Straight Up With Sturg 12-14-2017 Hour 3

Straight Up With Sturg
Thursday, December 14th

Schools that consistently amaze in college football, and NFL playoff percentages.


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We're happy hours going on here till 7 PM also Richmond to sell somebody come and it hurts is a bunch of gift cards from smoke on the water. That's good for the office that's good for the stocking stuffer guest list of good for starts enrichment under threat yet as well it's not over yet bright joiner gets him with this on Twitter says that Marshall thundering herd was part of the so Connie needs to make the one double A playoffs routinely until they knew that the FBS in the mid ninety's yet. And if Patrick. Parents that I went to Rome they've won marshals what won ten of fourteen bowl games since they have rejoined the one. When they played. When they played Ole miss up there in the Motor City Bowl so it's unlikely suspect it remember. The only reason Marshall football ended up in the so kind. Was how bad things fell off after the plane crash in the early seventies they had bowl game appearances. Before that plane crash. Which they made we are marshals. Yeah I remember when they too in the Southern Conference when house about ten or eleven years old firm and pains raising hell. Picketed here was this state supported school. This renegade school if you will have marshaled his team and he once again at winning in football the way they own that Lee can you remember. Would Ravi moss played there for the majority his career they were doing it it's a Southern Copper member. And not as a member of the Mac this or. It's so anyway Brian appreciate it in with this as well all right get back to it's a number three on. For. For Patrick was Marshall number three for you was real quickly takes personal right to number three for me was northwestern mentioned about you know you'd its inability to even take on the goal is correctly it's. They know Marc titan. Though it and Lake Michigan I hope somebody at the brains to go get that out of here because when you had one even four years you could probably. Cut that in the pieces but. Northwestern Z private school that day. No for academics. He once they hired Peter Arnett. Their fortunes changed the rail remember part day ended up moving on to that Colorado. He was replaced by green EU. Was it it's he and a passive way yet that yeah ideally at their current coach but Marshall excuse me. Northwestern because it pretty much for about the last when he. 22 years and it pretty difficult circumstances and hollow win what what you're what they went to the rose bonus. That's a decade Barnett the yeah partly that trip. Part of that trip to Pasadena in the become in the past Colorado coaches in the game it once it rained FitzGerald. I have to do read the sub me he passed away on the data in yes you can go over there. Indeed that homework so all right never do on your list Patrick in. It gives you keep the Wii does she can get it what does it 8414 ESP ESPN it's not a part Thursday real table discussion. In college football in its programs that are consistently. Under raided that. Consistently amaze us with their production. With they may have some issues that they have to deal with whether their academics like we were popular with with northwestern. Or others but number two on your list Patrick. I have one of my favorite teams to watch even today even though there on the West Coast and I don't really it has a lot more life Boise State. This thing is is they consistently put out really good seasons and modern in modern history mean you know back to the early two thousands. And not only that but they do it with the scrutiny of having a blue field. Do you know how hard that is to take the criticism of that and still will ball on everybody. For that reason Boise State is number two on my list. And again you're talking about a program not too long in that he won because you know you know can you name the coach. Richmond. That actually guided their transition from one double A if you will at the guest book while at CS football in two. But it Chris Peterson they're okay well that that's there. This mainstay obviously Boise State so I don't know at least enough room like that. Partly that to a couple other jobs as well. There and every day as she is our right yet Boise with that I actually had them in my next year. Because again like your saying. Some of the disadvantages. Cold weather up there as well but. You know they've given us some of great memories including that game ending play on the statue of liberty day India. Is the Fiesta Bowl that year which again this organ Boise State game feels like. At Fiesta Bowl match up from like a decade ago that's right in it's interesting that. Both the organ in Boise orca in mind radars for as far as teams that that are under rated that we're talking about right here so I could easily I couldn't put organ there and Alec has it gotten it tires you bring a wealth to back it holds out there and now you're saying the bill musgrave dates back in the day with rich Brooks is echoed before bill might sit. Hey man what's this. React and agree to that story Dieter story number two on your list Richmond yeah I'm actually going through with the car. All Stanford. And I think just from our perspective. This the