Straight Up With Sturg 12-15-2017 Hour 2

Straight Up With Sturg
Friday, December 15th

The guys talk about bucket list college football stadiums we want to go to that we haven't been before and more.


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So new in Cleveland Browns GM John Dorsey. The meets with the media earlier this morning and I don't know Patrick I get the fact me in life few even if you don't believe it present the idea that churn in control that you are in charge but. Tell me if you can buy this. Is we're gonna dissect this. Well I believe we we have. I believe we have. What it takes to be competitive in the AFC north in my total objective going into the 2018. Season is to win the AFC north. Anything else to meet is on an acceptable. But let me bring you don't talk about back to back up firmament. Let's see let's do the math now with Alabama their sixteen games last year which you win one of fifteen. Your thirteen games into this season you haven't won a single once and for the last two years you won in 28. If you went out they found a guy is today and said anything. Outside first of all young lied through your teeth when you said we have what it takes to be competitive in the AFC north no you don't. No we don't you won in twenty year low in thirteen this year. Too I'm not buying that went even is that if this was directed at the Cleveland Browns season ticket holders. Right now I'm not buying my new GM. I'd go out there and say we're a good from I only did this in 2018. You're gonna see eight. Better product then you've seen the last two years but. I'm not hamstring in my cell Patrick by saying that anything other than AFC north title next year's unacceptable. First of all appear in the AFC south this could be a little bit more believable you are in the AFC north. That is the Steelers and ravens ship and occasionally the Bengals. You haven't even beaten to being goals the past few years and they've been the lowest then they know the third lowest key moment potable. It hearsay and you're gonna go out there. And legitimately beat the Steelers the ravens and the big goals right now you are lying to yourself. And that's the thing. Did you do if you believe this din that's probably why I've maybe don't want she was my GM in the first place snagged yet. You wanna sell ownership that we're gonna get Vista O guess who who once the Cleveland Browns Jim has them. Foolish of Greg she ought to do on the Tennessee Volunteers wrote a couple of weeks ago. So I'm not by our you're talking about a Brownstein it's a wouldn't thirteen. Their wedding games back this year. Alone and all right. You're talking about they have one win the last two seasons you're talking about a franchise has four wins in the past three seasons alone. You're talking about a franchise. That hasn't finished above 500. Since 2007. They have that more than one. Ten games or more since 1994. You're also talking about a franchise if you will at least in detail is the city of Cleveland as it won their division since 1989. No that wasn't the Cleveland Browns franchise that won that division in 1989. That's the Baltimore Ravens franchise did a bit new data Cleveland. In Europe they are telling your faith in base pay any thing outside a winning your division next year's unacceptable. Listen I did trying to float that image you know but I don't that was dumb. That was in it's out there for history you know what I mean. Bag that this will be old takes exposed on Twitter will have some fun with this next year he had one of my favorite follows on Twitter. They'll have some fun with this you all you had to do was get up there today in simply say. I would have this franchise better by next season in South Korea based wouldn't eaten that up that's all they won't get. I guarantee you they are not go at a Cleveland Browns season ticket holder outside of being a fanatic. Is not going to bed tonight thinking they have a chance to make the playoffs next year however. Give me 56 wins and I look at it go yep we're better off than we've been in the last four years in huge debut disc. Around say we are going to work on being better and home if your focus on the season ticket holders because they haven't been good at home in forever. And if you wanna say look where it try to work on our game we're going to be better. I'm not promising news the Super Bowl or anything like that but what I am promising new is brighter futures for better tomorrow. Every won't would've been like sign me up right now. I'm OK with this but instead you had to put your foot in your mouth you and see the AFC north is yours next year. Is it Detroit lines being you gotta love this because they've just added that in bolster both shoulders when it comes to the 2018 season there may give my case easy for us not be the worst franchise ever right. Think about this on the current Cleveland Browns franchise. Only four players were alive were born. The last time they won their division. I mean so all the sudden your going from worst to first in one year sorry but it's not gonna happen but you do have some things. Did you could work with us. To get better you're gonna get the number one overall draft pick again. You did did you did finally after accumulating multiple ones in this she'd start to see some talent develop they also have a 117 million dollars in cap space. Now that's the thing in the NFL. Money talks you know you get the right guy did they'll go play for Cleveland. Yeah clay is not