Straight Up With Sturg 7-20-2018 Hour 1

Straight Up With Sturg
Friday, July 20th
Media Day, Golf, SEC Media Votes.

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Is C Friday addition of straight up was stirred the lab in the studio with my buddy Patrick Brown. And we'll make fun of each other here in the next three hours bridges it is my last time on the air before I go on vacation so hot. You're feeling good basically have to look ever hear my former co host and now the co host of the huddle with that Greg would Kenny is sit and every you're still working diligently on a Friday afternoon after getting off the years thank you for making me feel bad right off the rappers and we were. Well I knew that's my point of doing that just to show you that. They just took calls you go off the air doesn't mean you have to stop working you are right I'm in the same boat as you I've got a limited amount of time. To get things done because I'm on vacation next week as well we're Google and Rosemary beach now bright man says. Indeed real quickly all right Soo set it up for you to go up after I believed to come back may be on the air yesterday. You have talked a bunch of people with this you've been through media days on maybe the other side of things if you will be uniform manager Clemson or something along those lines fit. It was it. You know what shear wind actually did description of what you experienced yesterday in Charl and lets them. Put me on the spot in terms of trying to describe it and no one worried. Chaotic. Yeah I don't know if it was chaotic but just because I've never been Brian Weis though. That could've been normal to me in terms of just how. How was our ally this big his you know is on leave and are caught some stuff there was a huge cloud hanging over Wednesday's coastal division meeting so if you will. In the name was the Clemson Tigers. It is matter you're talking to Pitt coach Matt Patton are doozy and it meant you were talking to. Clemson was a topic whether it was we got to close the gap autumn or something so. Rule in must've been like a rock star status is data ms. Sweeney in Cleveland Ferrell admits I that are walk in their way through because. Even the other coaches and players were commenting on them well and it was the same talk. Track for the Atlantic Division is that. Everybody's trying to do right now chase Clemson and who can catch up to Clinton everybody knows that with the win the ACC. You have to go through constant regardless if there's teams that are showing improvement is there going to be more excitement with. Florida State we know there are talented but came Willie Taggart can he actually. Get them to the point of where they were just a few years ago a news from river Florida State was that teens. That was the team that you had to go through to win the ACC and finally Clinton was able to get over the hump. And so now it's what can Clemson do to stay at that level without having those teams catch up. To the but the other thing is south probably Williams about tiger illustrated hit the nail on the head for years ago we heard of culture issues at Florida State. You go into the old Jane is staying in guys not liking each other not backing each other. In the end and you weren't allowed to asset questioned be damned if you did you're gonna get black mauled by a Florida State if you ask that question three or four years ago. All I heard yesterday was confirmation that that was actually the truth in which set program had run the last couple years and quite frankly it was time for change regardless agenda Fisher was leaving for Texas a and. Am aware ever. Those interesting that IA. Was there for Brian Byrnes Stevenson in Florida State and can makers running back for Florida State and also for Willie Taggart when he. Had his one on ones and or his breakout session I should say. And it was the theme of the conversation from both Brian and cam both players that. There one word basically if you wanna give an adjective or a man whatever it was accountability and and that's been the biggest thing that I solve that. They kept talking about was. This renewed sense of accountability that they hadn't had that accountability I'm talking just going to class. Are you you would do an offseason workouts. What are you doing off the field and on the field are you being held responsible in it seems like for whatever reason. Jim both Fisher didn't actually have that works it had just become lax over the years. Just by the Fisher was pissed off the last few years I mean people don't know the story caught his wife cheap non and they've got a special needs child not only was she cheat on and she was cheap not with the former football player of their rival Florida State. All right so he wasn't any good place if there was any by that needed to go. You washed and that is that India the board furry it was Jumbo Fisher I think it was very good form now. We'll see how it does final thing I want to ask you. For people they