Wednesday, October 25th
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It's an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. There's a great deal now. There was prevent an extensive global war closest things purple ball no such things are pretty lost. This winter they move on got a lot of ball left. Now a long when she and so Pete and Eugene Robinson. Here's Rick Nixon we pay her daughter lives from the red zone and Bank of America Stadium. Just loosen them applause for the upper left with a big voice says my name to have. Artificially inseminated this. I'm having a lot of my microphone like him it's my job is not necessarily the talk best on the show but it is to talk first and so let me begin the festivities. By asking to head coach of the Carolina Panthers the most important question coming out of yesterday's game and that is coach. How Saluki point. The spot and I can't progress at a path yes. Don't make me come over there. That's the popular as Briscoe who's yours does this season's play we're value and it's like you're let me show you ask that question as answer gonna get to coach you've had. It strings of success it now couple losses now as a coach what's the challenge has posted if a few weeks are supposed to be difficult sometimes to the success say dealing with adversity can -- don't -- don't challenges what's what's the challenge we hear it for situations like now eurozone does a great question this path I'm pursuing the. I'm you know. So I really think you when you get those type situation is this really about competency and confidence back you know we we lost little bit. I think after the at the end of the Philadelphia game we put ourselves in position when we do get it done. They come to a game like this and and have the turnovers that we do that but the points and Dow offices in camp we can't wait. I won a great position who still control our destiny it's early obviously you know we're we're we're foreign three. We're in second place right now we have an opportunity to take control. As we go further on because now we start playing division foes you know we have to have a debate this week in Atlanta the next week so. We have to focus in on you know getting victories and intemperate coming up neck so will be good challenge forced. Is there there there are good young offensive and explosive offense potentially. I defense Tuesday that they they're very aggressively attack the football and special teams are wide open so. The civilian jobs see exactly where we are torn things my message the players after the game was you know come Wednesday will we know was this time to get focusing get ready to get going could run finally took you. Who we are and just how tough we can be. And coaching sometimes is that it is a huge challenge but there's always. It always comes up to 54. Plays every single game and I guess maybe may focus of written. We talked to your guys as we should be let's focus on these plays will we go ahead and we can go in and take. Really seize the moment if we take care of business and that the game that he pulls the sort of mark is very personal coach. No it really is very slim Eugene and I think the hard part about that is is again is just the opportunities both of those turnovers came we were. Going into scoring opportunities for points of the four we operatives take charge of the game. In the first homer down that the 25 yard line how we run option plays very well designed play about the timing of the call also was excellent. You know because again when you look at take a chance to break it down like we do you see on tape that everybody's blocked except for the safety whose deep yes now. Curtis makes a catch its claim. Now he's one on one really and then there's an opportunity to make up in a ten to twelve yard gain and who knows he makes a guy miss he could score but unfortunately we didn't. We've bobbled the ball we drop the they pick it up scored. And and from that point I just kind of felt like we were chasing instead of just take take your time you know being methodical. You know and in the we give back to that we get ourselves in position we drive down think I'm in tonight's planet slam ball. You've been a good. I'm all of I was above follow caused as a philosophy changed now secession noted she got behind a bit to the change you know co noted. Change may you know and I talked recorders from Hesse we talk way you know get the stick to game plan that this you know it's it's it's it's appointment sometimes players feel for you push to guard make something happen and sometimes it just. You see jester trying to press you know they've whether or not they've made a mistake or not but. You see Dennis this'll do you want guys they just relax it's seven points and then forced seven BQ fourteen. United chasing them and and that's the hard part because you still have plenty of time and you go to third quarter thought the drive going down was it was outstanding. Tom I wanted to touch on these again. As three point stone throw it to death that that that's what they want to do they want you to kick field goals you score touchdowns now their whole attitude changes. They're brought luck doesn't and that was smile for lost him out. Sometimes coach people say welders Thursday to defender in the box even the night. