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Straight Up With Sturg
Monday, November 20th

Matt Connolly of the State joins to preview the Clemson-Carolina game, NFL Sunday review, and standings update. 


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Why a welcome again final hour. This Monday edition of straight up with scourge Richmond times so mad at you it is I've made a mistake before we get a Mac commonly. With the state newspaper I actually wrote this court don't yhency. Nineteen enough and earlier today and dad turns I was nineteen to seven. Wood in when I was wrong and you know it's interesting. It just sounds right. Stay in nineteen to 00. Around like this may just maybe rolls out to be your tongue very easily yes and who for two and a move for over okay so it doesn't surprise me at let's go down and let's start with our body from the state newspaper it's Matt Connelly McCain is old. I guess we can talk about NFL there's nothing going on in the palmetto state this weekend as he buys attention when it comes to a football field right Matt. Yeah I hit a pretty slow week this week he debate based similar to the bitter only. Not a lot of people credit it is but everything is slowly there it. So let me ask you what did you learn on Saturday would Clemson 61 to three win over the settled because. This much I figured out it was it was a feel good game Clemson does military appreciation day maybe better than anybody else in the country not named a service academy. In the third thing I learned Clemson will be about as healthy as they've been in ten weeks when they take the field on Saturday in Columbia. Yeah. That was about it we're probably added be it in the board appears there is new down there are all. God knows the citadel and a target learn a lot of that game that this. The deadly KG made it and done in the one handicraft. They made out analysts about Joseph the but it made a cut employees. Bail that he is you know eight despite a better rated. BM Internet is not a light it take away are you got to do whatever it wanted to get the cynical. It out and it's only outlawed it. When the game and autos market in the cold out throwing to try to help Gillick brought competence and Judd you know they don't eat the ball that today kind of stroke with that I'll bet you bleak. A whole lot of takeaway from that game. Other than like he hit military appreciation day and GA and has got to thank. As we continue with Matt Connelly the state newspaper give give him a follow on Twitter at mad at. This Dayton met near the players got together with. The media earlier today and listen nothing but compliments headed from Clemson players direction toward South Carolina I mean. Yet talking about. What a great atmosphere it's going to be on Saturday night that yeah I felt like there might have been one or two US senate questions that a couple of guys just would not take debate with. Said he especially when it came to Jacob that we in the comments earlier you have for prior to the season. Well it may and that's what we want a year that's what a quarterback should be seen when it comes to his players and how they feel about being so. It least on Monday headed in this Saturday a muted nobody took debate today. Though nobody really could debate on the like he hit a ball out out pretty Jarrett that what Bobby story opera part about it. Kind of let the players cut it to go predict Bentley and they know we were in that situation Nestle is going our quarterback say is that it. It not to be different and it in the talent in the that they did not feel like you can go out there when he gave it to like it our all our competition you play the game. Have got to let what optical is that they didn't have a problem with the statement they called it and yet they've they've certainly got a lot about an apartment. Several blown out an ad and maybe have a buddy I'm only a bright they've been there whether it was a recruiting trip for furcal years ago was Richard's error. Back boats they were there on the outline in that really great apartment and out loud in all Pia. An alien you know without due respect. In his day can believability the state that the body allowed it apartment at play in this year's date play policy been around or outreach for a law outside. He evidently not what he thought about it a peck. And we're continuing with Mac Conley sports reporter covering South Carolina and Clemson for the state newspaper. And you can follow him on Twitter. At match at this state and met so with this. Talk about Jay Bentley and you know he's made some. Confidence statements before in. What's that he's there for keeping Jay Bentley upright. Against that pressured dad to. That offensive line the south Carolina's gonna see from Clemson. Front four. Yeah I mean that's when the beat the big key to gain in South Carolina and they called open the church's. I think they've got to play makers out it elite. JavaScript and a little bit quite a barrel. Watching him as the best Rupert theaters city saint that thought our plate there that it but despite this year. I'll let you know they have Arnold they've struggled all these years been out front whether being short yardage Straka. It yard army it's short yardage situations are trying to eat the quarterback right. Take dictated a lot of scrambling. This year so its biggest fight of the year they'll scramble Clayton act. Pick up a lot of gonna have to play its best. Game but the heat from offered a lot of their point