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Mike Venditti
Tuesday, October 3rd
In this all-new episode of Inside the Mind of Ditti, Ditti is joined by Tyler Butler (Enough with the B.S. Podcast, The JumpOff Blog).  The guys discuss overzealous political statements, MLB marketability, America's new favorite league...the NBA...and more!  

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The views and opinions of Diddy and his guests do not reflect the views or opinions of any corporate entity we'll. If you're sensitive to strong opinions and an apologetic sports takes we suggest you stop listening now. Welcome inside the mind of data yeah. Welcome once again inside the mind is duty here coming to you recorded a lot. From custody DC studios five point oh the fifth. Different set up in my time. Doing this podcast between Orlando in Greeneville. We are here in Greeneville then I am actually joined live action custody he's studious for the first time ever think they have ever had. A guest actually at my home studio it's this kind of awesome Tyler Butler enough with a BS podcast and the jump off blog NBA. Insider guru for us at ESPN upstate. Welcome me into welcome to custody it's no excuse me considine duties studios five point no. The first ever guest here they can rare Martha made history. That's right not just. That's right here on the ES via digital network we make history what we bring you are Tinny. I guess yes this probably doesn't sound phenomenal I'm not clarity here in my headphones not the greatest. I'd still perfecting the LA out here at the apartments of the brand new custody studio my dog playing on the back of my couch like cats. That's what he does you know we just kind of keep it chilly here it's fun we had to hang out kind of podcast it's not as serious as if I'm sitting in a real studio. Back at Entercom upstate but we have a lot to get to. In this show a lot of things going on in the NFL both on and off the field before the game and during the game. Obvious story lines around that league baseball were in the playoffs and at the one off tonight's this probably will not supposed to till after a restart the Yankees and twins. Got coming to you live from the Bronx this evening. Fighting it out to see who gets to lose to the Cleveland Indians. Who are just ridiculous. As much as I'd love to see yankees Red Sox ALCS once again it looks like it's probably going to be Houston and Cleveland that's what her properly to make it. It has Red Sox enjoy Yankee fans are gonna have a rough one in the next week or so but. We'll get a little bit into that. And obviously the NBA quickly proving themselves to be quite literally the best league in American sports died in and that's a lot for me to say as a guy who's. Never really been a basketball dude I got into the king's. When I moved to Sacramento and obviously when they got good that was a whole lot of fun other than that I was like you know watch the playoffs watch certain players like LeBron James but. I will have pretty stoked for the NBA to come back. And that now the all star game actually seems like something pretty freaking cool that we're gonna steal talked about that too. Obviously with Tyler here there's a lot we can get into. From his podcast that we've talked about before if you wanna check that out. Visit on basically everything right so your career where everywhere yet iTunes streaker. Just. When emir and renew your own yes get them they're find all those podcasts I make an appearance wants. Maybe you'll do it again. Oh well so if you have political leanings radio analyst that I want to lose your debts but we have to cut big big topics we're gonna start with the big. I guess political issue and as much as everybody wants disabling politics don't belong in sports they always have to it is just this is the way sports has been sports is part of our culture just as politics is. And and we've always had these conversations we had these conversations with. John Carlos and the Olympics we had these conversations. Over the years multiple times in the back now and it's the president tweets about it. It's part of the conversation that's just how it works it's it's now political and political. Has put itself into sports now so you can't get mad at us. We have to respond to such things and obviously comes down to what happened the last couple weeks we've heard it not Zeum on everybody's different shows and podcasts about what actually happened the SOB's line in the response of the major protests. But what I wanna get into now is is the problem of of overreaction. Almost deep problem of needing to. For something so much that it becomes very trivialized. In almost a waste of time and when you're putting up and sharing at. Hundreds of thousands of shares. Fake stories like what was it navy right the navy taking in need during the National Anthem at Tulsa. What did you learn about that that didn't happen right. It absolutely. I thought this pitcher going around that. Supposedly owes the army team. Take our initially in a lot of people's. Of course sin and it straight to drop O'Neal's favorite books way of communication which footer. In a statement this attack but. I looked at the photo in the first thing I looked at was that pants and I'm like well though the blue. Army doesn't Wear blue. Followed him to a more and I actually called. Towson University just. Double check myself which after all everybody else should do I found out that there was an army at all but that was the navy team. Is they who was actually not nearly as they righty was proclaiming but they were taken in the doing bear pregame prayer as they do every single day and what I will also inform about those universities that. Navy was actually in the locker room in an actual apple so they'll lose complete. Out of whack story yet. Put up false narrative is now. Everybody is more like seat I got judge manager area and it does not to vote argument on a couple of them. And it always distracts from the actual issues a lot of things and it distracting from the actual issues and and not to get too deep into the political side of it or take sides on any of it in that respect. As this you know obviously is the media on air type podcast that we do. It's still something that needs to be talked about an easy talkback correctly but doing stuff like that it's the given its take a mile mentality and talked about so many times that. You know yet change needs to happen things need to be discussed things need to be made better. And we need to move forward as a society in it has nothing to do with politics it has to do with us humans people arts you know what we do with each other for each other. And how we treat each other but. You can't take it to this smile hey you taking to the mile and you create false things. To try to prove some point in and you look like for the end and it's not just Q that looks like before when you do something like that. You make the entire. Thing foolish Zach and the people who didn't wanna hear in the first place don't decide that hey maybe we should listen and talk about this. They decide that that was their proof that it was a joke from the beginning. There's actually it it diminishes. Your argument yes. When you'd try to make argument of course. You try to you know discover facts when he Dana's got. Stressed that strengthen your argument itself and then when it comes out with the fake information. Plate to meet your argument almost washes is so blah and now the other side of life how how can I believe viewed. How can now listen view we use million dollars. False news is that where that a president. Pregnant. Exactly it may makes everything else even regardless of if it's true or not makes it around it's easier to say that it's fake because look at this proof by half of them aren't showing me fake stuff. So let's let's stop that people but stuff happens to be better. And use real facts of why we need change Pakistan there there there there won't get into those other times though but. That's that's the most that I really wanna get into the flag in the protest everything we've talked about it we've also what we have to say that work we have our stance we have our science. Yeah a lot of us are gonna swing because we made up our minds and and there's no point to team to beat a dead horse. We know we're real stand on the getting in more into the NFL lots of crazy things. Going on in this league and I guess it really starts with the defending champions and the expected favorites in the NFC the cowboys the patriots. Not quite this dominant force we all expected coming indices and obviously injuries. Drama lingering. For both teams different things come