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you check out of Iran or don't try to run the ball right to. Contest better. A hundred feet just memorial and all of you know with the people you know the chance that you'll make does that the thing about that. To assist them when you do get down that you have what we call it kills. And and you know there is a quarterback he's he gets is number counter he sees the safety group rotating down he may go opposite he may check to a to a pass or something and that does kind of influence of an impact the way. You do attack your opponent sometimes he has no kill he's got to run the plaintiffs called self. There's a lot of things that go wanted men and and some of it really is philosophical that hey we can run there's no matter what are. You know what they're better at this situation. We wanna get into but replied did you see some good things in the run game even though you were able to finish drives the way you all very much so American and finish to drive a little thing came down to running as much as just the execution of you know some of the passes we made if you should evolve to sell the runs we had. But Tom yeah there was some positive to really work some young guys really stood out through outs armor came in played a little bit. And and we really saw him do things that we're hoping he can commune in his roles really spam I mean he's gonna get more opportunities be on the football field deservedly so. Brew like we got that it takes and that's as a lead blocker too you know loss of our wide receivers coming down and blocking on the inside. Those are the types of things that you need to have in order to run the ball successfully. I like some things that we do with the office a lot of guys pulling come around the corner stopped. You know trailer good thought thought Andrew could itself there was a lot of we're gonna build a lot that we're gonna use going forward. Comment against Tampa Bay will be very challenger good defense good front seven so. You have that the challenge will be on. It evasive comments in your press conference today about simplifying the office Fabian something may be related to that but today is that a function more of players coming in and out of the lineup that you. You don't have also you know all the guys that are veteran leadership out throats and that's part of it you don't you don't have a Greg Olsen you don't have a run include full timeout thirty it it changes the scope you know these are guys or communicate these are guys that helped put these in the plight. Partly also as you look at the Houston we have about through the new guys took took took what we're doing you know Mac colonials knew what we're doing. You know Christian his new over doing Curtis is new we're doing our ship is due to so you you've got 56 new pieces. And those guys have got to get used to things as well and as we try to develop this office and expand it. If you go too fast these are some things that these guys on knowing and and and they can't assume because we just don't know guys have been in the system that we've had we you know this this this has been in place for seven years now. Those guys to rattle them off. Can yield to those who have been around so. You know that's what things that we talked about make sure that you let's make sure the packet is is this is this complete for these guys they understand exactly what goes into these packets. And put him in position to have. Or success. So coast us. Does your moniker riverboat ride does that change now based on what you describe because now you have to be a little bit more calculating when you become that we don't come with a mortar. I think now's the opportunity to it to to really expand on it more so anything else and unit then and sure it's it's calculated some of the decisions that that are made but also. Some of these that you do that you know there has severe reasons to be a philosophical thought behind it again. Third quarter were driving. You know we first of all we we shut them down get the ball back we start to drive a really nice drive. And now the thought processes he got to score touchdowns scored a touchdown now. This is complete torrent of their philosophy of making them kick field goals. Will grind it out you know it's kind of like when you watch them it was like they came out they ran a four minute hop offense from from the third quarter wrong. It was to make a mistake yes let's try to keep the pin down. This portion of the kicks ovals as prime when you watch the ball is snapped in three seconds left on the on the play clock I mean they really wore down a you know and again you know it philosophically speaking that's their attitude just the way they play it again. 