Straight Up With Sturg 12-13-2017 Hour 1

Straight Up With Sturg
Wednesday, December 13th

The guys talk about Mike Ayers retiring from Wofford and other topics in the world of sports.


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Welcome in upstate is it wins the addition of straight up was sturtze Wear light smoke on the water Richmond Weaver's in my right Patrick right now backing the Caspian upstate studios. As you know it's been fun Patrick thank you and Josh as they queue that price for bill and it yesterday bit. You know where we were so authoring governed by the laws Richman of sports optimist decent producer. Nice to have some high level work going on back there in the studio this week in if I get a two week or text here in the next five minutes elevators her off. For one particular by ST it's more. Shame on you on your vacation for listening to this year he did he better not be better not be. So Patrick you do it all right back everybody. You know I gained 2.2 months and join in you know and ninth look at downside. Woods is very shocking move Chile out there it's chili plays so elegant. It is nice looking of course. You know I remember one types at that board Charley Cohen Maine and she was awfully good look until while that sets up two words it's a hook. Our rights of the surrogate negated through today of course the big news from the state of South Carolina the retirement Wofford head coach Mike years after thirty years. Also. We're gonna take a look at some of the bowl gates because believe it or not that begins this weekend including impaired pretty interesting match up with the organ in the UK coach Mario crystal ball. Also the college football coach of the year you get an hour to think about this Richmond. Who would your top three B McCann is I have mine here. Also an NFL mock draft because I know Patrick back years to snap salute NFL junkie. In I'm kind of scratching my head scratching my head at a few of the things. Did I see these mock drafts right now so will get into it. Later on in between will take your phone calls and 8442 ESP ESPN. It 505 will talk South Carolina athletic so target but he David monitor from the Charleston post and courier. Following that segment where again while knock out our pick them segment. With Steve Sumner right here on location smoke on the water in we will take a look at Saturdays bowl games in there we go back it up to you segments. At six so five we will have our had our aches. Averages twelve pack of knowledge contests where you're already a winner yep Patrick is Patrick says you're playing. When you cause try to call and get on board. You're already he winner of a six pack with a little bit at knowledge guess what will make that a twelve packs of hates premium beverages who. We got paying out with those guys up in Philly on Thursday and they took this out and it's absolutely. Next levels so that's what we're gonna do on the show today. Is well is that take your phone calls but Richmond. First of all got to take a moment look back at last night you were at the embassy suites. Until yet believe because of the year. Suns basketball game but the South Carolina football policy that was installment number one the debut he will of their legend speakers here Easton. What grade of I had meet several hundred strong there at the embassy suites in the new. In Reeves delivers an absolute. Top notch speech and something that can even begin to he said he thought about just hearing some remarks in that said you know what. Let's get started NC where we end up in need of thirty minutes later some great pieces of divisive. You have always had somebody on your staff that will pay you what you need to hear verses which won't a year in net with. He considered his college coach Marvin bats it's he hired him his first professional staff when Dan Reeves got the job. With the yet Denver Broncos so dreary Miree get a bit. We can go ahead and bail outs because it Davis the information last night in the tickets are already online and listen as. That went a sell out last night they're button but maybe five at the seats in the air. The aid you CJ Spiller was there as well as. Patrick Sapp woody Dantzler. Robert Smith the former Clemson defensive back chip on Williams who played basketball North Carolina from south side high school. Various other you coached Dallas Shealy and several other former coaches and it was just a lot of but the food was good yes actually that's not doing it justice that was fantastic. Yeah for me to go back for seconds that means whose get it good egg. Are you really what it was but fortunately you represented yourself a nice ESPN upstate when they write trip back to the daylight set. We can let you know. On March 1 the hearing Brothers Michael the name William Perry will be the second speakers in the legends Siri says. Go ahead start thinking about that that should be entertaining to say at least. I think very entertaining that you have both of them together at the same time it the last time GC the B one off separated. Now to have been together I think there's one that's great stories and would your point was as far as last night and how it was a fantastic and it what do way to kick it off right legends speaker series with a legend. Himself