Straight Up With Sturg 12-14-2017 Hour 1

Straight Up With Sturg
Thursday, December 14th

The guys talk some college basketball and other topics in the world of sports.


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Welcome an up stated is eight players stated this in straight up was stirred to Richmond Weaver an idea on on the ground smoke all the water Patrick ground. Beckett ESPN upstate studios while diesel finishes off his vacation here. Ever the next couple of days and guys you know. Most of the build up a little bit early years I went out met with the add new client that the you we hear about here in the next couple weeks Richmond bit. So was driving back canal and a man it's like where it is. Called diesel and to see what he's up to a vacation that's so great in them phone call to see what each year that they keys in pale. Eight just had accumulated enough dates it yet and yet it had to wake notion. Let me do that at some point later on what. Think about that thinking the mad he be honored how do you think he would take it if we do is absolutely does like called him randomly on here later. Yeah I don't know if it would be a good idea to harass him this now that may be the reason that we did it right they hear that we got a lot of different leagues they were getting it into today. Which include our guest. It. 437. We're real talks about college football with our buddy Matt Michelle the college national college football writer. For the shortly in those sit and also at 52 when he. Is there headed out this Sunrise,. Florida the mark that's out the herbs if you will for allotted out. Who will talk with Don months in the voice of the Clemson Tigers why because Saturday. Let's just got another chance to Nazi or belt with the if you will neutral site game with the Florida Gators in the Orange Bowl classic. But eight year you'd think about it the RE whom one good road win because I would state unity of concern turned out since that loss the clips and they haven't lost they've begun Big Ten play. With back to back wins so that's a nice at a conference win nice resume builder if you will. For Bradford Allen the tigers and of course you get back to back games coming out with University of Florida in the university of South Carolina Gamecocks eight. It that's a great way to get Sama. Real big time experience hitting into ACC conference play a rather than some of these. Check out games that you might typically see this is actually going to get him prepared as your going into the Christmas break get ready to. Turn right around and start ACC conference play in that win at Ohio State. You also have to look at it from the significant standpoint that. It was the way that Clemson won that game falling down by double digits early. And even you know at halftime and then coming back and really responding to some of the coaching changes with coach for an. Outgrown it and god I town our lives by Thomas and speak at a coming down and now you're you're not literally. No way the you can it is heard what we were talking about. We were just getting certain about it. Pick up the phone and rest tonight Colin Powell is a tried tell him not to do anything though it gets a three that we have to win we're gonna crank call you in the final hour of your state case it's diesel shows up. Here's some local water that's number one is eased in the get a bite the year. In a little bit. Over to this leads me to believe that these are you a little bit bored on your state case in right. It would actually I was down here for a reason I was at the army navy store across the street Ella tomorrow phone phone a lot of wanted to watch but nobody wears out. And I said you know who's right across the street economic prepared to blow his mind. And I come back you got a haircut man. It Richmond and it's always. You know when I saw as wiped tears came by last night you know Palestinians. Or Richmond that perpetually dapper fellow it. So cute guys there yeah I just had a had a topic because I was right across the street and at scenes of your tweets this week you know I'm like I literally not. Three minutes ago week. He riches like maybe that's not a good idea that he had a great column that's it well that's probably why we do it the 6 o'clock hour faster and you are additives that. So you Peters to the putts you got to have you always get on the back in Europe that your. It would just beat us that he sat by a right there's I was interrupting counselor. Moon it. It and so he'd do it hasn't has it been this week I'll expert Grail at salt family for a couple of days and spent some time with the niece and nephew and I had enough after two days I think it out of there. And and come back down the road and I am spending its day in town and I'm driving back out to Columbia tomorrow morning. It's our afternoon go hang out some friends over the weekend but. All in all it's been a good vacation good deal good deal where you we just. Hang out purpose