Straight Up With Sturg 12-14-2017 Hour 2

Straight Up With Sturg
Thursday, December 14th

Don Munson joins the show to talk all things Clemson Tigers and some other topics from around the world of sports.


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So as we come back here we've had this fascinating discussion during the break of what art that you were all I soap opera was an. Oh let me pay the whining went on here's Michael lottery went red wine or white wine it was. The pulpit this bonus at the last moment when you you reduce the conversation is what you're fevered TV drama. And we're like him out yet that takes time. So that soap opera I mean it can beat daytime or nighttime I'll go first I was always have Falcon Crest Maine you know like. Lorenzo Lamas cells that grow up to be with the certain but dale with flight eight women though let themselves be at any given time. So yeah I took out some big time aspirations there absolutely I was completely India it's a house go make my money in the white business out there and this saved Francisco Bally said. I got Falcon Crest here is something light that you've heard my brother. It was six years you got dresses so who's the sixers older me. His freshman year at the University of Alabama. That he would all get together every data watched general hospital. That was that they've ruined it for me growing up I didn't watch it but I knew that was the big island. For me I guess outfield or Dallas that bout progressed. Just JR Ewing and of course of the Dallas Cowboys fans that just another way to connect to the city of Dallas. But I do remember. Going to Clemson and my roommate. On my freshman year. Huge Guiding Light fan after. If so he sucked me and my freshman year watch dotted line a brother comes from Al. Worry when his freshman year. With that now look general hospital tell her what time being do you notice soap operas Patrick you're a lot younger than us. On though so Bob bizarre but the thing is whenever I watch TV during that time could always be after the prices right and I couldn't care to watch anything after the price is right. So I never watched any. I always kind of legs and my energies. Who. I always blew my energy you know plain plain go cheer them on trying to get into the middle the 101000 dollars. So now are I never stay away. Yeah it carbonneau said away they're. There is they may show after basketball season's done what was your favorite prices right gave back at the date but that. The best soap opera it's ready to happen. Won't be on television but it will be wall to wall on television it that's what's the raid hit it the university of lone wolf because. Everybody is starting to protect their own self interest here Richmond in that includes the university a little hole. Who decided. Screw it we're gonna sue Rick Pitino last week are in the last couple days after Rick Pitino has already sued the university of willful. So you realize. The mice are run in to get all the ship right now you'd the rats or leave it this past is a key and in this thing's gonna be the one point the comments that some months these warring factions would be. Before we shut up before we ruin everybody's careers in this business right exactly but I think there's a lot of people that are like all right. Okay we want discovery we want discovery rule when it gets in deet tails out there into your pointer but he. Tight lipped quickly witness who wanted it is at the start here and everybody's dirty laundry on both sides that you're gonna realize how the this thing went yeah that's. I would ask you the question in light of what's come out earlier today you remember when the Charlotte hornets George Sheehan announced that they organ amid the warning that about the title road and out of the city. Apparently the powers that be. In the local government the municipal government of low. At eight signed agreement. To meet the Charlotte hornets to low. Where they were gonna build a the neat facility. This was 2001. Neat facility for little hole in the warn its this year. In Rick Pitino lit the torch to Satan yeah. He did not wanna share facility with an MB eighteenth. Even more so. He and Tom jurists did not want any of the eight team in global quick as it turns out they are eighty at one hit that was called the cardinals but. They want the competition. They want it all to themselves they won all the main focus right on Louisville program hurt and that Sarah. Evan know Pete Williams and Michael McDonnell of the blue balloons or these. The Tito had formerly global athletic director Tom jury squashed eight non binding agreement. The hornets had with the city workers to route to move the little boy in cheered arena with the cardinals quote. They had no intention of sharing an arena with in the NBA team they eighty to one this year the city with the name BAT. Little hole was they yours David Stern who was thing commission in the NBA were called staking. It Rick Pitino doesn't want us there why are we going there in in the hornets with New Orleans instead. Are right besides the fact that your program is now being judged from the inside out. You are now suing Rick Peter you're suing your former employer low ball they are now suing you. It's