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Straight Up With Sturg
Thursday, June 14th
A look at the World Cup, Myles Garrett comments on Kevin Durant, Will Vandervort from the Clemson Insider, and Mike Gundy criticized by OK State AD.

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They wanted the 2018. Fifa World Cup is in the books and did you have any doubt that the Russians too obviously their hosting this years from. Yeah this year's World Cup. They are you had a host team the host nation always plays in the first game. Did you have any doubts that the Russians were gonna win that Vladimir Putin was not gonna allow them to be upset in the first game leak is. I don't know if you caught this one other day we are had our first bribery scandal in this World Cup. This assistant referee got busted for taking a 600 dollar bribe Al's quick yet. So you don't think for a minute bit gluten over there what now lap. And that's exactly what Russia did they go on and they cry Saudi Arabia today robbed enough then. Three goals. From T substitute players so. Lesson. I collar low bid opening ceremony that was pretty wild you got to give them credit. The Russians they know how to put on a party no doubt about it that was that was lie believe it was fun it was entertaining it was a little bit everything but. I guess she guy IE it's on now great Emmy date number two things really step up the more you've got to Egypt taking on Europe go right. Which your guys one of the quiet teams watch out for. And then Morocco squares off Federer with the re in and then Portugal meet Spain to mark. In again what's kind of collided they got watch very much of it. But when are tied it when I got back from the dot today it was already on. So who I watched it by the fall if you will you know and I mean it was it's like well okay that's all right I thought South Africa. Play in the Russians here as Saudi Arabia and all teams. You know that's an interesting change make their way into endless at end of this year stern men of course everybody's favorite underdog from not too long ago Iceland does. Back there but they don't play until Saturday and boy oh boy did they have a fund first game they get Argentina. Messy yeah we're talk another day before we go too far in Zach brown calls in our. Our our illustrious Miami Hurricanes fan in New York football giants have a book. He. We're talking about DT. U Rinaldo in messy you can't really like buzz album king he's got to be either war. Yeah I feel like that's all that is they choose right so that's why am going what Portugal. I think I feel that's a good sized bed of course they get a big big time campaign with Spain. Train tomorrow's. Again union going down on when they were Portugal woo why because I know one of the players but again you'll be able to see that needed that's and that's what's cool about it's on at like 11 AM in the morning 2 PM in the afternoon times win. During the summer quite frankly we don't have a whole lot to watch so well again Ari does switching to simple law. Is again we're gonna talk about Clemson went down will be an abort you can follow him on Twitter stealer will the unabashed Pittsburg Steelers Perry and Mitt. Did yeah ever the prays go bigger go home. For sure. Well 08. Goodness. Prices here you don't have to hear the police fail more than 98000. Dollars in cash. In more than 52 grams of cocaine. In that town home where former bank good former Kentucky football player marker or markers or walker was arrested in today. Now of course he was dismissed from the Kentucky football team following that arrest. He and his roommate were both charged with trafficking at least five pounds of marijuana and four grams of cocaine as well as possession of drug pair Pineda. They usually your dom are right beat they can about stop you know if I ever have a beverage in a bar and totally cognizant of mean if I if Bob had too much injury can I get pop on the way home guess what chances are it's gonna end up on line. Some always cognizant of where I am and what I've done. Do you know how this whole bus came down you think about it you can't fix stupid. You've got a 100000 dollars in cash okay you made in nineteen on your test we're gonna roll yup 200 okay. He got 98000. Dollars in cash in your Teoma. Got 52 grams of cocaine. You've got five pounds of marijuana. Let me get into a domestic dispute with my girlfriend but because the cops are gonna come and guess what. You really can't hide all that stuff noon it's little hard to cover up a 100000 dollars. Opera serves judge showed up for it was a disorder involving a Mel and a female subject dispatchers can hear the woman saying that she had been hit by the mouse subject. The officers arrived to find a window had been broken and Glasser was lying on the outside did the unit. Marcus walker 21 answered the door and told the officers that wells 23 and his girlfriend had just left the apartment after an argument. Walker allowed the officers take entered the apartment to check if there were any other victims needing medical attention. Police say they fail on the apartment in a stated district disarray with furniture and television strewn across the floor upon with marijuana cash. And belied. Three clear bags approximately the size of a soccer ball working on in the utility closet of the living room. And they ar fifteen rifle belonging to wells who's in leaned against a wall in the second story bedroom. After obtaining a search warrant for the town home officers discovered approximately 52 point 86 grams of suspected. Powdered cocaine in clear plastic bag and a kitchen cabinet while with digital scales and packaging materials. Allen held the you have this much. Product and money is a college student. This didn't hey man may host a friend of mine out was some did this this was a serious. Distribution. Point going on with that much money. Eight ar fifteen assault rifles as well as marijuana and cocaine and stuff like a major how was going on. Unbelievable. So you're talking at walker played in twelve of Kentucky's thirteen games as a sophomore last year. See your top again. 