again. What are you gonna make your the cowboys fan I'm the patriots fans that's what we're gonna kind of bonus give a little fan take the on this what he can think of what you've seen from this cowboys squad that. I almost feel like the majority of a lot of you know football crazy people who are almost unbiased thought this was your Super Bowl coming into the season and now Lou. I don't know I may read the only cowboy fan on earth didn't believe in this team. Only. Because the rocker coach Jason Garrett. I know we had to I think yeah 112 win season 113 win season. Is not a game coach. When he cut when people start figuring you out that's when culture and X sales. He shocks I mean I know all the way to put it. It was happening this year is people as more game feel loan debt they have more film all impressed. They've created here. He can read defense is but he doesn't have the most actress the SE. A tolerant world just the storm out there. He's not dead accurate. And so they've planned as Bryant differently now they know is number one target this cold Beasley demand and him up and take him completely out of the game plan. For those are your top two targets goal. Jason Witten as you know. It's never been a bath is gal on the video please get adults yeah but it is this your one and only target. I wanna say easy Elliott has more catches than cold Beasley right now that's. Not. It's not Dallas but the main concern would them. Last season Dallas was number two an NFL and Tom opens us. Now they're ranked 26 in the league they have gotten away from what made them successful. And histories latitude to. Yet it's not a great start to see the two teams that you wanna do it expects you know to be playing in February in the big game. Both of them sort to into the start season and you know not necessarily. Is very early is fairly end and looking back I mean a lot of people. Once they're gonna say that people let that dislike that team that I love in the New England Patriots will point out that they're playing badly but honestly Tom Brady looks great. And last time they were two and two day loss to the chiefs in a blowout and they won the suitable so. Things happen and then things can turn around I don't expect this team to go away and be gone forever but. There's concerns but looking at Jason Carroll looking at the cowboys like how. How many times. Could Jerry Jones have fired him through those years go under achieving and I I was never. Ever sold on his reasoning for keeping him me always stuck with him and every single season I expected him to be gone and he was still there in the band he gets this squad. Falls in his lap. With the with the dad's and dad game. In Ezekiel and all these cats and the only man happens is an aging Witten is probably your worst weapon if everybody were healthy. And he's just walks out and it still there somehow after all those debacles. Somehow maybe it was just excused by romo's injury prone miss like I don't understand how Jason Garrett even survived those last four years before last season. They do guy. Had numerous eight in eight seasons. All three of those seasons came down to the final game in all brutal final games won't colts and the Bok. Bad clock management horrible play calling which used offensive coordinator at the top. And you know guys don't forget. It Dallas who was able to give the elite because they had a horrendous season the year before to hit woods is all gold she exudes walked by Tony Romo. But. Going into the season deck press got wasn't even a backup quarterback. Who is third street syringes. Jesus bless those who. And we got through a quarterback injuries rim and go first guy. And nobody in their right mind nobody's telling you the truth if they're like I knew it now nobody here and I knew it did not act that's like I don't know that. Broke out it was. I out of the black Tim Tebow. Let's run our government. I wouldn't Purdue I have more faith in his arm the intense and at this idea of a lot of causes big and he's he throws the ball in the right fashion for NFL quarterback but. When I told you save my my component of OK he's believer and I I saw that did that you know the chinks in the armor in college you know that you saw some things like the I don't know did the Israelis and I'm completely good but that's that cat though that they kind of do that you see over the years every Brady was kind of that. Brady was like I mean there's glimpses he came in and beat Ohio State twice you know like he came into surgery resident took care of business you're like oh maybe but didn't see it again tonight got accounts terror. The that you get those things come together you know and maybe that's one of those kind of guys that he just. Maybe he he has that come Tebow effect thought process but because he's he's got that sides. He's he's bigger than deep tolerant do you he can see over the offensive line which is always helpful in the way ahead of coordinating much better throwing the football he just kind of came together but you do your right does this Jason Garrett thing. If he's not there I mean. The cowboys can get anybody an edge to cowboys are this that Alabama or that Texas. You TE even if UT is bad it's still the best job in America it's still the most coveted job in all of college football and you'll get the best option and the cowboys can get the best option. In Jerry Jones continued well to stick this is chasing care connect. Jerry Jones. Keeps vision gear bowed to those. Stationed there will do what every jeered jealousy. That's the reason why did not go anywhere that's the reason why got a contract extension. Is this is a puppet. Yet. The puppets only get yourself if you clearly this was sucks the puppets only gets you so far. Asked I mean ask Pat Riley agreed standing got a wonderful coach wonderful man a good friend. He he only got and so far and then when he decided he wasn't gonna listen anymore and that was when pat came down and won the title. Yeah it's. Honestly did NFC playoff game yet from last year. That first. Was. Horrible coaching you have the best running back in the NFL which is thrown the ball although you know that's who fell into a hole. Who came back and stuck with the game plan is to be into an all sees all and great they have one of the worst rush defense and NF bill yeah yeah come throwing the ball out of makes knows it yet but as days and years. Well then you look at it soon with with how good this easy you know it was last year the running game this year not as great as not as dominant offensive line does not look. Like the best offensive line in the and it felt like it did before. One happy enough that on the office while obviously you know people just attrition happens but geez. Well is two important factors nobody seems to point out office. They're starting right tackle retired three. There's starting guard who was amazing and Ronald leery left for free agency. The guy who should be playing guard. While Collins. They took him from guard and moved him right tackle so he's playing a position that he's never played in his life. At right tackle. And then they have a makeshift Garnett left guard and has been extra holes yes. Does that has been getting eaten alive the. He would not take as many hits via at all. The key got to keep his Jersey clean and that's not or not now. He he's gonna Maida I still have faith that they come back as cellophane the patriots make you come back to obviously. It helps having divisions was really really bad football teams spent thousands one game back who's going to be impaired nets that's our Jason Garrett keeps his job is because even though they were the dolphins NFC went to the playoffs twice because that division fell apart around him and got Hannity and eight. Yeah I mean you have the giants who could put the hammer wanna gain political and it's my fault you by the way I do have to say that's from the time ansari giants fans that I you know my father passed away and you know he's an AFL NFL. Time Scott you know so when he grew up there was there was two leagues so you had a team and each week so he was a patriots AFL fan. Any giants NFL fans. Because the team you hate as a patriots fan and a new englanders the jets not the giants the giants through they hate us more than we ate them and they won both games here if that's what blows my mind. When I get it to a champions they think it's a robbery and I really don't like grass you'll want to titles on us that also. But it like this is we're not rivals that jets hate them hate them so. I pledge my allegiance my BT or one day team allegiance might NFC. Allegiance to the giants before this season started for dad. And they haven't won a football