Straight up with Sturg 6 14 18 Hour 1

Straight Up With Sturg
Thursday, June 14th
Sturg talks about the catch of the day, US Open players struggling, transfers with power 5 schools, and the Atlanta Braves leading heading to the all star break. 

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All right well commit upstate it is eight Thursday's. Edition of straight up was stirred or how. Is we're in studio and not smoke on the water I didn't gray isn't here producing today diesel god blesses solely site. Up in Charlotte for some concert tonight with 93 through the planet so beware so it's great and I and studio. And you know if you can't laugh at yourself grayer you allow the Lafferty by else. I I don't. I don't know because I feel like you do you have to have those moments where you have to take a chuckle at yourself aid in we're doing that right now let's just change the name of the show to straight up with flavor plate. If flame of delays and the houses this I realize he's radio is not even the usual medium but I will get this up on the FaceBook page and later on I had I went to the red dot this morning six weeks sit surgery check up. And you know what I'm so excited about tonight. Tonight hey I am looking more forward to tonight going to bed than anything since April 30 just simply in the fact. I can now go to bed without my cervical collar on. I am had a longer stretch of sleep then the war and a half hours since April 30. Yet that I can be comfortable and it was two seats on my nerves I'm tired I got black circles around my eyes. But. Today. It my six week to cut they give me a Serb local bus and stimulate. It's as black Tuesday and that's why I say it out I kind of look like a white version of flavor flavor right now appear murmur of the wrapper that where the big guy. Clock corrode the big red Crocker and his chest value there out of time. I'm channeling my inner flavorful if you win this thing on and it's got quite a stylist as a guard but it's supposed to help but elicited you twentieth lap it yourself but again. At a good checkup and these are going well I got to Wear this thing through and into the year. 48 hours a day. So again that first world problems but it. A lesson we got a lot of different things that we're gonna get into today up till 632. Will give way to Major League Baseball tonight at 630. The US opens going on or since it straight up with flavorful a bless his colleague carnage at synagogue kills its. I'm telling ya there eight people even or under par right now and everybody else is just smoke and will get into that the minute. Also you gray you do a lot of the college athletic broadcast up at North Korean boat university do you do anything with the soccer team. I yes cycle almost or most of their games on the fall well we have the World Cup begin today and I'm telling you it was the pretty impressive about performance by the Russians of course there hosting this thing. We'll get into some Major League Baseball. Standings in the of course college football in the NFL. It comes to college football Mike Gundy being criticized spies athletic director. Connie interstate and then. Some of the court Venus when it comes to football schedules you know we're 77. Days out from Thursday night football tick off for 79 days out from the Saturday when eclipsing kicks off with Furman in South Carolina. Kicks off. We're really some funky weird things when it comes to football schedules including. Team's plane twice this year are right I don't know when I'm a call that mail. I've seen it hit the high school level. You what I think it was mauled and in Hillcrest back in the day their rivals and they still may do this feeble. Can Colin 844 GS PE SPN correct me if I'm wrong but it. They would play the first game of the year in the last game of the year in the uses his fund raisers so I'd seen it at the high school level I've never seen it the division one football. No that's that's very strange because some I'm not sure what they're doing that high school level you have charity events things like that but why their poll on man I don't know. Well so while will get into that as well of course we're gonna do 520 talk who will mean an abort from the Clemson insider kind of get a wrap up of the year there. At Davos when he's cancer going on right now. In some other things now Brian Strickland who was supposed to be joining us from painters dot com has moved that back to the more. So while we were will meet up with him is painters are closing up. Routier's today and they have a nail sit the beginning of training camp. Will take place on July 26 at Wofford college and they will be on campus at Wofford do that they August 13 says. You know I mean that's where we are right now I mean thank you NBA for having a four game sweep because you put college football on both on the clock it site you can sit and go OK it's short time and we're just a month out from media days and that's really. The official kick off but for the Carolina Panthers is. You know that becomes an have been up in Spartanburg they were open training camp for the 2018 season on Thursday July 26 at whopper. And of course it will begin with the annual kick off party at 4 PM on the 26 followed by the first practice that's from 630 to 830 give stadium and of course. They will be in Spartanburg thru Monday August 13 when they won't have. Their annual. Do it and then they would have their annual fan fest event which they have in the stadium Bank of America Stadium. That's scheduled for Friday August 3 so everything is free it's open to the public. So you you