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Mike Venditti
Friday, October 27th
This week, Ditti talks Clemson, Gamecocks and World Series.  Also, enjoy a new edition of QB Corner with former Gamecocks QB Perry Orth and an all-new segment on Inside the Mind of Ditti, "The JumpOff" with Tyler Butler! 

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The views and opinions of Diddy and his guests do not reflect the views or opinions of any corporate entity. If you're sensitive to strong opinions in an apologetic sports takes we suggest you stop listening now. Welcome inside the mind of data yeah. Hello once again and welcome inside the mind updating here on the ESPN upstate digital network. I of course am your host Diddy back once again. There's some ups and downs going on throughout life try ended traversed these fun fun roller coasters that a month but I'm trying to get more. You know back on track and I'll hopefully have more contents for you moving forward and the show's going to be great we have a new segment basketball seven called the jump off you seen the blogs on ES in upstate dot com Tyler Butler sent me a little bit of audio. Ranting raving talking about some NBA action and his thoughts I'll have that for you later on in the show also a new addition. Of QB corner another gamecocks won still trying to get touch bored on Clinton fans I promise you. I'll have stuff for you as well. Going forward but today Perry or former gamecocks quarterback joins me talk about his QB one athletics camps. And talk about the gamecocks going for Vanderbilt this weekend for homecoming Florida Georgia Clemson Wofford after that not that order obviously. So lots of talk about there with gamecocks football talk to Perry about double must champ Steve Spurrier everything also stay tuned for that as well on this podcast. And of course it's a World Series going on right now so professor baseball for any of you Orlando and that remember me from my open Mike days down there. I'm backed professor baseball have some bases loaded. Action for some baseball talk talk about the World Series game three tonight if you're listening on Friday night's gonna be a good one McCollum against. Yu Darvish there in Houston 11 going back to Texas. Something tells it will be one heck of the World Series going forward I did pick the Dodgers to one in six I'm sticking by it I think they just overwhelmed. But I'll talk more about that again later in some. Bases loaded action college football this weekend big big game between Ohio State and Penn State. I told Greg McKinney yesterday on the huddle you can hear the audio of the third hour you should listen all three hours but the third hour just off the top of the hour I join Greg Alonso coach and think gang. And I talk a little game cock in Clemson football as well as Ohio State Penn State I picked Penn State I think Penn State actually beats the living crap out of them. Does Barkley kid is insanity to watch him Ron and I think he does it again this week Ohio State. I'm not as good as maybe their ranking tells us but rankings are a joke until that last one anyway and we all know that now three years into the playoffs. Looking here in the states Georgia Tech and Clemson I should be of really good football game I really think that it's it's highly highly highly unlikely. That we're gonna see Clemson lose two straight football games. This season I'd still think there easily one of the top four teams in the country. I think they just got to a cot does sometimes we in prize fights in UFC especially these days. We're all and a MMA thing. The best fighter doesn't have to always win because bill lesser fighter might catch him just to catch him clean and that she and the guy goes down you win even know the other guy probably the far better fighter. That's what happens to Fridays ago this is now Friday. That Friday before the Friday before that because it was a bye week last week with Clemson out of Syracuse Syracuse Dino Barber's decided to. Run the right scheme that just caught Clemson off guard they caught them. And knocked him out and that was it and there was no bouncing back doors wide open receivers running free down field there was just nothing happening on the opposite side of the ball. And I Clemson needs to bounce back from that I highly doubt we'll see that kind of a performance once again. This Saturday in Death Valley so it'll be very interesting to see going forward what's going on with Clemson. Today. You'd you've got to expect that this team is gonna stay good they're gonna stay strong I still think they win the ACC obviously they're gonna need a little help now what that lost. But. You never know what's gonna happen if they win that ACC even with the one loss I think they'll be all right make the playoffs and if they make the playoffs you never know what could happen from there. Anonymous expected them to actually play foreign compete for the national championship two seasons ago I said they'd make the playoffs probably lose first round. I and then next year which was last year when it all they went to the championship almost won it and then came back of one and again so as long as they make a playoff. Really anything's possible and who knows who you get back healthy buffer that the big thing is going to be what we're gonna see. Is Kelly Brian going to be able to stay healthy get this thing done is is clemson's offense going to be able to bounce back as their defense going to be able to keep people in check. You have a very fast moving offense with Georgia Tech Dave Dave where the clock out