game but you know I am and I may just have to answer it's like I'm doing this right lets me know that with a I'm fat the giants have won a game since they threw a bit blue tree. We'll audio there that is true they have not this bellowed but they have not. So I don't know what the unable to be perfectly honest the last game they want I watched with my dad down its hostile what's the maybe that's that he he curse to put it down there this is Bert Ely so are some interceptions and you realize. And taking away by ninety at her anyway. We'll get Ziggy did the patriots beat the jets there or the cowboys cowboys more widespread as far as like he. This that the patriots it's crazy to think about as children of the nineties that would account was with the patriots and they are hated more than you right. The will be back to being not hate you one of these days for the patriots. I count on them coming back it's it's gonna happen it's one of two things about it. It's either I'm wrong which happens at me we're all wrong sometimes we take chances that's what we do this job. We don't do this job be 100% accurate because of we did we'd be miserable. Kids because is impossible people see you can tell us were wrong how we want that's fine I might be wrong and I think the pages come back I think that it won't for the win the division. And at least go to the AFC championship game again for what the ninth year in the row I think. So I think that's gonna happen and they might lose then I don't know if they're good enough to make the Super Bowl win the super ball will see what happens. But the other thing that might happen if I'm wrong. Amok in the wrong because they go attendance 69597. Again they're not gonna be a playoff I'm gonna go wrong because they're gonna go tank. Tank crazy and they should have done but I hope they would have done and walked out and rode off into the sunset after winning the fifth Super Bowl last February. I wanted it's so badly. I wanted them to get on that stage when Dick Dell hands and that fifth Lombardi can give them the finger and say I quit and walk off with Lombardi. Just I hope he doesn't need it he doesn't need it in if this goes back it's not gonna go mediocre it's gonna go. That you never how bad Peyton Manning looked his last season in the NFL DO. He had the best defense in the forgive leaks we want the simple Patriots defense is garbage Tom Brady has been lights out Tom Brady is ten touchdowns zero interceptions. Tom Brady is blowing up the leak. He's playing better it skip Bayless for the one time in my life I've ever agreed with this guy I think said it himself tough. This guy's playing better this year that he played last year and last year was his best year. Crazy but they're two and two because the defense has been atrocious. And the attrition. Losing Cyrus Jones they acted like it wouldn't be an issue because he had his ups and downs last year didn't even play the super ball also wasn't really been a part of it at the end. But Cyrus Jones was the X-Factor for that secondary that depth of that secondary was so important. When they decided to not pay Malcolm butlers and I got his head in the game. Instead of just playing ball he stink about it that wire job pain because you hate Gilmore so much money. To come down from buffalo. And then you need Cyrus Jones to be at third way. That third guy to kind of boost those dudes right now this and now you got people all over the place you're seeing a team that never. This is assigned its missing all these sites. The news is there was we have right now even the truthful colonies you yeah from the path of the disk well. Make up. Hold the door when the weather goes just so Belichick is like. Which is the worst thing and I know the people listening or that you listen we'll say are you forget it just complaining helicopter you yeah you're right but your right eye angle I hate having to do it. It it it's like how do you complain about an idea that Bill Belichick asked. You know your coaches Bill Belichick like a year though you do your cowboy fan you know like you know the only reason this team doctors do is Gary you're right things but I have. Bill Belichick select I should not be upset. To do certain things he does we just like. Did that the hood. I just as the cowboy fan I don't question in Dana pages view is we market it always works a 100% of job. In its early I mean they're only to win two. We'll see come week eight and therefore before. Then. You know I have a question for you yet. Why that trig Rocco. Is it because Brady is gonna retire and YouTube. My thought process of this whole thing and the reason why you haven't seen the angels take these jobs he's had jobs. So as Patricia. They've had opportunity open drifts that he's not get a job now and I'm not anymore not now when was it turns this thing around he's not now he's he's rooting his chances should probably take a while last year but. I have the theory that went win when Robert Kraft was on sixty minutes or something he talked about. His strategy they have a strategy to talk about strategy in an extra ignorant. We never yet he did Robert Kraft drinks he says things. The hole he says things he does hosts say. That was truth when your your drug itself and and people do not drink in excess excess it's not a good idea you drink responsibly and did a drink of rhetoric and again and although the main things they got to make sure SA. Because this is that. Kind of a you know labeled podcast here but. When you drink sometimes you moral honest you know and that was craft I think being really real that there has been that conversation and I think that speaks volumes that they didn't trade grapple in the could've gotten a ton for him. Because he's only played two and a half to beat its. He hasn't even played much like is there's not this like huge sample size of look how good he was it's like this tiny snapshot. You could still go up multiple first round picks for the but they didn't they didn't because they had I thought they knew this coming. Brady is forty Belichick is 65. If staking go through fix what's going on right now when a sixth title they've done. I thought I wanted in thought it should happen after five I think they're being greedy going for six. But I think there was a thought process of the conversation probably between Kraft and Belichick of 65. And yes Belichick looks like a guy that could never do anything other than football and never survive outside of football. You know wells look like that Steve Spurrier he quit two years before he quit and he's fine he's doing all right he's enjoying himself. Some of them in Florida eligible have some BS front office position at some some. Tropical. Climate it team and ride out into the sunset because I think that's what they wanted to do and I think that went into greedy. I'm afraid they were too greedy I still think they can pull off. Because they're still stuck league talent all the plays Brady has had as many weapons he just needs is office declined to wake up and keep them safer. He's getting hit a lot and he's too old to get lots. Tool to get a lot so I think that's what it is a really think that's what it is that's why you still have to Daniels he's still have garrote blow because Robert Kraft still has owned this team. Going forward Robert Kraft has to think long term more so than they do. They're trying to wrap up their careers and their legacies of greatness in which we already know they're the greatest basically yes so. Kraft. Knows what he's doing he didn't allow them to trade drop below or get to mcdaniels let it get walk. We'll give you more money on the side DO whatever it takes something to his there's there's no way can he knows he needs a future he needs a future projects. Now make you know thousands of me. I wouldn't trade him personally confessed that James were given double it is actually. In the draft. That is well how could add a brand new defense and Abel was sort of area is who do that they've given Drew Gooden well. I guarantee. You the browns with a game viewed in a more and why did he get bad mouth there. Yet only because Brandon and I'm sure they probably do able maybe to bring in more bricks yet to improve the defense our office while liberating. I would government. I also believe they know something that I don't know that a pitchers so they brought the data and messaging user got on him now. Teachers. You know well really came out rather wrap up our game you know again. They really upset about Laura Malloy and I was really upset about Ty law and over this let her live there more doubt in our Gentile are not as much but it we're down our debt. And I and I always supported it getting to