academic requirements for them being on the West Coast and they also look at it. They played national schedule with Notre Dame on their schedule each year so it's not a whole lot of cupcakes so from that perspective in knowing that. In net California area you've got UCLA's you've got that USC's they got some stiff competition from the recruiting standpoint in the end again. Just the academic requirements as if you look. Duke is the same on the East Coast but they've not been able to. It sailed to that next level from a football perspective but Stanford has been able to do it now you might be of safety has been of the duke basketball side it Stanford is. Falling blew the standard that you can separate basketball or football school well exactly so I'm going with Stanford is my number two. I like that thought process are right number two. I get a I got the you remember the blue light special back in the day when we were growing up what rights or was auto accident. On it I mart Kmart yes is it says. I get most of us all and you're annoyed here are no any of the service that. Because babies being good under Kim knew about the Lola. Air forces in the good for a long long time now. You better part of three decades in the now putt monkey in their debt markets got army back. It back to back bowl game to winning their first Maynard chief Turkey since 1996. But. It kindly service academy football team that's better than 500. I ain't joking it's going to happen in my opinion why it's no but. In that include Stanford that includes nor western that includes Wake Forest and dew cup on in Tobacco Road. Nobody. Nobody has to deal with the restrictions that this is this service academies to its followers recruiting football players you don't. Air force has even a certain issues that. Prohibits them from really ever been that good in basketball. He really beat tolerance at seven and dictate the airports academy says. You'd ever get a get the admiral David Robinson playing at the Naval Academy playing airports because he. He hit an airplane and also they have height restrictions but. You he would. You can hear pushing to get through this service academies academically. Because it Dickey handle their academics they're not gonna in the of the daily grind. I'd be in a pit dad so I just have to discipline that goes along with it any of this service academies whether it's knee deep whether it's weather's army or whether it's the air force academy all the way beyond even may be the citadel. In a postcard university actually that's a football team. It's a big hit I respect so pitching. Almost make an argument that of all time. You did launch the service academies in neck as you remember back into the forties and fifties it was. Those are the prominent team they war college football but it obviously changed. Once money became involved. Right but the a lot of those guys back then were used in the service academies. That jump into their ability Korea it's a different day and age. The last really good high profile recruit. Weeks he's been. Not think he didn't Reynolds in the navy academy a few years ago but the last one that I'm talking like the powers that be all over before he decided on the Naval Academy. Was probably Roger stall back. Yeah all right so. But yet they were great back in the day but. What state starting Keating known for not being the football powers but for turning now. People that go serve our country in the restriction McKean. So much more serious and so much more serious. That's when things started to tainted that's when they nodes died that's right if they nag you solve them in the sometime about the mid to late seventies. Navy started to get their foot hole. It didn't it was who's the guy that can had filled out at airports academy and all. Airports is being good it's been a long struggle for army to get back where they were at the coach market has that he really. And you get out there yet you now I that is going all the way off on a tangent so really backe in here but speaking of Roger stall back at. I don't know if you've been able to read the story about how he was going to be on time magazine on the cover. But the assassination of president Kennedy had been. The day before it was going to be released. That. That cover of Roger stall back and so they had to switch to you obviously cover president Kennedy in its buried. There's literally like fifteen of these copies still around. There obviously very valuable that Roger Staubach was on the cover. Yeah what is the at pictures that I tears votes firm by this past Friday. Was sitting here looking over and they were doing and in interview together but general Pete Dawkins who in the 1953. Heisman at West Point. It in Roger saw back when in 1963 Heisman at the US Naval Academy everything you're given an interview together. In general Pete Dawkins in his mid eighties looks like 65 years old now on. Believable. What he looks like you what kind of shape he's set to you what here's what we'll do because we don't wanna get into our final picks right here. Before the break but don't forget that some things coming up next Friday. You know what a lot of people are regaining their holiday weekend. But taking next Friday the 22 off. Because with Christmas Vietnam Monday you're really like 45 day weekend. They hear for the holidays so what ahead