'cause you've probably been on teams that that had a head coach that we chew you out if you made a mistake. Curtis Samuel rookie makes an obvious mistake yesterday asked how what's your philosophy. And how do you handle a young man like well you know that the trip to Madison and guys make mistakes as you know at this mistake was was made. Trying. It you know he didn't try to. So to drop the ball you know so again what good does that do for me to rip into him now if is the mistakes he made. Was something that's common sense it's it's it's a selfish mistake absolutely but but in those types that you try to make sure you understand you learn you know what things I told him about those. You're you're the kind of player with your skills that you want the ball in your hand you want to get that opportunity to make plays and mobility got an opportunity now route guy missed the ball he can make great catch turn it up on the silent. Turn it about what 24 just play five yard play Seles he's got that kind of explosiveness we've just got to be creative in ways of getting the ball in his hands. But the same time we can't over stress I mean. Here's a guy that missed most of OTAs minicamp training camp. Arms Mindanao because of injuries this year misty openly and he missed he missed. I think was not knowing what. So it's not as if first though he hasn't you know. He had he has not had that that day complete training like a lot of the other guys like Christian done. We WT Tressel doesn't go unbelievable effort yesterday holding them to what you did there are 211 on third down 150 something yards in the game. And seventy came on one block. Yet right is hesitant to go and and do a lot of three and outs along the way. For you to win championships with with the performances like that it is maybe the only missing ingredient just not as many takeaways is doing to say that really isn't and that's the heart towards him because we we stress in my practice it every week. Every week we have a we have appeared just dedicated two truth takeaways are takeaways circuit where. Where we go through stripping the ball we go through punching the ball up and go through intercepting the ball would go through scooping up scoring the bombing. These are all things that are consciously worked on and unfortunately to just haven't come arming. I think part of it to people a look at the full roster we do defense Lee is a little bit different we're we're a little bit more man ballistic. We're attacking the court of absolute moral point of more manned coverage that we have in the past we're not playing with our eyes on the quarterback as much as replying. When our eyes on the on the on the on the receivers now because of that. We're one of the top sec teams in the link so there is a trade off you know on. And you mostly do wanna get the takeaways because sometimes and we've seen the last two weeks those takeaways Lida good things. You know in Philadelphia force you to overtake the ways we can or giveaways. Were inside you know that the red zone line and then to a part takeaways this week were going into the Raton so we we've we've really kind of stuck to our. Selves. And coach who's missing a Siemens Chicago two weeks ago long put between one Russian. 231 or 238 the next week what did you see in their running game that really. You just limited what they were able to do. The biggest thing was more so is that Eugene was this really was a mailman thing that this was about. Winning across from the guys view that there are winning. Across from the guys are lining up at answering this is the guy that I got to beat I've got to be discipline I've got to be in my crease and I've got to attacking your vertical. That's where things that we do we do very well we were overly penetrate where we'll keep the ball contained we let the ball stretch out. The only deal the their biggest run came in and and the last. But two minutes of the game he popped one for eleven yards and that was it. You know they're they're big play action pass throw it downfield you know that came on you know that that was an issue very Walt time call by them. How we did play well you know we we are getting ready to jump the out when he bill move us with a host. Post safety was really cheated out the other side they could he may work two to receiver side. I and he did and you know that's on Clausen and again we had every opportunity deep shutting down but but we did. But one thing that we saw what two and how he was burqa a lot of tackles previously. Your guys tackled extremely well that that was an emphasis forced to each he was making sure we can tackle one of these we talked about was was his size and strength. The dispute and I mentioned this early in the week also want things that that that Julius there was a gut told the defense just what kind of runner do expect from the skies remember to aspire to get the last couple years so. He's that this guy's first saw his size his quickness and speed is gonna surprise you when you see him and his ability to break tackles and so. Obviously they pay attention listen what he had decided to. The voice of coach Ron Rivera parent or talk tonight because we saw look like Brian Cox got some reps in and also Vernon Butler how to those two. There's a ceiling guys plug and play well you know very pleased with what we've got pervert the last few weeks he's really stepped his game apiece he's he's been more active more physical. More violent with his hands on BC got it got his opportunity bright as opportunity and look really good you know its decision saying. He's he's prone to make some rookie mistakes which he asked the last two opportunities that apply it opens been really good to see is is his impact on the games the other real nice. Realize stuff on Obama on third down. And try to run the ball outside you got a field forced the ball that took to bounce and they see you know. The rest of the pursuit got to meet those are