it's a no win situation because now even the residents of Lowell who are cardinals variants that are. Yeah they are bad Rick Pitino and squat for all this deed is crap what's coming on the day. Other upset that they could have been a major League City where it is the eighth rate tightening the quarter how quickly. Can he. This make you got the fastest but what is the best is cases. Let me watching somebody's image do when he eighty any place that they were so highly thought of for so long they were off limits. The only what I can even compared to right or wrong keys to your recent. The aids that Jason does key situation in what it did Joseph Paterno ever in that real quick after man. That nastiness. I mean this is fascinating the this is going to beat the best soap opera. Coming because you know ESP a I mean because he does is in on it now the city people they're gonna have their. They're gonna get their pay him the last before I was always said and done. This is going to be. Either everybody shuts up. Or whether the guys passed today would you rate by now Al thirty the university of global athletic department I've got a sneaky suspicion and that it's going to be coming now the dirty laundry is gonna come out and how great is that 30310. My god protect it. Just wait for that they're probably already working on that as we speak and he. Even the global audience now got to be a little bit upset applicant got port has cast would probably come with the hornets other stuff that you might at. Yet they've they've got that successful Tripoli Lowell bats team out there who knows what might come next but. They table this. In the in the 2000 and in the open up the KFC yum center which is 22000. Seats which some people call. The most astonishing Allison all of college basketball. In Tom jurors negotiated such leaks that lol well basically got the plea here for three with always beat the heat they're domain so. I ID. This is fascinating I can remember one other situation I'd love to hear me by as an opinion. At 844. GE SP ESPN. To see how quickly Knoxville TVQ they were all live with Lane Kiffin at that point. In that he left him with the southern cal in the McCain. Public enemy number one in the matter of about 25 to thirty minutes public enemy number one and number two and number Gregory do you guys hated. In Knoxville after that Newt almost like movement in the middle of the night. Like the browns did these men Cleveland first to yeah I would probably put Art Modell and that ranges well I mean. That we're talking you know apartment dale Lisa had kind of build up for a long long time because he had been hammering them you give us in the facility yet it's in the facility. So at least they were warned. I probably see more along the lines are robbers a who have the colts back in the day. When they moved out I'll make while we're in the middle of the night I regulators arena tonight that's right that is that is correct and it just showed you go again that. Nothing is to be to fail. I think Rick Pitino at dodger I think they guided to a point where that. It's us we're building this. Nobody can touch Louisville we don't want an NBA team because we're going to be QB we already are to be let's just stayed away we are. And ego gets in the way agreed gets in the way and that's when Paul or I'll tell you this much. Look what we've got bill in the neck in the way is why public is everything became more more green and I don't know if you heard hunter still in the story there. He said his wife when they who right now belief from Colorado State where he was. At athletic director 2526. Years ago. Two global. In the air drop and a rail. His wife started crying and it looked at him means that what he got nuts and it was a commuter school it would USC upstate they'll take you wrong are lit bit. There UNC Charlotte back in the day now Charlotte's becoming it's an institution even that. They have an editor of basketball coach after ninety to the sees it that's all global was back in the days well. They were train tracks and their view that grain silos which were merely like the most notable thing for the campus in all of this stuff. You don't drive around. You know you see of course you know considers the tale but. Goals baseball stadiums is absolutely next level. Papa John's offer is not a lot to do that yet seen all those other Olympic sports as well so yet. It's much itself hate them they also have to be thankful on dirt right now hack into it there's a lot of bad blood eight number one. We're in this mess to begin with. Beat number two the NCAA's committee and a hammering us in number three we can at least on its order while this was going on. And don't forget about the FBI's steel ball. He hit it would give the feds involved they say you know I mean yes this is does I'm telling you. Yeah this is going to be a soap opera this is going to do well. My skid mark in my underwear it's not it's a long does it smell it your bad but I still have a skid mark in my hand I agree 100% does not going to be pretty for the parties involved with Louisville right now yeah all right we and we come back we are going to talk with Don months and the voice of the Clemson Tigers remember they're on their weight