Straight Up With Sturg 7-19-2018 Hour 2

Straight Up With Sturg
Thursday, July 19th
Tom Luginbill's interview, more golf talk, and an interview with George Bryan.

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We get out there mark Childress and I had a chance to catch up with target for an Tom Luken Bill Thompson with the ESPN. You know one of their original recruiting analyst in that gain back in the day now also serves as a sideline reporter. During their broadcast and just seek genuine good guy is owned a home here in South Carolina. For some time in here are some things that mark Childress and I got into with Tom Luca ability ESP yeah. Listen it's a tree it's our buddy Tom Luca bella and that Tom you're just talking about a little bit as the bipolar illness of the day you've done multiple television nagged gig she done multiple radio gigs. In everything else how. How glad he knew they were backing college what. Well you know I always look at the month of June it's now like ha ha. And I the aerial has an immense summertime the selection in my time that maybe a little bit of a break that's worked over the family. In June July such get cramped up and you're like guy with his rise over an hour really get in the thick of football so. Yeah I you know I know might be ACC media days for my particular television and radio broadcast schedule I was going to be assigned to it. So it's just one did not have so much for prognostication. But actually have more concrete things to talk about them as opposed. You know an off season you know for example in a prime example that the Josh Jackson situation. So much unfounded information so many things circulating around that you know it all worked itself out what it was and it was an inning of what people apparently thought it was going to be. Bombing it was a huge storyline and now we have like concrete information to talk about Virginia attack. With just Jackson so I think those things are important do. Tom Lehman talkative players and coaches all dame has your mind been changed it even influenced on any major stories are teens today based on something that you heard. You know I haven't it's in our look at three things at this conference room one. How wide is a gap between Clinton and everybody else right okay now obviously that's a story line. I think another storyline slash headline is the change of leadership at Florida State. The decision that needs to be data quarterback there OK and the man I think thirdly. I'm a big believer that the quarterback position. And it's either. Build your program or sink your program. And the first time around. Do you go back. Really played early portion of Davos ten year and in in college boy became his guy if you start looking at though the leader cross. Both the league top to bottom. And you look at how much better the quarterback position got routines like weak teams like duke. And cease did this and that all the sudden the wheels programs started elevating. It's it's you know the quarterback position a really good one to make everybody else around you better. And I and I think that position really got this week to where it is right now and it created. Consistent health top to bottom it's and you look at this season going forward right you're gonna have Ryan Finley back at NC state. Fourth date I think has a great problem now they're gonna play with two guys whoever they're gonna be they're both proven guys. The best problem is climbs it's not an easy one. That's a good bombed out. You got Miami with a returning starters so that position has really impacted this conference in the well being hearing don's Wofford talked. When he came on today is the top to bottom competitive bounces where we needed to get. As they as they conference. Salute all the attention wasn't always on basketball and I think they've accomplished thus. As we continue with Tom Lugar bill just follow him on Twitter at is named college football analysts were hurting sideline an analyst for ESPN analyst and one of the things nationally if you will between Alabama between clubs and even Georgia to a certain extent is quarterback situation. Do you got caught up in a little bit one in college are right now how does that tree it. What is the seamless transition for that is it the coaches or is it the players in the locker rained it. Eat it by you you know I I think my particular situation was so unique because I did treat diaper and there was an incumbent starter but there was also a coordinator changed when I got there and then head coaching change while I was there as a whole lot of different dynamics that that worked into it. And then so much playing the quarterback position to always have a good roster around you right. The one thing that they Clemson has got. And and I'm a firm believer in this 'cause I did get caught up in this and and now that would not with naming names to think that it yeah it was just a locker room chemistry is a big deal. It's either good. Or it's bad rarely is it in between. One thing crimes and has is he great locker room atmosphere. They seem to have an atmosphere where the team comes first while they may knowledge friendships or relationships that would establish teammates need to have helped them win the they also see fuel to make greater picture. So you as a team I think Clemson has one of those locker rooms it's gonna defer to the player that helps them win the most. And I cannot I said I was standing right next