know it's one upon times here in the upstate. When the Carolina Panthers are at Spartanburg. It Wofford College says yes just right around the corner. Actually that's going to be when I'm on vacation so what they think about don't. Now we actually know well maybe physically impossible for me to get from the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship back this Spartanburg without at least my wife shooting me right mailed. Yet here's what I have learned Greg you may not know this week here we're doing a renovation and slight addition to our house. Number one I did not budget in money for marriage counseling. Because by god of my wife ever cheeses and vanity it's going to be the best they in my life we are debt. Never CEO of first world problems I get it but they are some things that do not think about whom we did this. Number one for the addition in renovation you better budget and furniture TJ gonna have to buy furniture for that space in number two you better budget and yard work. Because our backyard has been completely torn up by bowl you days to mean that shouldn't know where we'll have to have all that picks as well. But again first world problem so. Listen I'm really proud he's on an airplane right now will will try to get an update from him tomorrow but we'll go ahead and get it out there yesterday we had American ninja warrior hour from six to 7 PM out about it being pizza. In booty copter in in Brett Sims came by and of course we like yelled no. Booty was being featured on NBC last night they its and in a film crew. Literally walk in the house at 802. There are ready running that feature on booty copter and he is literally the first guy last night out of the gate. When it comes to the teacher and him running and for the first time. Five years Betty concert made it through it he he may he smoked that course last night. Eaton and I guess all pun intended. In guy he will be moving on to the semifinals. Later this year's super stymied is ever made it third. I'm talking no problems whatsoever set that was pretty cool blue I sit there watch said accorsi couldn't talk about it. It about it being but we will keep you updated with that because booty. It's the booty bandwagon his made the semifinals of American ninja warrior so congratulations to him we had a lot of fun talking about that stuff. As well and down. So congratulations stability bidding copper. Right I still looking for something a little bit funny today if you had a chance. Great if you achieve this is set a state record would you not probably do would it took. To get that to get your name in the book for that record because that means your number one at some than at least for a short time period. The old adage is you give a 110% I would probably be giving at least 12030. Did just get my name with an and that book. Well I had this I can see diesel go way yes he's our fishermen are not staffed if you will. Does it two days ago out in Washington State. Eight Seattle fisherman reeled in and catfish. It would have shattered the Washington State record. Now this was the state list. The biggest catfish caught in the state of Washington at 36. Point two pounds and this was 845. Pound catfish. He caught in a stream that is known for Trout fishing so that catfish must have been just eaten up some of those Trout. Say they called the Washington State game in board do you know to find out what to do and they say it will listen and lets you get that is lest she get that cat fish to a certified scale. We cannot give you the title is record catfish in the state of Washington. Says he chose not to wait did this why I'm mad too much gee he's 35 years old he said screw it I'm not waiting I don't wanna let the meats whole. So he cut up the catfish and of delays and he gave some to his mom his brother and he said he still has a bunch in the freezer. Don't know me and I'm probably taken that catfish down to the day on the interstate to the first way station because I guarantee you that's a certified scale. When it got. I'm not given up my record you know I want my record in the books I wanna live in infamy. Ellis but let's get their fish somewhat wary can be way he'd. 45. Pay own cat issue I don't see this it could name taken out one arm obviously says. I just thought there goes there there's different I'm doing whatever where's the closest certifies I am not a topic that they show up. It nagged given away right now I won't minding. In the record books all right so when we come back 844 GS PE SPN. We're gonna get into the US open there is carnage Dustin Johnson tied for the lead at minus two. But there's only a few album under par in some of the guys that are finished for the day that we've been talking about the last couple days. Did they are shot themselves out of the tournament fourth Ford GS PE SPN. So it's been fourteen years since the US open is vanish in a cop kills out Bayern a New York on the sounding guess what. You know the story line fourteen years ago was the US GA let the course get away from a minute became a monster and of course we've talked about Batman it's been a huge. Topic on television as well. This course or the set up the senate cock kills for 2018. A lot more fair rate guess what. Is we were taught him would but he can't turn and Brett Sims yesterday. When it comes to being an American ninja warrior at the leak in the in tag and is the villain if you will is the course. The obstacles you know everything that you go to. Well guess what the bill and here is synagogue kills is going to be the course again because. Right now you got Dustin