him to Sunrise,. Florida tomorrow. Of course to try to take on the Florida Gators in the Orange Bowl classic match up probably that's a 430. Here on Saturday and of course she can hear that game right here on ESPN upstate. Also. By now what may be going on as the teams get back here in getting here with all their bowl practices that tigers get ready. Per the university Alabama. That's what 9 o'clock kick off at the Q locally. On New Year's and I painful. At a QB payment for me. You'll be out there I'll be there but Don months and target for and the voice of the Clemson Tigers when we return. Real quickly before we got our buddy Don butts and bond markets and on Twitter days art lie hats to an extent that. God has tag hot ladies because days of our lives at some. But Don much in the voice of the Clemson Tigers it's too late at us and die we were kind of referring. One of the best soap operas we may see maybe taking place between little bully Rick Pitino right now that Matsui each other. What was your goatee sucked back in the day to QB daytime or nighttime Imus Falcon Crest. Ha 010 aren't gonna give you can't Linux soap opera meant both operate gates it's not I'm glad I'm out regrets that they're obviously Dallas that would be huge Dallas you're right BR we're on the but I'll. Felt whopper you'd get a date time and so when I was in college. General hospital was like edit I I mean add it. Scorpio. It. I mean dispute Jack Wagner whatever his character named muzzle on the debt that was that was like edits of him back in the day. You have my brother he actually and his freshman year at the University of Alabama is one year they are Don a I've loved general hospital T shirt. I am crazy it was an apt when I was that app. Is that not limited dormitory remote. Obviously the white Internet and we were just dating back. They're like six stories their dormitory and each story would have a different. Soap opera on the lot so you'd that the girl to go watch whatever soap opera. It had been to figure out which story that a revolver would always. And I general hospital volatile or too. Like always on or reuse them like that earlier image electorate that expects great picture of what happens when your college get their. Yeah adolescent fortunately since you've taken Evers director of broadcast the communications and offer clubs and there has been no soap opera and that includes the beginning that this basketball season. Yet speak about this you guys will take off her Sunrise, Florida Margaret pace Florida. The gators on Saturday. With that he would still put eight another notch in that belt which the parts went. That big win on the road it Ohio State in big comeback if face the instate rival South Carolina on Tuesday. So these next five days per Bradford Ellen squad. These are big for Clemson basketball. On that note any a look at beyond that of the 42 game against yeah what do you a lot the homes well will be a big game forum. But not you're you're absolutely right they're hot market mean he's there's a chance now that you know. Really going get yourself another good quality not just good quality road win that one of those resonate China building wrote we are just these I want to really stick out. His selection committee you you can bid put together a good conference part of the schedule by. Made it at me like football it's going to be that windshield mentality that gators just right reporter you'd that's the most important one. Take care industry did not come off one at a time and let that sounds boring. The standard they don't like approach it that way but it you've got older I get the more I realize how true it is. They were continue with Don months and no voice at the Clinton tigers and Don this is Richmond Weaver coast here with sturtze today and good seeing yet to gain on Saturday against Sanford and speaking of that game in what we're seeing in terms of just. Tigers relying on the three point shot this season. Quite a bit in it seems that game was even more indicative. Seen them shoot 23 pointers in the first half. And from your perspective. It is that because of the guard play or is that just a component of what defense is our allowing Bradford l.'s team. While they are elated at diversity that you wouldn't 36 for the game in confident Bonita beach shoot 36 breached a game to Brad even said that after. After the game when it was over is that you know now why aren't they kicked one in the first half was because that's where its people respond to their actually. Different game now as planned to slow it down a little bit so they were they've played it kind of token one QQ who. Cold War threat to really political quarters reporter pressed. And it Edwards looked factor that in that zone just daring you to shoot the outside shot. You know that's what Clemson was what do it there but when you get back down we got back here written in top regret at the game is that that they really stepping up. Was due principally just wasn't very pleased at all with what person did defensively. It in that contest and so we kind of got back the guys app I'm in the belly aching back in a much better job at. In this in the second half permitted. I think maybe just little bit of athleticism. I'm just