Inside the Mind of Ditti-Episode 16.mp3

Mike Venditti
Saturday, August 26th

Ditti welcomes in Enough with the B.S. podcast co-host and author of The JumpOff, Tyler Butler, to discuss the Cavs/Celtics trade that may never happen, Mayweather vs McGregor and more!


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The views and opinions of Diddy and his guest do not reflect the views or opinions of any corporate entity we'll. If you're sensitive to strong opinions and an apologetic sports takes we suggest you stop listening now. Welcome inside the mind of did he. Hello and welcome once again inside the mind of duty here on the ESP in a state digital network. ESPN hosting dot com and on the ESP upstate at. Which you don't have you should go download download a free. Nina or App Store. This is gonna be your typical inside the mind of duty podcasts here on ESPN upstate digital network I've been gone for a while I apologized long time in between. For providing contents for me lot of things going on in life but I'm here were back in I have against this time it's not just India meet rambling. For 45 minutes and you won't have to deal with homer time today though we might talk about something that happened with the patriots last night. Biased it's a little different this time so we're gonna change it up and I'm welcoming in good good man here or friend to the station friend to the building. Had Tyler Butler did not have enough with the DS podcast to jump off blog on ESPN a state. Regular guest on straight up a surged he joins me here this morning. In the Entercom upstate. Castle. Downstairs in my little swing studio Tyler thank you for waking up early on a Saturday. To provide the upstate with some new content no no problem is so much for having me. You have so it isn't your first time that industry usually OpenId EST in upstate studio Donald there's no cast a yes mr. cut precious week yes absolutely they've they've they live in the nice places up there assess background people we we get to downstairs sundown in the front. But I have a nice view of whoever comes into our building every day so that's always nice when. It's but now we'll get right into it because there is that just did tell him going on right now. And it's crazy news all drops last night's crazy news is seemingly been dropping to last two weeks. Depending on what you're watching and what she watched sports wise with MMA doping issues with the giants fight between boxing and MMA and now. In NBA trade that we are all super excited for talks about all we can now might not ever happen. So called. Tyler your that the blogger writer for you to jump off the NBA kind of insider that we have here especially for straight up the Sturgis Sturges admittedly. Does not. Talked NBA while this piece she likes to have you come in and make sure they get some good. NBA information so we're just straight obviously mean you agreed. And I feel bad that Josh Phyllis is an easier to defend himself but I was sure she attacked us both yesterday on air and we weren't there to defend ourselves so this is our rebuttal. We agree that this trade if had gone through Isaiah Thomas. I Crowder and ends a picture going over to the cast. Carrier Irving coming back to the Celtics. That the task one that trade I felt like Danny Ainge kinda got fleeced. I'll buy every bad front office which is shocking to me I was really shocked by the straight and how much elected for Cleveland because the Cleveland front office. Is atrocious usually they just don't do these kinds of things. To help out LeBron James which is why I've always been completely cool with wife laughed and I'd be completely cool with him even again because of they're not gonna help you out what's the point. How does this trade you know go through. On such a contingency. Without us even talking about it all week. G I have no idea I'm just hoping and praying that history actually happened and they don't rescinded based upon positive hip injury. But if it does this mean view and everyone else would come and sit through today with the cavs clearly got the bill yet industry puzzle. Do get a point guard who averages more points per game and then carrier. To meet you get a better floor general. Curry is more over me Garrett Isiah Thomas has always been about a team going back to his days were washed it. I'm Nate Robertson loath to give and talk to run out they held a child I wish it was still in purple and black did you in Sacramento. But it's the other got a national open government there aren't out yet but I'll let that they pick him up. More importantly via Crowder I know Josh was killing crowd and I don't have an important. Crowd is one of the best wing defenders in the NBA while this make this trade important is. A broad and was the best defender on it change you. Now you can bring in a crowd are shooting guard other office of probably shouldn't let abroad worlds which is what he does bash. And maybe could put him on the bench for a few minutes to catch has been around actually maybe even did get a little breather and doesn't have to play the entire game ever playoff and that helps you get it back up sooner woods was much needed they did not have won last year they would bring in. Channing Frye and not rush hour sterile too. And and he turned to know Orlando Channing Frye and the playoffs their Jesse did he couldn't hit anything but truly the most important thing in that trade was the draft pick up. You can either use that to get an upstart. To accommodate a broad and maybe entice him to stay. Are there LaBroque leaves which probably he's out team. Now you are the first round lottery pick it you can use a rebuild you team exactly. And and then if you pay IT and you pay these guys to stay. You have a nucleus to start building and they don't have to go back to being. What to caps for the last time LeBron left out and what Mo blows my mind is look I love Carrie I think he's is an incredible talent he so much fun to watch. What I still have from the beginning