Straight up with Sturg 7-18-2018 Hour 1

Straight Up With Sturg
Wednesday, July 18th
Sturg and Childress are at ACC Media Days with all things ACC Football, UVA at ACC media Days, Pittsburgh on the rise, and the impact of media on college players. 

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Outlook amid doubts it. Is eight Wednesday he had this straight up with starts we're live on radio wrote it ACC football kickoff ports are just mark Childress. And mark. What you think after being in here for about four hours which is here is one he's the only time you'll come on here. With that he or she from me or anything else is no way to prep for this. It's been fantastic days apart Sturges is my first time ever an ACC media days and it's lived up to the height. I am like a kid in the candy store displays it's been great we talked a lot of great players and coaches are ready today should that's BS in folks up mine talked to his man it has been awesome we have a full day's work are ready we have a need to start the show yet. But that's OK to have so much fun we got what 1011 interviews already in the Afghan. Yep if we Annie we got we're gonna have some lied better use here in the first hour well throughout the ship but when it comes to football players. Eight coaches we will have some light interviews here in this hour including. Chris peace. An all let me gates act yes. That he has it's got to be the key is that right night we'll have those two players from Virginia here and a bit in the and pat RTZ head coach it. In the unit our number two. We are got some enemies that we've done it gray has back at the studio. Which includes. The University of Virginia play by play different mind you've met the eighteen guys John Pittman president orange ball. Stoked him president college football army really that you pretty glad class yet ultimately it update in a course. A great act here died the note the first one we're gonna bring you back recorded. North Carolina head coach later that door he has been the story of the day here are some of his comments at ACC media days. We got to ask him directly about what he said he did not back bat that down keep double down it was great at that you if it fails in chapel Hillary got. But about politics his teammates and comets that David Hackett agree I don't wanna live in a country that college football. And who does I think he does that's my point 02. All you basketball suckers can have this stuff I want college football case that. Our rights Nokia and there is there's chaos here there's lots of people walking around and course. You know what will bring you some update voted last night when it comes to the via conference that heard the brightly on of the Atlantic and coastal division not to mention you're TP and everything else that was just I was surprised when all was said and done. I had to pull the trigger for the Virginia Cavaliers. How come on line but a hey don't joke and a coastal is always a hot mess and anything can happen this year who did she we haven't even talked about this. Who did you pick to win the Atlantic and the coastal and who did you pick the when the conference I picked it lane. Clemson to win the Atlantic team and unfortunately I had to go with the Miami hurricane to now mean that we had a really night's interview with the really get Miami hurricane football player my problem is it's. The most fun I've had an ACC TP chipping in Charlotte because it's been involved with this Virginia Tech because they bring rates right last year there's maybe 34003. Hands that were there for Iranian of course all of homer. You know became a huge fan when they were. In their teenage years they had an affiliation with the university said. I think it's a much more fun atmosphere. When you guys. You know in North Carolina or a Virginia Tech or somebody that can also puts because Constance to a great 60000. If they are ya every year Charlotte did they make it says. So again I it'd go with Miami mean had a real hustle. When it came to Miami Virginia Tech I'm still a believer Virginia Tech gear rights expecting a little bit of a step back this year but. It's we talked with Ricky walker earlier today. That's not the way he feels about things now I agree I think you got it right I would probably go to Miami Clemson although. Feel like Miami might be do you take a little step back it'll be interesting and Ricky walker when he came by talk about geeky cannot stuff he brought the VT want to bail out. That they carry around on defense for what thirty plus years now. Said it right here on the desk when he did the interview with us a thought that was incredible. Yep very nice utilities your number one it out your number taken in your beaten down by the process and I'm all down it's not a first year down in that people that got that up first year in hours again. And I remember sit agreement right now every little thing down that was set pollen in between yet its people they. Oh it's one thing that I would you have liked stated fifteen minute periods while you wait Bobbie it's. The first year I was here the west and for ACC football kickoff they were like seven rate uses a year. That's all. And I think it's 35 yet plus it is it differ Europe when it comes to ACC football players and he says. So you have some dale tying and go fight you know that's why. You know was able to come every year we've recorded the like I really look for did. People here in the interview we did with probably been built but we're gonna play that backed them more yup because there's a lot of courts and in that