to that was greens pre game. When Gerrard so that 55 yard pass in the first quarter but voter doubts at all that he. Worst thing that could have possibly happened and and he said you know what bring it on yet. There were were about competition this is this is what's gonna happen in the the other thing he did that. Not a demo done throughout the game he said for people realizes how much Kelly Bryant has embraced this competition how much he's owned it. He's done in the business of giving up wraps. If he's not going to be that guy he's gonna have to get beat out and they give him every opportunity to be the gap. It's ACC coastal division day here today Tom is it Miami and Virginia Tech and then everyone else hers is gonna be. The year we see like every three years in the coastal worse just fruit basket turn over somebody once a conference with three loss I. While I think you've got to look out for Pitt. I really do almost everybody back on defense then they're gonna be really good on defense. They found a quarterback late Kenny ticket they don't play Florida State or Clemson out of the other division so there close and they're the clip. I'm a huge schedule guy who'd you play when do you play where you play pretty guillotine when they're hot or you guillotine when their early and they haven't quite. They have quite morphed in jelled. Those are big components and so I I would not count out I think duke has the most. Deep team they've had under David Cutler maybe not as talented as other people so. Nothing's a toss up for me I do know that Miami Virginia Tech evidence players we all know that so we'll see what happens type final. Question before we let you get as we actually asked this a coach with doors just a little bit ago. Clinton's move that bar with three consecutive trips to the college football playoff does that give discussed amongst other coaches in the ACC that we key let this get me further in my now we got to start. Closing it in. When I think it does is it actually helps some of the other coaches go to their administration. Whose adolescent. All we are we a competitor because if we are. It is up to us. To keep that gap clothes and not let it widened by making your own investments are our own infrastructure our own resources. And putting the full weight of them towards the sport for profit that's what McCain has decided to do you Bronco Mendenhall we'll tell you he wants the administration he's like listen. There is people who were up here in terms of all that. There's people are in the middle of the pack and there's people slightly below we were probably slightly below. And the administration are university. Has decided that we are going to a deaths over the span of the next three years. In closing that gap and being one of those programs it's considered to be atop your program talk I actually think it helps the coaches with their own administration when this happens. All right listen personal thank you got us out for surgery you blood joined up with Childress a couple times I appreciate that Tom you've been there are so generous over the years just begins meeting its estate banking on your more than walking guys really don't have a good afternoon back to. All right. Are right well to Carolina golf that but he woods really enjoy getting together with Tom Luken does Stella and our my buddy mark Jennifer here a little bit about his background you know he had transferred into Georgia Tech in there was a returning quarterback by the name it Donny Davis and Burlington, North Carolina. And this is Y eight I've always maintained Patrick the fans can clamor for what they want. Doesn't matter until the locker room buys into the transition that it does it matter in that's what that it's got to watch closely this year that's what Nick Saban. In Alabama has the watch out for. Because it now locker and debt by in the year moved guess what. It's a loss point in that to happen at Georgia Tech Christmas be really good that year. Davis got a little bit pained. During August camp and Lou Gambill who trains bird and it at the start he'd never really game boy the eight fractured mockery led until about eight to include in the record. That and here are right illicit how edged certainly go yeah. It wasn't as bad as I thought our day it's today. I I got click baited all right. Chick filet is killing a beloved item income customers are furious that was the headline. So okay. I'm like. It better not be the the things in the morning with the yeast rolls around the chicken nugget yet to communities are better not. Is there how calendar. This 2018. As a last year's chick filet it will be releasing they're now calendar. Which features eight deal of the month they've done this for twenty years nail. Why are they canceling it I have no idea but it says customers are furious. To fully social media channels had been flooded with backlash from distraught customers so distraught. I mean what is this I hear about you getting rid of the cal calendar up so upset one person. Commented on tick police FaceBook page my ears as this little boy with years of an out of his eyes. You know these are the same people in not included it will be outrage that oh there's no word counted but will lay in the outline tomorrow project polite. Unbelievable. I fell for that when the data back all right we're wait for the release of the voting polls for immediate. Base. In Atlanta they've just wrapped up in Charlotte as well. When we come