there advocate to all of that. And Matt. 22 when he went home three interceptions and of course they were three bad interceptions and that's one thing that I think you're gonna see. Brent venables doll up this pressure on on Bentley because. You got the you got the studs on the defense of lying to do it you've got to you got Dorian or Daniel is playing out of his mind as a matter of fact he's a finalist for the butkus award in that may be a wade actually take some pressure off that defense of backfield that while getting back healthy and still the thinnest part of this football team. Yeah I mean that mandate Clinton's done a great job all year of pressure that certainly bode beat. Found that their play at this game as well in a battle that has no problem bring in a split in China. Create an economic group forcing. Big directly target list stick up the back on it though. Yeah I mean there's certainly gonna try to pick it detect Bentley and nobody turned the ball over this year it's been a lot of be that registered a decked out in his face. I'll try to make of that happened without product. What happened how some of the border gains from a bad decision that he paid. He got to let it go he shouldn't have. You know us are out of that do that in this week. And Norton or continue with Matt Conley of the state. And meant what about the aspect Davos Sweeney today's his birthday. And then this coming Saturday he's going to be going for his. Career 100 win. Has that been talked much about the aspect a hundred career wins vs South Carolina orders is obviously the approach just another game. Yeah and they're gonna take it is yet another gain we have it out every week concert. The talk about it. Samarra in culture that would be this wait for him. It is under win. What are president today. They're gonna surprise that money lakers are vague attitude. There will until the gavel just try. Rather surprised or Brunswick high yet. I'll Adonal Arnold at the product is. Either an updated got to take it another game to another opportunity it you know. Italy India South Carolina. China forestry seat they did talk about. Adapt though it all that after a lot of pain at or around at the beach and so although poppy here though the Al. Clean apparently the actually thought it was pretty funny I'll get that it. It is kind of let it motivate them blown collapse at any. They did talk about it on the China tablet back outweigh the whole lot about the art and the one under it. And threw him finishing out with Matt calmly from the state newspaper Disco give him a follow on Twitter mad at the stage now. He has this the temperament in this team IA there right now they're saying all the correct themes then you know number one you've got to concentrate on South Carolina America's forget about that ACC championship game next weekend it would be for the league championship but if you handle your business on Saturday yet all the national stuff. Is out you know it's out of it so. You know give me an idea yet the temperament today because I am IE is there is the week rats is it Iraq chooses up. Fans are gonna get a low eight seed but at how light or this team is right now because they seemed calm and collected. Yeah I mean that that's one thing about this as a team and they get so many that it played him eight yankees on another way what it takes to go win these kind of gain. You can bet that rise in the national championship at a gate it's awful late. It that they've been there they've been in this situation before all. But that that there are a lot of guys that are played in environments. Like this not being. That would be really interest in you know will his pride is about it. It's about anywhere not in May you would think that that LSU so apparently been at the a gesture constant from that perspective but they feel confident that they like places they indicate they've ordered a couple of years ever ready. All right final question for you because some of my friends are trying to convince me that you know Tony LA at these up and the you know the offensive coordinators. They've been holding something back because you you start to see it Saturday vs the sitter though I might did did was that senator though I mean no offense. You and I kidded. Gotten out here in the third quarter and put up some stats a man it. I don't buy that for a moment because I believe once you get game number twelve you are what you are at this point. You may have made a play that South Carolina hadn't seen that. Close is not holding anything back for these road trips at South Carolina in the ACC GP Egypt gain. You are what you are at this point in the year agree or disagree. I agree with you for the most part of all will say. Yeah our Covert went without trial have a lot of success it's clipped the ball back with Spurrier was there. A little bit of doubt on all each state to you wrinkle at it and a year to the Arctic air a that they bite. Every year they senate opening bit that they answer an all year and that was kind of helping him and how they had some success and yet let the Internet to do that last year in the chick. That only him but but I wouldn't be completely shocked if you know that may be do you have at a few wrinkles that got Carolina hadn't seen yet ours is one of this office to go to steps in the Cotchery. That for the most part I think there are what they are but I would I would be totally surprised. You know go to do that those space well. Employees all year that robbery gain that