so again strike that would Patrick off the list of the 6 o'clock hour Rick as you it might dates complete Don months and it by twenty all right. You you sit with this right here but the apps they'd invasion again it is. But yeah we're talking quotes in Florida in the Orange Bowl classic South Carolina. Getting cut basketball there off till Tuesday night's match up with the tigers in Little John but. Is Laura back nine epic Timmons arena tonight eight Furman university's they will host Monterrey is a really good in AIA basketball program. But for throwback night all seats to six dollars and asking you aware some that throwback in. Think about affirmative ballot it's tonight they're going for their fourth consecutive win. Mean they are seven and three in the and they get to tough road games coming up prior to Christmas Sunday they'll be over in Wilmington. Taking on the UNC Wilmington. See Seahawks. And then also Wednesday but he and Libby take Rick Barnes he's got Tennessee playing really really well right now. Parma will roll in there. Wins the night the pace of volunteers. You know it unfortunately I have planes later on which include well I deal with Sturges planes are not. Please dude I've been watching. I'd card will show. Designated survivor. I have not seen any idea yet I haven't seen any evidence Palestinian it's a busy here uplifting tales last night and again and went. Like ten episodes into the years to guess what. Your favorite and. That'll show rich well it's many say that because I was about to say it's amazing these days that. The content that you have available in its hand. Being watched but I was not a bean watcher until just recently that did the house of cards all of that but care and I actually. We're in this. Period right now in watching. Pulled mark is the name of the show and it said in. Late. Right after revolutionary war and it's an English guy British guy whatever. And he's come back after the war in these in a lot of dead is dead guy. It's actually fascinating economic history guys well. But I've we're we're in that mode so I need more recommendations I guess this would also John Elway as it always streaming showers and a television they show that you're just catch a couple clips didn't go so it is on masterpiece theater so yeah I'm but he daddy on that side of its latest talking about masterpiece. First in class I think that everybody thought Arizona five live Carol Burnett lost episodes on TV last night now you talk about master yeah I just called myself out let's that was the best teams have acted Joker Joker took third at eight on the August argument back. It's actually very you know there's wild with their different while item that leftovers of doctor to at least some good news. You ever hear yet but it's a lot the pilot with bella look down up over the last kingdom that's another one that we watched as well I was I was really into the Walking Dead acted. When I can and everything and when it started that caught up and had to watch every week. It's sort of started listening and watching his weight got it do anymore it's amazing that been watching is the only way to go yet. The first episode out last night it was 46 minutes and this year whatever they're doing different on on demand. It's that Iran and about a two minute commercial break they're just running like a 352. They write back to the program because I've seen that first break was over about three. OK back it Zaria and that delicate re why did this is a take a wait there. Re right it passport I was like third really just say dad jumped ahead here on it he's got a state crime for crime now come all for crying out loud you know coming out of that. And that's Tommy bout in theory about it's best that it got. The senate. But that's in yet let me houses that there might be a little bit of Friday sponsor involved with that have been one into watching tonight to. You know way via the later on we you. Meet but anyway couple other news and notes congratulates its star buddy George Rogers you know. One of the nice guys out there but today the NN is Yahoo! Teoma Duluth Georgia. They unveiled the new George Rogers at these and think about this yet. He's got George Rogers boulevard in Cologne he's got George Rogers avenue and is now now and it's been on the Duluth it does have a stadium. Statue outside Williams Brice correct. So statue of animals that way right now I don't know I don't know. The statue of someone. Right there on the corner yeah but it's not a courtroom what I thought it was sort maybe a wrong ache today are better ones when a car I still have not been in this state. Yeah so I'm not but not certain one of our South Carolina means is that means be you know if I'd let us now by ever habits street named after me I mean do its due to be like the three foot wide walkway between builds the hate it kills the enemy that's about as much real estate analyst at exactly overly darken who those who would be a get out