Straight up with Sturg 7-18-2018 Hour 3

Straight Up With Sturg
Wednesday, July 18th
Coaches in the ACC today, Sean Pittman talks with Sturg on the Orange Bowl, Gary Stokan talks about the Chick Fil A Bowl, and the Childress wrap up from ACC Media Days. 

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I know our Childress start to fill the way air to air of alarm they would ACC football kickoff I got some energy left our. Yet tonight it's a long David it's been a blast well a TE one week we got about a minute in the recording my buddy average Euro and other. It tabled a little late for door walked out Davis one of the best interviews we've had a while but it's market fretted state Warren and Davis. Executive director at the national sports media association that more famously. Part of the weight forceful while broadcast group. It didn't do anything wrong. That your partner had put it at all. Said David you're walking around here to date means it's a different deal for this thing incumbent in years now. This is bigger this is more big time than it's ever fell ACC football kickoff. I think it keeps getting bigger and I remember the first radio room there may have been five stations and now. My first win they're seven and need a man in which they actually did provide price years well which is because those to geography of modern college. One thing that Henry they go as well and cart soccer team we are defendants actually I create synergy and speaking out security ACC do root. Adrian branch my good friend you know his father was a car talker for for the US government did not know about that that in fact there's not a lot I know about Adrian. There so what if you aren't hitting today is that coastal division but there's one cloud hanging over the head of even the coastal division today in itself horned helmet with the white tiger paw. It's good for the ACC the constant gain this status over the neck in the last three years it's. It looks like they're kind of one things along with them ACCs making it big jump in full. Well yeah I mean and I think it started with Florida State and now Clemson kind of taken over that mental Virginia Tech. Had it for a year two and now I think Clemson is clearly the class of leave him. Deservedly so. Mean that most of the great job not just building a winning team that building a he sustain that program or program with sustained excellence. They were your thoughts on wake farce this season I think their gonna be a really good football team. Got some suspensions early in the year I think that they got to deal with but the the schedule seems to meet nicely with those suspensions so what are your thoughts. But I think the schedule all plays out well I mean if you're coaches say what kind of get the money yet. I'm guessing for wake him and he Claussen. Probably as good schedule was as he senses. Open on the road at two line. And then five straight home games wake does not leave the state of North Carolina in either September or November of two road games in November. One's an NC state and ones that do. So back to back flights in not to overdo. Local and Florida State now they do have the murderer's row of Clemson Florida State level in a row but a week off between Clemson and and Florida State's. That'll be the tough port and they have Notre Dame I think the week before. The week before. Clemson. Or maybe the week before that put so that'll be the tough Portman. It's never easy in this conference but I think the easier. Part of the schedule was. Is written about in the Winston-Salem area fantastic location but. You know wake fans completely bought in back in the day with Jim Crow it Jim grove and it manifested with that trip to the Orange Bowl and ACC title. They jump back on board with date cost and now the reason I had set dates at different individual than Jim great gym to come out sell me. Broken nail needs carpet came down to a date favorites are and how he goes about his business yet. And he is all business and make no mistake I understand from different. David Poland and Raleigh event that they've Claussen the big stripes and attended who knows you know have lots to talk about. Probably not Woody's coming off the field. A black ops America. But it is I mean using a brilliant. And had a great he's had a great plan everywhere and he started boredom over eleven for fear. Winner by the third year to losing seasons at Richmond won by the third year they won the national championship the year he left the team that you built. Bowling Green turn them after two losing season to the Mac champion. And then Wake Forest after a horrible first season word but at the worst offensive line in the history of the sport. Turn them into a back to back bowl game was skiers went with a thinkers and realistic opportunity to do to make good bowl this year as well that's the a possibility of of eight certainly it and and with some good luck maybe. Nice eight cent coastal division date today what are your thoughts on the coastal. Are you fine in the Miami Virginia Tech horror at seven asking everyone is it fruit basket turn over again who knows he's gonna win. I think that's the beauty it coastal division you'd never really and and I am not yet buying Miami. More misery does. Yup. And Virginia Tech I think it's tough even for. No matter what they've accomplished elsewhere for new guys to them and as