gonna trickle or neck gamers and we kind of ran away and that nineteen if you run. Over about a seven minute period in the second half and ran away. From that they're likely to do that against the sport at sea there's the sports you know. Really good in transition they think he wouldn't support a team best fourteen what's scored the first twelve Spector shot clock. You want to force them. Did app or play. So it maybe once that that tried to slow things down going into this contest this week because if you get into it up and down game at this Florida Gator punch. That's that's sort of become an appointment there it's. Yes and speaking of that dine and he's looking at Florida's average in 88 almost 88 points per game and Clemson is giving up. Just under you know 64 points per game so it's gonna be a situation of almost like you see in football. Great offense vs a great defense great defense so something has to give. Yes so what you don't order averaged 88 per given up about 77 games so constant scoring like you know. Like right around 8182 points per game get to the sixty or so. But it will all those lines so he'd take a look at that you're you're so perhaps get all seems like the score like what the like what they the ball in the hole. It's paid maybe maybe it's stated that constant. But it will be a better defense where we're gonna find this and it's now. You'll play under report setting obviously Thabeet though more all the ports standing with. Well I guess the Florida Gators all low Florida State in Oklahoma State played against fire arson maybe some of those orders they banned. But stick around at least for the first trapped car ball game and Andrew like crazy kids that are the Florida Gators in Europe global call or be. As we continue with Don months in the voice of the Clemson Tigers give Jimmy follow or some good inspiration on Twitter at W Donald months him one last basketball question we had asked that by split. I have hurt you encourage Bernal and tiger calls talk about it extensively. David Starr makes his return on Saturday. In that say he had differ a little bit different type of player he 68215. A little bit of a long wingspan. Any news is he really really well. Outside of everything I just told you coached Bernal told you what does this mean for this team because that's one place that it's in depth. Now don't give them our in depth off the bench which are I think they'll beat will be key and important project break a hundred entered game like this it's that. I'll order a short while. Because it not only is the debt also gives them a little bit of experience you know that they got. Wait it out well and don't get on the basketball war now. You know it an active collegiate setting for all the eighteen months now does that act to be a little bit prepared although he did play. Would it seem you know when they were in Spain back in August and got three games under his belt they're an action when you take a look at the stats are pretty pretty well. When they were would've made that trip to strain so. You just hope that you get beat the question always comes up when it's when you had not been you know practicing with the team is separate hasn't been out there and light. Like court situations to put little or how does it affect chemistry and it depict rotation. Figures don't take minutes away from some people. But in the long run I think that's that's the good thing clubs and doesn't need. All you know five starters that are that are average in thirty minutes brigade think they need to try to not think the earlier restart or they're averaging over thirty minutes the game. I think if your clients in a (%expletive) coach Brownell you like he'd get knocked down around 20/20 nine minutes. And it'll have been better rotation poets summit stark brings a little bit of that but he also just brings an older body like that have a little bit of a bigger bodies well. Right down before we let you go it's been obvious the staffer clumps of footballs been out there on the road recruiting now there really get into. You few practice for Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. If that's been good at cica Sweeney with the in home on the beach in Florida as well as an in home in the mountains of Knoxville. Here in the last six days. But I think I've had more fun seeing some photos of coach venables. Up there at the stripe bowl has signed Jake it's plain as a linebacker. In just can get to be a little bit more Jake's dad that'd be the other way around this week. What they know that's that's why. That's like Brett venables is staying here inclusive alkaline you know a week ago you're not at this conversation a week ago he probably have been asked me. Where where is Brett venables go. Yeah. You know I ordered and aren't accurate time people would that I was on here where. Nobody stored anywhere. Because you know he's eating hard but didn't bother first before he took football coach. And it being a husband and father first that means you got a look at act namely what what is in the best interest of the namely. And I can tell you that that Julian acute curls and certainly there are also poised. There aren't that have been able council made a lot of being your conscience