there by some of the guys in the league guys to gals that lets you. From seven at midnight on how to take them all and it is the for me it is it with the last name Weaver. There's plenty of like Weaver renewed surrounded by the way I guess I'm way out of a liberation I I've seen those in my other out filing made it big time Sturgis that's a little bit different now might be difficult yeah well considering the biggest Harley-Davidson motor motorcycle rally at least in this country are not in the world takes place for very. That's like. People look at me ago. Yet just like the heart of the unity as you know it they're they give before they even ask it says. Are right sue one final theme this week yet stripe bowl. Yeah I was kind of lets all take that apple or Brett venables was on the sideline yesterday you know his son Jake it's a linebacker and it. The they have this sign something and off just to make sure. That threat that Boris is can be added not clumps and recruiter becomes the spending too much time they could have exemptions are there yes I would hope so because that's got to be pretty. Pretty special unique. Eat it situation and to be able to go out in from what I gather you know a lot of the answer out there Watson's dot. It's pretty cool it looked like yesterday used it's out there be in the added Jake venables practice well strike bulls this week it also. What ever did you go for whatever reason we must just play better football up here in the northern part of the state is I don't know if you saw this past weekend. Again the in the north south all star game in north winds. That's just the way we do it around here is an easy target about a football more seriously in the Myrtle Beach area that's good that nobody in my abilities there they get too many other distracts exactly exactly all right so here's the deal will open up the phone lines at 437. This will talk with our buddy Matt or shell. The Orlando sentinel he's their national college football writer at 520. We will talk with Don months and after that. It's our third stake China debate topic if you will. You know will look to get the collars and on it because there's a hundred different directions this topic ago. If you know what it is opinion based suit not everybody can be wrong and let's not disagree with you are not everybody can be wrong or right let's site agree or disagree with you but so it will get into that. After India take notes done months and few other topics I want to get tee when we come back hit the ever seen somebody's. Like ability factor. Heroism. Respect factor however you want a college. Change on a 180 the weight Rick. Petite as as with not only the little oval cardinal fan base. But probably the residents of local Kentucky is well we'll tell you about this when we come back open potency for four GSP yes via. All right welcome back in a smoke all the water at Richmond waiver mark Sturgis we're live here make sure you come by and check it out happy hour going on right now. Still 7 PM at Richmond before. We get the phone line to we're gonna get anti. This Rick pitino's situation. After. Delve a bit broke quickly. Some mean. Boy ever thought it's oh mark price gets fired at Charlotte yet we're talking about that before we go on the year. Talking about a more price that was what. Got it right. Here. Thirty and 42 yeah three and six for the season. Right. It he gets let go today in its athletic directors that was more or less insinuating. Did the kids were playing hard for him but he's like I don't know where she's coming from on this. Thirty and 43. Only three and six on the season. Is there more to this story that we don't know about witnesses is an awfully odd timing. Europe firing especially of a coach that. As some pedigree. That has some must scratch in the game it quite frankly Charlotte maybe need to check yourself this is at the dates it UNC Charlotte. Wind you know Robert cornbread Maxwell is plain and and that things of that nature. It's did you know you can just say now mark price is the latest coach to fell Charlotte. But there's got to be a reason that this continues to happen over and over again but they're feels like the timing on this one might be there's more to. Yet there has to be something going on here. Two that I mean. Two full seasons for him now they had made a whole lot of progress having fourteen wins in the first season thirteen in the second season. The had been a whole lot of process progress from that standpoint this was going to be a year though the third year that. They had some senior leaders hurt. You know but not seniors necessarily but some got that been in the program for a little bit longer period of time and so they had that type of leadership and they're going to make some strides. But to pull. Triggered that quickly and based on NGU rose's comments what I read. That she's referring to a specific game against Chattanooga. And where they. You know only had five offensive