back elicited 535 we're gonna hear from George Bryant will also hear from a friend of ours up in Charlotte. Kyrie make the angels at the top of the 6 PM hour is weird to hear a lot of golf that but he woods. Carolina got the W dot com lesson places next levels and eighteen holes apart three. You can be in and out in three hours and on about your days there have been a big Ryder Cup tournament within the club if you will between eclipse and in Carolina at variance. Hundred bucks a month that's what it cost your family to two point. Well again we're live here a lot of golf by equal again British Open. We have a local South Carolina product. That is leading to having to Isner minus five for eight in south Carolina's. Who again. What a great yet that's why was impaired at the actor you know the first people here Rick it's it can be your child that. Specially for your. If Yemen. A dollar. Yeah because here scholarship money being in east all over the place when it comes to women's golf right males that listen. You get a break on your college tuition it is not your daughter. Urged me to come check it out I mean that there's no reason not to. I put golf and arrows in nine years old there's a way to Kennelly Cano my dads of and then there in times and never got older I would just go play without him because I just found love of the game as this are applying. So when when people serve out the young with the sport as sport that's not. It's more mental than it is physical and golf. And I think that's the fun challenge a lot of kids find fun with it they didn't have dessert a lot of effort but it is a very fun mental game. It is a lot of life yet he can't get too high after good shot making it to you Lou after making a triple bogey why he's got to get up. You gotta deal with that on the next holes. There there's a lot of life that's actually represented. In the game of golf as well real quickly out State's largest blood drive it's on a right now. It got began today you'll run to the 21 is your rock and roll up your sleep blood dried. It lessen its thirty days across the upstate today tomorrow and Saturday. And you we have to give the gift of life Huey picking up three really cool he remembered it teacher for your donation in there's going to be drawing. For free journey in depth what the ticket tickets plus guitars. You could see the locations on classic rock won a one point one. Dot com. But you can head by Woodruff road. News Seneca Greenwood Spartanburg east Lee Anderson bill. A hundred different places and all listed so. Go to donate some blood make a difference in somebody's life also next week Patrick I'm on vacation but. There's training camp opens seeing we will have eight you too big deal with the lesbian upstate going on out there next week where. Will be broadcasting from wild wing cafe in Dane county jail in Spartanburg you can come part there where have a bus that was shoveling you over. To the CI give stadium whopper for the opening of painters training camp says if you wanna avoid the crowd a parking over there. On campus in dealing with the all that just at the downtown Spartanburg in you can catch each shuttle over. Four panthers' training camp so a lot of different things going on which set includes George Bryant joining us in the next segment gave me gain you'll join us for me CC football kickoff in Charlotte. At 6 PM but. That it that it that it you have a trade in the NBA. Yes we do the donors decided you know what Carmelo Anthony he we they gave in the right then he can look at options. Well they decide to trade and sky gets something out of it. They've traded Carmelo Anthony and they'd 20/20 two. First round pick to the hawks Purdue and a shorter and might miss school in the style I think this eyebrows Los and a by bush ansari. So Carmelo Anthony is now a hawk. That is sucked all the energy for Atlanta Hawks basketball the next couple years we could get his Carmelo is. Minus one year Syracuse when they actually won a national championship name so he's done in his NBA career. And he he's averaged twenty some pinpoints thirteen days if they want a cheap points hit it big breathed anything deep into the playoffs. L Oakland a city they were away a first round exit this year happily yeah. So Lou. The reality is Atlanta Hawks basketball you diskette the light sucked out of your franchise here I the next couple year. Well what looked like did they have that strict and pinky they're set for Alec. The hawks within this frontier reasons wine. You have someone even though he may not be the best player to train someone you have someone I can put wisdom for Trey young. And in your system not only that you had a bigger named to kind of draw fans and to come see it a little bit. So. I love your first point this actually oil. And those they serve in his most people those that Carmelo has sucked the life by the franchises he's been well known and hot ice. I see that but the thing is is when you start as low as the hawks it last year you're looking for anything to eat candy kind of get some dance into the game. And there are a lot of people who are Carmelo Anthony fans I don't know why but they are. They are gonna go to especially here. Little bit local around the area people are either gonna go to the bobcats. Or the hawks any kind of have a bigger name. I think with the bobcats right now are not under the baucus wow ions those are the hornets I instill in the minds of a bobcats good night I