the saudis and really you you're supposed to catch that interception clinched Super Bowl he missed it the next play was the Tyree catch so that's what happens. You get cut the that event you do your job a care package r.s one of the best corners of the league at that time they just want to go let him walk. As the of them but I guess it's the studio but look at the rest of the league outside of our two teams. Obviously there's some surprises the the chiefs not really surprises I can I had to miss free and one with a hopeful that by patriots would beat them. So I get the Ford oh because what they need patriots I saw they had this capacity and they're so good. On both sides of the ball and far better offensively I think they've ever been Alex Smith actually looks like in and VP and people of hopefully hopefully gonna stop calling it became manager I think this year. Yes Alex Smith finally have some competition. And that's what I thought it you know nice. Revert back to Dallas but I thought Dallas that it did that Romo for years yeah. Alex may have been comfortable army lost his job to cap of course bush. Doesn't anybody he knows they draft a quarterback in the first round. And he's pretty much on his way out and right now he's auditioning to either keep his job. Art to get a bigger contract mix there was another team. To me my biggest surprise outside of the ramps up this filly. Bob went on record. And argue people of this ways reminds me of troops not buyer or more of his pocket presence. His feet. Does vary in Roger's life. And I they had a lot of weapons and I mean they've picked up you've got to run him back cor blot and you look pretty do right now. That it that's my father of frustration with the patriots he had made a lot and I haven line as well youths bids on guided. Yeah I think really that actually gonna win the division. The automobile giant before the season to its. Out of salads I was stuck on the this is gonna third I don't know what to do is gonna happen there don't like the giants are gonna sneak in the playoffs the pages and dominate in the jet and be miserable. My second thought process like I whose massive red hair I know how they are so bad I don't know Brennan Marshall liked. We're is easy in the studio I don't lose there loses its that is available to it maybe a movie studios really force my tiger hey I don't I haven't either if you buy a house built over the field here at all -- if he has to get Mike some up and he'll do well let might allow for the next game deficit Cuba tomorrow to Mark Martin gets your lapel Mike Cameron plays maybe he would actually moved forward warrants and and so builds and yet it blows my mind I don't have any running game. Ring Garmin on leave from here with. Scored his first touchdown can grant is gradually if that's the they have no running game in New York there bullet Bob blocking one of their offensive line is it should open revolt drafting me I don't know why. What can now figure out if you've had a Korean does allow for years not to address the doses to read it. But I wouldn't this giant and I appreciate you got suckered so bad to hopeless feeling that Dennis don't turn it around rate is still popular today the vision is so weird mean do we not think that because they don't have Coughlin anymore back and you can't get it definitely married the only guy. Back in June looks like I don't even know partly. He reminds me like Google's revenues to put up marker on this is definitely I don't know that it's a dress yes he's got that that time will give you that that's fine because it has good focus is stash. Is the sash with the Balkans leak case. Why the bowl cut like that every time I see Himalayan views. Automatically I hated music play. Well. And sensitive. That. Well I dude I don't know baby to pull is it the same music ended with two of them out yet. But the giants all ranges right now and what's not good. For mr. Bettman can do is the fact that your New York you're going to be asked to be fired after one more loss it's gonna be hope for all it's not so no matter how good the last couple years work and I had never turnaround offensively if they don't have a win by to discuss it. The confluence. But he's definitely he's going to be done so there's there's some surprises. I don't I am a very surprised really I have to probably. Stick with Tampa not be as dominant but still he's running the table. And I think that the Panthers are ferry over achieved you very much other than the saints game I think they've over achieved especially winning in Foxborough last week. You've got to puts a lot of that blame on the defense of the New England Patriots but. The Panthers were able to keep Brady at bay enough. And keep pressure on him and and and keep them from scoring too many points can be enough football game. Even though it took another debacle for the Patriots defense I have a lot of respect for Howell. Brought Rivera has been able to make it happen in Charlotte this year because they didn't seem like they'd be very good football team. The game plan they have for New England was brio. They've made a second there just move around campus look if you just in sports out of. I told Greg McKinney on Thursday last week as it I don't like this matchup because of the size and if Calvin Benjamin's not healthy the patriots are gonna run away. If kelp bed drizzle that field this ice is bad for the patriots secondary because they don't have to depth to keep up. And they just beat him up with sides they beat him up with size all day long function arms wide open. All day long there's that blows like twenty something there's touchdown to fund just. That if you look to the right side ten yard touchdown to function you'll feel right side McCaffrey was wide open do. So there's not like candid have multiple options and it goes to what I talked about Greg last week Tutu where they didn't need to have can't beat cam. Because right now you'd need to protect camp. As much as you wanna see can't roll and can't do what he can do. When he gets out he gets hurt. And you were at a point in his career that he cannot keep taking shots and head. It just cannot happen if you want him to be there and his career prolonged so he needs to try to not beat cam. In that game showed that they at least have the capacity. To run an offense in which he doesn't have to put himself on the line he slid. Every time we ran we saw an opening he took it. He took off but he slid down knowing I just need to get this much bigger and it was such a better office of performance and you don't have to have KM. Going Superman 24/7 anymore they can do it if they all do it together and this can't this this office very much so press news media. I'm telling me in this path that team it reminds me of those old take the MO NT and skipped by Kansas a little better motor. Absolutely. It looks like they don't have a lot of talent on the team yet. But agents find a way to win in light week after week and bills was there is Carolina path of team. Will see once they start you know playing divisional opponents it's tough civilian Tampa's tough. New Orleans is still good offensively. The fact that they ladies and experience New Orleans concerns me for those games against him and it's so this is true. Atlantic. Is obviously what they are in when they're on they're playing really well it had their. Kind of sidesteps not really back steps that they've they've taken care is enough to still be at the top of the division but the forgive pox and the box. Can't be untrue ridiculously good if they're playing at their top level right now so this division is going to be really fun to watch I think down the stretch. And I picked the bucks to win the division before the season I think it still happens I really think they're the best team overall. In that division but they've got to put together and it Dirk voters only got really another year to make it happen before they're gonna move like it is they're very quick triggered. Can't think for Tampa Bay just ask. Your boy years and former bears coach Larry Levine did last long. And all he had that he he was a bad longer in Chicago. It is in the it's they were done never dealt with a broker so fast it literally and how would admit my mistake this is how much all of the mine my mistakes. I was on the draft show. On seven for the game in Orlando Florida now 96 point nine game and Atlanta's renowned there was a mile France. But I was on the draft show toll forgot that they Gabbert a lot because it was so fast. I was like god that's the kind of got a Lovie Smith lumps in their life line. Physical crappy got fired right yeah that's what happened at that acts of the masses get coated