Inside the Mind of Ditti: Episode 22

Mike Venditti
Wednesday, November 22nd
This week on Inside the Mind of Ditti is all about the Palmetto Bowl.  Ditti talks CFB Playoff, Gamecocks and welcomes in Clemson Tom to talk Clemson!

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The views and opinions of Diddy and his guests do not reflect the views or opinions of any corporate entity. If you're sensitive to strong opinions and an apologetic sports takes we suggest you stop listening now. Welcome inside the mind of data yeah. Hello and welcome once again inside the mind of duty here on the ESPN upstate digital network I am your host kitty coming to you live from the swing studio downstairs at the castle that is Entercom upstate. We've got a great show today is all Clemson Carolina the palm metal ball just a few days away tried to get some guests on had some my troubles with timing and different scheduling conflicts but we did get content Tom. To talk a little clumps and going into the game I will take care. All of the gamecocks out of things as well and also give some generic stuff going on in the college football world that we're gonna start actually. With last night's obviously we got another brand new college football rankings that means absolutely nothing. They mean nothing people come on where did not each other or yell on each other trying to justify. The decision of people we don't know that didn't matter. Because to place three in ten days. One plays six this weekend. George just got to play somebody. Either Auburn or Alabama. These teams in the top six have to lose. This just how this works simmer freaking out over. Miami and Clemson flipping when they're really no reason and you're right there's no justification for because there's nothing that showed last week when constant pummeled citadel like they were supposed to. Deputy slipped a spot. But it doesn't matter because they're still in the four. And that's what really counts and to be in the four with only two games remaining one of them against the team you should take care of in South Carolina. Obviously the rivalry game and all that comes into play but he take care of that next week you play number two and you get that number two spot back probably. One of Miami chokes against Pitt and it doesn't matter that there are ranked number two at Clemson this week. One of Clemson shocked. Crazy miracle list stick South Carolina performance loses. That it doesn't matter that Miami jumped him because now they're not then. All of this thing works itself out it happens every single year we come into it with the first playoff ranking with five weeks left in the season almost half of the season. To go and we think that I think matters and format about how dare you put this team their listing their this team there when there's fifteen undefeated teams that week. Then it dwindles and it dwindles and it dwindles. Now this four. One of them not in the mix. Unfortunately you've CF. But if you don't plan a power five you're not gonna get a pass and if you unfortunately. Don't have good non conference games when your inept. Group of five conference you get up you get pumped. They're gonna make the top ten I assume. By the end of the season as long as they take care of USF this week but it doesn't matter they're there and American athletic conference he was there when the title they're going to be in it you know a New Year's six bowl. But they're not gonna be in the playoffs so. The only people with gripes of the undefeated teams and if anything wise Wisconsin still at the fourth. I mean they're undefeated. In the conference. That Ohio State is still being talked about is having a chance with two losses. So it's a whole thing's a joke and it's been a joke. For four years now but we continue to buy into the cycle of being angry about something that means nothing. I even told my friends down from Florida made a comment on Twitter yesterday about policy we thought that South Carolina would attract a 25 I said oh nights. We made a ranking. That doesn't matter. Four days before our funeral. I'm hoping that's not true gamecocks fans and I'm sorry to be negative but it doesn't look good. So it doesn't matter. Is even being 24 this week. We load the South Carolina was close and they're not rank next week. If Clinton loses South Carolina they're not going to the playoffs. If Clinton wins and beat Miami their end and that's all that matters. I think Clemson tumble attest to that later on when I talked to him but. The only him matters especially as fans is show up cheer and be obnoxious is you can't. Get behind your guys' support your guys. In if they lose a missed the playoff. You can't be mad at the committee. If they win and they make it and then you can't be mad at the committee either. Clemson is on this debuted last week we had people asking dabble Sweeney if there was a Clemson bias for being in the top four. No they're winning football games that they should. Some of album the closer than they should have been but guess what last year they had a close call against Troy and they still beat Alabama. So even having a close game against Troy in losing to Pitt last year did not make them not the best team in the country. They won at all. So it's all a joke and as long as you get it. Mean maybe it's because I'm a fan of the team that doesn't have a shot to ever be and probably. It's easier for me to see from the outside and Steve fruitless acts. Three straight ears club since taking care of business and gotten into that playoff. All they have to do was do that