Straight Up With Sturg 7-19-2018 Hour 3

Straight Up With Sturg
Thursday, July 19th
Gary McDaniel joins the show to talk the last day of ACC Media Day. and Joe Wiesnan joins the program as well.

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Welcome back end it is today British opens celebration. Me weird Carolina golf that bot. A Ryder Cup tournament this week it where they're drafting teams. A Clemson and Carolina bands together. On a team but let's go up by the by the Charlotte, North Carolina. The act inclusion of ACC what about kick off its happened it's about body act gate me you know. With clubs and sports And how work they did things close up to date because. This was the most busy and crowded ACC football kickoff I've ever since. Yeah what looked pretty well it would out there today obviously the big crowd was there put into the day when apple and I. Took the stage around to a clock. They would lash came to come to the podium. And went but that they have gesture generic question huge bet no immediate days. Now we sat back and wonder well what they hear the bit rated quarterback controversy question and never came about. In India in the main press conference but it was. Too although public session look at later in the day but they're well attended. The tigers. And it pretty much took company Eli. And do their get that you know question answered you know Buick pretty much hate it don't follow vehicles. Yet again in what's obvious is you know and even over the coastal division yesterday. Out there that. There's a cloud over the ACC hanging when it comes the book on their names clubs that I mean. Even those Atlantic Division to date Clemson was still one of the main topic lines yesterday. For the coastal division I AC CK Koppen. You know what it really does spill like clips of him being emerges pay parallel when it comes to their conferences. Oh ya get that definitely. This thing today. It would echoed throughout every other coaches get it every approaches the oppressed competent it was the Ric Flair mentality you know to beat them and you got to demand. And they let our question every single coach you know at at. Barometer at which they hold the program QB date. And look at the national pundits in the the question I looked all part and in your pocket. You all the little all of regionally and nationally it's the call to it got to a point now work. It's it's it's it's it's given. You know it would ever like talk about Clint talk a little behind so. That the rocket didn't have fish back here ACC is going to be Miami. You know. Well the lowest that I won't count little dual British you know wait I'm Miami at this point. Let me ask you this. When it comes in. Florida State in Antara left thus artsy instant it. You're a little bit of a subject today in the fact that it felt like they're players were saying that they weren't. Maybe to both Fisher's time in Tallahassee it was time port to come to an end because we saw it gets sideways against 76 last year by. Eat some of the players were alluding to do that maybe it was time for change there in Tallahassee. I mean aren't we ordered from simple bit part in a parallel coach. Fisher the work spokesman finished Roche whose domain the same things that. You know and energy well working out anymore and that the administration's side and they all meaning Jamal had gotten pretty stale and stand up the other. I think a lot Atacama the Oslo ticket state ketchup in the onshore Campbell wasn't ready to waiting longer. God and get lost patience with it and then last year after the injury market the came in I think. And I don't think it's a proper back plant when it lost its walk and we lost leader you can. I await the news is we continue it gave me neo from Clemson sports needs dot com. And of course will get to something else here in just a minute but also it is not just about ACC football kickoff for clubs and today I mean. You got the emails that it. Bradford now it's got a new contract is basketball coach him pay very well deserved out loved Pittsburgh now I don't think a lot of constant pain and understand. What do quality hopes they have with Bradford L in the pack it. He navigated three years that crap you know and heavier ten years of final year in Littlejohn that was following dale. At next year where every single game was on the road don't give me this crap about they played seventeen and gains angry bull because that was a 45 to an hour long drive 45 minute an hourlong drive up here. I think expert now his deserved this and that patience paid off with a tree trip to the sweet sixteen last year. While accurate accurate having your every wooten patients what coach Purnell and then an intermediate or Portland put that. And game on him a couple of years ago it doesn't make it with this punch we're gonna do. That it was critical that you grand scheme in his vision that looked a little bit. And an end and with a little bit or ball into what was going on future and he believed in Coach Brown now. And Taco Bell off the issue quote coaches it's been a really good at dawn and moved in this world. It. Again yesterday players and coaches. And did he get to raise and extension. And now when it went well. A little shocked at how he wanted it at that recruiting facility point towards. Think in order to really well coach Brownell and future. Yet it's a great time there on campus that clumps and and that includes defense of coordinator Brent venables signing the biggest got in apparently that's got done several months ago and nobody really knew about it and today. What it nearly twelve million dollars is defensive coordinator over the next five years. Which includes he gets