Straight up with Sturg 7-18-2018 Hour 2

Straight Up With Sturg
Wednesday, July 18th
Larry Fedora talks with Sturg, ACC Coastal Day, and Don Munson talks about Clemson's schedule. 

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So we can give an update on my co host mark Childress he has been up and down the road how many in the media guides Q&A with that you have box them up and ready to take him back to the beach and admitted to rate to eke out here I am I got a ball. I took my all and yet minus Clinton as they have not arrived yet I think I'll find a way to get my hands on one of those and I should add an extra ACC one. For one of our radio partners in case he does it make it appears well also. I would tell you this much is until bad here comes straight Dieter from our camera part ESP it will block completely. Forgot about 3 o'clock I'll that your writer and mark Guinness oh my goodness. You're trapped in this thing you know it means you start doing your thing is one thing after the other but about. Our Africa. We caught up with North Carolina head coach laid the door and house are really getting their number one he's made the most waves here today it wasn't it. It was talking about Ottawa live in the country without football in this and that now it's got a lot of great play we asked them about it but. In coming off a rough year there are some in this comparable with themselves but they're just six years in a couple of years survey from the GP chipped game appears and they literally and I asked about it in the interview sturtze they literally had the whatever could go wrong did go wrong here last year with injuries. Some really salukis situations enough football games. That was the bottoming out it wasn't a lot of it was not their fault it was just one of those things so I expect them to be headed back directorate I don't think they expected Mitt Stravinsky to go pro after thirteen games is starting quarterback in that hurt them by. What to hit play when it comes to North Carolina had capitulate but nor. Ly good radio road. ACC football kickoff that that was the biggest story lines going to the rim was a comment earlier I wanna live in a country without football head coach of North Carolina lay the door act could not agree anymore with that comment dinky. Yeah I mean you know football my life and and I do believe it's probably the greatest game that we have been it to. From what it teaches our young man off the outline for an end up that they're going to be able to rely on the things they learn in the game of football for the rest of their life. No doubt mail have you had a chance to sit there with your athletic director whoever put this 2008 T schedule together and go did you decide not give me a break in the first half of the season I mean. It's Berkeley then it's all the way back agreeable nor Carol I mean think guess what. You come home and you've still got tough games. That would Erstad at first really those first five games in about 26 days is is often so. You know but are we will address whether team rule but hey it's portal that it's. You know which the way it is I mean it's a pro city and so you know we all have thought pretty good feel how to overcome those complaints. Coach talk about adversity have you ever had a season like last season. Injury bug hitting it seems like one of those literally if you could listed ten things that could've gone wrong they all went wrong and they were all out of your control the apprentice season like that. A four never happened thirty some years coach and so never had a season like that and don't hope to have who have won again you know what I think Dutch real important that we remember all the lessons that we learned last year. And then we use those this year will be a better team because office. Izzy you know what in looking through some of the stats what is your formula you know we. We're from upstate of South Carolina touched boy it's a good friend of mine site I always enjoyed playing on the road as we could circle the wagons to concentrate on the task here. You guys who want to welcome your last seventeen true road gates is it easier. To get that team to focus when you're in the hotel and just had to ask him not quietly. I think the big thing about going on the road is it's like you against everybody mentality and you get to pull together with your teammates and embrace. You know the hostility coming up I think that's how politics really cool is that you know people are going to be yellow match you know they're going to be spit on me and they're going to be talking about Jeff. Man I cherish that moment really enjoyed that you know I'm intimidated by it looks forward to it and then go get it. Coach you are also made some comments earlier today that you feel like the game of football is safer than it's ever been and and it's under attack I guess I'm on the concussions front seat TE front. Is it safer than it's ever been Emmy that's what he said earlier today so hot so what's what's to settle. I believe that the game is safer than it's ever been today because of the changes we continue to make in the game of football. You know and and I can just tell you just in just in Chapel Hill along. I mean we we were one of a handful of schools in the country that have excel robbers and our helmets. So bad that we that a done that