interview if you will but that. Yet but my first year the on it it was of poverty tour. We cannot play the TP CTV chip courts we got late sister courts there there is no golf involved in this thing anymore. It's eight. We pay for your golf and everything else that. Out. Remember I was right everything pale about look at its older gentleman and we're talking in between you know players' interviews so when we had a break that's it. Yet Britney thing dale all day long it's on this is my 23 one of these and riots. It's and hurting the different the last when he. I'll hit seated next year when I come back. Via a repeat performance we could you we're we're so proud we're so great happy with our recruiting classic hits it worked hard in the loss it's. It's now everything that's why we were but it really appreciative of what eight the doors sort of capturing. The Westin hotel at Charlotte if your kids if we heard anything edit the other coaches that. Not a peep yet he's been the story of the day and again delivered it on the interview with not so I can't wait to replay that later on the show are so again we're lie that the west and dale detailed Charlotte come up here in the first hour like at that we'll have. Some players hitter he's pat RTZ we'll also bring you coach Larry Fedora. It a few other things throughout the show webs of people's dale what does later on. And just listen we're got some fun today this much we know. College football is back. It feels like it now I am ready for game one they can kick it off tonight in it would be that would be early enough I'm ready to go for football. Well the thing is he that's why the missive that bill first the person get humans worker ran here number one great gets tossed into the stadium. Eight to a rough situation when you're recording is stuff and send it to him that he will handle with the team you try about this morning in from the beach on vacation right you're driving back tonight. Yes you're the in BP is straight up with sir thank you yet it's taken this long app finally got it one day but my apologies it. You know that you mitts into the act yet from Miami earlier my apologies we don't have the parent ever change here for you cholera here the rest that I. How can I mean the Miami player again we talked about Ricky walker coming. From Virginia Tech he had the lunch meal why did you on Johnson remind me not at the turn over chain I was very surprised by that it was a missed. Marketing opportunity now is there's no way that things Labatt reminds them might steal and it you probably are now about it so. Again look at port to it it is today broke quickly to watch all star game last night I watched it it just got it. I did it was first of all they were back at his many home runs hit there in the all star game last night as there were in the home run derby the preakness executes it looked like it was about it yet over and then the next thing I know it's 55 in the fifth inning. And I guess I hit a couple of more that that it didn't include the kid that was supposed to be. The race player was going to be that they that the Cincinnati player Eddy its brightly dice it up. It in the one in the tip that he becomes that it. He repaired right stuff that you begin the game it's weighted down formulate exactly it was it was a bit all game and like you said went extra innings I really enjoyed a home run derby I don't know if you watch it's I did tonight. I'm the head to head matchups I am not a Bryce Harper and but man you had to really appreciate what he did you lie to them. I'm back in when Ian Wright's heart I believe that's due to what now next year to explain in a braves uniform your agonized yes she gets up with that shortly right the ports in Yankee Stadium here now witness nothing but he glorified softball field. If you will that being said people trying to make a deal out of a black guy cheated in the home run derby. Haters hate. I can see it. It's a practice events in the mine dead hits and it's in their home park it was the way that it was probably split stated now. Is it's not a bad breaks and here the one thing that scares me is that the trigger to get Bryce Harper I. In the second half the seats while he did not play all that great in the all star game he struck out the first few times he was up by in the all star game the next night so. Let's hope for the sake of the graves that it was a one time events. For Bryce Harper and the ball to sounds different coming off his bat when he hits those bombers. There's other guys are barely clear in the sense harper was hit them for fifty or sixty or seventy consistently. Just blasting the ball out of the park. Well the other thing I saw. Was people knocking the nationals Iranians because I guess in the tenth inning it was about happy at the ballpark won't. That the winner of that game between the National League in the American League gets filled it in the World Series. It has a little juice on it because you know he's lots of that a appoint the 880s too so Lou funny. What people complain about now on Twitter. Alia while the nets fans are used to playoff games going very long and I have violated so I think you want to begin though they got you won't be either write the NBA. What do you think co YE later. The only person I was really surprised by this move for people that don't realize that I can say this I was born out there a cap restraints for. Starting Sunday we are still out on the cruise ship with our Canadian families despite if they're mad at Donald Trump for I don't particularly care. The point of being. You have