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Following is an exclusive presentation of the Carolina Panthers. Woman Carol. There's a great deal now. The whole new approach uses a different attitude different atmosphere this little rely. Really doesn't bode for children are being way down so I'll ma am excited about it I really in my day we go to football team it. Guys twice as tough if they defeated crystal ball players. I think revealed details. Now along with the Jim Russo and Eugene Robinson. Here's a big mix and we've pampered dog lives from a Panthers broadcast facility and bring Tim America stadium. In life. There are good problems and bad problems. For example good problem to have a loved being with my wife we're just so busy I don't have much time to do. Bad problem I do not like my life oh. Fortunately. And athletics is a certain wet footballs I'll say more about your Roy for his belt let me finish OK if this well fortunately. I think I can speak for my buddies. Jim's Oki in Eugene Robinson when I say we got good problems at the address. And would it be fair to say this year the 2017 Carolina Panthers have a lot of good problems to work through at every position group. That's definitely spears thing and a lot of good problems left and went in it which Tomo when your team is stacked with guys look to linebackers and when you got. A maybe you'll lose trying to get the flu and a bowl where who's trying to get to fill you got some guys just behind us things that can play and you know that Shaq Luke. And and Thomas Davis gonna bring it but you got guys waiting in the wings go ahead and step up SA here I am I should make this team and I should be starting. And so that's a great problem to have. Well which Obama and secondary which over the linebacker corps or the office slot or because of life amid did you got good problems all of the places. Upon have too is Leo what looks like. A lot of offensive weapons to work into a game plan because he got the big guys that were there before like JB and punches and Greg Olsen. And then you batted these quicker younger guys like Samuel along with Christian McCaffery. Yet jays do running the ball there again you so many options on this offense you feel a lot of different directions where this and number one. He still wants to run the ball OK and he's like gonna do it like he was doing it before but he's he's a weapon that's to be accounted for specially the reds and I would think. And here's another good prompts it to add to this this that this company she will. But you've got also McCaffrey who can also be Atlanta receiver and you saw some of the so please if it would do against linebackers. Which almost alive back like Shaq Thompson. Everybody Colombo out Lambert like death. Or Luke weekly. That's a matchup problem just a really good problem I have with the permanent backfill and bureau running back. Or you can make them ace back and say go in the so less grip problem. Many things to talk about on this very first panther talk we welcome you and it's just great to have you here we miss you during the offseason. And another 2017 cancers have got tons of potential. So we'll talk about that the defense in some detail here shortly but you mention McCaffery so let's kind of start there. When it's one thing for the Internet guys to us on over rookie but when veteran players. Whisper when they comment when they tweet that this guy could be special Eugene in this that was SA. About what McCaffery might be working well you Donna Jonathan Stewart to reset on Sunday and it has a tenure player Eugene who plays the same position running back. So he's got a nice for a and is a Vick said he's got nothing to gain by being some journalists try to be out in front of a story. He's putting your reputation online order by saying this kid can play and and claiming him feel as Eugene Robinson does sometimes in the broadcast Booth for players. So when he says that he's unstoppable in the open field I tend to listen to that because he's got that quickstep we saw people getting us. And in the last day of minicamp when he was able prone to participate but it don't Wednesday night practice last week against state was a little flashes. Of that I can't wait to see what that looks like in game action against opponent when you get him out there in space and who really can do. There was a play that we do run an old pledges to talk about when you got the kind of broken down to move for both fields we'd like to pull our guards with a snow well portraiture and or. With a pool the garden gonna kick out on three technique on the backside and a ball off to a Jim McCaffrey and as he's following that guard he puts his foot in the ground and goes up the football field and then he does hops to adjust them. And takes off on the football field when he does that I sat there and I watched can now watch the video back over my goodness this guy's got that type of skill level. The political vision you need to have to see what that just that he's so Kirk and is sticking to hit it puts a foot in the ground and just leave people in the does. That's