coaches the programs and immediately have success. So. You know you're too little better maybe years re the better you were talking earlier about. Coaches. You bring in new coach expect him to be an immediate success at certain programs that understand that a Clemson would be. An example Alabama you know the top level programs. Everybody else on the value would do. A coach minimum for years and it and probably five to get awful Richard. Class there's a reason they're called the coaches to begin with that means something's gone wrong or something was really really good in the they took your coach says there's easily a reason for that. I tell you the one on the coastal the he got my attention or and that's coached RTZ hit eighteen starters returning he seemed very very comparable with the you know. He couldn't talk about it we couldn't ask them. They just came into Greenville, South Carolina ain't got to commit from a high school quarterback 66210. Pounds and gonna be a legit division once starter so things are changing for it you just. It was so low you bureau talked strikes those two they case and I guess as the look at you know I know that's flat that's bullets left Hewlett that a hundred books yet. That cuts RTZ. Hello yeah end this thing now there are no more bad coaches the author of that coaches but. He's coaches all know what they're doing they're all really really Smart. That surround themselves with good people. They know we're the good players are and so oh. I don't know bitterness he would do it didn't win a game for 810 years. Again I mean even even the worst teams obviously. Our our competitive and less you have a team such as duke and wake of Boston called to answer cues. Smaller schools where they don't have the depth and that's always been weight problem. One through 22 there are able once they start having injuries that think it. And that's the only thing if something were to go wrong. With the injuries or suspensions. The curriculum. When you talk about weight is the ceiling second place in the to be said eight or nine wins and the do you look at it and turn to standings over on the Atlantic side is saying hey wait could beat the number two team in the conference are at least in that division. I think so I mean there possibility you know you know it may be something goes horribly wrong and Clemson. I think there good enough team in most divisions. To maybe finish Percival got to go well yes. But you know you obviously have to say Clemson is the far and away favorite in the division. Florida State new coach they always have talent but you don't know him and that's a game that we should have won last year home now that play in Tallahassee. Different story typically for them on the road there. Local ways they beat last year and you could argue. Could have beaten. At local couple years ago and we don't know what happened last them word yet. But if rigged out come from but then. Yeah because I wouldn't right. Boston College is more offensive line games returning nothing in their in the second the country always the AJ Dylan came on strong after week played their last year which was it is. A quarterback that now has some reps. So there they will not be decent coach they've been noble game was two years. In the NC state with Ryan Philippe back up quarterback. It is I think it's going to be fun news it is you know let's get cult I'm a sports fan first and foremost and says give me it could competitive game. And they they'll be upset if my team loses. If I saw big game off as long as I feel like I got my money's worth. Pumpkin. Really has. I act combat when it caused some mild air occurs touch each supply watts it was an all cellular now that's how I broke quickly executive director of the national sports media association it's been a big couple years is Shalit trade this in from one city in North Carolina into another. And I literally had Scott keeper of the great bullies who is one of mark those sports writers of the year for South Carolina. Walk up to me early August AD thanks for telling me make sure I'll witness that I enjoyed it it was a blast in. It's fun to see the that this new era of the national sports media association. I think I think there's a undue excitement and you know thrown people in Winston-Salem have opened their arms and not to TV sports there for twenty years of live run outside of its sales of live there now for almost thirty years which seems hard to believe. But I think it was the right gluten and I think. It was proof now three weeks ago that it would go a wildly successful words weekend. And we had cut it to two days last year just because we don't know if we're right. We added the third day back and we also added a local community engagement dinner. Two nights for the awards we can Whittle that we're doing it will be well hopefully you got me too much little will hopefully do that April next year because you couldn't use that to them. So we were we right. Because it was two nights later we are all are members rent. So oh. And that work that went really well and we. We named award after a woman's. Mean and and Spencer who owns goodies headache powders they were in mass court Tuesday future North Carolina fans like this with these that I'm crossing my fingers for those weren't watching. Oh. Couldn't tell if your necklace and I'll tell person what. What's up Dave the same