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Mike Venditti
Thursday, August 31st

In an all new Inside the Mind of Ditti podcast, Ditti debuts a new segment called QB Corner.  This week's QB Corner guest is none other than former Gamecocks QB, Stephen Garcia.

Ditti and the QB talk all things Gamecocks football and even reminisce about some old Gamecocks memories...or should we say lament.

Enjoy this special QB Corner edition of Inside the Mind of Ditti! 


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The views and opinions of Diddy and his guests do not reflect the views or opinions of any corporate entity we'll. If you're sensitive to strong opinions and kind of politics forced takes we suggest you stop listening now. Welcome inside the mind of data yeah. Welcome into a very special edition of inside the mind of duty on the ESPN com state digital network I of course in your host to PD. On this episode I am going to premiere a new segment we're calling it QB corner. Each time I use this segment hopefully weekly hopefully even maybe biweekly. I'm hoping to have another quarterback join me to break down some football both college and professional both Clemson and Carolina will be covered and hopefully even more I'm trying to get Taj Boyd on. To talks and Clemson three guys on trying to get my old buddy. Shaun king former quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. To come on and talk a little NFL with me as well. But this week will be about South Carolina so without further ado let's jump right into QB corner on inside the mind of did. While I traversed my dad Tommy Boy ask college careers they're a number of different starting quarterbacks down there and Garnet and black so they'll Newton was probably the first I think. In all wrapped up with Connor Shaw that's how long. I was in college probably a little longer than most people Hubbell one quarter of all those years kind of stood out as my favorite and I am very honored. To bring him onto the show for the first ever QB corner segment here on inside the mind of duty of course. Is Stephen Garcia former Cordoba gamecocks quarterback excuse me now part of QB one athletics with fellow former game come cornerback Cary north and others. Objector camps out at QB one athletics dot com. And give Stephen a follow on Twitter at Stephen Garcia Stevens thank you for coming to the show this morning. Yeah we're excited. You're darn well before we get into gamecocks football everything going on down in Columbia it's only a little bit about this QB one athletics your camps and what you're doing with carry around here. On the so you know another thing as such they got back from love Montreal. Back in 2013. And yeah I just on the way to turn it back to the guys that you know I was so that well you're about you know guys that. You know play college Obama high level and you got a chance to play professional whether the sellers itself. Sorry local matter bomb. Yes so we're sure that that it cannot Garnett you know these guys probably deserve better than yesterday a lot of you'd be better be good result there that our future and and imagery or that help you so how much. Well I do I'm doing a dominant ever end. Be OK here's you go to talk and for awhile and come come along when it right now but you know we kind of collaborated and come. You know he's started you wanna play up there in Greeneville. And a in Colombia and you know we decided to part didn't. You know on a bunch of cancer up there and you're so I'm not here and port as well. Our next Osce and then there are no worse so Russia India should be pretty cool New York. Absolutely you'll looking out also back in your career at Carolina before we get into the future of gamecocks football. As I said leading in you know you're one of the guys that in my long long long college career I stood out the most at those years you were playing quarterback or a lot of fun obviously points and was amazing. As a stand in a student to be a part of that season and everything that happened with Alabama and going. Today SEC championship but one moment stands out throughout your starting career and Chad Carolina. In it just still kinda ticks me off as a fan. Does it still stick with you that referee that took you down does it does still kind of (%expletive) you off every day when you think about I should've scored that touchdown we should go on that bought him. I'm game. It is do it this is why the hell are you could see you don't go home. You know my reaction after that happened all due out late column Taylor Thelma Thelma and there but I mean how to get up about it you end up. Yeah it sucks but you know as it is easy. So do it this. I will say I think that me and my friends at the scooters in Spartanburg, South Carolina said basically the same stings you might have said to directory. Television and we were pretty ticked off and we're laziness or watch what just happened that cut back. There's citizenship historically. Someone I think two years later Israel pre game and because they may love ya ya didn't really mean it can't tell you in the so the other guys showed everybody can take you that there should be. It has some player tell you my. My niece is marrying your first year I oil and cohorts. And how much are you kidding me that's a small they're all bad. Absolutely so. That's awesome more let's look into gamecocks football in the present time. As something of a bounce backs surprise season and 2016 reaching the ball game after the three and nine debacle. That was a year before first year coach will must champ freshman quarterback Jay Bentley. Give gamecocks fans something to be excited about. But just how excited do you think they gamecocks and should be heading into this 117 season. I think they