since I've been there which shall you can measure the impacts. On their heads you know you've got to Kevin gusts what to do is beyond the leading our researcher on concussions is leading a march of sciences are placed. I become a Chapel Hill retired NFL players come there they studied them so I mean I think were not very unique place that it's very safe. In the game of football and other risks in the game of football yes we all know that. But I truly still believe because of the change in the made the game is safer. And never has been I mean think back to when you play the game coming here it's safer now than it was them. You know and it it. Doesn't mean that we're gotten to the point where all the risk is out of it because I don't know that we'll ever get that. You know and I don't you know some people so what you seem like you don't care no I don't care. This game is viola they write it's I'm the passion about this than any time. And end in making sure that our players are safe and healthy and understand the risk involved they are ultimately the ones that have to make that choice. Whether the risk is worth the reward us. Well one of the risk it be you coach him footballers playing year instate rival I think everybody knows when the best rivalry in sports college basketball's big North Carolina but in C state North Carolina ending the year. Is the way I stay out way I think it should be mail. Some coaches who go I don't like play not the division well guess what clumps of note closes with South Carolina every year right dates that. How big is that you have to have that rivalry teen beat final game of the regular. I think. I think rivalry games is what makes college so I needed some in the pageantry the this. If you wanna use the word hatred amongst the fans I mean. You know it's it's often in the end where we are you around those fans 365 this year because of the proximity and we're close. You know and so your brands and arming all the time and to be able have that game come at the end of the season I think is really cool deal. Coach what do you make of the coastal division which seems to be completely up for grabs every year is that something as a coach see you try to have a rebound season this year. Are are you using that as motivation to your players and it seems like just roll the dice every year you never know what's coming out of the girl. We believe that you don't die and that's one of our goals is to to compete for the coast temperature of each and every year you know so. We we do believe that we're in a position where we could win the coast division. Is the coastal vision tougher than it's ever been I think so yeah. You know when my six years going on seventh season now it's tougher than it was when I got here I mean you got some phenomenal coaches now and all the schools in the coastal division. And so I mean but that's great that's what that's what. That along with the we'll changes in the Atlantic Division that's what make has made the ACC one of the toughest. Leagues in football. All right before we let you go coach Larry Fedora the North Carolina Tar Heels joining us that be remiss were from upstate of South Carolina clumps in three consecutive trips to the college football playoff. What does that not only done for the credibility of the leak but for other coaches ago and we got to keep up we got to keep up with these guys. Out they've done a tremendous job in and being in the playoffs the last three years all they've done is brought to you know in the four state right before that. I mean all the in the last four years I mean what this league is. What we've done nationally is proof that this league is as good as any other league in the country. In football nowhere or when I first got here that's not what what the tall horse and brought in the last four or five years. That that is turned around and and in the days in you can argue that it's especially good doesn't matter where you come from you can put stats together on the show which is good as any league in the country. We'll listen coach thank you for again we'd had a blast watch in this kind of circulate dale through the building today actor did not agree with you anymore it's always a pleasure to get together with our guys. In years coach LA the doors so give mark Childress your first book. All media days at least with ACC you found out something in a little bit different because a lot of Clemson fans are Fedora. Don't think too highly of the door. And that that was it now I really liked him I'd really like the way that he stuck by his comments today even though it's honest debate about and every once in agreement with them. He of and it showed just any old but that's on lifelike station is to fill it out to the ACC championship game a few years ago that was really my only. Time that I spent thinking about Larry Fedora all that much it was a pleasure to meet him today and he was fantastic theatre and here's what the things that you figure is. Also don't. Hold people accountable in her hold on and what let me rephrase that how people are 45 minutes after the intensity of a football game it's not necessarily how they or an everyday life and you. That's like that you are right these Nick Saban hand sorry to bring about him since York. We really what it is you have no right to calm the Merrill lake Tuscaloosa. It's