rebounds and these are quotes talking about. You know they only had five offensive rebounds obviously. The players are not responding to coach price they're not playing hard for him. So I felt the programs not going in the right direction that we need to make that change and that. Those type of comments. Signified to meet debt there's much more to it at the she's trying to pull something out there. And you can read also that mark price is now there was Stein did that this happen. Is it here's the deal. I'm with you on that you can you take in December 1 gained snapshot at a conference because. They are so many varying factors that these kids are dealing with. Leading up to CM week going to Acxiom week mean the only hits on -- it's it's a totally different environment at that time vs any other point in the year. I distill the that you can Mickey snapshot judgment of one game ago. Let's though it out because of it tastes so. If there is not anything else to it indeed just threw a former Georgia Tech player you know. That wind up in their basketball hall of fame with the serious MBA credentials out the door. Somebody would take the job but you can have a whole heck of a lot harder time. Find itself I would like to go to work for you just did that the mark price with the credibility that he has in the industry huge. Credibility and I'd never had to be right coaching experience so that's and not from that perspective if you look at the big picture but. Mean he is one of best shooting guards in college basketball history any given in the NBA what you're during his prime. And now he was there is shooting guard coach for the Charlotte hornets so he's got it. Bill c.'s community relationship within that whole area I get that both. Mu forgy euros that feels better pass some notes with the art when you're looking again as specific stats like offensive rebounds. Sorry you can't be. That might grow into it or athletic director or you were looking for a reason that he would rid of somebody will find out what that would. Priests in his sometime later on Dublin's on hole was also Clemson basketball though the welcome him. You know of course from this point he stirred this notebook or special on SEC Stewart award people out bloody watch speed. The issue just got a little where up to supporting miles it was shank shank. You know with the holidays going on and what all I've dealt with this week it that's the only that's the boasts deported they got forgotten that may have winner winner chicken dinner but you're right. The other thing about aids I've kind of seen that thing in light eighteen dipper peace is if you know what I mean I'm not sure I've sat and watched the entire sixty minutes of it. But I can tell you who's not happy with that. And that's George Rogers himself he will not actually did come on let's talk are. A key state in the acting he was not happy about for whatever reason did not tell me. It is what happy with that. That's easy story that they did keen to work on him. Oh my Galvin but. I can't be True Religion to don't know how much you party candidate in this grove are this news for what he very close look a little bit. This week as well there's really stretch. Yeah yeah I I like there's good days yet dale thank you for call and I think is it going to be. It not immediate impact does not take David Starr some time to get it be in the mix of things get back into playing shape and I knew. You know it's it's not the same gain plane vs practice plain X better in just the touch the feel all of that so. Conference. Come you know come conference play in January I think that's where you're really gonna see more impact because. He's a body that can extend out guarding some of the bigger players specially now that these Gaskin shoot threes. And that's where you like Thomas has some problems in terms of guarding for the gets into foul trouble in its Tara is long he's got believed to be able to guard. And he he's a he's a big body from that perspective. And I think that is going to help. You know from the perimeter defense. For the tiger way. 682 this team with a little bit longer wing Spain and also who he can take on a more athletic player. But what this does maybe use that protects a light at Thomas a little bit because. I think is became evident that second half at a high state for this team to be successful. You gotta come somehow through alike to Thomas and that's why he start to put up. Double doubles fairly consistently right now while he's doing that. You're seeing in the confidence that this team grow the one place they can get anything done this past weekend course that was from three point Lian at some point. Four for twenty stat sheet. Yet four for twenty that was in the upper parts at right area and I think it seemed to be all most of that was a point. But that was intentional that that was somewhat of the game plan and and I think also Sanford that was also I think from their perspective as well