kind of felt he's been over hyped as far as what he's done in the league. I don't like a point guard that leads lay ups on the rim a lot he's got what was like a 150 fourths. Frank it's like finishing percentage. Inside two feet like he's so bad lay ups and it frustrates me to war costs. You know. A lot of people there actually is being always talk about how are great over treasury is blows my mind now Mike I've watched this to leave the ball on the side of the rim. Every single night and blow up like I cannot watch a point our iced up to watch that Sacramento. I love Jay will he was filthy and you so much fun to watch but the dude like sometimes you just get to show bode. And leave balls on the ring emerges mess and be so blatantly bad on it is frustrating to watch a guy like that and you don't see that with Isiah Thomas. Like an offer to guy gets it done and when has LeBron ever had a point guard including Tyree. That's like Isiah Thomas. Isiah Thomas finished fifth in the MVP vote I don't they. Curry is ever sniffed that now maybe he will dish in ball and if to trade happened. But I wanna say that especially just just to go back to do. The draft pick and pick and RT yes. If LeBron leaves I do think Cleveland will let RT walk as well. It frees up all kind of cap world has a lot of money and if you gotta rebuild this which won't draft picks capital so that they shut out right and that's why I think that there one jury. As we always would say in Orlando our favorite players to trade for was cloud cap flexibility that was. This long as you trade for cap flexibility we might have a chance going forward it never happened now and again kind of brewing and all but 200 actionable and luxury tax. So this is gonna be a very interesting to see how this goes because now we have this hit. That we knew was a problem we knew it was happening the surgery offseason surgery and everything else but is he going to be capable. Of playing and will it you know hinder this trade. What do we see if this doesn't go that where. Latest Cleveland have to still pushing trade down to they have to still turnaround say wall now we can't let this title back. Feeling hey you know we wanted to get ready but it's cool go out and play with this guy who you guys have been trash talking each other all summer long. How do you go past this trade are we gonna now see probably. Almost a bigger trade where both Boston and Cleveland have to get rid of the players that they did wrong. I tell you it clearly is not gonna ever gonna trade him that video Boston you know. He's I think probably a I will only argue that may be. Orlando in Sacramento would be willing to just ruined their teams for another decade old cliche they seem they seem did you get a lot with the peace and development write his show track record wise I'm worried that the kings look good and now just trade everybody for carrier ring and I'd be. Middle road forever. Well it it doesn't it NBA knows that curry is on the trade market yeah that Cleveland was not bluff lead so maybe more teams will come into the fray and try to make offered it to trade has declined. But man I feel Schultz our files in Thomas having to go read the Boston garnished jerseys I genuinely that organization has no faith in a. How your comeback today. Yet eight and that you got to come back to to a coach that was cool with sand by. To a fan base that act like they love UN and like you said they burned. I have burning jerseys regardless it's a burned LeBron Jersey when he left Cleveland. Whatever I guess you guys are saying the hometown team get more mad at your front office and your owner for being morons. And burning the Jersey of LeBron leaving Miami after the guy one YouTube times as many championships as you have before he showed up. Is asinine. But at least those were instances in which still do it left on his own accord there. He traded him Mike shouldn't you be burning pictures of day any change or like your old Danny how dare you trade ideas. Like how was I teed up that guy. I'm on the phone to make a jury in a couple sit up change probably to pull in somewhere revenues you're. And found out he got traded to Cleveland. I was like oh my gosh I'm upset easily in Boston but I get a political Brian James this is that's what I would be. You're below the team that knocks me out the playoffs that be fun I'd be OK with us that it's just asinine and now published. I love all the tweets last night like when I saw this pop up. In all the response to although you know like I quick somebody tell me how to put together back the other burn Jersey star flight data like LeBron tried to tell you all places there's just so good. There's such a good reaction to it and I honestly like I know we wanna see this go through based on what we. Mean you Tyler Korea on as far as. What to castle won in NASA how we you know we kind of just wanna make sure we are right now could see it happened is probably what it is in the end. But I ovals what does he does not go through. Tennessee is a solid case can agree hey it's it's still strengthens I agree even more especially if it's because this hit. That history doesn't go through it makes me think even more that they're gonna get swept up the classic secret David make it goes without Isaiah. They're not going to be as good as they were. The debt on top of that you have to get that team to play together after it was. Just ripped apart. Aden and trying to get disaster and then asking to see if we have to watch Tyree and LeBron in our introductions. All season long and got in Cleveland. It's kind of going to be epic in bring almost more. Attention to the NBA and it's almost a good thing for the lead if this thing just falls apart. I can even maybe the Yankees when they have a ride in Jeter. Will be if they had but I can't think of our team ahead to a real star players from this much beef. Wolf I can deal with the aero situation almost brings us because of the Red Sox A-Rod situation with the Red Sox trying to trade Nomar and