Straight Up With Sturg 7-19-2018 Hour 1

Straight Up With Sturg
Thursday, July 19th
Sturg has been bit by the golf bug as he talks all things golf. 

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All about upstate it is. Is it Patrick Brown back in the studio I believe that is the Thursday edition of straight it was surge why is we're looking at British Open highlights. Year on the television and of course we your life from Carolina golf at botany woods. The par three he if you will that it's been in the neighborhood that I grew up in four. Listen I'm fifty so it's been here my entire life in that. It is we're gonna celebrate the first round of the British Open we're gonna celebrate this club in what they have offers that these new. Changes they're having eight part of map here Patrick this weekend. A must there clumps and in South Carolina golfers are right but it's not gonna be tiger's first game it's. It's going to be a draw if you know enemy draft says they will actually be tigers in game cots competing with each other. Out here this week and and that some of the fun stuff. That they gave here here a lot of golf but he would set things up a little bit it does it does so in between of course immediate days listen. It was out a hand in Charlotte all right number one I dare you to a new. We we have enough Clemson coverage here that you don't have to sign up for every piece of information it was core. Race and he absolutely nuts I told you I would say this that Patrick is keeping a little bit of an idea. Of what it was like out there today for the Atlantic so I was no issues get back in the car. Making sure I was here on time. In the writer's room. Gavin Sweeney was being they were weight not and there was probably. 65. To seventy writers are gathered around all with their iphones set up you know to record with now it's. So many people do that instead use in digital voice recorders. Finishing up to his left. Was Boston College head coach Stevens Ghazi. Three reporters. Around him. In Boston College is going to be good this year go to Dodd Zia who is you need to know. Yeah he each had a ready and focus but yet that was the attention Dick clubs in there and this is why I say this. I've been doing this for ten years are right now that it. This is different number one the ACC is different now they are there were a lot more people today for the Atlantic Division and there were for the coastal yesterday. Why because some of the national guys made their way up by the five last night because Alabama was. Went yesterday so that was so they were there to see Nick Saban and Alabama yesterday they drove up ID five last night. For the Atlantic why top clubs and in Davos waiting. Guess but that's it neighborhood we talk about these two programs with now now academy near each other when it comes to media days. So. Again. It was not CEO every where coach when he went there were trail of people follow it was it is different you can feel you can see it. In a course. You know more credentialed media than ever before it will never get out of hand to the point I heard some stories last night. As some of the crap that our fellow writers and broadcasters had to put up with an Atlanta. Thank Q8 CC for not doing this it would seal saying bigger and bigger is not always better. Boy that's the truth when it comes to media days I'm sorry I I want everybody could do their job. But. You eat you know. Mr. college football Tony Barnhart have enough fight for the same. You know quote right here. With some did that writes a blog posts on say there's a difference between the two are right here that's all I got this day and at that mean you're better anybody. That's why I appreciate what the ACC does so again we will keep you up to date on what's going up there at the top of the 5 PM hour. After we got done yesterday actually more Childress and I caught up with Tom Lugar bill he has yet. He would go bring you that interview at the top of the fight you now but we have some guests that over here eight Carolina golf club. Carolina golf that but he woods it will bring you in the next segment which includes. Lou that let's say it's sort of the president of the club if you will be more got to kind of media vision of what's going on here because this place again. Stop thinking about it Patrick and you're the big hockey guy on staff right that I am. All right. If you get older and you are finding that now these you were. Two week we won't we don't want that you under the bus would say this and happy so that your love right units and warrants at such time the comments. More precious time becomes. I don't have six hours on a t.'s data go play golf yeah. However didn't in my schedule and a three. And if I want to get up at 8 o'clock to tee off year Carolina actively eighteen holes in three hours. They're nine great golf holes here with two sets tee boxes on every hole. Am talking there's a couple of partner we're not talking about they'll be to blossom or three agree that literally learned how to play the game of golf on. This is the cuts that the neighborhood there's 26070. Yard par threes out here. And you challenge yet gives you good to count put it in the key is you can be in an out and three hours. Of the enemy in this in this time and in aids in it's a great deal will discuss it. You. I I'll tell our listeners to treat that with that Joseph was an Uzi general manager a year ago might remember him. He had peaks and gains with