thing with Richard Petty because the NASCAR's season. And and and we weren't the first one posthumously suit local movie you want and it. Passed away last November honestly who everyone will not only that he. Delivered the babies Salem but it but it lump them it's that we had 300 plus people in the room and lose. Was fun to pay tribute to the two of them that was the idea of that. Dinners that connecting communities. I can't sit here and tell you policy October 6 at BP and you will or not you'll be there we'll see we'll see but date thanks for everything in. That's a lot can appreciate everything you do force things they're healthy they opera will go to dinner and got over net debt. Next week I'm not gonna be upright and to be laying on a lamb this year all right and a better partner they like I appreciated there except. Dayton Moore and from the national sports media association but most importantly with ACC football kickoff part of the Wake Forest broadcast group. All right well we come back cool. Take what. Sean Pittman president large ball when we come back. So mark we're sitting here talking about that day in the week ended all that now. Our friends are ESP a global market and it's injury Dieter or other like he starts we need to get you on about Terry a completely forgot so there has. That's when we're like cut about yeah we got a bunch going on and that our. But that's there's there's one that you you look at rodeo crap but neither soap opera got so. Guess it's no different Libyan here. You know going to be perfect every time we had another perfect today but we have put in a lot of effort we've had a lot of fun yeah winning close but I tell you one of the best trips when it comes to claps and dances. One that they're gonna wanna go on again this year if you end up in the Orange Bowl that means here in the college football playoff in of course clips and has a long legacy long history. With that gain shot. Pittman the Orange Bowl president that he set dale what these second person sat there with those earlier today. Mean of course while before we say this I've had a very good friend the year they shared some information late Walt. Who is most years here with the Orange Bowl dealing with some help that she says. Air buy out there are listening audience keep a guy by the name only wall in your mind at this view Orange Bowl president Sean. We're back here. ACC football kick off me you know what Markey you I guess we got celebrate Christmas. Hopefully we can get to the Orange Bowl but we're certainly always John Pittman a president of the Orange Bowl and shot I was telling you a little bit. You got a lot to live up to when it comes ESP in upstate Larry wall is not only become he's become a family member when it. As can be espionage. Artery walls yes look what that guy yes it is and we love Larry. Chords whoa he's Oilers bowl. What you call that when you. Legend legend yet. Alipay emeritus hall and decorated Orange Bowl I mean he's he's everything for us and we we appreciate it bird. Congratulations. The new president of the Orange Bowl and again day yeah every year should be a big year when it comes to one at the oldest bowl games out there in five years absolutely but does it take a little step up and a notch on a year the yellow part of the college what. While playoff listen up and is this short answer is absolutely right. But our goal is always nice to provide a game that our fans that that the fans of the teams can then leave saying it was the best thing ever that the locker room. The guys will likely be the is it was an accomplishment for them. And that. The coaches feel like it was an environment that they could get their team room we always gonna gonna do them but when. It's a playoff year were championship years it. It's rapid rises up a little bit because he's legal bill Hancock is going to be there you go to commissioners of of the teams who blew the conferences that are represented in the game. They're going to be there and although you know it just you did you just talking about bringing home. And in this case. In December on December 29. The world will be Watson two of the four best teams in the country so that brings within a little bit of pressure from time to time. You guys had a couple of really close RE two balls fantastic games in a row. How important is it for the team to be close is it enough to just have these storied programs succumb to the bowl game year after year. Is that enough for the Orange Bowl or his cabinet really tight close game important as well. I listen if you refer. Golf fans. You wanna be owned that is to the vary vary in. And last couple games of the have been that way and we've been very very fortunate I mean are non playoff games have been great match ups in Florida State missing him. Finish that game these guys they've got together in decades right. And Wisconsin Miami University of Miami. What a special pleading for University of Miami to be in our game. They hadn't they hadn't been on that track for awhile. But but it does make a special. You know. This may we want the fans to be happy and the fans are mostly happy is you know we can keep them happy the longest. Win the game clock oh that's right right. If they'll stay though he spent the money right. Is we continuous John Pittman the president Orange Bowl you don't we're in the upstate of South Carolina it's a