don't remember. You spent a couple of years on the act then bow on the static Clemson if you will is a manager for crap Ellis basketball team than three years as an assistant coach in. Before the other career came up so. I thought Cleveland Ferrell had some very very interest being in telling comment yesterday when he came to. Who's gonna play quarterback at Clemson this year. In it was a 100%. Backing of Kelly Brian and if he was absolutely clear about it this is what he had to say. Quote I feel like Kelly was definitely still the more ready quarterback at the into the spring definitely. He's a senior he has more trust and his teammates he knows the system. Any showed his skill and talent there is ability to run he's worked really hard in a slow comfortable everything some of flowed smoothly with them the whole team is behind them that's our guy. Unless the coaches say otherwise but my point being. The fans at the 35 yard line midway up in the stands can they can baking and want Trevor arts and everything else. In tale that locker room is ready for that move when he comes up. And it's likely gonna come up. You've got to sell that locker room before you can silly by sit on the 35 yard final Roque. Of course you. Do it all starts in the locker room and I would. Suspect they'll also. Has Trevor large had enough time. To. Have the locker room come to his side they haven't had enough experience and Cleveland Ferrell and Kelly Bryant. I don't know their relationship but I would imagine it's probably pretty good that they've been around each other for four years so. They've got this camaraderie and this doesn't. Surprise me that Cleveland farewell come out and support Kelly Brian because that's probably one of his boys and right now the coaching staff is saying that. It's Kelly clients and position until there is a change and Cleveland Terrell is. He's sounds like he's a consummate. Team player and he understands his roles and knows that. Based on if the coaches make a decision then the team is gonna have to buy into they might not agree with it a 100% but. The directive is this is our guy so they got to back him as well aegis clearly first volley is a es cada you know I didn't realize that Mitch. I it's the straight guy impairment that I mean yeah he's the east and gives you they answer that you expect to hear Cleveland fare rules are there with his fingers in his ears not want to hear about. How good the defense of finding club since gonna be this year but. This is way he said he has every one judge Gene Kelly Bryant based off of performance on one game on April 11 when he could not cut the ball up fill him run and do it he. Just quite frankly doesn't pay attention name in and listen it's going to be fascinating. Because the one thing is. Then they are some people they go maybe it could've been better with coal stout in the Shawn Watson a few years ago. I think we know the outcome that did Shawn Watson has a better quarterback. Without a doubt the I don't think it's just one game that people are make in this conclusion. For Kelly Brian it's not the spring game. It actually goes back to the game against Alabama. So you have that gain didn't followed up with a sub par performance. For Kelly Bryant standards. In the spring game and not being dead is just adding fuel to the fire. And I don't think that's necessarily fair that just the reality of what's happening because you Kelly Bryant. Had a really good season last year the lead that seemed to know what college football playoff I would expect it you're Clemson grads that you really expect that they'll. I definitely did not. But I'm also the guy saying that I think the coaching staff. Will make the decision based on who is the best player and from what I've seen. And from what I've read and from what my sources are saying is that. It seems to be Trevor Lawrence is the better talent now will he be ready if that's that's the question and Kelly Bryant has been in the system so he knows it's it's just a matter of Trevor Lawrence. Ready and he and I don't know he but I don't think he I think he will but he just by you will take over but I think it will be. I think even that defense of blind which is gonna lead the way this year I mean. I ate told the multiple people that voted for Clemson players. On the defense and volleyed up ACC football kickoff. In not Clemson media by the way before we're over here but I don't know I'm talking and others out there that urges that impressed. I think if they see it on that defense of Lima Cleveland fairly Christian would that they'll be able to sell it in the locker room. As well also. It's going to be interesting but I that was one in my takeaways was just. Everybody comet nom we got to close that gap will close and it's amazing four years ago to five years ago the dialogue was in clemson's win the big game. Of course and again as the same point it was you've got to get past F issue that in 2013. Or stay with national champion 2014. They actually