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I final hour of the huddle here Friday afternoon ESP in upstate was Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonzo you get in an 8444773776. Text line driven by Carolina coaches RV superstore 71307. Use the keyword ESP yen. At the beginning of your text message and we are on Twitter. And ESPN. Upstate. Mostly off the text line. Texture says. Buffalo scores too defensive touchdowns and shocks Denver. That's from just a buffalo beat Denver. And a stop craziest thing author of Sammy Watkins at a midnight last an audience at two touchdowns. Yeah I agree Greg and I don't want more he looked at all the way and look him all the way back those are some you know forget it how buffalo fans feel. Watching all their better players go elsewhere and perform better depth at those other spots and they did for the bills right. Yeah my golf. He stills books he was good yeah you look good last night or so is Orioles. Know Hillary was okay. Golf was good he was. Jury's still with me you know why you know me too because one game but what we got have to do convince you. Short of winning the Super Bowl or what they gave what for and he has to win a Super Bowl. I mean think about now look had he gone in the bottom of the first round. An eagle at the top of the second in there somewhere in there I wouldn't have a problem and how soon does he have to win the Super Bowl quick. Relic within the next two years and look at that they're starting to assemble a pretty good team around them now that I agree wit. That and I have to admit I mean you got girly guides and Sammy looks like Sammy. Yes he does well here's the other thing that I am impressed with the issue on McVeigh is doing a phenomenal job. With that offense it's creative. I mean they were in a jet sweep down on the goal line to where it was in mid line blocked play. Where they overloaded the formation and pulled the tackle in the tied in and let the defense have been free. And basically says our jets sweepers go now run the defensive in any walk and in the end zone. You know I gotta say finally. He described play and I understood every single thing he does says. I don't know what on start to get those code to speak when you go into this and they need all these formations and everything and it's. It's amazing and it's like being in class and I and I got at all. Gotcha. I gotcha yeah I was very impressed with. I think I will admit this about golf. I believe that day is a right system for him. And that's OK. So I think McVeigh is the right coach to coach him. See on the the post game they were talking literally about that and ask him is is really a matter of it. The right system for the players that you have and use Peña I Ozzie because they had basically on the same players in the united Sammy and some other guys. The same players and meet you look at how well girly rant last year. I mean this a last night and how well he's running this year. Oh yeah and two weeks she's got six touchdowns. Ed to last 9 PM ram fronted thirteen yards but goth. Was 2228292. Yards three touchdowns and politics that's not bad. Josh I tell you I'm really does play a Simpson's gone again it Roscoe right. I hear that senator Cisco is well the whole global as everyone thinks they they are I think they're headed in the right direction it will take why they've got to fix that Q&A that they're secondaries just. Atrocious. But I will say this. Probably the biggest get them in the offseason. Was whitworth at left tackle and I mean. He just don't Barton. To develop any pressure how stupid was Cincinnati apparently I don't know if there's any truth to this or not. But apparently Marvin Lewis put on the table and yelled and screamed. At the Cincinnati administration. To get him re signed and they refused to do. I don't know if there's any truth to that but saying what Cincinnati's offensive line is and then watching the development. Of the rams I tell you what that they've got they're giving pieces in place. And I'm very impressed with the McVeigh there to be 32 years old. But I know this is granddad. Was a general manager of the 49ers. During their heyday with Bill Walsh I'm thinking our way and how did this guy get to that position. So fast. Because you have to. That just doesn't happen. And right off the bat right off the bat his granddad. Was the architect of those eighties 49ers team. All of that dominated football. With Montana and Lott's all of those Roger Craig writes. And all of those guys he started his coaching career coaching effort. Jon Gruden. As a quality control guy in the 2008 Tampa Bay Buccaneers so right away he was an NFL guy. And you know what he's done a great job. That offense was imaginative. They're blocking scheme was also. I was very impressed with them offensively. Good game last night yeah good Thursday night game. Think rams win that division or kill one we are you who are your go with Seattle. They can you don't look they can do it and I think they can tell a kid in the I. I don't want to admit it. Because I just how do you go against Russell Wilson and Sherman and it you know all of those guys. But. If there's a team that has the office to go in the Seattle. And do it it's the rams. I mean you got to give him credit. Now they still got to go