not in my they love everything about it is for Brett venables to get uprooted from this place. It's not going to be just any job it's gonna take something very very special. Not for him to delete so I think prince going to be here for for a while the Mercury honestly don't think he's quoted anywhere anytime soon. We'll listen those words you just preach that is applied to you with you and your family and dined this might be the last time we really get a chance to check him before we see each other day on the New Orleans bit. I wanna Wear issue in the entire months and family they're happy holidays that bay made Christmas and again to state for everything you've done in carving out time force. You mean. From you next where it's our record didn't. Right person Bob ticketed day off next week what irked me a toy like I I ought. Number two every the guy packing for New Orleans will have wondered she's got the teller color schemes to blue or green. Promise you okay. Yet but we goat we cut Q. It Clemson I created it is cribs that were we we text here that's where Tripoli baby I can't we sit at a high. You can hide it all you want people but I I I. Listen here's the deal yet we got to the privilege again it done this so I'd love reputed maybe be able to get checked out with this one time it if the schedule allows but army navy on radio road they had bought all itty helmet and set out wars. Which sharp piece that we can get our guests the sign you know we won't Wear night they're it's not for price Atkinson and his connections to the Naval Academy let's be honest so. I'll let the price at that helmet now Elin yet he jerked it at a mine in like four before Atlantic. So we're the this after a lot of football hall of the government the other night in Ayers and 92. Autograph. National TV kit signed Alabama football helmet and I knew that I wanted to make a donation to the South Carolina while all of mate. So it starts kill two birds with one stone in the first photo I waited too was one price Atkinson. There we go well he got. You get regular repeat it in the in the office that I. I love it no I'm very jealous that you gotta go you army navy jets that's been a bucket list item were. For me for a long long time McDonald they're someday app on an article exactly what was it like. It is no mean that that had to be awesome to see that spectacle that's no heredity it's unbelievable. Dodd I had listened we've been so fortunate you know our careers have sort of intertwined here the last eight years I don't know if that gets any better than sustaining their under the gold a goal posts. On the game's final play. Watching how close that was in the NC in the range of emotions. It then how quickly they all get it back together because supporting each others with the guys singing their songs. I am not Circuit City better and that Becky wait to find out what's next. Well reluctant for our country here that's for sure Rick yeah yeah they're just they're just too much hostility between the you know between those of us that are conservative and not raise money at Burnett day that and those that are political. Some way shape or warm we got to find a way to get along a whole lot better than they re cute they're all these other needs that. The way that we hear so that that that that richter has got Akeelah it's got to you'll quickly. In one way to do it is let's play that thing in front of about thirteen million people live and make them go see it in Philly in recognizing you go man that loser. It why not everything's great we've got about 8000 kids that are get ready to go serve our country for five years and we're gonna be better off for. Forever. Tonight. Happy holidays Merry Christmas Don look for his senior day on in the Crescent City for an. Your. All right Don months in the voice of the tiger's game that gives him a follow on Twitter at that yet Donald months and so guys that brings out. Our Thursday afternoon debate topic. I know it's not fair winter I sailed smarter than the rest do you guys here on our staff and that includes Patrick back here. Quickly becoming the second it's the sports editor of the oral sex RS maybe yes I ask you that. You need if you ain't first you're last salary to die anyway that's what's going nuts that he heard it's. Couple weeks ago or last week got Jason great conversation about what programs that we built consistently. Don't meet the expectations that we have on them. Iced over say the last forty years we're not in that way. It who have great art college did in 1958. Down that worked out in the last. Going back about 1980 about that with clips of one. Their first national team beat him. Let's look at that point what are some programs that we look at it we're consistently. Amazed how well they didn't. It is can it be that goal at twelve and over that beat certain schools going seven and bite you just got in that it's not everything is equal for everybody. We'll get it started will back it up. Three to 21 go rail but we'll take your opinions on that at 844. Yes the ESPN. One programs teach you the have consistently. Bid undervalued if you will in the last forty years in college while. You can't tell we will along with the performance and in the previous