disperse the Sumner he played football at stake. It's well is. With the eighties like deemed too much credit for playing in the USFL he played with yet LE expresses a linebacker after is at stake career. I have that correct tattooed across my forehead Patrick. Pro football play you go to media he's noticed is that they'll witnesses well. I would out of the Ochocinco like that Jack did the future hall of Famer Jackie and I made played one snap but Hank. I'm a pro football player. Yet dad all right hey listen. I realize that you have to earn fifty I've got to meet soon to be junior in high school for a daughter that. Yet it's time to make Smart decisions snagged it tattooed across my forehead wouldn't be a good decision. But all of our way editor here to hear a lot of golf that body would I I'm not gonna lie I had to stop up at the convenience store and get a five hour energy. If you get that glow magazine that sits right there on the Kilmer with all the convicted felons a little newspaper folded under as the men they're as it did on this issue as his entire space taxis. He hustles like a clay hill. I mean the precise effect is a plane home. I did do a double take at it says that's why have better not joke with facial Tatis after what I saw earlier today. There at the BP corner stores. Idea and I it between the we will take your phone calls as we get a team it's analysts and things will get a little bit more back to normal tomorrow but. They're of course I'm on vacation next week so I'm looking for two but we're also celebrate the British Open. Now Patrick you mix is producer the ability for meat of pocket of fake British accent for the next three ourselves. Quite quite frankly upset about your. I apologize for that isn't wine you know you you're borderline offensive and it is one major earnings okay. Now wait tell gas like a drug crazy Irish guy or something but a little. Yeah they are playing at Carnoustie it's the first time they've been back here in eleven years into having to Isner is your leader after the first round. He's in the clubhouse minus 566. Penny for now. If you guys that I don't know that looks like a south African flag. Are in 67. Minus four Tiger Woods was even now go look up the leaderboard here. Through fifteen or sixteen host city and actually get to under earlier in the rail after millions. Will keep you updated because you listen here's the deal on this course you wanna be with than. You literally just wanna make. So Mike you make eight news. No problem but some others that are Ryan Moore and Brenden still. It minus three Justin thomas' side done with the day it minus two with Rory McIlroy. John rom sacked Johnson watch out for him eleven consecutive rounds under seventy. At a British Open apparatus. He said the best mole on gore. He is it it might as Steve said listen there is a list bomblets the mine is too Rickie Fowler back future. A lot Francisco Molinari a whole big group it minus once at the beautiful thing is is no vice gone out shot Lou. In gotten three or 45 out probably. Kevin misery one shot lead. But 800 seats putted the including former major winners all the even par or better so course we'll keep you updated on the on on the British Open as well but that final thing when it came back clumps and meet with the media today ACC kick off. We'll have fair oh I've had some dealings with them match her day EU literally. Jumped up to one in my favor Clemson Tigers up covered of all time. Because all you hear between he said number one I agree with the coaches and sick of hearing about it sick to see Eunice our defense of wine on the front of magazine covers that time is over. Static you know filled it's time to concentrate. But that if I hit the left tackle who will break my buddy Jim on turns. Streak of all kinds starts for clips and tiger. This year he police. Sort stupidity games he's started every game since its since its first one it clumps of yet he had to answer some questions about you know the offensive lines got to bring it every single day in practice did that defensive line. In every time when they were out there on the stage earlier today the that they admit I was asked a question about the defense of lining going up against it. Click affair was back there behind him with this year with this finger stuck in his yours. Why is he gonna wanna hear body ports tired yet. That was the thing if I'm a Clemson football fans that something you know with success in breed. It even boring. You know not want to Wear just to get the feeling that agrees only two players but they were two linemen. One on the office in in the eagle good it's the heat though they're ready they're tired to hear people talk about him at this point in the race to get out there on the football field and practice that we got a long time between now on that September 1 opener. But it can hit fake desired UT they passion and that's one of the things that I took. From Cleveland failed today. You created. He really skyrocketed up my list when it comes the favored Clemson Tigers set. Again we're here to hear a lot of dolphins but he would come by see this week at a price will set up out front. Shirts and hats are not a good stuff we got food here in the clubhouse it here a lot of golf that but he works for you just come by check it out. Listen it is so affordable to join this club I mean literally. We'll talk about that later with Joseph wasn't it but here's the deal against three hours you can get