do it and they got to survive the environment. Against that front against that defense but. You know. Seattle offensively is certainly were a little far for sure questioned how the heck of the what are you going to do that confidence of everybody. And rightfully so everybody's on the giants because that's what we just all. But how in the world of Seattle's offensive line it you know bit if the giants are the worst offensive line in football. Seattle's is right there will. Yep they're up there Bob patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski supposed to play against the Texans. On Sunday says his groin injury is nothing serious. Yeah I'm good to go he said Britain today after practice and Danny Amendola says he's good to go wide receiver. Grunt makes me nervous. Because. I'm not sure sure. He could pass a drug test. For PD's. And the reason I say that is. He's such a physical specimen and he's always getting hurt. And that usually the first sign. That a guy is putting too much on his body. That is body just naturally cannot hold. That's what happened at tiger. With his back and when his knees and he develops so big debt so big muscular fast. In the end gras is always hurt. What is this guy actually going through an entire season. Without some type of nagging injury. That's all the time with him and it's not like he plays a position. Like your playing defensive and offensive tackle inside linebacker we are constantly getting banged around. Yeah but he kind of plays that way does he plays dangerous few players I got the biggest guy out there know can hurt me and now he's starting to get hurt. Yeah but it's those nagging things at the things with the is back it's the infection meaning had a an infection in his back. That took two years to deal. So to have been to be as it physically fit as he is. Why does he have been immune deficiencies. That there's just something that's not right with a guy. Because to be is in good shape as he has. He's just hurt all the time and he's got these bloody shoes and it's like one thing after the other and I grew Alonso. You know he's a tough guy he doesn't mind going across the middle taken shots he doesn't mind going to make him tough catches. I'd get all of that. But there's a lot of guys Kelsey. For Kansas City same type of player he doesn't have the nagging injuries. Not yet cal he's pretty young to know he has. But there's just something it's like every week something happens of this guy. Wiley says he'll be back this week so. Clowning in that Texans defense will have to deal with a on non Sunday and I am Dole's back and that's good for. New England because they missed him Amendola had six catches for a hundred yards before he left the opener in the second half. So they get him back out there sees about rampant and dole does this hurt just as much and an employee has to do with the size. Let me play this little guy and let's place this same kind of way right he's a little guy takes a lot of shots and looked at injury that he received was a freak I mean. That there's nothing abnormal about that. And the other thing is. I mean you look around the NFL right now in your starting to see some of these guys. There have been tremendous early come to find out. PD was an issue Brian Cushing. He just got popped for his racquet time and he was a rookie of the year. And that he's out for pinball games. So there's just so that there's something. That there's some small there was some of these guys. And grow up kind of falls in that line I hope I'm wrong. You. Think his. Offseason stuff. Contributes to us to. The fact that you always see amount on the party mood or something like that. That he's coming in not in the best shape but there does not say anything about it. It's possible. It's possible. But it never hurt Broadway Joseph. I mean nobody party like that guy loses. He was. What's the word he was the modern athlete now nobody has risen up his lovable I think Deion was the closest. But. Yeah I mean it's kind of that lifestyle. But yeah just something and there's just something off with a all his injuries. Finally come from moment. He has are constantly. Let's go to the phones bills lying and Ellis talked to him next bill welcome into the huddle you don't. Movement. If there are here and if you did I Europe are are a great spirit that I got a guy. Out there. Gut on that he's got about Iraq. Now I'm not its outlook on you it's not our client eight daylight. Judge what they are more about the law. Number thirty. Coach must answer the ending that. The cup I think that have a place that's in ball soccer. But not in the ball Americans go. Doug at center that your true honest like it out football career list and you're eurodollar. Bridget a real quick. Along those lines and I'd. I guess you don't have to say so we're not I've always wondered this. Coaches teach this. Now are you sure. Yeah sure it wouldn't let me qualify this the coaches though say in a certain situation if we needed time now defensive coaches do. Wouldn't linemen. Meaning an offense gets all role. Especially if they're up tempo. You better believe. There talks. Okay just. Keel over with them. Oh well I don't know of anyone going for that you angle of the timing is going for the penalty was beautiful and Albania and I'll tell you