Straight Up With Sturg 7-20-2018 Hour 3

Straight Up With Sturg
Friday, July 20th
MLB, Some fun with people on twitter, Dave Koehn interview, NFL Flag rule.

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Are welcome back in Tomlinson. Major League Baseball they are on the way out to break in. Yet here's the deal we see some trades could AM in the last couple days low power. How old. Power Atlanta Braves can handle this and if you don't column you're Atlanta Braves Patrick. Quite frankly you're a world of trouble with me on the Grey's fan can't attack I am my remain as a Mets then. And my mother's the Yankees fan how we all coherently get along I don't know. Well. I hate the one dean is the Braves are very fortunate right now to bill only be a half game out of first place with Doug crappy bullpen they've had all year long now and I they're gotten body they literally literally gotten. You pitching have from the starting in things anonymous really thought or possible listen they've got some stacked armed stay on lower low levels so. Here's a pain they're not can be just stab parting with talent just to pick up renal players that's the one that I'm interested to see but one Dayton. Apparently. They've already reached out to his Baltimore Orioles Zach Britton. Here's a a guy in the bullpen is last several outings with the Orioles his gotten increasingly and increasingly. More sharp. As a matter of fact ESPN's Gerri crass it says that the Braves right got actively out there searching for bullpen help. In that the Braves had talked to the Orioles about Zach Britton so you can add them to the list the teams in the mix it weighing its needs bold and help. Now has a lot of talent in the system a lot depends on how deep Alex Ian Dupuis is willing to dig for a rental player and of course that's the new GM. There in the brain systems so. They got a ton of talent I think EG. He would be at this point right now. Either got to make a decision here in the next two weeks were an editor is staying or we know we're still one year away when we're going to be able to hit the free agent market with a ton of money that we been back rolling. But he got a few extra arms a little bit of talent down there. I think he got to make a run for now because they are no guarantees next year that Bryce Harper or anybody else signs with the Atlanta Braves. And the thing is is like we we already know now. What you've got. We we are well beyond the halfway point you kind of RTC art this is the team this is how they kind of operate this is how they kind of get their runs and some point that. And you guarding can make a decision. There in contention. And have a good shot of winning the division winning price said did you know vice get a chance to knock off the nationals excesses in the listen Phillies is the bill is our leading. The Phillies and they're making a play I think for Cole is a Cole Hamels I think so. Vietnam. Go over there. Dig area at a Sunni area at a did he go over to the Phillies. Are out I was remembering or port. I think he did. Over the off season he went to the Phillies and then like we too he was tellem. We need to get a bit different attitude into the clubhouse and with the cubs we had a winning attitude. The Phillies it had that they changed the momentum the Phillies are now leading the NL east. The Braves are right behind the nationals are close. No one thought half what they thought this is going to be a runaway division. The Braves can't win this division you've just got to put in a little bit more. All right. Is it fair to say Wal-Mart absolutely won that exchange with the Tennessee guy on Twitter earlier this year there's talk united and ready you raid donate Philadelphia Philly fanned it here in Tampa. I got visiting family in tweaks GMAC about. I'm downing Greenville visiting in laws with your station on in my truck I hate to break it T. I hate to break it to you all about the bracelet the National League east is the Phillies division again. Leave it to you real sports city it's gonna be at Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons Oliver Ginn Kitna. In then hits me up and says that Sturgis sports read and learned buddy Atlanta is a god awful sports tale. They do you have Dave Dave they've been and a couple of Super Bowls they have a Major League Baseball championship in the thing is. The best part about me leaving Philadelphia last year from the army navy day in navy game was getting on the app plane in leaving Philadelphia. Now I got some great prints up there and and a business and things of that nature. This guy wants to rail line eat anything from Atlanta Weis is compared to what eyewitnesses saw there in Philadelphia be my guest call them will go out a big Eagles finally got up this match it's not I didn't. I love Carson Wentz but let me tell you somebody. You'll come down Hamas city Eagles start troll me on Twitter about Atlanta sports when I just went up to Philadelphia and Saul. What Philadelphia is all about exactly. Stay up there as far as I'm concerned don't come down here talking smack let me tell you sub and they're drowned but god. Is