segment so we're gonna correct back here knowing but. Some good suites covenant. First one to think Johnny Roebuck earlier forget it with this usage yes we have a towards. A big George outside the stadium in Columbia and they keep. Let's start thinking about it. Why not see either Richmond. A go at it now one game when it comes to the media can you know act claim that other wall real Williams Brice stadium mean. We go in there we do our job we go right back out that gates I don't know where exactly. I hit it's likely. That law passed by and that wars parking space used to be right under the yeah the walkways that go to the upper deck you fortunately they moved a lot of people was they took that -- away. That was that was right next eight I used to go with you for the media so that he one of those two I'd seen it that's my apologies and no matter it will wind diesel was talking about it sounded familiar to me I didn't have any good answer for but I'd never been there. So I. I'd. Defaulted you guys are also they keep the B this this the buying soap opera okay. The pizzas play baseball Charleston southern universities that team we watched days of our lives. It is needed to do it practiced McKee and asked him if he says impact and what a great way you can go clear the mind you'd Nokia but to. Baseball players sit aerial picking on days of our lives in Munich admitted for you to write this bill that is right. I mean it's it. It's awesome to play amateur mean by that really love practice Aussie semis probably made it the mean dollars in their pro career but nobody really loves practice you know I mean. It's cracked. About practice yet at the grind that is a necessary evil. Unfortunately you with practice that is. The reality. All right before we get back out the break. Let's. Every once again it's not give congratulations. To ease some of mark. Other radio issues in the building on a different station and yet the right guys last month that their 24 hour mayor on. Radio deal that they're front of bonds that wars arena and all they went out today in purchase literally a U haul truck full always more than two with the thousand dollars. Or the spin. In those boys are going to be that given handed out the hits it needed here at ahead of the holidays in. Listen that it that humans job that's humans who worked together. I'm Matt Meehan in now I mean in. That bully in Albany yet everything about bomb bomb bomb that typically at dinner Richmond you've met them at the other night out there on the air in the sun room listening to the shed. And so I think we've we've gotten. That bat solely blot Alaska Bob doesn't actually there today I don't have all the when I see eight batboy utilities like. I thought repeated so you know. That's actually knew they are rated. Is that they stick by the congratulations. That's going to be that it ends of the kinda things have a huge impact here in our local community in the holiday season. Now so you're a great job. By the right guys that won't we come back we're gonna start. Lets it this is going to be open for debate that we got one more maybe topic is well later on but. What are what's that T. He devastated. What's that team they consistently. Over performs given what ever reason you want to Patrick said they act out what it comes to mind when it comes the bowl season. But I've got a list that. I know I'm brightened joking Colin tell me I'm wrong but no I'm just hit. Let's it is indeed kill policy hit that your 844 GSP yet. Welcome MacKey where light smoke on the water Mort Sturgis Richmond Weaver Patrick Graham to back the it's me and Pepsi studios will take your call at 844 TSB ESPN broke quickly. You can follow us on Twitter ESPN upstate me at Sturgis sports. Richmond Ritz hate sports in of course our very active FaceBook pages well. But. Yeah when we talk if you guys remember last week what are some schools or programs in college football programs that should be better. Should have a better idea media over the last forty years or so in your names like Ecstasy and meant. UCLA a it's state merely came up because they all you have theories facilities they're not fighting with one arm tied behind their back. Like some of the schools I wanna get into with today's question. Which are what are some schools that consistently. Amazed you what are some schools that. Consistently. Over perform in your opinion despite. They areas restrictions. That may be placed on them that are not on Alabama state Clemson and those type deals so in you know you kind of thought of this from a little bit different. Richmond from a little different angle than I did. And that's what's great because this is opinion based in opinion driven it we love to hear your opinion. At 8414 ESP ESPN or via Twitter. Hit me at Sturgis sports in again and at rich state sports but Patrick we're gonna let you go parts were gonna go back will give one now. Eat before the break but will go with our third most surprising teams in listen none of us that we each other's list nobody's seen it I've. I eBay so mine last week but hopefully you dealt with so much business stuff I have. You've forgotten about off my hard drive pretty quickly. Mean there's you got cut be like at night like why did