they really keep. Scores blow. I think if they can take care of business on the offensive side of the ball Clinton and that is. That should come naturally to win this football game ESPN predictor has come 87 point 1%. Chance to win this football game at Death Valley so. That's good that's a good thing to see that they're gonna be probably the easy favorite they're probably going to take care business but you never know you do now see a game plan coming from the Syracuse game that teams are gonna try to exploit I just highly doubt it'll work again. And I highly doubt it'll work again at all the rest of the season I think this bodes badly for my. South Carolina Gamecocks but getting to the gamecocks obviously. I'll talk a little bit here but we have something better to get to what are talking gamecocks football this week. But. Slide into his huge right now. Com we we sat here last year at this point and people were already trying to say that they needed to move on from must champion roper. Islands seven games into their ten year. They're in Colombia one year later they're five and two day could be six and one really if they could have gotten any kind of offense moving which she SI know Gator fan. Matt's must champ now I get it I understand that I guess what they're also do a lot on the opposite side of the ball they did not do. I he's got a lot more weapons here in Colombia than he had offensively. All over the field he had a few guys now well I Gainesville but not as much as he has here and he needs to get this thing done I see this team being able to win. Obviously against Vanderbilt this week I think they beat Florida in a couple weeks I think they beat Wofford. I do not foresee them beating Georgia or Clemson I'm going to stick with eight and four. I said somewhere between seven and nine wins is a win for the season and sticking to that and I really really feel that they can accomplish stat I think they get the win. This week tomorrow at Williams Brice stadium homecoming weekend. Down in Columbia with Vanderbilt coming to town I think they kind of dominate this game. In this is gonna set the pace for the next four weeks of gamecocks football because the next four weeks are. Massive they have to take care of business at home against the gators in a couple of weeks the Georgia game. On the road and Athens Georgia is really really good I don't foresee that being good for Carolina that's going to be the big. Question mark though so they can come out. And dominate. Vanderbilt this weekend they can have the confidence to maybe stand up. And compete with George even if they lose that football game as long as it is it close. Football game. That can ride into win at home against the gators the bounce back after losing obviously Wofford not an easy cupcake I keep saying this I'm a little concerned about the offer game. They should be able to win that football game but it concerns me. Is that you have to take an in state. Suppose it cupcake this one's not really the one and offered some good football team and they're playing great this year six and one on the season so far. I meant obviously Clemson is at home and to finish the season but I just can't fathom. Saying that they're gonna beat Clemson at the end of the season I again I think Clemson losing. Is the best thing that can happen at Clemson does it opens their eyes I think they've bounced back well and I doubt any team including the South Carolina Gamecocks. Can exploit their defense the way that Syracuse did two weeks ago. But we will see so I'm sticking with the eight before projection. But what does former quarterback Kerry or tapped to say does he think they can win 910 games to see think they can beat Clemson. Let's find out let's get into the QB corner right now. Our let's welcome and former gamecocks quarterback and head quarterbacks coach and QB one athletics he is Perry horse you can give them follow on Twitter asked Perry or ten. Or follow his IQB ones camps that he was what your Twitter for QB one can't get one of those two right. Yeah and head back UV line. Under gore athletic. You can't find the link that add a bio it. I definitely and then while we're at it you know first thanks for joining me this morning appreciate you coming on. On your trek back to Greenville. Yeah absolutely and I see what am glad I am excited yeah. Talk a little bit about what I'm doing and although it's not about gay got the ball. Mentally we'll go ahead and do that talk about QB one athletics to everything you've got going on there and any camps big chance you've got coming up here. Now with your buddy Stephen Garcia or anybody else. Yeah that'll I'll like you can't without that you can get side Kurt I ate a wild one that section. I can I thought that are based on outlet like QB athletic dot com. And it's something that I like it did get back outfield. Help yet keeps they did very old now out data. But South Carolina it's a proper technique at war playing quarterback position Shalit. Tutored in trojans by had a very obviously. Her broker. Did a great quarterback in the right at bat. I learned a lot a like got it might outweigh that like it's a good opportunity. I get that didn't. Kids that probably don't get back OJ get people back. Absolutely and and in this day and age of seeing so much more. Specialized training in athletics how how important do you feel it is. To have kids have this kind of training from a quarterback who's been able to play at such a level as yourself and Stephen yeah. Got. Right back late. Quarterback is beat out to petition the court and play well work