should be excited. You know I think decriminalize torture and try decision. You know they do a lot of cool stuff. Separate the country club and obviously I would say garner saying here's the local time starters pretty big usurping the opposite. Pretty solid outing. You know I just kind of wait and see what the defense Buick you have seen. All the I would go to court on you know. Can come true for me here you know whatever it may be which may be true you know Russia it's. This very you know we don't know what what to really expect that thank god and dished appreciate it they're right should be. You're excited still exists because. Could use use team and that we know there's a lot of energy surrounding that you know an entire campus so. It's pretty good timing I think if you know I think we can that we reached preacher goes and that in the very near future. I as a quarterback who played for a Heisman winning quarterback him one of the better quarterback coaches of all time what what's your analysis quarterback wise. Of what you saw from Jake badly last year what you expect to kind of see of him. Growing into this role as the leader of this team coming into the 2017 season. Or you continue to use Garcia struck kid you know played I didn't play that is that's innate you know our. High school coach Carr coached in the pilot so he coaches can. I know Doug pepper and no it knows what to look orders you to look at. And other men don't always mean if you can prepare a rapper this career highlight it at come to a prettier than if you if you haven't. So I think I think that they can do very issue you know you yes solid arm you know you actually pretty. Pretty elusive when he telecast these so I think that you know kind of under the radar when it comes to you know about this so I'm excited formatting car I think area that you're due out thought themselves I think in I think I think this has on the. Speaking with former game cog quarterback Stephen Garcia here on inside the mind of DD. A lot of Carolina can do offensively we really will depend on us offensive line offensive line not great the last few years lots of sacks lots of pressure on the quarterbacks do you think that this line is ready to step up to the plate this year get this job done even with such. Nasty defensive mind to battle and in week one with the NC state. No they better. Name that they don't Wear a lawyer so I mean they got to. You know they are protected you know Jake and you know kind of get around and go back kind of take pressure off Luke and they're going to be everybody's going to be doesn't hurt. You know predict this year they know that they saw notes that you know they really know what to expect last year. Now they kind of do not expect you know has has placed oh and everything else dirty game plan to form. So they had to get that run game going and you know starts everything sort of part anyway don't you could have let and number eight that there it's not a matter you can protect them. So you know all us other local farm I'm open they cannot you know shy about a civil district which is up there and you know they've been they've input that's some serious work so I'm look forward to that immunity gets I'm. Mean if you one example that Tom brainwashed at giants Super Bowl the first one that's our guy what happens when even the greatest quarterback to zero production could you have no idea that you're able looking at you know he's in the running game I was a Rico Dow and other emerging star you have these young receivers. And a great tight end weapons forging badly. Do you still though even with all those guys that need to step up and do their job in the running game needing to go to would you still maybe considered the offensive line the biggest X-Factor as far as the success of this team. A 100%. Its side in here later questioned. Editing and sometimes get away with that. Are you know what it was game plan then and strategies but. You know again hey you guys that you've ever wondered when the match so up front and it's not that they could area they get very tough especially if it's new it's. I'll Soledad how fast these damn Beilein who are. This unbelievably fast tests are looking at VI NC state game Charlotte Saturday afternoon. The gamecocks I think a five point underdog right now. When you were playing and especially mean playing a school like Carolina a year you're not going to be the save lots they come into a lot of football games even when. Things were good as the underdog did you like being the underdog more or did you kind also like you know getting that respect and being. Considered the favorite coming into football games. If he doesn't live I'd never really pay attention and they couldn't care less. You know my mindset of the game wasn't managing to do is still a colonel in the NBA amendment right to win big expansion spectrum mentality that match and then like the general. You know I'm expecting a win every single time I get on the field whether it you know also element do whatever I got to do when. And that's just my personality. But yeah I mean there's they're having coached literally go every single time we had you know team record in the four game IndyCar yet he. You know February 0% or so perhaps on another we all have favorite you believe that they are the week. They had to go and it would always tell Leo and like rotate I don't really care less sophisticated and it's not gonna change my outlook are my preparation granted. And that's how you take out number one element aren't. The forgot try to restrict credit and we know that it snaps we ignore god I don't think about that on ever put the ducks are lucky you are up more than a pretty well they are there it is being Europe I'm yet however I got on the plane all the