that etc. I. Cuts like at night maybe. You set me up I help finance a bumper music for that in the last hour. Patrick you're not doing your job it's second most decent. It's a cat and Lyndon and I notice you kids begin -- think is that last break going up a break I played fat boy slim and do you talk much fat boy. Okay I'm doing my job to produce enough of it. All right we do better price cuts like at night Bob Bryan Adams has Mexico has just written my heart out stop it flat I'm trying to find some moves that put. Lewis resort put out they rip my heart out stop that had you and some of them authority I saw him and stand up. In Elvis had a heart attack that night in a while now then ever laugh and well my daddy was a pistol so Obama's ought to let go it was what I his book smell right. Patrick. At number three on your list now remember my list is correct Patrick is wrong enrichment is somewhere in the middle. But Patrick Brown is number three on your list in why. See I went a different route would my top three I went with a top three most surprising bold scenes. And night for me number three is Marshall. Now that sounds very confusing but when you take into effect that their past 27 bowl games they've won 20 home. That's pretty impressive in and no one is even talking about Marshall right now. That's how impressed I they had then. We ended march old. Play in their first bull gain wind eighteen back in the pool the pitch black youth they played a warrior was. They played Ole miss in the Detroit Motor City Bowl. In it was like a day after Christmas heavily on the upper bill was the head coach there so. How viti go back and look for that match up if you got the list in front of you. Patrick can tell me what year that was it how many bowl games more so plate before then. But that's a pretty good answer in the attack at a reasoning there but I wanna make sure that. Like minus that to grapple the act. Cut I look you know 11 guys continue yours. Yeah it was my point being if they played it simple games in the fifties that are now the phone that were smaller gains which they had back in the day we meet at the quantify that. Let's have Marshall a slug it out you know wave one point. And he played like four fight in the executive bowl games in Detroit because they were a member of the Mac and they won that week which at Huntington and all those guys. In the in the who came in after him for five years that are ours now that's thinking outside the box and that's what we call them. Sports sect he mistakes producer without it down. Number three on your list on. Minus this is tough because I was looking at it from a different angle as you mentioned initially I was looking at it from perspective. Just the sustained excellence that some of these programs have that theory hard to do and obviously you would have to put like in Alabama up there from that perspective. But I did to reflect back and try to look at it. As far as teams that might not have this. True sustained excellence that always giving to you of some type the championship level or something of that nature but a program that has always. BN BA program that a solid program where you think that they. Really should have its own number the real mild this this Texas Christian TCU. And I think just from a perspective of being in the state of Texas yes there's a lot of talent there. Which you gotta look at all of the other schools that they're competing against a former crew they're surprised at a school day exactly that there are private school so they got a lot of challenges from that perspective so I think they've done a great job won't. Over the years to be able to stay very competitive and be in Anaheim over the past you know eighteen years they've been. They have been one of those top. Do you ever play any access the thirty for thirty yards or do you remember when the Dallas local media guy goes. Hey there were teams it here that were dirty assault kit out they were only winning three games this season in the next one. Pictures that TC UE was referring to TCU without column about so they could even to eat appropriately back in the day it would give wacker said. I can buy that they were originally on my list split. I ended up pulling them off and replacing them with somebody else are right but number three before we get out the break on my list is northwestern. It's you remember when they had Dennis Green couldn't win it northwestern back in the day. When they thought they could even celebrate when they won correctly. They went and took that they went toward the goal post dale Wendy at home for the parts after they won that game for the first time in three or four years it went through Lake Michigan. This place that I used to hang out have a baseball interested in Knoxville back in the day called the library in the last lap. The last night the goalposts was ordinarily Neal and stadium he carried out we had teamed up in a you know above the bar at the last lap but not spill. That's what you're supposed to do with that goal pose yet in this day but maybe a little bit more reasoning. About I northwestern and will continue this conversation. We'll take your tweets and your phone calls and now we're number 3844. GSP he has yet.