again they have to not overlook South Carolina said this last week don't overlook South Carolina. And look forward to Miami which I highly doubt dabble would allow them to do you. Don't overlook Miami and look forward to a playoff. And it's fine take care of business content getting healthy at the exact right time. Both sides of the ball both lines in the trenches. That's huge. And that's kind of boat huge this weekend that's a big problem for South Carolina Gamecocks. Is because it did deter if the defense of line of the Clemson Tigers. Is stout and back to 100%. Ticked up with him to run for his life. We've seen it all easier along the offensive line is not protecting Jake Bentley well. The running game is not getting it done to keep the passing game with some time. At least run a first life a lot. And that's not gonna go really well this weekend because once you start getting knocked around and put on your backside as a quarterback things just kind of shake loose sometimes. She saw Tom Brady do it in the Super Bowl twice. Taking care of business is all that's going to matter for the Clemson Tigers. And really when it comes down to it there's only like one scenario that can really throw a damper on all of this. If Auburn beats Alabama and then loses to Georgia but then Georgia should be in one loss. Because they get the rebound and win against Auburn the one team that beat them. If Auburn beat Alabama and then beats Georgia. I mean we have a question but once again we go back to distinct there's a reason why the big twelve brought back their championship. Because conference championships are supposed to matter. We've been told this over and over and over again every single season conference championships is the reason why the big twelve was held out a couple years ago. The one true champion that was split between two teams. So if you're trying to tell me that covers championship doesn't matter because well. And I had a hard schedule they had the loser of the team that won the conference championship loss to cover shaped doughnuts now. Do conference championships and had a had matter. Or not. Because of conference championships and head to head do matter. And if Auburn beats Alabama. And wins the SEC championship two losses that they should be in a bubble one loss Alabama. Because Alabama didn't take care of business they didn't win their conference. And they lost to head to head game against Auburn. The extra loss should get it doesn't matter. We said this in the past people said this in the past we'd rather have. This team that had the extra lost in that team. We are rather ahead Miami in against Oklahoma 2000. In Florida State. We try to quantify Wendell losses happen and if it's a worst loss or better Los Adelaide so out to matter when it happened or that it happened even. Depends on the scenario of it happening. If it comes down to witness between two teams that have won lost you judge which team they lost it. Right. People trying to say how it's Clemson in the for the have a loss and they lost to. Syracuse. Doesn't matter. They beat Auburn. So. Dings come around. And then to the Carolina fans are going nuts about the ranking I don't have anything to say to you. I its its asset relax you can't talk every single week about how your team gets no respect and and they finally get a ranking go all it's just of Clemson guy pulling strings a clumsy it's another ranked win. Shut up. One guy and the committee doesn't have that much goal. If you've been paying attention to the first four years of the college football playoff scenario it's all about the dollars baby TV dollars. And when number three is playing number four NA instate rivalry match up to two days after Thanksgiving that some TV money baby. You can sell that Carolina Clemson game a lot better now. TE SPN. For the coverage. So if it's about anything that's not football which I think they belong in the top 25 right now football wise. But if it's anything that's not football but never was a conspiracy theory out it's not dealt one member of the entire committee was able to pull strings and up with the rest of the committee. To help his university out with another ranked game. That is asinine. Because if that's the case then why why is the Clemson guy and the committee have that much power for everybody else. They're not somebody has some kind of title Wisconsin saying Gil what the heck. Why are we on the outside looking in were undefeated. I mean it's it's it's completely. Bone headed to me to think that that was the scenario that dot South Carolina ranked. And after I spent three days two days excuse me looking at people complaining about not being ranked in the eight people pulled it doesn't mean anything anymore. Disrespect. Being disrespect it oh we made the cultural pull all its conspiracy to help Clinton. Stop it. That's not true. That's not how this works if there's any conspiracies. It's for TV dollars. And that's why I've always said this things about brand power. If there are two teams with the same record similar losses in you gotta pick between them which team makes money. That's why bam against San. That's why when there's a bias the bias is for the Brinks team the bias is for the legacy the bias is for the popularity. For a long time. In the last couple of decades it was the SEC because there were a lot of teams in there with that. But right now he can't say that clients is not included an out with the tradition they've created the last few years. If he came down to it with say some miracle happen this year in South Carolina was