21 years old Macs. Could not how I. How did you get this deep into. Unbelievable. Unbelievable 21 I couldn't I couldn't. I couldn't fathom that it 21 years old I mean I would even know what 98000 dollars look like. Would mean that it would be able to fathom that so. Listen these are the kind of cleans it eat you know unfortunately it's one story like this they can now make a lot of people look bad when it comes to college football listen this guy needs to get a job first of all let me say you're innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. And guess seeing with that much green failed in the tail honed their chances are you're probably and it neck deep zone. Better have a pretty good lawyer. No doubt about it are right the other thing. You can't fix stupid. Are right part two in this Jake Siewert miles Garrett the number one draft pick last year in the NFL had to say about Kevin Durant in the Golden State Warriors. I do believe that a did you see Jason whitlock right here on ESPN talk and LeBron James doesn't respect Kevin during. Okay do you think Kevin derail its really feel bad about that when he stain and in front of his smear with the last two NBA title rings as well as. Finals MVP trophies as well just from my point of view I don't think his feelings would be to hurt about the because tomorrow scared listen I get what you're trying to do to a certain extent you're trying to endear yourself to the fans of Cleveland. Is a Cleveland Browns football player in the NFL and of course the Cleveland Cavaliers but. Derek goes on to say 22 years old to eighty broke the league talking about the NBA. Saying that you Ali did was discuss join a winner in he doesn't respect them in this is that the other this is what gear goes on to say quote. Durant took the easy way out my mind. It was different when LeBron left Cleveland. He kind of went to join wade and bosh and it wasn't something that was already geared teed something you already knew it was going to have immediate success. You kind of have to gel and work things in place but what Cheney he just stick command any scores. You already knew what they had they were 73 and nine before Indy put the second best player in the world on an already all time great team. And of course you're going to have success in pretty easy success. Garrett said he believes the NBA needs to add a hard salary crap it it's hard salary cap to create more parity in the league. It dissuade general managers from building their teams around a handful star players. Not dare I'd be more concerned about getting on the football field for sixteen regular season games this year. Then popping off about Kevin Durant in something else because. As the number one draft pick it includes a man at a Texas say NM. There were times your rookie year you played like Jane instead a Tarzan. Plus how many did the browns win last year. Billy zero yes. It appeared that much of the leader Kim G not lead your team wouldn't be out they're taking shots he Kevin Durant right now outnumbered ten. Oh can you not join a good team. You know what you work hard. And you put yourself in position and you say you worked in the computer industry. Are you not gonna wanna go and maybe try to join Microsoft or apple or earned by yell whatever I'll Goji can't do it in this world you T could join a winner. While you have the you have the option to do that you're the best that's why they want you because they are being you're one of the best at what you do. Yeah again I'd rather see this guy keep his mouth shut in endear himself to the fans of Cleveland by. Actually playing with some heart this year in year number two after being drafted number one but I certainly certainly wouldn't be taking shots at one of the best players in the NBA. This got back to back titles as well as back to back in BP's of those finals. Now again I I get what gears trying to do he's just trying to endear himself Denny goes on and finishes with this. Me. Too competitive to try to ride somebody's coattails to get a W. But for him I mean you might as well stay despite your now there's no point lead and since you've already taken that moniker. Race being called the snaking cupcake and all that you might as well just stay and keep on winning. Well then are you gonna make these comments about LeBron James in your own city. Should he just not stay in Cleveland in tow it to the Cleveland community to try to win more net more NBA championships instead of born free agency. In putting together another team in LA here somewhere else wouldn't that be interesting if LeBron does leave what is he gonna say then. LeBron it's gonna be leaving to go chase championships. That's exactly what it's about suggests what you pop off about Kevin Durant. But you need to be pose these questions come June 30 when it's in males LeBron. Is not resigning with Cleveland but is again. Your competitive in your about wins then LeBron should