the kind of things were looking for young guys he's among those young guys we got to get more opportunities for and put him on the Philip of more. I could before I let you go Tampa Bay's eventually coming up this week or cutters team Davis Winston back up and healthy now so. As you see used to twice here what you see with this a particular additional Buccaneers well you know these children more growth on the on the offensive side you know that they had the the these throw the ball well. Opposite a lot of weapons you know Mike Gibbons is is always a threat. I'm they got tight consider very active draft of the one powered from from Alabama who's who's playing. You like the running game I mean it's it's it's it's of very physical running game on their office a line is very physical. Ali Jamison think he's he's a young man is still learning who's who's who's done some good things. And to see to get better better defensively they're very active there than by their front seven I think they're gonna. Good front seven they play fast football. Bomb their secondary is very opportunistic when you watch these guys they are ball hawks. They do some good things in terms of playing with vision and then special teams are considering that there wide open you know that they that if there's anything. Potential with these guys who you've got to be on your. On your game at the risk of running into yet again recalcitrant Iran and so the river broke rock I think Luke equally as so universally adored. That I'm gonna ask again in the sense of the way as I know how is there anything coach that you can share about the progress of the number 59. Political. It every go to try who is really we completely. This trial Soledad well I appreciate you carries few lucky no respiration as you review welcome guys those guys in the rather talk present about mcdonalds let mcdonalds get your morning off to a good start get us sausage meg muffin with egg for just a dollar 69 for a limited time. Only add making d.s will have more cantor talked. Taylor mowed our guest tonight and we'll break it down a little bit with him next on the Carolina Panthers radio network. News compared talk brought to fly Miller Lite why here it's always room for more taste. Prove very good. The official bank of the Carolina Panthers AT and see proud sponsor about Carolina Panthers AT&T. Every team in your way toward him everywhere else. It's better to people it's a social. They're big they're big plays. To this through to who are running backs over the creek residents every day. There was so much are you being here wasn't too much to defeat so. We just gotta clean up would you favor or before this is tempered talk presented by McDonald's Allman Caroline. So revealed that. Work. Delta great Julius Peppers coming out of that that commercial break him. Good words from from Julius broadcast roundtable now before we take another breaking get. Taylor mode up here with a sore brought you by Geico quarter and our could save you 15% or more. When your car insurance and speaking of cars rainy night tonight in Charlotte but a good number of people braved weather to come be with this here we thank you can't thank you enough and do everything we asked. So. Let's see Chicago gets only 51 downs. They have the ball for 21 minutes out. They're two of eleven on third downs yes. Yet the Panthers lose a one in every five year kind of game if you look at the stat sheet. So what's the process now like Eugene where Carolina tries to besides that the pain out and get ready to go to Tampa Bay try to get well. But this is the great thing about Clinton National Football League there's always another game to your right. Does the biggest thing particularly when his early in the season you have a chance security get right. You really eight years you really diagnosed with what you've done wrong really replace that work. Difference makers you realize that you dominated this team. And if wasn't for itself what the wolves you'll win the game so you said yourself these same locker room do let's not beat ourselves. That we don't just beat ourselves we've been a lot of teams. And have become so much for that becomes a rallying call that she go forward educate rate that they stepped on campus drug. A right there a good team but they're struggling to win four so you look at what they're gonna do you think. We should be able to beat this team if we don't give it away. If we don't spot people fourteen point seventy points we can't spot who kept we got a good attitude business so that becomes what you say. In the US these guy. I did you run to every ball a did you get every block. I don't what's it going to say my bad. At all what's new peer to say or I was much good yeah I got to back. You don't work before sent back to you don't worry if he goes the ball over here a hole to tuck he could to to drop. Those need to be the things those positive reinforcements as you move forward and not dwell alone what you really pick and roll it felt. We talked about it earlier today advocate I did that the only way Chicago is gonna win is if that happened if their defense and or maybe special teams yes scored points but doubles is that a kick up we said here's fourteen points and we're gonna play catch up don't have the back quickly there. And turnovers and a great equalizer to talk stats -- yards on third downs and how many yards you have an army conversions they haven't but you give fourteen points up not just two turnovers it's fourteen points. That's tough for any team and replay team that does there are fortunate to take the air out of ball and make the game just expire yes it. They're not gonna throw the ball tonight to do anything to lose if they play the game not to lose at the rest of the way images of into the. Clock ran out and how weird is that that there is a fumble and you're down on the 25 yard line. And it got exuberance is a reply when you have a couple of people have opportunities to recoverable oil pour it gets kicked out of files. That's kind of anomalous as weird anomaly if you will have been another. Just seven happens I'll put that ball that was really if you saw what it would of vegetables that's a ball there was little by his place. And amok a duck amuck more knocked the ball well. And now is in the air where a sick you can come by. And video mixes his outstanding play. Both looked very very rid it doesn't typically happen to them as an interception to get tackled or as a fumble it recovered fumble right there yeah. Tough. Injury update brought to by ortho Carolina is urgent care centers the place to go if you're hurting. What are we looking at so a couple of guys from yesterday soldier on after they got hurt did go back to looking back in obviously militant up yesterday trade turner had to leave had his knee looked at this and we won't get a full rundown Phillies Wednesday on how he's still progressing with that why hello we also believe in the first quarter with the reentry of the neck injury. I Kurt Coleman's got a chance to talk last week you might have a chance maybe this week you play against Tampa Bay so he's getting closer predict. We will talk about tonight but one of these nights a wanna talk about cal player lead like Kurt Coleman he's got a great leadership voice in the locker room but when your hurt. Is your leadership ability compromised. When you're not playing week to week because topic for Prejean in the guy's name won't get into with Taylor showed he's a young player he knows. He knows what to what time it is a streak of Taylor. This in this massive offensive lineman combo guard tackle he'll be with us on the show we continue with Patrick talk next on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Is due to her talk and here is soaring real working on do you find McDonald's get a sausage for Muslim would beg for just a dollar 69 McDonald's today. I love. Tickets on the way. End over end. So Mick mix in June so deep and you Gene Robinson went tendered talk almost Carolina Panthers radio network. Just on the show right now is what every NFL team is looking for and they are rare big. Smart. Athletic. Versatile. Fast offensive lineman and so we got a good one tonight and number 72 of the western Michigan's second round pick Taylor boat can do his own taxes because he's an accounting major welcoming Intel remote to the stage. Those are here live at the street Louis oh Taylor sit down we almost lost most of the stage where everything went after the attack. Little of what's in store for defense events will be facing a defensive tackles this year but. Taylor obviously it missile but in your rookie season so far a long way to go in day out are things going overall for you. Learning a lot this year. Well it's his goal was a great experience it's really cool to have. The older guys they're like trader and an injured nor world rank Coolio also you guys to learn from so. We shouldn't be a sponge and learn how to be even more for pro day by day so. So when you cut that's when you were in college or your right now. What do you see you they usually the major differences that acid trip for the game to the next level. A home a lot of it is it preparation. You know also now that there's no school involved mouse is all football and also into the semi job now so now there's expect to be allowed more preparation into it. So that's something on my mind do and that's one thing I'm older guys see you know an extra film work they do you know extra work after practice stuff like that so. I think that's when the biggest adjustments. Nor well and turner we love those guys but they're kind of mean. When whistle. Oh yeah is not going in Wednesday when the game is going on port where you falter early yet that's which that you you flip to get to the place you need to get to during the game. Feel like every office lemon Nassau last do you know personally well. You know because if you don't I'll know how long you'd last in the league so you know because tray and Andrew they're really great guys you know. Also feel they're really great whom good people. But you know you see a lot of work on the field and how to play and that's you know what like to get my game too so you know it really mean physical guys all. It was a game yesterday were a couple office supply and go out not just want because you Ryan comes out that comes out for awhile and then you have a meeting social community unit for stamps in there. Tyler Larson coming and it's senator pro lineman. How much more difficult is that you in mid game just jump because typically the goal is all pipeline and play the entire game so how different is that from any other position. It is