ITMOD- Clemson Tom's Clemson Preview

Mike Venditti
Saturday, September 2nd
Don't worry Clemson fans!  Ditti isn't leaving you out!  Since Tajh Boyd was unable to do a QB Corner this week, Ditti sought out the next best thing, his old friend Clemson Tom!  

Enjoy this Clemson football only edition of Inside the Mind of Ditti!

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The views and opinions of Diddy and his guests do not reflect the views or opinions of any corporate entity we'll. If you're sensitive to strong opinions and kind of politics forced takes we suggest you stop listening now. Welcome inside the mind of data yeah. Welcome once again inside the mind of city here on the ESPN upstaged digital network I am your host yeah. The TV. Special show for you this Saturday morning college football Saturday the first big one. All of the 2018 season just. About an hour and four minutes as I record this from kicked off down in Clemson. For clumps in Kent State obviously 3 PM today South Carolina takes on NC state office in Charlotte. The big game tonight the FAA issue Alabama matchup down in Atlanta the chick filet. Kick off I you could hear that. Game not tonight's DF issue Alabama game here on ESPN upstate on 977 F and in Greenville. 971 FM opt in Spartanburg. Can also hear Florida vs Michigan today at 3 o'clock funniest you know state in the Clemson game. Will be on 93 point three the planet pregame show is already going on. Right now if you turn into this. I'd buy time as is posted you might argue listening to the game itself for watching on television anyway but if you're not a game if you're not watching on TV and here. At your house listening to this podcast go oh crap I wanna hear the Clemson game 93 point for the picture to it in the air but. As I did earlier this week I had the quarterback corner debut with Stephen Garcia a former gamecocks quarterback he joined me to talk some gamecocks football preview to 2018 season. And give to gamecocks fans out there something to listen to heading into the season real quick now. Before the game kicks off here in about an hour. I'm going to give you a little Clemson segment as well I couldn't get our friends Taj Boyd on the podcast this week he's busy with the Clemson game we going down there not to be in attendance for the banner I'd. Reveal the new additions to the stadium with the national championship and everything else. So we're working on getting Taj. In QB corner next week to talk some Clemson football as they headed to a big matchup next week seeing his Kent State's not really a big match up. Today but I instead got you somebody else probably I'd say a step down from Taj Boyd but maybe. Did you Shawn Watson of Clemson fans as far as that being the go to rights his name is Clemson Tom you know improbably from YouTube. Twitter everywhere else and social media you also know him from showing up on college game day winning get fan of the year or fan of that country I guess. On top bar stamps are now are still what was it that they are Bleacher Report dot com or one of the web sites. That has dubbed it the sports blogs on it. And I constant Tom very infamous very famous. Very well known and shockingly even be a game got fanning graduates. A great friend of mine Clemson Tom is a great great guy so before I give a little bit of my take on Clemson going to. The 2018 season but first let's hear from your man. Clemson time. Bozos will be here or not didn't do this is what your game card podcast. Hulu tigers precluded them. You have. Happy hour Garcia. Steve did you listen arms open rather you know loved it. Where it's Allison tiger we've got to can stay. I don't know much talked about that's who even that in the kids stay thing we're looking at their students to come in and please send me the full game time but your sympathy in the national champs. I knew the cheers just weren't at the belt the chairman of the rings Beirut. Today our roads when we talked about good karma karma Q a state that's us. I guess we want dude that's not even in the in the cards for us that's a win. We've done the next week we got Auburn. And iron probably gonna do me a hard life you do the prominent new video you know kind of hang about to have on home. Well we're gonna come into town to my game Death Valley you know they'll play Hume Republican Jonathan it's going to be rocking. I mean that's just I imports let them have it for family reasons. However. Doesn't need to be gained next week I'll ask him to tell you said gained is probably going to be there. Following week. At Louisville. We all know last year that whole game cattle up of smokes a little bit. The uplift outer ring out of bounds to Europe for the first down begging storm that was my game and it fell as well but this time it's 330 at Louisville. So I'll only know what can happen there I'll be a different game that was going to be fun. Following week Boston College list chopped up for Debbie did you detract. Can state went Auburn win and move on to a tossup but I Wendell for the win for the podcast. Boston College. Win. Then we got Virginia Tech. With at Virginia Tech they give us a run for money in the ACC championship game last year. However. I don't know who I don't seem to look like we have so much to overcome as a team. Now let's say