a bonus for every year he stays in every oh yes there's a kid that's on the team this year this is named Jake venables said. The reality is is. Coach venables might have to take eight acre if he wants to ever go somewhere else I don't think you'll see him leaving clubs and it's long it's Jake is there will see what happens next. Aren't. And I don't chick if you saw when I open up and recruiting business for awhile it. That we enjoy most of all today before the reports come look at their earlier not a walk or in the news today don't leaked out. And again that what made it doesn't get it done this spring when they go the other coaches they're great and alt group did you tell that. I think that you know obviously book was written ballot then you know big splash ATP media day makes sense. But can you couple that got all our great college football I can't. This guy every area except this year. You'll forty to 60% and the band back together with Pete didn't bomb. But don't let it reserves and connected to put top spot thought India and out every year. You know I agree. I I guess I'll know indicate BR you know that that that the mark wrote the check in Albuquerque Utley. Well there. You know not. Don't be they that began over relish use the highest state assistant coach now. Yet unbelievable all right so. The last thing that I heard when I left was from Don months and it. That government scourge you know I came in prayed agree that you had your last surgery in New York going to do it again it's a you're gonna listen to your doctors and do what's right now as a guess what I'm gonna do that this ball so. That doesn't mean bolting down the clumps and every newspaper press conference. You at Clemson sports your gonna handle that force on Tuesdays this fall check in with this on these days is well and yet tell people a little bit about what's going on clubs and sports needs dot com because you're a multi talented individual much like me you do radio which you have the engineering background when it comes to light music as well. At about thirty years they had business tormenting ambient audio engineer but about seven years ago I looked into these cultural while recruiting business outlook for all three of the major network L Bible and and to force them at an analyst. Got a question being about a year ago an at large state audit and just thought I hope they cheer and I want to bring sport knew about it completely free during the premiere section whatsoever. Not a penny can be spent on my web site. It all re on their. And we are all we're all quite as fortunate we were covered book while basketball baseball soccer they sure look over as well. And we cover recruitment and unlike a lot of other. It forces doubt that we will George it down on out what the latest. Nugget in recruiting years and typical medical show and an economy got a question what thought about that lit by the local recruiting. That's. We afternoon and an ad calling an owner happened and you guys know what's going down equipment at reduced. Yeah endless sound as people heard and you're making your way back from Charlotte Nelson Welch massive heart attack yesterday so. His mother Nate see well they're trying to determine what's next when it comes to the treatment and listen. Nelson wells that place kicker from Greer high school uh huh a lot of Clemson fans beat greater clubs and dance beat brave warm because. He did a he did a lot in his representation of Clemson University as well as what he now does off the field as well. Got a couple called morning admired back there about Nelson and not yet 44 years of age at bank it is really young man to beat out an American art. Back at the doctors don't know I survived art and prayers are going up being lifted from all over. In northwestern corner of the state and all but remember Nelson and you know you don't know Nelson put richer and the prayers and today is and we need to. Absolutely no doubt great he's been so good to me and so good as so many other people here as well as we all enjoyed. You know watching him kick most of us that are H noah's mom needs he welts from television back in the day said. Again thoughts and prayers and listen that things are being a little bit flexible you this at this remote things go but I look forward to working with you this ball they keep her. You know I'm listen I have never been claimed to be the smartest individual in the world I am now joined by what my lovely daughters sit right next to me and here's what we're gonna date. I won't make sure I'm healthy and around for her and everything else that he's taken a little bit of a step back this year when it comes to some things to. Get back to be in the dad that I wanna beat for her so that extra step and up and open now. They were born. To make sure you're around 12 o'clock and just keep on asking how people won't do about ten. Appreciate you gave yours just to get me Clemson sports needs dot com I got the website up right now. Go check it out like this that no previous everything's free and that's the way it is and gay always that. She may and now that you're going to be done all this stuff I have more fun watching your pictures out there on the road you know is nominal sitting on the engineers well but. You know what. Sooner or later we get old moon. Well after that it is I'd call it that it is midnight picnic. Prehistoric. Earth and I almost got plucked finished what panic adult my Atlanta now you're on the road up the article didn't. Retiring completely move into the world and an outmoded I'm glad. Yeah we live vicariously through my daughter's godfather who is a professional musician just got back from. For much too in Europe