different in yes one big adjustment from college and you know start and now you know being ready halted north silence. If it is differently after the you know keep yourself stretched and warm on the sideline you know you never know one play my BM saw. Yes let's talk about the difference between playing guard which could play also complained tackle. And at this level here what gives you may be the most concern aware you more comfortable and those two different positions. On the moon comes being comfortable. I did. Personally from mines at a summer selling car for the coach puts so you know make myself like that or possible. I you know is difference between category when you played the position to tell you that. You know like everything happens like quicker guard or at senator you know big tee time was right there front you. You know pass protection and then you know tackle gets more athletic slender guys. After edging claymore an island. So I guess that's that's two of the biggest differences between again. And how important at that we let's talk about tackle play and on the island how important this technique really come into play. At that position. I think it's very important you know our our coaches our line coach vote rare don't talk about technique is a best friend you know so. It's very important expression office line well important technique is and that's not just that lets lets all positions across our front line. You play OJS and defeat and they have to be and there will be in and in step to make sure that you do to commit. The president's last linebackers classic. Absolutely you have that you know which you don't and you had a chance. One of the things we've heard about Taylor pre draft will of the characters were vetting him. Was what good hands he has a violent strike could hand placement we'll talk to him a little bit more. About that would cantor talk continues panther football brought to go by the NFL's ticket exchange you know what to do. Before they got in the trench cut the we're looking dude that says he's got tickets and just trust. Your money to the NFL's ticket exchange where the inventory is Ticketmaster verified. This is rather talk from Bank of America's tech news. Then there's talk. Brought to apply for it but mentally you'll find you the perfect floor didn't see your Carolina Ford dealer and make a connection today Carolinas healthcare system. You'll crucial health care provider. Or is this you didn't care you can do now. Prince street open source software and hardware of them Penders and all for the Carolinas they made more plays than we did today. Let the you do it the seventeen. Hats off to them from going out and make plays you know before. Going on for a great team ball. Can assure you that feels he is tempered so easily find adult woman Carolyn Kemp whose radio network. I do and it's mic along with deserve it junior rob Taylor mowed our guest the 72. Offensive line an extra. Very young guns but the best just to be for him because several quick because we brought television on Tom Warner we got a crew here and then radio guys as well so. Wanna give a shout out to the camera people Taylor. And also Matthew craft fair 12 o'clock o'clock stage left Matt. There we got chased on camera one and house and then behind me Dave related. Sin Blevins left. Part of our crew helping make clear there are right behind me I don't throw these mentions include extra pay your wireless news. Yeah I think it growing up the cash the surrogate back to the main thrust of the show the star of the show Taylor mode. Rookie offensive linemen. We talked to you about your hands. How important are. Or through the size the strength not only of your hands Taylor. But knowing. How to kind of win that martial arts battle with the. And you know I'll talk O'Donnell admitted to print but. Don't do no way. All of it but oh well Darcy knew back then I believe. I'm Obama and amount of attention right there. How that's able blitz if you let no. No. But didn't they thought (%expletive) up but as we look to external mic over the the new vehicle with a cut up and I. Your comment I've I went to bowling Greece I understand Mac football it's a mid a mid major opposite mid American conference western Michigan. That's a big jump to NFL so what's it been like doing with the size of the strength of the defense of linemen you face. Thumb I think you have is an awesome opportunity to every day in practice you know with running the scout team playing against one of the best team defense lines NFL. (%expletive) guys like Julius Peppers every day Charles Johnson Wes Horton. You know I don't play guard clocks are too low a they don't like K okay. So wrong now didn't some of the best the best and I think does this make my game better learn so much more about the game so I really appreciate it. He's definitely a big huge jump from playing him in the back. No sense you know look at conference flip is not an Emmy in you don't see that size and ability like you wouldn't SEC ACC opponent. You know any any level college has not been as well especially you know to united BO real professionals. You and you just talked about that there's the Kelly oh the tumor in the tackle spot. And how it makes you better we're going to seize the guys what's the academic process like when you were in college. The