pretty special and that's I think what. Still was alluding to a gorgeous dude I got something he is the real deal he has a new work with and so I like we were. Effortless catcher of the football as a day Gelman said when he was vetting McCaffery the ball doesn't make any sound when it hits his hands. That's a good box to check. McCaffery seems to have been elected neurons firing so it'll it'll be ashamed to say. Samuel also has. Return kickoff return shops allowed same versatility but yet he's been here we really don't know America is because of a nagging injury to a but from all. There are here it looks like we're back on the field tomorrow for his hamstring injury were kept in my Nolan seems to be lingering and at least in terms of being careful with captain. At this point he has been sounds like a good chance and you could be on the field is not tomorrow the day after the probably tomorrow and so we'll see. Way to bring in guys it was a 43140. I mean that's that's amazing and did you wanna get him on the field. And you do I would think. It's tough enough being a rookie receiver but I like McCaffrey is gonna have to be more running back and receiver will cease and upon lineup in the backfield times. Maybe Samuels played a little cleaner in terms what is sort of maybe you could add more special teams what he's doing out there. Indeed and here it is certainly has every bit of incentive to come football field because he doesn't get passed by. I mean here's a deal alone sort of is that when you're hurt initially you can never make the club and took. And when you're hurt and you see and everybody else getting off you see the ball go to a four inches or go to a Benjamin PC demand personalized. Good question we should jerking to go huh what what what about me and then you're trying to get back on the football field. Because you know you hide graphic you don't want them to forget about you so he has everything to do with football field Asa which they have since fully. Hopefully reading and in showcase that speed because that's exactly what they broke your four. Monolith got a hamstring Samuel got a hamstring. The injury update brought you by also corn dollar's been hurt to be here we're a neat thing the injury have they brought you by North Carolina is urging care centers. What time is of the essence not always sounds odd to me because if you got some than the other femur jagged and bone through his stick it to your side. I was say time is of the essence but. Anyway do we all do around here it's called ortho Carolina senate text whatever ortho Carolina youth improved so. Could it be accurately said Seles that a huge key to the Carolina Panthers season this year will be in the space. In between cam Newton's last year in cam Newton's right here. To the degree that if he can recalibrate. What he thinks a good football player yes he doesn't need to be Superman on every play. He can kind of re calibrate. And be happy with a zero yard completion that the back then runs for three or four yards the chain's move the defense gets demoralized. Paddy and he read tea leaves all that well I think nearly bill. Panthers are coach Rivera's been forecasting this is about the day of the season and that term evolution of the offense in evolving the offense and this is what he's been alluding to is. It that they can't Zack and Iran that's a lesson that has still a factor is still going to be there but now she's just so many other options on say third in four Eugene. Where he doesn't have to think I got a dual quarterback draw Enron I can throw to McCaffery Samuel. Russell Shepard these Viet is that equation we want dementia similar weapons as special teams a players. That there's so many other guys had as you said by making a short pass kind of like what most teams do in this league now is short passes. What those little underneath guys pick up yardage in save the Wear and tyranny quarterback. And and it's your right I think it starts with our quarterback. And how well Cam Newton plays. Julie determines how well your office plays and then what the deepest place and it is going to be really incumbent upon him to make sure you can almost. Read duplicate what you did when you brought the teams as well below because you were masterful at the line of scrimmage calling the all doubles to make sure you line got a lined up. Makes you identify what this bus was. Where you can take events of weakness of the defense avoided ever really well he needs to duplicate that and he needs not to be in a hurry. To do everything you don't have to do everything that's why as a team and if he can go ahead. And can be satisfied with that to make others better around him I'd say what they can be extremely. Special most most us and we saw go to the global. My brother's name is gone color donate donor are watching this summer scrolling through her favorite shows six are bound people. Tiny house six or tell people in tiny houses. Special housewives surgically enhanced our yelling at the top of their lungs and we come across Cam Newton on the 50000 dollar pyramid. Did either of you ZS television I just