the dad nickname on Twitter name me neither did drowned GA WD. Gosh the the drowned in god is the good Twitter Twitter Twitter handled that pretty pretty lame and its own right but let me ask this guy did stay on here talking smack about Atlanta and promote in Philadelphia. Tell me the last time you've heard somebody say. I'm gonna go retire up north 844 GS PE SPN Dre don't God's if you want to if you have an answer for somebody. It's day on here is you know that there has there is retired up north at any point in their life and that includes Philadelphia. Give me a call baby because like I said they are coming down here in droves from up north they know what it's all about that's the south maybe you're damned here visiting your in laws. Not only that Atlanta had a hockey team. But we're still is hockey team well did not. The flyers pretty badly I mean I was right but we don't otherwise your national's capital I don't know does apply here. Drug about the flat Bob Dole flyers in the seventies what oh what are they they really the meat is team that ever played in the NHL had more penalty minutes and any other and they still do but this is because they don't know how to play hockey blessed thank you for listening and are stationed there again you don't college give us some smack about it landed on the right didn't it just understand I went in the army navy game in Philadelphia. In by the way the biggest joke about Philadelphia okay. What if you go to Philly where you think you're going to eat cheese steak there's two places that it. We get told about all the time that's ingenious day everybody in Philly says that is nothing but a tourist Joseph get in we got taken to Dallas on Andrews. In May and it was next level absolutely. Next. So I eight. Billy is a place I wanna go visit. Here's here's a thing they got awesome setup with their stadiums there with the football stadium the basketball. Arena and in the baseball stadium all right here kind of share in a parking lot right there. I deal wanted to visit Philly because I think is an awesome food cultures of fans are passionate they love their sport they hate each other that's what I figured out selling here in the south. We will go more hate our team before we Haiti job right exactly yeah listen. You can pick on Georgia all you want to you until your from the north and start picking on the University of Georgia then Moraga circle each other and that's security that attack on what I was that lesson I hope you're having a great weekend. A great time here in the upstate and I would recommend he go out there and check out smoke on the water this weekend they go so. Again but that was fun guy as he net aides just looking like we've been the last two army navy games. Not going to be able to do it this year Philadelphia and really I hate that because it outside of them pick. We play golf they'll hear it because she Rick had pigs don't understand hockey. Old clay exit thrashers a very critical flyers but it's not your place to talk crap. Stuck our foot was in the seventies may it is in it is my place talk crap because my team is the reigning defending our business okay the tee and awards here until it got to say it. I can because my team is already have an exam ago against Anke I need this an hour before I go on vacation now a daily single mark he can't win and you an argument with an Eagles Randy got a better chance of winning an argument with the rocker walked. Now Syria and I think I don't know if the flyers. Love the flyers club passion well everything about a but the thing is they are step below where they need to be. Does and her historic organization. That nothing but respect for and I can joke around saying that they don't count or anything like that now. As far as the NBA is concerned when we were out there for army navy we went to see the Avant. 76ers play the lakers know last now we had a ridiculously long day of travel and gone up in north Philly to getting spam urges and they're the ones that took his Delis Sondra is. I just and I think it's NBA basketball's a whole I don't think it's just Philadelphia I was bored silly and we left at the end of the third quarter number two. Did so wearing jerseys to gains would know who T shirt underneath. I am sorry we have role stand here are you mean usually wearing the jerseys to the game to the young kids you know and I mean in that. Let them go do that digs 35 years old shouldn't be wearing. Jerseys to NBA games unless they got a long sleeved T shirt or so on underneath. Yeah I don't like. Personally I've never been a fan of just the Jersey. Have something underneath there's a mind. That's just me personally but I I do we were a bit to a few hornets games and their people like numbers like. I will buy you a teacher just put it on it is. Scott understand he cited by news the journal got his daily game affirmed therms reference. Got seventeen year old lad and don't get this watch says stuff set not listen we had a great show we had a great time in Philadelphia this is giving a hard time I tell you what they did right up there. Is where their new stadiums are but it. Both