very special relationship that Clemson has had with the arts ball I was the an 81. In the old or too well I'm not sure I've had more fun in the clubs and high stake game about. Taj Boyd so five or years right Brian I'm gave Clemson is fortunate enough to make it back to Miami this year and all. We saw the beginnings of it a couple of years he gets Oklahoma but it will be indeed stadium experience for fans this year absolutely so. Quote. Is your experience starts with. So without how we how conveniently we make it for you to get into the game so parking is important. To flow of traffic is important. But the other thing that becomes really important is that stadium and they've done an amazing job and I got to tell you is if it might be the best stadium. These in the country it might be there's no bad seat in the house obviously they eliminated. 151000 seats or so for the can be it's important to make sure that there's no bad seat in the house. If you just want entertainment talk you could do that too because this comfortable places. Within the stadium for use Bluetooth to gravitate with your friends. Hi if you're not it's still in the game anymore there's food vendors are great disservice to club is absolutely fabulous job that you. It does include dolphins team did an amazing job hard rock stadium is and the best stadium in the country. Yes so on a do you have any match ups in mind are you thinking about any wine not if you could pick if you could hand low violent. Right handed follow on what's going on as well yeah that's a great team this year regardless under serious where your Leno so. And party all we have to be neutral. I say that out and without with. We've we've practiced that so yeah I'll listen. That most windy is already told me that there they're gonna be there tonight and and his award absolutely music and he is stacked. Right. This not a rebuild for him hasn't been years he's really low right I mean. So I take him for his word that if they are there that bill they'll come to they'll come to Miami. The match up those hard it is to say brand it really is hard to say Tom. If if I I talk to coach Saban that he. At the SEC meetings and you know when I mentioned that we hope he choose Miami. Two it didn't expect to the playoff. You know he had that place that he always has that doesn't tell you anything. A couple of sidestepped a question about it but you what I did though his wife was standing within that that's news and all the credit and I was her. You remember this that you remembered that he seems like oh yeah that's correct you'll Miami would be. You really think so saucy salsa it is is I'm not sure but I can tell you this. Exciting to have two of the top four teams in the country in Miami I don't care who it is I want a great game. Really do the same job no matter who comes and you know we we we have to be neutral. But there's a lot of people that are frightened you know Willie Taggart who at Florida State. And there are a lot of folks out there saying you know you at the Harbaugh thing right you know this out yeah you know he. Is gonna take him awhile does that take them alone while we'll probably got there yet. I'm enroute to Willie. And and I've seen how those guys respond to him you see it seems to be a good fit seems like Stan Wilcox did a good job. This selecting him so we'll see then went after issue of Miami is doing well it makes the ACC much much much much stronger. Absolutely our right listen we have to be there on December 29. Pounds. Media party's next level there's not much better place even the games of the twenty night there's still much better place. In South Florida where we hope though comedian man you know great hospitality room guys come. Thanks we proceed catch and place them. And they're so on pit and the new president large bowl and listened you can tell that to guide mark Childress that is and enjoying his trip up here daisy he. Will Brazil saying he knew where to literally got at the wipe the grin off your face you know happy and so seven the only guy at that having more fun and meet today with them relevant had a great time yeah I had a black so. You've heard about this kind of stuff you know. These media days they'll serve the same purposes they did a decade ago the advent of the Internet and everything else teaches you remember back in the day that he stipulate bus tour. From campus to campus to campus it took two weeks and the biggest drop tests that we've ever been on you know what I mean but. Yeah now it. Of the few days here there's no golf there's no this is that here a little bit we will go in for dinner and we will be given the biggest steps. Stayed at the ACC videos that you've never seen before so the saints are about making yourself feel good before you get back there and opened up. Yeah exactly and done it's a well oiled machine and it really impressed by how everything has been put together today. Juggling all these media requests can imagine how tough a job in shame on some of the people here in the media. Understand. It. It's not all about us port aimed EU it's a no win situation assisting grows bigger and bigger and bigger you can't make anybody what's that you can't make anybody happy all the time he can't make it. I actually senator thank you note saying listen this is the most thankless task out there and I just want to you know I appreciate which