that. They were willing to give that up. They were clogging everything in side they did one Thomas. Start going off. It's gonna be. It's gonna be it's just think it's it's it's a big opportunity here between Saturday vehement Sunrise, Florida against the gators denigrated they've lost three road. Eddie as it just didn't just get a win against Cincinnati. That's right that's a pretty good win that of course back it up right Morton in the gamecocks eight to. Coming off a final fours that are radio in coastal Carolina just pushed him out to a two point win. For the gamecocks with Jeff right mark one really happy about I've got a feeling that they're working on these things in this Indy. You won a war main event the pits. It's some kind of laundry. You know we pressing. A little bit more Tampa. Could he said that he was mailed to determine its got its own cart some might mean to me in the indie game picked pulsed in the game. That's the day. He wasn't really they're pop and off that the press are trying to speak the route to his team through the press he I think he was adamant that. If we had to take that let that elegance coastal Carolina. I learned something that's gonna benefit us in the long term. I have no I have no doubt that he would have done it just moved on because he's the one guy you'd sit here badger with the press room. When it comes to. The frank Barton but anyway well and just look at Cliff Ellis the always to have a team prepared to meet that over 800 wins so. You can't put anything past him from an exodus standpoint he can come up with a game plan and he obviously had won in South Carolina nine are right the Wofford terriers they're six and four Richmond they're playing Sunday at the believe the US cellular arena in Asheville at 3 PM again its High Point University. They'll close out their pre Christmas break with a tough road trip Wednesday night. At North Carolina that's at 9 PM tip off we've mentioned firm insisting Mon tree tonight at seven their UNC Wilmington Sunday at 2 PM. That's week Wednesday at Tennessee. 9 PM says that's got a year. Upstate basketball. College basketball. Report that he will. Is the one guy this is going off right now congratulations. To lecture McKee ever Wofford. He is in the top and of like eight differ offensive categories including. How on how in Waco. How big does the basket look when you're shooting it six point 3% from three point. Huge win yours you know almost 60%. From three point line. That's big time exit out in scoring in college basketball with nearly 24 points for Gaines says. Mike Young in the hear yours listened. They've got some pieces to work with we've made I give the credit that a lot of people give it the credit it deserves the Southern Conference pretty deep this year. With some basketball teams and I'm telling you what Richmond. Yet to go up there with this Southern Conference tournament up in Nashville come march that's a fun little bit out there and I'm not belittling them sign me up calling them. Yeah it's the perfect size or read it like seven outs and to those set part of it. Because if you get 4000 or more in the years since Boxee feel the you're gonna have a good atmosphere. Indy course that's one of our favorite trips a year ago Morse and nailed it in the ACC tournament it's been moved. And remains in my opinion are I won't come back. It will talk with our friend Matt Purcell the national college football writer for the Orlando sentinel you can follow him on Twitter. NOS that herself. No. Richmond it's not gonna take Patrick Barry Bonds due. He works the most decent sports producer what like twenty by sector it's up front and an outbreak sprite. It's a it's like you were back on the year you fly. I look I warned you I'm born view. He did give you warning that it is what we it's yet. Let's get the guests like for the first nine today why did in Matt ourselves college football writer though Orlando sentinel. Actually it's happy. They're playing a bowl game in Orlando on Saturday about the your bowl pits from what matters stated earlier this week Matt. You look at quarry here are pretty bad ankle you lost your voice and everything else says. Not a bad game to have entailed this weekend taking in NATO. Yeah I mean you look at it this game coming up but I mean obviously. You don't get western Kentucky and Georgia's state that you programs. That look and a wrap up that are a pretty decent season with the way and and you know the game. Obviously kicks off the ball easily to our team on Saturday so it on or talk college football arms look standing upright I'm but it beat that cover up. Mates who let's in the here's the deal week week to back up this weekend. There's a litany of bowl games three teams actually did make it. Saturday yeah actually see a couple of the sinking here but the one that really gets me is Boise State organ this feels like it QB matchup from the yet he has the bowl a decade ago. Ever really get to see how