yes it was overcome this one of those things where we just have a lot of guys that are unproven. Coach Bryant great athlete. Woods will no one really knows what's he gonna look like but he's he's got the starting not we know the talent around him I mean this entire offensive line is going to be phenomenal. Why are you Gore's. Loaded without running backs little town is just I don't know what we can do yet. I've yet to see this team take us that it if you wanted to banker suit where they used to right now. Yeah obviously Eric isn't doing to right are just too much. So what's a shake up so that's our don't know. I do think we do we can beat Virginia Tech. I just don't seem to look like so trying to forecast the season did you worry it's a little bit tough because I don't know what the offense is going to look like. So. Me being me would go to Blacksburg. I like Turkey would grab Turkey leg would come out with a W Wake Forest is gonna bypass look beyond this WW. Syracuse is a basketball lady who was best well would be to have found. What's up for W. Georgia says. I mean Brent venables knows George takes offense better than politics does that suburbia. Next week ended. We get those gas from Tallahassee. Where that garden where they gold. They had to come up. Both can be undefeated at the time floors they could beat Alabama they could they weren't aren't they could let's say Florida State doesn't. I assume was near the Davis has this one game they should be there that's a good game of the week. They have come to Death Valley. How much I would look for when his low however we could lose that. We honestly could lose again. But for the bond debt sake. The night before week one. Given UW them so it though they're not clinical on this that's a win. South Carolina I mean in less. Miracle happens. This out we get the ship. So to give you a little preview I do go to review the regular season surprise surprise however. I could use losing two games I could I just don't know it. It's there's a wire. I don't know the teams who looked like so Diddy. Does sort of heated worst case scenario. To gain loss. Tapes. Louisville Virginia Tech Florida State. We run the gauntlet. I'll see your stoppers in the in the ACC. Change a game they can beat Miami to face by aliens on the word when them back in the playoffs and do all that so who knows this team has the talent to. Definitely. Where an agency. But can we put it together can. This team stepped out of the shadows. Of what happened last year. There's a lot of teams come off that continues just to have that they hang your that you're that all men can't just show up and people are kind of scared to play if you're gonna get everybody is all. Permanent every single game that includes can state. So that is what it is you have to follow me on Twitter at Clemson come into grant them clintons on its. Five era this news is going to be closed on ditty they trap me on there but imported beer and on does the podcasts. For weeks to come I mean we start this thing down in Orlando and we were drinking. Some Garcia Beers on the back porch and just talking sports. So for me to do how well are you you'll get ready to interrogate so did you go tigers limited. Think YouTube Clemson Tom for coming on inside the mind of duty here on DES PN upstate digital network. Always a pleasure getting his takes on Clemson football and his humor with everything else and no. Tom this is not. A a game cock podcasted just I ready gamecocks blog for ESP upstate dot com but this is a all encompassing podcast. For ESPN upstate digital network can I do talk a lot of Clemson football as well. So also Clinton fans look forward to having Clinton Tom on more often as I said trying to get Taj Boyd on next week. Have a line apparently to maybe even get Woodrow Dantzler coming on might even be old to get some other game cock quarterbacks for the QB corner as well to get both sides covered. Because both sides are represented here in the upstate of South Carolina. Now looking at the season. From my perspective when it comes to Clemson obviously content fans get upset with me when I say this but trust me when I tell you. At a might be a fan of the other team. But I also know how to analyze football and do my job and I'm giving you what I just think how I feel. About what we might see this year and yes I do not think this is a national championship contender. In Anderson this season. But I do think they're right back on top again next year in fighting with FSU and others for the ACC and heading into that football playoff I just think that is natural. And not every team is Alabama where they can get back year in and year out. And you're gonna have a little turn over when he had such massive stars. Leave the program I'd go pro and leave for the next level. Losing a ban Boulware is huge yes there's awesome defense of retooling doing being done out there in concert by Davos we need a defense might even be better. This season but you do just lose leadership sometimes and sometimes it's just different leader a different group and it doesn't go quite as well I see they're just being a slight step back not a step back. To being mediocre not a step back to not being considered one of the power house programs in college football. But a step back from being the