gonna love this guy and Carter Carter kicker copper wherever his name is like corporate ethic has named to. Dirk was called to live there. I'm that bad radio data just does not care to try to pronouncing it right a browser right what I need to permanently while talking again I mean me assurances that. And you know things that. But as of NFL though let's move out of NFL. I'll just spend one minute on this because I know you're not a big baseball news. There have been out of this. Ha that's you do have baseball the next two nights tonight you have the New York Yankees. Hosting the Minnesota Twins the American League wild card game. It's going to be epic I am going to be drinking some Beers adult beverages excuse me. And watching this game because I love baseball so much especially when my team stop Clinton can't lose that's always fun and they can't lose tonight. I know tomorrow night 8 PM again you have Colorado Arizona and National League west match up. For the wild card playing game. At the last time the Colorado Rockies were in post season play. And played the Arizona Diamondbacks they beat him in the NLCS. Well lose the World Series to the Boston Red Sox in four games so it could be interesting to see if they beat IMAX again it is one of those runs we saw that with. The Bob Marlins back in a day where they. Both times they went to the policies they won the World Series so we should Evernote can happen tonight's game and we think about the Yankees. The twins. Did the baby bombers. Of New York definitely have struck a chord of fear in my Boston Red Sox soul. You know this team is good they're really good. To infuse is bright in New York I didn't hear a lot of people to pound the Yankees before the season started. Our blog they have like through a lot of young talent on the team omelet before today gained like the fact it. I would give baseball this I love that small market teams. Have a chance to be successful and I like the NFL and NBA and other sports. Kansas City win the World Series this company is back may have been sold in the playoffs and Cleveland is to a well I liked it. Yet it's a lot of fun to an end to people involved and it makes it a lot of fun obviously. As a die hard when it comes to being a fan united I'd keep my impartial when I give my take here on on the show and on air with Greg McCain as much as I can't. But now we're all biases subways and digital content but. When I'm being fanned Mike instead of radio duties you know I'm I'm I'm definitely. Always loving the guys who have done things to make me happy and in sports so it's hard for me not to be excited for the Indians the last couple of years. To see Terry Francona Mike Napoli was on the team last year couple other guys. For the Red Sox Andrew Miller coming out of the bullpen there at the 2013 team. And and then you see that the cubs last year with the with David ross' Jon Lester John Lackey. All these Red Sox x.s giant anti resumption of other Red Sox that's a long long story why don't like Larry Lucchino. I've watched US TA should have been there and steal a statement that the World Series. This season my dog barking right now I don't know why but it's a lot of comedy have a lot of characters that you like you know in that's what kind of makes it ignore the dog or he's gonna bark for a little while I think if it goes to as I've told people on Twitter about it they've heard. NASA goes back I think by the way but. Peter you have the characters you like the players you like there's. Nobody can can confidently. Logically Tellme there's not marketability here. When it comes to Major League Baseball right now with the guys you have across the board guys on the Red Sox and the Yankees you have both the Red Sox and yankees back in post season play. You have a team with these these popping commerce that that made names for themselves on the Houston Astros. With Correia and how to bay and Dallas clinical. It's it's just so much fun right now and I think a lot of people are missing out and it's to a point where like sometimes I missed out. On a lot of the stuff that you knew about with NBA the last handful of years and I was kind of is here and there. Wishy washy fan where I'd watch obviously Orlando because I was down a couple of team right watch guys like Jerod try to watch Sacramento there for a TV which is once a year and fifth. It was kind of tough for me to really stay in but I've this things you know I'm sure I've missed things that I should watch I think right now is the time in baseball. That people are missing things if they don't to an end because there are marketable guys. There are gritty characters and there's drama in these games especially. Starting tonight with October baseball in Yankee Stadium. In the Bronx with a baby bombers it's it's it's got its font watch the games. You know post season baseball. Itself if some of the best comedy here. To me I mean when you the word October. That's what people automatically and think about both huge baseball. I'm looking forward to it I mean you know being from Chicago of course I'm hopefully in congress ordered. Scissors you know rules for him I won't rule for the Sox well but it doesn't Stewart back story of why the don't White Sox too much understandable really bad for my part gas. Fifth though. For the first time and while man I'm excited I love the fact did in the MLB dabble a lot of great young child. Yeah did form system. I know we say this on another show to NFL should do something like image yes yes has developed some players Alia. Farm system is that's one of the greatest ideas. Every great sports. Think the NBA was onto something with the NFL won't work. In a way and it hasn't really worked as far as like developing guys into the league in many capacities with the NBA and I think they can kind of tweak it to make it a little better. But it is what we talked about it on your podcasts or was it. Just want to know what you're it was on this last Amazon however we could have. You know a minor league system set up so that if Cassel wanna go to college. Go play it take that chance your taking the chance that you're going to be stuck at a minor leagues forever making no money as a baseball players do that some of these guys and a break here agreeable they don't get any farther. But you chase that dream and I would take 35 grand a year to play baseball Saturday among line. Hate a real drive there. But that's water what army is. I mean we got everyone wanted to insert itself is odd about them and they they're gonna. Our it's southern Atlantic league is now it's called eye sockets my Alley baseball clubs are gas. Has a baseball guy should be better than ever Wear the jets seared gravel trap weren't happy right now so. Yet it had beaten the life I wouldn't lie about that but. That's why I'll never hate Tebow for doing it. Because I would love to do gosh I would kill to be a ball player effort even peanuts it is just like pay for my life like pay for me out of groceries to survive a place to sleep. And pay my insurance and I don't need dollars off of Fatah butch just let me put baseball every single day that's awesome. Typically had deliberately dreams and didn't pay to do it. I don't see again an argument this under the bus life and stuff but some people said it was pretty fun and some zones of cats have talked over the years there's fun but. Talking about. The NBA we we just kind of slightly reference all try to pivot into it that way could that's that we slightly rivers the Dili in effect they have a development to kind of thing. At the trying to get going. The NBA has you know let's let's let's let's hit it up for the kids. It's low key becoming the greatest league in sports writer. All my goodness this whole fall coming into the new season of the NBA this offseason to the end of the summer. Has been. The most ridiculous thing I've ever experienced in sports I think it is. Mind boggling. How entertaining this is there still love basketball played except for pre season now a little bit but hard. There's no basketball yet and I'm forty just totally ingrained. More so than I've been at since the kings were good when I was a kid. I've never been this excited for Lubbock and ever and you're right man. Think about women out there this NBA ever dominated this summer and they completely yet dominated it even going into football season. They were still keep the Calgary jury yet. But all of the stuff you know in the off season with free agency to drown out all those trades with a boss the good news Chicago ships. Jimmy boat full bag of results but it is. Begin early high socks play yeah eighty ties socks for a he's lazy and all the Smith scored is Kate remember NBA