now that tobacco plus there. On highway 101 exit number sixty in check us out. For straight up with start. Next Friday also words don't forget we got some other cool things coming up just make sure you check out the ESPN upstate web site. We're sit there finishing off this morning the discussions. We gladly add a couple of shows live from New Orleans also leveled replays that Sunday morning show back on Sunday night. As well acted NFL action so. You'll be able to cat sat out remember will mayor will be live with thus the former clubs and tiger the former clips of radio analyst. In New Orleans is we keep you prepared for all the action there. With that New Year's night to kick off in the Sugar Bowl clips that may have a part three. I tell India. Nothing besides blue and green going in my suitcase down there I'm not get caught up in that stuff. This year I'm gonna get you my job is I know last year. Haven't faintly that you graduated from clips that I could give up now I'm never taken that attitude. Not gonna do it and that's not gonna do it all right we'll come back with our final schools. Consistently amazed us. Did they are success in football do you do. Some kind of restrictions put on them we'd love to hear from you 844 GS PE SPN also coming up will he be the percentages. The football teams in the NFL when it comes to their chances of making. The 201718. NFL playoffs all that company ahead 844 TSB yet to be. All right welcome back and we are lied here smoke on the water fired some shots the markets this can be Patrick and I in studio. It we're doing the entire team segment exposes. Why. The NFL's. But it's disappointing underperforming franchises sort glee has been the Detroit Lions get these two segments on that yet. Because every inning bite as a beta Super Bowl. It has gone win less than an NFL season in the last decade. They've got to beat it all of that lifts the boats under from what she is that maintained Richmond the best defense of state we see it in the motor city a subtype. Was the body bags over ever easy to get bailed on its first implosion and it's all right now of course they needed the Marta bus that helped pull the trigger but. Out of it perfectly these results mean covet added that he did like the vaporize or Steve if your wife's got that the she puts all live what's mine does. This peak at the originals the coming up before that back at the SP in upstate studios without right now. All right Michael Foster for the suck a lot of football they've just got him with the sun Twitter. Sets I think was gutsy gets overlooked a lot of statements in and stay off the get most of the big ten. The tickets they Wisconsin is one of the more consistent programs over the last twenty years. Yeah I remember when they made back to back bogeys with the altitude is the wide receiver. In Birmingham Alabama is that a course. You know what Barry Alvarez is done for that program and then you everybody else being able to maintain it for Brett bill of and now Paul Chris. Yeah with the that it's in that area but if you were gonna go that route when it comes to the Big Ten. I'd go Iowa. I think it's harder to recruit Iowa than it is to Wisconsin. I would bet and I don't have the ability right here right now with everything I've got out because look. I bet there's not more than seven or eight kids a year at the a sign that the state of Iowa division one football scholarships. So news you know they've got to go only accurate they've got to do re you know buying the pain lessened. You I'm sorry I don't mean this to Salem you gotta be here for how you races in this day in eight minutes though he it would take eight theories special. Hit a black kid from South Florida who want to go to Iowa where it's gonna get really really really cold it's not a whole lot of other. That's. Like says he outwit and I'm sorry I had the that becomes an issue but. You look at Iowa go about the days and hate and foxy played in the rose bowls you remembered it when they sign. That's that boxer CA fox. There was Hayden Potts guy he writes weeded the coaches committed to that I. Then Luther I guess bailed out herself about right so hand eight price he's used to Wear the dark sunglasses Spitzer rushed to do well. But you go out Ronnie Harmon played running back there back to say gotta gotta have a kid that falls in love who want because it was so. I think that are great but I don't know most of those kids are probably under recruited right. All right our rights are number one on your list Patrick rail of the day on your top three QG kind of looked at it from bowl games perspective. Was that number three Marshall number two Boise State who's number one on your list. On a preface that I'm glad you took the time to kind of wait to come to mean so wade this team could like clear out of the area. They in his studio because I was about cumin hot right there but you know I'm calm down a little bit better now wait till tomorrow to you know destroy you on that opinion. Now whether or did it tires third segment. Discussing the coaching career Marty Mahan warning from Mars well. Whatever you want to reduce their residents who were Shia. I would be the punching bag that punches back. He's been there a political editor at right now and right now they're great soldier late does that look it's nice to about mosques about it so