invade because of all the Corbett got bigger. Goals has this game you know bad up and wanna say they great they baker state is a play off or apply that it. I would be completely shocked their view more frequently if they get it's it's. All right what you got coming in the state newspaper read did you guys will be doll all over at Lee amended that 730 kickoff on Saturday. We will obviously Elmo appeared reckless at all leak cover it they should this. A lot radicals story dated a cleavage Terrell talking about how. He first heard about the robbery Earnhardt got it in Colombia while now out miniature movie. And it includes a player kinda take it overtake Bentley is so blatant than ever after Ottawa but it reporters down there as well. Provide updates from from top artists now we it's. They dot com or web media coverage this week it it recorded an eight Saturday. All right Matt well listen enjoy the week enjoyed Turkey day on Thursday because it's gonna be won all week in a rivalry games really beginning Thursday night with the egg bowl and then moving all the way through Saturday stakes were taken out some time. With this here on Monday. Yes sir thank traffic at one of our favorite we have air. With a lower back blockade regards. We look forward to it. All right thanks buddy a man again just could check out his work key putts there he links everything up on his Twitter account mad at the state. All right when we come back or close up shop it's open phones for the rest that hour we have some NFL stuff but. Couple basketball games going on. We heard about app State's big win ever to go falls last week guess what to go falls back at it again today we'll tell you about that as well. What Mackie and says last week. At state. Actually beaten co falls by what was that a hundred points yes. To tell fall's getting better. They play Charleston southern earlier earlier today only lose 107 to 36. They're making progress I eat this stuff I mean and not trying to make fun. These kids it to Cole falls lit. Guess what they're doing. They're they're making money for their school that's why these they're DT that's whether they're playing in this stuff they're trying to make money for the school. That known in their due to ending. National. Christian college that. Athletic association I mean not the NCAA so there you see these kids they are absolutely. Killed. To make some money for the administrators it to gold falls. But on the flip side those kids. There have a ton of file I know they're losing they're getting the plays some schools they would never get the play and why not. Speak and get work in college basketball right now. Number six Wichita State. They are losing decal in the Maui invitational 58 to 42 with fifteen minutes left in the game. That's that's taken midwest guys. Out of Hawaii. Could take him a few days to get their feet. Up under them they're excited about being in why. So again. That's a little bit and a shocker there when it comes to Wichita State me I don't 58 of thirty. To have well you gotta have drama sob then and a blizzard. Urge you. Sorry about that RA to getting back in the NFL. Yesterday I head out to. To PetSmart peck nowhere I'm not sure which when I went to but. Paid him first of all the last time I go into that kind of store to buy flea medicine for dogs just by an online and be prepared and know what's coming. Because it's a lot more affordable in that situation on line than it is to go into one and his pet stores says. When I'm heading out there I'm listening to the Buffalo Bills and play football. Who were bullets see who were they playing yesterday chargers and the chargers. Nathan Peter and the rookie from from Pitt. Who by the way started off at the University of Tennessee think of all the great quarterbacks we can say it started their career at the University of Tennessee and ended up weird somewhere else under Butch Jones. He and his first interception. Are right. After. Spending twenty or so minutes and the pet store and you have to go through there you X those looking for stuff for three dogs and one cat. Including. This deal for the cat did go to he wants to go outside so bad aegis sits at their McKee owner he looks outside. So we bought this thing you know calico Li Xia rats or he thinks it's the coolest thing ever easily can go outside. You don't want go outside that's a problem we took him outside the gate no he couldn't get back in fast and but then the typical category he takes this thing is so cold like we got this'll best story we just left it on and he's just. Totally differ attitude here in the last hour by getting back to one Nathan and Peter may an interception walkout. He earned three more in the next thirty minutes. Five interceptions on the day Ian is gonna get the start next week apparently for buffalo. None. Tyrod Taylor had the bills at five and four before they lost 54 to 24 yesterday. Mapped out and California. I mean he did. That first year head coach looked to screw things up right there off the bat. If you ask me I'm the Tyrod Taylor you pay them all this money you put a rookie and eat more or less kill him. He kill as a ego in the first game five interceptions and a half more last. Before you pull them out put Tyrod Taylor in the air. This is why rookie head coaches sometimes out think themselves they do and what kind of a confidences Tyrod Taylor and half achy. Is that he's got nine it's always looking over your shoulder could you know you're about to be jerked out of the game wore. You