saw the highlights of this show was good as or better than the jitters they brought in off the street. I'm telling pick Cam Newton was exceptional as far as how quick witted and he was and how not even under pressure that you could tell he was the quarterback because. Even a clock was more than he was never under pressure as delivered alive or answer the question but will you buy a tiny treehouse to. That question there is competitiveness came out to. When the buzzer was sounding dominant what was yesterday you know you could just tell he's he's a competitor he's match up that was Marshall who was gorgeous she got into big beat him down like he stole money from. LeBron got Joseph Jones and while we're going to the Super Bowl and I don't drive care was. Good the data or to the pyramid. Broadcast around tables brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. On your car insurance we'll talk with coach Ron Rivera and actually listening to pad their talk right here. On the Carolina Panthers radio net. No one's going plan. Absolute starring. It's are on sale now. News compared Salk. Brought to fly Miller Lite as long as you are you give some military base give them. Apple free from bank of. On the ball touchdown. One guy. They get some of these young guys on offense or how long caught up. We got a really got some new pieces now an offensive line that we're moving around we gotta get we don't get those guys. Just as many reps as you can in Iraq made all these pieces together. Knowing you brought these guys in both the veteran free agents in the refuse for reasons we'll count on them to help us. We need to get them up to speed as fast as we can be its ease every so recently Fineman Tom Foreman Carol. News radio network. It's an off day for the Carolina fans or players at training camp training camp is curiously quiet right now both for Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera and his staff. Coaches or any such thing as an off day this time of year. No there isn't making a week. Veteran coach few days here real place what we've seen. You are are are really thought does Saturday's practice was when it was very good I thought the guys really stepped it up. You only get worried about that that fourth fifth practice and and I thought they handled multiples practices very well. You know was worth our second third day in full pads. Com their temples were good and and in some of the young guys who were counting on stepping up seem to be getting and so we're we're kind of excited about the it seems like he did come become more of a veteran team with some offseason acquisitions coach do you handle a veteran team differently this time here than than you would younger group boy you know we still have some some young guys is some keys possibly going to be very wary of U wide receiver and and defense of backers some variants bucks. And we just got to be very judicious with them. Pump then we ought to be Smart about how we take care our best you know we we would try to create good days for specific guys scale and you got guys like Julius Peppers and Charles Johnson and Brian Cooley Helen Thomas there's guys that play long times a Greg Olsen. He's got to do it correctly you gotta find the right time to give them their opportunity super is all about anybody flash in even though it's still early. Almost certainly I mean when you when you when you look at some of the guys. It's our and by position I think your office a line is really practice well you see them coming together got a couple new parts that. You have to step up and just kind of sign a wash those guys grow together. So my receivers a position I think gruesome awful lot of competition to ruin our. To be or birds seem to keep flashing. Boston duke as a young guy has stepped up and is finishing the watch him is he's he's charting you don't make is to make his bones tremendously good. Yeah I wrote real pleased with what we see from the secondary is well. I was gonna ask you about the secondary because. CNBC good at the starting cornerback spots what about you depth they already feel about that coach told us that that's a work in progress you Kevin's been midnight Columbus we had had enough to go on the football they'll let. I'm anxious to have him on the feel see how he looks column via I think both Jason Carroll and I came back up. With a good mindset that they seem to be I'm learning how to be pros doing things right right. Lot of local interest in the fifty bimbo lawyer what's he giving. Duke men's and those guys that you know that once the pats c'mon he's used to scalp yourself. You know he's he's golden ways to grow with them myself Forrest houses starting quarterback playing right now. I think he's gotten stronger every day due to spend a lot of fun to watch him gets stronger. Improve. You know in his in the new ways practicing right now just kind of reciting the city. Where does this engine blew his enthusiasm come from he seems to just be vocal. Just console Lincoln after it every second of every practice when you're low supply he really doesn't because he is probably the biggest