season. Being this exciting. And army opening day Boston a good at it yet why they didn't set that up even better. Which is why I blew my mind for like there's single week or so during this off season of crazy town. That people were trying to what project forward of LeBron leaving next just like to plead not. Can he not talk about look what's awesome right now like this is craziness you know I'm going on right now I don't care if he leaves next year this is now and now this is also this is going to be yeah betrayed that was but was it and that was again. In that like I didn't even realize they announced that it was official and then there's still have the press conference like watching the press I was like wait so does that mean that so he passed the physical strong. It's a good. Good news for even came over inventory they've picked up Gordon Hayward. Yeah man I team Gordon had to bring in an Innophos I don't believe that's the only be used to go backwards old college colts. Are going to be excited and then. Abroad again it's puck antibody. Even tried to force a fake plumber can go anywhere else. Atlanta doesn't ever quite get there is going to put him initiative in both of them when Ellie next US though the story as well the banana boat crew of the bit down the road again again. Melanoma and targeted OKC. Should go with DM VPs and Paul George. Chris Paul Gordon used in this going to be train wreck broke the way she. The Minnesota two things become. Chris Dobson who. Yeah. That. Yes the Nixon school who are going to be laughing stocks this year. It was so select pacers fans and knicks fans need to forever hate thundered out right because they both got fleeced by just missed. Pace is going to be horrible through this superstar to guard Victor Roland Ito let me tell him that worked out. Died down. At least you've got to be is going to be ought to watch of those new local guy are. Atlanta's going to be atrocious. And Charlotte is surely just a little bit of interest if the war. This is treated to I love the fact that Dwight Howard is back way. I keep trying to get further away from the guy just comes closer and closer to me he targets like chasing because I talk so much trash about it out of Orlando. This is Charlotte because this you they've never had a out of it and bring me up. They have amounted to rebound. They'll take what for once I'm very very interest to the driving up for a game because first oh I love pebble or solace he Campbell alive and I just need to see Beckett play but. That team and I would definitely brings these I go up there and they're clicking Kosier legacy will go to kings game. Operatives and king's good night flew young team here don't yet. Billy in the Sox like all I got as a Sacramento fan right now. How good today but it doesn't matter. Dear Ted I know basing deeds in the last. Literally yeah and the kings are also for the first time since Peja and bid the end Christie is that those guys. But it's not a no matter there's going to be an NC probably because that west is particularly. Those who did you know the one G without superstars to Memphis Grizzlies are still going to be a force it somehow. We just couldn't do it before edit them sleep yeah. Maybe it's weird San Antonio you call names three guys on members who but they'll be up for citizen is there just pops the best and I do have some stuff that's been. Is funny 95 year old man is still. Get the job done no one taught us about should be that the best story of the offseason. The true True Blue star from sacked in the flu is Oprah's Fave team now. My plan that's right you're being Gmail but JaVale McGee a man billed as the war Gatt system British actor no fool like. Sit Thompson who all won any. And still the best team in the NBA. Well listings of you don't watch the best city NBA dominate for three quarters and hence why did you JaVale McGee coming out I just. They incur whatever you do please put both of them in the game that things but they weren't oracle center employees can you just play the you know with Benny Hill theme song on the fourth quarter of every. Hello out please because wind slide it he's run a point. We need that did it and it isn't exactly an improved I don't know. And then move itself to a to Oakland. Is gone wrong kind of highlights these oh man yes that's today and everybody's chasing that race and that's and that's not gonna do whatever with you because I've never had this conversation and we did I just forgot you know nuts live life. Backed. The chasing brings first the chasing money is it not better to chase race. Book that we villain eyes every players that chases brings starting. With LeBron James. That's the name of the game when the Braves and you just have one that. We judge these guys on their championships on their brings on what they've done it championships settings that we get mad world that they get themselves out of a bad situation you put themselves on a team that can play for a championship because they would rather win. Art killed Belo all the time yeah as he didn't go after Egyptian he would ask is what exactly. But I mean it's like eight brought in Texas yeah. If that's what bothers me I would rather have. A-Rod who even though he went to New York it took him out of money that was to Iraq who was way Iran and have gone through stud but he was willing to go to Boston take less money. Exactly with Taiwan is gonna happen and should app. But about it because it led to three World Series vs one so go Red Sox but. At that. But I'd rather that I'd rather see that guy. Trying to get that title. They're hoping to get paid so I know it's not like they're losing money in the end. And LeBron James is the Jordan of our time as far as when it comes to endorsement money so soundly he even meet the NBA contract. It doesn't matter. But that I could have taken better money if he had stayed with Cleveland all along. Instead of having to take the better money now that we're seeing the other cap reason raiser raised he could have this money 56 years ago if he didn't leave. But he saw that his front office was a joke that that's a good car had no interest in paying anybody to come help configured you can just do it on her own. So we set out how I'm gonna go somewhere that wants to win it wants to help me win. And we still are nice those guys. I don't like that the rain did but he did because I felt like his was far more shy Steve the fact that he was willing to give up on the team that was one win away. From going to the finals to go to the team that came back from 31 on him but that was kind of crappy. In a scrappy dude Westbrook but I'm not gonna hate him for wanting to go to the team that's gonna win because he wanted his rings. While I think this is it and I'm a victim of this. Fans. Hate super teams. Alas it's dare anti death assumed that people. Thought that that does well stop. I hated abroad I act would give these ball to come to Chicago except but he did but he knew an in my youth I hate America. But that's the main issue wouldn't fans pay. All these live that teaming up together. Only because they're not immunity. It's only bad but it doesn't involve you media and everything. Summits and I totally good like if if the Sacramento Kings are Poland in the best three players the MBA and some miraculous alternate universe that is never going to exist ever. There I'm still outspent but I hated the bulls I hated the bulls in the ninety's so much because there were so good and they just could not be beat. And you see it and I think the kings one of those losses modeling and man 98 season but anyway. Sixties and the big one bigger one. Via via the kings 11 of those by the way but anyway this is as good night for us and we are irrelevant just completely irrelevant. The cookbook and plug it laid out would take in all these people get so mad and that's what I always used. Any argument especially because you know. It would would you your phantoms and call Georgia of bulls got such you obviously had to deal with that back then as kids we probably you you know health and anybody enough Chicago's Leipzig is senile because Luke age all. Every day that tell me did anybody ever talk about how Michael Jordan go calls. All of that he brought to you that he wind and all its own best friend. The Phoenix. He hates Michael Jordan Morgan if you I think that it. An army is Ali made up the Jordan rules and so you win yet. Yeah he whiny complainer not a thousand yeah that's I think everybody complains about LeBron I'm like you're only complain about it because he is today's Jordan that was the only reason I'm happy here to basically be allowed the Internet but the complaints only come because that's the