eighteen holes and go on about your day. Mean listening today stating that it's huge huge because my time at the years old is a lot more precious and Patrick to 23. Also don't forget the keyword for the 4 PM hour is rest RE ST. It said it is 72881. You can win a thousand dollars on intercom inner concrete wall and he has been in upstate a local winner the other day will you be 5 PM and 66 via. He works as well but what we come back Dick Moore got a problem here a lot of golf. All right welcome back yeah we're live Carolina golf that. He woods and I've been joined by a bit more gonna win that. Act he gave your race but how about a tidal. Technically Vick is you know we're gonna talk about oh. The vision that direction the goals of this club. Well the both thank thank thank you for coming this is this is really. Absolute great opportunity for us to have to plug Carol ought to go off of botany woods. We're 81818. Hole golf course we have nine greens. We have eighteen tee boxes. I actually am the president of the board I took over about two years ago could and we have installed a new greens keepers and this golf courses in the best shape. Then it's ever been actually looks like a golf course now. We have we have not the box which may taint the boxes we have nine grains. And the courses are an excellent condition it's nine dollars unlimited golf per month for signal membership. It's a hundred dollars a month for family membership yet unlimited golf he can't do. Now a game and again you know. Where this society right now that quite frankly that you know as I've said I'm fifty I don't have the time that I had run twenty years ago. With the and on the air from four to seven and I'm joint it is is that this new incentives site can get back is swinging a golf club that was on my goal sheet for the surgery. I can come over here be in an album three hours I don't have six and a half hours on Tuesday to go to devote to the eighteen hole round of golf. That that's our biggest selling point I was a member of the local golf course here will find golf course but. You know when you're married you have children who go out on a Saturday it's a 56 hour day. Here at the guys play on Tuesday nights Thursday night we teed off at 530 after work were home by 8 o'clock. We tee off every Saturday morning and were home by 1230 to cut the grass take here than kids' Sunday afternoon and we play every day at 130. We're done we're home by 4 o'clock we get eighteen holes than we have a lot of fun we've got a group of guys some nights at six doing some nights it's point five. And then Doran the the other times the courses wide open distracted here in the morning to have it all to yourself you're working on your short game you're working on your parting. And it's that it's not the ordinary or three golf course because we do have some long holes out right. I grew. My dad took me as a child to a place I don't wait here Campbell org or call each pot each price of our merit a place this is it. Peach blossom part 3 AM career or even another executive part three. This course of winds through botany woods which is one of the more older established neighborhoods on the east side agreeable. Every time I mentioned displaced people up. Drive by an everyday you that's that little party this it's not a little part three of there's 260 yard challenges out there so it's not to show with a pitching wedge and sand wedge. Early talents it's a regular guy off chorus of right through the was its manicured right now. We do have some par threes when we set up at the ornaments. 200 yards on an eighty yards. Our average age here used to the older now we're starting to get younger because it's a great place I know when I was here great bill I have four children. I couldn't go to pebble creek and point 56 programs modified knew about this place this is the best play best kept secret in Greenville. You come here two hours movie future often go out and we're family area yet she can bring it to throw on the golf cart go out play all you want. And it's that it's out of the that'd. Well my daughter who will be here in a little while because she deals with Sharkey. That's how matter curling club. This is where she is kind gonna learn how to play the game you know what I mean because again. Being over here in. She's not a basketball player anything but she does ever black belt in Taekwondo sent the there's some things that can maybe crossover but. Again what you know we've we were win marked overnight arriving to the course which it was in a few weeks ago. There's a young girl about her rage out here working on her game at 11 o'clock in the morning which cater to the families would love to see the kids out here it's a great game. The kids need to be outside in the big play some golf forget watching sponge Bob and all that stuff all summer long city he hit. The goals of this club number one. Get some more members out here guess what more money you can put back into the course things of that nature but it's already corset is survived. What fifty years at this point courses been around over fifty years in this that are. A we also have a great clubhouse we have a very active golf club. And we do have to ornaments every month will have a member a member remember we've got a Ryder Cup tournament we've got all kinds of tournaments so. At my age 57 years albeit has been an athlete not been able plays softball basketball and abort you wanna get the competitive juices. Hello