the apple on the baseball and then there their arena as well bring Mitch right their next of interstate altogether if we get in his major cities Jim property is a huge huge issue moved so you might as well just go ahead and share the parking lots and they've done that they did a really really good thing and then there's this. Sports bar. Like about a half a mile wade did this sting was a grocery store one point it's the biggest sports bar I've ever been to his slate of fate that. Chicken fills or someplace that can't brought the top of my head now also this. On my bucket list of sports arena as I have to go see I do wanted to see a flyers game and filling growth. Because there's this stock guy out and well and is like is like one of those things where. Blackhawks penguins. Rangers what they want an original six yeah yeah. Bummed I'm just like. Those are the teams I want to see because the hockey fan base are are very passionate they're very loyal and to me that's just. That's screens a good time even if it's a team. That I had in there that no dog in the fight I just wanted to watch it. He dug up in your book that the one of two professional hockey games ever been to visit the MCI center in Washington we saw that connect us and the in the caps play we're out there for the final Clemson mailing game. You know or male one lasting into the Big Ten and we've never been tough hockey game before it won the I did before get out of break we'll get back on track drowned got to be a great trip down here are just sentence upon with you again. Make sure if you're in town IDB 3-D V three choices hit more than three smoke on the water bottoming pizza or the spiced cider out of five ports but. This was the highlight this is what got the biggest cheer. It the conducts capital gain a year I would check him was poignancy as part of the team son did gotten need. How right in front of the does is it public goalie box. The lyric take the goal so I'm talking he's dale for like twenty minutes bullying like it SOB I mean we thought and for about two minutes and I might be dead easy what movement. So after they gave him up and move it around and I give him on the stretcher and off the ice there's blood on the ice. All right Sid the guys come out and they starts. With the hockey stick taken the ice it's got blood on it in scoop and it toward the goal. When they finally crossed the. Blue line of the goal with that everybody in the Arenas stood up started cheered. Like wait a second read that's hard core right there get a here's this guy you don't even know it isn't baby is right now we cheer what his blood gets pulled over the blue boy does he know he's in the back. Mean as soon as he got me a conscious or member who do what he wanted that he hit hit hit hit expected. This gambrel Guillermo followed. The NBA is up there with the NFL's greatest sport in the country you guys are missing out at a college football and NASCAR overrated so again so agree to disagree. I wish I can call that I've been a packed car was women who don't want it your week. That is so great meadow are sad to Kobe's place at all is some point would you don't have the women around it. I'd take you away if you hit the up at Sturgis sports so obviously you are already out I have to have a beverage way Don Imus smoke on the water he's got a powerful way of its. That don't wanted to call it to a sports show but I've only thing I do agree of one of his comments. NASCAR then don't get it. I like I can get everything out one at a NASCAR and about a 62 highlight on ESPN in show me the Rex first before show me the checkered flag. College football. I'm sorry that's where he would that's where the passion as I went to Alabama we got Clemson but let me tell a the most passionate that they're receiving college football. That doesn't have all the screw you nastiness that we get into is what we went there to Philadelphia for the army navy game we were fortunate we saw Baltimore the year before and the that's a high that way in sport Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series probably the two highlights in my career. DC in this kind of like one of those things where because he you know he he lives in Philly. That it's a major sport sound like here's our car we don't have any pro teams like college sports. Our sports those are the professional teams to. It's. Up to about 200 Kara did aggregate jokes. Hello there I can't repeat on the air and they're not related to. Well maybe they are but the point is a sports it's fine. It got thinks or does knitted I hope you're appear miles a year and listened will give you and I mean this whole heartedly I give yet. Get the women to smoke on the water maybe you can call and I am on vacation next week I love to hear from me. At some time as far as Robbie g.'s suite to be just a few minutes ago I would like to be able to come back from vacation. And have my job so why layered. But if Robbie gee if you're listening the thing is is guess what to beaver stadium and Ohio State's you can't did you see this situation like a hundred people are claiming they were abused by the dot her back