Manny Dell's gonna get a ride. And and the players union X is it because he had to take less money that it like that. Standard being set there are a start taking less money is Iran's contracts what led to everybody making twenty plus million dollars a year that's all. So that players like now we're not gonna tell you you could pay us less now. So it gets vetoed now Manny and Nomar have to show back to stay away puck or simply for the Red Sox I guess is just a Boston Daimler John Kerry are legends that our guys we love and then they end up back in our faces or should be it's unbelievable sometimes that's why I'm kind of glad I'm not a Celtics as bad as it is being a Sacramento Kings fan it's not fun time. In the longer mean a few good years. I'm gonna let analogy as Celtics and it's like I can only take so much of this Boston pain that they put you through at times with your favorite players getting kicked to the curb common back. You know it's it's pretty funny that it happened again. In Boston but at least we didn't burn might as us media Red Sox fan outlet burning Nomar Garciaparra jerseys. If you could be traded an act I was excited first second. But then also really happy it didn't happen this thick as it still was OK try this I feel like it's such a different situation because. It's almost not okay now like it's not you can't go back to normal they're still strife. I think with Nomar in that locker remaining never was a guy gave a damn how they came to the Red Sox Jesus is that whenever I'm playing baseball. But with this this is such a more personal group it's a smaller team we have such a tiny your roster everybody's together so much. In nine of the walked back into that locker room with just a few dudes that we're happy to be without you. I say arm from a normal perspective. Those who have a job today hey maybe like get a call senator. Imagine getting your dream job yet he went to an interview process to say hey your high here. The I'm sorry to position has been field they got to go back to you crappy job well Soledad if we had somebody else that does not carry is Phillips today. So I was really got a feel worse I feel worse for IT. I didn't because it's Tyree I mean Carrie he's upset he's Mattie stone guy he wanted out but. You go back to the team that as wine you know the last 3 Sri Eastern Conference championships and with the best player on the planet. So you're gone back says that whereas I T is gone back to a town that doesn't want on the town that are in his Jersey now a team that didn't want him and he doesn't have LeBron James. He is LeBron James on that roster again and he's hurt so it's like yeah. It's just tenfold worse for poor Isiah Thomas right now is just like the easier for mallet digits combing through. And saw a guy can understand that right now so you gotta feel bad for him in just this whole thing is is. Great cedar. For the NBA offseason that was already probably the coolest offseason I've ever experienced since Taurus. In now you add this wrinkles right at the end like right coming down the stretch into the fall when bass balls bounced our comeback. And this all falls apart on this is going to be fun. I tell you that I'm I'm excited for the fact that I can continue to be Austria scourge yet because there's more MBA topics you know idea should just give me all the drama play Libby gets more air time. I'll tell you what I'm I'm a person who for years I was. Never not a basketball fan but the reason I'm not a Celtics fan I was because I'd never really watched it I was as Red Sox and patriots to get back to the Red Sox are really just all about baseball for me so I was never Celtics fans that's why that'll happen for me so when I get pulled back into basketball it takes something you know and I I struggled to stay. Very interest in all the time in bass on the NBA over the past 1012 years the way the style was for awhile and really up until LeBron era now. I just lost so much interest in and I really could only watch LeBron and a lot because just watching that guys just insane and there are certain other players I would tune in. To OKC games Jesse Durant and Westbrook when they're still together and see. You know different people play a lot to wait even before but LeBron went down there watching him in Miami. There's a few guys you know that I'm watching and I never wanted to watch. This offseason. Has brought at all back to the forefront like this off season has been so insane that I'm talking NBA throughout the summer of baseball guy. A soccer guy I have two of my favorite teams that I cheer for playing today. And I'm talking NBA yeah Scott like it's insane. What they've been able to do this is probably the best thing for this league this offseason in the past few years. In as much as everybody I think hates LeBron James and that they hit to hate. Kind of mentality these days he hey LeBron James and people who. Look if you're not a Cleveland Vander Miami fan you really don't have much reason to hate him he's never left your team. It's tough we'll pick a candidate confuses me but. No matter how much you hate him you've got to know. That this league has been better since he started doing what he's been doing not just on the court. But the leaving for Miami the leader back for Cleveland the attention to the NBA. Has just grown and grown and grown since 2010. The decision. Because of all of this drama and now you've seen it outside of LeBron with. Terrain it goes to Golden State people are jumping and jumping and jumping chastened brings now which to me into a huge brother that you and LeBron started that to me. I'll see exact over guys chasing money. All day every day Chrysler brawn James wants to play for thirty teams to win a championship because the championship means more than the salary. I am 100% okay with my Digisette Carmela the eighties. Perfect example yet. The best opportunity to leave New York a few years ago and join the Chicago Bulls win they were they picked upbeat group rolls and Joakim Noah. In