what you gotta give the kid an Academy Award. Because all of us in the stands saw he got yet to. You watch the replay until you watch the replay but you'll have that. Let me just say this I know these guys work with a mover burns this is a Bentley train. She performed an access look at this Israeli trite and I you know I don't love it. But these guys will do what it takes I don't think it's. If they think they get an advantage and that's what must champ says he thinks he get a fifteen yard penalty did it go for absolutely now you know I would rather. My quarterback I'll be doing that I mean personally but that's what he's doing and that's you know that's it that's. It's the competitiveness outlaw fifteen yards I think I can get it right here this guy think I was walking quite close to the exact English on intimidate him. That's popped right pin cushion down but he was walking close to women account and an intimidating right. Exactly so bill answer your question. I don't have a problem. With him doing it. Number one because I agree would G Mac you try to get an advantage in any way you can't and if you're in a spot where. You can take a dive in that situation well. You know do it sports like shows that the movie is this if you get away with that I don't probably their absolutely not he's taken a beating on social media. Right now especially by a certain fan base correct. Absolutely yeah I know that too and it does not muzzle and no one on their team when everything comes on private everything's on. Slow motion replay now and you're gonna get away well it now so I'd you know I'd let the guy at least touch me before if that's. Like all money not and you know what I know he got it from. What no he didn't because it came a day after. But I mean you look what Eli Manning did in the game Monday he took a sack if he didn't even get touch true. I'm just I'm just picturing you teaching them the exact way to flop okay with it doesn't really it's real easy as far as science through it all for defensive linemen it's really easy it you're getting up and running because the office. Don't want hurry up. And as your jargon behind in your starting lineup and you repeat three point stats you just keel over and grab mutiny. And now do you pick a certain guy that you know you can you got an ample replacement to fill and there are a quirky because you don't want to hurt your team and pick the best defensive guy to do that. Right well it's only one play they'll have to sit out one play so it doesn't matter. Not what you don't want to happen is for the sniper hit at all for problem at the same time and you look over there that kind of comes in waves so so there isn't there's there's a designated whopper that's what I wanted to go over it. There's kind of a signal like with me allows solid on the bigger lineman in the store to do that and you know our defensive coordinator would say man Josh their start gases. I would usually yell loud one album and kind of give you. Go to the guns are now I would drop the I would do like this and one of I got it close and I hope that the but it you know. As the only done because they're always looking over it usually within a defensive cope with the right any defense so defensive guys need help from the coast he offensive guys are Smart enough to do an honor around it it depends on the situation broken. It depends. The situation. But I absolutely. It in Allen from offense is starting to get in groove and there are hurry and up in your guys are getting tired you know can they always when people. Seen defense's defense has looked to the sideline for the call him there's recalls that are going alone. The defensive line is getting what their call is from the defensive line coach. Depending on what the coverages. And the linebackers are getting mystery call on where they're gonna make the adjustments. So it's not just one defensive call. Because in certain circumstances. You can have anywhere from goal line stats won't we called seminal. Because Florida State made it popular we usually use those. And third and long it's basically go get quarterback. And roll off the rock. You can't do that type of stance that third one you get blasted because you've got to narrow stance but anyway. But yet there are always look into the sideline to see what the call is going to be an always just kind of gave them you'll pistol. So that our side but that's just Monica or as they would look at me and now he's won them you know and it was usually a defensive tackle. What my defensive tackles usually one that was the biggest I am. As you've always got that guy. You've always within your defensive line usually got the serious guy. That that is gonna drive home and eat you know he's the leader in its go go go go go and then you've got a guy that's the hand shows to the meeting in a while now. See that there's always what I don't understand the line in college and in high school and I know exactly what you have done and I can't take it all the guys yeah I didn't know was that money. On any defensive line group there's always those two guys. And you always use the Hamm with a gun becomes too serious guy can't act enough to do. I gotta get a break 8444773776. Target the a Saban on for your coming up much war. As we roll through our number three in the