he did. Because that's hard to quit her two days ago the court. Yep set time of the year went thirty radio stations are all bitch and had me at the same time so we'll again you appeared. This Y tell its people would tell ya get up here meet people where they know I'd guy in Texas are you want them Doumit four. Yeah that's been my paper part of today is being able to meet in person a lot of folks that I've had the pleasure of having nine. When you were outs or you and I talking to gather it is making some nice that connects with them it's been great and again how many players and coaches they may turn in through here today what seven coaches in fourteen players and 35 stations. You do the math everybody is in Italy and it's. Just radio we're talking about the current media television and everything else involved all right so when we come back. Maybe the only person that's got any better right now than John Pittman the new president of the hour and spoke. Would be scary stoked in with a chick filet kickoff classic in the chick filet bowl. And yet they're part of the college football playoff just not this year will bring you an interview we did earlier today. Which are stuck in his we're live on radio row with ACC football kickoff. All right so welcome back and we're light here in the Weston and downtown Charlotte mark Childress give them a follow on Twitter Childress smartly at surges sports and at ESPN upstate that mark probably the only person. With a bigger smile on their face. In the clubs in contingent it's already here a day early is. Gary stepped in with a yet to the label. And he should be the kickoff classic at Auburn in Washington this year they just got re up I think for a Levy said six more years. Is being a part of college football playoff by a machine and the New Year's stables so good for him well. We got a great chance to catch up with them like we do every year and here's some time we spent. With the president and head of the chick filet bowl particularly kickoff classic game it's still open. Welcome back again to life committee CC football kick off in mark Childress is this your first event. This however it would not be ACC football media immediate days without getting together with tears token from the yet to play kickoff classic that you play ball. Gary here we are again ready for another football season I know it's football season when I'm seventy guys and great time a year. Guys and market particularly San went out and I don't know I don't know anywhere on the brake later today outrage fringe benefits he. Maybe now on the way back to the beach and he actually he is the MVP he drove up from vacation today but that right that is right now admits there's I was down at Polly's island yeah well a while not 4 hour drive this morning back up here I'm going back tonight yep good for you whatever it takes is dedication like it's okay Blake hit golf classic got this year we start off its Washington and Auburn. It is so Huskies program that's made this cross country trip with the years ago on the college football playoff in. That's a great gate but less than 20/20. I want to ask you about at three games in three days basically is the way it looks right now and what what. What's what inspired that 33 looks to me like I'm and that's why did you read that aren't enough to do more and I can't imagine too well as a war Adrian. Three days will be three in seven days right it has never been done right we play. Florida state West Virginia were playing on September 5 Saturday. September 7 Monday Labor Day will be Georgia Virginia. And then the next Saturday the twelfth the play Auburn North Carolina so three games in seven days. You know we love we do just like what you guys do and we'll put nine games. Through great stadium to do a great city to host people hand. You know so. Itself when I get right my business acumen is if you stagnate we die. And I think it's one of the reasons why we continue improve. Year to year and why we are in the new year six now as we've always look to improve. From what we've done and we believer the capital college football and that's what the capital college football should do put on great games. Absolutely you always had a fantastic event now you have in my opinion that premier stadium in the country to play college football and what kind of differences that made for your Europe that's at the beginning of the yeah we loved it Georgia Dome we thought it was the best stadium in the world. And then and then you can't put Mercedes-Benz which technology wise. With the hill board 360 the biggest sport in the world. Now Arthur blanks. Vision to really make it fan friendly soaked culture paying two dollars and get a free refill. You know you play three dollars for hamburgers and hot dogs. You're able to get down on the field and out on the patio right behind the scenes. You know such a great fan experience. Coach is one of playing their players one of planet. So we've had a lot of people have an interest particularly now that was that the semi final game and championship game in there so. It's so easy to recruit you know having the best stadium in the world the end hopefully we get the championship game back. You know not too distant future. We've just been extended try to see if 22 and 25. So that's that's a good thing so yeah things are great for college O'Connell an upset. So we