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Mike Venditti
Wednesday, November 15th
On an all-new Inside the Mind of Ditti on the ESPN Upstate Digital Network, Ditti reacts to another meaningless CFB Playoff Ranking and discusses what both Clemson and South Carolina need to do over the next few weeks!

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The views and opinions of Diddy and his guests do not reflect the views or opinions of any corporate entity. If you're sensitive to strong opinions in an apologetic sports takes we suggest you stop listening now. Welcome inside the mind of data yeah. Hello once again and welcome inside the mind of did he this is an episode 21 on the ESPN upstate digital network. And ESP NSA dot com on the free ESPN upstate app which if you had not downloaded it yet. You're running a dime not just getting it's still there for you you have all the time the world that you should go to your App Store. Download the free ESPN upstate app you can listen to us anywhere you go so if you go out west to California you don't hear about that other USCB here but the one here here about Clemson on the road anywhere you go so let's why you should go downloaded the app. Today couple things to get treated as can be it kind of quick podcast more of a reaction podcast Steve rankings came out once again last night this is Wednesday afternoon by the way. Coming to you recorded live from may undisclosed location better known as he swings studio at Entercom upstate headquarters at the castle. But. Let's say we have the rankings come out once again it doesn't matter. It just doesn't everybody's outrage the outrage stays in consistent with the things that we were outraged about years ago in years past. To what we're outraged about today. Clemson is I think where they belong number two I'm OK with that I'm OK if they were one or three I mean I don't think it was a big deal I just felt like they shouldn't be dropping out. Obviously they're taking care of business their losses in their past and they've beaten some teams since they have the win over Auburn so if you're put in Auburn in the sixth. Clemson belongs in the four just kind of the way it should work so. It's just funny to see the outrage of so many people windy you know for sure or 150%. Sure war. That's just can not be the final ranking. It can't what you saw last night cannot. Possibly be the final ranking you must all whole bunch of crap happens. If a whole bunch of teams lose including the teams don't lose in the next two weeks in that have to play each other in that top six or top eight or top ten. If if they all lose and everything just falls away it is again and then I guess maybe it can happen. What we saw last night on the rankings that's not going to happen Auburn and Alabama have to play. Alabama and Georgia have to play Miami Clemson have to play. That's teams have to lose. Somebody's got to lose those football games either Miami or Clemson will win. In a bowl that means there's only one what their debts doesn't matter. We talked about this for years conference championships and head to head. They should weigh more. So wait the more. If one loss Clemson beats the undefeated Miami in the ACC championship. It doesn't matter that same record they beat Miami. Clemson sin Miami's out. If Georgia beats Alabama and they're one Los SEC champion. Darian and Alabama's out that's the way it should be. I don't know why there's so much beating around the bush to distinguish who we know. That the rankings week by week until the last one or really just a ratings grab for the mother ship. Mean do a half hour show to release your top four. When they could just easily say here and it's. How likely do you people ever Sunday. We have to have a half hour show this goes back to you know it's a decision. It's what the orchestration can can get you more advertising dollars were all gonna tune into watch him be outraged by these rankings don't mean anything yet. They're not gonna mean anything until we're done the next two weeks three weeks. Clemson has the citadel South Carolina in Miami. They survived those story there should be no question that there in the play off. If Miami Beach clubs in their undefeated probably must they drop one in the next couple. The nation in a playoff. If Wisconsin runs the table when the Big Ten and they should be in the playoffs. If it's between 82 loss Auburn to back conference champion and a one loss to Wisconsin ought conference champion. Should be Wisconsin. This all should be a lot easier than we've all made it and means committees to blame for a lot of it don't get me wrong. The committees decided to. Not necessarily give us the full spectrum of what they're doing. So there's a lot of guesswork on our end. The guesswork on our end comes because we don't really know the whole process necessarily we know what we think they're looking at what we think they're doing the eyeball test and head matchups the conference champions that strength of schedules that. Everything else. The once again we've seen such a dramatic shift from week to week just over the past three weeks the past three rank kicks. Have all been different because teams in the top of lost teams had to play each other loose. And things keep moving. People were upset that Georgia was about Alabama manner and what does. People were upset that allows it was still a conversation they lost again as a matter anymore. Should Oklahoma be too I don't know maybe colossal Ohio State who has lost two and got she just throttled. By Iowa. So I around. Shouldn't that hurt. Strength of loss is straight wins. Georgia beat Notre Dame sedation still be in the mix the Miami beat Notre Dame worse. So nation out rank. Especially undefeated. Nellis should be so much easier than we've made it over here so far we've we've turned this Clark College football playoff thing. Into this just conundrum this just ridiculous. Tornado of of tanks and disappointments and questions of how could they why would day. Doesn't matter though guys continue to do this weekend and week out through the season I mean we don't