same thing we were all saying about Michael Jordan because we weren't bulls fans. So we're like this guy gets everything he wants he gets. Robin it's gone I probably the business at the store happily you superstar you get all the exactly exact test and if you Lee and that is that my defensive LeBron from the job because they were willing is a little extra. Funny but they all want it is it's the millennial there the super wheel hopping we look at sea bass blame bloody diva yeah you is that he's started that he started that trend that trend been going out for no one liners in the case against the communication while the well I use the local we get those calls are gonna flop Mike you're damn right. And if album maybe that gives the ball let's go with the another run at that. The brokerage that I would win the mine. Is if Roddy is no way he way he. Because he's a jet I warrior of the funniest thing he does it going full work. Whereas lobbies like to take a fake charged or flop backwards like like wiping our inflatable to man I'm on Family Guy. You know I hear is that. Wade goes full words so it looks like you murder him dizzy and he hits the floor so damn hard. It is sick of it like to see that do play alive it blew my mind when he hit the floor house like huh. Or like a lot easier way to enough lead to fly and if you. He beats himself up to get that call and it's also true I got the nickname crass crap ass and you go to ground I. I have respect for that because that's not his fault. It's not their fault the guy blows the whistle that just will be doing his job. The eight where he's totally and whale that's sportsmanship and that's just like soccer everybody hates us soccer is a flop all of pleasantly averaged four flops. Derek Jeter Kennedy got hit by an inside fastball once they got first days. Did you proposal. Think its more that's just how works that's that's competitiveness that's fine the next did you get your way but I get up and yeah really Saudi you have mandated all goals yes now we weren't week to Jay Bentley flopped to get a personal foul off that penalty and I think it Missouri right as we this year and it happens and that's that's what it's just ridiculous but and that's sports maybe it should but it is a threat but a positive word if that I don't think polygamy natural greatest complaint on on LeBron James like he is the greatest athlete of all time because everybody else has so much more layers of crap. Like ooh. Michael Jordan has story upon story upon story of just being in garbage you would be. He's a phenomenal day basketball player one of the greatest if not CEO of all time and we love them for what he did on the court. But we hate on LeBron and don't take into account all the things he does off you know like I want is I want a role model. To be my favorite player of all. LeBron James is a role model. Well. Do you have people NAFTA is recent comments about the president that trident. So Lee is made. But what LeBron is done and I've never seen in the athlete I mean it is scholarship program that he has. Countless and countless. Efforts he's done off the court. How many times we here. About them making comments these athletes making comments about certain things here and telling them put your money where your mouth this of that art he tell you that LeBron hasn't exactly. Clinton kids to college yet for free yet but nobody else is there added to my now. Now I'll do court didn't go to college because he didn't have the opportunity I could always obvious is that he would have gotten a full ride to go anywhere you want to could've done a carpet. It's if he didn't have basketball he would never had the means guy so he's making sure other kids that are LeBron James on the court. Have the means no need for uniforms to school for molesting basketball team. The guy is an ambassador off the court this is the kind of human being we're supposed to prop up when it comes to being a public figure. This is the kind of person off the field off the court out of that public persona. That we're supposed to celebrate. And nothing I see on social PDF. Is ever positive about the guy because you officers cocky everybody in professional sports. Everybody in any kind of profession to where you're on full display all the time including what I mean you were doing right now. Our ego testicle cocky to some extent because you. After the you have to. You can't faulted you for having an ego when he turns around and does good constantly. And it blows my mind he's still. So bad I. One thing yeah. He's married to is our schools we are and how relieved people news. This is this could be a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist believable moment. But what I was told and heard through grape vines of insider people in the NBA legitimate. Insider people. Was that the only reason he left Miami was because she said I'm going back to Cleveland with or without you take kids and if you don't come with me. That's that has he was haven't fallen in Miami. I have heard through stories yeah I don't because Dwyane Wade is allowed to go have fun. Which I don't get because of. I really unions and home I'm going home. But the environment as well like I heard it here every you know I've been to Miami has been a lot of -- Miami I'm not finding Daniel union anyway in my life. So she's at home I'm going home every day every minute whatever you say honey. It is he went LeBron was our negated that. And she said not at all back to Cleveland occasionally and he said all right. And he went back. To fulfill his promise if you think my emperor. And a week today you lost me as time period and I'm not defending her. Keepers and pet COLT. That purple and gold on down with a he's dead to me he's. He's officially Toby put it that's and I don't always got to be put that please go to clippers like do that do that for me go play. Go reunite Chris you always the talk her first mistake it is that I haven't he'd he'd come out in definitively that you remove a team to San Diego can be given something else is south. Southern cal that he'd attitudes that Lincoln is put on a purple and gold don't understand how much it hurts my soul to know that he's gonna you are purple complex here it's. Do you feel as well as I sunroof. I've been open about holding out all hope in sports fan of that the king of the kings will happen. He's gonna go to sacked so we put an ad purple and silver. The king of the kings all win a title for the Sacramento case. If you wanna really have a legacy that would nicely if you rip off that beautiful gold ones that are. I wish I could go back I go back and see it because I would Arco boy I live I grew up half my childhood market. The places also. Arco was football. All man they talk about that it allows place. I never did oracle. I would love to Oracle's bigger. And it Bibi and crews wherever there was one game against the knicks when Peja hit a last second three which if we had replay at the time would have been deemed after the buzzer. But we didn't know replay so it was good that. I'll it was so loud. As I've ever experienced anything and that's you know whereas Brice stadium Death Valley both stayed here. Its debts World Series game in Miami that's. All these games all of place the loud as they have experience with that mixed game with that the king when they're making their first run. The playoffs Peja throws the ball it is deafening. It hits the rim goes straight up in the air it is silent. You just hear how. And it felt like twenty years past it and it. We both aluminum explosion just aren't real and I've been to Fenway. And at candlestick in the coliseum I've always place. That ARCO Arena. And that kind of with setting. Caught the I didn't feel this next pocket I'm trying to do well known distribution period and one of Winston Johnny's crew of the kings championship yet is this going to be what is the reason why I really hate Derek Fisher went on cable or something one of the show's tone and I think and he had his rings and asked what his favorite 11 as you sit 2002 I wanted to jump the screen. I've never been a violent human being I wanted to punch him in the mouth. I Knoxville if I ever meet Derek Fisher to say I hate you for what you said Bill Clinton had stuff because you didn't deserve 2002 you couldn't go with the other ones you have six. Hideous car metaphorically they did have and wouldn't you know will reach out because a Chula Vista where it was going to be Adam was weird Southern California towns. The jazz are oh boy just yet are common to talk just talk to us too because that who. I had to call Tim Donahue what's gonna show in Orlando brutally yet he was a guest on the show in Orlando that