right for here negative. At all back here in the next thirty minutes. Is it they numb I'm playing nice now is belly tomorrow he's not expecting it but my number one a good my number one team. Is. Utah. Now this is gonna be a surprise and whenever I do. Actually saw the stats for this I was completely shocked by this as well since 1999. Utah has made fourteen bowl games. How many bowl games DC they wind in those fourteen games. Well because they've had a couple of undefeated seasons in the air one under Urban Meyer I know up also didn't the current coach give one. Right before they hit the pac twelve did they were pretty close as well to going undefeated that year so fourteen bowl games that take you out go eleven and three in this sport. Galen and thirty Richmond. Ago twelve and two. Thirteen and want to. That's strong that is that is very strong. In your for the last fourteen bowl games and they have an all time bowl game record of just over they wind about three of their last four bowl games. As statistically. So so far so good for the Utah but they're my number one shocking team that stays consistent bowl games. Right Porter a skits with gets him with us and says Michigan State. Haven't a battle with Michigan pins data I've stated setter. Getting three stars in turning that those in the great college football team's yes yeah I thought about Michigan State as well at ms. Sergi what a great coach mark Antonio Lewis. Yeah and considering public you know from savings to mark Antonio. Mean they've been able to like about it George pearl was that you do or that that's right yes I mean in Nancy Nick Saban coached under I mean you. Seated transition coached coached they've been able to you have some success from that standpoint I could see Michigan champion and that's why it's fascinating because. They're various factors for people thinking which is. Well going get your number one outburst yet. Well my number one I'm going the same route as Patrick with you to it's I don't know apostle is there he still mine either way we're going with Utah and another stat that us all very surprising is that. Utah's been ranked in the pre season top 25. Pre season top 25 only twice. That's not just in the past 25 years that's ever. So it just they're not getting any type of credit is the point from that perspective. They were number twenty in 2004 and number nineteen in 2009. And both times had a better showing in the final poll. And Udall was in the final poll for the first time in 1994. Finishing number ten under coach Ron McBride. So they've also been able to go through the years of different coaches and still maintain. This level of success considering. There in Utah recruiting in Utah and obviously Mormon state it creates challenges just from that perspective. Yeah that majority of their players come from that California shares. Areas well all right all of them make good at Richmond. You stole my thunder a little bit. I've got to stay expert on this list. Rick is AT and go back to the academic rigors that are required to get on keepers there. He that is Steve Napoli are right. You're talking about a a can't miss it quite frankly doesn't always support their academic teams major living in an area out here in Palo Alto with its receiver suburb. A C for Cisco enlisted. They rather go march they paid as readers sometimes and they would coach Shula for one of their own football games but. You think about it it goes back in the days that jacket away in. Some things in the in you know what Jim Harbaugh and these guys have been able to maintain it. They've had five runner ups for Heisman Trophy in the last two and a half decades alone you're talking about in through luck and be here art. A price club this year you have also. They have to recruit like Notre Dame they've got to recruit nationally where's rice Lott brought. North Carolina right outside of Raleigh Wake Forest North Carolina and so you'd have yet. Look at yeah we've been in Rose Bowl yeah I've been in all the big bowl games here recently and everything else in that. But they managed do it with paper that statement shop it's it's taken on what Jim Harbaugh did in all the years in my in my opinion. Take it to another level it out yet they do it with recruiting it's well because. Into what was a number one pick in the NFL draft here that's right Christian McCaffery 08 other. Backup. Runnerup for the Heisman Trophy winner oh. Number eight to the K a lot of theaters what's it this year so they're also they're they're mean gene. Not only team that they're mean eighteen I did have vitality kids that can handle being in its effort to begin with because. I've talked to. So I. There's no corporate classes here Steve for you know you're not and it would bounce it into the basket weaving it's been our bird but there is who. Yeah one European history class so it's a crypt class can hide yourself in their full offseason so I think what Steve Purdue's done over and over again it's absolute. League next level but well and I think you're onto something here just from a perspective. I'm going back to my original ball. Look at these programs sustained excellence. Just think about Stanford. Athletic program overall. If you look at it from you know this seers championship trophy that they award Judy university. When they equate all of the different programs