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Straight Up With Sturg
Thursday, June 14th
Weird football scheduling and scoreboard carnage at the US Open.

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So great this is why I wanna talk college football. Because. An article just came out that the NFL players association is hiring multiple law firms to fight the the battle with the NFL when it comes today at them let me just say this wants him will get into it tomorrow. Stay in the locker room all right don't come out don't put them out there guys are gonna Neil for the National Anthem consent sic up. All right I get it they teach your right I get it get some on got. It's not about the flag and a protest it's about that. No you nil win the national anthems being played that's disrespectful to the at them it's disrespectful to the flag and it's disrespectful to this country that's my opinion so stay in the locker room. But the NFL players association does this thing gets in a fight with the lead. And screw screw on because I have nothing hey I will not watch any more NFL I am sorry. That is a situation when I see I give it your right is an American to do. But it makes me feel bad. It makes me feel you don't you don't respect the greatest country on our goal and get in the community in try to say he could change something. But team U gonna Neil for the national attending guess what I don't respect you go about it a different way and that's my right as American. That I mean people I have to agree or disagree with that great that's my personal opinion so it by an NFL. I'm saying just stay in the locker room so we can put this thing in the past because. This is got a chance to blow up again in all it's gonna do is hurt the ratings for league did sorry seeing their ratings and their attendance go dale. I can't figure out why this was still just being brought up time and time after again. And again that's your right it's not right not to like it because when I see NIC debated on television and everything it makes me feel bad. It's perfectly fair they have their right you can do that yet for every action there's a reaction in my reaction it makes my stomach turn. Because. I have three nephews stated fought for this country I had a father in law that fought in the Korean warn the Vietnam war. In a while you may not. He protesting them or disrespecting them that's the way I'd view it because the people they gave their life up for you to do that. Gave the ultimate sacrifice so I'd rather you just tip your hat to them. Inning go try to change something in the community in which you market instead of make in this a drama on television because. People are gonna get tired of it in the players are the ones. They're gonna end up being held accountable. I you know what you know what it it's my business so I see do I wish I could fire you on the spot. Because it's my right to run my business the way I want to write. Getting back some of the court he knows when it comes to college football this year we mentioned navy. About how far it may be passed ago. To play their first and second football games all right they open up September 1 at Hawaii. That's a ten hour direct flight from Baltimore. To. To Honolulu. Eight a little bit longer in that. Did they got to turn around without abiding come home and face a very good met pristine there at. In Annapolis on September 8 I mean are you even over the jet lag before you run out on the field on September rate to go play eight might nor bells Memphis Tigers who. He's eighteen and 82 seasons there at Memphis asked. Forget numbers are down and you go. All the way across the country and then. A little bit into the ocean they go to Hawaii Maine it's a nice placing great trip out there but tell hole walking to Hawaii though. Yes like twenty some thousand processor for how can get about four days are like who's got probably the most brutal nonconference schedule out there. Go look at it's an ACC team is the Pitt Panthers are right think about last year. They barely missed a bowl slot at five and seven. And then they're athletic director doesn't do them any favors this year dare three out of conference games. Penn State at home. At UC you're defending national champion. In that Notre Dame. And they had to try to forgot about that. That's a pretty tough that's a pretty tough nonconference schedule when it comes to the Pitt Panthers are right. Did you ever heard of college football teams playing each other twice in a year we talked about you know. He'll crescent mauled and and we've seen it at the high school level especially. When it comes around fund raising and stuff. Liberty in New Mexico State airplane twice this season. They're gonna face October 6 out in Las Cruces, New Mexico. And in turn around and wrap up the season November 24 at liberty. I'm guessing somebody spurned one of these two scruples when it came to their upcoming schedule and they were not left I mean because at least liberty I guess is technically. Not an SES team anymore the headed to. The sun belt or something along those lines. Yeah isn't you just don't see it yet they let the they left the ranks of best CS last season so they're playing this year is a FBS independent. So at least New Mexico State won't have to take the hit a plane to US CS teams but. I can't ever call. In in lesson was in a bowl game for a national title we saw Florida State and Florida match up twice one year with Steve Spurrier. Outside of that I don't ever recall seeing a rematch. So. Twice in one year unbelievable. Our right to when it comes to diesels not here to defend himself and is that state mountaineers are right but death. Three game homestand Gina they're quite regular college football this year a dozen teams will play three straight road games. That's not very common. At stake is looking to improve on last year's nine and four record and they play four consecutive road games. At southern miss at at Gardner-Webb at south Alabama and at Georgia southern. Urge sees me now. They play three in a row hung in southern miss Gardner-Webb south Alabama and then they turnaround play three on the road. At Georgia southern coastal Carolina and at Texas State. So you know the again it is set time where you