played in the college. Football playoff you know they were there of the first year of that so it's not like Florida State was still not dead. The team to beat four years ago and it is interesting just an a four year period how that is switched and what it looks like now. Verses what it has been in the. Past all right final question for you from yesterday at ACC football kickoff. Then. It has yet you get a couple things a swagger when he checked in and ACC had water bottle on Nokia that's a do other things are right. But wins the afternoon about it and 2:33 o'clock they roll this lady and that his made the best. Like sugar cookies I stuck with the ACC logo on them and they were about a half minutes to an inch thick. Everybody goes and steals extra. Wins in this and that that is all laid out of the board. I snuck out of there with a few lecture cookie did they were all the cookie card out yesterday or what did they bring out yet I didn't see any of that so I'm very disappointed I must've been in the wrong place that. You provided a nice day you learn right where you come up escalator there where the media the radio row all them where the media guides are yet. They had this lady Wednesday. It again it can some might stop in Astor said. How did you do this if she does it with a laser you know the laser points down on the cookie and that's how Shiite. And here came home with Bob number I mean they were stacked up like twenty deep so I would not only went well today I know for sure they use those were not how sick I was seeking he probably had bowed jingles come Rolen and yesterday about 3 o'clock something needed easily do along those lines within again this year. You know it was different for me on Wednesday night. All they had was a reception. Any with good food but finger food but it wouldn't even it was over in the building next your leg and after that they lag caught. We didn't have to sit there through two Johns offered state of the union which he did earlier in the day but he does it again at dinner. In the in the produce video from that highlight. That would be sued just the fact you can see how these things and Albion scaled down year to year to year to year you know and Ameen says. The highlight of my trip seen about two friends have been some fine. Watching children's eyes about this big lead the fight against their efforts are right I I I had these moments awhile back again. When Ricky walker the defensive lineman of Virginia Tech we're gonna play his interview that was my favorite players interview that I did so we're gonna play it back today. He comes in sits down and puts the watched the Virginia Tech legend. It would mark sized at Mitt. Alice is like it was finding means almost like be let the excitement yet because. So there's a lot of guys and I could see it that you could tell they had been there for years and this was just going through the motions. And you know as we talked about earlier on no huddle is that. I was probably walking around with this globe right people were saying well. There's a first timer right there we pay I don't know where they get to 33 and I are better save it again yet there they Hollywood's I had those moments Dave we all did that. He said Al Keller there he's. On her you Ito and it was just like it it's some kind of weird way it's almost like watching your child experience something cool for the first time. Now Childress would be physically impossible for Debbie about Jimmy you know what I mean yes I know that was second scene yesterday and I'm glad everything yes nothing weird way help do appreciate it listen apple simply this yes it. Amy and that crew up there at the ACC they were their butts off I actually and I tell you sound. I was disappointed in some of my counterparts in the radio business on Wednesday. All right I heard leading up to you Wednesday because when I started going there and set not doing a radio show six years ago prices are talking about this last night maybe handouts and included yet the national stuff. 34 set up this year all right so just do the numbers you can't get people the same number of interviews and she did. You know six years ago. In I saw her put between same while dealing with the most thankless task every year by Dayton emails telling me how about a suck at my job more or less some Bayer praising. I did I what opposite route a senator thank you. Why his most thankless job out there also pitcher but they and go work yourself that's what I did that's why mark and I had so much stuff on that. And as these people like gut but again just I heard the bitch in in the moment and and you know what they try to be fair that portable. Eighty you don't get everything you want and guess what did they can go workforce so I was disappointed with some of the people that think yeah. The smoke clears and she come walking through like the Miami Hurricanes now guess what we're all equal representation of bigger no worse so. Hey man I'm glad you had a blast enjoy your