Inside the Mind of Ditti: Episode 20

Mike Venditti
Friday, November 10th
On an all-new Inside the Mind of Ditti, Ditti talks about Clemson getting everybody's best shot, gives the Gamecocks the dreaded moral victory for their loss to Georgia and more!

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The views and opinions of Diddy and his guests do not reflect the views or opinions of any corporate entity. If you're sensitive to strong opinions and I politics forced takes we suggest you stop listening now. Welcome inside the mind of data yeah. Hello and welcome inside the mind of duty episode twenty here on the ESPN upstate digital network. Come do you recorded live from Costa dvd studios five point oh. Downtown Greenville, South Carolina. O box to get too high in the sports world that this week was on with Greg McKinney yes traceable probably rehash a little bit of what I talked about yesterday there. On this so if you heard me yes our you're gonna hear twice. But Clemson Carolina football big games. They have passed big games are coming to game that we thought would be bigger than it's not that big this weekend for Clemson. In Carolina obviously needing to make a statement after the close. Hard fought I wouldn't say close it was definitely a dominant win for Georgia but it was a hard fought loss. And as much as people trying to hate on moral victories the gamecocks deserve one for what happened in Athens last week we'll get to that a little bit more later as well. No guess this week could really get things worked out lots of work. Dropped on our plate this week out with the Christmas season fast approaching. So I didn't have much time to get things done while at the stations. So no no guests unfortunately next week hopefully we'll get Clemson to come on again to talk about. Obviously the citadel game and then again at Carolina game excuse me coming up just a week after that two weeks away. From gamecocks tigers Clemson Carolina once again. Down in Williams Brice stadium so we're we're approaching that big game obviously Florida Florida State coming to the state. This weekend to play Clemson and Carolina so we'll talk about all of that NFL Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers closing in on first place. Big game Monday night against the dolphins up the Bank of America Stadium you can hear that. Of course both actually on ESPN upstate and classic rock won a one point one so you could listen to either one you want. You want the ES PNC will have it here on ESPN upstate. But let's start off with clubs and actually I'm gonna just kind of ignored this and see states. Laptop nonsense it was obviously you seemed ridiculous from the start so I just decided not to pay attention to it I'm stunned sick of buying in. To be false gimmicky. Scandals going on when we're watching just ridiculous scandals unfold in front of us every single day it seems. In the sports world that one didn't seem to be enough to really put a blip on my radar thought it was a joke. I thought it was pretty funny though that dabble clap back a couple of times. But looking add up what Clinton was able to do it looks like. It looked like excuse me that Clemson came out kind of the same way these played the entire Syracuse game last weekend against NC state. And they came out flat they look like they're struggling and then when halftime came they decided to remember who they weren't and remember that they are one of the better teams. In college football and they got the job done I really think that that continues its gonna be a little closer this weekend and I think Clemson fans you're gonna want it to be I think. Florida State's kind of overlooked even know they're still not good they're not a great team but. Clinton's had a problem with almost playing down to their competition this year. A little bit so I a couple of games and it seems to meet like. What happens is you get that best shot every time you play anybody you play when you're the defending champs so no matter what you have you still have. A division rivalry in the ACC coming into Death Valley this weekend and Florida State is gonna get up to play even if they're not as good as Clemson on the field. I think they make a little bit more interest to me clumps of fans want to see they wanna see. Kind of almost a reversal of what we saw a handful of years ago for Florida State on that field they wanna see age as complete. Dismantling I'm shore and that's what you're not gonna Seattle pick I feel like. The get the job done late don't put it away would hate you know comfortably. But it'll be a little bit more of a stressful Saturday then I Clemson fans are expecting. Just because you're getting the best and that's what we've seen in and I hate we fall these teams for still winning. Win dared not winning handedly when they're not winning by scoring 75 points. Because it's funny you flip the script and nobody cares that you CF score sixty points a week they're still not good enough to go up in the rankings but Clemson. Gets knocked down because. They're not beating people buy enough aid that always annoyed me that annoyed me back in the day with BCS in that still annoys me because eyeball test is did they take care of business. And if it's a game like we saw last weekend against NC state for Clinton. They took care of business that's what you're supposed to do you win and sometimes you you don't have your a game. But when you don't have your