coming into this game. Undefeated. And Clemson has the one loss. And constant beats them. They still go to the SEC championship and beat Alabama. Alabama's one loss not as good. But I bet you did get in over South Carolina. It's okay. They're undefeated beat Clinton lost the ice SEC championship they're not get in and but panic and because of Tamil loses the SEC championship to Georgia watch. They'll get him. In that final. Ranking the Tuesday after conference championships. The fat. Is the one you can complain about. But to sit waste your time to waste your energy complaining about a poll which has to change but the last three weeks in a row for weeks or I feel like. It had to change there was no possible way could stay the same because this team played this team this team played this team. This week we get six and one. Next week we get to win three. Teams will have to lose. So deep breaths upstate deep breaths America we're gonna make it through this every year it's the same thing it was the same in the BCS. How is this gonna work out we have eight undefeated teams three weeks later. How is this gonna work out we have three undefeated teams at two weeks later how is this gonna work out we only have one undefeated teams that spent a lot of one loss teams. It worked up. Almost every time couple couple bumps in the road. We wanted to play off we got the playoff still not good. It's the ever. Unsatisfied. Sports fan right now. In maybe it's just the culture of our society these days where it's outrage central everybody's upset about something at some time basically all the time. But why. As fans why I. Why spend so much energy and time yelling at other fans of other teams because some people that weren't that person that you're yelling at. Decided this teams ranked higher than this game. Dominic go after Oklahoma fans 'cause their team shouldn't be ranked there so you're a jerk. Stop. Let's stop let's be better France. When it comes this rivalry the things I see on social media I know I shouldn't but I checked all of it and both sides Clemson fans gamecocks fans be better fans. It's football guys. It's football in it's a game that none of us are actually going out there to play. But you're going to be file and instead vitriol at these people who some of homer your friends. We live in an area that is. Crazy about his college football. And there are people that support both of these universities including a lot of other ones around here. Your friends your family. To cheer for the other team. Over footballer you're gonna ruin a relationship with a friend or family member. Because you're gonna be just file about college football. And make horrible comments about a fan base as a blanket statement knowing full well that there's jokes and every fan base. I've witnessed firsthand both of these stadiums and the worst they can offer. So be better fans be better to each other. It's football guys. There's way more crap going on in this world right now that is scary. And to treat your neighbors your friends your family like trash. Because they like a different football team and you. Especially when it comes us alumna. Also I'm gonna be mean to you because you chose a different school you wanted to do something different demean you wanted to be an engineer so your what's constant and I'm gonna hate you for. That's stupid. That's completely stupid. In it's below what we should be as American sports facts. This is sports this is fun this is our skate you can't go on Twitter and yell at sports personalities for talking about politics. Because they need to stick to sports. And then take sports to a level of barbaric idiocy. And treat people like crap because they like it different team. We all like different things guys. I use this example a lot but millions of people like game affronts I think it's absolutely garbage. I don't hate people don't watch game of draws because they chose to think differently. I don't hate Clemson fans because they chose to be constant sense. And I went to the other school. I don't hate Yankee fans because they're yankees fans and I like my Red Sox. Half of my family or Yankee fans. I grew up an affair we that was literally split down the middle for grandfather's two of them Red Sox fans tour of the Yankee fans. Everybody followed that line down down the Stanley tree. A giant Italian family split 5050 between Red Sox yankees. I don't treat my cousins my uncles my aunts and my other distant relatives like trash when the Yankees and Red Sox play because you like the other team. It's baseball. Talk trash obviously. But it's supposed to be in good fun. Dean file to people on Twitter calling people horrible names telling people they're stupid is not in good fun. That's being a jerk. Nobody likes a jerk. So be better fans guys. Be better fans treat people with respect talked trash the right away. They entered. Joke. Not attack name call. You're not Q when you start going you're just sent black face last face to face not your dom you look even more like a jackass. So don't be that to be better fans. We can do it I've seen it happen a wash people who used to spit file and official stuff all the time on Twitter. Change. We can be better. 