apologize. But he and is a bigger name with the hornets right now. Then with the hawks but it does help out with the hawks a little bit. Well the other thing is. Don't. Don't tick off Gregg Popovich what you think at the mood that spurs made. In trading Kauai Leonard for Toronto for one year now. He's trying to put out there today he's in good talks about maybe contract moving forward with the raptors BS. You know why. Why Leonard just jumped up and it's tax bracket by men in the Kenyan men and traded to camp are they are a lot of great things house warning him years. Yeah you ought to pay for your health care but you gotta pay some higher taxes and others. They've made major disadvantage. That just kind of crack me up because here's the Toronto Raptors what they were number one in the in the east last year and of course took wait a second round exit from the playoffs. Were swept. They're obviously looking for players and Popovich as well you know wanna play year in guess what was it should be across the border and that's while law. It was the most politics being he could have done because first of all he looked at from two reasons one I'm on the play you. A must see you know it's one of those like cross promotional or were in the finals for some odd reason. What I love the fact that they actually wow. They held true to their threats yet right what's to think the players have the right to do whatever they want that is not the case ownership management still is in control. In San Antonio just print that. And they said we're not trade you anywhere into the west because we don't wanna make one of our rival stronger and congratulations. Your prize like. Alone though and that given in Dillon they keep her San Antonio for actually doing what you thought was best for your franchise vs what you thought was best for the individual player. And for the raptors what's happened to them. I mean they were first Ratner in there were indeed number one team in the east last season. And you fired your head coach. And you traded I think across that that was potentially your future purple why Leonard he's probably going to be a one year and done. Well again I guess one thing that we are doing is we're talking a little bit about the NBA on July 19 so I guess they went a little bit but before we get out of here one of the things from buddy Brett for you later that was Obama does yesterday. I don't know if Dell saw a Twitter. Last night the picture I posted it yet he won the day. Ever I was state late for door in his comments about the game of football be in under attack was one of the things that won the day though what it is Brett free later rocking and avocado sure. Eight short sleep button dale that was avocados. Next level absolutely next level but. You know news that David Doran who likes to troll North Carolina is that it puts it into state one. I consecutive games against the tar hills. You'd need that they were gonna ask him today he a response do you effort doors comments and today Doran guess what he was he was actually a lot bettors to. He he he didn't pop off at late adored the way that I thought he would but I will say this much NC state patrol. Absolutely troubled North Carolina. When it comes to their media guy so Patrick urge you back here. C sorry the beauty allied radio. OK Mike let's get Mike in before the break talked about Carmelo only that he Micah if you do well. I am doing a good third I you don't. Yeah I did it go off course in the club house after two days of hearing football players and coaches talk. Winner winner chicken dinner. How big arm. My understanding what the military is he's not going to be in Atlanta Paloma and then today actually going to wait. Okay. Wait a let me ask you this because again I've been stuck in media days Patrick Connick clued me in on that once that. Not really tell. Is this a situation where they ray who is what he's got two point seven and a half I mean come into and this year on this final year of his contract. Where they waved him in the in Greece sign emitted at a reduced rate because. Was that mellow let's hear keys to a title I don't wanna pick on him but just wherever he's been in the NBA it just hasn't worked now. I think. I think Atlanta was probably one and only impede that it ought to open source somebody can't give that he's gonna take you that you asked. That the whole reason why it. Only read what a treat workers breach you were a ball right. So. It's gonna be interstate was sailing and it meet somebody at this point days Patrick said to sell tickets what did you think about the spurs holding true to their form might. It going to do that we're not straight into the west and actually went also none they ship coli letter north of the border. Well at least they got somebody in return of all they don't give you democracy DeRozan was actually look at look at the big guy what you'd look on his contract. So yeah but they didn't get up and yet Popovich has gone had to sit dale ray tomorrow resident and say listen we want it to you that's why we make this straight it's he's mad right now I saw earlier. Coming up from Charlotte that. He says hit had a meeting with the raptors and they promised him he would be interrogated says he's a little bit mad right now but once you get in San Antonio system I think prison will be. Yeah he should be but I got a good organization oh run. Well Ron I made it that this package that it would have been able outburst. All