Johnson and Russell Henley tied for the lead. At minus two now they're both still on the still on the course now your leader in the clubhouse would be. Scott pierce seat her Ian Poulter who they both shot one under Jason Gardner is also one on her but just through seven holes. In that's pretty much where it stops I mean because. We were talking yesterday what a great tournament this can be with all the people that can be won majors ending contingent. Here are some of the people that are in that have finished their rail obviously. Counted the leader in the clubhouse in my mind is Ian Poulter is Justin Rose at plus one he shot a 71 today. But some of the other names that are done there are up on this leaderboard include. Matthew pub on never heard of him. Seem woo Kim. Luke list. He is it unbelievable. In which we said what a great chance for a awesome championship this year. With a number of guys that won majors in some of the people that are look still looking for their first major. Forget people on the course right male Tiger Woods started with a triple bogey on number one he is still three over there. Through eight holes so he's kind of managed to keep it together since that first hole. But that we mentioned already in the clubhouse dumb what their day be best story on Justin rows of the major champions. Patrick reed who won the masters back in April. He is in the clubhouse at plus three today also shooting 733. Over what's Paul Casey. In the clubhouse at plus four done for the day Matt future in more policeman we talk about both of them yesterday is potential winners of their first time major these are two guys that have been successful but it never won that major. At plus five you got Brookes cup cut cap cut and Webb Simpson. All right. Plus six Bill Haas is done for the day he shoots a 76. Male and listened to these names whether you're a golf fan or not. This is a who's who when it comes to the PGA tour in 2018. Plus seven. At plus eight done for the date. Is Jordan's speech. At plus 91 of my two picks when it came to mob that would mark Childress Jason Day he shoots a 79. Today. It didn't believe it or not Roy Mack a Roy shoots in eighty he is ten over par. These are guys that have already shot themselves out of the tournament. So it I don't know may get a one. It's unbelievable. Some of the stuff going on but. She is that is that is a date for Roy and tackle Roy the last time that he shot. In the eighties was the final round at the masters about five years ago when he was in the lead after three rounds and then. Just had a really bad final day. Is bad is ten over is for Roy McIlroy. How about this one I mean. Englishman Scott Gregory shot in 92 today 22. Over par. Any US open course your memories obviously got enough to qualify gives you got to go to the entire qualifying procedures. When it comes to the US open. He's played in other majors he shot 8275. At the masters last year. In 2017. He also played in last year's US open shot 7573. But his first round today. 92 let's take a look at this because this wouldn't this would. Who may mean bad on my scorecard at the local Muni. He pars number one. Again tiger three over on that first hole. And then he makes a bogey on number two and that's about as good as it gets. On number three he shoots a triple bogey seven on number four a double bogey six on number five a double bogey seven. A number six a bogey seven a bogey eight a bogey and nine a bogey for 47 on the front nine. Eight he improved by two shots coming in. He bogeys it Ted Poe he manages a par on the par 311 bingo is bogey bogey triple bogey par. Both she double bogey bogey for 92. The bad thing about says it's not the highest anybody's ever shot the US open the last time that somebody shot over nine he had the US open. Was Felix decides he also shot in 92 back in the S second round of the 2000 NC US open. At Beth played at Bethpage black so who. The ironic part. Is Scott Gregory C nine. That apparently belongs to JB Tucker who shot. A 157. At the myopia hunt club back in 1898. Course Rollins also shot in 91 in the first round of the first US open in 1895. In you know what. He went on to win the US open that year so maybe there's a chance for Scott Gregory. After rob sorry that won't be the case when it comes to this but. I was really I'll light the US open are eaten the masters is the tradition here in the south great but you. You can see a guy shoot 121416100. They get hot at the masters you know and I mean this is aid the US GA. Always sets the sings up reed debacle in how light you see these guys struggle now I don't want a repeat of the Olympic club. What five years ago when Webb sits on one out in San Francisco. In which he never led the tournament 880 point when he was on the course everybody cat back cannot. In that's how he handed out winning it like plus spied symptom along those lines it was ridiculous but. I want to see these guys struggle but great this shouldn't really good for the golf tournament when you look it. Rory McIlroy Jason Day Jordan speed Phil Mickelson Bubba Watson all probably shoot themselves out of the weekend on day number one. Yeah this doesn't really shaken up the leaderboard barely anybody's. Under par and just just barely under par minus one minus two for some low leaders in the got. Some bear some bare at par. And then. And it's the most it's its delicate it's looking pretty difficult from here. Pat and I look forward to getting home watching some of it because oh like SL light you see these guys get pressed. But I'm not necessarily wanting this because those are the names