a game you find a way to win. That's what championship teams do that's what they did last year in game against NC state that was very close with a missed field goal at the end so. It's not something that I like to fault the team for when they shrunk a little bit here in the air and when you lose a game when you get popped like they did Syracuse that's not good. Because that's not a team we wanna have a loss against when you have really good teams under schedule. One of those we'll help you out a little bit more in the end with the rankings and I get fat but. You still get the best shot of everybody and sometimes you get popped and I said at that week after they lost to Syracuse. It's just kind of like Edna Mae and in a way where are you just get caught too you could have the better fighter lose. Because they just got caught they got a little sloppy somebody beat a boom doesn't mean the other guy was necessarily better. They just want and Syracuse is not better then clubs that. They showed that last week by losing to FA issue. And I think that'll be shown again this week when Clinton beats FSU. It's just not going to be this blowout that you probably want to see and I understand that you want that. Especially with how things have gone the last couple of weeks and having that Syracuse loss on your head still is something that you wanna see a big gest. Crushing of a division flow of a division rival team that you do not like very much in Florida State's and to do so at home. That's probably what they wanna see it's just not comment on OPEC but I'm wrong a lot so noticeable find out how to on Saturday. But I'm picking clubs and to win. I'm picking clubs to win by maybe ten points maybe two touchdowns and I think that's what ice and that's what I mean by closer than expected. Because if you look at this game they should be expected to about a lot and I think Vegas as a winning by a lot as well. But shifting from the upstate down to the midlands Columbia, South Carolina the gamecocks welcome in the Florida Gators tomorrow as well at noon. A big game for gamecocks fans and give big game for the gamecocks team because they need to get back on the winning. Side of things at the loss is still a loss the loss is not a good thing on the record when you're moving forward trying to do better but. As I said at the beginning of the season the goal in my opinion for this team was to win between seven and nine games I would love to see it before that's still doable. If you do your job tomorrow they have to come out and play Florida like they're playing. That I mean hey it's going to be a pat preference because. They lost of a couple of years ago polite next week with Clinton plays the citadel they're gonna come out and just put a bashing down. That's what South Carolina needs to do tomorrow in Williams Brice stadium they have to step up. In completely dominate a football game and showed that they can completely dominated football game. Especially against a team like the gators who was just spiraling out of control. They are just awful right now because nobody wants to play nobody wants to be there the whole situation went bad real fast. I said it when they hired Jim Mac away when I was down in Orlando not a good fit I don't think because of the school and the culture and the fans. Gator fan is a different kind of fan. That most of you realized so it's just a tumultuous situation down in Gainesville right now and you saw on the field last week just getting dismantled. By Missouri so this week coming in two waves Brice stadium they'll be a raucous crowd. I'm sure that the fans will be very up and excited because they saw a performance last week even in a loss. That she can you know. Hold your head high about it was a very good performance for the gamecocks last week down at Athens. It it wasn't great obviously they didn't win that they didn't score points enough. But they do hold the Georgia Bulldogs to the second lowest point total of the season behind the twenty points. That was allotted to them. By Notre Dame in the one point loss at Mac games so only Notre Dame and number three team in the country has held. The Georgia Bulldogs to less points than the South Carolina game guy 12070. That's a moral victory I'm sorry I know moral victories are things that people hate people throw hissy fits about moral victories there's no such thing no participation trophies in America. But I beg to differ when it comes to things like this. And it has to happen when you have a team on a rebuild moral victories matter when you're trying to turn things around. You look at teams in different sports you look at the Astros over the last handful of years. They built to what they are now. Two years ago they were almost there the year before that the year after that they were not very good. And then they won the World Series they've built it they built off of things that build your confidence in those things are more victories moral victories do exist. In certain circumstances especially in the sports world. It in the sports world sometimes. Would you show you have enough to fight for it but you're just not quite good enough yet it's still a moral victory in subway. It what the gamecocks did last week we showed that they're not Georgia. Obviously they don't have the talent that Georgia as they don't have to if they would just anything that Georgia has right now Georgia's unbelievably good. And they were able to step