the jetted out for higher salary with the New York Knicks and yet the rest is history. Yet and that team would have been insane I'll market I've never I have always looked at him is that way as I think that. Gil Scott lucky for the situation for college because of how behind him. Kind of let them be loose and let them be themselves that worked out for Syracuse that year but since Stan. You're in the NBA now I this is its professional still it is sports we are we are watching them play game see other playing children's games. For millions of dollars a more obsessive over at. Constantly but. It's still processional now and in a professional setting to me it seem like. Carmelo is not the kind of guy that wants to be a professional. You know he doesn't wanna be buttoned up and you wanted to buttoned up and not have its slide it's not like that hole. You know I'll Wear a tie in and shave your facial hair like the Yankees you know like it's. She doesn't want to be. Role as far as to listen to your coach do your job play with your team he wants to be mr. New York. Make my money team LO team mellow yet so it's never been about the knicks and nuggets. It's been about Mel because Alter what NN health team in Denver for awhile there yeah. They have plenty Robertson disability. Went to the Western Conference finals. And in no way you how much can I still maintain he fouled Hinrich at the last second of that national championship game he pushed him into the first row. Hinrich does a missed a shot from the corner. The Kansas should put stepped into overtime but it. I'm sure. A couple of my favorite holiday Jack you guys can shoot it that this corner like Els like really he missed it that day he got shoved into the server oh and there's always look at the look I. Complainant felt all went in my school to bricks they're accused brightness. So when you win it's that's traditional in Charlotte Carmelo appreciate that he's. Absolutely well I think we've done enough NBA talk will rule transition real quick before we wrap this thing up because there's a fight tonight. Hi we haven't done much talking about this the times that we go on the shows we go on the kind of specialized. Now for what we do you know Greg asks me about baseball and Carolina and then you get the NBA and other stuff so. Obviously first off in the fight world there is the John Jones news. Going into this MMA vs boxing fight with McGregor Mayweather tonight that news to me is just. One of the worst things I could have happened having John Jones come back Dominic from here I can never Citic has never had 68 and then boom he test positive for steroids. And again. It's just it's such a black mark on the sport and now you come into today and we're looking at this fight in which. Technically the king of MMA right now. Is Connor McGregor the guy dominates when he fights he he had the one lost some of bad Diaz that was you know that did Brandon change of opponent all this other stuff they came back it won't disaster takes time. You know so you go for within the guys on top of the world of MMA. And he's fighting the guy who's the best boxer arguably. Of definitely this generation may be one of all time by depending on how you look at boxing but because 49 and no record. He's up there does not only one other person's done that so you have to give him that credit regardless of how you feel about what he's done in his personal life. Which I'm not a fan of such a cult you got that hole coming in but you get John Jones test positive for steroids after winning the belt back. And then you come into today and I still feel that that McGregor is not gonna have a chance in this fight. How bad do you think this could be for USC for Dana White and for MMA if this is like a two round knockout of Connor McGregor. On top of the week's news of John Jones. Well as far as the jazz don't move that's absolutely a black our arms you comeback to win the championship it could have been much. It's one of I guess the best turn around stories because you're coming off another drug resistant. Didn't clean it's a good idea life back together I mean you go. And become a champion man and what they've made movies out and then immediately after you fell another drug cherish. How unreal that is beyond this border India and as far as for Gregor idol fame even if he gets knocked out first rap album. It's gonna hurt. Enemy only because of the publicity yet and look what he's able to do is almost like when the rot left wrestling has yet to go do movies. He's open it up other venues maybe now of MMA fighters might try I don't boxer boxer. And they've given them you know they might get my opportunity. I don't know who who else is big enough into the sport to maybe make that change yet but. Even if it loses it he's got a boxer. So there's not a blemish on his record is gonna get a tour. And thirty mil guaranteed just like you know just felt like our ups and you know what my favorite quote challenger Jose is. Any publicity is good publicity yet. There's no such thing as bad precedent says there's definitely a thing and yeah I just my my worry is how much. Dana White put into it and put their brand on it. This seems too much and then and then what they've turned to meet what they've turned USC into it as this. WW year extension almost that gather really fighting when they get the ring that's a real fight going on there actually punching each other and it's not you know predestined. But. This hype and buildup in this tore in this selling out Arenas just seduced him cuss at each other in front of 30000 people in this sort of this professional wrestling angle that they've put on it I think already kind of trivializes. What the sport why is it what made it fun for me when I was really into MMA. For a little while and now you bring it to a boxing world that's. Become you know kind of trivialized by that guy he's fighting in and how Floyd Mayweather has. You know for Nagle the way through and you can believe what you want about how he fights