ones now the academic crosses like now in the pros is any correlation there what did you learn from there that you can take into what you're doing now. Think Gomes I don't do learn a lot of at Simpson College about queues of what to watch like the defense lineman for the you know what's coming week whoever client and don't. You know like how they how they've played around holly played the past what kind of golf different. Pass rush moves in May make on me you know entity got to watch salty no more than one game because maybe their game plans for that certain tackle or guard. For tonight's anti it is elevated level I got him a sell now so now spend. You know twice as much not worn to school studying film because the thing you know it's it's it's really important dealing with professionals much better players. And down. Nothing gets us in. I'm getting more more used to it week after week of missing you know the other guys do it. You know slot you know that guilt Daryl Williams no I see he's really awesome play to tackle one Nomar inform him that a medical deal so. Taylor mode is our guest does not mention tailored that you have and accounted training training in general accounting principles from college. Is there any carry over. To have undermined this good with numbers and math to what you need to carry into an NFL football game do your job. Something's wrong. Since two different were girls my account is is you know crazy back in college down the switch from. You know dealing with you know lectures them. You know establish a credits and alana and goat and some on the football field and its stance complete. We wanted to switch amounted to deal anymore I don't know if I have supplies. I think I've got to get ourselves and our house welcome back to critical plays at the capitol eleven writes and she basically I had to go eleventh. Thank you broke it you grew up in Michigan in addition to play a western Michigan has special was it to go up to four field of play you're. For the team the Detroit last couple weeks ago you know it is pretty cool I think the best part about it is being able to. See my family my friends after the game and you know see them. To address them you don't seem in uniform and no means a lot to my parents. You know a broad you know a couple best friends all came out as the coolest part about it. And I've been in the stadium since we won a Mac championship last year so you know oops I mean I guess this more than because of that in any thing you know it's definitely. So that's that means a lot to me because he knows when. Those one of his personal life you know that and you know obviously we can't Carolina panther so we definitely. Do. If Hillary. We're doing here talking is have a great time with you here. I want to go ahead and bring you back to the games of Philadelphia. While we struggle offensively. To move the ball and then even the last game we start they had that little breakthrough. From what you guys do collectively in the apple in the office of life wrong. What is your mindset and then come from Philadelphia to this game how was that more of a way because we saw much more. Ability to run the ball. Home and I think I think we have really awesome profits like coaches and coach Masco coach proud of them. In it's big emphasis to run the ball as we can outcomes that man go from there. I think you know we just we we just get better better and you know dolphins alignment players one heart beat them two it's well miles a little off with a line play players want. I think they're doing awesome job doing that and no plans to play you watch and they get after guys have moved you know they're. We call like in a move in the front the defense of tackles and drive them back in open holes for the running backs so. I think. You know he uses we just get better and better every day distrust of process let's. What who is that vocal leader on this office the last known in the secondary is to give it free safety. And a beautiful life you must have a tackle and Tim Goodman electric the guy on the officer's life. In that room who's that guy that may do little more vocal and of that other kind of galvanized you guys a row but certain political situation. We'll be safe warm up for life this year you know in the game the senators will make the call cell phone. As we almost local guys you know one of the team captains so. In I feel like it's it's really awesome to watch how he works and you know how he leads the team saw alum learned a lot from every day I think it'll hold rumors. Taylor mowed our guest on the show. We go to commercial break with a trivia question anybody what is the largest heaviest organ in the human body. Does it Gary or his person. Haven't had his organ in the bottle whenever brain kidneys aren't the answer brain. Is your skin they're absolutely correct and our skins instead hey you've only got one skin so trusted. Jack Black tax black here. We tell when an official with the skin care product line of the National Football League it is quality you'll find it if you Jack Black dot com Norstrom fan ultimate moral tailor my next this is a Carolina Panthers radio network. Talk continues on the Carolina ten years radio network. Mixes. Jeanne you rob and Taylor mode. I guess offensive talk tonight enters that now four and three get ready to wrap up this