where they rank innate you know they have this formula they put together Stanford is always. In the top five and a lot of times they win this trophy because of all of their programs are at necessarily all. Lows dipping into the military academy pool of recruits but this year or not they like it go to class do well acted incorrectly in the end up at Stanford in. You Steve for deep snout you watch them getting to the one in and gaming college basketball I'd never thought Etsy Duke University. The powers that be from New Jersey sign off that we're gonna let that happen because that's aired it but. They wanna consistently compete nets to keep it which you've got to plate but it's that gets it what does and says the last forty years over performing. Would have to say Miami went on a heck of a run it's a private school he's right a lot of people don't realize that your negatives Howard they. Our secular watched the first you. They were this close to Sutton on the Miami football program. Before Howard's ellenberger. Let the dolphins staff to come over and takeover. It again and that's that it's on it's it's akin to Wake Forest when they went on the run under Jim grant yet. Because I had a combination of a couple of others. Doubt if you I had and it do you Wake Forest while together at number five on my list. Because that private and small. Again you know you're here in the south. This is where college football's played this is where this is where the rest of the country comes to recruit. Southern schools make opaque water at the IA and a Bayh and bond with the go after. Every body counts and recruits the south in college football so yeah I think it's pretty special would wait force in the the condensed guys. Go on to teach them that pretty. Pretty pretty got the way it cut what it's done the Sampson. The in all reality is really amazing what they've been able to you considering. When you're seeing some of these programs. Like at Clemson is elevating. And you see I mean these teams are still competing with the clintons of the world the Louisville's the Virginia tags mean they're still. Competing on a level that they could win. You any given day right they could definitely we are right so when we come back you'd you wanted the you you were chicken little the other data clips and the current status and your top three. But she thought about actually put them on this list idea but for different reasons than what I'm gonna keep you when we come back. Of just eight snapshot at the last year's team you'd say. Clips it is one of those teams because they saw he got a stop and think about also will take your phone calls 844 GS PE SPN. It quietly. Listed somebody I'll still holding out hope that your NFL team as he needs to make the playoffs will. It the percentages as of today showed your realistic or not all that coming up in the final two sects. All right welcome back here we've been having a lot of but here's smoke on the water today. Mark Sturgis Richmond Weaver Patrick to back the SP in upstate studios. Yeah we didn't have paid a rail I did the most underperforming their undervalued programs in college football. Mean. I think we're all. Pretty I mean you know it's awfully young got to tip your hat in the service academies the private schools that play against the public schools and things of that nature by. Yeah Richmond you want to bring up clips and for I am not sure for what reason not giving you a layered. Today and it don't remember right. But I wanna bring to a different is able to say in the last three years a La. What's it is under performing under bag. Having played for a national title in having won in his. It your your the major almond stated question how other people not us owed about how maybe other people look clubs. I mean. I'd I think they still don't give clubs and enough credit because here's why. But it's ready get right to play their fifth college football playoff team in the last three years. In the yet to be paper in one of these games. But they're 31. But they aren't there underdog as the top rate it did Alabama. So my point being Vegas looks out of the they're the underdog they're undervalued in this you Yahoo! were split here's your fantasy that you make the case. Having played with a lot of schools deplete its Hebrew college football playoff teams in there is street. What's it is re in one inning games in which they were all the underdog when it ain't that the line went to Las Vegas. That's. For me that. That's only. Confirming what I'm all right. From that perspective that nobody given him enough credit in. It you're like a figure confirming that that even going back to the beginning rankings that this year. They didn't have Clemson number one. I I still contend that. The team coming off national yet jam only number one I don't think so in the college football playoff hole once they get site by six weeks ago on yet I'll get it right your tongue met eight years there it is right thing yet exactly. That. Seeing that they continue to give Alabama. So much credit. From Nancy but that's what. For whatever reason clips of periods don't like that. Congratulations. Your rate is too late say byproduct the kids here now operating in this city stratosphere. Which. Alabama look at number wins over the last bite ears. Alabama's number one was 62 clips its number two with