no idea how much more money they play they pay north that the border when it comes to income taxes and we do here in the United States that again. They got help here that we can't even begin to it. That's a lot more in tax money to white letter to get deeply is playing for the Toronto Raptors no doubt about it in that. I don't let the whole gist of it but. I still think he comes back to and I'm gonna stick by it until I know otherwise next offseason people to sort that all about being. LeBron James is a report that may be yet you know Hawaii got a questionable that how he handled everything the was told by team doctors he'd come back late in the season his own doctors told him not to or he decided not to. But he kind of demanded a trade and kind of demanded a trade to Los Angeles. What's the opposite of Los Angeles it's Toronto it's where he ended up. You had a chance to go all the way to the southern part of California now your all the way up in Canada is far away she can be. It felt like a little thumbing of the nose by the spurs maybe this is the best deal that they could yet. By it's almost like take a lie you're not being nice odds were gonna send you a place that you can't possibly wanna go long term. It right you're gonna pay a bundle it toward. Yeah I don't think they are not yet the last the last laugh in this now. That's a neighborhood docket live in it pay those taxes and still be happy that. Trust he. That's what people that. That's why you don't see a whole Lotta people sign in with the blue jays and stuff like that when it comes to free agency why because the tax brackets that help a lot more. And it via phone here in the US could get stuck pay in taxes in both countries. You know DeMar DeRozan had a double down with Toronto Toronto's had trouble over the years holding onto their star players all the way back to Vince Carter Tracy McGrady. All the is on that list they always left to Marta rose and came back last year excited gigantic contract with the front and said hey I want to play here for my career. I wanna stay here in Toronto. What a message to send a fan base it's never really had a star player that wanted to stay. Let's try to do the next season. Turnaround that ship them out of town via really interesting for those guys Toronto will be a force in the east Toronto Philadelphia Boston. Will be fun to watch next year's best equalize pack. And at a 100%. In May have a chip on the shoulder could be very interest our right broke quickly let's go to the foods Trevor Watson talk about the all star game before we get up bright Trevor welcome and appear advocate afternoon. What score he not hear anything buddy sorry. Try that one more time Trevor. He's gone all right well listen we need to get a break. Will we come back we've got some players' interviews up this hour as well as pat RTZ of this. We got dot mustn't despises on the way and a meat plants like final thirty out of connect that he's gonna join us here live on the show no not backed and guided Sergio and a little weird place are right this is straight that was search relied on radio. Two ACC football pick off. In their children not just about forgot we're light years he had every done well why not okay she did it around talkative people and then bigger back so sit every you're talking about but he date or Natalie TV executive director of the national sports and he is adjacent. He's also part of the way sports broadcast crews wells. They were to sit there have a conversation about stuff like crap they're the head of beta back about twenty seconds ago. Around that's why these new apps somewhere in there no doubt about it so. A Q and yet here here's the thing. Tomorrow we start a British Open. I'm glad the bat but if you you don't get back agree I love the British Open right where it rates it's a really fascinating this week it why. They're saying in this courses that may now insert dry it's so high it's that or. There's two possibilities seen by 800 yard drive this week wow. They you can hit it over the bunkers at Carnoustie and gets a role I could believe it it's going to be interesting. We can't I like the British Open too by the way that suggestion that you bring that up and expect scoring to be low this right they always have that one day where it was like eighty yeah forty miles an yank it meant there which Scotland's it's completely baked out from the top of the bottom but. Yesterday. They are hearing stories like Phil Mickelson now put a driver and for the weekend you know he's accurate three wood one iron try to hit it stingers two. And the years C a little different style golf this week in just like. You know. Here ACC spills Deborah number one it's big all right it's big. Number and traditionalists and now are. You know follow the that he is what diesel is that nickname Myanmar white. You look every year the east twelfth football uniforms all right. Only four teams wearing stripes on their payments each year now Florida State's got strikes go in the wrong direction they're going quite rightly across the at the iPad. That day. We need to check classic looks like that duke uniform here with you blue strike stay on the side. If there yet. You they're some. If some ugly uniforms that we're going to be dealing with in the eight seasons well at least at Maryland now because they had the weirdest ones of all let's not. Yeah I'm alive well I go back and forced her to it when I see one of the alternate uniforms of the team rolls out. It's hard not to fall in love with some of them sometimes and that the different colors you don't