continue and gates token from the tickle labeled the AB. In the end the kickoff classic do you ever really stop I love which just sit there about status close more less not acceptable. They've never taken a moment thought about. Yet nick Sabin and that Tommy Bowden panicked kicking off this here if you will. In then maybe the the nicest compliment is how many people had jumped on board with this neutral site. Jane she did they say you imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Now you're exactly right we knew we DePaul by Dallas Houston Orlando Charlotte. And green Bay's done one and I'm sure other cities are looking at it but what's your point. Until you two great stories one is. And we hosted to Alabama Clemson and 2008 the first kickoff game. Alabama had lost to Louisiana Monroe the year before next David's first year there were seven at six. I called Nikki says it come over implied because he wanted to recruit Georgia. They win the game 34 to ten in on the cover Sports Illustrated that week was Alabama's back to you remember they had been. However no one who like Texas and most recently or Tennessee Inman a factor. If nick we're sitting here today he would tell you that that game. Put them in the position. To make the great run they've made right now the other story out today is related to a bowl game. Clemson plays L issues its final last second kick as you guys remember. That was that got Clemson pass the clump sending. Him and then they came back completely our kickoff game. The very next year beat Auburn. Would be to SEC powerhouse teams and the devil were sitting here he would tell you that started the clumps and run that they've been on ever since. They we just had Taylor kittens hair on the show a couple of weeks ago that words again that's the one that made the kick so. You know again as we continue it here so can you met guard yells entire staff down there. I absolutely fantastic three and a nice in 20/20. But. You know one of the things CA I I figured out this career mind college football cyclical. How do you maintain this neutral site they'll open up the year because now you start midseason school schedule home and homes but. We need yeah I think this is it an avenue we need to. He yeah I mean I'm a traditionalist. And I believe college football is made for home and homes. So I'm a great believer in that but. There are opportunities particularly in the ACC in the SEC. When you're Nadine you only have eight conference games you for non conference games scheduled. With the navy can take three of those games and schedule at home he's got his home packets. Budget many with seven home games he's got one game left. If you can schedule that. Home and home you make money that they year your home when you go away you don't make any money. You schedule neutral neutral you're making money that. That year when you go first you're neutral and the second year for a businessman for an eight. That's awfully important. Now if you can do it where you get through the benefit of a recruiting base like Georgia which is per capita number one recruiting base the country. Number four overall how many players does Clemson have from Georgia. A lot a lot of good players. Secondly if you can get the payout. You can get similar to in a lot of cases more than bowl games you play any team in the season. More the make it home game. Thirdly if your fans can get the number of tickets 3035000. Tickets where they can come. And they can see the game and if they wanna come to the game they can watch at home a great game. Verses watching nondescript. Opener the year and went fifteen enough and the fans don't wanna see that and they won't watch on TV right. So for and then to a player's standpoint players wanna compete. They wanna play against the best competition in Kenya and from a coaching standpoint not only as a recruiting opportunity. But coaches will tell you the most improvement they make is a team this week one to week two Y. And after weak ones game you have film you have life film that you can. Sit down a player in the team collectively and say here's what we need to do to improve and coach rock. If you play that game against a nondescript team. You have a good good lie film because that guy's gonna dominate. Right if you play against a ranked opponent he's got a tough match up. You can teach him about okay this what you did well here's we can improve on in the teeth can look at it that way. So for all those reasons and probably a few more. Let the neutral game and our kickoff game make a lot of sense. We'll listen to I think you again it is a bit when we get the chick filet card we get gates token it's officially college football's Atlanta amen so my best of mad I'm sorry could I don't is that doubles and ninety minutes about them but thanks for everything he would you do we thanks for having a should appreciate you guys. And of course really enjoyed it you know via we're talking there about that clubs and LSU game you know in. He had hours literally literally standing right next to each other on the sidelines. About last thing I remember was. Drop in my big camera poll right where we were in rotted on the filled with month small cameras they agree keys to your member can't hear where all the way to the other incident after made up that adaptation of that I realized that crap I just dropped 2000 dollars with a camera gear on a pull back on the other side. Fortunately you still there were America backs that they are is what we come back Childress is headed back on vacation. AA we're a cottage. And get some thoughts about the final his final thoughts about ACC football kickoff. As where life in Charlotte don't forget tomorrow we're wide Carolina golf and tennis but he woods for a British Open party. Let's and that we may be lied Carolina golf and tennis were bridge at the party to mark but smoke on the water their doors are open for you right now my sponsor lessened the best bug when it comes to your dining dollar here in the upstate of South Carolina. 