he fights Smart because that's what you're supposed to do three weeks you're supposed to get points and win fights that's your job so I don't hate him for that as much as it bores me to death. Could still watch it but. He does get to hand pick his opponents and has for years and he. Decides when he wants to fight people and he decided he wanted to fight Pacquiao after he was old and washed up to get knocked out my Marquez with a Smart and he wanted to fight de La Hoya when he was older washed up to pay you know the Smart and I still think you lost that fight but I. That's I think de La Hoya won that fight the first one I've that was my birthday one year like ten years ago but anyway it is just. That's what's sure realized boxing and why would you want to bring an enemy was always that. Better than boxing because we're not gonna give into that nonsense. We're not gonna let dudes cherry pick their opponents were not gonna be this fake hype train to a garbage site. But NB a part of it grows and I feel like that's what's almost. Dropping down the. Or some sesame. Is that you you've you've really taking two different things that could be good on their own in their own ways and made them both kind of a joke of each other. With this whole spectacle and then you know coming into yesterday and we get you know Conner obviously never shuts up so he doesn't shut up yesterday at the way and and for ten minutes. Floyd Mayweather quiet for the first ten minutes in the past six months Floyd Mayweather mouth shut and all of a sudden he's this philosophical stoic. You know you can't win fights with talk. Now I'm better than this yeah he had not stopped like I I cannot stand when this guy pulls this kind of stuff and as while I am super. Hard cheering for him to get knocked out because of what he's done that what he went to jail for. And just a fact he just has annoyed me as a fighter it's boring coliseum have to throw punches and see what happens to him if he does. Eight by you know it is what it is. I just wanna see him go down because it would be nice to see him get his comeuppance. I can't see it being possible and I think a quick. Eating of Connor McGregor is the absolute death nail. Four MMA as far as trying to get beyond their niche. Readers this is another grasping get beyond the niche they tried to get be on the niche by bringing in guys like Blake CM balkanized and more doubt girls are grinning guys like Brock Lesnar which didn't work out pretty well and he's gonna come back again why does not because. Both of them are on steroids made you can't fight it's the steroid fight John Jones vs Brock Lesnar. I just get Lamar get juiced up soon habits haven't had to shake it gets it yet he's got to get on life support right afterwards. But it you're you're taking this in just making it such a you make of itself and MA was reaching out to people like me today outside the niche fan base. When you just had your people. Your offense I didn't see much build up the press conferences work tame they yelled at each other Nate you know got into it but it was like. In entertaining way are not a a showman not a AW WE way. And the fights were always yet disguised better but you don't know. Is MMA you know now you catch a guy clean it's over there and of the worst fighter wins. That was the poll. And they've gone away with that from that and because of this match I feel like they've almost erased that. It Dana White is Tron choose. I think he would Myers Rick from an analog and he lost to take MMA. To that level yet that's why you're seeing bill CM pocket in brought Kalashnikov over. The signing of Campbell's life to me that was. Public region. Run around to get there yet would. I don't know she's gonna star wrestling now I'm not but yes you know the fall she could just yet if she does not need to get a shower. But hey I try to push hurry and get in a movie fear but it I think now you know to Dave's. Ken Shamrock. There's over. Wholesale stay as aggressive especially to break angles so well what's. Snapped it's like saucer is the grosses stay in errors and in those days are over Abreu yeah Dana right well Knowles everything is about brandy you know. And with this kind of McGregor Friday in all the movies they have made people start to get into. And it's now to take it to another level which is the entertainment time. You bring up Kimbo Slice and I think that what they did with him with the way they should have kept doing it and they do obviously with Brock it was a different case because proper maniac in years and championship wrestler and you knew that I was going to be able to get the job done if not win at least make a good fight. When he got into the octagon but dice seemed clock c'mon he's got thrown in there and see if he can do it I like what they did with its with kimbo because he was in. Huge it's just a giant Internet sensation is more and he's everywhere were all watching these YouTube videos like somebody's gotta give a contract get him in the octagon was due this. They said now we want to make sure this guy can fight it made him go do the other lowly Susan strikes forced it on showtime and may have showed he can fight he'd be a couple dudes up nine. Okay now bring an end and he gets he got pumped out by a debt to sell it but then that's what happens and if it weren't paying gloves and pink shorts and a last second thing just goes Ken Shamrock cut as I opened. In training so we're as the weirdest thing I've heard I've never had that cabinet did some radio with them down to Orlando one of the weirdest people in her memo life. Sarah set at two Zelikow. And I'll never forget him come and run and downed the pink gloves and pink shorts are like who's this guy. That's a not so not no I go I got this crazy but that I just feel like if they kept doing it that way. It would be more genuine you know like right now I feel like it's not as genuine as it once why is it's very don't read every year has ended genuine this was there when I flash and it was after the