Dan reads I mean if he's the consummate. Professional adjusted terms of these like this grandfatherly figure he's. He's professional he's been in front of all of these audiences type of audiences before from. Vienna coach and be dealing with the media so. It's so natural for him yeah I just how easy he details stories and talk about what advice he would pass on you first bought the key at laugh at yourself your. Really not allow life to laugh at anybody else but. Yes there's a silent auction or ninety minutes to set a silent on it you large island on where you walk by and you bid on it now they had a guy for. Whatever reason the company from Charlotte's next level items there are male artist so there was a 1992. Signed gene stallings national team preacher at University of Alabama helmet and we knew that we were gonna make it their nations of guess who came home with the yet. 1992 national championship University of Alabama Helmut last night I wanted to see picture view where it. Tied to get an auditory centers for what we just paid for that. Guess what if it doesn't come off that you late breaking double break your neck as well top of it I guess that's ironic that we rich and break your neck will get that. Yeah here to second but again it was a lot of fun to come on out make your plans on March 1 for that now. Yeah I'll be us people you had to do educate. I think it goes nah I was nervous at first couple minutes but once we kind of got going boom everything was fine and really enjoyed it you know at the opportunity once he was done with his speech to sit you know. With a question and answer period with coach Reeves and it was just a very very cold night meant. I go beyond that forget Alabama helmet highlight of my night yeah my mom and dad were there there in the early eighties and sweetest couple on the face of this earth in my opinion it. There are there in the corner in this long conversation with CJ Spiller and they give me a way I have to get their photograph in. That I think had more fun to watch him my mom and dad and CJ. Yeah you realize it. But dad's company started the school packaging science at Clemson University through a partnership. Cry about it back in the day about that was with then got. He wanted to find out more about that says it's much is CJ looks like he hit. Good return unit particularly volatile. Yes you can also tell you start to maybe factory and an. That you can now seat is much is he wants to maybe pick somebody's brains about x.s and those with football. It's cited is my peers toward NB CJ in talk about watching him play book ball. He was picked him my dead spray when he came to business as you can see very that's Qaeda alive yet between big Brothers. Big big Brothers that will Brothers big sisters little sisters which is a partnership. That business had neck is what they're trying to do with the South Carolina football hall of fame because. What is the key phrases that you kept hearing coach reason people mentioned last night. What's next talking about what's next now cheering it stopped in the plane days. And it's an issue with these players I've interviewed several players that talked about this for my podcast. And they talk about the aspect of trying to make that transition. Difficulty of figured out when sometimes there thirty years old and I don't know what they're going to do with the rest of their career because they got a long career after their playing days. And what can they do and now there's a lot of focus with David Wyatt is trying to do with. Well this bridge program that he's developing with connection with the South Carolina football hall of fame and really. Embrace seen community members to help. These individuals connect and I think it's great in. CJ Spiller just so nice and actually I interviewed Tim parade. Earlier this week in reference for my podcast but I asked him about his. Favorite athletes you know at Clemson he's been there for forty years and he said CJ Spiller just because of the whole package as far as what he did for the football program. And then also just what he did. From the perspective of understanding that time requirements needed for. He and in the media and how graceful he was from that perspective in Nassau last night just how nice it was to everybody your round. Give him a personal thank you because again news CNET. And mom mom and dad again grades courier Anita so funny yet. So Dicey get a look at your peers like the child as well when it comes to some of these things is it was a lot of fun. All right couple things before we get out we'll open up the phone lines of course. Got to get into coach Mike years thirty years in one location Richmond. Yet that's the way I wanna go out are not talking about life in breeding. I want calm my shot when it's time. In you know what very rarely in life you get that opportunity and we do is witness that today at Wofford College with Mike years after thirty years going. It's time. It's done in theory rarely do you see that in sports as they head coach that you call your shot and walk away that doesn't happen very often these days so. Will get into that the legacy I mean the coaching branches are long and you know course you that you think back to his first job in the early seventies you