'cause it's just football. And approved at that can happen. To welcome in my good friend. You know on Wisconsin Tom. I sent talked to him earlier today. Got a little insight what he's thinking about the game this weekend got the plug his new show on FaceBook Clinton diehards find them FaceBook dot com. Follow him at Clemson Tom on Twitter and trust me as other gamecocks fans who know him personally can attest. It's all in fun guys sometimes he says some stuff and a column it aka lie about that but it's only good fun usually. So let's be better fans. And put my money where our mouth is I'm going to be better fans because I can be friends with Clemson fans like Clinton Tom here's my segment I had with them earlier today. Right before the Clemson section of the show the Clemson, South Carolina special edition of inside the mind of studio welcome in my good friend all the way from the city beautiful or maybe he's on the road. Coming up here to party and watch Carolina Clemson Clemson Tom joins the show right now Clemson dom good morning. It is going well actually I am I'm ready for four days off work with the you can cancel but also obviously were both ready for this football game coming up Saturday down in Columbia. Army looking first at last night looking at the college football playoff rankings obviously in my opinion an aborted stress and on this episode. It's meaningless especially for the fact that two in three plays he can put him in whatever order you want but. Do you take this is kind of a slight against Clemson fir no region to have them slip where it's Miami it's from two with just down to three. I mean it's like whatever remarks he beat our people want to admit it doesn't matter where the way it. That yet at all if I didn't watch it just yeah Ottawa got our. Believe it didn't that the kids. Does not matter. So I don't like whatever cool orange order here. And access according oak or. Absolutely just make sure your ranked him when your football games that's next prickly as easy as it is. Especially for fans is not like they have to go out there and you know play the game this Saturday and not mess up before next Saturday and obviously take care of business there so. It does get a little noxious when these rankings come out. Yeah I think they don't too early pocket. Yeah well we've talked about that ad nauseam in the past that. The 55 straight weeks of rankings that switch every single week it's just asinine to Cisco dump. But tied going to lose this game obviously South Carolina. Overall looks better than anybody could've probably expected them this year. But it doesn't really still look at look at all like to have much of a chance in this may be that you know punters chance who knows what could happen. Team sometimes late leg do you fear by any chance you know some kind of a let down game. Knowing that that date to first three match up is lingering one week away. So we have not looked forward to that I became more bit. The players hurt. 1000%. Focused on the yeah a lot of your players. Dealt O'Malley after you know we pretty much. I there probably should. Begin now might get out there ain't got to play in the disrespect car. Notify going to Williams Bryce you guys pandora. Are gonna say all class are. Dubbing or some further out of your fans would all have did you guys get older or. Recognition of a let up. Stallone barrels. In fairness we've got a lot of years of being ads so it takes a lot of alcohol to her games. Gave me I mean cheered from the players themselves Howell. Attempt through. Go to Kabul. Are they chicken noodle around out so. We're we're prepared it. Are gonna come out swinging you know I also expect that few if you're penalties. For both sides I think they're guys our defense our interest and my not being urged bush. Let us say they want to go out there as you know so the tote. Up the troubled past you know. You know check it and it had a bit of thanks and I'm gonna right now. It's okay. Because they're here to try to took the tone but during the game well you know I don't like god are we and so forth. I don't play an understanding. You know you're back at all to tell them up but it player. Sometimes you gotta. Yet so little dot discouraging to show how much do you know I'm here you wanna come called little bit. Yep I heard it so it's incredible how you're letter that I expect that groups. It's going to be it. It's kind of like a brush back pitch in baseball just let you know on here. Don't get telling your rent your Red Sox yankees you know. JR game you know already scrabble play a little bit Italy I might throw oh I exit you know you want to be governor. And I will say as again ducks fan going back to your fan not comments there a minute ago it is unacceptable and you do not represented me if you are one of the idiots who throws things that players or says anything ridiculous to players that that just. Ticks me off to be asked us that's my school that's my my my team and that's a bad representation. Of a lot of great gamecocks fans out there are so it's frustrating to see that. And I I'm with you you saw it coming and chased a page yesterday. This idiocy of bringing up dump them giving a last goodbye to the seniors last year's disrespectful is is completely ass about. And the answer to. Why do you put. It all they're ready to leave. Final thought it should know it oh yeah they're brought it up yet to protect Matt. Exactly what you wrote that triggered it or are there that actually got oil. That would put it more loans don't want to see that hole. Try to come up 40 my we haven't had that core. Players or so. That's what I've tried to point out to be like look if if things have bounced differently if a couple games have gone the other way from 2011122013. And maybe the gamecocks get to that kind of a position. They would've done the same damn thing for Marcus Lattimore stayed healthy or Stephen Garcia if you stayed with teams because