vacation if you get it swing a golf club. I just want to know I teaching you how. And they're actually you know golf on this guy who is I just got my physical therapy scheduled down to the end of September and I know that is the earliest it made me let me loose in the world. Whatever else comes up comes up but I I know this much. I'm so it's an after this British Open to go play golf right now it is killing me in the fact that I heard you and Childers won again this past weekend. Okay are you out there yet now we're gonna do it better it would it would that's right we need to take advantage of that upstate golf cart also will we come back speaking of one of the courses there. Yesterday I was over the Carolina golf but he would pass it up for our buddy Patrick Brown my producer here. Today to go play this more a little update on that we'll start talking some more media days it's opened phones until 503. Great bouquet on a school athletic director dale romance is gonna join us. Tell us what they have going on on Thursday for their media days. I welcome back yet on this ride me addition British Open and we're gonna get that one as well but. Swing a golf before we get the phone lines yesterday I was I want to thank everybody doubted that Carolina golf that body would spur a great day yesterday a really nice people. Seriously man. Really. A good facility this available for rent a hundred bucks for family to join. You can't beat that by a set it up for Patrick Brown when his buddies to go out there and check it out earlier today Patrick you. Let's describe your golf game real quick as we head into rebuilding. Now. Not a it's consistent existent I shoot 84 okay zawahri so you view you know the average golfer she's a hundred yet. All right see you're an above average golfer like me. It in the one thing I'll show it is par threes right so I always tend to try to get back into the standings by playing par threes. Which is great for this course because. You didn't feel like he played the same eighteen holes like. You would go on the front Barry you play the first nine and then you go to the back nine you've played the same holds a different says he was different said he's different ways to approach and some class. There were few holes or kinda similar in the way you approached it. But besides that. The very very challenged about. Point is it's not what we think cup wins and tigers' par three which is you got lights up on the telephone pole and this and that he was let it take old school George Cobb design their. Meanders its way through. In. The only place there's parallel holes is really it's split archery judo and I mean so. They eat 8 AM boy you can see the work they're put an end to it where I am spec bit ago. I mean would you go play there again. Oh no doubt all right it it was a great course I shot. I think it was those thirteen over which was is is not that means bogey golf read the thing is. The seventeenth hole mainly wanna come back to it. Because there was a 125. Uphill shot and I stuck at four feet a gift and I was like I'm glad the backs that I can guys then but I was. That hole right there Maine wanna go back. Good and it again you you did that just the good people they made sure everything was taking care of for you sue. So that it that was sort of my dousing I want to get some might yeah I grew up here I'm proud of that. And you were joining again and but it. Like aside just wanna get some my else's opinion because you apart three. No this is this a school. The guy played with he. Just got certified with the PGA so so he is one of those top little golfers and so but I. And I was asking around the whole time Mike how do you feel I feel and the goat the whole family. The greens role really well. The only thing that we said was. You know just need to be trimmed that day where I think we caught on and off they write tramp but besides that it rolled well there are no bumps the greens are taking care of properly. Everything with great deficit in jail work. In backwards because yeah the greens back to the T. It you just claimants and stuff up and there's going to be some new tee boxes in the air eventually and they hired an actual superintendent. Says. I think there's really good days ahead. For Carol and I really really it's a really really well designed course very well capped the very beautiful and I didn't know. Do we went into the clubhouse to get a Gatorade or someone that we went in and we were like wow this looks really nice and here's why buy everything just. Top notch dinky colts all right let's go the thin lines Delmon I apologize other day he called then when we I had an interview coming up. Hope you're doing well and have you enjoyed the first week of talking season. And while we're talking about it and all the demand that it get honesty is important now Oreo. Our national map at our local net so ore body now. Delusional and in particular in the open circuit where. It's our. Our. You don't pay attention to me at