activated the tradition that not a bit. And difficult challenging but also rewarding like quarterback. And you got your first and foremost you need to be out relative proper form girl you know sometimes. All I can in no way is it quote do and you know you really get the other guard jets the ball quarterback late. Not gonna work out or you know Scott at work Smart ER double Avnet basic. Fundamental foundation but aren't football Orton and then it. She couldn't I have done our can't. Our training that we viewed together you know we eat yet than those of the game. Because like it don't get that in debt. Level alert like we doubt we college bound effect really pretty you know. Over the yet but got beaten. Talking with former gamecocks quarterback Kerry or it's on inside the mind of duty here on the EST and upstate to digital networked. Terri while you were in Colombia obviously as you said through their the end of the Spurrier era at the beginning of the must champ airplanes for Kurt roper. Your leadership and team first attitude on full display last season as you showed in an unbelievable. Amount of support for the young freshman quarterback Jay Bentley after he took your job. What did it mean for used to be in such a position to help their young quarterback to zealots and get used to the how everything kind of worked. In his that we can allege you into what you're doing now maybe. Edit I felt like. You got it but it sure. Very well but I think more zodiac the nose gate engine out of auto. You know how to block out outside Norton really prepare and get ready Eric. And and eat it back this year so bella and and I noticed that. I've done well this regarding you know a lot of gay is that it all out there. Like that don't. Talent and teaching and really air game that. That yet quarterback. Deal to let that company that Beckham might get well not I'll be able to the global eat you alive. I do a lot ET a lot of Big Apple I've played it's a guy trying to play out. And it'll situation not only eight. You know when you get back down and get them out to support the game well why didn't you know what it. Aren't going your way out of that the respond later he got people don't play another place you got back. Just got ill I. Think I didn't know brought trading debt at the net. A lot of kids aren't getting anywhere else and oh yeah really not a lot of guys. You're not really played at the level that I have and fortunately have been let yet to do that out just trying to get back and eat it and that don't get that they teach all the time. Absolutely looking at the gamecocks looking at. Might be a little bit more you know better than expected coming into the season but if you watch the games do you see this team easily could be six and one a little bit more offense in College Station could've won that football game to Kentucky game maybe the only one with their over the outplayed. From beginning to and as a quarterback looking at this offense looking at Jay Bentley and what have you seen in the first seven weeks of the season that most needs to improve as this gamecocks team heads into the tough stretch with teams like Florida Georgia and Clemson head. I think that they need to do what work you don't eat. I. Eat and you would support it. Where can I tell you don't guilt and dumped it. Now and they eat. Continued to let it grow that Giuliani peaked yet Jake brilliant guy you know you got that. And I didn't get it any experience belt entry and we get it. Good dog back well obviously you'd better I'd expect the guys are plan. Hope a lot like they did the first few weeks of the year. How hard is it when you lose a guy a prolific offensive weapon like indeed those Samuel early in the season how how difficult as a quarterback as an offense is it to bounce back. And move forward in a positive way after that. I. It is challenging yet he'd go to special I want the best college football but fortunately. The light it guys. Pick it up 881. Again. You portray it shot. The other guys that got eager. Yeah the game slowly. Getting there we got a lot of playmaker out. They're helped spread the ball. It'd definitely challenging yet lately the dynamic that that. You know addition did never saw Corey will not think about it he bowed out. Talking gamecocks football with former USC cornerback Cary north on inside the mind of duty. Not outside the conducted Kentucky game excuse me as I said they were kind of dominated in that one other than that they have got been dominated this season offensively or defensively. Does this defense that you seem from the gamecocks this year have the ability to do these you know what these gamecocks. In their hearts in an actual competition in these two of the last four games of which are big big question marks. With the Georgia Bulldogs and the Clemson Tigers at the end of the season. Yeah absolutely. Ports at Georgia. All of which we all played better. Much spin and she got it done and at the guy they like that aren't that. A and it add that guy former quarterback a guy that it and they all like eat that I really wanna be at. Do you eat at this site that keen to get their point that you wanna beat them play hard and play back. Gate hit brokers. First stop on the lot with. Every you get bought back short field commissioner. Yeah maybe struggle a little bit eat at the ultimate back seat of our key stop. Did you give you much more competent guy entered into a game and I can't hurt crap we just got up. At. Now I got another touchdown a party guy that. Got an up and eat and can't stop anybody that bet. Budget that mental state but yeah