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In great wheels historic quest in a cell C southern tapper. So part Childers were close it up you get great at bat emerald beach in. Our producer personal thumbs up without a lot of stuff that great back there editorials on vacation this week and he has handled it like it can't but we start talk and some Tennessee they're they're in the last segment that I heard them first swallows now throw hard sect at Iowa and broke away. Struggling if you're a Tennessee man right now Aaron Berry that's controversial statements about Derek Julie today. Not there now I just had to sit there Julius well. Jeremy Pruitt today that didn't go over real well with balls fans but we have to pay I'll say this much is one thing that you haven't had here in the ACC stop and think about some of the hires that it made. As I was telling gray right there and I mean with all due respect I don't think knocks pills a place that you learn how to be a head coach much like when Florida spurt cut back in the day. Number one with Muster it but even more than that runs though. Yes it's a to see there's certain program coup yeah like groups as experience but unfortunately. Dared do expert over the in tires each side Tennessee. It wasn't like him and how people think Tim was kept in. That so anyway I broke quickly as you head back and of course that wanna take you you'll be covering for me next week while that's our vacation in that. I really really appreciate that this this is seen much needed vacation. Your thoughts your first ACC football kick. Had a lot of fun today changed my mind on Larry Fedora was one thing that jumped out at me today at soldier I was not a man of his being a fan of the Clemson Tigers and some of the shenanigans that went on the ACC championship game a couple of years ago. Pat Marten RTZ I would go play for that guy tomorrow I lobs. A couple I felt like more typical questions out of about hey how you recruit what about your stadium things like that you are pushing back on a little bit as well man his answers just more good. They were freaking. Fantastic guy gets. He does he whatever it is. He has set it factor you know and that and that's what somebody told me back in the day about Davos Sweeney. Said you know his knowledge to be in a head coach I don't know he's just that one guy in the ring and has that it factor and I go back in ethnic about. A stock it would gators took an earlier today about that first typically kickoff classic and our member. Look at in the back it ends down there on the field during warm ups there was Davos will be talking Kirk herb street. In the end here sixty Slater's Devin Sweeney in her head coach puts it over now so. And I was at both of those games with a that you Wear and carry stoke it talked about China's. Gating the Alabama machine started with the Alabama Clinton and kickoff classic. And then the guy Clinton LSU. Each poll Arctic labeled in the season and how that kind of started to. Got rid of Clint sitting and change the tide for the tigers but doctors were to really neat anecdotes that completely agree with and it shows you. How much in the fabric. A football on the south. Not just it's a label to fully kick off classics are typically it's the fifth is absolutely everywhere he's not a one of the smartest promotion they got a 91215. Years ago to get behind college football. Well that and of course getting the game it to the Georgia Dome on New Year's Eve I mean that was the way you brought that in the at Atlanta Fulton county stadium was. Not even 5050 you're gonna get good weather for the people they area course. Yeah away what changed it was a ACC SEC. Eyes wells two. So again no way you have a very. Good job by him that he has some of the kiwi we have talked about the kids we interviewed earlier it will get those interviews but. If you were talking about a lot of Albion sat right in front of a sudden take you Ruth Ricky walker class yeah like you said you're gonna watch a couple of games this year. You repay an attempt to sort. Numbers are correct me if I'm wrong believe Ricky walker number eight that's right that's her 613 notre pills he's number eight. Do we see that with the numbers seven corpse and here in the last few years and we we might as season to like that and he was so. Lights theory reserved. Quiet no ego or anything like that and then you see is highlights that I watch after he walked away from us. Attacked a monster on the field and done very difficult to deal with that yet that was one of the highlights of my day he literally walks up with the VT want to bail. How many times you heard about this on ACC college football broadcaster for the last twenty years. Bank which are right