shamrock days in the early days of the tournaments wing and nose were not slogan and fight three times a night as walking out they're all bloody and different fight the championship fight nearly good god by now you're you're you guys do to have fun. I don't want part of this but how has that they had flash with you know we're we're with the ice man with a chuckle dealt with which Rampage Jackson's house Trent dangers of may and that flight was that's the fight that made me I also like holy crap is also mr. Rampage Delphi Rampage knocked a mouse like. She him. Hit it pulled me and they have flared they had style they had you know they got to talk after the match and talk trash to each other but what what I loved about the MMA world was that. When they thought it was over. Dick talked trash date date date yelled at each other and then they thought he can lower hugged each other there rose the other guy's hand walked home. That was appealing. They've lost that to me and that's what my problem is with disk has this. Has just literally become the movie the great white hype in real life. Why now all of the stars of the enemy he seem like they're just going elsewhere or if you lose a match like around arousal there. Star flamed out yet comes to meet her career is over a I don't know if you still. Mentally prepared to fight and I mean every animation distraught over there is a dud and. As what weapons we've seen with the advancement of from our knowledge of any injuries. The way she reacted to that knock out I don't think she needs to get hit man had ever again. That's probably not healthy we don't want people to be you know decrepit and their old age because they're physical makeup is bad because again hidden and we want people to be healthy and you know you like or hate her as a fighter she's a human being you know Florida have some lingering effect I'd hope that she doesn't go back in the ring if for head's not. Are there yet now she's done with. Dealt with depression but yeah as well and then that yeah there and someone who built that personally artsy takes some time exaggerated. Exactly and I am right there with your mental illness not a joke no less so she's so hopefully. Getting get together and we wanna see you know anybody get hurt so you know I I I kind of hope we don't see your site again just because of that guy especially if that's. That division's getting better and better and if she is a fight someone like cyborg out of that's not going to be good you're gonna get hit she could win who knows if she gets back to the shape she was and her best. And she did land some shots and get her out the ground maybe she could get a chance but she's gonna take hits. And we had neck and head trauma that's not good so I don't want a true American and I don't like to healthy yet do movies yet dude every theory. I think she'd be awesome for dumping heavy stuff to be careful with the head injuries no chairs. That's donors that we don't wanna we don't want her murder. Our before we wrap this up one last topic football is here technically even know I keep reminding people it's practiced still. Back as baseball seasons in real season but football is here it's college kicks off Thursday night. I next weekend to get the Carolina against cons against consummate noon on 93 threes planet. Coverage with Greg McKinney starts at 7 AM to an end to that kind then you'll get the F Florida Michigan game. At 3 o'clock AM EST in upstate and DF SU Alabama game. At 730 on ESPN upstate and obviously South Carolina placed at 3 o'clock as well how do watching that one. Hoping that they don't list. NC state and it's not going to be easy one for an honorary football team but the NFL kicks off right after that next Thursday the week after trial you know we'll have patriots. And chiefs here audience in upstate as well on Thursday night I was a September 7. That game will be on ESP enough Stacy can hear it here but you're not gonna see a certain guy. Because pre season football once again claims another neat takes another superstar off the field for a season for practice football games for. A third stringer China make a name for themselves maybe I didn't see him get hit obviously it was a it was a did you look dead that probably blew out his ACL last night up to Detroit pretty you just have these games that scene is just too much. Now you're to be you know we have been playing 21 games. Plus playoffs. We're all this contact with guys getting bigger faster stronger. And then you. Keep adding these field turf fields which if you look the number of knee injuries has rose ever since they started adding more and more field turf fields. We saw Wes Welker and ego. In Houston on field turf he knows hit him is that it was a low that hit by Pollard who was that a notorious for taking out patriots needs. Anyway the staff and then you know in this last night with cattlemen up in Detroit taken that you know little juke inside trying to cut inside the defender and obviously is the way they need that. It doesn't look good night and he was on crutches leaving the stadium last night they're thinking it's an ACL tire down for the season obviously. You probably understand this I notice as a fan and then most football minds know this this probably will not change anything. As far as the patriots are concerned a neutral had a men went from being the number one to the number two this year because of Brandon cuts. Last year the pages on the Super Bowl without gronkowski and with. Hogan Chris Hogan as their number two receiver Chris Hogan the number two receiver and they have a healthy gronkowski plus Brennan critics so it's probably not gonna change much. Especially as far as dad teens concern in that division which is still just horrible beyond the patriots but. How big given a sex does this have obviously fantasy football it's paid for anybody who has Julie now men as they're keeper one of their keepers. But the effect of thinking forward of of you know. What is pre season really for and how