right listen Mike thanks for the phone cause if you have a great afternoon. Because when we come back it's George Bryant easy odor. He's also the operator that George Bryan golf academy dale and Chapin a thirty year member of the PGA. In a founding partner of growth golf now of course his son Wesley. He won Harbour town on the PGA tour last year. And guess what. We will we'll talk some more about the game of golf with George Bryant when we come back to golf that but he would. So welcome back and we're alive from the clubhouse that Carolina golf that but the woods and listen no this places I grew up here in the neighborhood didn't. Before he got the guess I need to do very fortunate you robberies. Part of my family the founder the late junior golf classic two sons Austin. In of course Crawford went contemplating college in. Sometimes about it's not about Robby in the first mainly about golf here the state of South Carolina tell I found out more about George Bryant he's joined in this right now. Boehner and operated at that George Bryan golf academy down into eight minute thirty year member of the PGA AN. The father Wesley Bryant who won the aired its last year in and ten children. George right in the fourteen plays on the Canadian tour any daughter who played at the College of Charleston. I think George you may be the first namely a golf here in the state of South Carolina. I'm outward robbery and they're scrambling believe in the bribe grew ended up together. Grand that's certainly a privileged. To be talking that you. A Magellan and rob what about labor people and the whole world be in the family back in. You're you're young and call on all who. They. Grew up with Norton won't. Those old as me has cut off or bad about it on the great that would approve. Well well look at. I they keep for that but again you know you've taught this game of golf and that's one of the things I wanna get a first of all. You know it is we talked with the person he earlier you know there's a lot of college golf money scholarship money not being used in the women's game right now in your daughter mean Chandler. Played for the College of Charleston but you. Talk about the fact that let me ask you I think golf is so representative of the daily life peaking too high after the good shot she hit new lows after the triple bogeys. Yes it's wonderful. Family alive. Form of recreation and right there are a bit didn't it where you are button work. He breaks it or and that's kind of how mock them or got into it on the courts locomotive. If it's good word. It's going that you may yet mom dad goes and there. Love children and not my daughter was let's not live. But I got yelled out there are a lot of Wear number one. The Carolina we're doing it came natural he department now. And that's it up with Willie what. The if you may include simple way to directly. Where the competitive there and what I like doing that is the Campbell not a lot. That's what I love about where we're market you can do it is that mainly in three hours and your families into the game of golf but not only the teach is again owner operators that George Bryant golf academy damage even. You're one of the founders of your your founding partner of grove golf now which sets a program to include it to teen series with skills clinics in. Fitness and everything else because. This isn't Fuzzy. Hit 2008. Team this is 1978. Fuzzy Zeller get off the golf course inevitably Colette lightning in a cigarette in his hand while used to in the interview. Tiger Woods changed the game of golf when he got to pay mean better beat shake. Well that that's really pretty cool that it Dalton spring and that he table and it is technically. In the AD. It would directly out Gary Player was one or the back a little bit wobbly old school players that really good care of themselves. Consider them twelve athlete. And made that great electability group that. And then you're whereby the popular Ed and the Greg Obama and Nick Faldo. Well at the or resolve on the bad well not a got married. Popular Obama on the women's side and it makes a huge difference. It really doesn't bode well now incidentally and today. Is a fan blade. Quote. We started the program on a golf but I wouldn't want a big supporter of grove golf now. At this spot on them. I'm drawing a blank he's dead. It's. Legacy at Heinz. Legacy ought legacy and they're Eric. Well the problem yet their divorce rate is named O fits George Bryant that is the greatest name in golf when it comes as a family of golfers beer shank. Spirit trigger I know you're talking about an unbelievable family that via it's not yet know I thought it might have looked what pop. Probably bad years ago. And unbelievable golf and not let it grow go now Michigan it was. Put almost doubled. The more. So that all these god. Or all of it was bought the bought question. Got this listed as well that would well from the group of votes rather well up the floor they then they live though are not too often cannot turn somebody who has built. Huge supporter of do you have got like they're in your area. One has led you to influence in the program amendment solid ball. And you a clear cut them. Let him but what followed and they had that don't play golf bother him. Only supported. But yet this recreation coach Sampson goes up now partnered with. Our special out when partnered with a of course my body would. But also the recreation the local recreation commission. And we always