to India British Isles Ireland Scotland and all layered. That's it it's a young man's game at this point game we'll tell you. Take what next week I'm on vacation we'll check in we'll start doing some covered with clouds and practice in August and again they keep everything you do but. Though our mark won't be an calculator. Our game in clubs and sports needs dot com all right so here is that bill. The legends here it's not a wizard at the linebacker from the LA express back in the day which by the way. State was chosen they had to win their division earlier today seeking get mad they were chose. Chosen to win the sun belt also less he broke my daughters that years well but we're gonna bring some more golf news. About Carolina and all that but he woods when we come back in the end it's also opened bones as well weakness uncles that. 844 GSB yes you. Yeah. I welcome back again it's a Thursday edition we're live here a lot of golf that body woods if we're joined by you right in barber. The barber barber right Barbary coast right. Reference I've Sally app stated Utley and against the wall right now which is they say the taller than I just. I've sat. In interviewed in intervened and interviewed for ten days out eco walk this golf course right now testing to get some exercise in. You talked to us about your your over here. Technically your title is on the periphery here you're the treasurer's when I get late with my theme here about three much you're the one that's gonna be Robert Dotson knew about them. But not to I mean literally I do I need to get out there and I'd just take a walk in this course. I was telling you I know it from one into the other for multiple reasons having grown up here but he would split. To me this is one of the best kept secrets out there because. You don't like this different then when we were reaping growing up there are anxious. Not not be here you can come out have the full golf experience. Hit most people when they take a par three will Wu could do that facility could see it went to pot. You get that this is. You get the true cup experience in you can either be back home you can be back taking your family out to dinner or you can go into work. It's three hours writes what it's gonna. And that's something that is different this unique for arts there's compared to other court freezes it wrecks like that the golf course that you played it in the normal typical big courses that. We have tree on fairway right you know. Does not that your hitting into the void of five Marines and you're looking. The whole unit. And while we only have a and greens to tee boxes each hole has some here right. They're all different it's not just one holes one and one holes on it there's different angles different approaches you hit the water and we have him come upon them of course we have a couple we actually have at a new to us this year about all of you know water. 82 and are we actually have one now that's two and 25 yards military. Actually from my son viruses that we are looking with only go off court ruled that all parts. How. Is but there. Yeah a lot of people that play golf. Her her 80 park three they're thinking oh crap you may get hit by a golf ball out there rickets there's all you that no. This is literally living there with. Woven through the neighborhood but he would since. Like he says 20220. Yards this is a it is a real golf experience with the clubhouse I was just tell my daughter. She did he realized what I view my appears to when he fifth wedding anniversary we celebrated here. 32 years ago as something along those lines right. As you said earlier to provide you don't report the accident myself and I is our Reynolds members and it was for me is that middle schooler. A great place to come out and play great facility for young kids get out learn Tuesday. It's also good for your experience offered low handicap rewards to work on my game 150 in and we provide the right facility for practicing. In covering. In all the shots in golf that artists with a three or drop that the but chicks dig the long ball I mean yes but guess what that shot that eighty yard shot into the green celtics'. League scene number strokes is that 300 that's right you know and they say two in golf the 7% of the shots that don't score court or from 100 yards and then and you know. I have personally not for five shots off my handicaps and talked on this club because I'm able to come out and spent an afternoon autonomous nuclear holy to all around I can mine here. Playing on hold for even just go out and and practice on my hands full read our our press saluted just to get some. Your time Reynolds and shots that maybe don't normally do rate around it and I'm sitting at I'm blessed. Got my daughter's. You're right this is where wall hurdler in the game because golf is. Either you take them out there reg start rate go attack a 400 yard par four right now and the last thing he wanted to be especially with children in this day and ages. Don't kill their competence at the that this is a way they get out here and have a family and we hundred bucks a month per family to join this place for unlimited golf. It's unbeatable really isn't in when I'm joined here four years ago it was one of those. Some might have meant to mean I kind of forgotten it was exists over Libya basket secret. One thing we're trying to do it right that beard that we wanted to get mixed emotions about it yeah. About that it is the restaurants it once they got featured on summit want the best kept seeing create typical getting able to vote by running again for me it's about the members of multiple courses in upstate it was it was a friend making the comment that your