huddle here for Friday afternoon ESP announced they would be right back. Back and huddle ESPN upstate 8444773776. Text line 71307. Belly up next in the huddle I've Billy. Mary walked home my ego don't. You don't. 200 oil outlooks and continue until earlier talking about Clinton so scary you know I kind of agree with that I'm not or not expand. You know the biggest seed and being successful or not get a young quarterback eventually got orders not answer but I think they're starting to figure some things well and what what lastly with the ailment. I grew just two of our golf club Chrysler ought to go all the way to create and I'll start the season things and makes you wonder well strong about that that happens occasionally. They look good really good. I need. You've been credited our office stepped equipment to get in a position to be successful they know is strains and weaknesses and they they tend to political registering twenty. You know they trot out. Get away from consulate there is a weakness of not one thing that Josh can certainly understand about this especially in the senate bill that at all at all football level. One dozen films and you. Because some corners to imitate things Richard good data voice and you've got to begin with your weaknesses and Woolsey you can you know how he plays and a year from now but right now I mean the thing that it's probably about Gil is. The most public his arm strength and make his normal that's strong but is it bit lots of but didn't credit or. I am bomb grade Josh golf you line announces what I mean his physical attributes or are. I've never questioned Knowles I mean he had a strong arming key ally I just wonder. What's gonna happen when he's not force fed plays anymore and he actually has to run this offense and be a pearl. Look at right now everything is being called through McVeigh. And that's that's normal to find out if he's ready to make that next step no question had a great game last night don't take that away from him. But you don't was San Francisco warrior had a good night to do so I don't wanna put them in the same category but. I don't know if you know it's kind of one of those things that because or. And he oh. And he's either. He's going to Cleveland and and the guys. But you know obviously with them. To look into that division it ought to be the rim wouldn't have much first and on everybody takes Seattle house you know those people about what full blown. But I just I don't know what the there's a little slower stretch with a Palmer but some cases the main part of the issue this year. And then if you look at Seattle they Erica. He eats you up in all the world going to be definitely going to be this bad my god this year. Obviously considers discusses not greatly from personnel standpoint and so on. Yeah yeah and actually even in that division is just typical detergent. You know what Seattle's offensive line go into there and Donald. Good luck. Media world that ultimate blonde at all like what's going on with the giants Sunday Donald you're what you're going home outside you don't have nobody asked quarterback and you know you can't draw play to convince somebody water and who could play it together you know those that most of the ball floats your. If you listen to pick sort fast. We got home confront you or at least got what you got a disgust villain that. This is the streets when he heard about all that but the more that I hear people picking at it makes me so I'll wait. Promise that I'll do wooded anyway. I'm going with Georgia and everybody's hot Mississippi State but nothing that they settled sucked into Beaumont district court in that atmosphere against a very good you're looking or not they don't want to point out they get started or six and a half or seven costing just a few minutes it was born perhaps yeah. Pollock Claude I like big minus one I don't know why did not view on this sacred and again can you tell me and Josh. Because their name. But I agree to do I agree with and we. Don't know and I hear Il that I mean. I always start on the sidelines were weighted field while they cut with any data from the war. Now and I am doing and duke has got a legitimate quarterback accuse me. He's got a good bit faster than being. They're big they're pretty difficult to build up to him wanna make gains this year. And a whole lives you know I've I didn't take myself went last week and the united is that Greg column all the adrenaline and then let me go around the current. What brought about Green Bay game but anyway. This first month's eleven oil well to what it is great isn't so bad matchup what ego blow a few years ago with a Seattle not you category aside. But because of their church and continue to address from the position is that wanna do yourself some of the same problems now on a different more a bit. Doing and it allies like Pittsburgh minus seven against our guys. Like Tampa they monitor to amass and about how I did not support clinics when you start seeing everybody at 1118. It ought to wait until the division did not aren't as bad it would look the last two weeks are probably gonna record us some of those signs they would probably the one I think though that the government so it. And the last all too well one miles per yet Washington not just I don't know what Washington