stay home. Be competitive. In stay in Cleveland and try to get winds according to miles gear. Again pinky you're talented you were the number one pick in the draft but guess what. Sometimes you can't fix stupid it's somebody that I had that week of a rookie season in the NFL's the number one draft pick. Might not want to be picking on the guy they just won the MVP in the finals and back to back TP chips in the NBA because guess what. You don't have the leverage stood tall that crappy Kevin Durant. None you can say it all day long and making get picked up with the media and everything but you don't have the leverage. Outside danger bank account that mattered match Kevin Durant. Your success that's definitely doesn't match Kevin Durant. So miles scared Damien Faber showed up try to concentrate on winning a single football game for hue Jackson. And the Cleveland Browns this year all right when we come back will banner aboard from the clubs and insiders gonna join us. I'd Devin has gotten can't going on he met with the media for the final time in this academic year. And some more information when it comes at Clemson university and then. We act college ball. Ball after that as well. All right we're trying to get in touch with willow bay into boarded the Clemson insiders sue. Hey we got all our here and almost text him real quick grade just do just to call us when he gets a chance of maybe going on them football camp at Clemson or some tunnel Lomas line so who. Well run and get a message from so who. We shall see even a course either the only person right now in the state of Ohio did me. Have a little worse situation than miles gear popping off about Kevin Durant. Is we were talking about. Is Logan. Woodside. They ring a bell probably not. He said it wasn't taken up tried Colin him again and it'd die if he doesn't pick up I'll tell him to call us sorry so. That's the beauty allied radio right here. But Logan Woodside was a draft pick by the Cleveland herb but by the Cincinnati being goals. He and he got himself as the only person that kid how bagged as your career start off when back on July not energy ninth. You got popped for DUI. Again a rookie. A rookie BM pop per do you why you are bad he is barely over the legal limit but all it takes is point 01. Over the legal limit in urine trouble. But using Covington Kentucky and they're trying to this is a guy that was picked at the end of the draft they're actually trying to. Does and see if he can't replace AJ nick here and as the backup quarterback there. In Cincinnati so again and Jeff Driscoll would be the other one too I take a look at so. You probably not the way you wanna start your career with the Cincinnati Bengals getting a DUI when your competing for the backup quarterback job right let's head down to clumps and it's our buddy well bay and abort senior writer for the clubs and insider dot com of course. Unabashed Pittsburgh Steelers fan that you could follow on Twitter at steeler well and well I hope we don't well today my friend. Aren't the only issue that's OK it worked out. Hey that's OK it's city you know we know I do listen we're talking all kinds of college football here in this hour. You know well it we more or less it Finnish star academic year you know what I mean I consider that August 2. With the teams Clemson and South Carolina being eliminated from the baseball tournament. What a great calendar year per clemson's athletics. Yeah again it you know I mean I guess a lot of people look at the national championship a few years ago inside Alice. But this year but we look at overall where the Clinton athletic department when you consider. Obviously the Big Three sport to what they did and then even meant to women's soccer what they were able to do this tax year. You know yet add onto it and then a couple of the sport that also did well they don't look very each year for clips and athletics overall. Let you know when you look at. Football ought to the final four. Basketball ordered sweet sixteen. Mend have prosecuted baseball post you know regional. Equipment the only program the only school in the country. Technically all three of those links and so that's a testament to. All the coaches there obviously and obviously athletic director and recoup its staff or you know kind of put that altogether because this start to the top then you know lump in the sport and you get distressed coaches. And that the that done up there. I'm with ya on that when again where tiger will will be an abort the Clemson insider give them a follow on Twitter steel will and so it never really stops thank goodness with a sweep in the NBA finals last week that we put college football on notification Europe next bit. Clubs and encouraged Devin Sweetney they got to get going on right now in. They picked up a couple of commitments split Corretja from a wrong I saw earlier today. The number one quarterback in the 20/20 class. Is actually it climbed sending kit this week and he's taught him well about the tigers in a yet they still have somebody about anywhere Trevor Lawrence it is never played an article on him. Well third you know it's letting our quarterback position is always something you gotta have you know you look at the child watt than you understand not. I mean you know you can bet he gotta have a guy like that lined up ready to go. You'll let loose that I can update you keep what you do that those that you recruit the best you can that you let them compete in the car I that in a bad let. The cream always rises up if you