know. Thirty years it's that go to the whopper here yours. Course more less rebuilt that program when he came on board. Guided it into the Southern Conference in caps it off with a Southern Conference championship this year back to back ten win seasons you know what. At the let me ask you this. You big you take your punch you know which your limitations art whopper you probably understood this when you're fairly Dickinson. In Maryland nieces or NC assistant basketball coach. You got out there in you've gone to bargain twice in the quarterfinals now. Once she came out pretty short fourteen to seven this past week did it get away 42 units in. You think that's somewhat reality comedy and it. James Madison North Dakota State made South Dakota State they here's an elite group of that CS teams that moralists separated themselves in the likes it. Here recently clumps and Alabama Oklahoma and now I've state media on. At the IF BS level it's interesting you ask that question though is thinking about. Wonder when he came to the realization that you won it's that way was it like coming back. From North Dakota you know after having it tough Lawson committed realization that OK it's time. To move forward are right. Listen to this show wind in I'm sure way and yeah I got a few minutes in studio went up pot and drops them off the price yesterday. That is severed the career that shows that price is really he recounts and stuff when it comes to flying and things of that nature. I've got to clean up the latest text now you realize earlier today. American Airlines struck again when it comes to speed up with Sturges. Price was over two hours late getting out agreeable Spartanburg on American Airlines which calls him in this dissect it connection and a fair in this. It seeing maybe in the masters airman he's for tonight's opening ceremonies at the mixed doubles US Olympic trials. I'll clean up wit a scheme and few minutes ago all right exit Chicago. You are should be one now this just might that this group American Airlines were cleaning that would. Hot never too united geared player who's likely going to say that day meet Minneapolis only four hours late let me Ritz degree heat screw American Airlines. Hey remember it's the truth it's not stealing handers and point me. Out of body to turn the tables a little packet CAJ he likes it. I think even got started you can believe half when he puts up also assuming patiently. Just nicely painted its way from my spot Alamo rent a fielder Thursday up of balls that. We hit wherever org go it and edits there's a two week. Me stating your life at Gallup rental car go what eight diesel radio what could possibly go wrong here. Not that went wrong they actually gave us a nicer car than what we had requested. Strolling next year he would troll so anyway they listen let's hope he gets here people have an idea. How much that USC early means they have Eastman net. Yeah I humans year with them. It their meridian. You there's still a little bit of trepidation when it comes to the US athletes right now they haven't gotten 100% guarantee a threat to US Olympic team is Connecticut compete. In South Korea I don't think there's teensy dole but. Quite frankly. A law the government is not signed off on that yet so there is a little bit of nervousness. When it comes to me we four years and we better be able and you know that's going to be tough for aptly look back some of those. Boycotted Olympics and all that effort the train goes behind net and then. An outside factor like that affects your ability to compete for your. All right well we come back it's open phones for the rest of the hour 844 GS PE SP it will take a look at what Mike years. It's meant not only to college football but especially to the palmetto state. We'll also let you know broke quickly on our way out there is college basketball here in the upstate tomorrow night at 7 PM Timmons arena. But treats taking on seven in three. Furman basketball team. And listen Mon treats like 121 on the year so this isn't your typical the two team. Come and bail to take on the island suit you're looking for some college basketball action. Tomorrow night 7 PM at him and Serena will be right back this smoke on the water. It straight up which starts were always like obvious in upstate. We have now gotten one more messages from price disc player by the previous when Richmond. Is that this case for. A particular American airline right now you figure out which one that is. Real quickly. Coach Ayers takes it up after thirty years think about what he has done he won more I went 270 gains it. Is head coach at whopper. EC winningest coach whopper history. With the ad record to 07139115. Southern koppers GB chips and oath the Rio seven and twelve and seventeen. Overall record in coaching which also included three seasons at the helmet East Tennessee State. 