together. To get into the game enjoy that together and that is what if he is the community. Went quite far. Not bode diplomacy the foundation. And build up now bode well there's two more on the welfare of our community. Global. Until then we yeah. The growth of golf now leader and not get that care more than other than Caroline we actually stand in the north Jauron as well. Well you know it's fantastic we can is we are lucky I mean when it comes to junior golf here in the state of South Carolina we may have the best stayed out the year between the two tournaments in like we say it manifests itself in two. The Blake junior classic which is wrapped up yesterday but. Let me ask you. The first time I beat off fathering golf was of my it was a weird moment. He was proud of me but this does well you know and I mean so. That that's human nature let me ask you this crowd was it when you got there with this year and so on. Winning eight ET tournament right here in your home state of South Carolina. That was that was pretty special and I'll tell you what I'm. I don't know that you and I've met but on no. An ally outing like too bad the old you just can't let the young when you got all our global. And then mom my wallet what real happy about that idea it turned out pretty good then I am. A play Wesley did win right here of how god we have no idea that you wrote the first. Popular and again to win the event but it will be extremely well on. I'm real proud of the money you. He was very gracious and humble him. Dave is bored or that your people crowd the crowd a could not have been more proud of how he. Handled himself that day. Well I mean that is since that's pretty amazing kids you know we have now figured out we have a lot of people that intercept our lives you know. It again that's what I want to live part upon being here at Carolina golf that by the woods I grew up in this neighborhood I've known this course. You know I don't know if you remember the old peach blossom par three out on wade hit the bull party Greer Baghdad to haul me out there. In the first round ever played against him he played with the potter. Bet you if you really are you that you can't do that on this course that's what we're talking about earlier they're some 180 yard. You part carries out here in this set up the Carolina golf that I'll love it this scheme is affected your whole family. I'm sure your wife Valerie has more patients in each one of us but that's what's so what's fun about the game of golf it can be an entire family experience. Yeah and I didn't started at a place right. But the skill level and and you know what one of the things that just got an individual. Who did guard play cute daughter and an hopefully is why now. And the contractor you you wanna start a moment appropriate venues. All of of course the cryptic. That is up and where Bobby what as well. I got cellulose shout out June thank god magnate from. Mr. Superintendent Lleyton or what you know what I would record there. Because they're Airbus would look really good when I was there and I know that there was pretty special about that particular. Club it. The community and it put together volunteer came. Here with the course and I think that. Come at a real popular way. Or breach smaller. Courses and clubs to operate. The but. My family got started all corporate. And hold our order and you can quite faster. And the more holes to play the more fun you can call. Though you've been. I really. Little like that and that the course was shorter special or. Young player then that prime factor walking actual quality not arms or would you. No one saw about a year old and all around the golf mobile. Court opened her up all the right there but you would in some of the other venue Bob Bob experience the courses that you grew up in Brazil which. They had lights on development holes you can go either play at night RI is. My dad they wrote a world quickly through screw it we're gonna have fun we're hopeful that this break for just dissect it but that was him hideous switched. I get it it team to us. Aid if for whatever reason apparently. Golf swing is rougher on the left in the gulf or on the back then a right into golf percent that doctors said. You got 12 things either go quit playing golf for you gold taken out right in the eighties with the east still putted left handed. He had no because that potter and that's what EU's on every shot the first round he took me out and I'll never forget. That is beautiful what a beautiful story about. Strongly recommend anybody doubt listening go. We were like you just described accounts. Not your body would go to the public it's a bit like it was probably twelve but I'll sure they're the way we get a the com. I'm sure they're polite and if it's a great day we'll life everybody dual dual. Well listen since we had some sort distant cousins and didn't realize that I look to catch up with you again here on the show is you know Charlie driver with a golf channel's good friend of mine as well. Yo guys that I played high school off who gets Chris pat. And displayed in the U the US senior open. This past years I'd love to get you back on it chop it up with the. Bill needs to be equivalent to look for the fact how we'd be cleared up the to get tournament I don't not British Open a bird a little forward was pretty cold and Kevin give our. In the lead there and here we dug about a golf family and I nominate and the beautiful. Beautiful