in the day with the Ohio State's new. Something Big Ten teams in abuse and mockery and didn't just not a good thing. Going on I will get back on schedule here when we come back the British Open let's I got one more interview that I wanna bring you. And that's what buddy did eighteen he's a voice of the Virginia Cavaliers. We Matt. He met on the job like four days and he was rocked and it also will bring that he is well 844 GS PE SP and also when we come back. I'm normally been on vacation Marvin I know what I'm doing tonight. All right see you ready for twittered. Donald Trump's after the NFL again network appears NFL and the players. Association releasing joint statement last night saying that they hear. The NFL and the NFL players is the association through recent discussions have been working on a resolution to the information. In order to allow this constructive dialogue to continue we have to come to a standstill agreement on the NFL players association agreement. In on the NFL's anthem policy. No new roles relating to name them will be issue or in force for the next several weeks while these confidential discussions are ongoing. The NFL and NFL players association reflect the great values of America. Which are repeatedly demonstrated by the many players do an extraordinary work in the communities across our country to promote equality fairness and justice. They goes on to say our shared focus will remain on finding a solution today anthem issued three mutual good faith commitments outside of litigation. All right listen first to bog Sundays off I work six days a week. Including college football Saturdays and Sunday out that's not one day to be what my wife and child my child's going to be a junior in high school this year. I'm not piston that what the NFL can't come to some kind of situation in which say get the players to stand for the National Anthem. I can go and tell you are things perfect in this country now. No but guess what kneeling for the national it them disrespect my grandfather that fought in World War I so we can have this freedom go look it. Don't look at all the people that lawsuit life. I'd give it your make it a protest ever something else but kneeling for the National Anthem is seats in my personal opinion. It's nothing but disrespectful. To every fame weight it is had somebody give their ultimate sacrifice. In losing their life in a war. Those are the people that gave you the right to go out there in kneel on the side lights. I don't buy for a minute. All this stuff is up viewership blob all bought it's going dale. The only reason that the money went up last year was due to a contract signed a few years ago or more television money's coming in. I know when I go have you adult beverage Wear a light to go with my friends. They all white did NFL's dead to me with this. So it's some point this is gonna play out I have no motivation we got panthers' season tickets. No motivation to go put myself in that situation if I'm gonna watch somebody Neil it is their right but we Chris teacher right. Doesn't mean you have to do it. I know they're trying to promote something else. I look at it is that is he middle finger. The ultimate middle finger to every single family. That is had someone give the ultimate sacrifice in letting this country be where it is I'm not blinded to issues that are going on. But kneeling for the nationally at them is in will always be nothing but disrespectful in my book. In there's no middle ground on it. The way no none of that's fine and that the way I viewing a Mike he had they can do it. It is in their I was egos run Megan Taylor street what was it is is their First Amendment right it's their freedom to protest that's fine I understand that. For me I don't agree with that I don't like. And the reason I don't like it is because I just feel like. The National Anthem has been. The game. Something that we've all stood for and some and sporting events. That I learned as a kid via hey this is to remember everyone in this is to salute the country this is. Four for the country and the thing is for me is when I see things like this. Find your first memory I understand that good for you for exercising it but the thing is I don't like the way you're doing it with this where. There are times where I'll see. People. In the National Anthem a really great example the Boston bombings and first sporting event was the Boston Bruins. 