218. Wind 260 losses in to do that makes him the third winningest. It now an active coach in NC yes so you're talking about a program when he took over in 88 that was one in ten. 15 games that first year about 1990. They had earned ENT the to play off it. My question he becomes the Southern Conference coach of the year 20020032007. He won the Eddie Robinson award it's yet. One double A diesel cannot bus beyond that because. That's what it says right here on the list he was the national coach of the year back in 2003. He was the dean of college football coaches here in the palmetto state in it wasn't even close but he Pugh is now. The dean sixteen years. It was extremely stable staff and program. With in here disadvantages. But continued to grow from DT. My question is do you Richmond Weaver before will get to the phone lines. Is that a hall of fame Reza mayor. Without it attitude I think there's no question. I think coach Ayers it's it needs to end up in the college football right now there's a lot of people and other Ares of this country ago Hulu. But you know what we get that from other places timed right now we acknowledged Geist it. Had a hellacious careers saint John's Minnesota. Taken it from yo. NT IAE 3-D to do all the way to FC yes making a city finals split. That stability in that program for that linked the timer for thirty years. I I don't have a vote but if I did that's college. All hall of fame material in my opinion yes you have to look at it from a standpoint of not only success. Is one pillar in the you have longevity is another pillar and and you have the other pillar that your talking about as far as. Moving from different levels of competition to. You look at all of that and you combine it together he was able to do. The longevity the success. In the tradition altogether. While. Compiling a record like he has. I think it's a no bright yet that he's a whole thing I I agree with you and whether it's first ballot or not I'm not willing to get back and say he started on the first ballot the I'm just saying it to me when you really deep. You look deep you know what they were before he took over what they were when he left him what he accomplished in between. That's how they that's legend material in my opinion I think what I say that two keywords that summarize it. Completely is sustained. Excellence yep. Now I guess the interesting part is he is in accorsi made the announcement earlier today you knew something was common. Vick is yeah major announcement coming at 130 and let's go figure this out whoa you it's a pretty easy to put you at two and two together on. Yes indexing is seeing. Where they go if they promote from within the programmers they bring somebody they'll accuse you remember a new offensive coordinator this year with Wofford and some other. You know his career look. So yeah I would suspect they would pass the baton off there by. Somebody likely to get their feelings hurt in that process as well then there definitely is that's not going to be an easy situation for them to replace. Mike just in perspective. How long he's been there but then also just from the perspective of type offense they run you know all of that it could be a lot of changes that could be a bow with Wofford it's going to be at trustees who doubt about let's go first flights delta wants to get in Tulsa college football Delbert hope you're having a good afternoon. It. It looks it looks nice out there were having a great time and some local water. Yeah I ordered to about torture and I'm quarters. Warren that you should ever achieved under zap car. So what for don't try facilities what they don't. I don't know about not with a look I don't know what nuclear article what about me. At a little charm grace don't count. Parishioners are still hungry not knowing and he'd gotten. Tell us currently he yet quite a good career there and yet the thing is it's. That's what I love you wasn't he he had them first of all the finest system Delmon. It didn't recruit to it in most importantly it here too you couldn't go wow. I got a 64 drop back quarterback at a dorm I'm just I'm on its out there's an example. But a local hit it six terriers 64 at a Boiling Springs if he may want to say oh no he needs it that was not getting it because he had eight. It was almost a military academy tight system in need it any different. Private school format. And a bit but it it'll do what circle on this assessment and work does that at all when it. He wanted to walk there when the broke out the and I'll keep you out. But what is this is out with opera would have been out after I was order have been a little more about community you know he. Actually. This year is we interviewed him up things for the uncle dale and had to go look it it. He actually had this year rose at first Europe it's coordinator they'd made him do. It again eighties young guys well the key Obama's been out all your odds with the it was. We actually met him in your view money here when we were here for the Bible he happily eat it and in the history was. Impressive young made it eerie. But. Whether that's enough scratch team right mail. Will find out that lets somebody's gonna hear a program. It is. That is disciplined. The key it's what they hear they got their academic done as well. It is keep your nose clean in the community so somebody's getting rate become an economic coaching job whether it's their first one be elevated up that's that. Are coming in take it over. There's not a whole lot of work done accused of pac ten win seasons also a southern comfort each other to the quarterfinals this year. I think it makes cents at the right person there now is to promote him that