this year but didn't find really good football. Bought what with what you've seen so far in the season especially defensively. I'm looking at what you've seen from the teams coming out forward obviously projecting beyond. Vanderbilt do you think gamecocks fans should expect to win against Florida. Here a couple of weeks as well. Under that question I would be to be bought that Florida this I think that there I thought that. Really. Thought the same player they've he go to different Eden but what I'd like to get them. There's plus it's the exact. Yelled at guys are on grad later pat itself. Yet sell at eighteen net net portal blood and they are other very average being built connection. That I'd kick it. Yeah he did it up now. Thanks and back. Perry or former game got cornerback joining me here on the inside the mind of ditty. And I you went through the good times and the bad times with the coaching changes things again and Spurrier beginning of my stamp will must Jim comes the Columbia. Has that I guess you know state. Of what happened in gains still attached to which I personally don't agree with. That being a negative outlook on his years there but that's a whole another story. How what can you say as a guy who played for coach muschamp what was your personal experience with him. Think you can shed some light for the fans on you know the kind of man must champ is behind those closed doors. You the player charge he like he want to do whatever it takes to help his players play that bet on it. I'll talk about. Even then he'll get word incredible read it do that we can't. Eat you know that we get that he would get the best nutrient. Or yellow form well eaten bad. Yeah he'd write it helped check. That urgent action and easy to really they're really rally them but that yell at that father figure. Discipline courage taught you that we've been in and he's off the field you can get any day Egypt want guys that. Player really really like the beer by the great recruit hurt and that he key continue to view that Colombia we. Continued to grow up and DVR that epic weird we're special year here. You know finish out the beat and then yeah. In the render down. I get beat Jake out certain yet. But we got. You know we got but and should back there like that throughout our game but at that I didn't realize that if we finished. I went this year after the ball wherever they've beaten that would Beatty say that he gave it. We had eleven beat to beat number one not what I guess it would be yet they are seven. Which is incredible edited out of respect it ears. I salute absolutely and that's another question is gonna ask are you at all surprised by how quickly this turnaround is happened since must champ has come to town. You know not at the barely I'd never really thought we didn't out out your Blackberry and I yet. Cab that would fare well you better eat yet he buying you know they're be not much you can't recruit but he he's virtually built by a lot of diet rock that green and I eat and that that goes to show you how important coaching at college football. Did. You talk you played first for the quarterback to die Steve Spurrier the legend and an Heisman Trophy winner and then finished with. The defense of doom room of Will Muschamp to what was the biggest difference between the two styles of coaching. You know I think that much can't a little bit more get the planned a little bit more strict Reggie and yeah you're gonna Wear it. I'd be dead but would you get killed more like military belt where urged courier looked like alcohol bike yeah. Yeah well being here and there he's still demanded that. What they've that they've both had an outlet they still demanded I bought it hurt to try it it's by a ball. They're very rarely varies area and indeed tell. Very yet Jake you've got there simply eat out what being a certain way the lake imagine. That much chance bit about the entire program. Where courier was really odd about yacht that just let it big bloody bout did what he did. All right I've got Stephen Garcia to go before and we saw the video of cloudy doing it earlier this year. Do you have a Steve Spurrier impression. Not really it's not a good that you. I got in trouble he'd gotten very. Not make it but it but added. They'll baton. It's titles on a morning show in Orlando for years and all we did was make fun of it so it's a ticket this talkative Terry or former gamecocks quarterback and head QB coach. QB one athletics here on inside the mind of QB corner. Our advantage coming to town tomorrow homecoming week in Colombia. Should it be an easy win and Willy. All the yeah update whenever you play better built to beat Alabama did what they did against the yeah it's pretty I think about it eat that they have but. You don't Brock we always played relatively tight and not there yet they play hard nosed defense. Their op and you know very average I would expect. Yeah a semi quote gay and Kurt gave up all the way I picked. 