that out of the city it's not what it was back in when they may Major League back in the day there's the rock and roll hall of fame lot of stuff going on there however. It's still the Cleveland Browns and now you have a general manager Dave saying anything less than first place is unacceptable meant she. I'm curious on whether or not the Brown's work with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Does is going on a limb but just to hear me up for this. It did Cleveland Cavaliers can keep LeBron James in Cleveland next year. Is that a selling point you can sell free agents. When he made get LeBron is saying hey. You know your guess player may become over here help us out maybe get us a few more exposure over here and let's rebuild Cleveland. I would think to do that and you got to gear NT player AB CD his 117. Me any cap space stage you can go on a nice spending spree could gain still have some money left over there there's a lot of good quarterbacks none a free agent market. You don't when they are saying they're gonna take drew media people back Q I grew by Steve I agree you can get a veteran quarterback that has experienced and can work with a fractured or. Maybe not a perfect all been so blind and then you can go into the draft and I say get Chubb and get Barkley. Barkley will fall to the six pick the running back out of Penn State you get him at six you get so but number one. And Ellie you were defense is stacked and he got to running back there future you're talking amber. Four players you know exactly debt but how much stated rub. The former GM and Jim has blue cells to other to watch in the second half last night brought costs Weiler who was with Cleveland here. In the pre season. Have more success in the sec asked the last night in any browns quarterback has had this year that's why I think it's a sick. Dysfunctional franchise. It's led by owner that does it have a clue now I'm not gonna give Jim has in my. A hard tight heat he'll spend the money yeah but you know what there's a lot of people that play the market and gamble that have money being can afford to lose you know and I mean. I don't the return on investment on his decision making absolutely. Awful. A really mean you are doing a better job. Just speculating what they could do and building a better team than we look at the free agent market Philip Rivers is going on the free agent market Eli Manning. And there's a countless other and add. Potentially you could trade for maybe even Alex Smith at Kansas City they're not looking for new quarterback but they might be looking for some new pieces on defense maybe some depth. He could possibly trade with Kansas City for that they are in list amounts of options to deal. In the offseason to give you a better quarterback. Don't risk your future on a kid from UCLA or USC turning around Cleveland. Could the browser and Wyndham before I will be Tim Couch from Kentucky number one overall draft pick it didn't work out. I mean they've had what 31 starting quarterbacks for that franchise in the last ten seasons alone the F. And it did for me the Cleveland Browns are these who are the blood deny even. A opinion on this one but they are the worst franchise in Cleveland the Indians make in the post season making names. Cavaliers begin finals NBA finals the browns just need to match up to that and Cleveland could be the hotbed of sports. Lake city's watch it not for you because they don't have hockey. I can overlook that okay do they got what. Their version of Tripoli they might have easily and I have search of that and it had age celery seed tell. But Columbus has hockey OK with that that there's as cocky team and a lot right. I got one caught hockey question before we get out this up. What is happen to like this expansion franchise still Las Vegas nights had become one of the most quickly hated teams in the NHL history I yeah album apparently. The Nashville Predators mediate media and the Las Vegas nights media were almost ready to fight each other via press say the mediators the other night because. Apparently does both of their fate and they earned their media likes to cheer you. This is why we have eight lacquered in the in the press spot no cheering allowed in the press box. But apparently. The knights of bribes from people the wrong way and no like crap your name halfway to your first year right now also. I'm a fan of the golden knight's first of all the way they were playing hockey this year have been has been fantastic I have a massive favorite to go to the playoffs this year. Which hasn't been done an NHL history an expansion team. Making the playoffs in their first year. I'm very happy to see if they could do that they're very stacked team and the people there say in other revenue in the wrong way is their first year in hockey they are not. In they were set up this succeed or Hillary. Verses set up the most staging teams are set up the suck yes I nobody that was necessarily caiso grasping the NHL helped the now a little bit. Because they said that in the expansion draft. Each team can hold off five players and say these are off limits but the rest of our players you could have one from each. So it's kind of like every one from you know every team helping the golden knights in someway and the gold knights made a team Adam. Primarily defensemen to trade in the future. And so far it has worked and now with your second best team in the western covers only behind Nashville. Which is shocking to me like