just know even going into it your head coach has zero confidence in. He went to set the age you're talking about a rookie head coach in John McDermott with the Buffalo Bills but that that team that he bought in to Tyrod Taylor's their quarterback because they were five and four. Wasn't white they were. Two and seven and you were looking to push a button to get this team go when I mean they work great in doing as the best team is dying questionable when it comes to AFC east but it. You had just seen a little bit in this coming back I don't believe he saw five interceptions at a U rookie in the in the first half of this first apartment. It's I think in one fell swoop he may have lost your team not only with the veterans that are bought into Tyrod Taylor and it's well as you may killed off Nathan and Peter men's ego if you will but it is five interceptions and a half. Don't tell you don't shake that off very quickly. No and Tyrod Taylor what had three interceptions so far for the season. And Peter may and rose five and one half and I are. I have wondered I never played quarterback. So I wondered what the mentality is from a quarterback. In terms. When you go that one interception. Do you have the ability to have met amnesia and shake it off. But he viewed through that second one now is hitting your head. He threw three. They don't then do you just completely lose confidence next time you have to throw the ball that's what it seems like with Peterman that. Now granted I I think two of them were deflection and necessarily can't be put it. All on his shoulders but still has to affect you mentally that you have no confidence that you can make that the road. But you have to make as you've seen some of these throw these quarterbacks make an NFL. They're thorough and it before the guys who makes their break they're drawn to a spot. And you just can't do that if you don't have complex the other thing it. Did woods and age when I was driving home it made this color analyst like a freaking genius in the fact that. They they they trotted back out after his fourth interception did the bills with Nathan Peter may and that calorie and a slut. On view you got it. You gotta say win this is when you don't do it again. He isn't. What says there either gonna run McCoy he alt left tackle right tackle here because they're afraid to throw the ball and guess what McCoy gets hit in the backfield for two or three yard loss. So they they are you need that you weren't in the and they started jumping every route because they are trying to give him the safe throws the build up some confidence so. Euro profits a year and decisions major offensive coordinator incompetent. Annan talked in the head coach in Sean McDermott because. You were going with the safe stuff guess what the other team had figured that out as well in that squad LE chargers go out to see him go on to win. 54 to 24 inning complete. It dissertation. In this video will and is the offensive line start thinking and at this be better just allow sat. Then. Have this guy back there and have a few seconds to throw another interception with just. Open the floodgates here all right there's no doubt that Tom Brady in the New England Patriots look like they're just rolling in the form now eight and two with let's see what they're leaders in the AFC east will be a decent staining New England Satan to Buffalo's now five and five Miami. In the New York Jets Ford sic expert. They got him to Mexico City and they absolutely he's thirty for 37339. Yards passing he was darn near perfect and yet that's Friday. Six in a row I believe for the New England Patriots and guess what they just look like they're better in better in better is the year ago is on. Data and turned the ball over so they're not get an idea they keep playing with this type of and as city if you will. They're not making things easier on the opponent. Right mailed up and it's gonna have to turn them over and do some stuff to beat New England in New England it's just not do and it and thinking it Tom Brady's forty years old. He just keeps performing like this yet. You there's no room at the end for 23 year old rookie cornerback had a effort that would be five interceptions in the first app. It just continues to amaze me. What the measles wander and Tom Brady Tom terrific continues to do. And Q is it over now just any discussions as far as the goat. From a quarterback position. It's already done it yet in my eyes it in my lifetime I don't need to discuss it anymore. Yeah can we go back and maybe go away those who went about Johnny U. Nine is or somebody back in the today. Before my time here he would. I don't know bit. Not just from the longevity standpoint and it's one thing to play a long time right it's another thing to play a long time and play at such a high level. And that's what Tom Brady continues to do and I know it's a different league right now that it's. There the offenses are different so maybe Johnny united secretive put the same type the stats that Tom Brady's doing in. This offensive Arab. But the point is is that. There's two years there's a lot of room. For quarterback to make mistakes right Tom Brady just doesn't do it and that's what makes him. So we leaked. Speaking of only their looks like there's a another quarterback Connor Rolen in the shape behind him he's one Carson went so the Philadelphia Eagles were not porn rocks all in the Dallas Cowboys wounds but we'll talk about the Eagles are. No we're not sometimes you just got