if they get to sit got level. You give respect to your players and it gives the players a chance to thank the fans kind of almost you know all of soccer where when they get some data games that you clapping to the command. That's what I did they give up the other crowd you know clap clap clap coming out. What they are big oil. Do they don't pull out that ought and because they're all appealed at the same. Yeah guy that never let it sure mr. insular back there yet. What do not let up. Act like shock. Yeah would you counsel in British but it did it ran like a trick play it out ever score at all you get a little modest. We didn't needs. Sixty. Think that's what let's look. Out yeah everywhere. Or. The exact. So well I don't have a problem with and I never did that's kind of how I like those kinds of moment sports when something special happening. When you go and play or them win a national champ. Did you something special Saturday so I except debt altogether but looking at the semantics of the game coming up all the x.s and nose and stuff. Obviously the focal point of Clemson has to ease scoring points against the South Carolina defense which has been their strongest point. Clemson's offense is sputtered here and there had some moments of looking completely unstoppable though. What you expect coming off of that nice you know kind of confidence building win with all the points last week against citadel offensively from Clemson. Well I did it I think we got some restore our emeritus at the ball blew. Jett Travolta run all. Total cigarette where I don't look much about a deal I'm pretty hot and no I don't know what. I don't watch or airline. I got. We're not and so on their network and every Saturday. That it is that they don't ground. There yeah I did it at that time they're diving into. More comical if they watched at. Oh lord your god did it get out of their budget deal are there are required to LP RD line Ali. And our secondary and it is. I sort of percent. It's gonna be whoever are the most rushing yards about it is. I don't see guys doing it you're. Going to be a lot of herself that she even. I don't know what you're gonna do a blocker you are really all almost beer or your. Well I've been watching Carolina oh yeah and that is a big weakness is an offensive line protecting Jake deadly civil lasting. Carolina fans want to see is that healthy clemson's. This it's gonna be out pretty pretty harsh on Jay Bentley so I would like you said its running game if if the gamecocks can get dot running game going to protect at least that way a little bit. Who knows but you know it's kind of hard to expect that after what we saw last year we seem a constant throughout this season as well but. Looking forward also I I have another guest hopefully coming on the show he may or may not appear war over trying to get to work out but he's an old friend of yours as well. Former game got quarterback Stephen Garcia. Is supposed to join me for a QB corner and you guys have some history. Has charged with some videos trash talk some debts and stuff like that. Do you have a message for Stephen Garcia and even just in car nation as a whole leading up to the once again on again. Oh boy. You didn't have a spiritual cup potential to worry about so people. But that's why don't you got a drug buy it at this. Few doubt the beard. Check him out that would occur drug corroborate. Remedy that little boy you know I mean. A number oh hatred or does. Actually at a later that Garcia. So what friends. What I cursor is may have brought that in W lives and. It's okay because I used to do the same to you until you came on my radio show in Orlando so. Yeah. Like I Ager got the yellow yet. Yeah that's tomorrow and that's sad. They got out of it and let it. But yet. I am. I have I have no words. I don't I don't really. Just like many people blow when it comes to we ours. And I pray much so that little bit earlier they are. Social media I don't like what in the heck. As a person. And outlook bad air. Like a back up iChat I regret it now older. Mortgage pit exit you know. And your general that they don't talk time or so that got friends. So today budget go about it I don't do it when half the crap you're talking about. They don't go. And I didn't quite get it out to. Sort out Billick or perhaps the coach and we have to play currently. I. Roper has not really called great game all year Soros put that out the window yet to be lucky to hear you put them together. What good exactly what I bet he's yet to play at any we got the play good. The seal is we have more pointed date of the game each you. Except the place and how happy when I'll stop being that's who we rotate out so what they're constantly. They're healthy you know not back there get to prayer ought to can't can't protect joke KB June. If you don't commercial. Receivers. Get into Kentucky yet the water that should be. You're my daughter came out of run out of cut it it shows. They don't know if you can just put it all the other big deal. Dead that's how I wish I wish we look you know I was KB gender or years. Addressing just took the opportunity to cook and you have got to be accurate and ability to chart record but you'll never heard it court. But if you can have a so let down. Joseph somebody else. Should they were. Side I just don't I don't see it it is so the crowd out. I I expect and I can add a quality. I expect everything it do you think I should expect that just don't expects to lose it's Saturday. Definitely ball that's fair bet that. What you have a score prediction for you think