I said I know some in the media over Nashville and they ended apparently they are about parade have a ball up there in the some media suite area with the golden knights got a beautiful stadium there. Beautiful sat hey you know we're talking. Blue. Kind of pulled for the Canadians back in the day because you know there was some guys from Montreal the yen in our house in a box. The excitement level that I saw Oliver Bridgestone arena in Nashville last year in the Stanley Cup run was absolutely next level I think hockey is on the up in America and I think it deserves to be on the up. All right Michael Foster I guess with this on Twitter and I says this one's for you Patrick says working with the hash tag one pride. One pride dating one pride that is our motto and we have stuck by its Detroit vs everybody. K we are we are hardcore Detroit Lions fans we are loyal. And we call people out when they need to be caught out well he's colony out because he's a brother in arms when it comes to the Detroit Lions and listen now wrote quickly. Can tell you that. Start getting your thoughts together for where you wanna be on March 1 is the second installment of the legend Sid speaker series in the South Carolina football hall of fame will take place. It is the Perry Brothers William period Michael dean Perry think about how much fun that would be to here are some other stories from those two. Great Clemson players as well as the NFL players as I just like to hear some stories about Mike Ditka in that Super Bowl shuffle year you know and I mean. How many cigars a day did he smoke I would be tied to Buddy Ryan actually tell me go left himself you know going to be because. That's apparently what their relationship that you generated T was. You get away from my defense and handle the rest is the TM and I'll make sure we're prepared to play on game day at thirty for thirty that they did about that team was just amazing. And I Albert got to wonder if you didn't hear curse words. Were you more worried they need you didn't active there'd be some interesting question so again march 1 and you can Ari you go to SC football HOF dot org the tickets are already available on line and out. Listen we had. A new between people working in the room in the people and attend it's probably I'm guest remaining 250 people. Tuesday night the embassy suites I promise you Adobe more come march for settles a lot of fun and really enjoyed being able to MC all right here's some villas golf to break when we come back guy at listen aid that's one thing. What they are no chances for the Cleveland Browns to make the playoffs this year but what about your favorite team will go to this list also. 605 were saying just tell you you can make some money from John price was sports information traders and it 62. Welcome Matt can you on this Friday afternoon march surge dispatcher braille where in the ESP in upstate studios and Patrick which one of these three teams do not belong. The way leading the New England Patriots in Minnesota Vikings in the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jacksonville Jaguars yep. All three of those teens now as of this morning have a 94%. Or higher chance of making the play offs. Now you you got that Jacksonville not any point 2% chance this morning make in the playoffs. That's a franchise that Cleveland Browns need to watch. Because the thing is they went from B worst in the AFC south. To potentially the best in the AFC. And it wasn't a quick process it took time they got the pieces that they needed at the right time. That defense for Jacksonville is one of the best defense is in the NFL and it's scary to see that. It is also kind of intimidating did you do you think it about like how. Visit the jaguars. Should be an easy would it not anymore so new that the plate topple ball game just to win that game. I'm right there with you so why there's fourteen it's. There's one other team we mentioned New England has a hundred reverse teased me there's five teams New England in Philadelphia have a 100% chance of making the play also like is there already and right behind them in the Minnesota Vikings in 99.9. Percent T its of making the playoffs. All right Jacksonville Jaguars at 98 point 2%. Can you name the other team. It has a higher than 90% chance of making the playoffs right now. Is that I'm not Steelers know. Not according to Newton. This list that you and they should be your right there really should break in the New Orleans Saints in SA Gallo back off a second. They hold the tiebreaker on the Panthers right now but right behind them one game behind there's the Atlanta Falcons. If the saints don't win ball games of winning now in Carolina new course in great part Carolina and Atlanta have to play each other in the final weekend of the season. But I can make the case for but yeah I think they're likely and is well the other team that surprises me the Los Angeles rams 98 point one. I sees me 89 point one Carolina Panthers 78 point 9% chance of making the playoffs. The Tennessee Titans a 76 point 3% chiefs the chargers think about that they started off a win for this year. They now have 82 out of three tier it's 66 point 7%. T it's a making the upcoming NFL playoffs. Another three in the sixties are the ravens at 65 point three the Seahawks at 64 point seven in the chiefs at 61 point two now think about that. That she start off what 5015. And no bite out all right. In the chargers started off a win for. It's not how you drive it's