out there on his budget he's got a built in a stereo system meet GMC Eagles he drives around the lake Saint Helena area. There's no doubt makes a missile Nikki napoleonic figure if there ever ever was one. But that's what allowed him to get that spot as a football coach that's not necessarily who defines them as perks though I totally agree and I'm willing to give everyone a second and even a third chance and now I really like Larry Fedora. I really like coach RTZ today who I didn't have any issues with before he got there are some got a kick and it changed my tune a little bit. On some of those who got to meet you know maybe we can get eight Brett free Lander site siding here at some point in this hour but. You know we're having a lot of fun here and you know we that was some of the players who met with some of the coaches we met with the various members of the media but this my technique everybody's in agreement web. The ACC has never been a better spot and football in hindsight kind of wonder if that's necessarily the case. It is in great shape I think you've got when I got at the very top that you got Florida State rebuilding mean that there's a lot of mid level in the air but the one thing that I always maintained about ACC in this would not be a very popular topic here so. Will who bought. It's just that in many small private schools when it comes to wait force when it comes the Boston College you know people think the University of Miami is some big big school at 8000 students it's private as well. While you picks wake. Duke and Boston College three teams and I think you're gonna have pretty good football teams this year. Now again like you're saying it's not every year these are not powerhouses but wakes got a lot of players coming back. Duke is probably deeper than it ever been this year Boston College man. They rang some bells last year they're gonna do it again this season that is going to be a tough ball game especially having to go up there and play the elements are going on so. I'm an agreement with you but you to pick three teams I think can be pretty good luck to say in this heat Vanderbilt is the only small private school in right Southeastern Conference state inferred pretty much the only one when it but now southern Cal's a private school people don't necessarily realize that. My point being their spy vote in the ACC that's more than any other power might come at you right now pays off come basketball season but it. Ike tore the attacks on a private school but. Guess what Georgia Tech doesn't act. They don't have a major to go hide in happily you know and now and they did it in the airport. They haven't peppers situation as well but we're coming to Eli from the west and in Charlotte 844 GSB yes VN. What we come back lol have some light interviews laps of recorded interviews and everything else plus make sure you give us a follow on Twitter that at ESPN upstate. Childers. Bachelor party. Each of us RC Dow Jones radio for some reason that a course Miette surges sports but this is what happens when I'm up at 7:30 in the morning. I welcome back here you ACC football kickoff outlets that aren't good for him what about best burns of the businesses that operate long long time Brett pre later. The ACC insider columnist follow on Twitter be Friday CC. It is Fareed FR I via ED but it felt right ICC since better. We're gonna have a segment about this cup cake that hit this this this is the only news from the Exxon C kicked off as this cupcake is not a avocado it's Gupta. It's about where we're getting hit by his late but doors on a roll today he's been on the path you as well anyway yeah if it snippet and a cut bait with or that Vanilla cupcake with a banana. Putting it yeah. Absolutely next level of Brett wrote quickly but this the biggest I've ever seen an ACC football kickoff it we've reached eight different territory it will never be SEC media days it lately and there are good but do you -- six years in their seven radio station as a company right now 34 today I know and and this display right here all the uniforms that is very cool which. By the way I got a picture going to act like you're I study. But yeah it. It's it will it it speaks to shoot the improvement that the ACC is made it over the last maybe 45 years. And has become a national player. Not only did you Florida State winning a national championship and not Clemson has been in the last what three national championship games. But Miami is relevant again. And you know Virginia Tech is always going to be relevant and so I just think it speaks to the fact that instead of being the read it here that child the fifth member of the power five. The ACC is can legitimately make that claim that it is number two right behind the FCC. And that's before the ACC network comes along and even customer and a lot as well that could let them up even maybe to the top for me revenue source from a revenue perspective. Yes although I I you know their the FCC has got so much. History involved that I I don't know if that's ever gonna you know going to be surpassed that but yea it brings it into the same conversation it would presumably. Right that this money everything you look at the oh yeah eighteen schools that make more than 200 me and it's Texas and Texas in in the what type of or a liar a giddy right now are on that money