even wait anymore for the college football left the first couple years of listings. They seems. Basically laid out to us that the rankings are gonna matter as far as a people and everything else until this college football player. And we stuck to that for a couple of years. Now it seems we can we gala mad at how the rankings are they. There's account for really anything. For bragging. But what we saw last week and what I saw on the football field and I know Auburn's two loss team. I thought the top four should be slightly different and Auburn should be and for how they manhandled Georgia. Because part of it is that I ball. Part of it beyond the head to heads. You take to head to head to the next level of eyeball test how did they play and it. But when it comes to Clemson the team in the states that we need to talk about it doesn't matter right now for them. And I saw my good friend content on tweet it out just went. Just win it'll figure itself out. That's a Clinton needs to do the football team fans just need to show up and support. And I know you guys well know Death Valley will be crazy this week and the citadel game for your last home game of the year. I know that there will be in nice sized could cleansing contingent down and Williams Brice stadium next weekend. And I know that the majority of Orange that will see up in Charlotte next week there's been three weeks excuse me. Will be Clemson orange now Miami orange you know Miami travels well and has bandwagon fans all over the place from their successful years. I guarantee there will be far more Clemson orange in those stands a Bank of America Stadium for the ACC championship game. So while Clinton needs to do is take care citadel. Take care South Carolina which state they should be able to do. Eight Miami and there's no question in my mind that there are off team. Regardless of their loss to Syracuse. Because factors play into everything. And I can't take and it's the doubt one loss as enough. To save a dared not. Worthy of this spot. Even today. At number two it. I think they belong there. But I also don't think it matters. Because regardless of how listing shakes out if they lose South Carolina they're not in the playoff if they lose to Miami they're probably not in the playoff. So when it comes down to a close and just needs to go out and do what they do and take care of business. In its gonna take really a lot from the defense who has been the focal point of the season because Dave had to keep these games in check for the fact of the offense hasn't done what. Clinton's office has been doing the last couple of years they haven't been as high scoring as unstoppable offensively but their defense has been able to keep them in ball games and get them winced. And I think that that's going to be what comes up the next couple of weeks you're gonna have I think much more defensive struggle. Next weekend the move Saturday after Thanksgiving down in Columbia against South Carolina because obviously their Forte the South Carolina. Strength is defense as well in Wisconsin's offense not playing so great. That could be something that makes them more uninteresting game minute maybe should be as far as overall talent on the two teams. I think you'll be very interesting to see how that game shakes out we get to it a week from this Saturday. But I think debt. I doubt they Clemson will and I don't think they need to worry about overlooking citadel but I don't want the I don't think South Carolina needs to start thinking about clumps of right now. Offered coming to town. No pushover. That citadel team that's going to Clemson came boys pricey seasons don't beat the gamecocks. So this trap game weekend when you're always looking forward to that big rivalry match up. That could sneak up and get the gamecocks man I doubt it gets to tiger's I don't think it'll be a problem for the Clinton tigers. With citadel coming to town but. And you're pretty interesting to see how this week goes a ways Brice stadium and then what happens heading into next week's game. Down in Columbia between Clemson and Carolina. But again when it comes to Clemson and the college football playoff it's just win baby that's really all it is. Just take care of the games you need to take care of because the hardest part of clemson's schedule was early in the season and it took care of business. They got crept up on and they got caught against Syracuse and lost it happens. They bounced back and got some tough fought wins this Clemson team as I said a week ago is the defending champion. The defending champion always gets everybody's best. Always. And no it's not excuse for losing a game to Syracuse as you should've warned. But but he's close wins NC state Florida State not necessarily taking care of business in the way they content fans would've liked. That's part of it. When you're the big dog you've got a bullseye on your back. In not only does Clinton have the bullseye on their back as the defending champion they have the bullseye on their back because they have a new quarterback. This year obviously Kelly's now played ten weeks. Minus the majority of the gaming mr. Syracuse being hurt. But teams come out from the beginning of the season and been much more. Downhill against. Clinton's offense. Because they weren't afraid of Kelly Bryant like they were afraid of Sean wants. Early on in the year for the first half of the season up until Syracuse. Clinton's defense looks far away better the last year data looked quite as good as I said this offense is not doing them any favors. In this offense can't do him any favors going forward it's gonna take a masterful performance from the defense. Of Clinton to get through these next few weeks. South Carolina's offense is improved from last season. They're nowhere near good enough to compete with what Clemson should be. And I'm a game cocktail and that. I look forward to that game as I do every week because it's an amazing robbery is a lot of fun to be a part of and I love being in this state especially when it happens but. I'm not gonna be here on the bush amok and it play with delusions of grand