all. Don't call or what slaughter you do you've got to sort sort of like PC and a work out what it is our source and became what would you have me if I'm about. What talent you don't reining in spite who won't be back and now at forty innings. How much do you senate it but it looks at a BP that's inept at what this book didn't like I very look we're the Dixie you know what it's either so player. Well I needed their multiple reasons in no no hold on they're multiple reasons Delmon McCain is number one you look at what Clemson is doing right now and we we talked about the list of you know Texas was 214 million ANN 211 at 185 was Ohio State Michigan Alabama Georgia right behind them. Close it was down at like 26. You know and I mean almost toward thirty they give our life. Well here's the deal some of the other schools in the ACC we're further day on the Mac. So that's one thing that's gonna give some of the Virginia is in the Virginia taxing thing it's gonna give him some more money much like Georgia Tech is well also yet. With that you should get better and what's honesty ACC has gotten better but to be more competitive bottom but top to bottom with the SEC. Yet that ACC network it's gonna have to bring their schools and some money. The beat anybody in the political debate cable networks like. Cable companies payload the impetus you were. They SEC network was brought on at the eight is the right time Dem in the Big Ten network those days and days that it's over you saw they advertise plus now cord cutting and everything else that goes on no you not see. Any theme in my opinion look these lists in the Big Ten network hadn't quite worked out the way the SEC network would but. I think yeah you're still given fans and corporate sponsors more what they want. Right. The real world market probably huge. Like Trotter is. I yet they're absolutely got to pick it up here because you're gonna see clumps in athletics on it no but listen Galvin thanks from me impatient I hope he'd take care Childress next week and now we'll talk T soon OK bud. My particular. Right and I guess it's going to be fascinating because that you listen. The he had bit as the SEC network was genius because he came out right before that. Last slowed down turn in the economy if you will. And oh yeah they went in there and they wired every single campus into their control rooms yet so there wasn't if you went to Arkansas. You hate you they're wearing a meat any difference in the quality come in from mayors say Columbia, South Carolina. In that was a brilliant move but again. They had a lot of extra money was to do that. When and what else are here. Because I'd I was a media major back and colleges of and we kind of talked to other colleges about how they're doing is somebody that. In South Carolina though like with the SEC network. For games like soccer or you know even some baseball games a gate bark has among network. Students actually run outs and students are actually part of the show which. We when you think about it when you see the networking like it's mostly the athletics the behind the scenes it's a lot of cool an interest in ways that the students can get involved as well actually help out and get a lot of experience first firsthand. Yeah absolutely all right will you allow me as your days mob boss this week to get out one last message before we go to break does have a pretty good feeling. That my mom and better on ID five probably listened us right now why they're on their way to Fort Mill South Carolina is again rate become great grandparents for the second time in about three weeks. Other side of the family from my other brother and I dare oldest son so will an ad B Jack congratulations. This is cool I love history all right. My dad is named William Buford Sturgis. In honor of my dad rainy and Susan my brother rainy and his wife season I named their oldest son William Buford Sturgis second. So. Willis will and his wife Abby there at the hospital this a good end here in the next few hours they are naming him we MB for Sturgis the third and Colin and true. While so mom dad go enjoy this again and you worn out after being in Charleston and yeah with your other what but man I mean that's pretty cool you. You become not grandparents great grandparents. From both sides of the fair at two different sides of the family if you will. In about a three week periods have been several going up there and in have fallen in love on that child who will talk to you when we get back are still opened fire and still the top of our 844 GS PE SPN. By the way the voting is in. From Atlanta and SEC media days will give you a break him. So media days are now over half ACC finished up. Yesterday afternoon as well as CS Southeastern Conference down in Atlanta and now I don't think we're supposed to get a break down of our voting from Charlotte until Monday so. If it happens to break here the next couple hours which I will beyoncé thinks kind of dot com. And know what they're doing is