you're looking Johnson in three consecutive national hurts it's semifinals to. 850 me roughly a hundred million dollars a year or sixty million dollars a year less than what the big boys make it yet and that's why you know. Win win all the talk with a grant of rights was was was signed and people were talking about Florida State may be from simple to the FCC and why do what you want and why would you do that at have to be one of you know from the crowd with hero here wealthy. She a couple of years ago they were bought for the big twelve on that Saturday you know why would you do that. So probably making it's coastal division date today. I've been asked this question align it seems like literally just roll the dice every year what Connecticut and ultimately it comes to pay us a look that everyone's saying Miami Virginia Tech at the top do you see it that way or do you see it being the fruit basket turnover in this year. Well it could be the fruit basket turnover but you have to start out with Miami and Virginia Tech for a couple of reasons first of all they were the best team last year. Second they've got a lot of players coming back in court but he quarterback yup bomb and the other thing is if you look at their crossovers schedule and when you talk about the coastal division that is huge because it's not. You all all schedules are not created equally mean you have to play Florida State and Clemson Florida State Louisville. You know it's it's a lot different than if you hit Boston culture at Syracuse. But if you look at the top two contenders. Florida State and ask you beat arm Virginia Tech and Miami. Both of them they're crossover games are Florida State and Boston College so. Neither team has an advantage so it it will likely come down to head to head matchup between those two teams but. If you stumble. Now all of a sudden all bets are often. And you look at him. You with David a clip of what he does you know he he probably gets more and less than anybody in the league and he's got a third year starting quarterback remark returning. He's got just about everybody coming back on defense so this here he'll have some more work with than you usually have to work with and you know. They can possibly. Come up and and and surprised that you're looking UNC which had seventeen players last throughout the season. She has a lot of those guys are back. Arm and a lot of guys who weren't supposed to get experience last year got experience. And you know Larry for Gore's under the gun so. There's a possibility that they keep they keep you know come out non and and surprised though but. You really have to start with the two usual suspects and I think that eventually ultimately this you're gonna come down to whoever wins that it matchup and they. Don't forget about torture technically the offense. And if you think if you Georgia Tech as a guide quarterback to run that thing. And they don't turn the ball over which really killed them last year. You don't wanna play the yeah it's. Let me ask you about one team that I act the first of all. The coach and whether yes it's thirty questions tomorrow I don't know if he's capable of it because it's too wordy answers but it's up in your neck of the woods sets NC state they just ride a when the best were you you draft classes if you will 289. Wins last year and they got in my opinion the best quarterback returning and Ryan thinly. And the best adequacy received yet returning in this week do. You're talking about don't weren't there at one point almost like he was taken the Tennessee job is this just. Is this going to be a long term mayor there in Riley between these two. We'll sing you know it's it's funny because a lot of people were only Wear it and hoping he'd take it he. And it took what the wore a lot of those who. Didn't want to take the job let it what it because they want to help you replace that she's it's your stuff. I. A lot of dynamic it will accident scenario and are an interesting read. And that the whole dynamic uses. It it's it's it's interesting to cover let me just leave it at that. But I I think they're going to be pretty good and I think you know with the coaching change Tallahassee. There's a real possibility that they are divisions and and one reason it is not one that got. We view or talk about the lead the offensive firepower they're gonna happen in a while they lost ninety Heinz Jay Witasick in the backfield. Bridge collapse these. Was there you know we in their third string back last year but he. The very serviceable running back so they got offensive weapons and they have to use good defensively last year. But even though they lost all forced orders to the NFL draft defensive line. They returning got a bit him there in Greensboro who was a five star recruit who was a higher rated team in the and then Bradley jobs. Bomb and then he stayed around and he would go on at the draft last year he probably would got drafted well. He's there to anchor of the Blue Line and this guy by the name of interest Bryant to as a defensive tackle they didn't play very well would have backup role last year. I don't think it's going to be a tremendous drop off that's going to be a drop off but I don't think that the eight. A catastrophic. Drop off in defense and I think they're gonna get played well enough that they're gonna score enough points. To have