rugged October stretched. Four out of five on the road we go to Tampa Bay. On Sunday. Taylor. We were kind of fans those three guys are fans of the men they coach you in particular John Mets go and rape around. What's your relationship like with those two and what are they talking so far a. Think there are two tremendous coaches a learning a lot from you know every day. You know stages. I think it's really awesome how important it is to have you know awesome technique any nicely to them one thing with them and just plain hard. And and I think. Become a much better football player because of who saw him on it. I'm learning more more every day from home and you know I'm just aren't as big as fun as much they can focus knowing I knew I know. You know go line coach policy when there is an is easy to spot that you know cause mass of cliff brown to the best so. We talk about how versatile yard to play different positions but do give a preference or does one come easier terms of run blocking her pass blocking in general. You know I think it is it is is all different but. Dot has served so learn to become floor they put me in so. You're pretty good team physical whereas resistance. Then there's nothing that's most storied of the hit to her blue see your like Lil tunnel Larsson and we see them putting that. Linebacker what does all of that going well and how that communicated as far as blocking assignments was going with that. Well you know he's points one guy and tells them wanted to go in Vietnam house so they get into a love you know classified information broker. You know I did with Gary. Ryan and you know to great communicators so he does points and guy makes a call or two and then we all know we're doing the red rolls off. Do you have a favorite player to run. Prom. Whenever anyone asked or say whatever play gets the ball the end zone. These two are Brazilian resistant strain himself into more corners here on the ship in the past I could ask the question we see two. My six pro war does not reward to play guard is Dick Patrick Turner and also know which you guys pulled alive or. There are some of the best guys who are able to move. Only outside the kid is like a little foot with a entrapment or they're wrapped in a row where do you fall in net as a guard not as a tackle. As the guard as you move from left to right. As far as ability. To do. Really do it cannot fill up my billion as did ability to go ahead and can only outside is that something that's really really comfortable with on the trap and for the record. Yeah you know I didn't do as much college but you know to do a lot scout team down you know get more more comfortable with a small. If it obviously is an adjustment you know is different but you know could create a line coaches with you know masculine goes well we talked about saw. You know they've been on the coach it up right. Alignment probably don't know nothing about. This here but they got these things don't donuts. As they do dream. I was a Carolina fan there's so when the Panthers score you score points awarded nicely to match the parent to score in the game. You can get all this downloaded right to your phone. From the Krispy Kreme rewards app available in the App Store borrow a Taylor mode next this is rather talk from Bank of America says they. The 1975. Miller Lite made history by proving we could prove a great tasting light beer. And some marked the occasion we're bringing back our original story bottle for a limited time. Miller Lite. Original light beer back it's original Bob grab one before they're all gone. Great beer great responsibility 2017 Miller Brewing Co. Milwaukee Wisconsin. Average analysis twelve fluid ounces 96 calories 3.2 grams cards less than one brand for eighteen. This is the home of the Carolina. One team because no matter what Jersey mid corner. On Sunday we all cheer the the same blue Bank of America is proud to be the official bank of the Caroline event and proud to support the quest to keep that tradition of greatness alive. 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Pretty impressive parade then you'll love what golf was also born in the Carolinas and if you ask me that's a role and want. And don't let me forget about your miles I'm Vincent and the Panthers. Cold refreshing. Together for a gallon of Pepsi and never forget that become the greatest place in the world the greatest T. The greatest man. Right Pepsi. The Carolinas. Assault continues Monica. There's radio network and. Big continues first secondly there's got to end because we're just about out of time did you guys thank. Taylor mode for being on the show it is his business course on late notice doing one heck. A good job. Personal guard combo can you hide the ball to be complacent if you had to be two played so a few times in practice though on a more you can do in his right no doubt those stories tickets through its first sailor and for your intrepid reporters zero. There's so got to mix we'll see you next time thanks for being a cart path or talk on this the South Carolina Panthers radio network could not. Radio network. You fly its. Pedestals. A dollar 69. Miller why we're here it's always. Portrays. There's the open source offering or. Music and bowl for the Carolinas PC and C proud sponsor of Carolina. This abuse drug Carolina Panthers radio network.