normally see. I went east to play a lot of ancient purple and I can go either way but I do like the tradition and die in 100% fine with that. And you're right there are some strange looking outcome of those up there some team to going to be shaken up the seats are right so who here's just dissect it. Yeah this is the bad part about lied radio I'm gonna make it to him in he please correct me really quickly. All the media a sick yes. It's cute all right hey listen I. I butcher everything from tie to tie even. So. You know University of Virginia Bronco Mendenhall got tickets we get out with your voice a little bit earlier date any. Get rid of my dad. What about this year for U Virginia football because it's you know it's rebuilding of love that higher Bronco Mendenhall but one thing that it was illnesses the university administration is backing that football program. Yeah we got into it the she sort of changed things. And we can fear and it's injuries the that changed you know concern things whom this is in the locker room the facilities the state you know. You know when he eats that stuff like that. You've got a new quarterback in town this year you set the school record for receptions last year. Are you even more excited with the the new QB that you got to play with this season mark the fifth all by about all of us are. Actually that way. Hey we've got split the solicit rog here it your it is your guide that. Yeah it was that it was a tough year last few close out of four losses but the coastal division what you're being with your teammates. It's wide open this year it's not. Simulated there's not a collapse in right now on the coastal division says. You guys can that there's a lot of upward mobility when it comes to Virginia football this season. Yeah our challenge is beautiful home we did last year you know. Returns to post season play when you know every season. From here on out that's that's part of new standard. You're looking to focus on one on T that's a Sunday got team goals what are your personal goals. Are you look at it numbers are you just looking for certain areas you can improve upon what what is your focus personally this recently. Probably be. The conference's Saxon. I would like to say Arafat needs effects. Electra plays elect. Meant that this tackles I think has been a problem. Since these. So you were speaking of Chris species and outside linebacker with the Virginia Cavaliers seniors that need port police can ask you this it's that the 757. Because yeah odds Voight. For about the neck areas well. Same thing we were asking another player earlier you. You Virginia Beach Newport Beach area there. It's. There's a vote motivation you know cast like that you know you're you're insane talent is used so you know it could be you next. Just a little movies. Fortunately there. Someone here at University of Virginia we hear you know we know Luke Thomas Jefferson the law on the rotunda what's one here. That you guys. So much more doubt then in the regular student on campus but it's important to be a student athlete what's one thing the you do in Charlottesville to forget about football and everything else. Are gonna Rico in the air the street property Eritrea that we gone there Friday August equalize them. That was located at an emission apostles coming out cnet's must be really gets so what's the best thing you see in this summer so far as the movies in this number. So how I have to say. It hurts his. Probably. Always say this summit is that the Jews are yeah that's movie are you so much. Get tough to beat I agree. All right Chris before let's go to here. You know it's imperative. You guys for the first six Steve's this year starting with the instate opponent Richmond. Yeah Indiana Big Ten team in the income back perk up how. How Puerto is it for this cavaliers team coming off for losses closing out last year you get off to a good start there. Our oil studio put you wanna get off to a good start doing some momentum before you market complete conference play you know Americans have confidence in his ordinance. We'll listen new you're about done you knew. One quick question. Edict to all things that you've been asked today outside to sit nail it thus for about the last five men and not a group brought me maybe if diversity coast and on. You know it's hard to do that I was saying you give us one minute guys maybe get brought to it because it. I thought that was too sneaky he would hire a couple of years ago also wondered who's going to be the coach at Virginia in the Bronco Mendenhall. But is it means that knows what he wants to do keep in Little Rock to rule put arm let me person mission however however what's best. Obviously he can sit with his face is those statements. That's you know be the perfect. The person is right arm. We'll listen that's the lucky senior season from the before you can close it out with a bowl game this year Chris thanks for taking some time with the news announcement have our editors asked Chris he's a linebacker from Virginia and of course. Closer watts in this year because Purdue. What's the last time the tigers got together with project it's been a number of years now they could beat in the ACC championship game but during the regular season I don't recall the last time Virginia Clinton tacked up we can do some research. We have reams and reams of information to research here during the break in the here's the one thing about library yeah okay you got a football players that dale with the in dated Telus which one it was in he threw me a little curve ball actually does though