a very good season. Both where you talked me into this NC state stuff here it's gonna ask you Wake Forest was the best team well the State's well I I'd like quick forceful and what are you ready and I think they're gonna be very underrated but what you see via the on the poll comes out tomorrow. Bomb they won eight games last year. Com I think they've got probably. Maybe the top five you know explosive offensive threats and Greg torch coming back to wide receiver who probably would have been ACC rookie of the year last year had he not suffered a computer has been. In in any game against Louisville scored three touchdowns. The big question that can be quarterback jumbled for four years starter he's gone. And Tim Hinton who started some games for you. In the last couple years. The slick either starters he spent for the first three games the infamous. You know unspecified. Violation of steam roll club that. So and they've got they've got a redshirt freshman quarterback name escapes me right now who played really well others ring game. So we'll see how that works up to Boston College I believe is their second or third game and that's a huge one. If you're if you're an Atlantic Division team and you want to move up the standings. You can't lose to Syracuse. Boston College word you either NC Stater Wake Forest appeared. You know they'd do it so well we'll see but I I. Did clause and has done an amazing job of steering down that program. And then going out recruiting and building up their depth in their and there are their talent level. And I think that's that that's an up and coming program right now and it's just seatbelt on each state because if you look at him. Your career for music builder he's a builder not a facilitator and so yeah. Atlas. Real quickly before we get into us and dress and things like that. It hasn't missed an easy and he really making it a major public division one university. This yep the personality. To withstand that because I like woody grace's table I just wouldn't wanna have to deal with them week in week out you know but look at. Door and yet he had a sort of I don't know for some reason he eat he attracts if he is just absolutely. Cleaning up. Right now in North Carolina you just heard the story in the recruiting battles and you know if you win games if you get guys that Lee. It doesn't matter what your personality and especially when you get your assistants that are out there doing the bulk. Of the the you know the ground work. And if you have charismatic he says it's going to close the deal I don't know the personality all that important to me winning game. Getting you know. Widespread attention and getting to the only those of the things that track is all right so at the door calls out target for an Brett greatly under the ACC insider columnist with the or state journal war. It's a guacamole or is it avocado Obama is going odd future rocket it's. Like your tasted food we have I'm more than a few times at others alive OK okay but here's the story behind the guacamole Libya lead the avocados shirt. So my wife and I were put on a cruise back in new route and I needed to do bathing suit in the what I had and can get a little worn. So we went to a belief spine lower cold like chairman what do you know. And but the baby tooth with the sale rack and this awesome and it's only one we had left him with my I've let that humor. If if I bought that Lori would you be embarrassed to be seen with me and she said no more than usual and the ads are. I'll lifetime so I took a to mean I'm. So I went and bought it I I've got that one but dale died shortly but nail next week with a light anchors on it that you have to get out of the courage yet what you what you get there all right so. Real quickly. Did I want to take a moment deceit they keep our right yeah you know you can help you now week to week on the show and stuff like that we keep in the year. Gate checked on me after surgery and all this stuff going on in. You the only thing that guide the sites eight Yankee that I want is win the Braves are ready to make that they've here I'd be little inside it from our. Ari that tell our listeners they can bite you on Twitter beat Friday CC. The you've got it out images you're Twitter account you had been doing any work today. And the sharks on sweaters on this issue is economic and you know don't let Larry Larry for dorm mate might not be needed it and not just because see ya you made mention of my shirt yet. A few other interesting comments today. So I don't do it but what a my Twitter account yeah it is yeah I wholeheartedly. Agree with late the door I don't wanna live in a country that have. College football select check yet jackets out of a brat and they keep for every. They looked at again and or just you know I've lasagna is on the next some kid aren't you when we come back the voice of the Clemson Tigers dot. Martz and get a joint is because even though the Atlantic Division doesn't start till Tamar clips of that a huge topic here. On this Wednesday straight up was starts life from radio row would ACC football it. So mark Childress you know it's kind of tough to. Get done with the ACC insider columnist where to go from there we mice will go to the voice of the constant tiger has an errant dot months and day. He's not making the rounds today because it's so far it's