thing this just that he is going from how much he loves again. All right Carolina panther practices we've got a fan fest come and know what would that be like for you your team carries this this coming week to the ticket the lights on in the brand new field of Bank of America saying hi this can be cited I know the one thing at that time been really appreciative as this has been the energy level our fans are brought to the slope Alter nurses I've been there they've been supported. And then behind innocent and then. He we've given him reason to in the past familiar reason again to get behind us you know we don't play as well we're capable last year there was disappointing obviously and I understand that. Comment I really do believe that we can get back on track. Got a good group for young man and cannot tell you if our fans who support us like the way they have in the past there's no reason why we can't come in and and do things were cave moaned and and then and feel their energy. You pretty psychic about the potential of this group I am America I mean there's no reason for me not to be I think we've had like I said a few really good days of practice. And I'm pretty excited about us. Last question for eco trying to rear the master psychologist the other day at practice Oklahoma drill. You called Julius Peppers and Greg Olsen together video this is on Panthers talked. You never did let them collide but what was your thinking there and then had to resonate with the team while you know it was a little bit of a price for everybody you know around. It's mostly that that veterans never do that. And so once we got the two you two sets a young guys in their eyes closed a little bit occur about that the guys and they were in on the joke and it turned out to be predictable. Paulson didn't back down he threw his coach after the signing looks like it's ready to go against number nine putts Iowa number nine and these are men and believe me. But the guy Greg Craig to step up and you guys stop this just in time. Good job coach thanks for your time loves him away. This you did it. You stopped at just the dive coaster that's. There's a dramatic acting performance and wait stop don't do it so do he did the same thing the other day with candor nor well and Charles John and then he he got in the middle. Right before they were ready to fire off at each other oh yes that's right dangers manager have to be laid on that it's. A fun stuff this in the inventor talk brought you by McDonald's the good morning SARS would add a muffin. Scratching made bacon cheese egg biscuit for just a dollar and denial. OK okay no okay and within ten attitude I take a muffin. Says it does just arrived at McDonald's I thought a big for us in the unique mix of did they do the Oklahoma drill zero when you play oh yes they did and veterans don't want to do the Oklahoma drilled an analyst I demanded when you. Well there's this blows up is what you would know what to do you let go because that was something that there Reeves when everybody to participate and saw like how do we do mr. right there a light. The cult of never like oh it sure is due to Australia or what is the drill for those that drill is is this really pumped up. Is cut about a man on man deal because legit do as yet the defeat a blocker that's in front review. And you have to make a tackle and run about the spirit do. And so lump is a bit of rent they'll always be relevant differently could be receiver right there but does take a middle linebacker legs look deeply Hugo gets a right Lil. You would defeat the blog go to Lil and he SS met McCaffery is doing. Before we get the football field this is man or men and sometimes you just get embarrassment that true. And you'll get embarrassed to say you would at least get your head on a run about it because it's hard to do. They merely ups the running back can't run. So far where she did you have a chance to tackle him it's bigger high school where the players don't cost as much if you LO US open but it. Everyone gets so excited about a deeply split off easily because it shows your manhood that alpha male thing. I call you well I'll but to go ahead and bustle of the mile and is nothing you can do about it this is kind of foolish they really. Part of this Neanderthal Spartan game that we love so much in the name of a football you're you're unfairly advantage because you're good wrestler Q seagulls leverage skills Aurora oil giant events real quick on mention I never watched his show. I capital watcher because six and about life wasn't on but Collin cower today referenced you. You saw about growing up as a kid in that the Seattle area and he went to training camp but he was in college and did mention one player Eugene Robin love and and he said how are you or make him play after play or look up on 41 from Colgate who this guy is but today out of the blue just mention your name on on national TV talking about. Are you really when you came in out of Colgate made a name for yourself in training camp bacon plays out there there. Happens every year or somebody you don't know couple of them make the team