organs are gonna respond. With this simple transition they made head coach Demorrio crystal ball. Yeah I think that's going to be beach in the key to them you know because I kidding aren't you get a coaching change. In that case it wasn't as unit lost the head coach Willie Taggart but more credible steps up. Pretty much we're gonna run the same system that are run the with the been doing it Jim Leavitt gonna be there but the corners so it's not a bit this. You know program was going to wholesale change come on registered as well I want a few good organ response players really. Were in crystal ball quarter they want him either the next it coach. So Libyan issue is if they step up and antiquated power in action. I get good Boise State you know what he's taking that I think Dexter could be o'clock we pocket dot. They were continuing with Matt Hershey L. College football writer for the Orlando sentinel in Madison Richmond Weaver co hosting with sturtze today. The speaker of the coaching changes as well with the UCF and Scott frost leaving obviously his all the moderate Nebraska and Josh type will be in it named head coach at UC Japanese are teammates him. Hires with Randy Shannon as his defense of coordinator so is the excitement level the same with Josh -- coming in as a had been with Scott frost. What you practically did it it's a weird transition to you haven't met. You of this team that is just coming off a conference championship. They just qualified for the peach bowl adapt and be excited about that going to play offered. In Atlanta and a couple weeks. And then you got the coaching change and it used to be a Scott are still gonna be here coaching. As much as he can and apple gains so it's kind of a little confusing time I think there's a definitely a lot of excitement for Josh artful. Com but I can't let a the campaign is just council trying to get over. You know the excitement of the wind they had against meant that the car chip chip and getting to teach well our I think. It hasn't been nearly as well it would've been maybe a paid last year what we're playing in the has been in the game so. Are people just leave like the higher I mean they feel like he's kind of same sort of boulders of those got off he went national I don't when he was out of Oklahoma. You're. He definitely has that kind of offered to back out at a creek that Arafat sort of happy as well it appears to be cute he kind of continues. With a whole piece is that and what that system won't look like current market beat the border Arafat's would be able to use your yet. Yeah I don't disagree with that net interest because that's only what went cross country to go meet with the a recruit. Two out. You know for Nebraska and then flew back new continue bull crap that's it and take it is still on him as well Mac you'll meet your goal I felt some point. As well but let me ask you this state of Florida. Gators and seminoles knew at coaches. Yet still liking either one of them struck a little bit harder right now with their recent hire Rick is that still the the bills like it's mortem picks Florida. Then there is it Florida State. Well I think you know that Florida was happy with again more army like a keep telling people it's not the sexy. But I think being bought really kind of it is a bit better car better fit but spoke up I think he's very familiar with the program. You know he eased with there obviously would Urban Meyer what they want a couple championships. He knows that and yet he's he coaches at coach and yet the are you could make a little bit better what they're trying to do. I think you mention Willie tiger comes into this job of course they. The program doesn't need a complete overhaul it just the kind of a little bit of a group. But I think what we can do that I think it's gonna be a different sort of thinking that what we're used to seeing and the offense is going to be a lot more exciting. Maybe depending on who you are in deep but according I think. You're risking could definitely beat. Doctor may be a little bit Dexter I don't think it would be he's ordered out point by going to Dexter. But he picked applicable right steps forward as we look to reap rebound from what we listen to supporting couples deep. Are right before we let together I. At bats this David Pollack on Friday when we were up on radio rue army navy game in a few others of course. Matt you're the college football writer for the Orlando sentinel on just trying to get a gate on the expert. Yeah you look at what's gone on head coaching Weis transition here. Again this coaching here sell in the Southeastern Conference in the seats and fingerprints of Nick Saban you hear me Pruitt. Was higher up the Tennessee you know I never really thought bill over would go higher reality Democrat. That was seats sitting Alabama defense of coordinator did either one except program but he did so. Let me ask you this right now who's more powerful and SEC football in this is a legit