will of it comes to delegate job here you know. Go back to 2014. When it was just calls out to solve Watson and Davos when he made a promise that Brett properties says. We will never be in a situation where we only had two scholarship quarterbacks ever Ian. That that'll never happen again because the shot that get hurt Mitt treatment like six games here and Ariel colts Al Nicole actual popular vote this. Coldplay are shoulder injury. The entire season. And it really didn't heal up until all our our game yellow belt but all game will be played in the ball game. You know so he was even injured all year so they were really balk away from Kohl's outgoing out SE. So you know either a market that situation in and so you know that's a source game approached recruit at a high level Kelly Bryant obviously the regular next year. They may hurt Johnson chased rice Trevor Lawrence. I got a couple other kids that they got committed they don't want to commit to this year they are our other. Because double want to have sports scholarship quarterbacks of all time arm and right now technically only got three because better job of outlet. But you know Kelly Bryant going to graduate this year he can use up all his eligibility. So they're gonna may decide to bowl quarterbacks and so that'll give imports. Bright obviously is like a break into more kids this year. And then you know you gotta figure somebody bodyguard trance are out and get them start critic of that which ones here as well bring back unions. So let me ask you will I mean he would we've seen how the quarterback position in college football has been I mean you mentioned two for clumps and what does John and in coal stout that year but. Are you almost at this day and age ham and recruit an actual one knowing that you might face he transferred situation day on the line. Yeah I think so I think that's a Clemson in the chick Bryce I think they'd make sure they. Jay Wright a lot of people don't realize that you can't get pedigree I think he probably could start if you wanted to make you seat but he declined to hit. The he'd love. Scallops and an eagle he's a legacy kid. And you know obviously Micky try on. Played a big role on short but it makes you look over their grace and 88 years. And I helped pull chase over there. So. But chase as the guy who could start anywhere I want to but they knew he was there a hole because they figure. You know Deborah senate the other based search take you know they weren't surprised that says they're Cooper transferred out. And they really weren't surprised that hurt Jonathan ultimately detract treble what they thought that was that he thought that it would happen to after the season. It surprised it happened when he did. Because you know they figured that he would be the competition you wanna compete. But you know Carter was ready to move on now there are thinking maybe all the writing of all I don't. The double the little surprise that he didn't want to come in to compete this year or seek to complete the job. But I think they were banking on somebody that elite. And so that's where chase bright that got four star guy who can probably come in beer Vick quarterback for anybody. You know would donate the whole little Italy we've got three good guys. And then of course you know they're they got another gathered gonna bring in the air Robert dormant. You know coached. You know he's because the coach you have disappeared Betty is not what that the that. That kind of worked out for pensions well there but they won't use him as a safety. Not so much as you'd have been bad and what he can just say he's not as a quarterback ultimately. But considering his background. You know I've been in a quarterback all 58 player your doctor. As we continue well Vander Gore's senior writer for the Clemson insider dot com follow him on Twitter stay the well and we talk a coach for now last week Ghani here and boy he's a you can almost see the smile from clubs and I mean the two biggest announcements were of course shell Mitchell mark he's re coming back led. You know one of the things I love that I see added this program. The guard plays good bit even that coach Purnell kind of mining that landscape for some bigger bodies. In of course you gonna have to bang a little bit next year and a lighted Thomas lesson he says common and is home when it comes to his body and his weight and everything else so. Good times ahead again for Clemson basketball even what they shorter amount of about returning veterans. Yeah I think when you look at you know I don't sit up and comer switched coaches all last year at this time my search on yourself. We're gonna be a guy that they thought has technology. Al player I think we saw that at times last year. Let me think about that steal adult he did against Auburn where you want the link to the court the host of practical sort of a threat at the tournament. I'll they'd they'd they'd elect got the equal they were there those or guys. And and it starts that they would be guards obviously Mitchell agreed. They'll come on back in both of them can shoot the basketball that book to penetrate create. I think it will Mitchell is the key all of that he saw where the struggle black humor wasn't in the lineup of they're really excited to have him back in there or another year. Eli Thomas. Obviously Leiter CD developed so well accorsi lecture can't. It got better and better with the game and saw them sure well after paying Aleck about the it is his maturity level where act. I'm not only a