to tip your hat when somebody's that good they're nine and one we'll talk about Carson wince in the Eagles while also give me an upstate oh an update. On cal Wichita State in the Maui invitational when we come back and you can get him with us in these final two segments. It 844 GS PE SP and that takes 444773776. I all right needless give me an out date for the Maui invitational. Wichita State the number sixteen in the country they cut it to twelve. There they own 61 to 49 decal. Twelve minutes left in the ball game. Plenty of time. Then. Okay speak and a poignant time. Now not time for Dallas or anybody else. To get the skis really get back in the race for the NFC east I just don't see happening why. Is. Once I got rolling in the second half did Carson winds in the Eagles they got pretty impressive Dallas actually took a nine to seven lead into halftime. Indo blues in that came. 37 to nine. Philadelphia has a potent offense and it all starts with Carson whimsy and now you're really starting to see. Can get his feet up under him get some experience in the NFL. And has some confidence hasn't flag and he's proven. To be wide the NFL they know their quarterbacks and rarely are they wrong with their quarterback well the one guy that made a huge difference yesterday was dear Barnett the former Tennessee Volunteers in the fact that he had to with a force acts of crime. Of that press gotten course stripped them here in the four corners well Matt maybe that led to a defense of touchdown then. Ronald Darby I mean what a great pick up the former Florida State Seminoles. He's back from an ankle injury. Mean he made interception as well so you just so site Philadelphia's hitting on all cylinders right now especially with that thirty to nothing run there in the second half the sky is the phone lines Billy from Taylor's is next. Billy welcome and happy Thanksgiving week. That he's thinking we could you were saying we look what's in the game obviously not. Oh ability and upload modular Lila squad is not thought the first task but. You know open about what cup ball Utley it was probably able pleasant score indicated that they were clearly the very same year he didn't encourage it's. You know last April 1 that also. Team racist or get my elastic novel capable or that won't ever get a great bidder draft someone in the grouping do we want to go up a little bit quarterback. They're not seen since probably Andrew Luck and happy desperately to be true in this crowd. Worried me honestly Patel will expand to collect standing yeoman it's. Still receiving heavy toughest real success. And up and they're gonna get up it's not with the guy at least say tilted probably don't want Super Bowl this guy. Yeah I'd get ready for Carson and Lance filly to be around for a long time there. Yeah. Only has he done about it is not enough to make it doesn't do well on you know you go figure that out to women. The other thing that worries me and I have been saying this I've been. The one person to call this this cowboys fan and you know this surge is and I'm not sold on blackened and still muscle all but. I describe the and it in this one of the things that upset about walked from the tortilla curtain and you put somebody in advantageous situation why that. Of course there are at least in big body count at all they're gonna look good Hamas and one of the two guards don't have strong talent. I just don't know that that press gut specifically of the guys you are going to be able to wanted to global we have if you need him to win. A big gain now maybe that threw that to be wrong I hope that I am home. But it's obvious to me that they're just the you know the right tackle a problem last week what marlin as big of a problem. And did he was not making. Good accurate throws and decisions and I'm you know I'm just not sold on a much to me if I had achieved between Elliott and back eligibility. Especially in this day and age how. Boy that's a tough call because the in the running back position in the NFL this have been so downgraded geno and I mean and if you get anything out of a quarter rag Kia here's the deal they've got more tape on him right now but. I whether you wanna hear it or not I think. I mean Dallas during this entire year up by a trying to fight the NFL when it came dizzy Chiarelli suspension. Because a year like Richmond is said you should look at the schedule in realize this deepen the year refuting get that that Darnell. Did yet divisional opponents coming up hindsight being 20/20 nation had just sat and tried to get through those first three games 500. In then they've done I think the I think the drama that is he playing this week is he not playing this week do we deemed playing with them doing gay. Ended up catching up with the Dallas Cowboys in 2017. I agree with although I at least you know up to Jerry Jones is probably the players man my manager Omar. And I think he wanted to do these so. You know and sorry Billy in the situation. And I understand why Eliot audited. Think you did nothing wrong zones and that affects your name you just don't want to accept that yeah you're right they would went 300 without him in the first exchange split. Anyway looking Danica was amateurish and would agree with this you know if they're not gonna make the oil and up and it would be a dangerously so the government not decision that I really believe that it but he did till the end everybody that it would be a dangerous sickly but it does not only the twelfth largest permanent loop