all doll bit in its businesses. Clips that will be making their way to hear I do but. I'm good yet nobody on talk to you tomorrow night because the votes between the players here that though get old loves about them appeared you know. The little look at what's going on the coastal sign in now. Real incident near tomorrow in and they did afterwards with via Atlantic side of things at fortune ten years ago it was my first one of these immediate ACC. Sawgrass and Jacksonville Atlanta that would. It's amazing where this thing has gone 67 years ago we were 16 radio stations set up 34 here today upstairs. Eight CC football is. It's getting bigger and bigger by the year I guess on her commissioners offers that they had credentialed 500 people against them for. For this yet it has grown it's grown steadily. I kind of miss I I can in this eagle there is always play golf hours talking with suck when a couple of buddies that. In back in the nineties we we go to the homestand to be indebted to heal wall one time we were. I've Pinehurst. At coveted eighteen CP we did the sawgrass the TPC sawgrass or to. Reynolds playing Reynolds plantation and we we venison spectacular spots so like I kind of miss those days but I understand as well so. They Don it's coastal division day today and all the coaches players and in making the rounds when you look at the coastal division this year what are you thinking what are your expectations as far as the top team. I think is wide open be perfectly honest you know I think that'd be obvious in what's the point in Miami is as being the favorite improbably so. Back I really believe is that there is a team on the coastal side it. That's gonna kind of come from nowhere. That there is going to be somebody that's gonna that's gonna play really well over on that side is there always is in both divisions there's always a team that. I'm Moses were that team come from you on an office that's what happens you get off to a good start ups that you get a little momentum and start believing in yourself you think that he could wind. Maybe you win some unexpected ways and that yet that is built into your team so all the actors. So YouTube veteran coach Sweeney as much as anybody at Clemson and yeah I was able to get every they're Monday night or yesterday heated and number one pacing myself this other thing called doctors' appointments are okay but. I went back and listened to everything. He's embracing a new role this year you know it's a lot different than what with the talking points were after disarm Watson in. I think he he enjoys the beginning of the year what the new role maybe. And now he loves yet he loves this time of the year mean absolutely great to get this done. He he kicked it in the first practice quick and happy it's a 123 days he calls it the grind. But he loves I mean it's absolutely. He loves it and nice believe me he. And it. When he was down at the beach for two weeks I guarantee you that each and every day he sit near the beach it is no book and he's. He's right things Danny's right thoughts down OK here's Obama talked about your son. You know work this work that. You know well all this kind of plant Woody's. What he's gonna come here dot what tomorrow I guarantee. Sony get everything mapped out exactly what he wants to. The points that he wants to make what he's gonna talk about why he brought the two players that he brought here at all like and a step in. He'll have it all covered no he won't make any mistakes either. Not one of the one or two things heading into practice and a couple of weeks that he sees the biggest areas of focus this team. I think that offensive line is is certainly going to be a big focus is adult they were pleased at all with what happened obviously against Alabama in the in the sugar goals and they've already made a couple adjustments. Along the offensive line. So I think that will be big big point of emphasis. And tied it also comes a little bit and play they've got to find some buddy or work summed that up in the system or they get a little vertical. What it would tied in. The Dolly did in prices mean it on the deceit in just a freshman just a pop. But it it inning gave Gary Williams back I think also it aidid is gonna help them hold depth as the you know Miley comes back as a starter analysts that that the that's all that's all. Good and well. It's 6566. And he looks like Jordan all streaky actually looks like. I think he can run like at the your knees in 1950s of these like checked yes well one of the quickest. I think I just cut and Eliot absolutely huge Jordan like it is a matchup disadvantage for the other deep pits that is. Line him up that deep on the yen Euro vs tight and it. Even cover with that 66 tight and so I'm with you on that but one of the things that her kitchen speaking about yesterday. He's enjoyed just the competition place kicker it's that product out all the way across the squad. And Hugo goes down what fourteen of the year you know Alex does it get off their great start Alex Benson helps and finish is like a gang busters seven of the his last eight. The new kid potter it's on on campus now he knows it's gonna booming leg so how is he out that'll hopefully it's and I get. You know and you forget that you or was an all American. If that's an awful lot of crazy about that yeah got to forget that you like