4878. The key pain but again. I guess I don't put you in the spot later on fury just answer the question there. I think there are kept looking at this game tomorrow what is your biggest X-Factor as far as the gamecocks are concerned to get this thing done at home on homecoming week. And I can be acting to protect DJ. Aren't that big organ builder on the football. Okay. But. We can protect and and we get the ball perfectly doubt he'll. I really really like this he's that they've been a lot of cover one at a bank Britain and Holland and Derrick may encourage each event and got three really can eat on the bog down the deal at receiver running a weight problem. Centers that. That's how good it yet think that that's it under the radar eat. He did get hurt the ball not it that we offer that. And at that. It's easy textbook way to win football game. In theory it's just about to be the head. The date got but bottle. To win the game you want content to get out Barack. But I can't think they're edit that may be one or it got caught up model I think. And same wanted to insane end of the game excerpts started last thing before I let you go you said the nine games to be the sixth their fists investors. Seasoning gamecocks history do you think they're just getting got a team can win nine or ten games even if that would mean obviously beating Georgia or Clemson or both. There are question I think. I think and I beat it they didn't. Ellen did get fighting but get a bit. Especially ballot it wiping out we played eight hour competition. So do you think they. Now Alex nice way to be a game deck that at that it costs impaired or former game got quarterback had QB coach a QB one athletics again foam on Twitter. Asked carry forth tend to go to QB one athletics dot com. Check out his camps and some teachings excuse me parry thank you so much for joining me this morning. Yeah absolutely exactly got a good game got. Thank you again Perry or former gamecocks quarterback. Head quarterbacks coach at QB one athletics here in the ups in South Carolina. Check out his cancer with Stephen Garcia other gamecocks legends and also is. One on one training sessions you can sign up for at QB one athletics dot com follow on Twitter again asked Perry or ten. Moving out of football for a minutes moving into the world of baseball that's right it's time for bases loaded. Live Mike Finn did. Jim Christian music. World Series game three tonight in Houston Texas. The Astros Dodgers one game apiece leaving LA going into game three of the World Series tonight. Yu Darvish on the mound for the Dodgers Lance my callers junior. On the mound for the Houston Astros expect me crap ton of curve balls from the Houston. It's terrorists they're right hander there in Houston whites. I tonight's Yu Darvish a great pitcher who knows what we're gonna see he has a little bit of experience in these kind of games is going to be one heck of a series dad's. We have already seen two baseball games. Of of near legendary performances we saw the fast paced. Awesome pitching in the first game of the series you suck Clayton Kershaw. Become the Clayton Kershaw we all knew he could in the post season just pitching lights out the home runs Justin Turner the red beard at home run city. Dodgers win three to one what a game one night two hours and 28 minutes I think it was it was literally easy baseball game that needed to how. Happened for me to be able to finally. For once tell every single person that told me they did enjoy it to stop watching baseball forever to stop watching it. Because obviously you don't like it anymore in its okay guys it's okay if you do not like baseball. Perfectly fine you don't have to watch their thousands literally thought. Thousands of dings on television. Thousands of things you can stream go watch season to a stranger thinks that's what I'm gonna do before and after the baseball game tonight but I also wanna watch the baseball game because I love baseball. But you don't have to in you don't have to like it. You don't just don't watch it don't complain about it don't watch and see you hated. Don't say needs to be sped up and it's so boring when it was a two and a half hour game game one. How long was the game last night on NFL network for hours three and a half. NFL games last just as long as MLB games a lot of the time there's thirteen minutes of action on NFL football field every Cink sixty minutes of play. Most of an NFL game is standing in huddles standing on the sidelines timeouts TV timeouts reviews. Play calls standing at the line changing guys around. I love it's intense it's fun it's entertaining. But I'm not gonna go a boring because of standing around all the time. If I'm bored by a football game might turn the channel. I watch something else. Game one of the World Series this year was two and a half hours long it was the fastest one and a long long time I don't remember the exact year but it was a long time ago. You had a wonderful pitching you had minimal bad calls you had home runs for both sides. And you had a short game fast paced moving constant. If that game was not good enough for you you do not like baseball and that's OK. Just don't watch. Don't watch it so you don't complain about it because then you have game to. In game two was as epic as epic can be when it comes to a baseball game in October. Just. Epic I can't I'm not gonna pretend. To go around and and rank these best games ever there were 84 years of of World Series before I was born. Let alone that 234 years that I don't remember the first World Series are members 1989 and Allen remember it because they canceled the game for an earthquake I didn't understand that five years old. My father had to explain to me that things were going bad in the city of sexist. I was mad that there was no game. Earthquakes over wanted to play Alstott. That's the first rules there's I remember I remember the giants being swept out by the bash Brothers. I remember cheering for the giants because I didn't wanna cheer for those steroid guys across the bank which is funny because then we use the giants as the focal point one certain players especially of steroids but that's another story for another day as well. I cannot. Just