are drafted so we'll see those guys are this year should be fascinating house and ask you G to about. Mike Adams because there's a story about Mike Adams all cancers dot com 36 year old safety turned 36 in March. May the trouble at age 34 made it again they're 35 Smart football player takes care of his body says he's run like he did when he was 22. DC a little bit of yourself and pros pro Mike Allen GG. No I was I read that same story over the dot com and they refer to Reza OG original Jason and they'll talk about his age but when he moves around he moves pretty. Good flow limb he gets he gets so we need you give it a part of is because the academics he knows where to be yet. And I love that because. When you start to decline it is Paramount that you get the academics now since you don't waste Basie always movement and he does that and other thing was I love the body is that guys are taken his lead they'll they'll look at formed to make. To take control and they try to go ahead and follow him says really good debt. That he's got a really cohesive unit and guys respect that you do and because of that you try to shine a little bit more so I like this pick in cinema practiced like. This will be a really depict force and he. Tones of local interest in not only my gathered to other secondary. Players but bimbo aware that Clemson. Rookie says that he's the Panthers he views himself as the Panthers eighth round draft choice and so he's gonna talk to catch up with the fifty Ben bow where. It's what we all come back with parent or talk. And you're listening to it on this the proud Carolina Panthers radio network. There is no injuries all. Radio network raunchy funny mcdonalds and get us graduate bacon egg and cheese biscuit sandwiches and McDonald's for. Or three wins tonight. Eight yard line. What will be a great team you know he knows you don't dominance of the season with the thinking there is stuff like that so. I think indefinitely with a mean improvement allow American core I still feel strong and around. You know some he cartel does a front. On offense you know there explosive offense in any. So Mick mix in June so deep and Eugene Robinson way entered talks. Exclusively. Almost Carolina Panthers radio network. Our first show of the year season debut pampered daughter welcome back and in. It's Spartanburg are ninety stories. And that's just the football players that's that the coaching staff and everyone else involved down there. One of them is Ben ball where out of Clemson. Where he was a huge success come off a national championship big component of that championship team. Worked his way up through there and now he starts from the bottom once again has an undrafted rookie free agent trying to make is panthers' team a talk with bend couple days ago about how is training camp is going so far. It's going good does get aggravated the system known defense. On the speed game senate passed a listening good and solid Delaware can learn much stuff on this system. Com and China but everything. Lot more intense not receive in the OTAs minicamp as a Vasily for the pads on sold their story. It's doggy Dogg I hear and it's wrong muscles well first off the pads on some of them are doing well where. Has your confidence level as you can check Johnson year walking by here posit that as far as. I feel like you belong and you you're you're where you need to be no I'm a very confident I'll put on knock him quite a slow one on the play at a high level this level. Clients receive on this mullah Shumpert led the coaches and this organization so I gotta do every single day. The iron. And arm or my position and go what everybody on the very confident I'll make the team and play at all. Why American beer thing about these and pretty rookie coming especially special teams so for special teams how big is that is charges signature goes now and that's my off on the door now realize and you know take out of an arms and Enron what that I know that's why a lot of guys who make in this league all guys in the successful careers no plans must change and not forget employed. And they want wonderful start and play tolerable but it did in your foot in the door especially the way and I'll realize that some. Make the most Hala. Your star Clinton won a national championship he's a great points during the OTAs about is like your freshman your Clintonism as far as establishing yourself all over Delano saw Ben and bill before laws Gus. They come my school have made a highly touted for recruiting then go to your crush your college thinking you're gonna. Going to be a crushing all American that's that's not holiday is all the Lotta times on so. Scott let's send situation causes twelve out of solitary clumps and and become yachts all over you turn your position earn your books every single day Obama the forty gonna. To star studded locker room when linebackers in your position room in particular you talk about kind of bug and Lou can pick an easier not Thomas Davis and those guys but how much do you really glean from those guys in terms of actually get knowledge and can they help you out no