is make that they're probably gonna in the last in the division into the other when there's. Either first or so into yesterday's and that's going to be kind of an ugly game. Julia appreciate it got you later. I email and not for some pretty good picks up Packers are hurt. Plea Malone laden G. Injuries well not a lot of energy NG more knowledgeable about a hundred block it any other miseries well he's right they don't match up against falcons teams don't. Packers can't cover Julio Jones they just to cover. They just don't cover. And you know Jordy Nelson. Banged up and some of these other guys that in Palin stand much chance. We're gonna get well on Cincinnati to switch at. Hate her you've got about a week and the singles next 8444773776. The knicks' latest up this coming up after the break. The huddle on ESP in upstate. It's Friday it's the huddle on ESP announced they have a good time today GMAC coach Phillips. And Alonso and nick. And now a few moments when Nick Saban. On the Hubble on ESP announced. And brands. Removed media. Questions and really that matter what you said there was up to you where we're where we're six foot under already are dead and buried and gone. Appreciate your interest in the game well. Yeah you know and I think. You wanna know the truth about it pisses me off that really doesn't matter what you think I can give a bottle that excuse my French. To be politically correct on this have to take that road to say that we have fans who asked very good questions. And sometimes we have a few bad questions from the fans. I think we have a tremendous amount of respect for media who asked a lot of good questions. Make it a good amount cause. Were you come up that just. You know. Had a dream about it or what. Even what you ask me but I just wanted to say that but every known and they house. And lots of good question don't ask me any more questions about this and we get along and everybody asked the question. I don't mind you asking a question what I don't need to answer gonna ask the bottle. But don't ask me my heels cleared out economic question. So what do you count the two of them don't want to. Asked the Bali summit has Coke bottle on his podium as amazing that the Coke bottle stays on the podium the only bangs on the podium one of these days that things can topple off there. The trick is we've just enough. We remember India Seattle based who have been the way the bottom down a little bit there but that's kind of an example there are you listen to him kind of strung together. You think he's done that want to trust the dude gets hot all the time. You'd think he was on the policy a coach in danger being fired he's the most successful coach. And he's that hot all the talk and that's that's funny to me. That's just as person. Pay off the Twitter feed Addie SP in upstate. Josh Travis is not happy would your mental Bentley answer. On the flop. Travis says that was a cowardly and soft move. And doesn't belong in football project mentally to flop against Kentucky. Last week we wanna respond. Mean and look alike travesty and I have some nice dialogue during the year. With in I understand his opinion ease. You know he's a Clemson fan and Jay please for Carolina and anything that one of them do is gonna be you know. Get. Blasted. In on that side it's just I don't have a dog in this fight. And my response is always this it's easy to say until your team does it. And it's gonna happen you better believe. That it is safe Florida State starts to move the ball and they go up temple. One of the defensive lineman all of a sudden is gonna have a leg injury. Yes so what's the difference is trying to get a penalty or trying to get a time out there trying to get the I mean so it's it's part of football now it'll have to like get your problems. I don't like it. There are times. You know but my thing is I'm not gonna fault the kid. Win. Just like I don't care whether to Clemson player Carolina player housed people I'm Michael fall any of those guys. For trying to win the game. Okay. It's like. You better believe had Auburn gotten their offense Dolan and Gus was going that is full throttle. Pace. Doesn't think but they never could get in that rhythm to do it that's because a corrupt Clinton's. Defense of fraud. You know so you got to give credit to that but there are times where you get into the heat of the game. And as long as it's within the rules and you're not gonna get in trouble it might be able gray area that might be a little hokey and what you can get mad if something that I don't understand. Is Jay Bentley is trying to do what's in the best interest of South Carolina. He's trying to help them win the football game. And you may not like it but. You know what he's trying to do it takes to win his game with his team if you draw on the flag. People would be praising with a big and they aren't one and they don't want the game and you know became public demand because. Ride at the flag and ran it several times and ride until it wasn't until let's be honest every Clemson fan hates. G-8 and wall hate well there's always. Well they're all well clearly they're going to look either I don't know I like it played right but they're gonna take an extra on them. Because of his comments towards Clinton defense. Last cloning. That's that's that's