this is a great images bits in the clubhouse. He can be available for renal log give you an idea but here we have not pairs 25 anniversary party here they've made. Like sixty years now you know about that for. Right here in this clubhouse. It we still have one picture. From that night of my dad's brother uncle Bobby's alright the toward the end of the night you know a few Beers and his histories are cut out my mom told them. Make sure these believe the balloons are your responsibility I have a picture of my uncle in the clubhouse every year. Martha that I let these lines go anywhere says I have I can honestly say you bit. Almost on a daily basis that that picture I see it it makes me smile you know and I mean that's a memory from right here in this club we have a lot of fun here in the weekly rent the clubhouse that I does that my daughter's rehearsal dinner over here Marcin. Holds about eighty people very comfortably in. It's been it's been a great value that is available for our rights to this weekend it is it's not tigers vs gain Cox's tigers in game cots together with they draft right just give us an idea we give them. Give our lists in this debate me. This is what happens here within this club. Well a couple times a year we have what's called a Ryder Cup tournament we've got about 50% Carolina fans 50% clubs. Clips of fans. And we play 27 holes on Saturday. Set up just like your Ryder Cup we've got alternate shot captain's choice best ball. And then on Sunday we have an eighteen hole match play then it's a lot of fun and it's bragging rights for the rest of the year so we enjoy it. Yet and yet the final thing is. President a club I'd the world. There every sport has a question in which you don't understand. So. I've made one hole in one in my life it was number two chanticleers that they report see is that a deal you know part three. Why the hell is that the tradition in golf that the team makes a hole in one has the by the Beers and beverages in the you have the greatest moment in your life you know holy war outside of marriage and yet that cut. If you gotta go in there about 200 dollars worth of averages for guys target rate to have fun at your expense you know factories that that's why golf is different. That is great it's a great game and you can keep playing we have a lot of members out here that are in the readies. And they enjoyed the most young guys are out here every day and and it's a game you can just keep on playing and one of the great things about heart go of course to his you can walk it than we do have sheds available where if you wanna buy court off court if you can't walk in you wanna drive. You park your golf should in the shed and and ten dollars a month. It should the rent so you can't pity you know a whole lot if your card you go out great like. Well listen thanks for having me out today because again. Having known this place it you're right Yelp. The Matta clearing out that you've done throughout the course and all. In number two the greens are in great shape regularly it that's that's the key. Have a good putting surface and yeah UK in that that this places traditional defined to a. An old school golf courses in the country club bill and they actually SP he part of and I I ask every golfer out there that. Please come out take a look at yes not bucks a month for its membership honored for family. What you're about here you'll be like me you fall what was it was truly appreciate you coming out here that will listen also. Now part of or a stick golf cart Lou you can get one of the gate you rail and every year and everything else with that dictates have some fun and we're get out your name here. As again sort of the their version of the Ryder Cup tournament Clemson and South Carolina players and yeah Patrick. You Wear a certain school on your hat. Yes. And you. Well but I guess my schools that part of this department but my point being it's fine you know again I mean when you can get together. On that kind of thing also when we come back we'll take a look at. Back at media days in been coming up at 447. We hit the first key is a huge organization here because again your kids involved in the game guess what. They don't have the T it's to get out there and get in trouble Ari grownup here but he woods and give me your effort it. Patrick these are words of wisdom angle pass along to think you need him here in the upstate of South Carolina we have what's called a year agreeable can't sell. Swim association invitational Lee units started in the sixties are right maybe even before that I grew up swimming on the spot he would swim team right here with a morning practice afternoon practice our right guess what we're to forget the higher you go out here in kidney trouble or do anything in. Thursdays were the greatest day of the week because we had swim meets all right. Which you are swimming tickets and other community pulled out a note that here so why you do this now. We go to the convenience store and load up on sugar products and I'm talking boxes of jello the powder into it just trying to get that energy for. Certain the first heat guess what each of the game of golf and also aware of how to where you have to worry about anything. In the future of course we will talk with Michael hi is it for 47. About the about the app first the golf organization at 535. George Bryant's gonna join us he is the owner and operator. Of that George Bryant golf academy damaging Chapin. A thirty