it's gonna be as ugly as last season or maybe closer to the season before. Actually I actually being sure I'm. Get got a hand like that lecture and the potential that yeah. Ever I don't I don't know I don't think there are some it'll all go to managed does play a huge factor but I don't see. Two point yet you know we took just don't want those like oh which does well at number order it totally out of it registers a couple of just there it just sort of get decide how to get back about why didn't endorse there'll. When we went don't think a market which we go through the boat like early. Yeah yeah slightly to the I'm just trust me that. Have you covered it above all. Trust me and I don't see a guy who would beat the court all because. To which huge step back for too many years you'd appreciate that Detroit must just do a good job. Commodities are any good doctors around them. Stay out of order to put our productivity after their stuff. And there's been diluted. Like it is George. But I don't order a larger part. But should play like that it's going to be closer and I I don't feel like. It's great support great I think we went by at least seventy to answer. Not yet I. Do think it's a mile. Yeah and I'll always tested at it as think this was to have a chance South Carolina is gonna have for a long time this season and it's probably still not even close let's couples there disk has gone forward I mean all these quarterbacks coming in that are just going to be otherworldly there's more players coming five star guys all over the field. So it's just gonna keep getting better on some. I'm all political. High as finalist for best player a year. There's I think we have finally got a little running I want to do what we know yeah. But Ed and Arnold gave it we eat it's so bad blood out of go to you want football jamboree came across the nation cheap so I backed to Alabama at worst it is quite a all their best player to dodge cars. That I need a greater isolation but don't about a book I know it happens everywhere urging better but I think torture and it. Yourself or governor or someone got a green at. But I just I don't think we recruit so well because. Other cultures that devil has put or. Just from where different type of a program. Bet it would not like you're not a big a lot of our ought not think that while we're at the orders. Here's what I did label are like that. How bad which it how Luke and escalate escort Mike what are not. Nearly as churches in all my dark but a lot of aircraft. Yeah stead that you know everybody wants to point figures in college football but nobody wants to go turn on their programs you look at the. I don't. And it gives government debt or are sure to cover it did something. Like everybody else does. It. You know how he was driving a better car that I. I had all cartel didn't you know how I would love that which are at it but. It is there's. Who's now all I don't believe it. Obviously both sides of the game covered I like to make sure both such football playoffs as long as Clinton takes care of business the next two weeks. I'm actually concerned about Miami got they. My immediate gut that's slugger bat did you. Wish I could still that turn over JRB security. Great great great the well actual word meant my ears are starting to get back on track. Absolutely but I will say this us that a last week on the podcast it's it's gonna be different than what we saw against Notre Dame because it's not Miami. And though orange will be in every seats in Charlotte. There'll be far more Clemson orange to Miami orange Charlotte. You do it usually regarded sold out. Yeah up talks nuts that's never happened as a great. Not property is typically a bit like Russia and urging a technical there aren't sure it. It's always want this or are loaded arm Ottawa that there's no but I got no genuine UNC played it would Charlotte. Well we got what he was there. The only good game really we've seen in a long time was Georgia Tech in Florida State. That was a good look yeah OK yeah Georgia Tech Georgia Tech. They're so it should top. Like RT SEC repair Atlanta and then. Obviously try to get everybody. You know in the passage typically bad. You know it Alabama Elena Castro away their feet everywhere so bad that. He had eaten typically order order can't travel yet even measure it. Winner of the Iron Bowl is due to order a western seniority at Georgia. There'll be an actor out. You know Auburn and Alabama got to cut it out I don't beer or Atlanta that we don't push it. And out of void that town for the SEC championship almost every year actually. Alice I actually don't want to regain the change in there. It was like a Five Boroughs are free ticket. Fred Meyer from college worked at should it ever read or. Ahead he should reject a joint picture everywhere. And Florida playing somebody told her to close. I'll. I think Florida want to do. About. Ito well there. Arkansas right there wouldn't be a bad aliens yeah you're a bad way. Yeah equity out of the quarterback and it yeah yeah. You can't go all. That was nothing in the senior year I don't but it was our negotiators. Are. Great loss to the bottom. Let's say I'm happy that I passed on in 2010 it was much easier to drink up in Spartanburg and when the team win some eccentric but what a Gloria at all. That that game was not fun for me as that spent a lot of money at the ladies open Spartanburg so that the but it's kinda. Tell the people what you're doing where they can find your work she and everything else. Our Twitter at content column based on comments Graham took off