how you arrived because why. Now the chargers have a better percentage chance of making the playoffs added that very same division. In which Kansas City started the Euro five and. And we I made the case early in the year that the chargers were the best. Winless team in NFL history at that point. Because they have lost games but it was only because of their special teams that they lost those games. They could easily been three and wants to start the season and they wouldn't three and one to start the season and see where they are now. We could be talking about of them potentially being in a number one seed then but it is an NFL. Things don't fall your way all the time. It's a special teams they kinda got to fix not a 100% there but Philip Rivers is playing out of his mind recently. And I think they are these sleeper team to watch out Nancy. Because they've won Ford road and we have seen quarterbacks get hot lead into a lot of them on the road to yet. So by the chargers in the in the Kansas City Chiefs and tied atop. Tied atop the AFC west. In the south like we said with a one game lead Jacksonville over Tennessee. The jaguars an item for Tennessee eight and five he seems now fallen off before nine. As we mentioned a 100% chance for Pittsburgh to make the playoffs while their eleven into and they have a four and a half game lead. On the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC east England the New England ten in three. 100% T it's really to make the playoffs because they have. 83 game lead on buffalo with three games left sue let's take a look at the black and blue division in the AFC north. Early NFC north skis yeah I mean to insult you like that Minnesota ten in three. I'm very happy they said you know black and blue a nine green and yellow and thank you for that Murray mountain you and this is trying to. Thank you guys were tough it's a Soledad just saw your tweet about it's time for me to rip the the I plays and you were -- dates it's Friday I don't wanna meet you so mad did you walk out of here hate me all weekend long because I think he's never met you come and I can never hate here that would be like the other morning and that MRI when that one sweat beads started right here and you can't do anything about twenty minutes later stale and on your neck and they're pulling your attitude your like. Ever so now I mean listen. Yup got one problem. You got Matthew Stafford is your quarterback you need to sign him to the richest contract in the NFL. In what's he done for you. I know who. You know JG you you brought it on yourself you put that went out there. I had a one way or did you get the return on investment right now with Matthew Stafford being the highest paid quarterback in NFL or that was ads of kick off for the season. His somebody else renegotiated cards or cassettes a short lived number one you. Highest paid player in the NFL. Allow me territory please. He has given us this season. I think about it you said that's our one problem had you not watch our running game. I had my wife Stevie detour Orleans well well hello all year alone need to fill you win. We haven't had a single rusher go over a hundred yards since Reggie Bush did it in third 2013. And Thanksgiving Day. We haven't had a single person go a hundred yards rushing through Matthew Stafford some seasons. Is the second best rusher on our team Matthew Stafford wins games with out any rush attack from everyone knows that he's throwing the football and he still can throw the football better than how. Half the people can't I here's the thing people say oh we should be paid a much I was on the outlook was that I was on the boat. And now I'm off that boat is 'cause it because he's earned it. And have big gains the incompletion to he has are dropped balls by the wide receivers he is one of the most accurate quarterbacks in today's NFL. I will say eat the quarterback did Matthew Stafford reminds me of the elite quarterback that CO now retired. Is I think there's a little bit of the Green Bay Packers eight Brett Favre in him. He's got that gunslinger mentality you know he feels like he can make every throw. In sometimes that bat bites him so. It. This was just simply to pick on you nothing more nothing less because you brought that the Twitter but there's a lot of it there's a lot of truth in what he said but. He still has that like I said Brett Favre gunslinger. Mentality that sometimes by some in the but why because he has to make plays first franchise. Here's the thing it's toned down would Jim Bob cooter has authors of quarter by Larry is still greatest football name in sports and I am very happy Tennessee did not take them from us. I would have been incredibly sway too sad about that. But for me. He has calmed down he's done more screen gold Kate's been a great addition to the alliance. Actually throwing more screen passes Golden Tate leads the NFL in yards after the catch but no one wants to talk about that haunts more. Analysts at by Antonio Brown be in the best farmers. Well it's all paid off for you because a right mail the Detroit Lions have an eight point 7% are ever so we make the playoffs. But that's better than the Green Bay Packers seven point 5% chance but that would be the team of those two Signet seven and six. I expect to make a run. If if air I'm not convince I want to cease Sunday against a really tough defense of the Carolina Panthers. If they're Rodgers is ready if he's ready to come back milk is that's the one thing