because I've been so dialed in on that knee time to put your error try not to butchered at -- it got me off but. It's our outward that but that's the beauty of life radio with the attitude during the break for some might tell you. What is so it on so welcome. To a more you have what we evident well off but this is almost I like wait a second that's not a levee to here's the deal this you'll figure out. You when you come to these things that. The game a life that's in good shape with these players now granted that they're leaders in their locker room with their chosen to come references the university in this public of manner. But the years to sum it up now but never at the locker room is with the football team this is different maybe it's the number of people in there I don't know what it is but. These guys throw class acts. I agree yet been very impressed we talked with players today from Virginia Tech. We've talked players today from now university Virginia UNC all all over the map Miami as well. On 45 institutions today every single one of them I was impressed by. Are sexy but family hey I just talked this guy we got a lot and Sarah. What a great kid I was blown away how sharp are right so here's the deal we're gonna go ahead. This right pat RTZ handkerchief that should be light with the stir in the next segments that Greg will have to do. Some creative breaking here and there. When it comes straight up with Sturges mark Childress. ACC football kick off. Already. Welcome back and we're lied here on radio row ACC football kickoff of course a RO. I will be a lot of golf and tennis that but he would like your Palm Beach yeah 18 for the second time in a week I hate you for this then granted not all my way out on Saturday. It's you will be doing they keep for filling in next week while we're on vacation but. Yeah you drove up here this morning you're driving back and of course I broke quickly or wait that that coach pat Ortiz. For public service announcement out there it sucked he should you drive ID five shortly once a week. It's not quite that frequently management Charlotte provide date jobs probably twice a month. Is a man was long constructions the points mark burg in Blacksburg. Sit deal. State Alabama. So I doubt comes back they'll be a bit. Consistently named the best rates in the country when it comes to an Thursday. I did not know that. What else does without up like Bob eight miles at a time. We have blocked up forty miles an tying them working on three up so this is much I've figured out. Between. Thirty so I'll want constructions and in the sites say truck slept fine. You're screwed for the next however long when it comes to driving I 85 north. You really are and I know you've been debating whether you gonna go home tonight and come back that might answer the questions or you gotta get back in that madness again tomorrow no doubt that I. I'll stay here work have a back up here on Saturday to fly out. Our vacation just realized that needed a nother hour. Added to our what time we're leaving on Saturday to make sure that we make our our our flights at. The other thing walking around these media days you get the idea football season is now. Punishing BP here thinks that I 85 situation about twenty to thirty minutes. What's been year which is that what's been your initial thought this because as I was trying to tell you this is an outfit that strewn. Year after year after year this year it's bigger than it's ever been. Yeah I was really blown away by how many radio stations were here I didn't really had a gauge is being my first one. And it's so well organized we were all sitting in this big open room and it's radio station after radio station. On I think that probably blew me away the most of them and the number of people that are here I mean all these radio rows slots are filled. There's hundreds of other people walking around you recognizing all kinds of cases CBS and everywhere else local television of course things like that coaches players. It's been fantastic ever really got it done as yet. And that's why you but I mean there's the great date to win from the data Clinton's shadow a North Carolina awoken by ever there and yeah it is a lot of different things going on but you know. It's we talked here a few minutes. He's run a few minutes behind with coach Patton RTZ. It's kind of interesting one of the questions I'd most wanna ask him which he. Because seeking comment on in that is a local kitty great high school 866200. FL quarterback. Now committed to plays college football for the bit ether soaked. I mean it's pretty call on the fact that. You start to see teams like Pitt coming on the recruiting via upstate South Carolina was deathly something that I wanted to ask you about you know hit and and Boston College are really almost out liars from their low geographic location. Compare to the rest so what is he doing here yep and Syracuse what is he doing to recruits. Differently I guess because he had he can't do it. The same way that the the teams that are further south they're doing some really curious to see on RTC's getting the type of players that he's getting he's been doing its job recruiting. It's very solid I've heard this name mentioned twice a day. Might very well respected analysts as a team on the rise this season that really cut caught me off are today that they feel like hey there's an opening. They've got a little bit softer schedule in the ACC. For them to make a run in May be given all the what is always a crazy coastal division yeah I NC years that they have always maintained