pick and choose a certain game that I think was a better. All the around baseball game. There what we saw in game two I just there's there's probably some and I'm sure some people have exact specific one somebody says something about 2011. Somebody said something about obviously. You had a couple good ones that I think of Red Sox cardinals series and twice thirteen was entertaining but obviously I'm a Red Sox fan so that would be more entertaining for meat because they want it they wanted home for the first time in 99 years but. It was entertaining there was a game with the the pick off played and the game there was the obstruction played and the game there was a lot of intensity in that World Series there's one level was pretty intense as well. A 12015. With ZE. Mats and and and the royals twice fourteen with the Mets or the royals and the giants going seven games. It's been good World Series and there's been good games in these World Series I would say game one of the Red Sox cartels in 2004 was amazing. With back and forth home runs high scoring game. Ends up with the Red Sox sneaking in out at the end of the Mark Bell horror and dinner around the pesky pole. So it's just very fun and a lot of ways this really hard of rank these things man is eighty can't. Go out there say at what these games of the best World Series games of all time and this one ranks right up to it and you don't know that there might have been a game in 1932 that your not thinking about you know you don't know. The dispossessed are the best but it was phenomenal that's all you need to do we got the break things and to tell you it's better or some other times just take it at face value. Well just take it at face value for the fact that it's awesome it was. Awesome to watch that baseball game the other night it was an amazing. Baseball game that just. Catch me on this engine might how to couldn't. Local wave my dog wanted to go outside for a walk and l.'s metals and no there's something going on right now you wait a few minutes man is Killen is such a good baseball game and to be fat. Intense and have me fat blocked in and not even be a Red Sox game is in my massive massive statement. To what baseball's doing this this this mindset that baseball still boring and there's no marketability and there's no good baseball game some from the black. It's a it's an old hat thought process now that's passed its passe. Or we're seeing in the NFL. Come back to earth a little bit right now and because of that wildwood and LB continues to grow. Will see them come back towards each other in Arnold look a little better for the MLB but nothing changed. They've gotten better with their attendants better with their income better with their viewership and better with their streaming numbers over the past five straight years. Every single season they improved. Baseball is fine baseball is greats and if you don't wanna watch it. Don't. It's okay. It's just not free you. If these two World Series games if the ALCS between the Yankees and the Astros if the AL DS between the Yankees in the indians'. It's none of that entertained you you just don't like baseball. And it's perfectly. Okay. I don't like a lot of things one of the man makes people lingers campgrounds. So I don't watch it. I'm fine with you like it I'm just not the plan. You're just not a fan of baseball. That's fine totally fine other news in baseball outside the World Series obviously the Yankees yesterday. Decided not to retain. Joseph Girardi as their manager I spoke on this on the huddle with Greg McKinney yesterday as well. It just doesn't make sense as far as the timing is concerned that how Steinbrenner wanted to do this for years. I think 34 years ago this looked more like an option. And looked more like a feasible option that that. He's not getting the job done and it's time to move on to move forward in Yankee baseball but. You know he he he ports through the bad years that they've had since the World Series in 2009 he's dealt with these. Inflated egos with inflated contracts an aging. Talents if it it was something he had to fight through and and work around it was still competitive almost every single season in the AL least. Made the playoffs a couple of times. This year got a bunch of young kids together. Grabs this still aging rotation a great bullpen. He makes it's a one game away from the World Series. But now all you wanna get rid of him. I I just don't see how that works you know obviously the fans spoke in the LDS in doing him then he turns drama wins the LBS that he turn around and push is. The ALCS game seven I don't. Understand why you would wanna move on from this but it just what they wanna do a New York that's fine if they think they need to get a different voice. That speaks to these young kids better maybe somebody. To come in and help out this pitching staff I think that what needs to change for the New York Yankees the most is Brian Cashman. Taking care of that pitching staff getting that rotation better than it is right now and it was good enough to get them to game seven. Of the ALCS but I think they can get better on the rotation. And as long as these hitters and and guys in the field continue to develop this is going to be the scariest team in baseball for the next decade maybe more. And I don't know why you you ditched a guy who got you there. To get it going but that's what they wanna do I like the idea that's been tossed around I said this yesterday. If there's no managerial opening that's good enough for Joseph Girardi he shouldn't just take it. Because he shouldn't have to