that means. You probably gonna get some weird you know first time winner of a major and that's not what I wanna see on Father's Day this year that's. Yeah that it. Bother stays this weekend all of you make sure that you reach out to your dad tell you allow a moment you don't have that opportunity just keep them in your thought she nerve accused dads are huge. I know I'm gonna get a chance to sit there and in the recliner on Sunday and watch. Some of the US open. Now wanna see some of those names and that's not what it's going to be so. I would say at this point. There's not achieve it served a small chance. They anybody's gonna be under park on Sunday. It is your your first day is when you go to. You've got to love you know what I mean the course is still low bit wet from some rain and stuff it will dry out as the weekend goes a long. When you have eight people at this point bidder either under par or even par and only two of them had finished their rounds. I don't think this bodes well for even by you didn't even par right now in I'd take my chances come Sunday afternoon. And some low scores jury mouth it's. No it's going to be hard to finish under under par with the innocence because somebody just might win over. So again. A yeah. Just in Roy eat some I that we felt was crying and in looking good and no ten you bet ten over eighty today. And of course eleven back of the leader in the clubhouse right now also again the villains gonna be this course because it is playing top and yeah I'm not sure 92 top but it. That's ho ho ho man I guess that is see this one coming out is really really excited and yes going to be interesting guy I heard some rights take the pic of Justin Rose the other day and boy he he kept it together for plus one and I tell you what and they tiger start to build a little bit of confidence he just made another par putt. In he is finished his front nine at three over. And that's coming out of the gate with a triple bogey. Our number one so also some mother excuse me who let me make sure we just have an update here. I believe tigers just dropped applause for our rights of others. Probably the best player without a major at this point he's in the clubhouse with they plus three today. Let's see Jim fury is plus three the former US open champion and now is look in four. Former Clemson now player. It's Kyle Stanley he was it like plus three plus four earlier but again he's on the course. This afternoon and will keep you updated I mean is this what you wanna see your golf fans. I love hard courses but when the average today's can be about a 7475. Maybe in a little bit tougher on day number one. Me imagine what. Saturdays gonna be like when it's called moving day you know what I mean so this may be more of a survival test. Than anything else I mean you see guys Sergio Garcia is on the course after eleven holes already a plus sport John rom who we talked about earlier this week he's on the course at plus four so. They are likely not deceive that go gay home because of course the when he gets comes to senate cock kills. It becomes a lot more difficult the further you get into the course who again will keep you updated and give us call tell us if you like this speak his Jordan's speech that plus say you know while Phil Mickelson at plus seven. Lucas Glover he's at plus eight after nineteen holes you know that's a former US open champion and of course Clemson golfer so. It's going to be interest staying no doubt about it all right couple dings make sure you go give us a follow it ESPN upstate on Twitter. And of course that FaceBook page ESP in upstate dot com now here's something neat. If you want to stream us radio dot com is the app you download the app radio dot com you tiger and ESPN upstate and guess what you can take us anywhere you want to go in this world but what we come back. How about some World Cup how about some Major League Baseball standings the Atlanta Braves continue in first place. Like I said he can get him with me on to add on Twitter at Sturgis sports might gay men it's get sand. Says one of the reasons city course is playing as tough as it is today is because of the wind gust as much as thirty miles an hour today. In its post do I died down a little bit this weekend we'll guess what the other thing. Don't try that course out as well of course we know that will make it difficult call to see give me an idea and thank you for this from ESP Eng caddie. Says how different is the course playing today he was well this caddie was with Pat Perez on Tuesday and on the ninth hole. He hit a good drive had 218 yards to the pin. In hit a three wood to the front edge of the green today Justin Thomas hit an iron off the tee and only had a 155 yards so. I that's one of the fun things without being out there on Long Island Sound this win can do anything from day today and that's what I'll light keynote. That means of course won't play the same every day. Yea can see the flags kick up and even on the grass is just not stop moving so it's part and on our windows that's great. Yeah ye ye meet she doesn't I'm sorry I love that when. Either Friday or Saturday at the open championship. Yeah they can't color the British Open yet to code open championship. But do you remember that year on Saturday where it was about forty degrees and whose reign in and the wind's blowing about thirty miles an hour and guys were high hiding behind that advertisement Baier here's a while they're waiting on the tee box and I think a good score that day was about eighty. Love that from time to time I don't policy for days of that. But