sixty wind. So for every thing they clip out of pocket. South Carolina or Michigan and her taxes that means I'm talking for that being sick clips and Spain's. Have hated about Alabama. You get rate essay published public that you want it to schools that he had. Keep playing reckless that it the last three college football playoffs. It's only one can claim that it all four nobody else has that argument they're making college football. Exactly and through. It's interesting how a fan base wants something for so long and it now. It's a weight affected. Where that program. And it we're going to be YouTube from that perspective with. I sort of right now while they haven't they it's got that some of this stuff because you know why. Welcome to the neighborhood yes that's right I'm not trying to rub South Carolina it's wrong way here anybody else gets what. When you have this kinda run. You made that is the college football playoff for the year that the people I'd expect H may be outside that locker room and coaching staff. Guess what guys you know this wind and does it close now you've got lower revenue that makes its number one quarterback. If you might be able to sit next year. Who would have thought that weeks he has committed while yet and not citing what next week that's right you'll be a part of the club's roster but not available. This this one's not over. We get the numbers on seniors before we in the college football playoff what it was Georgia number one. At 31 seniors. It was second at the six in the and is Oklahoma with Whitney port 23. There's ups and sit there with six. Now I would meet in three of those don't really polite and it's. But the yield that is you know. That some linemen tyrant routers a couple of that's why. Everybody that race hill that you part I hate how they have in this netbook. Congratulations. You look at the look at the mere week that you're going to be in this scene and it. Saying I applies that's what comes with witty that's what comes with North Carolina zero that's what comes with the basketball UCLA so my point being. Take a long look in the sphere comment on. The key Hugh Betty you're gonna be YE. If you don't they'll like you got that C put so well that's right and you get to make sure that that mandate that cute. Don't get upset when Elvis that your team that people love to hate right because of your winnings and a but that's gonna happen operatives they'll have continued to stay open like I heard Billy in its like he's on now I've also felt about it. What part three this even entertaining gains they have right gates. But are hurt Philadelphia out wants to clubs and again this year. Right now Clemson at Baylor fans with look at that guy that's blasphemous. But think about it from somebody else's perspective as well it's not always teach yours looking back at you. In the Mir mr. and I would I would like to know I wonder how many Clemson fans and they saw Alabama came come up on the screen I can take her ways but what about oh I can clean up what my wife's. Today. Oh crap it's clips and pay him. Yeah and that's what I think most and I think Clemson fan the fan base. They're tired of playing in Alabama. Yes exactly I mean that's the light at. App state going back to you reveal a much smaller level going back in Montgomery for their bowl game for the third year right it won't been there done that yet. Clemson fans were really excited the first year they get back to the ballgame and 77 against Mac app and on the pit if there's. It is 3043. The next year they go back the plate Woody Hayes and Ohio State in Jacksonville in the second consecutive year course they were more cited here comes state court. They were 111. I think they've really street it's artful wanted him by months and years you read in. Clips won the UTE in the article one the weight like on the outcome of one Mort gate. My point being that sick so that next year accorsi go to one Jacksonville for a third consecutive year. The nose with a started to burn up yeah and that it happened in other. Years that. The tried to get the years we've. Provident beach balls. Economic times constant you know in the people's like oh my goodness again rideau played Mississippi State or governor LSU beat Kentucky Kentucky that's right so so again you like that said. Take a long look in the Mir because that things to complain about it things that your gonna wanna be taken it mean Asia Europe the next couple years is well and just. I tip of the cap got to work hard to get this they're toward you want to be long union did Alabama's. The Yankees the patriots. You know the deep basketball if you wanna be loved it and exactly where habits when he dances program with the like it or not all right we'll come back. Will close up shot 844 GS PE SPN. Are you Dallas cowboy lovers out there you might wanna go ahead to now present rate of burst your bubble straight up with star team for port TSB yes. Never try to bring come. It's it's that this show would Alia. Let's that we pats have done that day yet innocent things on the save a little bit is this NFL percentages. When it comes to that day of poke fun. We're getting into Dallas is this your last day on the air you'd get a thank you for evident here today because price being in Minneapolis. Join it if it tomorrow will be its duty to Patrick in B and maybe somebody