20000 people in Boston saying the National Anthem why because it was a symbol to say hey we are America were overcome this. I am fortunate I gave in to visit for different but no excuse me three different countries next week on our vacation. I have traveled all over this world I've been in Europe I've been in. You Scandinavia. Dent the Caribbean Mexico I react Canada 23 different countries I've been fortunate enough to in there may be a few more. I'm forgetting about. This is the greatest country to country on this earth I great we have issues. Every time I leave here I ate kissed the ground when I get back. The people they've never been anywhere the ones that 1 or tier I am now. I'm all for paying my taxes and making it better but NFL is about to make me feel bad about thinks. I stay away from things that I feel bad about. I'll always. Wants the NF LK. I don't agree with what their players are doing that's fine. I look in the way of of my friends. Garrett. In my friends had a different political leaning deny did and they said some things I didn't agree with or did things I didn't agree with. Politically like no. Politically motivated some but that. That's fine I can live with that. But the thing is at the end of the day we're still friends aren't as long as I mean you are still friends is still goods. Like that's all I'm worried about this over the NFL I have a college with the info. I don't USO it was a of the players do even on my own team that I support I root for but the thing is of the in the day I will still watch the Prada. How and again mine is give you would do and all this stuff all day on Saturday India one day to be with your wife and child. He again it makes me feel bad not listen I've lived here I know what goes on I realized these struggles that that they've been through there everybody's been through my family's been theory. But again. Just it's the flag be 88. And it's we fought wars in. Football is about to screw up and make people start feeling bad. In when that happens guess what you gonna seem Whitmore cord cutting go going on. Ready start because they don't I mean that's why maintain the SEC network was genius they put it out they are headed the last collapse of the economy in their the only one sick can get away with it. I I am a red blooded American I pay my taxes every single year. It just doesn't make me feel good about it so therefore I will avoid it in my question is there and they're gonna be in that mean more people like me. They on the line I don't know but I didn't know what it's all likened it. Because of thing is is likely we can already see it from just last year and last year we saw people. Eat and this is the power and the curse of social media can. There's one action would either help. The cause or hurt their cause and in some people's eyes it solvent the protests ago you know what. That's that's great because he saw them we saw them I said the first minute and bring light to subject but they knew that the other half of the social media saying. What are you doing my bit roses this is it right I don't know. I don't give in to act as. Pop sporting events is my escape from politics here real life it's not bringing another situation to it our family we've had season tickets to the theater sincere original season year. In Death Valley and clubs and this was the first offseason where we've ever had a discussion and we were getting rid of them. Now days age has a little something to do with that things of that nature swelled and it's been a great investment. Is for our family as well but this was Steve it was about the fly. So it. Yet again there's no perfect answer to any of this stuff but again personally I. I I mean I'm in the sports to forget about real life I've got enough issues ago on. So I don't need to be made to feel bad about it now that's me partially doesn't mean as to be everybody is just my personal opinion. But I would also say this. I. Am a friend of mine whose family is from Holland they are required to put at least one if not two years military service and if you're Dutch. So. India and yet they they there's some benefits for them doing that. I would in this country if you were eighteen years old and you graduate high school. Indeed do which are solicited by the that you go on to college go to war you go into the military whatever. Sometime around 2122. When you're starting to. Maybe given 2000 bug she got to go visit to other countries. Because again it this is the greatest country on this earth and it's not close. Now and I have been and now I haven't been to Scandinavia and to Norway. But I've been by but I just that's the way I feel about it I'm sorry. There is some it makes me feel Biden again I'm not in the minded herb I don't know if I'm in the minority and not Elise within my inner circle of friends are not in the minority when it comes to this everybody's gotta give in the middle finger. To Roger Goodell in the NFL right now I mean listen it's not a one year thing that would hurt the league you'll be over the course of five or six years set. You know they're gonna get together and try to get it just don't bring him out. That would be my answer make him stay back here because. I think in the rule book in the NFL it states. Players must stay ended attention on the sidelines with their hand over the heart while the while the the intimates mean played in that's why you what precipitated all of this where the Miami Dolphins she's so they're get raided a right and there are suspend a player. You know way up to four games. Crap Janus was just settled me. Another assault case he's out three games we saw the situation with the you know who what to raise the the wide receiver his girlfriend was beat day on an L they got to change Ray Rice that now you can't get back in the league. Come I'll keep this in the context