your runner on the corner that you're spent in 67 hours every weekend to go out Saturday and Sunday and you'd like it was in the Family Dollar. If for for the Gaza players in the ladies to. You know you have duties and things in life that take a volatile in office won this as a big sacrifice your top. And we provide extra days it doesn't usually take this month's Tom from your day to day activities if. Plus the financial commitment get a hundred. You can go play in green yesterday agreed to peace here idea that what you're dealing with their 2018 upstate golf cart which. Carolina office anyway it is a member of that golf courts there's a great way. The gated hearing get it tested now see if it's. It it it's up your sleeve so to speak for the future you know it's just not here I mean the first tee programs out here as well. The clubhouse and the main thing is the conditions you know he'd eat. No violence go play an account pastor says SB says the the greens here good the fairways are good you got away the sick part three what do you mean fairway so did the fairways out here look like number eight it. The great book country club right right and you know it's. We have spent a lot of time last couple years we've got a new superintendent and it's taken and to upgrade her equipment. To make sure that we have that that the cutting edge stuff to get us to give the course conditions it really should be in the be comparable. To the level Kris into the legs and in the other public courses around town and we are problem facility. Who were really trying to compete with these people that you know there's not a really good courses it's at my problem other than the corporate and drop and this is where we are so there's it's really. A great source great place for people to come out practice. And as you say it's so affordable it's not even. All right so give us an idea what the members are due in here over the course of the weekend it's caddie yells Ryder Cup if you will there's going to be. Carolina and puts it pains but thank god it's not Carolina vs clubs and I mean this is what yell haven't drafted you will. Program the threats night we'll have a right now in about twenty to 25 participants on the up on to have a few more dominant as the group it's up to now finished about. But what we do is is basically a Ryder cup of we're gonna have 27 holes compositional Saturday. And that will be mix of office shoddy you have best ball would have potential incidents Sunday. Personal Ryder Cup has lasted they have there. It's eighteen hole match play as individual it is really the only match play event that we went on year in and for the golfers out there that that members courses might have one match which of severe. Is it's or some courses to him out of all this is that right great of that I've I've been a member of fodder places is the only place I've been they've had in the bed urged him. Modeled after the Ryder Cup so this is a great time. Is that I have a feeling once it's ever there may be a couple of adult beverages here in the clubhouse that go to jail Michelle celebrate who wins who loses is a guarantee it. There's going to be some needling that there. Oh there's a lot of it goes on for you the bragging rights that you know that was football we're talking about it's a question and as the head that the league that probably put out here in our club it's. It's been pretty clear for the last four years at the gamecocks. Dominated this rough. I I literally laughed yesterday the for. I that ours is sort happily together but you know we were out there won't coach Spurrier spoke at the embassy suites for our prints this out a lot of football hall of fame and we're the only radiation they're broadcasting east its deal with this and let's not dealt with Spurrier for he got what. Back at the torch rogers' turn the day you won't shake your handy pump your fist as people relate to open the Dermot I doubt. However this man has the like totally relax say he's not the O gamecocks coach of the Florida coach or whatnot now he's going to be Orlando in the may. A in it was acumen because. She made national news with him it's if you remember he made the comment drastic action and while you're 73 and retired maybe get back in a while you're one of those little single liners are quips that you delivered the Nikkei that make you smile when you exit at the beach county's courts. In Atlanta while talking to get the other things. That are Indian team's football team management. And that went football games Georgia with a as a help a lot more when I was plot thickens up on NBC sports dot com all right art. Actually got to bask in the glory ACC bucket obvious like yeah let's close. Awesome says. So again if people want to get tied to people want a fine now. About hear a lot of golf that but he what's the website is there off VW all right. FaceBook page or a golf club as. But it would be in that actually use it some pictures up there at the layout of the course and everything Evita way. I challenge people to come out here number one army and thought to cost you because a couple of our. Upstate golf court. I'll play this thing want to come back and that's what I've been telling people over and over again because a lot of them now that mark yet that your. This is any kind of executive or three this is seek this is a country club or three now. So it's athlete right at this one thing as he says that a lot of people this in the arm on the par three is a certain way that we are. So different than the rest of the ones that are out there and this is experience a thicker by the sisters golfer but upstate. At least expert ones that data heavy for you but I can