obviously. The million dollar question right now for Wofford did they have that person already lined up and I wonder you know him. Retiring like this if he already had a game plan in place the Annie you have to think that that might be accurate that the today aid in I'm glad whopper if that's the case in the promote from went. They didn't need to make that announcement today that what they did in that 130 press conference. Intimate stuff and I've been trying to detract. But today should be about who chairs and yes three decades that whopper. It suited you make that an salesman in this day and age of the media where we have a 32. But you don't give coach Ayers the respect he deserves what you already moved on to the new guy finding hey what are you gonna go to different because cheers to get whopper has that report. Yet that's what we do here in the media so I congratulate whopper I congratulate. There administration and sports information director there for handling this the right way because it should be about who cheers today after thirty years you hope that they would give the respect that its view for him. Let him beat the spotlight he here for a few days before a make any type of announcement what direction ago. All right here's the deal let's go and catch is bright well we come back will take the next phone call it is where lied here's smoke on the water. Real quickly before we go to the phone lines following up on the retirement to coach Mike here's why offered after thirty years he's now meeting with the mere media right now. He said this is so coach Ayers in this whose wife that he should be about him Richmond. Says he knew last January that this would be its last season he only told his wife. In two others who were sworn to secrecy. Because heated one right here where oh farewell to work or for the season to be about. It's all about the players about university here about this football team in general and that that's why you look at him. He's got to be one of those guys do you go down in at minimum. Wofford athletic hall thing and I feel reacted properly shirt and that's beacon for our friends last night and I can see Mikey years should be yeah committee member. Of the South Carolina football hall of fame but let's go to the phone lights Tyler wants to tell some college football Tyler welcome. And it banks yet it just that touch on job offer potentially. I think you're right in depth look around a soccer ball tournaments in trying to get back up north Kurdistan. But that's not our office's. It guy is tough you know five straight national I don't know what is your thought you Protestants are. Quite around. But speaker that your publicly that literally want to or not want you know open so. Bottom out in 872000. It is the top five EE every single year. At a statement in 2000 and finished eleventh then went. Later that. You'd think a true football team without coaching turnover in the way it is. With Clinton leading her own. And John Hughes was talking to your team. Issue that I five every recur or to your room at the he did a direct rebuttal salutes. I don't see you know and that's a great call they're either great question Richmond. Ali it's her but you're the one that head coaching experience here note. First of all. I don't think he's taking a look at what's going on today with with. Mike here's retiring after thirty years at Wofford we won't see this anymore you know art it's experience at shorter. I think coach is now I realize that maybe you have to get up and move along at some point. But with. 85 scholarship yet with the way college football it's treated it. Trying to even the the gain at least in the power six conferences that he will power five plus American athletic 85 scholarship. I just. If it's not Nick's statement that he continues out what he's done here what the last eight years note. But it's number one that was a program that Bobby Bowden bill number two they didn't re load. You know they just. REIT flip the switch every ball in wind after it. In I wish that that was what they more or less had died in 84 was that stretch of thirteen years but. How many times in the or was it right wide right wide wide left that prevented that top five minutes from probably being national TV chip that is split. I mean that's a run that I'm not real sure that we're gonna see replicated if we do it would take it would take eight Nick Saban because he's over halfway there. Our beat something that he very special here in the future. Yep whose words in into that. Generation now the microwave generation where everything I want everybody wants it right now it's fast we gotta have an immediate and remember Bobby Bowden. It took him a while to build that program and he's even talked about it several interviews that I've listened to that. In today's college football he would never even been able to get to that point because he would have been fired long before. He was able to deal that sustained excellence of that thirteen year run. And so when you look at it from that perspective. I think body down is under rated in a lot of respects because we're so focused now here now and not really looking back at. That period of time into your point that he was that close to probably having multiple national