quite. ICloud that we've got a popular and you're out there on the top of the leaderboard. Yep and Jay Byrd and we have a murder playing well in the other PGA tournament as well George Ryan thank you very much George Bryant golf academy down in that statement. Will up that are up on our FaceBook page how people can now reach out that you and again thank you for taking some time with this today. Earlier pro am obligated. And I really outs a lot of fun their Patrick thank you very much good they'd like I said I thought that. Yeah well that's a great argument is that the hos lately is that the Reid's family or is it the Bryant family that are the person may have Leo go off. Here in the upstate or the state of South Carolina will have a yet segment opened and when we come back. In that at 603 we will go up to Charlotte with our but he gave me the game. All right welcome back in a few minutes the top of the hour and listen I just got a message. It's. Sorry to report this got a friend of course it's been very good does here on the show. Former Clemson place kicker former career high school place kicker and start Nelson Welch is now recovering. In the hospital after suffering a massive heart attack yesterday Nelson's younger than me. Now most people know his mom needs he Welch because she was on TV for so long heavily on Debbie SBA. He told she told the unity our friend that the next that they are still determining the next course of action in the recovery process. Do us a favor keep Nelson wells former Clemson in Greer place kicker. In your thoughts and prayers it's a great family with you which is set in the last segment talking with George Bryan in yet the tentacles of that in a year in this state as South Carolina. That limits in the Reeves mainly you know we're talking about the hoster guess what. Most people out they're my age remember Nelson's mommy Sewell Meehan on TV growing up so. Again he in your thoughts Amber's. All right is that that's why in this day and age. In all honesty it's imperative to get out there and donate like you know what we have going on with our rock and roll. Rock and roll up your sleep blood on yeah blood donation. You can go right now all the information in the locations it 933 the planet rocks dot com as Welles classic rock won one. Is well again that that's today tomorrow. And in Saturday that you can go to donate blood it's. Yankees never know who's gonna need needed when I just got that message about Nelson did so it no doubt Nelson's been really really. Good to be here in the past well. Yeah so. Make sure you via next hour get by here have some fun have a beverage. A little bit of the year here a lot of golf and tennis find out more about it. You into in this place for hundred bucks. But what we're gonna do and acts is and back up by 85 into we're gonna have a loan salesman if you will as well when it comes to some constant coverage here on. Straight it was thirteen he has been in upstate it's scary game go from clips and sports needs. He's gonna join us from Charlotte is again things that rat out there. And you know kind of an interesting event. With Leahy put the war in his comments make it national knees and of course date dorm responding to moment. This much listen you're on Patrick yesterday bit. This bother me are right department argued he came out the you came up escalator the west into the second floor and that's where. You know all the media gatherings in all and when he got out the elevator there was is really cool like rate. With united ACCT. Mean to throw beat think thinking in detonate you know things of that nature and they had twelve dummy in I mean the clothing dummies not sturtze dummies okay with every team's uniform. On yeah it was six for the coastal six for the Atlantic. Only four teams in the ACC have stripes on the this year. Strikes on the scouting guy you know enemies that's what you are bothered when it. Bothered with that yes definitely in in I don't that. I guess yeah they'll saying you wait long enough you know something else will come back in style some of these uniforms almost looks fifties. It ain't just west and at the general manager every year Carolina golf and tennis he played his football app state and then of course professionally. With the LA express semi app states got stripes on their you know ports which by the way. Diesel would be repeated knows this at state was picked to win their division in the sun belt earlier today. However war hate it when the league championships that means somebody thinks that. At state is going on in ATP chipped dean. When it announces sun belt that's a heck of a run the mountaineers. Are on so well. Again and join our day here Carolina golf that botany woods and of course what makes it even better as we can give you a team so when a thousand bucks think about it. You could pay off your years. Club membership with a thousand bucks all you have to do. It's text the following words this 72881. Its basic. BA as I see X basic. At 72881. It you go way to pull somebody's went at a thousand dollars bringing clear why not eat text basic. 272881. He can win a thousand bucks on intercom intercom agreeable even ESP in upstate we had a local winner just yesterday as well. By texting the keyword in the 72881. Yet till 659. To get in basic. In the meantime when we come back we're headed up by 85 Charlotte, North Carolina ACC football kickoff it's Kyrie make game you'll. With clubs and sports needs dot com.