tell you I didn't think it was for me either and I've been here now four years from on the or for the last three. I plan on being here for all of them in the status is a great facility at great club in the recruitment while locally and we said earlier you know knew. It with the first tee program in either this is a great place here where they can see a little pay off. 400 yard par four they may not see the payoff than it at the beginning and they become frustrated with that's it this is. This may be the ideal location here in the upstate. Start your child's career nut lessons I grew about your plan it took me from being just to maybe Clement once twice a month to plan more days a week and now here I am. Back to come out of work five days a week ago I would do it I mean it's. This is a great facility for children learn it's a very fair game we do have short tees that are set lay up that are closed 7060 yards out. You know it at eight years old he can start making pars and ranks the game more fun when you're scoring well at the end of the day it's really about having fun. If you make it too tough it's it is hard to get new people in the game right actually offered rate way. For the people new to the game of golf to come out learning and not be intimidated by the forest to Europe or four. 500 to two yard par five you could come out and give him difficult to weaken William you know we played very shortly in the lawless Oka plays short this 130. From the ladies' tees so it's it's a it's a great mix for everybody. All right so here's the we're gonna open phone lines in the last segment to Wisner the day it's been all over my case. Clean it Daily Express in the U with the I had that out there Patrick what the first eight minutes of the show that I have that attitude across about four or direct threat threat. So we're okay I have up here it pocket a little of football in that kind of nature L brass here he comes he's walking thirds say here's that we're gonna open and lights las built talk. A little LA express football with Joseph wizard. Let's call the general manager. Out here to hear a lot of golf at botany woods will also open up the phone lines if you got some from media days. Give us call 844 GSP yeah SP. Erica are right. Tests that there's too as it LA express line backer of Sega that personal incentives this time Brian. Let's just back from talking days are right sleep managed stalled. They for state Southern Conference and there were some mean gains back in the what is the worst ever were trapped stall its professional football. For a small spurs I gotta say you know you talk about the SF will not pursue and your listeners. Think some kind of Chinese admittedly. I don't I don't we'll a couple of badminton player to a there. So nobody knows by the USS fail so. Oh that's not true to say that's when the best thirty for thirty's out there on our car president actually grew at a football league are here not in politics. Speed is Celeste and all and I'll. I'll tell you the best trash talking. Was always between us and probably western Carolina America. Battle for the the for the nugget and we always in and I and I got a lot of western. Listeners right now but we. We've pretty much yeah panel and but still I mean there was a lot of trash talk and home if there's always. Being an office of Guam and people don't understand. Down in the church's. There's more trash talk and then you can even in my eyes and it they put in my down there. You would not be here. Yet love that now. I grow up and down the baby of four boys and the oldest two were twins my dad played high school football turned on some college football scholarship offers to go to clubs and army for eight scholarship border raids on Dave park. There's trash talking on the golf course I don't care what anybody says that this be the gentleman's game and I'll learn from said father. Without B ever three foot par putt he goes knock it close. I didn't realize he was talking trash to be back did he is he would accept it if I made the putt but he needs and make it easy knock it close. Yes those worn out washed and British Open and now like it was. Justin Thomas and Jason Day in. And he hit he hit an iron shot and they realize. He's a tongue crusher. My bone crusher skull as. Cook Chris why does there guys but yeah so players players that element of trash talk. Is not the same is in the trenches on the on the gridiron. But it still can be just it is. It's hard hitting. On the golf course. With his account is not their news to Lewis now. What this is what's next and we've been talking with Ryan and we want think it's better have because something we had mentioned when it comes that this golf courses the fact that it's right back in the day. Is some but then somebody is someone to everybody in the game of golf if you know. You know the name. Brightest source comment yet and I think everybody that the vice golf. Obviously knows a lot about the masters Augusta National more importantly the par three down there. In 1963. Or cops on Augusta National uses this consulting architect he does on the par three some of the non all the dust down there. And in 1965. He came up period of regal suck or what she's actually front reelection lip about two miles down river golf course here and as on our golf course. And I'm not gonna say that this is a carbon copy. Of of their course which you come out here is in play our courses than you could have a custom forms as you can see some similarities a lot of slow the greens what amounts a lot of pitches and it does it's it's a different style than them which are gonna steal all the places you legacy. The other part three. Yet so he designs