he you can count on. He's gonna get hit at some point Sunday with that. We know. Re screwed up again collarbone Tolliver and now I must say this even though I don't like the Packers and that I have a motto that I can't repeat on air here every snake my NFL picks. When my family don't make me collier mom and what you get skull I'm Monica Packers fans my mom's a Packers fan and I telling you where every we Marcus mayor yet his mom made him apologize to the media the other day snow make me no no my mom actually says it with me sometimes just as the mod me. But the thing is is. Don't take the first two drives Aaron Rodgers does. As right into a stone Aaron Rodgers will be Aaron Rodgers but you have to give him time he if he doesn't perform in the third and fourth quarter they brought him back to quake. If he does it perform in the first half of performs in the second half. Aaron Rodgers is fine I let's go the friends before we get out there break Jim's up gem what command OPM a good afternoon. Well I'm glad figures we're got you by Israel has got mostly in spring break packer. Without these countries. Net and then you have true yeah. My post and joy they try it and that is true is it that way or yeah wow he's doing. What's he put Detroit down here she's given you any kind of way. We're Detroit. We've by the Packers great football professional football treatment that would be a brother. Hey im Patrick just threw his ear buds out. Backed up and it is chairing guess what Jim is value in me for the next two minutes to reduce. Topic that problem what put us. Do you could see it occupies I don't know vote. And had a nice to have to really challenges beyond Twitter you know. That's kind of like taken gas and put it on a leaked Pollack say let's shoot bottle rockets into it see what the results can end up you know and everything. Yes sir I'd do. Yes sir do OK got his old colleagues present. He's artist draws. Thanks Jim Avago week you'll totti to Actuate yards across your kickback figured chaired an employer earbuds out. Don't look tell me you're not truly a college football fan at heart is that's the way we react when somebody does it say something nice in predicts our teams to win that means you hate about football team there's nothing more nothing less I'm a sports fan. I was forced him from around the world hey I root for one team in each of those sports you know sporting. Markets you know. And the thing is is when you talk bad about my team. Unless its warranty kinda have a problem when it website debt David Pollack could not be any more fear all right for me as being game day. Is Georgia Bulldogs fan base ripped him for being honest he caught he is not Kirk herb street. I'm sorry Kirk herb street is an Ohio State homer he proves over and over again but David Pollack calls it like it see you must've picked Oklahoma to win. In the Rose Bowl. Is that Georgia fans are now on Twitter Colin him now. You hate us your do your bad Georgia bold. People hear what they want to hear when it comes to their favorite team speaking of your favorite team how about this one. When we come back you can get it with the city for four GS PE SPN college football only. Where's the one spot where's the one school where is the one stadium. The U haven't visited the heat is on your bucket list. Your mom's gonna surprise you when we come back is straight up was Starr urged. It's 844 GS PE SPN give us a call letters now. The hook up O Mahan US scroll dale Florida if you give five in the Fraser wants that your producer for that an arm. What's your relationship will crusty crab. You don't know whether this idea that and that's that sponge Bob Murphy estimated crusty crabs when they work. So there's an up those sponge Bob where Patrick gets the job that the currency crap. People keep calling and go below is the secrecy grab you maybe he would can't respond is new this is Patrick. So ever since I found this FaceBook thing where they're like they're like. My name is so and so not sell zone is like Sarah with SA RA. And not Sarah woods is SAR a HI ties at my name's not Patrick the money's Patrick not Rick because Patrick said that sponge Bob. And than ever since then my friends had taken Nash and gone to a whole different love I see I mean I was about to tell you happy birthday because you all these people hate the other phases the 'cause scars to grab a seat. Your response knows this dispatcher slams father and I'm not crusty current I'm not a Chris good. Oh well I think we got a sponge Bob on an ESPN up Sandra day I feel like my job and your job is done for the they don't love some. Sponge Bob square pants that's tried my favorite of the cart teams out there right now why kisses so mindless in and they get it actually makes me laugh so. And of course the fact that's Dahlberg from coach Plame Patrick starfish is. Absolutely next level as well all right so Patrick I mean bucket list item I have been so I've been fortunate you know. Sinden right but do this job been able to go to Super Bowl check one of those out be able to go to a Little League World Series a national championship game done a lot of things. Everybody. Has that bucket list of sport thinks left to do in life and I way I will lecture our listeners again if you have a top ten and army navy's not on it then shame on me. 01 off put that one on its work that. But everybody has also a list of if my school plays this team on the air regardless set I get tickets or how much I've got to play on stub