physical standpoint than a medical standpoint I think yeah that's gonna be better that's gonna benefit of the lot next year. And it appears to have that I imagine that they eat at a company about the regular double or. Not think that the this thing that there are. Who's gonna be that they're Clark is gonna be AJ Oliver you know it he can has stepped up we all late post season like he played great getting the the target a very good they government. But neither candidate neither has the potential to turn into that kind of player I think you a little bit at it we're 80 what are. Our that they can get the production out of you know I would answer that final spot there and then that team could beat. Could be as good if not better next year I'm not saying that the in fact that we think is the team back in reached sweet sixteen pops you re great. All they got to the because of the legal back and they brought it acute. On the retreat provide three recruits repression that they can help them out at least two little drop that and that brought in. A transfer is that they think that do well well. All right Willis were closing up shop. He patent I don't know if you wanna call it break it but last week I took two phone calls from friends of mine there were Mississippi State grads asking about money leak in doubt what kind of guy he was what kind of coach he was a might what's going money as well his name's coming up in the Mississippi State. Coaching search I saw he actually had to make a comment. Yesterday he's not interest did so YE anything else on that situation because. Yeah Mississippi State maybe one scold that can go a little bit more money out there baseball wise than somebody else. Yeah we saw what he loved baseball put something I guess they've got EU. Enters a different job. And so we immediately reached out combining its optimal route as we know you've got dirty bomb you know ball on the road recruiting and representing aren't so. You know we just do you do you still that you we've got to reach out to all the and and body immediately went on the record on that note I have not been contacted by this state nor am I interest at. And the job and he shot it down immediately and then within Alexei. Ten minutes Thursday one baseball I don't know what happened at the repeat but the orbit of the airport down. Oh they quickly into pretty fat there that they are quite a big girl why it. Number two I've been athletic director at Mississippi State is stupidity gotten higher this interim guy they got him all the way to Omaha in the college World Series all right well we will be congregating guy in July next month to ACC football kick up at the Clemson insider. You're the senior writer yell or have something coming out. Every day between now and literally kick off at the beginning of September. Absolutely Ali you know the coast. Not enough on the mean what insiders Google nor always stood up to forget that story and yet able to pick up recruiting its search. I understand that sweet and also go online order it at all but we just put out arts came up stresses. Our appreciate a magazine. Score on the confidence data treated in the 2008 people all week. Got some great feature stories and there are obviously the Power Rangers. To a Sweeney and Brad Brownell their relationship. Kelly Bryant his relationship with the other quarterbacks. It's some good stuff up breakdown of the depth chart. Opposition by opposition. So other numbers last word all the good that people want to know about you got that football season so they can find that start next week of these standpoint there are what I know that. Boy you until still burn in those fingers may and the so hot off coming off the presses all right listen well real quickly. You checked in army multiple times here in the last month you know Teresa and I appreciate you so much I just want to tell you thank you. Because. You know what just appreciate you taking the time to do says. Hey man you welcomed by you know that I think a lot about certain. Or about at all that I'm glad you're okay I'm glad that they order them. You know if you feel that a man. Well listen go online first of all you know guy I hit yet this morning when I was sitting in the doctor's office I got a great report I don't have to Wear the ad neck brace especially to bed bit me and I and channeling my inner flavor flavor and just look on my later rod. In the you'll understand why okay. I felt that they've got a good that the real. All right will do will be in touch your city mayors well leaderboard make sure clubs and insider they've got a little bit everything over there with Robert McCurry site of course Wilson senior writer and does a fantastic job. In a course and links everything up right there on his Twitter and that's of course stealer will yeah next time Graham gonna ask him. If he's ready for the quarterback controversy common in August. When Mason Rudolph who was the best quarterback in the draft. They did not go to what a fourth round or third round he starts putting pressure on Roethlisberger for the starting job. Yeah he went he went pretty well a lot later in the NFL draft then lot of people fault so let's have been staying ruffled Roethlisberger is getting up there yeah I do like. Mason Rudolph there also I just wanna do it yeah it's how you get out for what you do in the next segment. The Oklahoma state athletic director taken some shots at the is it Mike Gundy the mullet. Now why did the same thing. We just think about it he booked into the Tennessee job