here probably. Not too long after he design green valley country club up right here. North department as well also. Again one of the most preeminent golf course architects and of course. You know guys when it comes to golf here in the upstate now we've got a pretty good golf architect in guy that I grew up playing golf against by the name. Bode well that works for Sunday named Tiger Woods board. It's pretty it's a joke you know easy transition now your. You're over here it's a different I think number one I know we'll probably pick some football games this year's U court quite frankly I don't wanna bring it out France last year. When your fill in it for Sumner and that's why am I opened Steve goes. You know shows weight after we do bombers through we're getting guess what yeah he's warm it up for me next weigh eight K bit it's. You know what are the challenges here because his. It's I would Helen people here the last couple weeks about you at the remote and Carolina got the I know that place but then again they obviously don't really know it weaknesses. They'd have been ever hear plated or something else. The so strategically. I mean just figured you know general. Synopsis. This this place is built in the sixties. Courses built in the eighties. They want to on this places was one of the nicest. Social places. In green. And route with the leadership we have now in the people that are involved with pure exhilaration. We want our our mission is. To go to the next low. So what we've done is we've made tremendous amounts of investments. And course here equipment. We've made tremendous amounts of investment in facilities. On one town we had a Robert tennis community and and so we're we're looking at fast so. You know this is a dynamic time to come home board. If you if you want to be a member because. Our goal is to take his place to the next level. It's a unique place. Offers. So much more than many other places do sports or threes. And plus who don't have the social so. Really escalated where we can have some really nice of. It's yes. And it about the dispute would be who's going out to the sea lions and yeah look over their fireplaces super fireplaces paint it white and that that's the first thing that my wife did our fireplace back in the day were we bought our I mean. So you feel like you're the troops other country club here would you take a country clubs in the south this as a true bill through. It does some initial white building. With white columns in black shutters. And a southern issue here. And you are so beautiful venue for weddings are rehearsals are baby showers. With the course the golf course on the back in. The lake on the front end the patty. He calls a lot visitation. We are all wildlife refuge so we have beautiful. Birds and animals and and so is really a special place. There we wanna make sure. Becomes one. No one of the one of the most desirable places to play golf lingering. Again right a hundred bucks for mayor. I need for each single. You have your single man out there you know and you're twenty she hadn't you know you had taken the plunge if you will. Ninety bucks a month for unlimited golf here I mean hundred bucks for an entire family. I'm not sure there's a better or lie in his IKEA is I get older that those three letters right there mean more to me. Now than at any point in my life and that's return on investment. Yes I think you know yeah exactly so the three elements by. Time and money. And enjoyment. So we're in the entertainment business. So we wanted to newsroom and offer value. Which is a good product and good products. Who don't have good quality. And we won't have people that enjoyed their experience. So there's three things are what are driving us. Salute in your examples of very good so. The time. Is quick. The value is great. And the experience is what is really good. So you can enjoy it out with your family particularly young people this is a great place for them hurt you and you've heard this over and over today. Two for young people this is tremendous and for you than this season golfer. This. Definitely. Enhances your short right so loses three tanks and hoses that. 300 yard drive and a one foot putt the into the de L good illnesses things score on your scorecard all right when we come back will close up shot. Finish up here Carolina golf absolutely next level. Because tomorrow will be back in studio thing guess what guys I'm on vacation. The following weeks and finally I've never been this late surges full there's no doubt about it. That cruise ship go an out of Miami on Sunday it's mine it's all mine. Then we'll come back we'll close up here care a lot of golf but he would you do. IRA a lesson or not he'll look club's South Carolina here in the clubhouse here a lot of profit but beat woods again media days are now over Patrick. Can season now over me and these kids get like 45 days off and guess what. It's football time again here with that practice now I'd Jim was the two major here Carolina golf and this you'll remember him he had it's about it comes with me this past fall. Here rap from smoke on the water and I can't wait to get Mike Shuler I hear from smoke on the water which by the way we were talking about that last night on the development and but jello. Again talking doesn't win football games you know what I mean by. Give us an I did Larry Fedora just about dropped the college football world on its head yesterday talking about factory. I don't wanna live in a country where there's no college football I don't necessarily agree what coach at the door in the fact that became a folk bosses say it's it's ever been. I think they're trying to make it safer than it's