many these coaches are ever gonna put these guys out there anymore. Oh they're gonna continue to do all the because it stay NFL unless someone grammar. Two I don't think NFL should have no more than two preachers and its. Play one footed guys who do trying to figure out what you gonna do let terrorists plate you know storms are gonna do they don't need to a pre game to get rating. That's for practices for their personal training campus for. And their playing full contact scrimmage as with the other teams every so like why do you need a full on games to sell tickets it's just a money is the money grab a 600 tickets. That's all it is but I think that. More teams are gonna start resting starters throughout appreciate it. Asia and Peterson kind of trip the president on day he never plays in the pre season he's been doing it for years. But I think teams are it was more of these injuries like old it bode beat. Oh I almost felt he had almost Dyer jail almost could have been taken out there would have been brutal for the giants. But think you gonna show you some of these coaches sit a lot of national players don't bridges. It would be funny to CO DB play for the giants if he were alive I mean that's what his collection and there there there's just perfect entre America. Yea is that deadline cash grab selling the tickets getting airtime getting the advertising money and it just doesn't seem worth. And taking the chance on hurting the product going forward I mean we've seen throughout the past let me hasn't changed obviously a long time and we saw Mike Vick go out with a broken leg in prisons in years ago. We've seen gas go down left and right pre season games and you know it just it just mind boggles me that the league continues to tell us this lives that they care about player safety. While denying the concussion issues a be increasing the amount of fields with field turf which is increase the amount a knee injuries in and not just listening or caring. When they say hey maybe this is too much pre season. There's like you said two games. Is probably planning and you have all discriminate as do the same pre season schedule half the teams fly in a practice together for a week even if they're not gonna play a game game but they place scrimmage is all week long the starters get to play against the starters on that kind of stuff. And then you know you have your two games one game may be your first one is no starters. All your do you guys trying to get out their prove themselves short they can do in your second game is a dress rehearsal. With some of your starters playing and some of those new guys in positions they've never done playing first team maybe to see what they can do in that situation and then you make your roster go into the season. College football doesn't have a pre season. Exactly they train they train you train the scrimmage against themselves. Obviously you have a far bigger roster so you can do that with your beat teams kind of deal like yeah I was a hundred and some people. I'm on college football roster not 52 so it's a little bit easier to do that but. You just you know if you don't wanna have a C a struggle of the first week you have that option of of you know Clemson. Scheduling a tense state. To start the season off and that's your pre season game. I think the solution NFL lead come out where they need to develop a deeply I came today. I bet will eliminate pre season games and the guys that wanna see growth has put him in the dearly want to grow from there. And I think that that cuts out the other issue of football as far as deep pay to play issue as college. Going straight from high school that tells not possible woman you don't have to I've always thought debt to if you had a minor league system set up. For the NFL that was just kind of you know parallel to college football so you can decide hey I have a full ride to go play football at Clemson or Carolina. Do I wanna do that or do I think I'm good enough to not have to do that can go through school and all this other stuff I don't want to. I take my chance on the dealing it's not going to be easy to probably get out of that minor league in an NFL setting because these cats coming out of college are gonna have so much experience. But it gives that chance does a guy you named agent Peterson a second ago you can go back further I would say a Marie score at I would say you know I'd educating clown he. Guys like debt coming out of high school were physically big enough. To start learning how to play NFL football they didn't necessarily have to play college for the most part an eighteen year old doesn't have the physical makeup. To go out on a football field with an NFL player they'll get murdered. But you have your rare guys when you have those guys there should be an option instead of lying to ourselves that college is still this. Free ride and it's nothing they're getting things like there's no absolute beast fans that shared stories about style seating my god gap. I have my own knowledge about demons once in a Florida State. With the crab legs I have a lot of things I know to add it to stop pretending that you or schools above it. Because none of them are. And if your school is gone from not successful to successful quickly. Like mine did for a few years. You know things probably happened and should appreciate it as a new was really that's but they'll do it oh SEC Pei yeah well come on that issue has their history and other ACC you know Miami's got their history Shapiro on the field you know we all this so don't act like he's just one conference or just one team is not just your rival who's giving benefits. They're not the only one that. That has millionaire boosters who is who giving thousand dollar handshakes your school does it to and stop assists for so if we had this minor league we could at least stop lying to ourselves. That this really is about the education because it's not. It is an opportunity for a lot of the kids on the football team because they're not NFL