in that would never asses to him but. It's got a son. Playing any NFL stadium be in the second. Hit it in an NFL stadium the airport there's never that much and building you know and MEI. Back in the day they had a stadium there on campus that they just let go way Ian. Now they play their game tying spilled and and I just yet I wondered that if it if it's gonna be a drawback in the long run. I could see going either way I mean you're also playing in an up LC and oh by the way it's the Pittsburgh Steelers home stadium. That has a lot of pull as well so these kids on a play in Pittsburgh stadium when they get to the NFL. Why not go ahead and I get introduced to that the facilities are fantastic stadiums fantastic. You got great locker rooms and amenities and things like that maybe there's a way to kind of push it in the other direction so this thing just to draw back. From the lack of crowd may be the deposit is that the facilities make up for. It's it's going to be interesting also. From meet the Brothers you at sorry that it always is back to food with you it does because I like my French Fries were here like onslaught here. And now like I seem to hear I don't want all three of them togethers two again would you rate view. Sit down and and I held hands. This is going to be one of the tougher things that I did today hello. Is worst male what our second Virginia players here in down. The ego. Beauty of life radio here it's is sorry your teammate got me prepared for it. I've got you the otter aides say welcome and straight up which birds all the mediate yes. A lot of dates again all right so even told us I their hold on hold was it was all day long and processes on the wrong saliva. I'm sure you're used to it yet so we'll take you for two person it's an honor to represented your university Europe knock it out of the park with a bow tie on and everything guy going ot have. How things go around that it's it's happens out there on just really grateful for the opportunity Robert players or coaches or people. On a group. So you know what's next for Virginia football. It did not in diocese in the way he that it wa that it wanted to go but. There's really not a team you open up with that is data that in Richmond. It did it's why difficult gains in Rhode. Yeah Tom. He's gonna be consistent and be be on our p.s accused especially early on in the year like assembly and state opponent and we have pops up days. There we go and ACC play so it's like. If we can't we can't slack at all are offering so that we are. He's accused him ever were preparing every day to two decent. But you had a big season personally last year he set school records for receptions he got a new QB common at a town this year tell me about him in the relationship you guys our behalf so pars. And when he first got here he was loose a little bit but what's the solid news news it would uphold our standard of how we were each and every day. And you know lecturer there evidence like. We knew that OK this is our guy he fits in with us and he's gonna he's gonna do good things great things for us as a as our quarterback. And I'm just excited for him and opportunity. That's also now you got hurt and your comments earlier today your settings pretty lofty goals for yourself personally to see since what are you focused on. For me personal local perspective for your season this year. I wanna be first Somalis and seeing an all American and that's great and I love it I love it does really confident in the work out and and and you know yet the circles there's so an operative those votes so. Willis and enjoy yourself today. That's RDC from pits costs to him right behind you here I listened it just in to wait this you don't know hammy opportunities and likely get teased in this. Make sure you did. Yet the full of Sodom that are right they can I appreciated thank them. Our rights at cookie pitch Ortiz back here I mean is anybody. It take you very much I hope you have a great day just hit it. This act here on this phone yet poses for pictures. And six year yucky about sue we're we're raid together because this is a highlight for me. Now this is the only coach we get light on the air today I had bitten by this past year it ACC football kickoff. Every year he's been head coach that we got him here. Also last year adjusted bill right now talking you can start daisy I let that happen in what you I felt like I need to come out take you to provide the Brothers is that we spent a few mental anatomy again every year we're gonna hookah yeah well my favorite is don't take the Buzz Williams at Virginia Tech the past three years in a -- he got. That voting. The first two years they were voted last series like it I'm all with them every year with that but he comes out but. Talked to Louis five at seven last year did not it is the way you wanted to be with a big win vs Pitt but. You Pittsburgh it's one of those teams that I got the feeling he's beaten Pitt Panthers went all said and done and it crazy coastal division. You guys have a lot to say. I would hope so it would be an opportunity be a pretty good football team. You know last year season was not what we anticipated or wanted. We had young football team you know it all starts with the senior leadership. We had about eight seniors you know three of her cracked transfers that were really. Hey guys that did you know had that blood and sweat for years and in ink activists here are the right way. So we we inherited some guys in just a young football team and this year we got eighteen seniors and we got a great group of leaders. I