week after the Alabama game and was on the plane with Alabama fans and talking so much trashed. In South Florida in and watch the Kentucky game was like John I hope they're not in my playing golf back home. Us out there we're up to go to her comeback modem itself now on military project her back to today acted now exists. It will must chance I had with him comes the expectation of a better defense better defense play we did CA in pretty incredible turnaround defensively. For this team last year after that abysmal when he fifteen year. How important do you think must champ has been to the turnaround of the defensive side of the ball when do you expect this defense to get even better gotten us this time goes by. Then I mean there. You know they got chill. You know that it takes you can't tell everybody personally I mean it's pretty draining on on the offense and you know really the entire locker room. You know by the you don't need to be country I mean that's the route that their entire careers to our MO so I think you can hear everything straightened out edit cut down a personality. And I need Archie got there are strategies were there other great defense you know you architecture that you look at. You know court sudden you don't play 38 the net so. On the second I didn't get that they have shored up the BO BR the B a. Do you think he gets a bad rap because of the overall dis taste of Florida fans even know overall he did a pretty good job down there. Yeah I absolutely do you know when you know when you first via Cologne are you know let's talk a lot. I don't I was a little cabin there's a lot of our country in there and that there are some you know under the I commandeered and ask Harriet Elliott got mush jam yeah and down and it surged up and they're still bitter about it don't like him but I think they did it require more than middle. That like much chip. I do agree that I'd you remember that from Meyer are Orlando gave us our overall looking at Carolina schedule doesn't seem all that craze only tough but you do have the road games at Texas MM at Tennessee give a late season road game at Georgia. And then obviously finishing the season with the Florida climbs in crunch over the last three weeks. How the little puff in the middle. How difficult do you think his schedule is going to be for this young team and do you think that must champ can kind of get this team the confidence early. Hopefully add Missouri may be beating Kentucky in home. To build them enough to win some of these games against tough teams on the road. Absolutely absolutely you know it's it's it's all about confidence that there today you know you're not confident going into the game. Then you're you're probably miniature at that but B also is so. Are you haven't Olympic Games early and build a copper it's going to be bigger game. I mean it's it's the monument really the locker room there's other countries got excited. The other that's there and they're trying to everybody excited that just it it it could see the breach other oak. Yeah I think there are you orders whenever a bunch of those early games should that only bad social. I think they can do it really do. Did you beat Clemson this year. It I hope. I don't man's ultra center incompetent because it's obviously tough especially here here and there well in them where national championship and different and no doubt Tampa so. You know all about it don't care about from. Everybody that they wanted to important trigger yet somehow local and undermanned in the going to be economy cup arsenic content comes preloaded. You know they did it earlier then that the Carey grant type so I guess stomach so. I global sorely -- to put you on the spot when it comes to gamecocks football who do you think wins this Saturday and what is your record prediction for Carolina this year. I thought man. Yeah I think we're only allowed us to do you know. It's ours as far as an overall. Prediction for true record I really just don't know I mean it disputes go to our primary now. You know I think we're definitely I hadn't heard in court hey you know you or they're kind of a slap in the face in my opinion. You know wrote it goes 66. Or maybe I think we have the potential to do that are usually gonna come down to you know how are I would start the season off. You know I use Soviet collapse our opinion web part of the schedule going to be. Utah. The helicopter to the company's early gains in here who knows what happened that nobody really knows though is how the defense go play I mean what is. Kind of encouraged reporters and find out what happened what happened. You think there's an extra pressure a much chance to get to a ball game again after pulling it off last year when he should've. And now I don't assert itself go. I mean I think you know kind of a tornado. There in 92 would not yeah now go to law or. But I don't feel happy I think there were there when more reporting this current. I think they'll make a terrible so. Great help itself. Absolutely we'll see even thank you so much for your time this morning appreciate you talking some gamecocks football ethnic. Actually Eric Robert. Thank you again to former gamecocks quarterback Stephen Garcia a QB one athletics find out about Stephen and Perry or its camps at QB one athletics dot com. Give him a follow on Twitter ask Stephen Garcia Stephen with a PH not to be there is just awesome to get to talk to him obviously. I'm an alarm so I dad loved the team and and I'm always gonna be impartial and I do my show is so obviously I will try to get Taj Boyd I've been trying to get in touch with him. How works through my man mark Sturgis upstairs. To get Boyd on the show to be to QB corner guy. For Clemson football as well so that I can cover both sides for everybody