jury here Clemson. Is far and away the better football team going into next week. But if they can't fix their offensive woes. Which should be slightly sixty think with a big game this weekend or you can put up a lot of points. And kind of practice the routine and get some confidence against citadel put up a huge number lopsided number against citadel this week. Keep going to game copy weak very amp up. But the offense the closest put on the field the last couple of weeks most of the year to be honest. Is not one that's striking fear in teams. And I highly doubt that it will strike fear in the gamecocks defense who's been playing above and beyond their talent level for two years now. And this year have been very very good against very good teams. Offensively. There one. Laps game was Kentucky. They competed throughout the Texas a and M game they competed with Georgia even though they couldn't score points. But they held Georgia to their second lowest point total until last week. Anything as the game got fan I'd love to say that they kind of soften Georgia up for Auburn. So the big thing for Clemson is not to overlook these next two weeks 'cause Miami's your last big game. The rivalry is always big because it's the rivalry is the state championship it's. Does did did trash talking rights. The big game as the ACC championship the big game is Miami. So Clinton is to make sure that they don't overlook citadel for South Carolina. And then don't overlook South Carolina for Miami. Because of south Carolina's defense can stand up and played a way they've played a lot of this season and keep it close to keep an interesting you never know robbery game. Remember two seasons ago dusting was close and it shouldn't it. And I know it was a garbage late touchdown that made disclosed so wise but he should if you've been that close for a lay garbage touchdown Omega necklace. Because there's no question that Clinton that your was even more. Beyond. South Carolina and or last June to be a 567. And this one's back it Williams Brice. Was a Death Valley I don't think there's even a question. But it's out Williams Brice and you can't overlook that football game. If your Clemson so as we go back to my Franklin's and Tom tweeted. Just got to win. They've got to take care of business these next three weeks in the playoff or work itself out. Same thing goes for Alabama same thing goes for Miami which would not Clemson now because they'd have to beat Clemson. So when the understands a set of bickering in whining and moaning and going on Twitter and yelling about the committee how dare you put this. Tough for gather even know it can't stay the same regardless in the next three weeks because all these teams play each other. Just back out say it's all good whatever. That's fine my iced my team will show you. The tigers will show you. If you believe they should be number one over Alabama but I'm showing you. Because they showed you last year I winning it. So that's all I gotta do get in. Get in the playoffs and to do that they've got to take care business for the next three weeks first not overlooking Sears citadel for Carolina for a second now looking over Carolina. For Miami and then third obviously taking care of Miami. The good thing for Clinton as you get Miami in the neutral site that's obviously closer to constant. Not sure I'd wanna go down to Miami with fans actually showing up for once. But from Clemson on the South Carolina obviously talk a little bit about them already. This weekend's game against Wofford is not one to be overlooked. For the South Carolina players obviously against fans are jobs just show up be loud support regardless. If they end up choking and losing to Wofford like they did two years are gonna sit well. You don't go to Twitter you don't attack players you don't go after coaches. You support. That's what fans should do. It would be nice to not lose 56 to seven next week to Clemson but if they do. Don't go to Twitter don't attack coaches don't go after players. Support. Because trust me those kids going out there busting their backside to play football for your enjoyment they want to it. They don't want to lose 56 to seven like they did last year. They didn't go home last year from Clemson saying up though that was okay who cares they were upset him. Such a fringe group of fans I don't know if it's. The linger Ers from the successful days that just aren't overly spoiled by minimal success or what but. For those fringe fans and act like complete buffoon is constantly on social media stopped. You do not represent us to game cocky nation. I am a proud alone Miami proud fans. I'm also open minded I'm also an analyst and I also have a job as a broadcaster to talk about Clemson and be honest. We haven't had anything to trash talk Clinton with for three seasons. They won a national title after playing for one year before almost doing the tears are. They're back in the college football playoff race right now sure we can play spoiler if we do we get to talk trash for a year but right now we don't have any fodder. Non. Clemson owns the state Clemson owns the lead until they lose in or knocked out. That's what it is to be the champion. So we need to do is support. Our team. Right now we need to be happy for the fact of South Carolina beat everybody but Kentucky and Georgia in the SEC east. That was step one. I've heard about this last year I got made fun of it Ford I don't care. Right now our focus is South Carolina fans alumni boosters everything else is not Clemson. Because we have a broad to travel to get to Clinton's stratosphere right now. And right now we're South Carolina sits. We need to worry about the SEC east. In this year was a stride. A huge stride. Got to show up and finally beat Kentucky. They could've done that. You only have the one loss in division. The other one being to Texas say NM and you're looking at a seven and to have what could be now. Eight and shoot team going into Wofford. Nine into maybe going in the concept if they took care Kentucky like they should have. But people lay eggs Clemson did other Syracuse. Carolina did