we're talking about agree it's not being put together with the eight. Up front now just sleep the yeah I set them in the corner there and sender warm ups on Saturday and now watch Dexter arts if you saw that pick I mean I got out almost up close and personal. That crisis of furry every that's one thing clumps of opponents come at the white batter their head. Is we got to deal with them the next two years and then he's off to the NFL. In this is one of those generational guys that you just happened to see that's that big with no body fat that set Smart I'm sorry those type of athletes don't mopping come around in when you see him more than likely they look like powers and hit like Jane no that's the complete opposite a big Dexter lords he's a freak of nature he's just one of the sinks it. Come round barrio that's right mind not been big in the step book category took too but I saw that day outlawed several times. He was pushing back offensive linemen like a power slam it in offensive linemen couldn't do anything about it it's just that. Did and got away or threw the ball. Before Lawrence with day care they they had actually choose a couple of different times did Auburn which guy you're gonna double because of weight clubs that set defense of lying. They always were careful in the and we saw Kristen Wilkens cut loose with the sack thirty. But that's why. I mean that's what you're talking about Austin Bryant for national player of the week this week after four sacks Y Dexter Clark secrets to Wilkins me they were such a nightmare for Auburn. These guys are just it grade I mean they were coming off the edge data hammy but I think he needs to chip over anything else. In a talent that the nightmare for profits of coordinators moving forward is. How might see you gonna sit there and use two on one with Dexter Lars because at that point you realize callebs is the Pittsburg than doubles the best. Assistant coach in the history of clips and I am. He's plain intent on eleven the Tet offensive players with eleven defense of players he's gonna win this match you stole my thunder out of bound to ask the question a new five stars matter from a talent perspective and it's about Jimmy's and Joe's out there on the field and that's one of the great advantages for Clinton right now. But how much credit. And we you have to Brett venables and just from the perspective of the game plan that comes up wit the motivation to keep those guys. You know on that high level that he does so I agree with you 100%. Pay Brett venables and whatever. It need that it takes to keep him at once or is long it's his sons they're at at making a point that way now however when we come back. Speaking of Brent venables so he's told me there's always that job he's got a eyeball that there. And I know that there is a certain fan base it is now waving that flag. Two weeks into the season going. RR this shouldn't be going on here let's talk about that only come back 844 GS PE SPN. All right welcome back in where allied Monday Night Football local do you before we get the fans minds those eliminating on one of my buddies told me that one job at Brent venables has always had a little bit interest and agree in this is that set in yet vote from somebody that I trust that. Says University of Arkansas job. In the air some people that are yet to start to yell a whole lot more. Then woo pig sue we let's get the plan might jumps up first all of us stand in Spartanburg Jim welcome in. IT. Rated very very well liked UP SC's list yeah they so are there it is better to put it it is but there. Well our bug vote are. Jerry Brown a good job chart not up well it would British deeply. Just taken place it and scored portrayed both to let basic security risk that. Yet the only ones stupid. A one or two questionable throws on third short there probably in the second half but you know yeah I that. That's as much on the call is anything else and yachts I said earlier just Jim I think one of the key place was. When he was not out thinking for the rest of that series with clubs and was struggling just simply in the fact that. Yet they miss the field goal which sect could have been a huge differ but at the content they own a little bit because he would sit out there and kind of watching get great comeback in. The next series and from that point on an Emmy. How big was that open or that final drive of the opening half because. I kept talent price of punching him in the side. Guess what comps and gets the ball that opened the second half wit and what they did they take it right back of the building did the same thing when they open up the second half. And I track that's Coca will experience to an employer is the first big BB. These have a plate full you know full gait like Coke probably experience to lead. And also until later on in the season let's be honest you may not see it the pits is good as you see this past Saturday night in Death Valley gets Auburn now listen you know care instead of just quite frankly did not live up to expectations that we had said. It's in the one they expect nursing college football. I wanna watch it see here the next three weeks what may be calls that happen. Yesterday I oh but between boys do little lip plate they're good pick. Good bit rhetoric and into an already popular but you know where low would there's Arab robe with. I too bulked. To date Carol on what that these should be viewed very much a bit different outcome of that albeit started. Yet they kept going back and forth the global thanks for the phone call him as arrogant statement as well. Yeah I mean it was what. No cal I took the lead that you're just nearly 27 I guess before nor care hurt there it was 2827. They close to you before global ended up yet now what 45. Whatever it was but I mean that we were saying is we actually listen to that that game all the way dale. It was good that the more global was that he three and a half quarter game vs a two quarter game because you knew that Clemson was key rate to be in for a four daughters by sixty minute game and that's exactly the way it played out now stand from Spartanburg -- talk about five star recruits stay and welcome manner that you have a great afternoon. Oh yeah the weather's just beautiful. And oh yeah yeah oh well keep that respect is the Alia. Operates I was wondering. You know would you go out. The hospital group off and play. Well it out quite. Pretty or coal group I. You know actually out there and put them in they're like oh or you know when. You but I think. In on what the impact. All right appreciate that phone call stands first of all I think you look at the incident here this kid that. Xavier Kelley from Wichita. I mean he looks every part of it 65 to forty now. Getting back what we said a little bit about Dexter art so many times you when you see those guys you want them first coming off the bus because. So many times they look like parsing and play like Jane that's not the case there. Yeah I keep going back to look at Keith McCain hits you know back in the day from Alabama one of the top two or three draft picks and NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Richmond. Just did not par late to the NFL level so. It's at 5050s. Split of how well five star players go on to out perform in the NFL. Lot of ties from them as you well know from coaching college basketball at different motivational process. Oh without a doubt in a lot of it has to do with. Not only just their mental preparation their mental make up but also the coaching at they have as well that can play a part of it. Into in terms of their next level and I think there. There is a higher percentage of the five stars that actually make it stands people think so. You know from that perspective. Five stars do matter and new you have to remember that now what I did also lose the that. I was happy from a Clemson fan perspective that Kelly Bryant did quickly learned that there is a player out there that's not a five star guy. That I think is gonna be playing for awhile just for calls that he does everything the intangibles particularly bright figured out what I need some way to get to ball. I'm thrown at hunter ran for. IDC says is her rent for the state Alabama killer or one coming up would pay the other nine catches verses a state Alabama team on Saturday night and then yet let's got to give credit rate Mary McLeod yet and his mistake they're they did in the first quarter and made some big catches as well 844 GS PE SPN it will take about Monday Night Football on a whole lot more but we got updated top 25 when we come back.