best team in college football because that's just not very easy to maintain year in and year out. And I think Clemson will continue to maintain being in the conversation you're in and year out is this year. Maybe a slight step backwards in my prediction is probably ten into. I think some games are pretty tough that they have this year it's good to have FA issue at home this season but you do have to go to bull bull that's a little bit difficult. Back could be a big big difficulty for them it was a tough game last year in that one to Shawn Watson pulling it off down the stretch. And and getting the job done at home in Death Valley this time you have to go. Up until global we don't know how about one's gonna go I think they win that game to be perfectly honest because I think defense will help and I think they know how. To slow down Lamar Jackson enough to make sure they can make things happen and I think Clemson at that point in the season. Now this week three they're coming off the second week maybe a win may be a loss and if I think I think they might lose to Auburn even know it's a home game and if they do. I doubt that they lose two straight and I think they come out of that Auburn game kind of woke up. Because maybe you don't know me becoming confident you're gonna beat up Kent State today no question about it. Who knows what happens of Auburn I think Auburn is much improved I think improved through the second half of last season into this season. And it's going to be a lot of struggle for Clinton to win that football game because I think just offensively it's gonna take a year. To get this thing back to where was and I think you might have to wait for the next quarterback I think Kelly Bryant will be good I think you'll be a great serviceable. Mid guy to get through this season I think you're gonna win a lot of football games. Down in Clemson and I think this is still going to be a successful season. For Davos Sweeney and the tigers I just I'm sorry and I reality wise do not expect. Another national champion contender this season. But again I do next season I worry. About games against Florida State this year for ma'am I worry about the game and at the Virginia Tech the worry about the game at mobile and Auburn back to back games the next two weeks. After this Kent State warmup this week so it it's just gonna be a little tough and then you're the chance not only were they. The defending. Playoff chance to get to the championship game and lose just at the last second basically to Alabama the year before they had a target on the back last year as the favorite who almost got it done. In and they got it done the target gross. When you get it done in now Clemson is the big dog now Clemson is the champion and you don't have Du'Shon Watson and you don't have. Then bowl where leading that defense even if he's not a guy making all the plays he was the guy leading that that defense and I just see their being a slight step back but don't worry. You'll still be better than my gamecocks no question about it he'll still probably beat the gamecocks though as I said and I stand by. This will be the last good chance the gamecocks have to win even if it's not a good chance. It's just the best chance they have left. For awhile because of what Clinton has coming down the pike there's a lot of great football players coming in a really really good quarterback. Who looks like sunshine from remember the titans who's probably going to dominate college football for clients and for the next couple of years starting next year. I'm so we'll see how that goes but again. I'm calling tended to I think they and a second in their division because I think FA issue goes to the playoff wins the ACC but I think they're the second best team in the ACC. Hands down I think if they were in the other division may be playing at issue. For the ACC championship and now would have been even more fun than what we might see because obviously I think that game will be very good. At Death Valley later in the season and if they continue to be good and they could have played in the ACC title game now at a lot of fun too but they won't and can't so. That's the prediction for me. Trust me I'm wrong all the time I just had some guy on Twitter remind me of my couch wore her article I wrote for sporting news so things happen and if you disagree with me that's fine. Don't be a jerk about it that's not worth it not worth it does not ours we editor just dummy had and I disagree that's finally have a conversation but remember I'm a baseball guy. So you get three strikes three strikes you're out you get the quick block. Here on Twitter but either way hit me up on Twitter at DD 33 DI TTI 33 make sure to hit up clumps and Tom on Twitter at Clemson Tom. He's a great guy he's a great fan and he's very passionate about your Clemson Tigers and again I'll have him on. Throughout the season to give the fans view. Of the Clemson tiger football program as the season wears on and obviously again I'm trying to get Taj Boyd to join me in quarterback corner next week. For you Clemson fans to get your QB corner in before the Auburn game. As I do every time I post a podcast I leave you with few more words of bill and Ted be excellent to each other. Enjoy college football Saturday we'll see you next.