championship and he consecutive national championships. And so when you look at it from that perspective acts cannot see it happening again you also have to look at the other dynamic is that. The rankings have changed now because now no longer that the UP guy or eight he. Coaches poll and USA today now the college football rankings which one. Is the one that's what to be the one that people actually followed the most we know at the end of the day it's the college football ranked women. Had to importantly would have to be different here is that what you would have to make thirteen consecutive college football playoffs for that even potentially happen because one of those years. That you miss a college football playoff was a likelihood that you finish in number five in the ranking exec years so. It's basically in today's day and aids it sweeping this saying up it would be college football playoff for buses right you know right now. By this nick Sabin a in Davos Sweeney now haven't two and a rope. It's it's just not analysts and constant set for a nice run here absolutely no doubt about. Put color me crazy if we're sitting here they're you know what all eleven years from now celebrate their thirteenth consecutive trip. I will tell you it's same thing with Nick Saban and Alabama and I'll pay this much. If you were to happen. Today. Is still very fourteen college football that they are we will have explained Jim why because people are gay get the CEE we're almost applicants right now. People are tired of seeing the same three of fourteen explain every single year right now that instantly. Ohio State Alabama or clumps. Oklahoma now get into the air to yet and and I see that's going great question about Tyler but will it and I need to point. But. In college football it's always going to be usual suspects yet I mean that that's just the reality of it and curiosity I'm OK with that I don't have a problem with it in grand Ahmet Clemson and it's good sound great can say that right now but even before that that just part of the we college football is that I didn't have a problem with that back then when Clemson was nine it. In the top five Q when saying yeah. Go back and look throughout the history or at least the last four decades of college basketball we've seen a lot of the same thing with duke North Carolina. Kentucky you know at one point. UCLA and college basketball like nobody's ever in college athletics before. So people don't wanna go back and look at this point they just wanna take the immediate data points this year. Or the last few years with the college football argument that's Guinness college football playoff that will supplement their argument whichever that is to be me. Yes I agree with news from that perspective and I just don't know others. The specific answer for that. Question it Tyler as. It is they vary Goodman. Other than I chose a generational you know you go back in view what is it. Oh cut but Wilkinson it Oklahoma did they have like 46 to run it one point ever about a four year period. Will we yeah what's that equivalent of that today Acadia vs you know back in the exit that's at the cycle or. There's more teams involved you it's based off an eleven game schedule to a so put. Again Heidi you know. I still which that's kind of what that run and hopefully it will be noted that run vs watt left laugh at right because by god. You know as one K here and there it is. To beat Clinton that position over and over again it was a very special run and job Bob Bob now there's no other way to look though it really wasn't that they did you know he went to fan it whether you see is hall's stage just tip your hat from that for the acne which he green in the pottery is he right there Hillary people at the balls that cause let's call it what it is that's right players keep people at the balls that called that play in that stadium at that moment in the game. I'll never forget the warehouse net Dale's home from college with my girlfriend. In the about a cuss words that got dropped. From people that you expect it's at some point disease but you were angry about it. Also just kind of had to agree to tip your hat that's about the guts he has that matters. Right right well it was I tell you what what is the gutsy as the university when it comes to a college gave I'd love to hear your basketball perspective because. But fortunately once sticks out to me Ayers well but that would open lights remember 50 fight David kilometer South Carolina beat writer for the Charleston post and courier after that it's Steve Somers victims segment. So get it with us for four GSP. Yes paean. I welcome back here and don't forget here at the top of the hour where a top South Carolina athletics with our buddy David carpenter for the Tulsa hosting carrier. Mean that Richmond money player by what I was cutting it too easy like he said there's really not a gutsy call in college basketball maybe less. You know it's an individual play where you the guy's got his back turned to meet you bill that off his back and hit the layup and that's a gutsy call his that it doesn't. Work your coach is going to be. And ripping UAE whenever there on the side lights that that would be a gutsy college basketball but that's not exactly what I've been. I