the rat killer right there had you ever made that comment about. You know at what really Clinton's defense and on the umpire for them much they're not that much better than us and they just got beat 56 to seven. That was a dumb move on Jake's power I'll be the first ones it. So now going for anything he does any Clemson fans is gonna crucify him for. And you know what he's cut and that well at state used to this it is. Like us. The families are gonna draw all the stuff well and we're gonna have this hyper competitive they're gonna do things that are gonna take Clemson plans offer a couple of years it's that fascinates me. When you made that comment because. You've been a part of their family covered Barnes. When Bobby was over there but the score on people. Come at you and he ran up the score only problem. What you're saying the man that hardly ever but you know what you. Think about code and I would think ultimately. In some of those areas when he ran up the score on people in high school football. Before BMW got here and a lot of the tally came in with the workers BMW that really got bonds athletes that they guy. When he was first starting out people ran the score on him like crazy and I mean they and it was intentional. And then when he started getting the players coaches don't forget that stuff. And you better believe when he got the upper hand he remembered when he was early in his career. That his teeth kicked in. Then guys run and score 5060 points ya coaches remember. That stuff. Housing Bobby Bentley scream across a practice field and a seven on seven and another coach for call you call your own penalties and seven on seven's run this woman and because they have officials right. And the guy called something on burns comprises yeah Soledad. Yeah as a coach is that an ounce is that go beyond my view it's cool at all they're just that competitive they're back competitive. And we're gonna hear more this kind of stuff our opinion on and and I guess not like him legitimately did last week I guess right I guess I'm not saying that Y what he was trying to do. Right I understand but I'm just not gonna crucify this kid. Because he was in the heat of the battle and he's trying to get his team a victory. Because I mean I don't have a dog in the fight between gears on and points and I just called whimsy. I would like to see Jake mentally get into a rhythm sure and he has not yet I think it's fair to say does not mean you get a statistically they've been. He's been all right he's been fine he's been 63% of his passes gets six touchdowns to three interceptions. He can be better in the what he's been right he can be better and he would need to be for South Carolina have coming your. He's gonna have to book on the man. You you know open to this point. You know people kind of gave him a pass because of the way Diebold was responding and it was obvious that people was the featured person. The feature player in the office. Well now everything that's ever been set about Jay will find out whether it's true or not because he's gonna have to make it happen. And especially if they're going to be law attacking gore on the road and put together good showing gets in the him come back against Arkansas lingle in the east play. You know it we'll find out whether he's the only player or not. 8444. 773776. You wanna get in the final segment called now text line 71307. Wrapping up for the Friday huddle next on ESP in upstate. Want to back the huddle ESP announced a final segment with Greg McKinney Josh Phillips and Alonso. A 44477377621. Squeeze in this last segment chain is on the line let's get him in your nation. They got banks to take McConnell. Or Greg Robb before the break you mentioned apparently. Need to find a rhythm and I couldn't agree with you more on that actually that's been the trend for the last three games to release this struggle the really confident. His rhythm from the in the gains. My question is are you just talk a little bit about this all be all spent the they've implemented and if you think that that our expenses really. Something that that we have been god. That Abu ability to grasp offensive and wrong with that. And I don't ask aggregate Kentucky but it. I didn't get in a stretch where he hit like 1516 straight that's a lot that he's capable of ministers at the happy is tender and as well ability than from the saint. More than itself and thank. Thank you shame we appreciate it. Coach we talked about this are PO thing they use that as kind of an excuse for all tie some Williams arguing carries and you don't like that very much. You know well. And I don't either I mean I it. I understand it you know that every play is basically a run pass option in your column what the defense. What you perceive the defense gives you but how do you how do you make sure that you. Get the ball in the hands of probably your best running back we think he's the best running back and tie some Williams if they're stacking the boxing and what would you do and that's a two. Mean there's times where you have to like during practice. You know in Clemson went through this for years literally every year that Tommy Bowden was there. Clemson was a soft football team along the offensive line had the same issues third and short fourth and short get stalled. You