crazy about the yell kick it she's it just make a baby sake of it whatever you you know you've. What they're crocodiles are all like yours like accuse him long to make. Don is a player too it's not on the radar optics focus coming into this season that you seek and a step and out and be in that that player we're talking about a lot this year you have actually get an article that'll be coming out in are the magazine that the university. Athletics itself or the orange experience. Do the names that are really think that you need to be on the lookout for weeks on both last year. Logan Rudolph Mason's younger brother or slogans at defense have been. Got to play a couple of games last year than in other shoulder situation happens he had shoulder operation they register. I just get a feeling that Logan's. Lotus one of those as I call the 44. You got the twenty starters everybody is excited about it when he sees her then there's the 44. The backups behind the two and 38 guys Logan's part of the of that 44. He and and Foster as the others just to Foster is the addict yeah I mean. Both those kids can play. I'm really excited about both those and then the one freshman then they get out we're all that he probably normally go it. This just in Ross's if you walk in now on the rule. And just on the hope you go you know of walked up to the whispering in he was here for practice and I just looked at him in his races. You know about it that mean you're gonna love being excellence announcing a couple times this this summer. He's he's ready he looks like Mike Williams his junior year and 65. To fifteen. He's he's you know he's put together and built so that's going to be a lot of fun to see him walk out of the deal final days of receiving a lot in this you know. Second play where you store your ticket to the ends are but he does that. We're going to be we may be better for. Are right done his voice of the Clemson Tigers as a role that she grown into the EU we number two. Broadcast of the game from Texas a and M one of those tradition rich places sort. Is it watcher out there it's about the task in which is calling the game because. That's like one of the few places I haven't been that I had to stop for a moment ago. With you with everything going on out there in the stadium. Well I guess Sweeney's rubbed off on me I'm excited about it all mean every game is its own beats but it is funny you know. I certainly remember the heck a union series you've gone back fifteen years ago on now and and those and his two ball games are tricked out there wasn't wasn't all it was hottest heat so immediately I. A so hopefully may be at 6 o'clock central time kicked off up there will will help us on the eight the this September that not mean you get beat anytime you walk into a building where there's a 100000 plus people. And you let them stay in that game you know you let them in it it's a tight game late in the third going in the fourth. This won't be rock can't take Jimmy does going to be televised and yet they're telling me that I ran away from clots and let's live Eddie they're so pretty motivational story lights I think there's at bit I think it is advantage Texas native is Jimoh knows where we're close and has once it does not know what a NN has an act of find out probably in week one against a union in Northwestern State to be slippery honest review so. Jim joking commanded in the game number two maybe spring a surprise or two on them and but again. They're not 66. Maybe talent we'll just kind of overwhelming and it usually talent in the way that most of them right you mentioned that Northwestern State demons name it is week we'd look for something different with dollar interviews appeared in name than they beat. It which Northwestern State was brought up multiple times. Noted he was it. The best chick flick ever that this chick flick what's awhile is that this chick flick I was gonna go with unnecessary roughness. I'm miles or so as they get water away with maybe no other woman has been. Besides sports Davie it's the best chick flick ever opening myself up to is that this chick flick ever went up. I've set the U that you anyway I'll life like it is still magnolias. Remember. That's one that I elicit the Internet thing Elizabeth appellate like Elizabeth has earned her group of friends and everything you know what I think is on. So and it data's blood through and they just with a box of Kleenex indices negatives is Louisiana that moment that Northwestern State demons were real steep sites to the treaty but notes straight I don't movies that I don't know that are right let's enjoy the dates of art things are carving out some time but he he and while we're on the role thanks for everything you've done for me personally in the last few months between two showing up for my surgery jets got in the city to your doctors you what you yet important and I thought. Actually that's been picked you guys more often to throw this now. Mom oh and out of my wife not much doubt Bob bombs now it controls that guess what we all have a higher power in ministers and absolutely as well listen Don thanks for everything you know we love you we appreciate everything you ports here on the on the radio appreciate yelled at me on other tigers there's a great dot butts in the voice of the Clemson Tigers. Follow him on Twitter now get Donald