well. Go to get a bill for next year and you know that's the way you build in the in this league now you don't build through free agency you should be built could address and they've had some really good draft the last ten but not continue to settle at five or six years and probably be doing the right things most of the times slowed. It remains to be seen what can happen you it was over quickly to decide on what's in game I've been hearing from the ridiculous score and that you got the best that. Earlier third when he first came home on this I don't understand but the lack of disrespect and but the mom. The lack of respect that is which you me and. Oh yeah oh yeah that's right exactly you know and it's about a market what you can or you wanted to so that would enable digital. What 67 years and especially the last flurry. Including this year. Need to look at factor aren't they you're just gonna so I heard Bob early eighties because you got a record because you got on the wall probably go to the job he supported in the seventh saying you need to tell what you really believe that maybe that comes to fruition we don't night. But analysts certainly a lot of terms I just don't see it be in that ugly just reminds me a lot of two years ago there were able to rule close game and and and I would definitely not concede Clinton the burner but it seems. Alan why are definitely better. After one of the things that you that was better than him and in sequence from the small to retain digital they were better man slowly things possible. I think it's going to be close I would definitely say Clinton probably no one to gain. But I don't think it will be more than a touchdown tonight and tomorrow I'll call back you know our call last year you sort of willfully anyway I'll I'll I'll go era presented. All right yeah adolescent oh this history suggests this game's not going to be 42 to seventeen I mean. You who Clemson hated going in a couple of years ago as we mentioned is a twenty point favorite ends up winning by five. Only won it since 91999. Wisconsin come out of Columbia. Having won that game up more than double digits so history suggests that's not going to be the case on Saturday. Now. Clemson. Yeah I mean you look at what they don't they're the better team you know how much remains to be seen but. Home field advantage Saturday night in Columbia that offsets and things and it's a rivalry game anything can happen. But day yeah I also say this in. South Carolina fans may not want to hear this. If your team's got me heart they quit last year against Clemson in net 56 to seven loss they're gonna take that personally. In make sure that doesn't happen again this year. So. You know and there's no perfect answer to this split. Close is a better team but they're going to be in a fight for their life on Saturday night it's a rivalry game it's on the road in its at nighttime and Williams Brice is going to be a hornet's nest no doubt about it so yes South Carolina not only has a chance. They got a much better than a puncher chance. And I don't think some of the clumps of media a grand their plane and you went SA Clemson meany I'm talking about the guys with the web sites and that stuff. They're pandering to their fan base I get it blatant it's not mean realistic either. No I don't think it is at all just because you've seen over the past few weeks there's been some inconsistency. Inconsistencies. From Kelly Bryant quarterback play and knowing that you're on the road. Rivalry game was going to be interest and see how he responds now he responded well. At Louisville. At Virginia Tech but as you mentioned surge. This is a rivalry game yet this is Williams Brice stadium. That place is loud. That place can have an effect on opposing quarterbacks. And this will be the first time Achille Bryant's really face that type of hostile environment yet data alluded to that listen he is he has a lot of Virginia Tech and it was loud but you can't break it until hold different things on Saturday let's give Jim general quit before the break Jim what command. Man it's Monday and Matt I can take this much out about two and a half days from going nuts at the Turkey table. Great to partner bridge tape. Job critics' groups pretty improbable sixty year that was single elected James seeing a lot of very very well. Always got to be careful what this Carol aren't we date. You know there were those whose goal waited sometimes but they're getting Bill Weir or some most made dude. Gordon debit. Limit but you'd never know what score up there are us. That's called beige good cobra attack albeit model pretty clear the streets of but I don't very. It's Coby. 67 or people can depart most public. Yep. Absolutely endless in this South Carolina team eight and three. EO they are playing for maybe a chance to go to Tampa. In upgrade that bowl I think south Carolina's got a spot in Florida no bail McKinsey and eight and four I think the object the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville would jump all over him. I T when I'd like to see quite frankly is Wake Forest in South Carolina dim in Jacksonville because. That's a pretty salty Wake Forest squad did not dolphins sea state this past weekend. But let's say it's a rivalry game you better be here's what I like today. Clemson players weren't getting baited into anything today in that just so Liz allows me to believe. There are comparable in this big game situation. Yes sir I have to agree widow got back to always wait. Still