guess what we talked about their during the break with steak about what clips and athletics went through in about 445. Years week. Actually use Borden more like yours swing if I'm correct. You have the bubble risky against Florida State yet they buy there way back what they got it right I guess and you large states can be putt from the and variance of course LeRoy Butler in the hole the union. That range of emotions that went through Death Valley Clemson. In Clinton Meehan is in that one but. Would have that was a couple years with then clips of basketball had the exact same. Stab in the heart mode yet you don't you don't see once school kinda have. That kind of moment twice in that short beard at time but it was in the sweet sixteen of the NCAA basketball tournament on a team in which you're manager. It weights they fought and fought and fought their way back in the sweet sixteen tickets UConn defiantly take the lead. That of course the ninety but pat with a pass with a torch. It yes and if you're a member. That it during that turn meant they'd Clausen had fallen behind against the sound and BYU as well it's a they were having this somewhat magical Ryan and if they win that game they were likely to match up against duke did and they had just beaten duke at the end of the regular 8793. Yeah and it. That game was unbelievable magical games so. It from my perspective. You know I'm thinking night. We're gonna do this and bring on do because we were confident that we are going to be able to beat duke again and that was going to be now to take. Clemson basketball to another level at that area to be able to yet you know to the final four to be. Do so would reach out to his staff I mean the kids sets fairly similar to what price and I witnessed on Saturday up in Philadelphia where. The gain came down to the final play had that been a 38 yard field goal I'm pretty shirt navy walks away with a win. Now they're Snooki you're T split the ten extra yards calls that scene afloat a little bit left the and it. But yet high at that again has put you solve the emotion of them dealing with the kicker on the field and everything in. How did you all its staff deal with that with those players because. They had just gone on around him which Clemson basketball had not done in winning a regular season AC CTV chip. Which. Lou. That that was the DP 97 and have a sequester. You know not out in the semifinals against Virginia believe it was in the age yes you do argument. Charlotte yet because it part of that John Roddy he can see it on the that was. That was a difficult time from the perspective. There's a lot of disappointment from the ACC turn. And it your members yours for talking about as close as number ones yeah. B wait force and at least the Virginian should've beaten Virginia are that brought the energy and he came back eclipse at teased it at three pointer David Young. Leo great guy drops the sideline ball bounce them crazy ways that right there at the end it's food there is this motivation. It was redeem ourselves. In the NCAA tournament. And lo and behold it did start off that way and but then they made it through they've persevered. In week out there and had the opportunity now to get to. You know the next round beating Connecticut it's due to end the game. Like they did. Where I Sean Tyson missed free throws well that contributed to the factors that. Now that allowed. Him to. He passed down there after you made the second line. And perfect timing is up fortunately who has that on it was on John I am the fatten a key value that now hindsight 20/20 you got packed his break and are off the minute you go to the freight Lott. Is it but it that Fallon that this crazy though that it just how the time works out as the guy and made the past eight Georgia Scott Burrell. Who also played baseball so he knew I mean his accuracy throwing a basketball not same as throwing a baseball but. He UK he understood the mechanics and you know he had that arm to deliver that type of pass. But I in this is gonna sound like it's our Clemson fan and I did it. You go back and watch that replay several times. That it Claude started. Little late. And it was in the hands that you ignore that mandate and he threw it you can hear fault them for you had to be perfect in that moment you know what sometimes it's got to tip your cap that. I was telling you. I was on Madison college for a few months and they know how column appears. You're not going back to Tuscaloosa that's lightly by a grass about pot and have your plan of it was a good day here great loves working at Applebee's restaurant. It wind eclipsing goes up people or to open up and dale. When Clinton when that shot went in you can hear it. Drop in movies it is no longer there Applebee's restaurant right there but how crazy is karma that of course personally there last night and god it's Connecticut next games and at a map all right so here's the deal we come back. We're gonna have South Carolina talk with our buddy David carpenter from the tells the post and courier that we're gonna pick some pick that fight Saturday. Bowl games with Steve Sumner in and it's open phones it's 605 will have mark. It's that averages twelve packet knowledge contest all coming up today on straight up with start.