to what it is don't suspend somebody more for a mile per National Anthem it's committed sexual assault or anything Yeltsin that nature let's also get this in the correct context of breslaw why he's has been players for nationally in the mile. Late eyewitness dolphins will write it into their code of conduct more I mean the thing is is for me. First offense fine second beds one games is that right but I don't like game suspensions for something that happened. That's something like that right plate dinners was I guess is and three games poor. Abusing boomer drivers but Tom Brady is finished four for deflating bubble and let's keep in the context away come on all right let's get out there break couple more segments left out we'll give you the British Open leaderboard also. Told you I know what I'm doing the night before I go get on that airplane to more and it's gonna or acquire watching something on my laptop. One final interview from ACC football pick up this is my buddy David Kahne the voice in the Virginia Cavaliers. Mark Childress were sit here ACC football kick off in guy in Charlotte the end I. I don't know about eight years ago I come walking in from seed Francisco daily in Georgia. In the foursome that's why we succumb here's a play golf is seeking the voice of the Virginia Cavaliers they came to a city dale with those. Let me take you out here Kansas Vermont whatever I would cut your legs off for his voice. All I agree. Did just when I met in the second rounds like all envious and rents at Dave listen boardwalk it's football season last year's been put to bed what are we hoping for out of Virginia this year because. A couple of years ago when else would Bronco Mendenhall away from BYU at the it's one the best tires I've seen you know long time. Well let me first of all say keep relates to the boys will not teach you any further than your legs swell to up value this is ours bronco. Who are aware of the expectations I think. You know I've gone through this at some level Virginia is a different place if it just is from a standpoint of athletics it's a different type of kid you're recruiting to Virginia. You have to know that it and it's that sense you have to hire coaches a little bit differently and I think bronco is a different kind of coach in terms of what he his expectations are in terms of how he goes about things. He's not altogether different Tony Bennett Virginia's men's basketball coach who also came in feeling like you do this with a slow build. And it was low I mean not a hearing your three when I think back to basketball or Tony Bennett. We were thinking voices they get a problem. You know because it isn't it takes some time and sure enough I think it was your fourth five when it really did. Football typically even takes longer than that you don't mean it that this is the aircraft carriers that you just don't talk on time. And so a lot I think we start to see signs of progress last year but the biggest challenge that bronco status is building depth. There's just hasn't been depth and I think that the program when he took it over you did have some decent top line talent. But she didn't have anyone to back rugged no margin for air in it still continues to play this cavalier approach to some measure but. I think this year you have a much more manageable schedule for Virginia and that's a key component in these guys are are racked up 56 years ago. Virginia was by one of the hardest schedules in the country year in year out. Going all the way across the country pointed to the West Coast that's not happening anymore and I think it's probably a bit more appropriate where the program is right now. So maybe a couple of years Virginia opens up with Georgia in 2000. What does that twenties if that chip away three games of what three days a week yet lies great site that's great exposure for English. But assuming you take advantage of it in in make it decent showing him things. Now if you get pasted is a good exposure that are I don't know I mean so you better hope you're ready by that time I think they will be. We're seeing signs of that but. Bomb. That is a long windy question from a radio guy in I don't try to remember what the original question one expectations that hesitation yeah this season yeah I think the expectation is to get back to the postseason. If you get back to a ball game to be the first time for Virginia believe it or not since 2004 and five when it back to back bowl season so. That's kind of the thought that the cavaliers find themselves in right now and the bars a little lower. You mention the schedule Richmond Indiana Ohio out of the box it sounds like you can get some confidence built it's some wins under the belt before you lay into the ACC schedules are kind of what you're thinking yeah I mean I think that there there is definitely yeah you you've got to feel like you've got a very realistic chance of winning those games but it's the same time Indiana's looking at this game saying we gotta Virginia team that we just feed on the road and at home this year because Indiana beepers and look to do that you can't take anything for granite