at home against Kentucky. Sometimes I think teams get over hyped. Want it too much. Over exert and don't get the job done and I think that's what happened with South Carolina against Kentucky this year. The injury to Dee though obviously was the shocker that night kinda turned everything on a said. But what we'll must champ in this coaching staff have been able to do with South Carolina this season after a losing team most prolific player on the roster. Early. Has been astounding. I know the offense is double we want it to me. They're doing enough to get it done in this defense since Will Muschamp took this program over. Has been an amazing turnaround. So nobody can bash what must have done here in Columbia. No logical person. Can think that he's failing in anyway even with the offense being as decrepit as they've been at times in a knowing as they've been at times and yes I know people don't like roper. In his play calling. Dave made some things happen this year they've taken some amazing strides forward in this team once again in two straight years has improved each year. From the three and nine. That was left. Four will must ship. Making the bowl game last year. Being bowl eligible for weeks ago this year. Eight wins on the horizon if they can take care of Wofford this Saturday. Nine wins with a miracle against Clemson. -- possibly if that miracle does happen which I still highly doubt personally. A bowl win puts you at ten wins in his second season. From a team that was said to be left for dead after Spurrier left if that's astounding to me. Especially for a guy that came in with so much negative drama surrounding him from the fan base he used to coach the team off. Gator fan is so quick to remind us. What were upset about the offense well we tried to tell you now. Because 1716. Wins in Colombia is a win baby. We sept she shares of drinking town with a football problem. The slogan if we win we drink we lose we drink more it's not a good thing. Shouldn't be problem drinkers like we've been over the years. But winning is what mattered. Nobody ever set up we don't win by thirty. It's a loss we're upset we quit we're done with this program. That's Gator fan. And respectively so it should be. When you've had that amount of success. That often. Share their terrible now but that doesn't mean gators the gators and Gator program is not what it was. This stuff still in Puerto Gator program. To bring in Chip Kelly my job. Must chanting Colombia's doing exactly what he needs to do to make everybody happy. Win. I know a lot of people would love to see South Carolina do what Clinton is being able to do go play in and and look win national championships. It's may be never gonna happen guys. Remember how happy we were every eleven win season to ten win season just beating Clemson five times in a row. If must share brings at least half of data happiness back. He'll be there for a long time. Nine to eleven wins here and there. Nine when seasons tendencies as level a season's ten win season since he could pull off like what Mark Richt was doing at Georgia. We'll be here for a long time and I'll be happy for him. I don't need. 45 point wins. I love them. Trust me I was happy after the gamecocks made it interesting Saturday to be you know basically sleep through the patriots games and a magazine blew up the Broncos. I love a blowout because I don't have to be stressed. But if south Carolina's taking care of business in winning football games I don't care of the scores anymore. Not on the rebuild I don't care. Just like I said last episode moral victories count that Georgia game was a moral victory and I think it did carry the gamecocks into the win against Florida. I just think they gave up after the half. Not gave up on the part the boss. A soccer term. Can claim pre vent. They let Florida back in a football game they didn't take your business on offense and get the ball in the end zone. They needed score more points off turnovers they weren't able to do so they turned the ball over too many times against Florida the Florida's defense is the only part of their team that's okay. Lot of those players were must champs. Some marketer. Put too much weight on how that game went. Division rival. A team playing for pride after being embarrassed the week before. With no coach not sure that direction. Undoubtedly the South Carolina offense has to get better. As far as the season this concern for the gamecocks one more win and it's this is six successful season in my view I said that the beginning of the year 79 wins it was my hope. If they can win eight or nine. I'm happy. So here we are a few days away. From the ability to go 083. So if Carolina takes care business to Saturday. Even if it's embarrassing the week after don't be a jerk. Don't try to trash Clinton fans do not go on social media and attack players of our own team. Support. Your team because our team still has won more football game regardless of what happens against Clemson. And they lost their butts for us. So it's time to give him the respect they deserve and give what must share the respect he deserves for what he's been able to do with this program in such a short amount of time. Bored out of their wrap it up obviously picks for this weekend Carolina wins big Clemson wins big. And there's a big highs going into next week I think it's gonna be a lot of fun Clemson hate wigs for me. Game got K week three Clemson fans next weekend to try to get Stephen Garcia on to talk game cost content Tom want to talk clumps and we'll do a lot of coverage next week I'll try to do. Picture podcasts for the holiday week give you some extra listening. On your weekend off and get you ready for Clemson Carolina. Which obviously you'll be able to hear on our sister station 93 point three of the planet I think coverage starts at 330 maybe for that I'm not positive in my start at. 130 but stay tuned to ESP announced a you'll hear is the Promos for that and for more as I do with every podcast with every Tom Oman air I leave you with the immortal words of bill and Ted. Be excellent to each other we'll see you next time.