start breaking day on schedule she start breaching dale motivation you start breaking dentist. I think this situation when it comes to. Mike Gundy in the athletic director Oklahoma State's probably just getting started in May be the only way grade they didn't change his situation now. Sit in the office and talk it out. Yeah it's just you're just gonna have to have some. While one time and figure out what each other electric blanket near innings it dizzy athletic director have the right to look him square in the guy in Mike Gundy go listen Europe former Oakland state quarterback you've been here since 2000 and fight even sniff around other jobs the last few years. I want some kind of commitment from you do it you were here or. It's gonna get worse when it comes to the future you know once they start a fight them once they start fighting in the media take general shots. You really can't get over that. And that's the problem because as the athletic director you're in charge of all look all the programs there and yeah it's did has been no sacred in my gun has been kind of shopping around so. As I I think he does have he certainly has the right to do that and India has the right to look around but if you're gonna take some and take it. Hey listen according to miles scare. Listen Mike Gundy can't shop around and look for a better job he would just be going to look for winner right. Daddy's gonna go Alabama Alabama and I IG don't leave Oklahoma State go to liberty. You know that's not a challenge you would leave Oklahoma State to go to Tennessee that has a rich heritage a it's grand it's been twenty years since they won a national title but. By god you don't you can't have upward mobility when it comes to your profession according to miles scared. Otherwise you just looking to tag along to winner. You know this much I would say miles scared let's take a look in today actually Richmond brought this up I wanna give him credit port Richmond Weaver on the. Miles gears when you were going through your recruiting your senior year in high school. Why did you go to Texas a and M. One of the biggest universities out there with a huge budget if you really wanted to be that guy to take a bad team to the next level why we are joined Dennis Franchione in the Texas State Bobcats. Try to be that guy. Again know your role miles gay or why you're trying to endear yourself to the Cleveland cattle at a cavalier fans I get it you don't have enough credit in the bank you don't have enough deposited. To go out there and pick up public fight. Which Kevin Durant who has back to back in BA titles has back to back NBA finals MVPs. Miles gare I suggest let's make a gold this year sixteen football games and an NFL regular season. Maybe let's play in twelve. The casino entered training camp last year here H no I heard he is soft. He has a talent but I party sought now. What did naming another big number one overall draft pick it dipped incident that we heard that about for awhile but. He is now decided I'm gonna play in I'm going to be an NFL peace message today being clamped. So again. I know warriors fan I don't pull for LeBron. Sorry I respect what he does doesn't mean you have to pull form but miles Garrett just just just you can't take stupid. And and clowning was on the South Carolina team sure they. Had times where they weren't great but he certainly help improve and hammonds buried about. I was Spurrier told us last week eight it was off the air when we're talk he said you know the one thing about JD I try to treat everybody equally did you Damien just kinda had his own work schedule we dissolved. Kind of McCain acclimated to it so. But again grey I don't know if you sobbed we've been bragging about this one Boogaard. Didn't Spurrier into a comment that. ESP in upstate was mentioned on national these multiple times. She see that. Oh no I didn't Imus did this is so that they didn't imagine you'd be in a Tennessee fan back in the day all right USA coach yet he said there with this for about fifteen minutes of that South Carolina hall of fame about. Legend speaker series a Sig coaching and you're known for some of the great one liners quips and singers however you want to describe it. City's real one at 73 years old which he is now did when you're sitting at the beach house with a beverage and you laugh and giggle and to say how can win ball game it's. Talking he'd get the play ends upset talking to indeed. But it's how can one football games Georgia would've beaten us more when we were Florida. In Matt Connelly from the state newspaper was standing there there's the side he tweets out your coach Spurrier on ESP. Indeed the end up on MSN dot com. Read it. Saturday down south the whole nine yards so yeah we we we had some bomb with that went to say the least and I. I tell you was it for some I I didn't know that I think that was one the more fun interviews that we had done. In a while I Maine that's that's 75% the reason while watch art much media days it's going to be hard this time around spare your main media days fun. Yankees he'd just gotten care just gotten care all right here's the deal when we come back we are in close up. Shop. Will give me an update from the horror. Action can't kills I think my even part. Winning scored just what the plus four. We'll see about that you keep you got a phone call we're at a 630 Tampa Bay in the ESP in upstate tonight. I welcome back in final few minutes is we're gonna get way to Major League Baseball here at 630 tonight is that Tampa Bay Rays. At the New York Yankees and if your interest and in this game is I believe it's one of the games where the Tampa Bay Rays are gonna start there reliever. You know they done that several times this year. And a kind of more in a different way and backwards so why I believe they are gonna be doing that. Again tonight and yet just goes to should leave it there are different ways to do things you know what I mean so well again pay attention to that now. We have the change on the leaderboard at the US open it synagogue kills they have backed up Russell Henley is in the clubhouse at one under. With Scott appears see in Ian Poulter also on the course at one under our Dustin Johnson and Jason doppler. So right now we got three guys