months and especially for some good motivational messages and spiritual messages. As well so gray get a set to break what we come back. It to you what we can take a phone call if you want to you because in the final hour. A couple more interviews debris from earlier today. That mark Childress at least 81. ACC football kicked off its wrapped up when it comes to interviews things of that nature now of course we're still live on radio wrote. I think the fun part here in the next hour as this week at 6 PM it's TV hot take time on the sports. We got multiple care how many TV stations you want a photo bomb in the sixty follow it mr. try to give you some challenges there and easily take care of them the entire I'd. I tell Nora airline I will take all the theme now. Once you add the balance. Because doesn't surprise me. I bet that a kid pretty nice setup here. When it comes to. This ACC football kick off in a course that will give our thumbs up to the Indian football commissioner of the ACC Kevin Betsy was the former. But all that site the the University of North Carolina and he's taken this thing on to a hey Kevin. Want quick minute. By ETA it's a while now because this is live radio no bias one of the one at the hardest things to do was follow a legend. It quite frankly the Kevin that's one that thinks that you're doing now it's football commissioner the Atlantic Coast Conference. Your mile an election might feel like then Atlanta yep and a it definitely is so what's next I mean we've we've given you and we gave him seven day celebrations of the plan here. I wanna palace as well lit. They got Iraq in January when you know motorcyclists on. Quickly before the top Al what's next I mean right now it's the ACC football Weis has never been stronger than where we are out in its. You know you gotta work on continuing to achieve those successes every year main. In college athletics and athletics in general as what have you done for me lately though. You know win a national title two years ago clubs and this year you know. Ten teams in the vols. You know we just got to keep having that success each and every town and go out and then I think. You know that it just becomes second nature but we just have to continue to achieve those different successes as we keep going through this. Haven't we been talking about the ACC network on the way today what kind of different to second inmate for op pro football in the ACC. Well I think it's just another outlet you know through ESPN that will be able to distribute more of our games get more exposure. You know the the success of all the networks in the past it's been well documented and I think it's just be another step for the ACC take. And have again that went much more exposure rather other teams dollar games. So when you look at the conference is a hole I mean is it fair to say it's the healthiest we've ever seen it you've had a baseball TP and here recently we hadn't seen that half a century since Wake Forest and there by half you got Clemson in three consecutive college football playoffs we know north Carolina's national chip. But it's also the Olympic sports do it it's really help the least it is a mile to a Florida State did. And it's soft well championship. Notre Dame and women's basketball prevalent the most exciting women's basketball final fours we've ever had. Yeah I mean. This success in the Olympic sports does get overlooked some time to Wake Forest and you know mid to them in their date fencing against other type teams that won titles. And you know the I had the pleasure working in North Carolina for a long time and their Olympic sports for brands are stacked all the all across the board. And so you know as a transition here it's ACC in you get to see all these other schools that have all these other great Olympic sports. And I think tonight that is lost now you're right about baseball now when it's it's the fifties with Wake Forest you think about how many times you get knocked on the door Florida State Clemson. North Carolina had recently you know so it. You know maybe that won the baseball that you have but there Olympic sports I think it is again across the border credit. Well listen you're ever here worry as Amy thanks for everything you guys also watch US transition from again North Carolina T. Atlantic Coast Conference and I hate Britain and other national title while the new year all right there's Kevin as he is now. The football commissioner. Of the Atlantic Coast Conference and of course they do a great job there at the corporate third the headquarters agrees tour. Yeah very greatest percentage chance to meet him speak tournament person I've heard great things about him and he is. Still working hard as early as today a lot of folks of party left here he's making the rounds make sure thing looks good. Party gets set up for tomorrow. Are right you rate went some free money let's idiots pitcher six the year our key word is may it may ATV Anglo Australian. Way to look at things make you can take that into 72881. Somebody's one and a thousand dollars free and clear with an intercom intercom Greenville and ESP in upstate one Archie. Is we like it sake. You team when it if you're not in it sits at 827288. When you have until 659. When we come back Dave Gordon. Wake Forest broadcast network and some more interviews on trade it was stars.