think we have football team that can make some waves and coastal win the ACC overall. To work cited you know we finish when we should've won five of the last five who won three of the last five games what you we lose. Two while Virginia Tech the last second of the game went up or down from the one we win that game right for Miami. Then we lose to North Carolina by what that 123 points up like that and we lose we lose that game and you know white for the half we. Our receiver tried to reach out to the ball crosscourt for testimony almost with one they scooped it. Go sixty yards go three and out kick a field goal which is the point that you people like giving them reports you lose the game. Somebody could've won five of the last five. No those are off fight you got to find a way to win those things and and it was at Clinton for workers before a total of one or two things you're focused on here going into the season that are the major focal points for your team. You know I think it's gonna become boundary comes up discipline to discipline came out here where you are. Yeah we got to make plays on offense there may come on defense but it comes down to be a disciplined football team and not let them. You know those little things and I'm where I see this was not just the personal files and jump from outside but it's. Doing that. The big picture stuff that you're worried about the big picture stuff will be there to be that details that we got to. Take care of throughout the process. So wouldn't. Now that you've been in church for two years at Pitt which Pitt needed. By the way. What swung the benefits that they since he had no we can't ask about individual players but you. Your recruiting got bases grown a lot which now includes the upstate of South Carolina. No doubt about it when we're gonna go where players are you know. You know we liked that he would get down in South Carolina native Georgian. We've always had a foothold it down and guns data floors so. Over her career back our first and I think we have a heck of a back here with Western Pennsylvania football. You know you go you go we stability futures in New York eagle way Hugo and Ohio lead. You know a little bit southeast and you get moved at the end piece of me. What you know. I would tell people that she's date when you go leafs were legally it is late. And they'll let you don't go to another country go and if he had had to have optical and possibly at one group recruiting territory. You know I love them the recruiting footprint that's one of the respective jobs. Kutcher talking about your home field playing at Heinz Field is set and it's bandage. But if you're playing in an NFL stadium for the kids your recruiting or is the fact that you don't have your own home stadium that is just for the Panthers is at a disadvantage just curious what your thought. It's an advantage you know and again near the Steelers play in our seating to be a struggle if you look at it's now on the gates at his Panthers and Steelers. It density Steelers and hit it but it's you know in iron on the gate so it's our stadium and that's how we look at it. You know that the natural guy from the outside can look at today on an auto stadium recap what the best stadiums in the country. We have a chair back seats for every. Person that comes in that game big or small they all got the same size share for the seat back. I mean for years my wife would come I've gained save my tail hearts out at splinters. And regarding its footage you're filming that cat in the seats are this big. And we can make parents feel a thousand wanna make of that big in every sits on top each other in New York Post it now my CNET team. I'm my number I Taba deal stadium hold never 100000 actually opened ninety that is yet this season has been granted the right off I put together. Final question at what point did you wanna go punch out your athletic director after the opener Albany let's take a look Penn State. Georgia Tech. North Carolina at. You see apps are keys in the notre dame of course while late eighties easily you know they are. And monsters are there political mess up as well as others only been here for years cue it up and who died indeed it did happen to know what I love our kids are really do. Well I wouldn't play the best therapy you know meet the of the Pulitzer and we knew when the games that got beat by the in line. I want to compete against the best I would rather have that pressure. On the go face Notre Dame minority and statement go for months ago. Made that game but we list which if I had a year eligibility left I tested us or you're not ready I'm absolutely ready to go so here's the deal. Next time you're in the upstate you're covered the spots or vice. Smoke on the water was named best downtown restaurant in our for the city agreeable South Carolina. Guess what we're gonna make sure you get your meal at smoke I'm going there are witnessing right now acute effects later Ike which I think I'm like it down that way. The market definitely you. It will list. Let us know because densities it is that next level and of course I got a shot at Tennessee and he donors a Tennessee fan that coach we'd love. Busy Wiki here a seasoned pro on and off have a great week thank you to the YouTube present aren't I pray that. Our right go hit picky I listened great let's catch up with a bright kid that will come back because from this point port that was our last. Wide interview schedule will have some other light interviews here in Euro. Welcome back. We are live here. There are raped you Rhode ACC football kick