trying to bring it out on Monday to get into another news cycle but yeah it's also a little bit stale at that point as well. Well me to do it now now who are going to be inches and you play. I would have had a least try to go on a Saturday and played just haven't already give it to the people need to have it and just say report a missile site. I'd love to know who is sound like he got to kill individual ballots it was all down on line so I mean McCain is. We get you an SEC media days indeed yesterday we got at lunchtime the voting on that in no. You'll start outlets should be pretty she'll start up the east you'll go to the western you want. Overall you know what there's probably going to be a little bit. Maurer. Predictability in the west so let's start the west toward the unpredictability the east and then go with over right. I was actually some price between the east in the west there was a further separation between first place in second place in which side of the week is when it comes to voting power east yes you're right Georgia over South Carolina was a wider gap than Alabama over Auburn however he said you want to start with the west of Alabama 2631. Place votes Auburn nineteen. Mississippi State to. That was it when it comes to out first place votes so and the voting broad daylight this BM one. Auburn to Mississippi State three Texas a and M four. LSU five I don't miss six Arkansas seven. I am stunned. Ella she's got talent that nobody trusts at war Jauron. Dude do you think they're not they don't trust him or his ability to have a quarterback. Both because I drove for me. I think Alicia you. Can do something this year I'm on Zain windy and he's young Berlusconi had to step up his transfer from iron eight be angry I think people do well this is gonna work out about as well as apple we did from pretty. All Seattle got in there having in my head or having a behind text in them with a first year Jumbo Fisher. Which I know Jim the Fisher is a heck of a coach but do you put that much trust in Jim though over and or drop. What I would even go more than that look at number three Mississippi State first year head coach Joseph morehead who has not been a head coach at this level he adds that DT level back in the day. Up north. And he's got a quarterback by the name and Mick FitzGerald but what's the last thing we were a member of Mick FitzGerald being rolled off and a golf cart is he toward the hell out of his knee. Again its Ole miss in the egg bowl. So when Deere is a questionnaire how well does nick FitzGerald come back here in the first half of the year so accommodate LA she fan. I've got smoke breathing out because oh my god the two teens directly in front Imus Warren his. Once got a first year head coach and in the other study first year head coach it's never been a head coach Jim but does that. I mean that's how fared the media is feeling that LSU football is dropped off here in the last couple years. I honestly had my top three Alabama Auburn LSU how I just do one athletes yet just because one. We we kind no war ending deal was LSU but the thing is. They can surprise a lot of people this year we're actually going hey. You know this is what you guys think of us here's what we're actually gonna do and we're gonna try to destroy everybody. They can do that very easily but the thing is Alabama Auburn I think are ahead of them in every way right now. And we don't know anything about me as we see in tech San them in their new systems. So we're at at I'd I question that. Now I will say this much the gap a little let's look at overall votes the gap between third place Mississippi State in fifth place Seles she was like 234 points says that damn it what. But there was a huge gap between Alabama and second place all burned in second place tolerant and that group with three. In then Ole miss 578. Points in Arkansas for twelve now I get the fact that you are buddy. Coach Morse has to rebuild everything they are Fayetteville which includes you know going from an old school Big Ten type of offense were plodding big offensive lineman. Why Brian Billick came from Wisconsin to a more wide open opposite. That's the higher I just don't know about when all's said and if I love coach Morse all right super nice guy was doing a good job SMU. However still hadn't gotten them past six and six ingrained G engines quit on that job wave before you they fired. My problem is is this was hired the number one was done on the day on what we've done on the cheap if you will let you did you say that about a two and a half million dollar contract. All right. But it also was we got to take a step with guy with Texas ties to zip we can't get back into the lone star state recruiting. We're never going to be successful in the Southeastern Conference so. That's someone that is high a risk high reward there in Fayetteville because everybody thought it well. Ito Brad bill an uncommon and from the Big Ten actively in Wisconsin that three consecutive rose