I definitely love see in these guys tag may and they got the greatest job on the pace in this or. They're professional golf for sign me up I'll do it any day of the week so we'll take your I've. Your thoughts about the US open if you wanna get him with this. 844. GS PE SPN. And quickly one thing that caught my attention today. And Donovan passed away yesterday 56 years old Lotta people tigers do at this end Donovan. She was a literally wanted the flag payers the standard Beers for women's basketball back in the day. She won a couple Olympic gold medals is a player she won another one is a coach and she died of heart failure. At 56 years old yesterday I'm fifty this kind of stuff starts to scare me a little bit. But she was just at the women's basketball hall of fame in Knoxville a week ago and yeah his birthday it would be today since you have the Tennessee T shirt on as Stadler 1794. With that power TD know whose birthday you would be today and Pat Summitt is Pat Summitt and I'm telling you. One of my favorites of all tying me shall never be replaced. She used to come up I used to book a lot of bands back in the day when our school into Charlie peppers on the strip. I mean they can stay here anymore it's something a year although it's always cool locally and restaurants on the strip in Knoxville been replaced by BW three year and yet things of that nature. When I had a band that I dealt with data by Atlanta by the name of thirteen stories it was two guys into girls and they had a some people may actually remember this year they have board picked that one of their songs as the commercials the beep beep Saul. Every time thirteen stories would play in Knoxville Pat Summitt her prince will come out. And she could not have been any nicer I mean for the stay here that she put on that can make men now. She was just as big of a sweetheart all that there's all that I tell you what they're a lot of similarities between Pat Summitt Nick Saban. Misunderstood. You know what I mean or might thought that was cyst. Really mean now one of the biggest sweet arts I've ever met. You get Nick Saban at the football office and away from the stadium totally different guy I think there are a lot of similarities in that's why their teams were so successful. You have a business attitude and you have a personalized it. Oh go ahead and did did did IC earlier today when I was at the doctor's stoppage your volunteers got some kind of offensive lineman the state of Alabama going and spout off. The graduate to graduate transfer OK so what and and then he notes in OK yeah yeah. That's a free agent for one year you know and I mean that's not for years I thought it was light was the best high school lineman out of state alum and now I'd say I just picked up but I got to graduate transfer from over there. So what do you think I mean it's. Pat said Butch Jones is Jeremy Pruitt got to have the mind this money and skate person transfers. Here in the next couple years is I really do you think. The NCAA did a good thing yesterday. When they said all right you coaching staff scapegoat you can't transfer here there inside the koppers two our rival. What she would miniature transferring from your school you go into a national database. In any prospective coach can get in touch with the my issue with that is I still want to see restrictions. It you're going. Inside the SEC you know you sit out a year to go from a power pride conference to the only way you don't sit at a years going from at BS to FC yes. I still think there has to be repercussions for your decisions in your actions otherwise. What you're gonna see is free agency. In the last thing I wanna see is some guy playing four different schools over five year period. So I had I'd like the fact that they're doing that I'd really like the red shirt roll me and how big sack going to be in this Southeastern Conference. The weekend before rivalry weekend but when it is. The Southeastern Conference. Southern Copper shouldn't we can. I mean you're going to be able to get some kids some playing time because they complain any board games. And still keep their eligibility. Am trying to see if I don't believe this branding candy is the transfer and try to see if he is eligible to play immediately and it looks like he's gonna have two seasons to be able to yes. Graduated. And you have no issues with that Nancy I don't have a problem with that if you put still believe it or not. When you go to college to play football most of them are majoring in football with hopes of making it on to the next level at the NFL. Believe it or not the mission of North Greenville University where you're at or the University of Tennessee where European hub for my school in Alabama. Believe it or not the actual mission of these universities even with the football players is to educate those guys. Yes they are a school. And you'd if you handle your business in the classroom. In you graduate in you've got eligibility left. More power to he should be rewarded for that hard work again my issue is going to be. They'll want EEE yo I haven't seen for right now I think it status quo when it comes your sit out a year. From a power buy into a power buy school. Again my issue is going to be when they. Road and eventually you know in today's day and age that they're probably get in Netanyahu put a moratorium on that as well. And against some guy that's unhappy with playing trying men and you kind of a malcontent. Could literally be a free agent employee of Ford that's not good for the game of college football and that's one where I'm always about the