question I'm not trying to be as Smart Alec. Nick Satan himself or Jimmy sexton who is now the ages of eleven of fourteen sitting at coaches in the Southeastern Conference. Well apparently Jimmy sexton on the you know you should mention that he's the guy and he's basically got his clients you know in jobs and in the FTC and I think. You know. If not for me. This goes to show you how good of a coach nick didn't really is I mean his coaching tree continues to grow and grow you've got a guy now and they're going to be coaching. You're India he would give canal. He's got a really good job of actually beating those guys that's one thing that that stood out. But again. You know he would continue to have your sister coaches get jobs we get a coaching jobs premier programs. It just goes to show you how you've got to be able to kind of make it work from their network that system. And get themselves in the situation where they can be successful I mean I don't Jim are going to look so much so poor but you look at got even blanket and I mean not to beat. I mean not to be funny but it really separate. Goat carcass but he a couple of years wouldn't statement. Go to FA UN ticker for you well I tried wouldn't even on the verge of what went. He's one of the court turnaround so he just how the winning apartment and you guys is prepared to make that next big step but I think these guys are starting to do that so. Out of of the art it definitely should respect it just that the fact that he's gonna have a happy holiday with a all the money he's making models contrast. No hit no all right real quickly tell our listeners again they can find you on Twitter OS Mac or shell that's in the EU are as C eight EL. Tell our listeners what you're working on ahead of the holidays and then of course coverage into the GB chip also. A challenge and eager to try out your podcast on iTunes called gridiron 360 bite down about that for a moment as well. Yeah I'll look TARP off our cap to be durable peace march you know. Basically every week which artery during that you know we tried to break down the teams that are coming out we broke out what I was going all the playoff race. Had a couple great gap over the over the year. Tony Barnhart on what year had been Beatty from the gulf port you talked about. You both pitchers are taxes pay them. It just kind of an opportunity to advance Eric a couple of college football and it yup it was stopped or economic got. Curable that we cannot but it recovering I'm also working on some early signing period part stated that we got recruit next week so we got to get ready recruiting next week. And that you don't get ready for the peach bowl that I'm going to international jet. I was C will definitely see you in Atlanta apparently it doesn't matter him or Clemson that we're going to be able to be there so course that. You can the you know Richmond you may not realize I Wear my he has been in upstate culture 933 the planet actually. In baton these guys mean it's now a company ritual. See you address the sharp it's in the right spots and it's our top members you know from week it was thanks buddy lists and go home apologize to your wife were hit her sick in. Hope everybody in the herself mentally. Good and healthy before next week and enjoys the upcoming politics. Aren't that select a secret have a good holiday Eric. Richie enemies who won the best and at a US. Just. You know any time I get that he we've been able to share. Three or four press boxes with them this ball just an absolute the great deed that lets you put him any contests looked like seeing him on G your. Who Covers the SEC west in Texas seen him. Matt or shells some the AP pretty dad gum good. Fashion show I'm telling you what that's why I'm glad I had it's got its in and look tango which along sleep T shirt that I wanna Wear underneath I 933 the planet golf shirt on college football Saturday it's all right when we come back opened lights. Some FOR Rick that he'd at. Sure he atop Gerri they're out favoritism growing by the day in global will pay about that when we come back. Don't forget coming up at 520 done much in the voice of the Clemson Tigers is gonna joyous and we're gonna push back that Rick pitino's up because it's. We had on this show multiple times Scott Hamilton no not that ice. Not ice skater from back in Olympic glory. Back in the day. But the Scott Hamilton who is a syndicated columnist that writes a lot of stuff on college football's wells who's a radio show well. You know with the voting came dale for the Heisman Trophy which maker mayfield won going away this past week I guess you have some of the Oklahoma into a year river just I'm just a few weeks removed from badly. Half the Oklahoma pane based on Twitter because I said I thought the two. The replacement and was just not adequate you know and boy somebody I don't know. It's Oklahoma being a base obviously have like people watching peacefully in Indy you code red code