into that stadium and put up a fight against the best team in the nation. And hold them to 21 points. Only beaten by Notre Dame this year. And yes they could not score. Against one of the most ridiculous college defense is in the country right now. But to me I'm seeing this giant improvement getting you politely arts. Up points. That's what's important and yet you have to make. Strides forward when you're in a rebuilt you have to show yourself. Not the fans is not about us in the end it's all about what they're doing on the field of what these kids are doing and you show yourself. You've got something. Would you put up a fight like they've put up last week in Athens. You show yourself that you're ready to maybe make that next step. And that's what this week needs to be this week needs to be that next step that where you're coming off a moral victory in venue just dismantle the next. You make a statement this week. I still do not think they have any chance against clubs and at the end of the year all hold strongly that it if I'm wrong. Trust me I'll be have a drink per trust me. Put if they make a statement this week against Florida even though Florida's been decrepit. It puts a little bit of a thought the back of the minds of the Clinton tigers. Just a little. The got to be afraid of them it's not gonna make them fear the gamecocks ready things that'll start coming at me on Twitter over this I'm just saying at the back your head. And the back of the mind the Clemson fans. He might think who. When you know they kind of stood up to Georgia and then just beat their crap out of Florida. Then you hope they cannot do the same against Wofford in the end. That week is going to be a really fun. Because it'll be the first time in three years. That we can talk a little trash. Gamecocks fans. Justifiably. The media talk trash about the game coming up every year I do you have to with my friend clumps of Tom but. I didn't have any real fodder the last couple years it's been bad man. And when they win the game they get the bragging rights that's the way this works that's the rivalry. State pride goes to the team who wins we had it for five years we relished in it guys. So don't turn around and think that the last couple of yours we really had anything to actually say to clubs and fans especially this year. We don't. With you come out in your eight and three coming into that final game. You got the home games this year. And you dismantled Florida. Held strong against Georgia at a loss. There's a little slot now just a little (%expletive) Have a little boy. Could there be a miracle. It Columbia. Hopeful. I'm still hold mr. hunt how do you not think they can win that football game. But. It makes that week a whole lot more fun. And it's gonna make a lot of Thanksgiving here in the state of South Carolina a whole lot more fun when family has to get together and your game darkened club since cousins and sisters and Brothers and Brothers in laws. All show up to talk trash over Thanksgiving dinner. You'll have a little bit more to say just as at least they're looking good right now. We had nothing to say the last few years so this is gonna be a lot of fun so this is what they need to do come out this week tomorrow and Dominique. Absolutely dominate the game they need to run the ball better they've got to get the passing game cleaned up. And protects Jake Bentley big time in the defense just need to keep doing what they're doing. Because they give up the majority of what they give up when they're not getting any help from the office. So they just keep doing what they're doing in the office finally gives them some reprieve on the sidelines. They'll do even better. Because they held strong to the end against Georgia. And they didn't get much help from the offense. So that evens does what they can do. In the office gives them some breast. They might shut Florida out. Because Florida can't move the football if so this could be a really good game for game got fans tomorrow. I really wish I was going to Williams Brice stadium but I'll be on my couch here with a cold one I'm enjoying the heck out of it I hear it costs a day duty studios so. Trust me I'm gonna hold on to this I think the gamecocks win I think they win. Ethically I think it's a multiple levels victory for a little much chance to just demolish Florida. At home. For his home fans here in south Carolina school cheer the crap out of Purdue and at. Regardless of how bad Florida is we will go bonkers for you for beating them. This history still true. In the history is swayed one way and that referees. So. Beat him let's get a well I'm taking huge win tomorrow huge went I don't wanna give points. That'll be flipped the other way. If it goes wrong Randy Shannon might be your next Gator coach. Sleep. The other big game this weekend including the top four is obviously Notre Dame and Miami Catholics vs convicts. I said at the other day on Greg McKinney show in the huddle. That. It almost feels like it's reversed though because if you look at the coaches. I feel like the likable coaches Rick's and see not likeable coach. Is definitely bright Kelly. It obviously you have players that are hated you know hated players it doesn't seem like. There's that same you know dirty players vs the clean buttoned up guys like we had back in the day with the original capital vs convicts. But this is going to be a great football game is getting a lot of fun to watch I