go to somewhere like silly or Oakland or somewhere that's not very good at have to rebuild something he's done great work. Where he is he needs to go somewhere that needs to just get over the costs get over that hump maybe the nationals if they decide to move away from Dusty Baker. Or. If not as a manager. I like him going to join the staff in Miami with Don Mattingly new owner Derek Jeter get the Yankee crew back together. And I think he can handle the pitchers. While Don Mattingly handles the offense. I think he can get a lot out of the pitchers down there I think they can really make a big turnaround in Miami and I think debt. It's a duo of Mattingly and Girardi could be huge. Obviously Girardi the former manager of the Florida Marlins when they're still the Florida Marlins. Ands that it be cool to see him go back I'm not a big fan of the guy but I'm a big fan of his ability as a head coach or manager excuse me. Oh in baseball and I think he can do a lot of good. For franchise like the Marlins even if he's not in the managerial position. But I'm gonna move on from that obviously Alex courts of the Red Sox big fan that not like oh my friend Josh Phillips who thinks it should have been Girardi I'm pretty happy. That Alex Cora is going to be the new head coach there but that's going to be enough baseball we're gonna wrap up bases loaded right now head back into the show and actually were going to shrink from bases loaded. Right into basketball segment brand new segment here on inside the mind of ditty I'm in Tyler Butler the jump off blog on ESPN dot state dot com. Now is gonna segment on inside the mind of duty. Here is. The jump off. Think this week's. What's going on everybody by name Tyler Butler creator of PSP in upstate the jump ball. You also may know me from enough wood to BF podcast listened to it if you have it but I'll blog about all stained in BA on their web site. Today I'm gonna bring something new think to deity which will be my weekly dole about the NBA. So wanna kick things off with the biggest controversies. Around the league. Now not David Stern fan that India should be allowed to smoke weed. That's another store for another day but the big bowler brand. Every one more seat officially be bald brand fall. Below what they need to do is remove. Dull father's face. All alone shall face. After this first game and MBA career. Let go reported three point. Nine rebounds and four fish. Of course bill ball troops were now calling them a bomb. Fairly shucks. Only because the response. Has absolutely nothing to do will want to. Even NBA experts are now coming out of fans that his father mesa stop putting so much extra pressure all months ago. Now. I'm no way a doctor. But I'm praying for insured by now I'm joking hander was that tomorrow. Like is they're saying that he's been talking this way since birth. I'm sure in preschool. He was telling a little to kids about how Alonso was going to be a mall building blocks but may be Whitmore diverged. If the door to learn to wait and eventually you'll learn how to tune and other. No we live there or and tools gain. Like inflation keep it simple for you guys get over reacted to it shouldn't stuff all fired listen to this that. Jason Kidd averaged twelve point of the game. Not a fish in six we've been through four games. Look towards Arab and eleven points per game not the fifth. In non regret. In the kid is unflappable. Wires that booed because of his father. He's learned how to tool and I'll outside noise and focus on the game his teammates global. Just the other day John Wall and Gortat one's own Twitter talking about how John Wald gonna kill. Ball fair absolutely not a but his teammates. Still got four kids there was gonna win their game because they thought it was disrespectful. And there was gonna do a ball. Bald is the type good teammate. That what have people literally. Run to a wall for the death would be did yesterday when they played with. There is now Westbrook Daimler. Stiff courier and they like their. But you your prototypical. Point door. That low figure this teammates involved is the reason why he's average in nine assist brigade. Now I'm not asking you to become a Laker fan. I'm not ask you to go out and purchase big ball a brand of the call for a million dollars plus some she relationship. All I'm asking you to do was sit back and watched too cute. Don't hate the player. Hate the game. But I followed up for this quick shorten it. While weekly MBA adults. There's going to be more ranch. I'm sure there's going to be more statistics. You can also check out moblog own ESP NRC dot com that is ESP in upstate dot com called the jump ball. What you get my name is Tolle Butler. Did he thank you put his little moment of clarity. We'll she you guys next week. Thank you again Tyler Butler for the jump off segments of the new segment. Here on inside the mind of Diddy. We're gonna wrap things up here obviously great great show thank you Perry or thank you Tyler Butler thank you everybody for listening. Thank you ESPN of state for letting me throw this on your website gets amount listens and get people informed of the some other opinions announced. I always loved being a part of the station being a part of this team in being here. Talking to you guys in the upstate South Carolina as I do every single show and every single Sunday classic rock won a one point 13 to 7 PM by the way lazy Sunday soundtrack. With your man ditty here as I do every Sunday and I do every show I leave you with the immortal words of bill and Ted. The excellent to each other so we'll see next.