know you've got to build within your culture. And that on those runs and every program has. A tonne during their practice Weathers and so what we called middle were on or inside Iran where the offensive line in the backs go against. The linebackers in the defensive line and controlled it's basically controlled scrimmage but you're practicing run the ball and short yard situations. And there's just time for you make the call. Like out of that Tom out. You know that that would have been the perfect time in the hope for will say well we're not gonna run some stripped play. On fourth and one at the fifty yard line. Cold roper put in Hayden at fullback and dying dive right up the middle and if baseball less pay than they stones. And that's where you looked at Jacobs as Jake you and the ball to python I don't care what the redid. You know that's part of current and that three and a half million dollar paycheck these guys get paid more so you know the appeal is good. In order to keep defense is also view. From a blitz standpoint and keep pressure off your offensive line. From haven't made too many calls. And I think fundamentally what a lot of that stuff does is it shows you don't have a whole lot of confidence in the guys blocking up front. Quite honestly with when you make calls like that. And you're constantly make an adjustment because every offensive lineman. I don't care who they far. Every one album at some point game wants to put their hand in the dirt and physically dominate the guy across from. They wanna do it they get tired of kick slide and 5060 times a ball game. And the date they look for that stuff so. You know that just comes a point in time where it doesn't matter what it is you line up run the ball. And if you get beat you get beat by. You know I think a lot of it has to do with the wanted to get the ball in the people's hands as quickly as possible that Smart he looking your best offensive weapon. Make it happen. But at the same time. When you get guys like court Tre Smith and haven Hurst Hurst and touched the ball enough had a great game against Missouri. I thought he was gonna have an outstanding game. Against Kentucky because Kentucky and have any linebackers. They could've messed up with him. Is he catches in three games right that's not enough. That he should have eight catches against Kentucky alone. Because he was a nightmare he was a matchup nightmare. For Kentucky at the linebacker low and they did and Carolina didn't take advantage of Brian Edwards was a nightmare coming across the middle take on the post stuff like that Carolina for some reason. Had a very very very conservative game plan. Against Kentucky. And adjust from there and did not adjust on I'm sitting in the stands watching it and I literally had. People in every role look at each other saying. Where was the office from the first two games and what do we know that they were saying what are we doing this is not the same office we saw on the first two ball game. I devious dad here in this is admittedly after this debacle for with the running game last last Saturday but. Average per carry Rico Dow two point nine yards AJ turner two point seven yards. Tyson Williams five point six yards. He needs to Terry's. Getting the ball give them a chance. To carry the football figure it out figure out how to get him not zero Kerry's image. Yards that's right GMAC and its fascinating because coming into the year. The discussion was this offense is going to be so explosive. It's gonna have to carry the team until the defensive personnel comes around. And quite honestly. The defense is outshine the office. In these first three ball games I mean yeah they exploded against Missouri. But it took some stops and took ill they were kind of slow movement a militant of the ballgame didn't the first quarter. Maybe a couple quick Texan here off the text on 71307. Dexter says Clemson fans need to hush about the Bentley flopped. They're quick to forget about the two finger oil checks like student. Even and that was crushed remote adds yeah exactly right yeah I look at Asian and on that militia and a flop was passed. But it happens in had a. That they're they're trust in you know what I didn't jump on Christian when he did it. I'm not gonna jump on Jay because he did it they're trying to help their team win. At a texas' Sammy talking about Sammy Watkins with a rams. Had a great game but he also got injured at the end of the game in her concussion protocol always injured in Buffalo Bills fans don't miss that. That's right we had mentioned the young concussion thing and governor and an update on the animals semi but he did come out and I don't know what's situation with him is going forward you know I think you'll be wrong. I'm so Casilla did breakdown last night and this could be a a good landing spot him with the LLE rants I titled let's no birds game tonight knicks merge game next Friday night against Spartanburg. We will be on the air tomorrow on honey 3.3 the planet and our Clemson coverage starting at 10:30 AM with the Eagles college football today. And you're the clinching kick off at 330 tomorrow on 93 point three in the planet. Well back here on the show on Monday at 1 o'clock Josh Phillips and Alonso I'm Greg McKinney. Have a great weekend see you Monday in the health.