redder the crimson whatever it is it's crimson agree. And they all come out. Because they are route they're absolutely trying to ruin Scott Hamilton slight via social media screw with this radio show. Why the kids he admitted that he let maker bay field. Off of his top three in the ballot on the ballot. But he had a reason for doing so in eighty set quote. Going out there hunting Baylor. Potting Kansas for goodness sake. I think it's unbecoming at the most iconic trophy in sports. Sportsmanship. It's part of this award and I felt like he was lacking that. That is a well thought out reasoned argument why he did not vote for maker may bill. In Oklahoma periods don't like. Sucked. Not everybody's got to be waving the flag for baker mate bill that he was opened plated on an artificial field. In Columbus. In Columbus so I don't. How would have voted for I also understand why Scott Hamilton said. On I'm not in you know I have my itchy thwarting the idiot on the Q well I guess that was the crotch grab stuff but it was I get where he's coming from. But you know what. That his vote. That's his opinion. In that his right it back. It up with a why that has BP committed up in Oklahoma main base. Back that hill off the lead to get off your pedestal the teacher proving pretty quickly. You're not the greatest period base out there you're the most venomous. Than those that vicious. Because I didn't need the crap I saw for having my opinion. You know. That's what he did. If I don't agree with your opinion let's go to trashy and that's what social media it's the comet. And I'm not sure I've seen it in base like what Oklahoma is active in the last month. It Scott Hamilton's he's not the only person that bills that way when it comes the baker made bill but I would also tell you you're gonna apply those rules. The public's at the voted for Johnnie Mae down mentally and report back and say it should have been applied against John demons LT miss Winston and a few other cases as well. Would you obviously hope he had a consisted. Considered how long I'm not sure either how long he's been a Heisman voter that you. Obviously you want him to be consistent on how he votes and if that's his principles and that's what his guidelines. You tell him how he should vote then. That's how he votes and I would also leaving content that. Look at the perspective that. He's open enough and transparent enough to say who he voted for who we did in the NY. A lot of these voters that Ernie been telling you that they had not good enough for these people with that's cross in the line of Spain vs. Fanatic. And that's the problem is that right. It's eight the end of Oklahoma clumps of Albanian. Or Greenville university firm a whopper or whatever. Take what you think teach your opinion is absolute correctness has absolute 100% backed. In apply to other people's thought process in the that they don't like it. You know like they go trash. That's our college in the radio show which is guess what that's affecting his producer if other people it's a gain people out see. I felt better about baker may build a winning the Heisman actor's speech. But I threw up in my mouth when it was nails the little bit you know it is still well. Held back that it may be a bad person it definitely does it take away my credentials when he covers the game at college football so check yourself. I have yeah I am sorry adjustment to when he Bob box other night it the South Carolina football hall of fame so all Y. Leads the list. Thought Oklahoma like a brother in law's biggest Oakland the pain and that the hey by the way Oklahoma fans that are out there scratching sky able to add on Twitter dvds your right to. The only reason that we took it I hope nobody bit on that item to be getting wet suit your obviously. Not speak easy that you are outside of that pain handles statement. It sort sky healed it's a great guy. Is the appalled by bumped his problem on accused and he he was tried to change the Oakland main base into this is a legitimate argument he has the right to do it. It just because you don't like he doesn't mean I'll gather on the message boards ago with your pit sports in in year plays out there it try to ruin somebody's elite light when it comes to their job do these things. And fanatics do they not understand. You're player. Baker mayfield he won the Heisman but he don't argue salts but it's not good enough it's not let him at all. How dare he he is at it it Tyre Saturday each and my god out so let's go go up. Sooner planet dot com a thousand strong and go trash him on Twitter and everything else because that's. How we can go make up for. It's insane PNC's into the greatest things on the basis or he could be the worst things when it comes to sport as well. That's the ironic means or bipolar mayor street they're much are right when we come back speaking of bipolar. Rick that he would eat that may be claim it that is that benefits. Before all sit down to you about that.