bowls watch out for Arkansas because we saw. Turns out Bobby would trainer had a completely different way to keep that team motivated back in the day I'll let you mind wander where ever you want wanted to go right here. I'm dead aren't a good dome did and I so will we come back let's take a look at the SEC east a course who the media predicted. Will win the Southeastern Conference let's outlook can afford it 503 scribbled Cammie ES school's athletic director Daryl may have stood. A college coach Nantes. But I'm not in this may have for a long long time so. After that open phones again we're gonna bring you a couple last interviews as well. Are welcome back again devoting his come out of the SEC media days at an Atlanta and we mentioned the west Baylor one Auburn to Mississippi State three Texas say in them for LSU five Ole miss six Arkansas number seven when it came to the east. Patrick Georgia was the runaway winner how error number one vote getter 2711. Place. Votes South Carolina was number two with a. And I'm OK with that I mean we we all know that Georgia is the best team in the east right now. And it's not even a close second I mean sucker like could surprise some but does is because it's an early week two game. And it's in Columbia SC only reason. Yes our armed with you in Georgia and they were right she still you know we think well they lost nick Chubb they also any Michelle they've got a stop back failed yet again this year as well also. The way it goes down South Carolina is it with 81 place votes behind the gamecocks in the third slot Florida Gators they get for first place votes. Yeah. Number four Missouri. Number fives Kentucky who gets a first place vote number six is Tennessee. They get a first place vote in whoever made that when should be Bayer and from future SEC media days for. It's like if you get our FaceBook page I put up a from a Mexican. League professional baseball game you have swings all the way around the guy college. Eating go far enough to be called a strike they got suspended for the rest of the year both home does that light. Is good but there's umpire suspended for the rest a year this voter for Tennessee. Coming off ON eight. With all the problems they have would bring in Indiana's defense of coordinator now is got to be on crack I'm sorry crack kills or at least blows the mind. Vanderbilt brings up the rear now. I had it exactly light this. Minus Kentucky and Missouri I had Kentucky in the five in the four slot Missouri in the fifth I don't know I just. I realized drew a lock in the Missouri Tigers got hot at the back into the year last year I just don't know I have enough faith that that's really. Gonna carry over into this season as well listen I know this much. Tennessee won't go uh oh an eight this year when it comes to the Southeastern Conference in they were they are already tougher by default according to my friends in the media they are so. This is going to be a work in partners say here's a one thing I took away. From some of the stuff out love coach adagio Boston College are right he said his advice now Leo again he's smarter now that he was. Eight years ago when he first got coaches is. Go find quarterback. Young coaches go find of course you're all worried about building everything out something does go find a quarter Rex somehow some way. That would be is it byes to the to be first year head coach all right so. When it comes to it obviously the media's feeling a rematch of last year. Alabama Georgia in the SEC championship game in Atlanta which lessened Baylor fans want that they'll last year going. How well did all the Georgia Tech fans get all the tickets today's SEC general they got all the corporate tickets. So it didn't Auburn endured ablaze Terje. In the number two all the corporate tickets went Georgia's direction as well such a problem in Alabama pick two win the SEC by a 193 members of the media. Numbered two Georgia was 69 Auburn would be third with fourteen South Carolina fourth overall with 41 place votes. Florida and Mississippi both got to Missouri got one so. If you're history Baath here's what you need to know about SEC football media days the media is to take the eventual SEC chief being correctly. Just six times in 26 years. Wow. And that's going back to the divisional split east vs west says. Again give back to the Mexican League. Umpires they got suspended for the rest of the year. Not only did somebody take Tennessee to win the cheap in terror when the star right. Somebody take Missouri to win the SEC championship with a one overall first place TP shipment. Let let let's put back ever to the east voting number four Missouri would know first place votes to win the east. I narrowed that I'm not the smartest cookie in the jar. Yeah but there's no chance to win an overall SEC championship if you don't win the east. That's how lawyer tea so you're on the right path so somebody says yeah they can't win these back I'm gonna pick him to win the SEC again. That take