hub because it's been somewhere they've always want to go check out. So. When you think about creating this don't don't switch jobs do not go in Goosen who removed field because you either agree you know and arrival in the NFL what's one college football. Team up for sale all love it there as you may have heard enough. Did that would be the number one team on your list in why is that the case. This was a tough one for me. But I'd shows that a team that. Not allowed people watch home games but every time I watched their home games that crowd is so loud and so entertained with the game. That can't help but watch it. And that's Wisconsin you can jump around at the end of the third quarter ended definitely be on my top ten must end up primetime game at that place is electric. Burn Gainey thanks so I say Wisconsin's on my bucket list just to go just to watch a game. It could be Wisconsin vs Stanford pro like here and I'm going. Let's see. My first year in this business I or second year Clemson played Colorado. In the champs sports bowl down in Orlando I believe the game was on the night of the 27. Five nose like 545. In the afternoon on the 27. I remember my wife and I giving up on Christmas night for my parents' house. India in the car in drive into Atlanta and flying out of Atlanta the first thing the next morning so I can go get everything set up for the radio today on the air. That was a bucket list item when it comes to mascots that. The heat you know that was kind of one of those moments if you will but. Yeah monster Notre Dame. I can't stay in Notre Dame I've never told for Notre Dame outside basketball because I do like Mike Brey I think he's won the coals coaches out there but. Notre Dame football I mean everything about Notre Dame football rubs me the wrong way minus some movie Rudy. They are for eons because. You know if you're Catholic. I think there's like an eighty there's a disclaimer in your birth certificate that you have to pull for Notre Dame at some point in your life. It be completely un objective about Notre Dame football and doing it. Because I'm sorry. My Notre Dame friends still live from the fifties and sixties about what a great program they wore in kind of forget it you know stop in 1989 with. Lou Holtz and Tim brown and all those guys. I will say the Catholic aspect my roommates Catholic. And I've read his agreement and there was nothing by Notre Dame OK well let's get brain and opinion before we continue to go on brand new welcome in the PM to get afternoon. And it may have guys have made and that's what a chance and you know. Shell shocked if he can't yet know what 2001. Between them sandstorm and order crowd does go on record begin a game that's not true you've got to look that is when he she got opinion are your superiors or. Appreciate your branding yeah I mean that's what's kind a and it was never any better then there's three Steve Spurrier years where they went eleven into eleven into an eleven into as a matter fact. When they B I'll I I was furious with South Carolina where for whatever reason could not get a credential for that South Carolina Alabama game in Williams Brice. Six years ago whatever. Some on the sidelines. At the Clemson North Carolina game in Chapel Hill one of my buddies or text means it's about you number one the country about to lose him Williams Brice. If you remember in that game Greg McElroy afterwards I think gives a 3521. Win for the gamecocks are literally walk scale into the end zone where the students are in points up in starts clapping for. Because that's what big of a different state made. It did in the in the fact that people kept showing up in Carolina during that one you know the the winless season I think there what one in 21 or two years. Yet people showed up yes South Carolina is a bit but again. I couldn't get a kid they don't make my list but his I've been there yet sort of the point this is where have you not been in I've not been the Notre Dame. And I am not a fan of Notre Dame but I wanted to see touchdown Jesus I wanna go could peruse that campus I wanted to see the Irish guard come out. Those are things that are all mop bucket list because I've got a few more as well yeah I mean that if we can may does that three list. Another team and others are upon there was from lane stadium Virginia Tech yet when they do what did I tell you what before we get too late going up a break I'll tell you must say and in my inner sane man story at Virginia Tech when we come back and we'll give you a couple more you can get him with us 844 GS PE SPN because it 605 John priced from sports information traders and Adrian branch. From ESPN at 620. I would commend. Final few minutes here in this hour 605 we'll talk with John price from sports information traders out in Las Vegas. You want to put some action on this weekend's bowl games. Make sure you check him out also at 62 when he. It's our Friday ad cut up session with Adrian branch could Patrick Quinn may name in some places it. Does our bucket list now begin you know is in you've got to gain cotton sweater on right now also. It's also quantified this enough pretty common brag about true this is way you want to go. Yeah what's your school has going for McGee yeah I've been to Georgia I've seen to sit on a bag icing on that's the coolest thing I've ever seen. When you're the mascot in you get hot and you're gaining you get to go laid down on a bad guy says. My point being these this sentences and you have pump