right now your Virginia and that includes Ohio an Ohio team that actually has a lot of players back from a team that was pretty darn good makes last year. Kind of a scary game was this taken their. We'd kind of game because if you win a result he should've beaten them. But if you lose it which is very Noah use the you don't wanna sleep on these guys he got Richmond you should hopefully be able to take care of that but. Yeah I see just can't take anything for granted and you know those little things are gonna matter and I think when Virginia looks at this season least from my perspective. The biggest question is going to be as it has been for some time now as a quarterback play in you've got a new quarterback transfer or price Perkins. Who has the ability to move he's got he's got good speed but they might mind what the question is how well Khamese role when teams down to throw and that's going to be. A big part of the puzzle. The other thing is you got to look at schedule. The home schedule I mean you get lol would you give Miami you get North Carolina Pitt and yet that's where if you wanna get the post season yup. I hold service home and then try to sneak one or two on the road. Lot of 5050 yes lots lot of 5050 games on the schedule for the cavaliers this year and in so we. And with that distinct we go any number of directions but I I think that this team. Returns are pretty good core defensively I think they're going to be very. Stout on that side of things but you need more than just defense psalm eating a special teams Virginia hasn't been under Bronco Mendenhall Virginia's not had a kicker make a field goal with forty yards boy that's hard one and two years in reviewing your team news scrapping and clawing like this team is you cannot afford. To leave points on the table BP in that is something that they go freshman kicker coming in we'll see how that happens but. Some pieces that need to improve I think it is slowly improving each and I think this if I had to guess I think this he will be bowl eligible again this year but. Time will tell us. All right before we close up to eighteen the group voices Virginia Cavaliers should be stopped and thought about your last year's number one and forget what happened in the NC turnabout yelled one of baseball and I don't you know what you're talking about let's. But you know going through B and number one seed in the ACC basketball tournament a national chelios chipped in baseball since you've taken over this Virginia. You voice of the Virginia Cavaliers I have no doubt that guess what you get back in football it's well. Yeah I hope so I don't want you to think I'm ready that's how the curse of. Came no pain no McCain no pain I don't know it's just become over the number Libya expressions for this but. Yes and so on I mean I think Virginia is fun because you do have some difference forcing him to you know make some noise but. Football is the one though that there everybody's talking about it if you BA because you've got a good turnaround in today's they need your modern sports that's the driver meaning it is the monetary driver. It's become the focus and I think given new athletic director Virginia which is the kind of fun to see you Carl Williams who's been. Relief energizing I think there was some fresh perspective and I think she really does. Grasp the importance of football and we need to improve facilities. And get that thing go in the right direction so that is the one missing ingredient and it's a big one. All right we'll listen takes from Macon some time with this always great CU it went out lay eyes on you felt like football season let's do it on the same way mavericks ever since I've been your surgery like you said that so. We're back for the and he didn't grow beards back as you did admit that golf game still good and he paid back big kid hated half a mile but we don't know it's now or you're guaranteed access to dismiss and never been good but it's it's par for one is par for the course all right thanks Dave proceed next. Then again then. Just want to hear that backer of the speakers have you won exactly nice it easily 34 years old. Our boys so. Again you went to Kansas. Left by the University of Vermont is the boy yeah I mean might it 28 years old he was hired as the voice of Virginia Cavaliers and yeah I met him play golf on the golf course and ACC football kick off and we kept up ever sense and that the that was literally the first interview we did I. Hear are here because. So anyway it worked out really really well let's go out to break all close up shop remember. I'm back in like one type in the next two weeks after vacation we're home for one day minutes back into the hospitals so anyway it is what it is what I. North Carolina could be without up to eight doesn't football players. At some point during this season after the school's self reported in CAA violations for selling. University is she she's an athletic gear. That's where we're talking about free shoes university coming out according to the report UNC reported the violations in February. Which were deemed secondary in nature we have high