players' rights. It's within reason it's like when it comes to business she knows that saying the customer's always right. BS. BS. Not comment when it comes to that is the customer is always right until. In there is always in until that doesn't mean you start screaming yellen back then that means at some point and they take it too far you better stick up for yourself. So that's what I wanna see I'm all about the players but I listen. I'm trying to teach my seventeen year old great that they're repercussions for your actions there are consequences for your decisions. If you don't make the right choice and school great transfer but you're gonna sit out. Yep. Something's something's gonna happen you can't just go bounce around and nothing's gonna happen that's what they're making hundred Johnson busy transfer from close enough to appeals northwest yeah he's gonna have to sit out a year. And that's a wage should be need to. The other data Sweeney we'll talk about it will will meander bordered by twenty in the comps and inside he the yet he's happy for hundred Johnson. In getting to go put you under northwestern number one what a great academic school number 200 Johnson already has a relationship with northwestern. It's his older brother played football they are so he knows exactly what he's getting into it. I had to do is have a conversation with your older brother here's what our expectations are number one you're gonna get a class. As it is the best school in the big tent you're not going to united you're not making it through there if you don't go to class. Number two would have been EO Wu who would have great coaching job that they've done there. As well so again that heard Greg McIlroy talking about it last night. In a podcast and yet he agree cite the war egos I I was a college football player I am always going to be in the eland favor backing the players' rights but he goes. You can have free agency in the NFL you can't have free agency in college football. So why in here's the deal you know as well as ID. Yes you're gonna transfer you're gonna go into that national database but at what point do you potentially schools start recruiting. In talking to players whether still on the roster. Of another school's Celeste just eliminate that right then and there and but I am happy to say. For the NCAA that I always questioned what they're. You know what their sensibility is on some things that I thought they did a good job yesterday it's a step in the right direction it's our rights so. They are still battling this golf course epic center cocktails and we will come back we will give you an update will also listen. Atlanta Braves are up a game in the National League east I mean we're now what 67. Games into the season we're reaching the halfway point. Are the Braves a legitimate contender in what might they do to bolster their roster. So so remember we're given way at 630 tonight for Major League base was the Tampa today in Tampa Bay Devil Rays. At their c.'s meet the Tampa Bay Rays you can't Cullen Devil Rays anymore because it's politically incorrect I it is Tampa at the New York Yankees split. Look at Atlanta Braves. Continuing. To be one game up in the National League east say have a one game lead on the Washington Nationals four on the Philadelphia Phillies. Nine I have on the New York Mets in the Miami Marlins are now thirteen and halfback. I'm astonished at this point great year big bright screen and I am too I'm counting now that you know the NBA's over and everything else I can concentrate a little bit more only Atlanta Braves. Are you not agree I'm I had the feeling they're a year had a time right now I don't think any of us thought back in March. The you're closing in on the all star break or the halfway point of the year that the price will be one game up on the nationals right now. And they're throwing a good bit employers and that all star game so they obviously have some talent ability of that and this is a very young team and they play together and I agree that they they're definitely way ahead of schedule. So Harry Freddie Freeman right now the largest sub vote getter when it comes to the National League in the all star what Al visas in mayor and what mark take this as well so they would actually have three starters with the Braves right now. It's all star voting ended but. So the point being I think port. All. Very cautious. Cautiously optimistic if you will but at what point did the Braves management go okay. Let's start making some news for this year because we have heard that they were kind of wait for the offseason. Now a lot of people start to speculate that Bryce Harper probably gonna end up in the Bronx with a New York Yankees I don't know if you see some of that chatter. But I hear the bright he just our war are gonna make a run after Bryce Harper's well let me ask you. How would that make you feel would is that deep he's one of those guys and Bryce Harper. You'll love moment you're on your team you hate him otherwise. Yeah and until he's not it's a very popular figure in Atlanta by any stretch of the imagination and I say how I would have to give it give it some serious fine take some time to to do adjust to champion on the roster. Yep I would too bitchy here you have they're won the teens and the money here in the off season. To make that kind Iran and they are going to go after a couple of free agents here but again I'm gonna be fascinated to watch come. July and August to see if they have any moves because. One thing you remember they lost what ten prospects via Major League Baseball took away