year member of the PGA. Also you may know his son Wesley Bryan who has the 2007. Team RBC. Here it's cheap in the honor harbor tail so outside that would get instant book ball oh by the way. Don't upset Popovich guess what you get damaged outside the country and guess what. Your eyes here. Your tact. Acts were hate it's just went up a whole lot polite letter straight it was third two will have a to UW and give him with the city for four GS PE SPN. Open phones and exit. So we're rely a back here at Carolina profit body woods right off of airport road is the interest of the clubhouse about cius here. Ager get off work because. He's in this one track mind Patrick. The beginning of football season is officially here after media days this week you know and then of course the advocates get one week off in the air and you August practice and what story lines everyday. My brains out a full when it comes to immediate days because the reality is it is this stuff long enough of told the story about my first one. I'm right down every little quote from everything and I'll look at Everett this older gentleman a slight yet written the day it's on. On this as long as I have you'll never hear anything new and there's a lot of treatment in we're real proud of our team. And a lot of that I do wanna work over the summer yet. Ought to see at the hotel first of all Bobby Petrino. Is the most solely. Of all the coaches in the ACC. Let's be honest the biggest jerk of the coaches in the ACC but that's it allowed me to go out and dress up as Bobby Petrino for Halloween a couple of years ago with a neck brace and not face all scratched. Unfortunately about why not finding volleyball outfit beware breakers at your member Jessica Terrelle was the volleyball player Arkansas that was on the back of that motorcycle when they crash says. He may Kaman had a couple of good lines today when it comes to set. It is the last time in the you'll see these active coaches sorted this for an you know enemy willing to talk because at some point it's become the CIA you know you gotta. Close the rates and make certain of like funds out. Nine ciento I don't mean this thing is. I've never. Truly understood. The whole. Lower behind media day. Because it again like you said it's kind of the same thing every every time. Well the thing is is what it is today vs what it was thirty years ago it had its place. It still does for that matter what we. You add to growing avenues of radio or sports talk in political talk. Because Spotify and everything it's hurt hurt other areas of the radio business. Date that the fund part of this deal was thirty years ago now I realize some modern day we we can I can eat either. These nice you stick hop on buses. 2530 years ago in drive from campus to campus. When they were talking in the football office or whatnot they were in the bar drinking. So the you know but again. Had a really good conversation I'm gonna hold one interview back that I did yesterday one on one. Is that a more because things right waters okay he a lot of people are listening audience may. Understand. He was the au commissioner of the sun belt he was a former assistant commissioner of the Southern Conference back in the day. So. He is now the head of the football bowl association which means you know there were in the key. The football's the ball games out there and a lot of people now go now that we have a college football playoff do we need the bowl games yes she did. Yes she did number two that they are polling shows. When they go to the athletic directors and presidents of universities 90%. Favorability rating when it comes to if they wanna keep Apple's system says an injury. There's a bull rings also help the good the schools as well because it's basically a free PR Dane know our debt. They have like the lower and schools can just PR their school. And not only that but maybe hey we beat him by good enough margin. Maybe we can see some other recruits Lanier now trying to you know I sold the month TV one day become a Gallagher sciele. Well that's what it is and it's also a bit commercial for the for the city I mean. Montgomery. You know I went to school university Alabama Montgomery hit a hole. You know a lot of my friends who were from Montgomery they used to get out there that actually the capital about it but Montgomery County. This revitalization. Much like dale in Greenville has now when I grow up here Patrick. You can dale to him for anything but married except maybe to go to church. You do not walk down main street they were not a thousand there it's let's be realistic. A 150 restaurants in the detail our employees that you can while they'll make you didn't need that. So guess what everything you like the cyclical. You know we right now one of the biggest things is. They're stoke in from did you hurt me that we interviewed yesterday president its label in the typically kickoff classic. Eighty words the originators and as we said. Yeah imitation is the sincerest form of flattery look all the neutral site match ups this year. They've got a maybe we don't need the bad neutral site they won't go back to do at home and I'm Bayless in neutral site every year this year opening up with global in Orlando. They've now signed home and homes with Notre Dame and it's Penn State no Texas are right. Clips it get ready to announce a three game deal with Georgia one includes some one in Athens who won in the tick fully kickoff classic. Also sales like