here in the upstate there's sand base for all teams around here. How we're not a 112. Pony show now here in the ousted as South Carolina fan bases even beyond Carolina and Clemson are represented in who knows maybe they'll try to get some people. I can get in contact with for that to I'm also looking to try to get former Tampa Bay buccaneer quarterback USF quarterback Shaun king on the show to talk some NFL in QB corner with us so I'll look forward to that as well obviously. If your Clemson fan. Get up Taj Boyd on Twitter to donate go on inside the minded DD we wanna hear both sides he wanted to QB corner. With Taj Boyd as well once again thank you Stephen Garcia thank you guys for listening I'll go into my prediction real quick and since we have the game starting to games in two days. I haven't got around to writing any tales from the cockpit blogs not sure if I'm going to be able to get one done to preview the season so. Don't expect and I apologize but since we're here and I'm on I am not on air but I'm on a microphone and talking about gamecocks football I'll make my predictions this year I do expect some good things I expect the seat. Another step forward for this program under Will Muschamp I still. As I said when he first came to town expect her to be some sort of a ceiling. As far as the overall success I'm not going to be crazy and have delusions of Granger and expect national championship just because Clemson was able to pull that off. I don't need. Two to get glory all the way to be happy with what's going on sure out of love to see a twelve and no team runs through the playoffs and win a national title and bring that trophy to Colombia for once. That would be cool but. That's not necessarily what I'm going to gauge the success of will much champ on and I'm forty gauge this accessible mush champ. On him taking a team of kind of scraps I mean we all can agree. As much as we lost Spurrier and as much as we appreciate with Spurrier was able to do. She's kind a leftist cupboard is bare as can be and is as much as as I when I was in Orlando we talked about must champs bare cupboard at Florida. Men and the cover he picked up here in Columbia was far more mayor. And he was able to turn it around in one season and get them to a ball game which none of us really solace possible after seeing the three and nine performance the year before the loss to citadel the year before. The game against Clemson last year obviously ugly but you lost to the best team in the country. On their home turf to close out their season making a statement a couple of weeks after losing the game. What did you expect. I didn't expect anything different I expect I think the score I predict it was pretty close to 56 to seven that we ended up getting. So it just is what it is you just got to wipe that one on your mind this and as I wrote last year at this season. As gamecocks fans. We need to kind of put Clemson out of our mind. They're not really in our world anymore they're in their own stratosphere does annoying is is and I you know I share some sentiment with Stephen Garcia with dead you know I'm as sand it's like our guy now I get you guys of the greatest of all time but they are that's the problems they are the greatest right now they are the kings right now they did hoist the trophy last winter that's just the facts and and we can't focus on that. As gamecocks fans I really feel a game got fancy to take a step back. And and relax when it comes to that bribery and no we don't like them I'm not supposed to and it's a robbery and you don't get I get it. I'm a yankees Red Sox rivalry life I'm a Red Sox fan since birth has my family's Yankee fans trust me I get a rivalry and I understand. The importance of a two sport in the fun of it as a fan but this why get so worked up about something that really has no impact right now. National championship is not what south Carolina's heading for this year sorry it's not it won't be probably for our wildest night ever. Nash just the way it is it can be OK so I'm OK with it I just wanna see better football I got better football and 2016 and I got a 2015. I would love to see the glory days the eleven win almost lock every season like we had for three years. Only three years though gas. We act sometimes like there's a small long standing success at Carolina is not fair. Take what we can get we were not stands because they're great. So you don't need to be negative because they're not at times. These are eighteen to 22 year old kids busting their. Backside. For our entertainment. Support them. Support them more. When they're back. Because that might get them to wanna play harder. In Winston games they shouldn't. I think we saw some of that last year I really do I think with Dutch he was able to pull off especially now when against Tennessee. Was based on the salmon having the supporting realizing. What they have. There wasn't a talent necessarily to beat Tennessee last year. They were able to pull it off. And I I credit a lot of that too Will Muschamp. And what he's been able to do. Roper gets a lot of hate but he was able suits it's a groom deadly incidents offense didn't in major war but it wasn't working for the first few weeks with Michael Wayne. And or its. Just wasn't working. Started work it would Jake. Offensively there were struggles they they almost blew it against UMass. They got shellacked against Clemson. Reality check last year was probably Florida. And that's where I think debt are our thoughts need to be as stands at it as far as rivalry is concerned. College football's not about one rivalry in the end there's a lot of robberies. Florida State cons is another rivalry. Johnson should focus on Florida State is there a better football team and there's a team that can