players. But when you have a Jamison Winston and Johnny men's cell Tim Tebow you know your superstar. Who we're going to see that guy. We're going and buying tickets and buying jerseys for fat person. Stop pretending that that person's not money. You know and I think the they're trying to get it now where you know at a veterans there cannot have free agency period for veterans as well. Yeah we'll have restarted the lead to open up opportunities for fiscal summit Rickie they may not be ready but do you have to have them on a team we can do after the and that dollar right now. Just pulling the daily let them develop they give veterans more opportunities to stay in the NFL. At to me it's a way way. Then open the draft back up to what would it would it used to be like 1214. Rounds. But don't wanna double to fourteen to fourteen rounds so that your second seven rounds you're you're you're building your minor league system as that you know and we you take your studs that she wants for the NFL in your first 765. You know and then you start looking at OK what can we built. What guys twilight give good the patriots might have taken now like I think it may indicate that reference the scored a touchdown for constant. Attack in the minor league he's probably not ready for NFL maybe condone them off to be the next gentleman you know they keep find any guy who's that next be you know prototype he kind of has that style. So he's not you know and it's already it will be thrown in that group. Dili to a minor league get them developed get a bigger get him stronger getting ready. Speed Marcy we can do in central Messi what happened so it's just. It will give more people a chance IAA and and I think you're right it just it changes the game as far as how we can. Developed people into the NFL and it would be so much better and I think it would end up being safer. Because. I almost feel like it becomes more of because it's too competitive in college because college football is the minor leagues. It become this. Almost overbearing as some of these guys almost might not be able to handle that kind of added pressure of the school. And it that it ruins your career. You know I've struggled through college I didn't play sports bets so struggled to forever. To graduate college first ever and I didn't have to go play football every day and practice twice today and go to games on Saturday fly out on Thursday and you know I didn't have to do that in and worry about my time I just decided to go to bars all the time. I said that was my sports who was drinking so it deal it's tough and it's tough on these kids. When you know the end result is not a degree in the long run I mean yeah it's great that these kids get an opportunity that they probably would've had. A lot of them and have a chance to have a higher education that they couldn't have afforded on their own. What if that's not their goal why force them. You know we're we're supposed to have this option. Making our own choices and deciding I wanna do this or I wonder there's so given the choice gives them the choice. We let them choose their college we let them choose they're you know all their stuff their endorsements when they get out of college so let them choose if they want to go to college. But the Jews because baseball does it basketball should go back to it. They gave me they need do and and on top of it here's another wrinkle that you might like. I think the NBA should adopt necessary on three as they're champions league. Panel I keep PGA as the champion store for all the old as akin to be any more on the NFL needs to make a seven on seven. Champions league how watcher for the guys who get cut and don't make it for the younger guys who couldn't get on the teams have for the older guys are still got a little bit left in the tank. Michael Vick start a flag football league stack to be fund outside TO and though Chelsea goes on the team all males also. Dad beat up. There's not a real pretty fortunate should leave for the NBA after managing I think debts they should take. Tar heel fans. I was really hoping that can't see you never allowed in chapel he ever get cancer. I never thought that's gonna do it for our first co op. Addition inside the mind of ditty enough with a BS podcasts to jump off blog Tyler Voller joining me today on ESP enough states digital network is gonna state dot com. Again make sure to tune into all the football games every Friday night we have the burns football game on ESP in upstate Greg McKinney on the call with Randy cable. Not Saturdays were gonna have a couple college games he's a day Sundays we're gonna have a couple and NFL games all three actually time slot sort of 1 o'clock game for thirty game and the 8 o'clock game. Every Monday Night Football game every Thursday night football game on ESPN upstate and obviously Panthers every Sunday or Monday or Thursday when they play. On the classic rock won a one point one and your Clemson Tigers. Your national champions defending their tried their crown this year starts with Kent State Saturday noon on 93 point three to planet pregame with Greg McKinney in the gang. At 7 AM Tyler thank you. For spending your Saturday morning with me it is tough absolutely and thank you guys soliciting more stuff will be coming Ambac can slide back in the seat back in the saddle whenever the word of supposed to use there I'm I'm I'm running out of words assay have been talking for awhile this morning. But Burton we're gonna get more stuff to you guys means how little colossus stuff I wanna get more people involved. Here around ESPN upstate. Given other you know wrinkle. It's everything going on here with what we have for you guys in the upstate South Carolina all yell sports fans avid great knowledgeable sports fans here in the upstate and I say that about both schools and basis so I don't I don't single me out here. But take off a listening as I do with everything I do I leave you with the immortal words of bill and Ted. Beat excellent job. We'll see you next.