off at the Weston in down town Charlotte now. I get great to have some fun with you as I watch you go make your wait the the media guide line. To get some stuff for this season because. There are eleven of the twelve schools represented here with media guides right now which one would be missing the one I need the most the Clinton tigers won his missing they're saying they're coming in tonight but. Yeah I'm gonna get my work out in the day trying to poised. You know -- Tennessee's. Back to my car later you know that's why I'm really eleven hit in Miami and a few of the schools that did that skill this thing down to a you more of its not much bigger and a paperback book beyond well with you it's not one of the peaceful magazines and and things of that nature now listen I'll admit right now. I had a year of eligibility left I would not do us sit on the bench at Alabama nor clubs I Geico via tackling dummy for patent RTZ from Pitt in let me tell yet. He each and bolted of that program I hope he stays here for awhile is a loved covering him. But I'll also get it that the age you eat greens they went 57 last year but he everything they could have gone wrong went wrong. I really believe that means gonna become a commodity when it comes to athletic directors in the next year. Squad look this answer the question we were talking about earlier about his stadium and some of the recruiting issues that he might have. He was talking enemy like those weren't issues or detriment but those were actually being positives for his school. I absolutely loved it I'm a huge fan never met coach RTZ before huge fan of his and I created a play forum. Very Tulsa that would. The one of our favorites and I never disappoint since last year you never know I mean here's how much this exchange. Eight years ago I think I got nine coaches over the course of two days wow he didn't vote for me beat by over the course of two gates now why. Is this not just its rate this is just one aspect of the media that you're seeing right here this is all radio. They're dealing with print media they're dealing with the national television people not events and things like the upcoming ACC network so. They are being pulled in different directions here at these media days and they were just 34 years ago. Yeah it's amazing the schedules that they heat I was so we've got some friends come and appear tomorrow is sending in the Clinton's schedule for the day man you run the gauntlet. You're live audience of personally speak in front of all the media. That your live audience yen. You're live on a couple of other stations you mentioned marketing social media ads radio. It's a long name man with a get started talking and hearing the same questions again and again it's okay you're not at least try to throw a couple of her balls today it worked nicely when you look at the players in. And they're tired at this a year at some of them it's not natural or like the pit from Miami earlier yeah the clutch shots yet to Kwon Johnson heed this it his cup but the why he's going to be better off for doing it in the long run. But aid that's why you'd look for that question that's a little bit different because these guys will hear different ways eating habits when he's gonna hear questions from the media the more. When it comes to regard to who's going to be your starting quarterback week number to succeed him. Everybody's gonna ask it lest he comes in with his opening remarks in and lays down something new. Are something specific to basically say hey here's my answer not talking about that anymore today let's not. Yeah that will be a question of the day tomorrow and lesser coach Fedora hangs around again in search talking about stuff while like it today well. Indicator. Yeah week we heard from our friend David hood with tiger and a little bit that they were over it Davos house Monday night for the media gathering in. I think they've all kind of come to the conclusion that's YE. It be that will run two more with Tom Lugar bill which is not outside an hour days he's probably in my area. Not favorite what is date good superhero date Glenn at the David glanced at Balkan biased right now but. I literally what. What you get it get the presence of greatness had to lose your train of thought there. Point being V. These kids they get a reference that they're talking diluted bill look at bill yup he got caught up any really bad situation he actually talked about it a little bit he transferred into Georgia Tech there's a quarter right there by the name Donnie Davidson or Burlington, North Carolina. Well it up being a quarterback battle. Mean half the locker room never bought into Tom look at bill in their 48 and a split that down the middle. That's why haven't heart and on people telling them it's not what you want is that may in itself locker room in the ass the buy in to the men. And that's an that's the one unknown I guess for all the once in media right now including ounces. Where does the locker room stand on the quarterback situation. But that'll be at your parties yet we will but it's time to give away some free money gray. This yellow form all luck people you're talking up here clubs it's going to be eight here are on the football field to deal with this year's figure by PMP workers here. All eyes are or who are. You take that into 7288 once somebody's waited a thousand bucks free clear why not you we've already had local winners. Here in Greeneville. He can't win it if you are in syntax error 272881. It will be back for our number two live in Charlotte from radio row at ACC market.