knock them out of them did. Conference and play off. South Carolina we need to focus on Georgia Tennessee Kentucky Vanderbilt Missouri. In Georgia. The east. The SEC east. First and foremost. Gamecocks need to be able to win player. Once there winning there again. Then we can start thinking and worrying and concern ourselves with clumps. But until they can beat Georgia. When they're down. Until they can beat Kentucky on a regular basis again. Beat Missouri in a regular basis. Beat Tennessee on the road. And get back on top of the gators. Why are we talking about Clemson. As a feud they're not beating those teams. And they're nodding Clinton's war. Right now this just the truth that's just the fact of the matter right now. This is an eight years ago this isn't five years ago this isn't three years ago. This is post three and nine. Post Spurrier post Clemson national championship. This is just where we are. So why be yourself up over something that really doesn't matter. Show up every Saturday at Williams Brice shall loud. Support these teams in the best and worst times. Equally. It's these kids are out there pouring it out on the field for us regardless. If we don't show up they're still out there practicing everyday. And playing on Saturday. So show up be loud be supportive. My overzealous prediction for the season is nine and three. Overzealous remember that word before or the people want to hear a lot of fans a listen to this yell at me my overzealous. Coolest. Prediction is night and three I think this team is capable of winning seven A games. But I also think as Stephen Garcia alluded to this team could somehow end up for an eight. If things just don't bounce right. They have to come out hot they have to pull off this game Saturday against NC state. This offensive line needs to prove himself against one of the better defensive lines in the country right now. In their opener. If they can get the ball moving on the ground if they can give Bentley time to get the ball out to those young stud receivers. This could be fun this year. But if we see the offensive line we've seen the past few years old boy. Told boy. This could be real ugly real fast for for the gamecocks. So we need to see what's gonna happen this Saturday I think this Saturday. Will set up what the season's going to be more than anything. Because like it or not SEC fans the ACC is a better conference right now today. Not over all not forever not in history. But this these things are cyclical and right now the SEC overall is down a little specially last season coming into this year and the ACC's good. In NC State's not a bad football team. They took the national champions to the brink one season ago their defensive line is insane. So if Carolina can come into this football game control the trenches. Keep Jake Bentley cleaned. And give him time to throw the football. I think Carolina to win this football game and that sets up a great year for us. So let's hope for that. Overzealous prediction of nine and three. Rational prediction of seven and five. Scared and nervous paranoid sand prediction afford it those are my predictions. You can write those down I'll probably share them. On the huddle with Greg McKinney this afternoon I'll be on street when he if you're hearing this on Thursday. So go ahead in June and he has enough states. It's 977 in Greeneville 971 in Spartanburg. You can listen online ideas in upstate dot com or you can download the free EST and upstate at in your apps to work. Just download go to your App Store search ESPN upstate downloaded for free take it's everywhere you go. I make sure you find inside the mind of duty months reeker iTunes and Google play. You can also sign the ESPN LC digital network version of inside the mind of duty on I heart radio just search inside the mind of duty remember DD DI TTI. But if you clicked and as you probably know that because you can see it on your phone or your web browser or wherever realistic us hope I appreciate you guys listening as always the very very honored to start this segment in very honored to have Stephen Garcia on as the first guest again trying to get. Taj Boyd to come on a talks in Clemson football for you guys. And then other quarterbacks as well QB corner will continue throughout the season and look for more news segments on inside the mind of duty here on the ESPN upstate digital network football fans tonight Ohio State Indiana kick off the season on ESPN a state seven. 30 am pretty sure is when coverage begins this weekend on 93 point through the planet you can hear the Clemson game at noon coverage starts. At 7 AM with college it's Ingles college football today with Greg McKinney and the crew. Also you have more games throughout the day on ESP announced State's 3 o'clock you have Florida and Michigan. At 8 o'clock you have Florida State and Alabama Sunday night there's another college football game. Monday night there's another college football game both on ESPN a state starting at 7 o'clock and then Thursday night. Coverage starts at 730. For your NFL kickoff game as the patriots start their title defense in New England. Against a Kansas City Chiefs so make sure to tune into that Clemson games every Saturday on 93 point three the planet. Carolina panther games every Sunday Monday or Thursday depending on when they play on WRQ classic rock won a one point one and college football NFL every week. All day Sunday every Monday night and every Thursday night on ESPN our state so make sure you check all that out with the football we are your home. In Greenville for football of all kinds burns football every Friday night right here on ES Ganassi as well we'll see you next time as I do every time. I leave you with the immortal words of bill and Ted. Be excellent Jewish.