ever been. I don't think in 1892. And rockers and practicing got together. They ever envisioned 66350. Hail lightning beaten on each other for sixty minutes of football game. No there's no doubt I mean you know they're athletic. Ability of the players today here. Ways surpass that I mean and offensive guard and 1870. Rose. 120 compound. In congress passed a law halted almost and football. Because there was multiple deaths. But I think the sport itself has made a lot of a lot of ground. Since then and beyond. To make you say. To me the key of the sport of football is to play correctly. There's a correct way to tackle head up eyes and ears are correct way to block visits correct way to ticket. And that's where we rely on our coaches. And they will teach you. As long as you as long as you perform at that level and you do the correct techniques. You should be okay with a smaller suitcase Roy. So equipment needs to come into play. Is there advice don't make no mistake. The equipment's made huge advances. And akin. This of volley game. There's no way around his search. As a volley game and as the players you'd bigger and stronger. With the kind of programs at their own the training programs on its only known it's only a few more. More difficult but. I love the fact that. I think it was bright for you later for him last night kind of go and on the door thing was all the countries on this globe that are so much trouble right now what's the one thing they have in common. Ain't got college football you know that I agree with that as well. His very idea. In a lot of ways in is. This grip that bonds or loses. I mean you've got all these. College. Football programs that play each other on every Saturday. But it doesn't give it. Into the political mishmash right right when he gets into the rivalries obviously I get that. It didn't get into the in conservative liberal on you on that. It's all about. I'm a game column Rama tiger. I'm out on the blue is. Yeah. Ask what's best because we leave the labels at that point either my friend you're my enemy you know what I mean it didn't matter pure white black white purple yellow whatever if you're Alabama fan I guess I'm hooking you on game day. LS yourself drop your guy which I'll never coin anybody in that situation which are right that that's when the things I love about this now Carolina golf here. At but he would again become your baby. How can people yeah we get on the website yeah a lot of golf the W dot com FaceBook page but again. You want people you come out here and experience this and here's what we're gonna do in the morning Patrick Brown back there in your ear right now he and his buddy you're gonna come out. And they don't play at 9 o'clock and we're gonna give Patrick the opportunity. UK he gets no clue he's never been over here I think this is that the best way to do this to mark. Let him come over here and experience and they give an honest report on it Dumars I appreciate you making that happen but again I can sit here. In a spouse the virtues of of a club and neighborhood that grown up in my entire life. Yet people come out demean go to the the end in you can actually go out for this do you really mean everything you say about smoke on the water I'm like yeah. In decades they just threatening best nailed him restaurant in the brief video last year's best that the upstate awards. I mean it when it comes to this club this is not. It is a part three but it's not what he always pigeon with the par three it is the executive part three with lights on a poll out there. That this is a real golf course bill it winds the wind neighborhoods it and yet there's no holes that are stacked like. Really right next to each it's just it's a great environment but again when our time becomes more more precious in life. Boy here is huge when you can be in and out three hours. Yeah us you know. Like I said earlier we're in the entertainment business. You know who wish around the world class out here now. I mean you know we're no different enters the Disney World. We have a product that people calm they want to find. New and have good value. In Nashville we want government. And that's witnessed. This entertain. That's what we do. Well and again Patrick. I want to come back here first of all number one. Don't care of course to mark you will do. All right. But number two I wanna honest response out of it because. Again I grew up on my first round of golf I ever played was on the oh yeah. That's not this place might go out and it was carried out a daddy had the Wafer stakeouts it was right out yet so they one of the things in life my wife that just popped in here a little bit ago boy joke Joe's from tad scary bars some got a that they cut for surprises in that things of that nature Cinemark Patrick you'll get out here you'll give us an update. On the golf course and again I talent joke here a lot of golf the W dot com. FaceBook page or better yet just give Joseph call. Here at the club I don't want give your personal number out bit. Do you want to respond to obvious evident for seven on one. Non 07 non. Analysts at 704 asset app state football coming right back into right excuse me LA express our right now on a no brainer we're gonna have fun like this that you Cory got my commitments it is like that. The ability to swing but then again my daughter you know we hear my daughter was is going I'm not willing to wait on these and a little better when your relentless and thanks for happiness out here British Open today urged immediate days are now over let's get the kids on campus solicit him get to practicing and guess what we're just 43 days from college football right here on ESP in upstate.