the voting privileges away that's. Double dipping I'm sorry. You can't just say oh I think Georgia is gonna win it. But on the off chance Missouri wins I look like a genius so again and it's physically impossible and I don't go that starts you know you have to win your division to delay in the tee digit gain I know my Crimson Tide of caught a bunch of crap. A budget crap about not appearing in the SEC championship game to make in the college football playoff well. That's a different story this is physically impossible history playing in winning. A game in which they weren't even qualified for. I won another guy who voted that Allen know who he takes as his first maybe he's got to pick Tennessee. No he was supposed to write Tennessee but forgot emirate Missouri. I guess seeing bit. If this is done over the computer it was a slip the images a listen I'm going to be honest with you I got into. Both the for ACC. Each position in. You're a couple of guys I just had to go off gut instinct. You know I can say here to tell you what they did last year all this other stuff I just had to go off gut instinct so. But light. At its once they mig open guidance thing to say you know what. Maybe there's a chance that you know South Carolina go in the east it's another thing to go gut feeling go you know what. Missouri can win the SEC and they don't even have to win the east. Well I've got a gut feeling it. Tennessee better be a lot more aware of which battles they're taking out there on the Internet I mean Tennessee fans do it and you know until I know you're going we might know who that first place vote once. Vol rumor mill on Twitter I'm just under Cink is he got roasted pretty good. By a larger company may be one of the exacts from that company. Said hey we. We we kind of hurt this guy's spirit a little bit let's give them pity parade. Heard that we crossed him in twit to listen I commended day there's easily Wal-Mart in. Used denies his Tennessee fans something to that extent yeah it is is did their runs his mouth on Twitter called vol football rumor mill something along those slides well. I guess ninety created some ten issues for the Florida football team to have a little bit our engine blew on it in this and that the special she. Said he sees it any tweak some tint to the fact. Yeah only the Florida Gators can come up with they she did to your looks like it was plucked out of the bin at Wal-Mart yet. So Wal-Mart response it again this is on our ESPN upstate FaceBook page could check it outs fantastic. Says well look what we pulled out the ban. In it is a clip from CBS sports side Twitter account back on the day of the game I would say loss to Florida on the final play of the game. Now. I would have been a little bit happier if they got the Celine Dion version of it. Okay now would've been a little bit better in my regard but having the CBS version of I'm OK when. Which either way it was just look what we pulled out of the bid load yet 84 was sixty yard touchdown pass just gave up all the last play that it. Winner winner or Wal-Mart now the thing is I remember that game I was walking downtown Greenville. And where the ads the WS PA had to downtown location there's a TV Al Baird share of the game. And of course everyone's with Derek in a significant other and their walking around downtown Greenville and you saw. I'm not kidding you fifteen grown men is huddled around that he wants and final flight. And I start to walk legs and my yen is no way you know what is gonna get it all league. Yet and like I'm on I'm on the edge Bob Dole cross the street and I thought someone got hit by cars on them. I look around all fifteen men are hugging each other they're hot by many teller. Unlike Alabama governor as an. That's what sports is about. Yep you can't recreate that in any way shape performed so I've might throw it again this is. Would that let's make sure we get the treatment tweet right from ballroom murmured only Florida's colors and logo can make an iconic she looked like he came from a bin at Wal-Mart by the way this soon. Is okay these are I would Wear I don't like my point being Wal-Mart wins this action no Wal-Mart when's it but the thing is. I have quest is what Nike's decision for next year well I would say this much you look it one person. Fighting. Wal-Mart to get its landing on. I think it would be the apropos who word here for the 5 PM hour and our free stash cash contest on ESPN. Upstate. They can be an underdog going against somebody as big as what what underdog you in. Dean ER DOG tech sat in this seven to 81. Guess what you got to choose to win a thousand dollars free and clear on intercom intercom agreeable. In ESPN upstate we had a local winner just the other day again twelve times today in our free cash stashed contest at 5 PM word is underdog will come back we're coach Darryl man it's the athletic director for the Greenville county school system will share a cool event. They are hosting Thursday Bonser core wellness arena.