still. Have leads kind of Notre Dame on the SI think that they kind of overwhelm them with their rushing attack that they remind me of 2010 offered. With I think it was Dyer and Cam Newton. Just everybody could go up the middle for five yards every play the big game against South Carolina where they had to leave the second half. Every single play it was a run up the middle drop played a dire or aid distraught quarterback draw for Cam Newton for 56 yards each play you could not stop it to save your life. That's what Notre Dame does Notre Dame kind of runs that same little scheme a lot in the end they just burn you in the passing game. Really tall receivers they burn you in the rushing game on the outside. He is atoms is just an animal. This team is really good and I think the defense is good enough. I don't think they're good enough to win a national championship this year but I think the defense is good enough to take care of Miami I think it's slow down and that rushing attack. Just not only burns clock but puts points up like crazy. For the fighting Irish it's gonna be a long night Miami for the U but it should be find it I think it'll still be a good game for the majority of but I just think it wears down. It's gonna be one of those situations I think almost what we saw with clubs and the national championship game where if Notre Dame can run a crap ton of plays. Notre Dame wins this game and win this game may be handedly at the end with a little bit of a pull away. Down the stretch but. I'm looking forward to it I hope I'm wrong with the Beloit thing nova goes down to the stretch I hope there's some missed field goal interceptions some craziness that happens down at the end of that game. Because I'm really looking for about one B in my buddy who's a big Notre Dame fan will be watching that and I got to pull for him because I'm trying to be a good friend that go with that we have the second week. Of the college football playoff ranking obviously that was a few days ago now I was a little late on the draw again long week. There at Entercom upstate but. Once again it's the same thing and I eight. Obviously have a little bit of roots in Orlando so the UCF fan is not very happy right now they stay at eighteen. Nobody moves around much that didn't lose. Miami still a little bit far out of it but. None of it matter still guys is still three weeks away from the final one the one that matters the only one all year long that matters. If a team like UCF wins out they're not gonna be in the final four because they're not in. The power five it's an unfortunate thing and I think they need to look into moving things around may be changing how this works but that's not what it is right now we've all talked about this we've we've talked about it at Nazr and how he could go to eight teams are sixteen or Bob Obama. It that doesn't matter right now because it just is what it is this is what we have this is where we are in college football so. You could move up but you're not gonna get it but with a team like Miami. Well if you beat number three in the nation you're probably gonna move into it at least a 56 I mean to get into that the New Year's six balls. You're getting up there Miami's not gonna be set it again next week if they beat notre day. The doctor be seven next week regardless. Is that they lose they should drop to. Georgia and Alabama is that big bugaboo this year though. It might work itself out and that's what I always bring up is that every year we get so old pent up. Around just have a season with multiple weeks ago and it's it's been a war since we got the college football playoff rankings. Because they make it this big spectacle on ESPN and everybody runs the Twitter everybody's angry about it and it doesn't matter though because it's gonna change it always change its. We are talking about Ohio State Penn State all these other teams a week ago and not anymore. So. Why get so pent up right now. Things have to happen between now it's a little more pent up because we are only three weeks out now three games to go for most teams so. You get a little bit more anxious each week. And that's understandable special appear team like Clinton who's in that bubble spot. Decade just because that committee decides that went wasn't good enough Boogaard fifth. That's the joke if you know everybody was so mad about the computers but the human element of but that's what you don't want baseball. It's just really funny to see the reactions because you're gonna have the same reaction a week later from a different fan base. Somebody wins somebody loses somebody thinks they deserve more. That's why I laughed at the playoff from the beginning I was fine with the BCS I mean we had a couple of bombs games that should have happened but it was a Tutu bad is it all worked itself out at the end normally. It the issue with Oklahoma losing to Kansas State the big twelve championship should cup champ should count bubble block. And that's why a look at this now and think why is Alabama Georgia such a bugaboo. Because we've made such an in big big big decision back in the day that conference championships matter. It is now. And that was why we wanted more human element in the computer 'cause the human delegates they were all well they didn't win the conference. The computer put Oklahoma in with a loss the conference. So we don't want that. So then why should the loser of the SEC championship still get in. Over