a little bit guy Greg he should look into some other jobs is well also. Maybe is athletic director put a little pressure on them but this much I know about Gandhi you don't wanna make him mad you don't know what may happen. Would tell you about that when we come back it's open presents til 63844. GS PE SPN. So wanna be out more known coaches in college football. What I have to be Mike Gundy refused. You know the Oklahoma State coach we just come the mullet you know he's got a glorious glorious mullet in the course you always remember. I'm. I'm on my hand you know it means so. He he he he played people may not remember he actually played quarterback back in the day for Oklahoma State. And down. What he's been the head coach they are firms are less about 1011 years in pierce. Is this could end up being a fight between Mike Gundy and his athletic director. Because is athletic director getters as is Mike Holder. Any goes on the pistols. Firing podcasts which is about Oklahoma State athletics. In this is what he had to say about Mike Gundy in what he wants to see more of quotes. You got to give credit to Mike Gundy he's really matured into a difference maker as a coach. Now I would approach recruiting a little differently than he does. I'd want the finish higher in those recruiting rankings in week consistently do. I think that ultimately puts a ceiling on what you're able to achieve. It is that. The athletic director's way of using the media to say hate me and let's because here's the deal. On the stage is finished in the top 25 I think seven times in the last ten years. They're routinely competing with Oklahoma now per you the big twelve title even though Oklahoma will. Really always had the edge on them when it comes to poke ball. You know what. I just kind of understood the kind of wondering what this does because we just what's one of the first things Mike Gundy did when he heard this. He sent out a cryptic tweet. If you will kind of saying eat you know it more or less this is what it said. It's not and Gundy acknowledged it's difficult to get the high school starts he said we went ten and we went twelve games in we can't get some of those five so our guys. We will get it we do it a little differently but we didn't finish so. I guess the point of it is is this if you're in Oklahoma State cowboy fan. Is this what you want going on between your athletic director in your head coach when it comes to June 14. I led. I would have to say no because you and obviously like them to work together because that department that harmonize us together. Ends up normally producing some good results if they get to arguing more like this well. Mike Gandy MD. Coaching carousel this past off season lows aren't I know at least he was rumored with at least one job. That was tennis scene he's been rumor with the other jobs in the past couple years is well. I would date it. If he is kind of had one foot out the door if you will and again he's an alumnus he played quarterback. In you've got one of the biggest benefactor benefactors in all of college football. In Oklahoma State pocket in T. Boone Pickens. So I just don't I don't think this sends well now a source some of the players that he is he is recruited. Well. How about he's had some successful NFL players which includes wide receiver Dez Bryant. Didn't. Little better talent there. We wide receivers. James Washington and Marcel eight new orbit just drafted out of Mason Rudolph we just mentioned the quarterback from Rock Hill South Carolina Trey flowers. So all told 22 players have been drafted under. Provoke on the state undergone decency took over after the 2005 season. It's a program this finish rate seven times. Since in that hyperion. In they've been as high as number three. In some people would say that they got screwed that year wind they lost to what I was stayed on the road which again. I'm sorry on that one you got to seventeen point lead in your rate number one in the country gets a team that's like three and eight in Iowa State. In you lose a game in overtime that's a bad bad boss you know and I mean much more then going on the road was into a top ten team so. I will always go that way and it might be the Alabama in the coming out so be it but. Again I'm with eager grade eight he he flirted with that Tennessee job at one point I thought he was taking it. I don't think that a fight in the media between your athletic director in your head coach is something that you really really want heading in August camp. News that's that's never good because you know what's gonna happen at big twelve media days. He's going to be asked about this and here's the thing about Gundy even hold back he'll tell it like it is and my question is. Who's got more leverage in that Stillwater Oklahoma I can promise you Mike Gundy he's getting paid more than athletic director as we guess what the athletic directors technically his boss. So why pay attention to this situation it's going to be enter sting and I will go ahead make my prediction. Because Jason Day in the US open was such a good prediction. The other day he sheet net nine over 79 today. I don't see Mike Gundy in Stillwater mourn a couple years is quite frankly no matter how good he does this. Look across the state Oklahoma and they're always going to be a little bit better. Our right to will take your phone calls remember where now at 630 were given way to Major League Baseball but when we come back. You can only play this scheduled that you have in front of you but what are some of