else. In there with this well but you got that you had Billy Taylor their unabashed. Cowboys means well. Here's how the NFC he plays out are you ready these are here pretty advantages of making the playoffs. In the ads today. The NFC east the Eagles that eleven to 800% genes that make the playoffs why because they've already what is that but there. A 100% team say win their division why because they've already clinched their division as well dean dean dean dean. Next in the list would be York Dallas outwards. What he figured her city streets and this is according to. Play off the sheet. All right what art adds up Saturday. There thoughts on Dallas percentage make the NFL playoffs this year. Gotta be less than 10% are correct 6%. A lot this list of T take it with the division. I noted this is on the Dallas area and I wind up there's no stance say it's the Euro it says less that secret for. It they are less than one. That air somebody who is one of those unabashed. Haters of great teams are right real quickly I said it listed mature kilometer chance. For the cowboys. Institutes of river which translated over him last week well it it. Gotta get a that would govern as we ended there all right so patty they the neat Patrick. Are unabashed that you lately alliance may have backed its ability to better about things when it comes to the lines genes that make in the playoffs this year you know. Actually you're both wrong. Because it is three the vikings are 99%. Pitcher to make the playoffs. And it the win that division they're 98%. Next seven and six in the NFC north. Know you have 60%. Chance of making the play offs that you Ari the toy lines period. It 81%. Of winning the division at this at LA correct me if I'm wrong. It is the lions beat the Packers twice this year Patrick we've played them the last emergencies and we weren't even ones because they ate the it is seen back and I guess it's right now yelled do you have the edge because job when net gain. The Packers also at seven point six. They every night proceed to some making the playoffs once said sheets of winning the division I guess the Ayers drop right now but it's. The alliance with hold the tiebreaker because they've won the one matchup that it be interesting to the windows percentages came out vs now Aaron Rodgers that in the ads on today. Oh Nokia the thing is is that you look at the packers' schedule. Acts. Panthers' home against the vikings and an away at Detroit. Detroit don't schedule Detroit's next three games. Since Chicago at home at Cincinnati. Home against the Packers. That you use canyons you'll lose to Cincinnati wow. No no I was there if you don't want to hear dad died. My girlfriend is a Cincinnati Bengals fan and that will not plywood Maicer that will be that this roper sure our hurdle when it is that don't know the choice I know there's no way to never army surgeon can. But I'll tell you this. If Detroit wins I had to fly into Cincinnati on Tuesday that Tuesday following that game and you best believe we win a McGee decked out mandatory lines here. It's exit package scares them exactly. It easily been in his bar yet you're not supposed to take that commercial that the Oakland Raiders and swear that the ice skating team that's definitely out. Literal Patrick it's does the Viet jump in the cup bars will. I know but the same time you know I got to make sure that they know who beat him and beat him handily. On Chris disease. Oh please tell me you're not going to be asking for eighty bodies and in geared to on this trip but as Eric it's I know I know it all right and I I he's going to a waiting out there but okay. I just tell you might not be the way you wanna start this off but that's progress that boy you. Oh well. It are right but is it tricky situation as it's going to be tricky situation well Patrick you and I we I've got to get together with diesel tonight. I was CP might not coming because the low but the markets at a law talked with a dream braves last night he's coming on with this the Arctic. Talked college basketball and they don't agree that that always like talking he's like. We must be somewhat that's it he almost won how to turn it like something an exchange of questions are some reports that. There may have to be a couple but don't averages between diesel united night because -- at how we can do that preacher you break speak it now 88 he was meant to get like cross country. The good in New York City. To get what he called day out his collar what is widely felt they entice the Cuba message. Which if you did not see all the ESP isn't in front of the camera employees were called the meeting in New York. Yesterday. In the guidelines were laid out for them it's part social media policy of course all the sexual harassment that's going on in everything else that. That's why it's Adrian breaks could only put it so eloquently last night we do it's got it right stinky but that says. Who have maybe we didn't have the experience on that. Apartment Patrick you ovitz work today perceive Al input. When it came into the questions and our guest in Richmond. It join the week it will get together next week it's holiday week that's right siding right to get your three split up that you have it your shopping done and guess what will bring next week it's well we'll be back in studio depart for BM. Have a last night.