down in front of us I was completely he can now be able to see that happen right there's a putt that was really. Our right to so again. What you know. It's been a a lot of fun here tomorrow we rule see the announcements come down I mean deep. In the Atlantic Division DD. Is there any other two idiots that it's some by the other thing clumps of because I've already voted I did that last night you're gonna ask me about some of the players and I thought mayors you know I knew who do you and other once I had to take it educated guess out. I'm sorry can talk about who are the top seven five office alive and in the AC Hamas to urge you gotta gotta do more preparation you you know I'm getting that it did that. Point I'd like to remain may I've made it to 21 years Alexi twenty to be all right. Yeah exactly. I think that you sit you voted for Clinton in Miami on I'm not a 100% on and on Miami yet it's going to be interesting to see if they start the season. And lose at first gained LA issues. And they lost all the gains the in the last year does that get him you know in the wrong mindset and really start getting them behind the eight ball. A lot of this I mean obviously what they went their first ten games last year they came out hot they won a lot of close games. And they duplicate that this year I don't know. On Virginia Tech I think is really strong we heard a couple I don't wanna giveaways to their easily claim later in the week we had a couple of people whose opinions I respect a lot. Say watch out for the if that is where I've changed in the last 44 we still number one. Sorry I did not go through all the numbers when it came to hit that they had eighteen starters return. They too and they don't have Clemson and they don't have a law that was the other thing I don't. Sales up to date that makes me think maybe eight a quiet paper in Sturgis book. Eddie that's going to be a fun race to watch O'Neal it really is sin and I asked every single guest that we had about the coastal division has its coastal division date today. And nobody really wanted to jump on bush and most were he I think Miami Virginia Tech by its. It's gonna be crazy somebody's gonna jump up by I think it is a team that could do that. Also think Georgia Tech as a team we did not hear a lot about today. O'Reilly at every other year every other year he kinda jumps up and surprises and people they had an off year last year they had some injuries. Is this a year where they win a couple of close games at Miami beats last year. They lost a number of close games very late in the game could this be the year that they rebound. Find a way to go nine in three and win that division at unified in three or 62 or something like that. It just seems like somebody called it coastal chaos. I think I think that was Friedlander a high to me I think that's what it's gonna look like this year where the Atlantic Division seems a little bit easier to predict at least at the top but when you look at all those other teams in there and I mean I could make a case for a lot of in that scares the crap out of me that it looks at patent right in the Atlantic but I'm sorry until somebody can go who that it Lou. With the clouds and offences and defense that lined there's another way to pick anybody in the Atlantic Division and with clips and being ranked as high they're probably gonna be pre season number two. If they get past that text saying them. Even if they lost to Florida State went eleven and one we just saw that Alabama could go to the playoffs. In that scenario the Clinton lose that game to Florida State not even go to the ACC championship game and still go to the the college football playoff I think the answer to that is an absolute yes there's some people let me apologies. Yes all the people that piled on you last year when Alabama. Just play at Ohio state of the two years to sway sooner or later things are gonna fall in places in the way that you don't imagine you're gonna have to be apologizing for all the crap. Because he had just wait loaded up things can change no doubt it will listen. Not bad very bad to leak it here this guy and as explicit right here enjoy the rest a year vacate wouldn't listen. They keep for everything out now Saturday we're flying out to mine league aboard that ship with our friends from Canada awesome and a year back guys our goal here for me to April 30 on back in one day. In the back out in July 30 by those that don't I don't yards for a ten month yeah which I hadn't planned but I've I've literally back one day before I got to go have a second days surgery and after that worker all right I'm making a promise we're all good that mark you've done a great job here today you got some cool things coming at. Or football season as well and you know again I hope you understand why. No we ain't giving away money there as we're done for the day great. When it cuts are for assets contest where they're making money related violence and women who Wear make him money but this is thought this is one of my favorite things every year yes he put on right there with you Matt thanks for the invite today are ragged gray you did a fantastic job we do apply two different things that you today. If you've handled it like it can't tomorrow. Will be here a lot of golf and tennis at but he woods for the British Open party come I see is on ever threat had to bless the.