I was producing and I've. I told host us like I don't know I'm going to be able do it is that just call them like I. Ha I don't know are good they're I'm real mat there yeah studies like it was. Twelve years ago I was like don't care that was our chance that was going to lose I was sorry to hear there was only going to be want Mike we were getting another chance. It Sacramento had a hit in their hands. And Jacoby elbows like beauty in the face it there's not even a whistle come on main thing about it let's call us like mr. Downey. Yet is is migrated from an advocate if but of this close Brigham never been so angry. They could do it I've had yankees are show I've had. Just at a bad guys arrivals all over the place I had my name Clinton Tom on our show we became really good friends and became toxic crazy day game I was so bad cult of Donny and over here that through. Ideas I'll look at my best friend's house. And we were. Reads as they did do it irks me and my dad realized that we are once again witnessing the Boston Red Sox we are there are sold away we realized that we became a fan of the Boston Red Sox of the NBA and they are never gonna win. At that time. Disaster doesn't do is we'll Red Sox won the World Series. It was Bucky Dent it was all of those things Buckner it was fat all over again that or. Tournament down there with a team in Asheville national White Sox if you know any of you gets illicit and outplayed duty. And me we're down here for your baseball series and we're at our hotel we're going nuts were like OK we got to the hotel or because none of these people are gonna like us. If we're going nuts for the Sacramento Kings LA lakers game in west coasters you know like. Senator I guarantee you that I read to keynotes is like an improvement will screaming yelling go crazy it. That was over or Joseph have a talent. Pull another week. Only got to go for your clothes holy crap. The ball gets wanted by applauding it bounces once and it sticker adapt to bounces again ticker don't want to hear like it's earth and dam. Drain and you're just it was the most shocking. Dumb founding moment and I can still say it's the worst moment for me sports wise because I walked out of the Ruben booted the world's that home run to go to the World Series and three at last I still haven't seen it. Every time I see you replace start I leave. I will not want to. I saw that ball leaves Tim Wakefield hand that I said that's a home run and I walked out of might go over USC upstate. And I heard the cheers from all the people who were cheer for the Yankees I didn't watch it. I won't let this thing to do dealt right wing Tim Wakefield let's go let go up also that kings game. That was still the worst moment ever feels. Do my best ran out of gas while the railroads though with where LA Laker for the get. And we would this go away and raise these old gave army got X zooms in its yeah post ups and would oriented through. Like I Seoul's literally lift our body I had this like 5050 blame a lot of moment like that you can't like. Horry was not in the position he should've been him. Horry got are rewarded for not playing literally because it's two seconds left three seconds left in the game. We're down to. And you're underneath the basket as one of the big guys to get the rebound trying to put it in the tie he's standing at the top of the key by himself. He was rewarded for not being in position because why swatted out what you should get you figure all ten guys are going after the rebound underneath. To swap that ball towards mid court and you're good. Nor is just chill at the top of the key. Got rewarded for bad basketball horror. The horror. It still hurts it still hurts it. In that game six and seven were totally. Totally fixed and that that is makes her anymore. Scott but that airway disease and reserve codec is not only could if if Horry had been underneath trying to get the rebound like he should have been. The kings win in five minutes over. In that Donny in the crew can't fix games six and seven. You know we will have to talk about game six is the Kobe walk off jumper in Sacramento where he elbow to Vivian face took the inbound on Garnett walked out of court and hit it. No call. I'll tell you you get to go for hours is thinks he's so accurate we should stuffed up because we're gonna really get sent to South Carolina listeners should bloodiest in upstate digital networks say. Why are they talking about the case so but what's going up are you got me and I realized that but that's that. That's gonna wrap up this episode eighteen episode seventy mile away as the lost episode one day. Maybe. It'll be posted not obviously don't say dot com what you don't separate I don't know real earlier this week have been going through things that I will. She had one more bit of light on some of it mental illness is not a joke it is not real does not an excuse for your behavior. But it is a real issue. A real problem and a real illness and don't let people tell you that you should get help if you suffer from a mental illness that your feelings that your illness is not real or acceptable. Because it is real in a lot of let's go through it I go through it all the time. Also accurate Tyler goes through all the time a lot of people deal with mental illness and you can only help yourself if you're willing to ask for help it trust me. When I say that I know that that's not easy. I've been an advocate for mental illness for years I have pushed the agenda. Of wanting to end the stigma open up eyes to the realities of what mental illness can cause including massive addiction and suicide. And even homicide. In certain cases there's a lot of things that can be done to prevent such acts if we are proactive. But to be proactive we must first tell people it let people know that they will not be judged for being mentally ill. They will be helped we need to be here for each other. With each other and to help each other through things like mental illness so please please if you think you're going through anything. At all. Find to help there's help out there. I kept talking about getting help in wouldn't do it myself I finally hit rock bottom a few weeks back I went to a partial hospitalization program here in town. I've never felt more control myself in my life felt more positive about the future in felt more safe even know. The illness is never gone so you can get help to. I'll just whatever you need to do suicide hotlines mental illness hotlines. Trauma hotlines they all exist there's help for you anywhere you go I'm not gonna plug one single one because I don't wanna play that you know plot bowling game. And I can tell you which when I went to that you could find them their two major hospitals in town can help you. Please green billions. Floridians. My family in New England my friends out west in Cali all of view. Tyler's people up in Chicago down wherever your Fam he can is from friends and family wherever you've lived. All of the people who might listen to this podcast do not be afraid to get help. It is worth it. It will change your life for the better so that's the only serious part of this I guess we're gonna close it down after that. I had to do that had to get that and I went a little weight deeper into it on the lost episode episode seventeen that you might hear one day that was the snippet. Of it so thank you all as always from listening Tyler thank you for joining me as always. Enough with the BS podcast at iTunes school will place reeker. I hearts. Yeah our hearts all over the place go find that check out his work on ESPN upstate dot com your Twitter there's two different ones. The we have BS pocket as they 644 to podcast that you can probably at Tyler 7772. All right get those on Twitter as always get the ESP and upstate app Goodyear App Store to search is in upstate you'll download us take us. Anywhere you go for free here the great shows Greg McKinney in the huddle with our man Josh Phillips. And Alonso won before every single day. Straight up the stirred mark Sturgis price Atkinson and it rotating door of people as well as. Diesel in the afternoon from four to seven ESPN programming throughout the day college football NFL football every single week. We've got the Thursday night football game we've got the Saturday night football game we've got the Sunday all day football and we've got burned high school. Every single Friday night as also check out all the action find out all the information. At ESPN upstate dot com. For inside the mind of duty here on the ESPN a state digital network I am of course didian as I do every single show I leave you with the immortal words of village dead. Be excellent to each other. CNET stuff.