so you got some prospects but. You gonna have to be Smart on how you go about this now. Enjoyed this we're not you you're not granted this forever. It's brace fans I think we all gospel back in the day. What ten consecutive years in the playoffs in this in that we don't. Here's what I mean you cannot. Expect this stuff to go on forever. March Hendrix our program director for your day on an office in your office in your listening turn the channel. To de Leo our dear something right now McCain is he is an unabashed Kansas City Royals baseball fans. Think about what has happened to the royals. You know a few years ago they were the best play best team in Major League Baseball you know well won the World Series everything else. Go look at him right now they are dead last in the American League central with a record of 22 and 46. Fourteen games behind the Khalifa Cleveland Indians already. So who would've thought that also shows you what the markets like Kansas City and all have to deal way. You gotta be really good with how you structure because what she had success when he gets a free agent market you're screwed because you don't have the money. To compete with other teams but. So that's why I say it's going to be fascinating to watch you because we're not guaranteed. This happens again next year for the Braves that's why I think once you get on the the other side of the all star break if you're still there one game upper year eBay you gotta make a move you've got to make committed status quo will not be acceptable no because other teams are gonna come knocking on their gonna start taken off. Pick a pick and offered us. You know had a lot of fun two years ago the army navy game in Baltimore and but what the hell is wrong with the Baltimore orioles' number one they were there fans were crying all over. Ideas like that what they're crying Jordan mean if you will from back in the day there were crying all over the Internet the last couple days about. I'm sick is seen in so many Boston Red Sox fans in Camden yards per home game. My question that is then challenge your organization to put something decent on the field. Because right now the Baltimore Orioles had nineteen wins vs 48 losses. Let's stop and think about where they are in the in an American League east standings and we're not at the all star break yet. The Baltimore Orioles are 27. Games behind the Yankees and the Red Sox right now. And a seven game losing streak to an eight in their last ten till NA in their last stand. So again don't cry about Boston fans GO coming down I 95 or catching a flight down. Let me get numb my franchise about really you can't do a better job in this as far as but because they just eighteen years of remitted. From being in a playoff team as well nineteen. And 48 you know. I go look at this. At least in the American League west you've got a good race going on you've got these Seattle Mariners a half game up on the depending World Series team in Houston Astros. But then angels are seven halfback in the athletics and Rangers are both in double digits. That's what surprises me so far about this Major League Baseball season. Is seen how many teens are ready double digit. Gains back. When it comes to their division standings and we haven't reached the all star break. Now the National League west Allen's they intriguing everybody right there underneath the blanket Padres are blast but they're only five and a half back. I know but today they're so they won seven of their last ten games two and a road they're bringing up the basement the National League west but as you mentioned. Just five and a half back. Now. That the race so I'm looking forward to is probably the National League central. Milwaukee and Chicago. And he what those two cities are ninety miles apart from each other. It that continues. Into the second half of the season trust me. They'll be a little Malin off going on between Chicago and Milwaukee so that's division nobody can ever built a lead us right and so it's it Yamaichi said earlier the cubs kind of hanging on right now. Haven't lost two in a row but have won six of their previous ten they are one and a half games behind. The Milwaukee Brewers. So anyway. Again baseball taking center stage here at this point because basketball. Yeah I guess the NBA will not in this offseason is it the right now it's where LeBron going and why. Eight inside Whitney and click on the article earlier today. It's said one I guess one NBA team is willing copper his thirteen year old son a job. It's he'll sign with that if LeBron more soccer with that organization. Color and call me about June 30 I think he has stood nails that he will not return to Cleveland on him by June 29. Conley on the thirtieth when this opens up because right now we seeing Gary Payton flooded information. We've seen that carrier being flooded information. We see people talk about well it's his wife say and it's a lifestyle and that means quickly mark or LA. Quite honestly nobody knows and that includes Lamar balls guarantee. But trust me he's coming to play with lawns because Alonso is gonna make him a better player. Yeah right. Please LeBron stay far away from the ball family because you wanna talk about. Swimming in the swimming in a stream with a hundred pound net waited around your neck are under their weight around your neck debts that pity me up our right. We're adults and college football remember will be an abort from the Clemson insider. He's coming up at 520 in of course were out at 630 for Major League Baseball we also quirky college football schedules on the way.