but. Just try to build what would Cox news group we do a lot of FaceBook. Show outrage a glut Clinton diehards. Iraq after. The Clemson game ends. We feel I don't FaceBook they go from a studio there and Atlanta are not typically either had the game or at all men. Jewish edged. Challenge Google would certainly. Except for the they want to call autorad but it is a good games are still in that game out modem. It's a lot of fun and it's very interact with. People there's a definite question they were very it's all right Eric podshow that. So yeah that's actually the Clinton diehards. Like the page on FaceBook at our record game. The FaceBook game goes there but occasionally threat they're thought. Our body will thank you for coming on again and happy Thanksgiving. The. Thank you again Clinton Tom unfortunately things didn't work out with Stephen Garcia this week really was trying to get him on but I schedules craziness I've been getting my butt kicked here at work at the Entercom castle. With Black Friday that early deadlines with our four day weekend and everything else so timing just didn't work out so we Kirk couldn't get him on I'll get him on. To wrap up the regular season and preview whatever bowl game South Carolina gets picked for next Sunday a week from this Sunday when they have multiple selection show. This weekend's going to be great once again guys am I implore I bag I plead with you to be better to each other. Be good to each other there will be a lot of Clemson fans at Williams Brice stadium at Columbia and obviously a lot of Carolina fans there as well. Enjoy the day to gather. How fun. Enjoy the fact that it's one of the best rivalries in college football as well must champ stated. It's most won the most fun things I personally have never been a part of in sports and like I said I grew up in the Yankee Britain Red Sox bribery. It's an amazing experience every time I've gone to a Clemson Carolina came. Outside of the one that and I think you'll know which one that is the brawl in 2004 it was a bad day for me but. It's fun guys. When a Clemson fan pulls up next to your car and tailgate have a beard. Toxin trash talk about the game how fun. Clay court the whole games vs the Clemson fans Carolina fans for Clemson fans. Whenever other games you play your tail gates. We welcome your in that state breath ran. To our house Carolina fans. Because far too often the gripes of the Clemson fan in the grips of other fans who come to Williams Bryce are correct. And it's embarrassing as an alumni and a die hard fan to hear the stupidity that comes out of some of our fan base. But as I said before alt fan bases have it. So rise above it be better fans. I'm gonna make my proclamation for this game now before I wrap this thing now I said last year on the the huddle with Greg McKinney that Carolina would be Clemson this year. I give them my book of promise. Which is rare penalty off the coming into the game I don't feel very confident as a gamecocks and I don't see much of a chance as a football analyst. But I'm sticking with a stick it with my book of promised the offset comes. You're not going to be able to complain about the college football ranking next week as Clemson going to get bounced stick with it I'm not gonna book a promise that though. But I'm sticking with it because this is the last great chance. That's South Carolina will have for awhile on this game and it's not even that good of one but it's the best chance they're gonna have. For a while going up against Clemson head to head with what Clinton's got coming down the pipe they have a great program they have great talent coming but I am caller right now. Under the lights Willie B it's going to be slam sandstorm in. The defense has got to step up Shay Kelley Bryant early Jake Bentley is gonna play the game of his life. Oprah's coach and for his job he's gonna call the game of his life go to see a game cock upset 2724. Gamecocks with a last second field goal but a much maligned field goal kicker that miss so many earlier this year. That's alas and and it's going to be if I'm right remember this if I'm wrong don't hate on me it's stupid it's a projection guys everybody makes predictions are wrong every day of the week. Always. Lot of people said some stupid things about a lot of sports like how 31 leads wouldn't be blown a couple times. We're 30 if yours are ready and it is Red Sox. So with that I'm going to wrap this thing up Clemson Carolina this this Saturday if your Constance and nineties report for the planet has your home broadcast. And their coverage starts at 3 PM with Greg McKinney and mark Sturgis on the pregame show Ingles pregame show. On 93 point three the planet over on ESPN upstate if you're not a Clemson fan you get the national broadcast baby Carolina Clemson. ESPN a state 7 PM you can hear all of that on the free apps both the planet apt. And ESPN upstate app you can pick up the game make sure to tune and make sure to hit us up. Give us all of your reactions to the game FaceBook dot com ESPN of states are stats get us on Twitter at ESPN upstate. Thanks again to Clemson Tom thanks again to all of you for always listening. It's a pleasure to be able to do this here in the upstate of South Carolina I love you guys I love this town and I love this rivalry how fun this weekend. These safe you when you drink he illusion drink more celebrate safely and celebrate with everybody not just your own sand based. As I do all the time I leave you with the immortal words of bill and Ted be excellent to each other. We'll see you next week.