half policy years and I'll say every single day on. Hey those guys love just picking their brains Venus bonds trying to learn as much as possible and you. Those Gaza Prague in all thing when now realize the possession Diane though the players that I'm on surrounded by no leadership in. Maturity of this team so I'm just this one's child learn and gain as much knowledge is as I can win window London marks on how we got us last analyst securities more Gatorade and water. Florida State picked first in clemson's second in the ACC out of that power oil well we know more about the rankings are not racist stuff. Pre season myself Fleischer saying I'm so. Just goes on a slowdown though that what really matters really good for the lawns and for the guys on. Colleen the first game they can stay. Get frustrated and our Gaza not one but no rankings on us up from. Bad bowl where of course they got to go to the White House those who the president is part of a winning the national championship this year but. Biggio and you talk with the bowler low bit in the bin but really impressed with the German. There's an attitude that comes and plays special team Lazarus could begin with him as far as trying to make got 53 man roster but he has that Koppen. He's got that's just a little bit crazy yeah you want from your special teams guy or a loved it arrogance that he has since you have to have and that causes really blow being extremely confident. But you can just hearing his voice when I talked some big plays with a chip torn shoulder he's mad that. She wasn't drafted and because he was addressing segment you mr. Al omission that everybody knows it up but you and behind the scenes he's looking to start. Up I can you could fill that and the leadership that I saw we as a person. And a place at the number please use intimate because he was always near the ball ubiquitous as the word comes in my. This guy is very very good at what Joseph the bimbo where. Kush Rivera said two guys that win. Because to me not to be Gil Brandt of look at that some of these players and know that. Polar doesn't look like Thomas Davis he doesn't look like to use piracy doesn't look like Heatley looks more lighting guy that would come to your house to look W cable TV. But then. When the pads come on what you know you can probably hear your changes its stated that's what I did so back Cadillac and no self but he's not scared just stick it up in the hill is a lower. Take a break her talk more take a break here but I'd prefer to speak perfect perfect. We go to break with a word from our friends at Jack Black men skin care. 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Carolina Panthers drive to become a team or catch and that would Mardi tourney the general manager. But the Carolina Panthers hasn't felt he Marty due to be down here in the GA and share again. Roscoe like Brandon Knight make especially with this organization you know so many people but. It it's been a lot of fine then you know I'm catching up didn't you learn and I didn't really impressed with the talent on the field and in the end big you know no the last 345 years. Just let the big athletic ability over us flexibility is team I think stands out the death and critical spots the offensive line. Was there has been very impressive so far in and and it's pretty deep. I'll pass rushers and you go back in a time machine wants Julius Peppers and it's like you know it's like 2002 again so. And there's just a lot of athletic ability here. Lot of depth obviously and I I I know runner rare move really well and work with a well in. It's who spent a good week how about the coaching staff Marty some are known to use summer newer faces how do you feel about the kind of staff you know coach Rivera and assembled. Well like Enron has raised some assembled them in just a very good communication and starts crying and I have good communications so where and when I will every day meet with the scouts and we will watch them practice tape in we will go over. Go deep roster every scab has a position why so. After we watched some tape to guys in charge of DBs and talk about tag group when he's on new ended. That defense line is setter in the Enron is in constant communication with his coaches he meets with us coaches every night at 915. And then he and I talked. In we'd bring in the opinions of he will tell me what to coaches think in certain spots up tellem some years. The comments and observations the scouts have made. In his stags continuity is that communication and then if you know Iran and I have had nice things get it helps because. It is every voice she hears it. He knows gas here for a reason. You're damn job and and they evaluate and coaches have a job and sometimes. The way they look at its players. Coaches look at them one way you know they want guys who are dependable and in Allentown and guys and and but they won one guys who don't have a lot of man owners and in the scouts look more at may be physical ability and upside so. Ted tell mold those to come out. Different ways of looking at things and it helps says it didn't run and I then sit