that are in the clubhouse under par two were still on the course there's nobody. At even par. And then the rest of it just his brutally brutally ugly. So. Again. I think plus four can be somewhere around there that's going to be the winning score. I don't know how good a wanna see some birdies may now again EO the win back stalemate had thirty mile an hour gusts today. But this much we know about thirty mile an hour gust. All that's gonna do is try the fairways and the greens out later this week now we will not have may breed great year too young to remember but back in 2004. When they last held the US open it synagogue chills they'd let the greens get away from him. I mean day after the first two groups goes through on the seventh hole on the final round. It was so bad in so treacherous they had to stop. In a new watered that green before every group came through. So I think about it the first two grips it came through had to played differ hold in the rest of the tournament did that day but it got so bad. There was so so little moisture into the ground especially on the seventh green. They were literally out there watering the green before every group made their approach shot in otherwise there's not there's no way. I shot was gonna be held on the green but what the problem was. Those first two groups that went through they had a couple of guys with three footers. It was sort of a side hill downhill light the ball ended up in the bunker. So that's when you get a little too much going on Kyle Stanley the former Clemson golfer. He's four over after fifteen holes right now. Looking day on the leader board. Let's see. Looking for tiger with Ernie Els is five over through fifteen holes. Let's see. Boy you it's not a good sign when you kind he had to coupon good one down define Tiger Woods Bill Haas we told you earlier he's in at six over 76. And again a rough day Bubba Watson chief 77 Phil Mickelson shoot 77. Webb Simpson is now seven overs well the warmer US open champion Jordan speech shoots eight over Lucas Glover is eight over after sixteen holes. In Tiger Woods is now eight over after fourteen. Any take about some of the story lines is going to be how high is the cut line going to be tomorrow night. And then finally look at all the great pass major champions it will not be around for the weekend we mentioned. IE I don't know but I'm doubting that Phil Mickelson or Bubba Watson at seven over in less say go who at least even par 100 tomorrow they may be in trouble for making the cut. Or Jordan speech that eight ever Jason Day who I picked it nine ever. Yet the last time Roy McIlroy shot Nady was five years ago in the master. Is he sixteen names from the bottom of the score chart that I had sixteen from the but bottom. So I mean. I guess storyline tomorrow is going to be if the weather doesn't give them a break or anything in the court. It's just to continue to watch the carnage. Do we wanna see this get historically bad I don't know but sometimes that can be. Yeah there's a reason when you're driving down the road you see Iraq very by slaves to town and takes a look at it because you just you know it's human nature so. Maybe we're gonna see a bunch Iraq snail. Q yeah I've got to seventeen year old gray you go to north Greenville which is a great school course our good friend Wayne impaled head baseball coach over there. We mentioned the case earlier than Kentucky football players at 98000 dollars in cash in their take on home as well as the more than 52 grams. Of cocaine and five pounds of marijuana. It's up pretty big so big operation there. Brett Friedlander just tweeted an article our buddy ACC insider columnist new Hanover high school in Wilmington, North Carolina won the state championship in their division of football this past year. Punch to their kids including kid said it signed college scholarships to Scott rounded up in a drug bust. Yeah it's just become an earlier and earlier in younger and younger unbelievable here these kids eighteen years old. Possession with intent to sell deliver marijuana. Baba pit. I mean these these are some pretty serious charges against eighteen year old suggests what. You're not gonna get to go to the juvenile court process here you are a high school graduate you are gonna be treated as an adult and no scholarships are gone. Oh absolutely absolutely so think about what you do out there are people we can is as we like to say they are repercussions for your actions in. You know guys that's just one. To get away from all right so here's the deal tomorrow will be back in studio mark Childress is going to be with this guy would have some paint or stalk. Brian Strickland had to do an interview back to DeMar from today. Is CO TAs for the Carolina Panthers ended earlier today. So will figure out. Will forgot what time we're Brian Strickland and of course we can now lets you know. Training camp at Wofford college for the Carolina Panthers will open up. On July 26 and it will end on August 13 so now you can start making your plans to get out there because it's furry. It's a lot of fun and of course that first day on the 26. They have a big party in celebration. From 430 to 630 and then they have their first practice from 630 day thirty so loud. Yeah taking football is only the clock mail in my life's a lot may you got any expectations for Jeremy Pruitt this year. Just plays when six games at least police. This is gonna take a little bit you know and I have heard from a couple of my friends they're not smell that he says kinda had to shake his head a little bit and go man I've really got to work on the attitude of some of these players after the butch Jones and I'm glad he has yet so they listen Jamie prove he's a tough son of a gun but you know what's gonna happen if you these guys are gonna run off before. He ends up getting entrenched with his own players great thank you for getting in here to date diesel be back here in studio witnessed a mark mark Childress and me in the meantime. Listen now have a great evening I know I am looking forward to more than four and a half hours sleep for the first I'd. Since April 30 I get to sleep without my neck brace our have a great night we will see you at 4 PM tomorrow for more straight up with starch.