the quirky things when it comes to college football schedules so far. A number one club send. You're in the first story will let you know wait for four GS PE SPN. So the bloodbath is continuing in the first round of the US open it shouldn't cocktails five players under par no one at even par down. Your leaders are Russell Henley he's two under through sixteen holes and he's tied with Dustin Johnson whose two under through thirteen holes. All at one under are Scott pierce seat Ian Poulter they're both finished as well as Duff Jason Gardner. He's at minus one through twelve holes all right some of the guys on the course that you wanna know about tiger obviously plus six. So why that's not going to well. Let's see also out there Patrick read the masters she'd been finished at three over. Steve Stricker is it three over through thirteen holes Justin Thomas. Who won the PGA last year he's plus three through thirteen holes. So again and I'd just a tough day Jenna cocktails and it's just gonna get tougher again now Mikey minutes to waited as earlier. Talking about the wind gusting as much as thirty miles an hour. But it there's not rain and that didn't you know what's gonna happen out there on that Long Island Sound. It's gonna drive that course out and it's gonna make it much much more difficult. So again you just look to some of these guys that are on the course and I'm gonna go ahead and go on the record I'm gonna go out on a limb ago there's nobody finish and under par. By this time this thing ends on Sunday so we'll see but just some of the scores come in and for the did the notables that probably the best is at Justin Rose season a one over par. We mentioned Patrick reed at three over what Paul Casey Matt suture remark Liesman finish with a four over 74. Brooks kept cut in Webb Simpson and a group that finished five over 75 Bill Haas shoot 76. In a less these guys rebate on value you really just don't do you really don't know what the cut line's going to be quite honestly bit. Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson shoot seven over seventy sevens Jordan speech she's an eight over 78 Jason Day one in my team picks. Nine over 79. In Rory McIlroy. In eighty so question real quick break. Between now and 630. This Tiger Woods beat Roy McIlroy it ten over eighty. I'd I do think so I think he'd saved many manages to get Jarrett stay just in front of them but. Is it seems like once you hit him once you hit a bad hole it's just you go on a streak of about 45 after that. All right tell a course you know we're five weeks away roughly not even that four and a half weeks away from ACC football kick off SEC media days in. Once that's up against the teams come back begin in August camping you know we can really start focusing. On August 31 and September 1 but you gotta look at some of the quirky things when it comes to schedules this year in college football. The first one that jumps out at me is wait force. All right in ACC team because that could affect the local team when it comes to clumps and so what is quirky about Wake Forest is football scheduled this upcoming fall for 2008 team. Eight and great they have five consecutive home and home games. They open up the year. With a trip to Tulane on August 30. Then they come home per September 8 match up with Towson. Did they play on Thursday night at home September 13 against Boston College. And then on Saturday September 22. They host Notre Dame. And then on the 29 to September they host a rice in the fifth and final of this five home games in a row in Winston-Salem at BB NT filled. The Clemson Tigers. Not sure I have ever seen a football schedule where one team has five consecutive home games on it a mile Dick Clark since this year. I don't think they have consecutive home games till that ended the season it's home away home away home away home away. And I think they close out the last two games of the year. In Death Valley so I consecutive home games. You're lucky to get three yet but believe it or not they're not only once at this situation this year Arkansas. Did they have five consecutive home games or do they have four and a half. Because October 6 a host Alabama and Fayetteville in this is where the question becomes between. Four and a half for five consecutive home games on October 13. They host Ole miss and Little Rock. So I was at a home gamer happen game that's why go for and I happen against Arkansas. In an odd October 20 they host also. On the 27. Vanderbilt they're all on November 3 before they host LSU on November depth. Up and perspective is that good or bad because you know I. I'd get tired ago when top consecutive weeks to do anything and I love college football. But yeah I need a week's break in there at some point did go do some melts and here's another staying. I consecutive road I don't gains major pride plain view on the road. In a row was well also again. Daily very interstate when it comes to these upcoming schedules that both one school in the ACC and wait farce and another school in the Southeastern Conference in Arkansas. Had five consecutive home games and you wait far still win because a Little Rock is that gets a long way from Fayetteville. And while technically a home game for the razorbacks. That's it's happened own game. If you will are right when we come back what are some of the other Danes is a matter of fact armies on the west navy's on the list the pit. Thirds are on the list what are some of the quirky things when it comes to this year scheduling college football.