down and make the best decision we can make for this team. Seems like you've done a good job making sure the scouts that you mentioned feel listened to as well. Marty Gary how many practices do you feel like you need to see this time a year before you start formulating some opinions about what kind of a football team you're Sonoma. I think you start formulate an opinion is the first practice you wide CNET T watched tape. But you have to make sure that you don't jump to conclusions. You have to. There yet to realize they. This is a marathon not a sprint and its side things can change every day so guys improved and and guys get injured unfortunately so. I think date every day. You come their opinion senior write your nose down. But you don't jump to conclusions she let this play out this is this has been a weekend all the pre season games obviously will be play a big part in our decisions. But I I do think you can you make a valuation starting with your first practice. And can be very open minded and go from now. We will not of course go through position by position which you may be as some time we will but give you your fingerprints are all over this team particularly. In the Cam Newton draft what are you seeing from other fans are starting quarterback right now been very impressed he's locked in and he you know we added that camera behind him it was his idea he wanted to add a camera. Ground level just so be able look at his mechanics. End and he is he's throwing the ball extremely well right now. He is the enthusiasm he brings obviously this is contagious throughout this team. He's been very very sharp. Just a couple last quick things Mardi what about your first round draft pick Christian McCaffrey how would you describe what you've seen as and so forth. Us quick and fast he really in our players have noticed and you get the ball in his hands and in space and he knows what to do with the keys please he's I think he's a very excited to. Pretty young Gupta looks like he knows where the waiter ms. last thing Marty Wii two is coming in. A fan fest will will be obviously a big date on the calendar but how how how this week to a training camp differ from week one if at all. Well I think it's just say again it's it's. Training camp is how you progress so this second wake is Mormon shown some weight Juan you know you get here to the first practice and training camp and in the stadium 630 everybody's excited anthem before out there on the field at 6 o'clock to so exciting one now he gets his second wake. And instead daily grind that you have to keep improving and I think today. And you go to fan fest and that's another step because it's the first time that you're under the lights so to speak and then you come back you get ready for pre season game itself. Every week I think in training. As it's it's different challenge also appreciate KI SW Marty thank you and Nolan look forward to seeing the same way cause of pleasure metal. Things. We still close winds its had. Since he's had to a kind of a calming influence Marty her knees. Reentry into the building into training camp. Has a field you guys I think health fortuitous to have someone of that caliber who's familiar which is seeing familiar with the coaching staff familiar with the ownership. Those kind of the playbook to be able to step in and not miss a beat at all they're really going to get some contract things done. This is been a really good gosh and for the Carolina Panthers have Marty Ernie standing there what we've been waiting phone. He brought in a good number of the players all the captains of the team the coaching staff the head coach a lot of the personnel department as far as who's up there too. So it's only seamless he brought a lot of the men and he was here for her followers of fifteen. At least fifty years overall in this coming too because you were a team could be in disarray like. Because when you lose a general manager does a lot that goes then of the left behind the scenes but to have Marty command is just sing like in his. Just personnel is one that's took from as one that's a little bit more laid back a little bit more can't wait and see we'll see what's going well I think it was a port he'd step us. I'd learned the radio business for a little bit and came back to football because I was more well rounded for these interviews with us he has an appreciation of how difficult has this is a death sentence structure that stuff formulation. Verb subject agreement. All of that same desk wherever couple looks like that since dangling partisan fools here a little bit of housekeeping on the show first a ball. From the Charley Dayton press box inside a like Tony and his to do to broadcasting studios. This is panther talks on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Practice continues free of charge 925 to 1135. Tomorrow Wednesday and Thursday against free open to the public have to see there. Then fan fest on this Friday Friday August the fourth gates open at six practice begins at 630. Fireworks after track zest in the past there's been a band of Olson's brother some kind of pouring