expectations of all of our students coaches and staff. And we expect every one to abide in embracing the team in NC rolls. North Carolina athletic greater Bubba Cunningham and said in a statement we are disappointed and when we fall short but we always strived to be better. Okay ups. They did what it. Remember FS she back in the day and all that stuff that when there was shoplifting and guess what they got named free shoes university won't even do at North Carolina here. The tour I was trying to think elegant acronym to go over UNC it doesn't work. I don't but Fedora listener he's obviously. He's on edge because. He dropped enrolled do their own Wednesday lighten up and I've ever seen with some his comments about. Talking to a general. About. The game of college football on set all earlier than other countries in the world that are all in disarray was one thing they all have in common. No college football. It's our military's it's just a minute all right the other thing is. I told you guys what I there's something I'm doing tonight you know this is it this my final four or so minutes before we head out on vacation. I want to last year she you tonight season three premieres on Netflix. I'm looking forward to it in its not gonna be back east Mississippi community college it's about a community college. Out there in in Kansas by the name of by independents Community Colleges apparently from what I have heard. The the coach likes to cuss in this on this field as well yeah we heard all about buddy Stevens and yeah the way he treated people Barlow from what I gathered that sort of the same road that we are going down when it comes to this particular episode last year she. I'll say this. There's not many shows that me in my or manual agree on because I have one TV. So there's not me says I mean animal agree on that we can watch the other. Without a doubt that is one of the shows that we cannot get enough of plays we watch it every time it like a new season comes up on Netflix we watch it immediately. Yeah I think I watched all five page the first year they release him like once a week denying. And then and I guess I didn't do whatever was going I think it does the second season orders release when my wife was going to her second battle with breast cancer side he got down a month before I got in on what cycle five and two and a half hour she knows it and so why. I like it because she's there here's a chance to these kids you have for whatever reason haven't reached their potential strategy is to get it right again in a and that's what should be Eric. That's when it should be about Iger and I'll love the show. So again that's one thing. I'll be doing tonight also don't forget tomorrow at the final day of our 2018. Roll rock and roll up your sleeve but a blood drive I mean this thing is gone there were great guns but. Listen. I you continued continue to give it locations tomorrow which include. Oliver green will not to mention Anderson Simpson bill. It just come by Harley-Davidson here on crime drive from two to 7 PM I mean new Berry bowling springs. But here's the deal it's going really really well day two today so just you know that's when did that's one Dane. Yeah I don't even know yeah. I guess so probably had me hooked up to a blood drip percent to one I have in my neck surgery on August 1 say you know there's something that can affect me right there so to. Again. Get out and give it Canadians. Anyways in. Patrick I gotta be honest with about some fun with you here I'm glad he can't get out there play Carolina golf that body woods this morning lot of done a great job this week at filling in for diesel and think did despite your demented. Two year low country I think so well myself kind of attitude and yet your game cartridge and on several Amman. So what white guy does the longer it look at your right that is on I didn't go there this summer and I'm mad says it's their fault not mine. Okay than. Ours their fault not mine I really think what we've I need to get down to Charles and also did hello hey I got my niece just had a her first child GAO my parents are great grandchild damage IT get down there right now we go on this trip than I've got that surgery on August 1 and then I there's like one day off between then and ended the year. You know I think I'm going anywhere won't won't find today have in the future right Childress is sketchy nailed down all next week that includes Thursday painters training camp up in Spartanburg remember you can go park it wild wing cafe. Have so far and have some food and catch a shuttle bus rider ever to get stadium for the opening. A pay there's training camp on Thursday so make sure you get over there. I will be back on Tuesday the 31 then I'm back out for thirty days for surgery hope all of you all have a bless wake up mom vacation. I appreciate everything media days is done and don't forget Thursday we do have Greenville county high school football media days if you will at 4 PM they're Bonser core wellness Serena but for everybody here ESP in upstate including. My producer today Patrick Brown I apologize have a blessed evening.