another one loss team that the copper champion. That's why we do talk about this expansion and how we should change this thing I'm OK with that hole. Conference championships and a couple of outlaw urges or whatever that's fine yes that that makes more sense than this but. That's how this is so seeing as this is the way it is and you're only getting four. If you tell me that head to head matters that conference championships matter. And then the eye test. So those are the things that matter than why. Do we have a question mark about Alabama and Georgia. Because it's the SEC. And that's fine. We've talked about this before worry if you look at the cyclical nature of the best conference in college football it moves. In the SEC the last couple of years outside of Alabama has been awful. The east has been discussed. Trust me and watch it every week. So is the SEC really so good still right now. That your gauntlet is tougher than everybody else is gauntlet. So. Losing the conference championship should not disqualify you. I don't think that's fair to the system that we decided to put in place. So I do believe and I'll say it strongly to the end. That if Alabama loses or if Georgia loses in the SEC championship game. In less there's a two loss conference champion. Then you talk about okay record. There's more conversation at that point but if it's a one loss conference champion against one loss Georgia or Alabama. The conference championship team should get it. We made that a priority. That's been a conversation for a decade. Maybe more. The hosts of the show I used to be always talk about how back in the day nobody cares about a national championship. It was a big deal but not as big is winning your conference. So. Let's make it matter. And I think the committee might I think they've made that decision the last couple of years I think they made that decision. When the big twelve I had two champions. So just relax. Last that it when you see it and you know what's gonna change. And then move on. Because either Georgia or Alabama have to lose. At least one. Because if they don't till the end they play each other. And if one of them loses before then. Doesn't matter. Now the conversations overtook okay. What a farmer balls and off. There's a lot of things that can happen that's why we love college football we love college football because it's so spontaneous and so. Unpredictable and so entertaining and then. When it's mid week and they give us a list of schools that they think are best to worst. We don't care that it's unpredictable and can all change we get mad because we think it's set in stone. Nothing is set in stone until the final ranking. So let's relax. Cheer your team on because if your team wins the rest of their games they've got a good chance of their in their right now Clinton. Notre Dame. Georgia. Even Emma. Only one of them. Especially if Wisconsin on the table they're undefeated. So who framed our mad that. Or not even mad but no grabbing conversations about Alabama or Georgia. At one loss one of Wisconsin what runs the table and wins the Big Ten. Doesn't matter. So now or never conversation that the one loss Alabama or Georgia Symbian over ACC champion won loss Clemson national champion defender. No. Or maybe even as he won loss notre name. Maybe. But if they're one loss Georgia lost. So is all these scenarios that have to happen. Still. So many things have to still happen between now and the end of the season and it's only three weeks still but. Were complaining and trying to find a way to make it better with the breaking that can't stay the same. Something has to change in that top half of that ranking right now. His teams play each other. So chill. Chill will be good. It's not as bad as you think. I will agree that if Clinton gets left out as an ACC champion behind a one loss non SEC champion I'll be on your side. That's heinous. Totally heinous. I was gonna get into the NFL we're gonna talk some my act. Carolina Panthers obviously this Monday night they'll be both on ESPN upstate. On the ESPN game feed and over on classic rock won a one point one. With your Carolina Panthers game feet so choose your liking either one you can listen to dolphins at Panthers this Monday night. It's NFL games all Sunday afternoon Clemson playing on 93 point three the planet this weekend. And then some other games on ESP and upstate as well Clemson basketball men's and women's both back both playing. Throughout the week on ESPN upstate to check schedule what ESP and upstate dot com. As always make sure wasn't too Greg McKinney in the huddle with Josh Phillips and lawns so one to 4 PM every single weekday four to 7 PM shored up its third with mark Sturgis price Atkinson and the gang. A lot of people in and out of that show so I don't know I didn't beam everybody Taj Boyd also part of straight up with sturtze. Kept me Thursdays at 304 PM in the huddle as well we've moved it to that day hopefully we stay. Mora on point with that every week's all be there for yet. And that check out the rest of the content that ESP in upstate dot com Tyler bottlers to jump off blog. Everything else life him back on the podcast here shortly to talk some NBA and talk a little firm and basketball as well with the Furman season. Getting under way as I do with every podcast with every week I do want classic rock. I'll leave you all with the immortal words of bill and Ted. Be excellent to each of the seat next.