they're about to announce that there in negotiations and about the pull off a home and home with LSU. So it's much is it neutral site stuff his work that it now seems like. It's cool to go back into the moment and deals as well so yeah everything in life is that cyclical but the immediate days it's also. Here's the thing you do we discussed or right as well about bowl game since the one opportunity to kids that play for our enjoyment get paid. They dance they gets whacked big 400 in fifty dollars. Of swagger as well as some other stuff and Wright was still in me a story of being at one of the where they they welcome to a best buy. With the 450 dollar gift card. It said. You cut him loose in the building here comes a player from one of the schools. He's got six blenders. That's what he bought at best buy six blenders. Okay. Right stop them and asked him why and he said you know this is seek first opportunity in my life I've ever been able to give my family Christmas present. Wow so he was giving six different. Houses are members and his family blenders for Christmas. Stop and think about that one for second you know what I mean so. Because it kind of shows dealing with some of these oboe players they don't. It's not all about them they're trying to work toward higher gold supply and when given an opportunity they're gonna show it. Yep sue again. Is. It eat you gotta stop and think about the other people. As well so again. Where I live here Carolina golf at botany woods when we come back we're not with the first tee. Michael hi is he's the director of the first tee program. Talking about why it's important for them also in a league she works with junior. Female golfers. You know listen. Here Carolina guys not just about your game would like your child into the game well guess what. We'll talk with the the first tee program when we come back is were lied at the clubhouse at Carolina office but he would you get up for swing and here. Find out get some big hits and beverage find out. How you could join this club as well. Our I welcome back give we're live here Carolina office but he woods but we're joined by the our friends at the first diss Michael highest he's director at the first key upstate Italy correct that she played her. College golf that North Greenville University guys did you read talk about facial tattoos or who. You golf here in the upstate I think we'll take the first. 101 of our core values judgment yet might not be it yet. It here yeah. It's a year again we were sort of rep for seeing are admits an LA expressed linebacker one time when it comes to do with every year which will be done these images like talents that. Why the first tee upstate here in Greenville because. And we're so fortunate when it comes to youth golf here in the upstate is evident by yesterday be in the final round at the plate junior golf classic out of the Warren Blake country club which is sort of the masters of South Carolina junior girls. Yeah I was next. Out there on Monday. Helping out with there for a land that they do before the actual apartment starts on Tuesday and finish is on Wednesday it's amazing to see these kids and how if there aren't I was sitting on the nine people on watch them it. You know one of our goals at the first G Hayes. To create better better days. That are citizens but also gave golfers. And so my goal here at first India status is hopefully we'll have a did from the first he. Program. In the coming years competing in that event and and then hopefully winning it because. You know our mission. At the first he is for reformist. The life skills that we need so interpersonal skills goal setting conflict resolution. Because you learn news skills. Easily through the game of golf you know you. So it Matt's lie that causes the one thing I tell my daughter is he too high after a good shot you can get to loads it's orders a way that you can attack every day life and you know it can happen right here we've seen it before you know the hos and Malia and all but. There's a guy from Aiken South Carolina that's leading the British Open that guess what came right through the upstate with the blade and everything else so. Definitely definitely. What's the most fun about this because it's not going out there during a call Meehan let's go do a lesson I mean you guys get out there and the community you. You promote the game of golf into you quite frankly neighborhoods that. Kids never know. Never think about going out to a golf course yes do. We have a lot going on. The first he we have three main programs that we Ron. One. Is our national school program. Eyes that we go and schools in Greenville Spartanburg Cherokee town. We're in every single elementary school in Spartanburg to hear you right now we have seven more ago. Mean Greenville counties overlooked in the for the funding for news. We go to those schools and we need to be teachers to conduct our life skills and golf skills curriculum during. And you know everyone knows it. He's getting cut. Across the state across the country. And this is a program that we can offers unique for decades and you need for the that they can teach. And also. Again layered on with our life skills so our nine core values honesty integrity and sportsmanship. And incidents are mean that's one of our biggest. Programs that we Ron. And and we have the first drive Bertram where we go into view like the kroc center and the Boys and Girls Club in Gaffney. Gains we conduct