up your school gets to where you wanna go because. The number two on my list southern cal. Yeah I wanna go see. You know did a horse with the new Trojan in the guy hold up the sword and you know it's in the LA coliseum which is home posted multiple Olympics in the summer time. In number to sign me up with as USC song girls all day long because. Remember I'm getting a meteor credential to the state that means our on the sideline which you know if you follow me on Twitter price and I've never gotten in a war on Twitter about Amy and watch says when it comes to cheerleaders. In that things of that nature see where they get a bad from two neighbors yet perspectives here they are about by the media. I'm glad about saying that allows me on the side I'm gonna be surrounded by the USC song girls to get that photo where I'm Helen price tag can say he's number what can you so when you did on Friday right now I didn't. Where the army navy gala. I'm talking coat and tie we'd do the final 45 minutes advise Friday show in coat and tie in the forbid the Pennsylvania convention yeah. Never happened on the show before. So we were actually right we intentionally we had a intentionally rammed backe interview that we had a record before we got on the air so we can go rundown this battered. Come through there you have put on a tie in the new year doom my tide put on the Jack we'd worn slacks and a Oxford you have for the day. So I noticed CO we're sitting at this table including somebody used to work with at the Naval Academy that when he saw her lead she must have been like a mom rolled over him because he just smiled and she's a wind it. They answered the phone when his dad called the tellem that his mom had passed away from complications from lupus and so we're sit there and we're having fun and we've got these young ladies did. Did are scared of everybody at the table because they're like the vice admirals daughters at the news at the naval academy in Darrell sit at the table next us because. They got to they've got David Robinson admiral sit at that table. So I'm not paid too much attention numbing conversation. With the ladies in the Naval Academy price has gone. Gone. And done some price there in the next say my fellow beings is Twitter. Anyway read something to the extent and pay yet Sturgis sports look what I found after I left your ugly mug at the table. Hash tags sorry not sorry someone that if he had an entire photo with the may Naval Academy cheerleaders. So. Sit there like I say remember there's these they're calling college I don't know where they go whatnot. I don't I don't no way you if you have to be born into a beautiful daughter of your vice admiral at the Naval Academy. And I get that radius a listening medium in audio visual medium but I you re your get right to see a photo. So I grab my phone in I check on it and its pricing he's being in me you know with that. In I handed to the girl closest to me then I he would they'd they knew that we were in radio at his we'd been having some conversation at the table. And I say what do you all think about this. And they say hold on a second this is it failure. So those were the young ladies that were sit at our table in daylight you give your foe ended this lady we're having a photo taken. In your tweet this back that your kind of pose stayed in that they had waited back sits up Mike. Quality over quantity high hash tag I know I'm not sorry spotlight at a if you hit it so. So yes this song girls at southern cal would be part of my routine I'd also like to go to Oklahoma adds I've seen clips and played them. But I asked me I've seen boomer sooner the you know the wagon with the I've seen all of that but I'd still like to get a game in Norman Oklahoma also on my list the final two. On the top five to see sort of like schools eight. Yes Texas. In Ohio State even though I can't stand some of the Ohio State fans that have dealt with. The bet more that are good in the few bad ones but still a bill saying a few bad apples cancel the bunt. Donning a diet of Ohio State is something and I like to see is well. For me. Penn State. On the list for means if it's a wipeout game it's a white out game Penn saying all that especially at night out that there's a better atmosphere. Out there that net a wide out at night. Also UCLA. For the same reason says southern cal and at and what. Yes but I wouldn't I wanted the media credential. Yeah I did no no no no I'm getting credentialed for energy so it did every reason he said I USC and I hope they play the trojans at the Rose Bowl that way I can get Bubba got our eight. Not making my list that should I it's automatically on it. Is a gain made it today it may be a game at army out there on the crescent river in a game at air force academy in the in the base of the mountains in Colorado. That said that she dad did not go on malisse because frankly that should be standard on everybody's list for what they do so any of the service academies. As well all right here's the deal when we come back John prices gonna join us from Las Vegas and UNLV he's definitely not on my list Patrick but. Bold game start this weekend we're gonna give you a chance to. Here are some stuff from John pricing how you can get in touch with them. Listen the man's credentials are beyond it and then anything that you'll see and they will open up the phone minds in the final two segments is straight up with storage were lied and studio. On this Friday afternoon on ESPN. Upstate.