down what their plans are this year it is I have just come. I take it for five dollars each a 5000 tickets remain and that was this other note here tickets limits oh yeah operations against. Limited tickets remain limited while for both pre season games. So I mean there's blood in Georgia there. Are coming up next we'll talk about depth. In the back in should. Panther nation be a little worried about depth at safety and it both corners about to break out all down for you next this is rather talk. On the Carolina Panthers radio network. Over so I think Melissa. I know he's going there. Your friends and red. Chevrolet in Greer. Talk continues on one Carolina ten years radio network. Toyota makes great engines OK Eugene Robinson when you tonight on the inaugural standards are. In the secondary it's. Zero what's morally Brad very good corners marlin and there. A nickel back in every corner Coleman and Adams maybe the opening day safeties. And got a pretty good feel to it. Agreed but what about behind those guys is your definition of yeah I think dep is a little bit as you see a guy like is. It's a little coal and Zelda who's playing nickel getting some rest because corner kept the model and are down. And doing extremely well so he's make him a little name for himself but you gotta keep better you've got to have depth at. The quarterback position at all positions because you're gonna have typically three quarters wonderful although possibly four. When you go to different package nickel and dime packages so that's really it can be really problematic. Isn't this really imperative that. Court elder is able to get healthy so we can find out what you can go ahead and do. Because they've brought captain marlin here. To be the starter at nickel but also to pass the torch and to a pulp Zach Sanchez or corn and go to the go ahead. And assumes role in the spot yet suggests that you don't forget another sixty in that they have it is Tony Williams. They liked anyway just because. He mills the quarterback position right so I think sixty we're globe it set would be Marleau there. You do a Marleau is not a big name to Tampa fans but political safe they really like his potential this is what is thirty or Nelson was because of that time to step officers he can do and Colin Jones has looked Alitalia and always got the biggest opportunity aiming at Helen Jones BI special teams was great and he's always gonna be a but he also can play the nickel and also can play the safety spot so let's say the I think you're cool I think you're pretty good at the safety spot. Is that the corner spot is where it spread very Orly goes out guys at the beast that gives them that you got rich is another guy who can step then. But little bit unproven so got a lot of guys that. Got to prove their worth. I saw something with LJ McRae two quick things a try to share we when we come back out take a quick break announced there was another football. Brought you by the NFL's take in exchange. The only official ticket exchange in the National Football League this is rather talk from Bank of America's day. There is no radio network. Tell us Klesse practice the other day Cam Newton goes a long post corner. LJ McCray is from his talk about Charlotte native appears to be intercepted lays out for a beautiful interception right near the boundary. But hurt his back so that the right track trainer doctor if they get LJ McRae all the way down to them other practice field. Underneath the tent ice around ace bandage around his his waist and I finally get him up and he's gingerly walking. Also and here comes Cam Newton. Right up and LJ things. He says he's straight Els a straight so yeah I'm okay he says we're good but he'll be my pleasure to inform you then they usually not a dropped. Ellis say McCray just in that five seconds ago gas been for as I know I did not know and you did not they had this huge huge huge thing right of the next day. The next night at the walk through. Jose McRae is walking off with the DB's no boxer's greatest night time it's slow tempo so that I hear the DBs don't LJ big ups man big jobs so he. Takes two steps and as a forward somersault. Flipped front flip. Lands on his feet. Jim I mean Jim this while Luke Corbett the very well written better written. These athletes these guys are such good athlete she got no idea until you do to. Yeah we're real I like the fact that he got the UNICEF and any thought it was there's arson and say you really given though there was a Linda substitute. That's going to go is a regular video they are now for your bottom of the human yes. Because I'm about to lose our guys to just last month a cease fire you for the dog is an exclusive presentation for the Carolina Panthers and the National Football League in your rebroadcast without our express written consent. Is prohibited for Harrell hammering Jerry doubt Wendell Byron. And DL and all the rest this is Mick we'll see you next time right here. He's just consumer. Keith Miller card. Okay so. Your provider. But Google's offering. In the polls when. There's no. This feels like Carolina Panthers radio network.