quote that well lately it's been about the troops. Does all he does is win games but he doesn't put up a whole lot of stats and will see how that players make it you know what right now I couldn't care less just keep winning just keep winning because. Alabama has the exact same thing. Going on this weekend in bag you know my neighbor across the street eaves get no war not the other night. Lou about the South Carolina Clemson game in in dim dim Miami Lowe lasted dude you better learn real quickly write mail what Nick Saban is instilled in all of us is Alabama fans. That next task at hand is Saturday on the planes in quit worrying about the rest of it. And you got other. You can restoration and what did you have appeared back. I will do all right let's get out there break will come back we'll close up shop because again. Did he get when it all if you don't win on Saturday so quit worrying about the rest of it. Just handle the task at hand will set. So Richmond we mentioned earlier as we tell would Darrion Scott Furman what a turnaround started the year two and three. Goes on to win seven consecutive games before falling by a field goal that same for they find themselves called in the FCS. Playoff. Selection show yesterday. But one team that didn't. Is Austin. We're talking about eighteen a couple of years ago that was I'm not sure they wanna game if they did they only won one. But they turnaround this year this past weekend they beat eastern Illinois you know which quarterback played eastern Illinois actually two that there. Your former quarterback Tony Romo as well as. A moment drown drawn a blank Jimmy Graf that's right just in Europe all right so Austin. 28 to thirteen to finish eight and one in FC as play. And they do not see their name called in the selection show yesterday then this guy gets up there. In talks about. Austin he over scheduled this year what how in the hell if your ain't no wind can you over schedule in somebody use that is a excuse to keep you out of the playoffs because. Mean no disrespect firm and seven in four. There are a lot of schools in this deal that are seven and four. Just I think they forgot about Austin. They wanted him to play more FC yes teams threaded an FBS teams and are those FBS teams that they beat. Not as good as the yes I don't know what they're saying my point being if you're 81 in the allude to your schedule being different goal. Didn't that should be good enough to get you into the playoffs now maybe he didn't know what he was talking about and I think that's more likely the option of the team. Wouldn't surprise me yet because there's there's still there's some NCAA connection here is this. We've seen him do some crazy things just like the Braxton Beverly case. In the state guard that was. Ruled ineligible are glad to sit out a year after transferring from a house stayed under that that modify our our right mom moment of the weekend. When they got me fired up ready go play. Was the halftime interview coming out of the tunnel with that awards are on an LSU Saturday night Knoxville. Today they're sexy it's raining sideways. I mean almost biblical proportions here for about a seven minute period. Did not understand. One single word that came at a coaches' mouth in that entire deal but guess what if you couldn't get hyped up watching those LSU players behind him jumping up and dale rating go out into that biblical rainstorm. This battle that you're human now Tennessee was out there as well. They were rating guys that's what I get into football you know and I mean bit. Here in your coach Holler into the microphone enough understanding a single word that he said he Disco. But see in the is all of those LSU players behind him jumping up and dale ray together. That to me was kind of the moment of college football was this what it should be about and I am no LSU fan you know we know that. What I thought that was a cool moment grade age even the kids and Tennessee were on the sideline to open up and he on the air at the beginning of the second half and now get the Serena again it's just spirit it was nice to see them not come out looking like zombies it was all the calls. As kids with the greatest thing to do. The scope late in the are all in the rain yeah yes so that's that they were hyped about playing in the rain I don't know that heady day to do it what it or Toronto was yelling at me they were just hype to go out there I couldn't understand a word that's like my favorite part of the movie the same in life. The one time a year you get to played night baseball was on the fourth of July because it was just bombed the you know enough light to go out there and play are those things is a kid is. She government were being out the backyard do you how many hoops honey guess what years six years to remind me in my closes brother. I did a lot of playing by myself out in the backyard throwing incomplete passes in doubt or hitting the game winning shot out there. A mob basketball court things of that nature a lot of that learners here yet learned to be creative and Richmond happy Turkey day take you burglars and a hero for the rest of the week. Great awesome job you got pulled in on the spot today thank you that's what we took it kind of easy on the University of Tennessee we want to may TT imagined it she walked in out the door by will be back to smoke on the water to mark price that consider me yet he's back from Omaha have a blessed evening we'll do it for opium to more for more straight up restorers.