our program means there at this site so we're not going to Wear it it's our. We're not we've seen seen action in and hopefully they'll come us. Sadat's visit do you mean an outreach programs that we run. And then of course our golf course program. Just like we had a year at pot anyway it's were golf courses like green now and firms and to hear you now. Like sea pines. Carolina's brains will agree within range. They're national rattle a lot of golf courses in the upstate and that's where we see the biggest impact. With harper. In you know in looking through the website the first tee upstate dot org you. It's so close personal very well done but talk about you know it's a different because it's honesty you'd hear you report true LBQ. Claim your and score but. And a talk about from the the you junior girls perspective because we have Randy Jackson's friend of mine. If you listen this is a really good chance that you if you still feel like your daughter it would be passionate about this because. They're college golf crew programs around the southeast that are calling her going do you have kids that are eligible that we can put into this team put into the scholarship. Things of that nature so. Not only sit a great way to make a difference physically and what I've listened there can be paid off for this especially the junior and when it comes to the girls. Yeah so actually how I started off with a the first tee program I was thirteen eternally. As they colony golf. Played softball my whole entire life. Kind of got burned out on my dad. Damien first tee programs that heinous it's fun for their families it chart it. You know you want to play golf enterprise off of that David was shot and aren't they in this challenging spider ever played at any time back. And from there it just took off like you said about. It pre pre eighty innings phone calls that not putt. At that time I was looking at causes errors. Thousands and thousands of dollars mean to her own way because NCAA scholarships are offered be used. Senate senior golf especially on the girls side I mean. One of the classes I teach here I am my girls outnumber the boys and Iowa I just 11 I get 10 o'clock and I feed. You know eight or nine girls and then four boys and that's just like. General. But also you know there's there's all of these different opportunities for growth where I evening. Thirteen you know it's ten years ago for me but. I mean there's so much more opportunities for that when I was there at the time you have a geeky girl golf but it's actually happen got me here in the upstage him. Coordinator for an. You know it just all these different key and it's just it's just awesome. Really well. I had the fortunes last Saturday of celebrate and at fiftieth birthday of one of my oldest friends we've inference 46 and a half years now I know what Alabama but I can figure out the man there. His daughter just finished up her freshman year Washington in what I mean they chose that route because she didn't want to put sixty hour or so weakened that golf career. At the collegiate level because chances are that they and never gonna see approach to work. In her what it means. So I wouldn't want opportunity at Washington and Lee one of the price you know much thought a private universities and that can happen tell anybody. You've you've got you all have partners when it comes beat you know corporate wise and things get. I would challenge people there is listening this they wanna know everything about this organization is that the first tee upstate dot org how can they reach I mean. Come here take a look at Carolina golf again with you. God forbid they could speak with Matt Sharkey attendant do. So react right now we have three employees we're a nonprofit. And so so it's myself that Turkey is a program director. Italy's overseas our outreach. Programs the school program in the girl's golf. And we have a great program here Carolina like he said I mean this is such a great spot. To learn McCain suit your listeners out there. Our our thinking you know. I'm not sure about the game off this is the place to learn it yeah width nine holes. You know eighteen cents a tee boxes you you know the only thing that is here's a driving range but you know that we make a lot of fun guys and its. We there's upon down here on number nine. And we get so many donating golf balls. That we just dump the golf balls down there and they just black away and document in the ponds. And we fines some members here pick them up you know stupid remark by the edge and donating them back which is kind of funny. So it's kind of that this is circle with that golf ball but. Yes so this is a great spot to learn in the game. Games. You know I think with scenes earlier just you know. It's there's a stigma out there that golf is expensive and agents. I want to pay this much. Get after find. Text cool. To 72881. All right it is that is our keyword for the fight PM hour. Somebody's win in a thousand bucks and lets keep it in the context of you can pay for years membership now you're at that thousand dollars. Thank you guys for joint in his pinky for what tells the here he make any difference in kids' lives that you are right real quickly again tech school that's our it's pretty nice transition mayor elect's goal in the 72881. In our precast stats contests remember twelve times a day. On our inner calm that looked on our intercom station so I PM our keyword is school will be back Broward number two.